This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic
1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced
sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 6 (MF,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

Kris was carefully placed on the bed. He rolled her on to her chest, and
slowly unzipped her gown. He pulled her arms back, and then slipped the
strap over her right shoulder, and then began to pull the material down
to her waist. When that was down, he got up, and grabbed the hem of her
gown, and pushed it up to her waist. When he'd finally gathered it all up
at her waist, he reached under her pantyhose, and dragged it down to her
thighs. In a few seconds, it was all gathered at her ankles. He slipped
off her silver heels, and slid the pantyhose off her feet. Then he put
her heels back on. With that, he rolled her back on to her back.

Kris lay there unconscious, with her breasts, and golden triangle exposed.
He put his palms against her knees, and pushed her legs apart, then worked
his way between them. Finally, he was on his knees, with a fully aroused
organ pointing at his helpless victim. He fell to all fours, and then
reached over to a nightstand, and grabbed the smelling salts. He placed
them on the bed beside Kris's head, then pulled his hand down to his organ.
He guided it to her unsuspecting vagina. With a gentle push, he began to
work his way into her. She was warm and moist. The effect of the driver
raping her earlier had caused her juices to flow.

In a few moments, he was inside her, and began to thrust a few times to
enjoy the sensation of fucking this gorgeous woman.

Then he fell on top of her, grabbing the salts, and placing them under her
nostrils. Her nostrils flared with the irritation, she winced and turned her
head away. He kept the salts under her nose, and she began to stir. Her eyes
fluttered and she let out a weak groan She was slowly coming around, and her
body began to twitch. As she started to come around, the man leaned back, and
began to thrust into her again.

Kris began to come back to reality slowly. Her eyes couldn't focus, and she
was dazed and confused. She was in the twilight zone, and tried to get her
thoughts together. She tried to bring her hands to her face, but her hands
were tied behind her. And it felt like she was having sex with someone.

Suddenly she realized that she WAS having sex with someone! Her eyes bulged
when she focused on a strange man grunting and groaning with pleasure as she
felt him plunging into her again and again.

"No!" She screamed at the rapist. "Get off of me! Please!" Kris was panicked
as she tried to comprehend what was going on. A complete stranger was raping
her, and she had no idea where she was. He was hovering over her, thrusting
his hips as hard as she'd ever been fucked.

"How's it feel Krissy!" He grunted to his terrified victim. "You are a
fucking Goddess!"

Kris could only close her eyes and struggle with all her might. She began
thrashing her legs around, and her shoulders heaved with the effort of trying
to free her hands. But they were held tight by a pair of handcuffs.

The stranger then grabbed her breasts, and began to squeeze and rub them. He
was rough and ruthless as he kept thrusting into her writhing body and began
feeling her up.

Sweat began flying off the rapist as his frenzy grew and grew. Kris began
to cry in frustration as she realized that she was helpless. Her vagina
was hurting her, and was sending burning waves of pain to her brain. The
stranger's hands were feeling all over her body, and she felt completely
defiled. The pace of his thrusts was getting faster and faster, and his
face was twisted with the effort.

Suddenly, he spasmed in orgasm, squirting his hot, burning semen inside her.
She let out a yelp as he groaned with pleasure. He continued pumping her as
much as he could, enjoying every sensation of her torment. Kris was writhing
in anguish as she felt the stranger finally start shrinking inside her and

Kris groaned in anguish as she tried to make sense of what was happening to
her. This disgusting thug had just violated her and she had no idea where
she was. Her mind couldn't concentrate on anything, as whatever it was that
knocked her out was still swimming around inside her head. She couldn't even
focus her eyes.

"God you're a fucking babe Krissy." The stranger grinned at her. "And we've
got something special planned for you and your friends."

Kris tried to say something, but she could only mumble through the haze.
She felt him begin rubbing her inner thighs, and tried to press her thighs
together. But it was useless. She couldn't control her muscles, and her legs
limply tried to close together. Kris's attacker simply laughed to himself as
he began to probe her pussy with his fingers. As he began stroking her, she
thought she heard Sabrina's voice.


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