This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the
classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs,
abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless
you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 3 (MF,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

The door flew open, and the driver crept inside the compartment. Jill's
wonderful body was right before him. He reached under her right armpit with
his left arm, and lifted her forward. Her golden hair flopped forward as she
slumped in his arm. The slumbering Julie slid into the space vacated by Jill,
and was almost lying down on the seat. The driver lifted Julie's legs onto
the seat, and did so as well with Sabrina's. Now the floor was completely
bare between the seat and the small table that held the champagne. He gruffly
laid Jill out on the carpeted floor. The blond goddess was out cold, and
seemed to be in a deep sleep. Her arms were thrown over her head, and then
the driver slipped his fingers under the hem of her skirt. He quickly pushed
the tight material up to her waist, exposing her brown patch of pubic hair
and her vagina. There obvious tan lines from a bikini. The protected area was
stark white in contrast to the deeply tanned areas. He ran his fingers over
her vaginal opening, enjoying the sensation.

He quickly withdrew his hands and began to undo his belt and trousers. Just
then the opposite door opened, and two men appeared.

"You guys said I could have one of them. And this little slut is IT!", the
driver shot at them. "My payoff for using the limo."

The first man just answered with a smile. The second told him to hurry up.

"We've got a deadline buddy."

The first man was Roy David. He was tall, with a medium build, and short
black hair. He always wore a snarl, but spending the last six years in prison
would do that to anyone. Six years ago, he'd been set up for a fall by the
Angels. He'd been a petty thief and had graduated to B&E's of any safe he
could find. Then one night he shot some rent a cop who was buddies with
Charlie Townsend. Charlie called in his private investigators, and they set
up an elaborate con to turn him into a patsy. A rigged black jack table and
planted blueprints combined to send him to prison for attempted murder, armed
robbery, and larceny. His accomplice was Alec DeWitt, a man of similar size,
although built a little heavier. The Angels had sent him up for attempted
murder. A 20-year rap, but he was let out after only six years.

The driver just pulled his pants and underwear down. His cock was fully
erect. The little show Jill had been putting on had left him so horny, he
felt he could fuck all six of them one after the other. He reached under
Jill's knees to spread her legs apart. After forcing them apart, he grabbed
his swollen organ and shoved it into Jill's pussy. He climbed on top of her
and began pushing into her as hard as he could. Jill's face hardly changed
the blank expression it carried. She was tight and dry. The friction it
caused sent him into a carnal rage. It looked like he was trying to stab
her with his cock as he thrust in and out of her limp, but oh so sexy body.
He began muttering to himself as the incredible physical sensation of Jill's
pussy sent waves of pleasure to his blood-starved brain. A few strokes later,
he exploded inside her. Groaning and moaning in ecstasy, he kept pumping her
as his organ squeezed out its load deep inside the blonde beauty that had
teased him so badly.

"That's what you get for being a fucking cock tease," he growled as the waves
of pleasure over-came him.

After lying on top of his victim, the driver pushed himself up and back onto
his knees. He felt his flaccid organ, and spied the unmoving body of Kris. He
knew he was horny enough that he'd be rigid in a few minutes.

"Come and grab her, I'm done with her!" He yelled out to his companions. Roy
opened the side doors and grabbed Jill's wrists. Alec leapt into the limo,
and crept around Jill's motionless figure. He put his hands under her
armpits, and lifted her up. They gave her a tug, and began dragging Jill's
ravaged body out. He watched them pull her out, and grabbed the arms of Kris.
He began to pull her down to the floor like Jill. Just then the other two men
appeared and asked him what he was doing. It was pretty obvious what the
driver was thinking. His pants were still gathered at his knees as he moved
around on them.

"That little blond was flashing me the whole time. I still got some left in
the tank." He said to them.

"Hey! You were told you could fuck one of them. Just one of them!"

"Too fucking bad! Its two for one night!"

And with that, the driver placed Kris down in the spot where he had raped
Jill. He pushed Kris's gown up past her knees, and over her thighs. She just
lay there, oblivious to what was happening. The driver leered at her and
readied himself over his victim. He felt himself getting hard again. The
sight of the gorgeous blond lying prone before him, and revealing her nether
regions was turning him on more and more. Kris was wearing white pantyhose,
so he pulled them all the way down to her ankles. He marveled at her sexy
body, and how beautiful the woman was. He felt his body getting more aroused
every second.

By now the other two men had returned, and began dragging the unconscious
Sabrina out the other doors.

He looked down at the half-naked blond before him, and felt his cock growing
to its full rigid length. He curled his arms under Kris's knees, and placed
her naked legs over his shoulders. He shimmied over to get as close as
possible to her hips. He wrapped his fingers around his organ, and guided it
to her vagina. This time he would do it slower to enjoy it more. With Jill he
was mad with lust. He rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, and then
began to slowly slide it into her. Kris seemed to shudder in reaction as he
entered her. She let out a low sigh, but her eyes stayed shut, and she seemed
to be in a dream state. She was nice and tight, and he began driving into her
with slow, deliberate thrusts of his pelvis.

By now the other two men had returned and began dragging Kelly out. They
returned shortly, and one by one, they pulled the sleeping women out of the
limo. Finally, the driver and Kris were alone in the car. He continued to
thrust in and out of her. He was beginning to feel the orgasm coming as he
picked up the pace, and the sweat began to fly from his forehead. Grunting
like an animal, and with the blood rushing from his brain was driving him
to pump her harder and harder. Finally, he couldn't hold it any more, and
shot his load inside Kris. Like Jill, she hardly reacted as he gyrated his
hips in orgasm and spurted every bit he could into her incredible body. He
stayed there breathing deep and groaning in pleasure over violating this
beautiful blonde victim. Finally, he was spent, and let her legs fall
around his arms and down to the floor. He sat there catching his breath,
feeling the blood rush back to his brain.

Kris just lay there unconscious. He eased his way back out the door, and
stood himself up. As he reached to pull up his underwear and trousers, the
other two men began dragging Kris out. They shoved her pantyhose back up to
her waist, and let her gown fall back to cover her legs. The driver walked
around to the driver's side of the car and opened the door.

They were parked in a large garage. Beside the limo, a large black panel van
was sitting. One of the men walked over to the driver's door while the other
slammed shut the side door. The limo started up and moved forward. The front
gate of the building opened, and the limo disappeared into the night.

"Can you believe that prick?" Roy said to his accomplice seating himself in
the passenger seat. "He fucks two of them in about 10 minutes."

Alec simply looked at him and smiled "Yeah, I'm kind of jealous too."

They both laughed as the engine roared to life, and the van lurched forward.
Then the van too, disappeared into the blackness. Then the garage door closed
behind it.


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