This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the
classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs,
abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless
you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 2 (no sex, drugs)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

Kelly peered out her window, and saw the limo the driveway. It turned in, and
crept up the drive, stopping just short of her front door. She'd been waiting
for this moment all day. Her hair, her make-up, her gown, everything was
perfect. She'd soaked for an hour in the tub, stroking herself to orgasm,
dreaming about wonderful scenarios.

Now it was time to put up or shut up. With a final swirl, she turned around
before her reflection, and the image pleased her immensely. She'd never seen
herself look so sexy. Her breasts were almost popping out, while her waist
and thighs were tightly held in by the material. The gown was only slit up
to her knees, so she could only take short steps. Her heels click clacked
across the floor as she made her way to the door. She fired up the house
alarm, opened the door.

The limo stood there like a black monolith. The headlights were on, but the
tinted windows wouldn't let her see inside. She quickly walked over to the
rear door and opened it.

"C'mon in Kell!" Came Kris's familiar invitation. "Its free champagne! And
it's almost gone!"

Immediately, Kelly could tell Kris was already half drunk. She leaned down to
enter, and saw five fully dressed to the nines figures before her. Sabrina,
Julie, and Jill were seated looking forward, and Kris and Tiffany were
looking back. A center table with a bucket of ice and champagne bottles was
between the opposing seats.

First she saw Kris. She was looking better than she ever had before. The
white gown with the silver trim was hugging her fine body, and she was simply
glowing. The slit down the side showed off her incredible legs, and she was
delighting in the way it was affecting the others. But she appeared to be
half-drunk. Good. Hopefully by the time they arrived, she'd be falling down
drunk, and make a complete ass of herself. That would be one down, four to

Opposite of her, Sabrina was holding a glass of champagne, and was also
wearing as white gown. But hers was showing more cleavage, and was
tight-fitting all the way down her body. Bree's hair was done up big, and
showed off her hazel eyes. It surprised her that Sabrina would be wearing
something so alluring. Bree had always been kind of dowdy, and Kelly had
always considered Bree to be her least amount of competition. Kelly was
kind of knocked for a loop by the sight of Sabrina looking like a starlet.

Julie was sitting between Jill and Sabrina. She was wearing a skintight
lavender dress, whose straps barely contained her bulging breasts. She had
the most voluptuous body of them all, and was making sure everyone else knew
it. The glittering coat that she wore set off her red hair and misty blue
eyes. Julie's long sexy legs were crossed, but Kelly noticed that the upper
one was impatiently kicking the air. Julie always had that cheap trailer
trash air to her, and Kelly hoped that this would work in her favor. "That's
two down" she smiled to herself.

Then Kelly saw Jill reclining against the far seat. Resplendent in her black
strapless dress. But hers had a very high hem that seemed to end at her
crotch line. It looked like nothing but a black tube along her body. Her legs
were crossed, and she was showing off enough skin for all of them. Her legs
looked like they were bare! Kelly figured that Jill wasn't wearing any
panties either. Kelly had always figured Jill for a tease, but had never
thought for a second that she would stoop that low. Jill slugged back a gulp
of champagne and waved Kelly in. Kelly immediately noticed that the two
sisters were on opposite sides. She found that rather interesting.

They all said their hellos and Kelly took her seat opposite Sabrina.

"Hey, don't squeeze me!" Tiffany cried out in mock pain. Kelly hadn't seen
Tiff in two years. She only worked for one year with the agency, and the
others never really got to know her well. She never really fit in, being a
rich gal from the East, and the other being Southern gals. But Tiffany had
been invited too. Resplendent in her clinging gold gown that seemed to
shimmer in the soft light. The neckline plunged to her navel, and clung
where it mattered. It appeared to be the same one she wore when the
infiltrated that 30's dance contest.

She was handed a glass, and Kris poured until the glass overflowed. Kris
jerked the bottle away after spilling the remainder of its contents all over
the floor. Kelly noticed that they all seemed to be kind of drunk. But Kris
was the most obvious. Kelly kind of recoiled in her corner of the seat,
afraid that Kris was going to start splashing champagne or something worse
all over her.

Sabrina had looked at Kelly and thought she was outmatched. Kelly had
always had that perfect face. But she looked absolutely incredible tonight.
Sabrina's inferiority about her looks was starting to overcome her. Sitting
next to Jill flashing her cunt to the driver was bad enough. But Kris was
looking like a silver screen goddess, Tiffany like a movie star, and Julie
like some hot to trot supermodel. And now Kelly appears, looking like a
sultry seductress.

But the champagne felt great, and was kind of loosening her up. Maybe that
would help her overcome her consistent insecurities about her looks. She'd
noticed Kris starting to fumble around, and her speech starting to get
erratic and slurred. Sabrina had started to keep refilling Kris's glass,
and urging her to knock back more and more. But Kelly also noticed that she
was beginning to feel a little buzzed as well. She'd almost dropped a glass
in her lap, and had to remind herself to hold it to the side just in case.
Julie had begun laughing constantly, and tipping her glass and spilling her
drink all over the floor. Jill seemed to be a little phased as well, and
she watched her continually crossing her legs and flashing the driver.
Sabrina watched the mirror, and could tell the driver was enjoying the show.

"Oh well", She thought to herself. "The champagne is free, and it might help
loosen her up. And hopefully loosen up Jill, Kris and the others way too

Meanwhile Jill was enjoying her little tease act with the driver. She'd
slowly start to uncross her legs, and raise one over the other, giving the
poor sap a free show. Kris had already berated her for it, but Jill didn't
care. If ya' got it, flaunt it. That was her motto. Ever since she'd arrived
at Kris' place, it had been like old times. A lot of hollow platitudes and
real head butting. They were both in competition again for a man. A man
neither had ever met, or had any clue what he looked like. This was war, and
flashing the driver was just part of the battle plan.

At the same moment, the glass in Kris's hand slipped out and fell against the
table, splashing its contents on the floor as it broke apart. The shining
liquid quickly soaked into the carpet.

"Shit!" Kris blurted out.

"Little sister still can't handle her booze!" Jill giggled.

"Fuck off you bitch." Kris muttered to herself as she tried to pick up the

Kelly and Tiffany both tried to help her. Sabrina went to grab a piece of
glass, but she missed and it sliced into her thumb.

"Damn!" She cursed as she shoved her thumb into her mouth.

Kelly looked around, and began to feel kind of drunk herself. She picked up
a few shards and dropped them on the table.

Kris was still trying to pick up the last of the fragments, and wasn't having
much success. As far as Kelly could see, Kris was grabbing at a shining wet
spot of champagne. She looked up at Jill, and saw that Jill was completely
passed out. She was leaning against the window, with her head slumped
forward. Jet lag, Kelly reasoned.

"Well," Kris sighed as she spied her sister. "That should help knock her out
of the competition."

"I guess we can just leave her here in the limo while we go in." Sabrina
piped in. "I think the driver might entertain her."

All three laughed at Sabrina's outburst. Kris began to laugh hysterically.
She grabbed the bottle and drank a few gulps straight. She handed it to
Tiffany, then Kelly, who did the same, and handed it to Sabrina. Sabrina
repeated the act, and then passed the nearly empty bottle to Julie. She
put the mouth of the bottle to her lips, and gulped down the last of the
champagne. Then she groggily dropped the empty bottle back in the ice
chest. Her arm waved in a drunken motion as she brought it back.

Julie sat back in her seat, noticing that Kris was rolling her head back and
forth across her chest like it was hanging on a swivel. Then she just lazily
fell over onto Tiffany. Kelly grabbed her and tried to set her up straight,
then just let her lean against Tiffany, who was in even worse shape. She was
slouched in the seat, with her head pressed up against the side of the car,
completely out. Julie called out to her, but Kris didn't reply, only rolled
her head to rest against the side of the car.

"Nobody here but us brunettes." Sabrina slowly said.

"Speak for yourself!" Julie blurted out, then let out a howl as she doubled
over and began laughing hysterically. She stopped after a few seconds and
gave the others a serious look. "Okay, okay. My secret's out!"

All three of them broke out laughing at Julie's remark, and Kelly suddenly
felt a surge of power.

She looked at the two passed out sisters and Tiffany, then at the twisted
grin on Sabrina's face. She found it hard to focus on Bree, and she had to
steady herself against between the unconscious Tiffany and the car. She
rubbed her eyes and tried again to focus on Sabrina, but it was impossible.

"Ya know waasss," Sabrina slurred to herself. "I think I'm gonna be the one
that duz Charlie tonight. You may as well go back to Indiana Kell!"

Kelly was startled by Sabrina's unusual behavior. She was completely
plastered. The blood was still oozing out of her thumb, but she didn't seem
to care. A trickle of blood was finding its way down her wrist towards her
elbow. She finally realized it, and flashed a seductive look at the driver.
She slowly brought her elbow to her extended tongue and began to lick the
path the trail had made down her arm. When her tongue reached her wrist, she
looked up, and noticed that Kelly was looking at her really strange. She
flashed Kelly a wicked grin.

Kelly was starting to get an uneasy feeling. Something was happening to
them, and they were oblivious to it. Jill, Kris and Tiff were passed out,
and Sabrina and Julie were acting completely hammered. And she was feeling
light headed, as if she had drank too much. But she'd only had a couple of
glasses of the champagne. There was no way she should be feeling that
intoxicated. She tried to concentrate, but it was impossible. Her heart
began to race as her suspicions were beginning to be raised.

"What was going on?" She tried to think, but her mind refused to concentrate.
She found herself longing for a nice long sleep.

Suddenly she thought about the driver. She twisted around and banged on the
glass, yelling to him. He didn't react at all. She could see he was watching
her, but he made no response. She turned back around and looked at Sabrina,
whose eyes were half shut.

Julie had slumped over onto Jill, completely unconscious.

Now Kelly began to think something was seriously wrong. One bottle of
champagne, and four of them were passed out, and the last two were very

"Bree... I think something weird is going on here."

Sabrina didn't answer. She just slowly leaned over like a drunken redwood,
and rested against the slumbering Julie.

Kelly tried to work the window, but nothing happened. Finally, she reached
inside her purse to find her pistol. She fumbled around, and finally felt the
grip. Her adrenalin was starting to lose the battle with the sleepiness. She
turned around to see the driver, but her mind finally surrendered to the
craving for sleep. Her eyes closed, and she fell over onto Kris's shoulder.
In a second she was passed out like the others.


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