This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the
classic 1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs,
abduction, forced sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless
you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 4 (MF,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

The van made a left turn into a suburban driveway. It stopped before the
garage door, and waited while it opened. As the door slowed to a halt, the
van drove into the garage and stopped inside. The door closed behind it. The
light from within was cut off as the door shut. The two men quickly threw
the van's doors open, and leapt out. Roy opened the sliding side door, and
revealed the unconscious forms lying on the floor. Roy leaned over and
grabbed Kris, cradling her in his arms. Alec lifted Sabrina and threw her
over his right shoulder.

"I got the door." He stated as they carried their drugged prey into the
house. They carried the drugged beauties through the house and up the stairs.
They approached a door, and threw it open. A light was clicked on, and the
light revealed a small, empty room. It was a laundry room, with a washer and
dryer against a wall, and a pair of thick pipes ran up the opposite wall. The
two lovelies were laid down beside the pipe. They lay there unmoving as their
captors continued on with their plan. In a few seconds, all six lovely women
had their wrists cuffed around the pipes. They repeated this with Julie and
Tiffany. All four were manacled to the pipe, and still completely

"Well my friend, its party time." Roy surveyed the helpless women and grinned
to his cohort.

"You read my mind buddy."

And with that, they headed back to the van. Roy gingerly picked up Jill,
while Alec's quarry was the sleeping Kelly.

Roy carried Jill to a bedroom, and threw her onto the bed. She bounced on
the bed, and then lay there, slowly moving her arms around the bed, in a
semi-unconscious state. She let out a few mumbled syllables, and appeared
to be slowly recovering from the effects of the drug.

Roy quickly removed his clothes, and then climbed on top of his unconscious
victim. He reached over to a small table and grabbed a small item about the
size of a pencil stub. He opened it and placed it under Jill's nose. Her face
reacted to the powerful odor, and twisted in response. Her eyes flittered,
and her nose wrinkled from the powerful smell.

Her assailant began to lightly tap her face and encourage her to wake up. The
drug was a moderately powerful sedative. But it hadn't been in the champagne.
It was smeared on the insides of the glasses. Chilled and sitting in ice, the
marks form the spray were impossible to see if you didn't know they were
there. The sedative, teamed with the alcohol from the champagne made for a
powerful combination that would knock out an elephant in enough time.

After a few minutes of encouragement, Jill began to finally stir. Her head
began to move form side to side, and she drunkenly tried to bring her hands
to her face, but they simply flopped around.

But as he began to stir, her naked attacker reached down to the hem of her
dress. His fingers reached underneath it, and he pushed it up over her
thighs, revealing her golden bush. Then he pulled the top of her dress down,
exposing her breasts. He noticed the lack of tan lines. Jill was deeply
tanned all over. Living the high life on the Riviera did have its pleasures.

"Fucking bitch is tanning on some rich fuck's yacht while I'm rotting in
jail." He mused as he looked over her body. "But it's my turn now." Then he
began massaging her breasts, and leaned forward and began to rub his mouth
all over her face. Jill was still semi-conscious, and offered no resistance.
He continued to force himself on her, running his tongue over her face now.

By now, his organ was fully erect, and he began to rub it against her thighs
and crotch. He then reached down and grabbed his rigid shaft. Then he worked
his knees between her legs, and began to work his way into her. Roy let out
a groan of delight as his penis began to force its way inside the gorgeous
Jill. He'd wanted to bend her over and fuck her senseless since that night
at the gambling den where she'd set him up. He'd spent the last seven years
planning his revenge on the little blond bitch. And it was going to be an
oh-so-sweet revenge on the entire Townsend Agency. Even though the three of
them weren't even involved in the sting that nailed him, they must have
pulled the same kind of shit with other guys. They were equally guilty in
his eyes.

A mumbled groan from Jill brought him back to reality. He was only half way
inside her unlubricated vagina, and she was really tight. He was surprised,
since he figured a chick like her would be getting banged every night. He
began to feel the lust and anger rise inside his body, and he began to force
himself into Jill with harder and faster thrusts. She was soft and warm, and
he could feel her starting to offer some resistance. She was starting to
finally come around.

Roy's breathing became faster and heavier as the waves of pleasure from his
penis sliding in and out of the Jill's vagina.

Suddenly Jill came to her senses. Her eyes opened a bit, and then her entire
body tightened as she saw the man leaning over her, and felt him pushing
inside of her. She tried to cry out, but only mumbled protests came from her
mouth. The drug still heavily affected her, and her movements were wild and
uncoordinated. As this was going on, Roy felt himself getting closer and
closer to orgasm.

"Nnnaaaaa..." Jill vainly protested. "Whaaaadddrryou..."

"Its party time honey! And you're the party!" Roy scowled at the
semi-conscious woman. He picked up his pace, and became even hornier as he
saw that she was beginning to realize that she was being raped.

"Noooooooo!!!" Jill cried out as Roy's penis exploded inside of her. Her face
twisted in anguish as she felt his organ spurting its semen into her body.
She continued to cry out in pain and anger. Her arms flailed around in a
futile effort to strike back at her attacker. But Roy simply hovered over
her, squeezing as much of his juice into her as he could.

"Ohhhhhh... Yeahhhhhhh!" Roy growled as he shot his load of semen into the
object of his lust. He continued to moan and sigh in ecstasy as Jill writhed
in anguish below him. He began to gulp in air and tried to regain his senses.
He didn't know which felt better. The satisfaction of raping the gorgeous
Jill Munro, or enjoying the terror and humiliation in her eyes as he exacted
his revenge on her.

Jill could only moan in protest and began to cry. She was scared and had no
idea what was going on. Some sicko had just raped her, and she had no idea
what was coming next. She couldn't make his face out, and could only see his
silhouette. Tears were also blurring her vision.

Roy was slowly regaining his senses after the fevered fucking of the blond
beauty. He gazed at his frightened victim, and began to ponder his next move.
He put his right hand to Jill's face, and began to caress her cheek, wiping
away some of the tears that had run down from her eyes.

"Don't cry baby," he pretended to comfort her. "It hasn't even begun yet."
She sniffed back a few sobs and tried to turn away from his cruel gaze.
He'd been planning this moment for years, and wanted to enjoy it as much as
possible. Raping and humiliating the woman who sent him to prison was only
the start. Her friends and cohorts must suffer the same fate. Jill's eyes
were starting to open, and she tried to focus on the face of her tormentor.

Roy figured out what she was up to and leaned over until he was face to face
with her.

Jill squinted and then her eyes widened in fright. "You!" She blurted out.
"The guy who shot Charlie's friend! The night watchman! You went down for

Roy simply smiled and drank in her confusion and fright. "That's right
blondie," he smiled to her. "And can you believe it, they let me out for good

Roy laughed, and Jill cried at his joke. The sight of Jill crying in shame
only made him happier and bolder.

"I've been waiting a long time for this night, sexy. And I'm going to enjoy
every second of it. All of you bitches are gonna' get it high and hard all
night by both of us. Then it's off to our buyer for the rest of your lives!"

"What? What are you..."

"We're going to fuck you all as long as we can, and then we've got a big
surprise for you bitches!"

Roy felt himself getting aroused again. He was still on his knees, between
her legs. He reached over to the small desk and fished around for something.
He felt around and quickly produced a pair of steel handcuffs. Jill heard
the familiar metal clinking sound as he retrieved them. In a second, he
grabbed her right wrist and tightly clamped one of the cuffs on it. She
instinctively tugged against his grip, but he was far too strong for her,
and she was still feeling the effects of the drug. He grabbed the free cuff
and pulled her wrist to the headboard, and curled the free cuff and chain
around a post. Then he grabbed her other wrist and roughly jerked it over to
the free cuff, and then clamped it tight on her left wrist.

Jill was more terrified than she'd ever been in her life. Now she was
helpless, and at the mercy of a vengeful animal. And she doubted if he had
any of that.

She swallowed hard, and then stammered. "Wha...wha...what are you..."

"Shut up!" He blurted out to her and gave her a sadistic little smile.

He picked himself up, and let Jill see that he was beginning to get aroused
again. His organ was half-erect, and it she could see it starting to get
harder. He stood up beside the bed and flashed her a wicked grin. She knew
that he something in mind, and it would be very bad for her. With her heart
racing, she readied herself for the assault.

Roy crouched down, and put his arms under Jill, then flipped her onto her

"What are you doing?" Jill nervously asked, dreading the answer.

"Oh, you'll find out." He answered, climbing back on top of her. He spread
her legs as Jill steeled herself for his next assault. She clenched her
teeth, and tried to bury her face into the pillow that she was lying on. She
felt him grab her hips and raise them until she was resting on her knees and

Then he shoved his organ into her again. This time he began to pump her hard
and fast off the start. She whimpered in pain and shame. There was nothing
she could do to prevent this man from raping her again. He was rough and
began to stab into her with his rigid organ. Waves of pleasure were running
to Roy's brain as he enjoyed the sensation. He was raping her, and making her
cry in humiliation. Every one of Jill's sobs only made him stab into her with
more vigor. She struggled against her restraints, but she was held tight. The
room filled with the sounds of his grunts and her sobs.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her completely. Jill gasped in surprise and

Her relief turned to terror as she felt the tip of his penis probing between
her buttocks.

Jill's heart jumped in terror. He was going to sodomize her!

She pulled her thighs away form him, and tried to twist herself onto her
back. She'd never taken it up the ass, and wasn't about to start now. She
glared at Roy, who struck at her with his fist.

He punched her in the gut as hard as he cold.

Jill cried out in pain. He hit her again and again. She began to wail in
pain, and he relented.

"You do what I tell you to!" He sneered as she convulsed in pain. "You do
what I say or I'll fucking KILL YOU!"

His face was right over hers, and she turned away from his wicked gaze. She
could hardly catch her breath between the assault and her cries. He watched
her as she wailed in desperation, trying to breath. Her breasts bounced and
jiggled with the effort. All this was having an effect on Roy. His rock hard
organ was at full attention when he flipped Jill on to her chest again. He
lifted her thighs up into the air again, but this time, Jill only whimpered
a weak response.

He firmly gripped her hips in his hands, and steadied her trembling body. He
brought his right hand down to the base of his organ, and guided it to her

"Noooooo..." Jill pleaded with him. "Please don't! Please!"

"Oh yes!" He replied, and began to press between her buttocks.

"Nooooo! Don't do this! Please!"

Roy replied by forcing his organ into her anus. Jill let out a cry of pain
as she felt him begin to force himself inside her. Her whole body began to
shake and shudder with a mixture of pain and fear.

The tightness of her ass was beginning to drive Roy into a frenzy. The
torture and anguish he was causing his prey was making him delirious. His
thrust became harder and faster, and her cries became louder and higher
pitched. The whole bed was moving with the rhythm of the fucking. Jill
tightened her whole body in response to the violation. Her ass was burning
from the assault, and making her a wreck.

"God you're tight!" Roy grunted as he continued to rape her. Jill could only
give out a cry of pain in reply.

"Get ready gorgeous! I'm gonna come!" He continued to taunt her.

Finally he shot his load inside Jill's rectum. She cried out in pain and
desperation as he continued to grunt in pleasure.

After a minute of resting and enjoying the lovely woman before him, he pushed
her thighs back down to the bed, and fell on top of her.

"Was it good for you too?" he tormented her. A cry of pain was her only

"I thought so. You have no idea how good that felt."


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