This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic
1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced
sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 8 (MF,anal,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

Jack placed Julie's semi-conscious form on the bed. Still under the effects
of the drug, she lazily moved her arms around and rolled onto her back. She
let out a soft sigh and then stopped moving. Her arms had flopped around
until they rested above her shoulders. Her eyes remained shut, and her
breathing was slow and light.

Jack lied down next to her and put his arms around her. He didn't think his
cock would be able to rise to the occasion for a third time, but it was sure
as hell worth a try. Nothing like a voluptuous redhead to get the blood
flowing and hormones racing. Her sweet perfume caught his attention, and it
mingled with the pleasant aromas of her body wash.

He marveled at her breasts as they rose and fell with every breath she took.
He reached over and turned her face to face him. It was a perfect face, and
he mused how she had no idea what was about to happen to her.

He rose on his elbows and then rolled on top of her. He lifted himself up
until he was hovering over her. Then he leaned back and rested his ass on his
heels. He gazed at the blissfully unaware Julie, and then switched his gaze
to her lovely legs. He quickly noticed that she wasn't wearing any pantyhose.
Was she wearing anything under that skirt? There was only one way to find
out. He reached down to the hem of her dress, which was lying over her shins,
just below the knees. The material felt thin and soft to his touch. Slowly,
he pushed it up towards her thighs.

Julie let out another sigh and her arms stirred a little, with her hands
twitching once in a while.

As he pushed Julie's skirt up to reveal more of her thighs, he could feel
himself starting to tremble with excitement. As he pushed the material up
over her crotch, he was rewarded with the sight of her copper-colored love
nest. It was closely cropped, and stood out against the white skin
surrounding it.

"So you don't like to wear panties don't you Red?" he mused to himself. "A
dirty little girl you are!"

He was mesmerized by the alluring sight of her beautiful inner thighs. He had
to feel that wonderful flesh.

He pressed his thumbs between her vaginal lips and began to massage it. She
let out another series of sighs and smiled. She was obviously enjoying the

The sight of Julie's naked thighs and bush was helping him feel the arousal
that he wasn't think was possible. After two glorious fuck sessions with
those two beauties, he didn't think he'd be able to get a hard on for a long
time. But Julie's gorgeous face and body were certainly doing the trick.

Jack continued to massage Julie's crotch and thighs as she moaned and sighed
in pleasure.

He found his hands beginning to find there way up her torso. Her body was
firm under the thin material that covered it. His fingers were sensing every
inch of her ribs and moved over toward her breasts. He flipped the sides of
her glittery jacket away to reveal more of her chest. He could see that she
was getting aroused. Her pokies could be clearly seen through the thin
material. The top of her dress was held in place by two spaghetti straps.
Starting to feel the sexual arousal, he reached over and grabbed at her
wrists. He brought them down to rest at her sides. Then he ran his fingers
under the straps of her dress and slipped them over her shoulders, running
his hands down to her elbows. This caused the material that covered her
breasts to fall down and reveal her milky white breasts. Her large nipples
attracted his attention, and his hands greedily rubbed and massaged them and
the rest of her breasts.

As he massaged her breasts, he could feel his cock starting to stiffen.
Julie was also getting aroused, and he knew that her cunt would be well oiled
with her own sexual juices.

Julie began to move her head from side to side as she began to regain
consciousness. She kept moaning and sighing in pleasure as Jack continued to
massage her erogenous zones. His right hand was rubbing her breasts, and his
left had slid down her body, back to her crotch. With his organ beginning to
stiffen and rise, he prepared to put himself inside her.

To add to his arousal, he could here his friend starting to ream out Tiffany.
She was pleading with him to stop.

"NO! Don't hurt me! That hurts! Nooooo! Please, DON'T!" she cried out. Then
she let out a high-pitched squeal and began crying and yelping. "Don't do
this! Pleeeezzzzz!" she kept pleading with him.

Then he heard Roy starting to make fun of her. He was sodomizing her, and
enjoying every second of it. Tiffany was whimpering and crying under the
assault, and he could hear Roy grunting and groaning with excitement.

By now Jack was stroking himself as he leered at the half-naked Julie. As he
sat there sitting on his ankles, he kept stroking himself and getting harder
by the second. Julie was still out of it, and that was fine by him. He just
wanted to stick his cock inside that incredible body.

Now it was time, and holding his cock in his right hand, he shoved it between
her thighs. It slid into her lubricated vagina, and he shoved it as far as he
could. A huge wave of sexual excitement shot through him as he was overcome
with the feeling of his cock rubbing against Julie's vaginal walls. When he
was completely inside her, he fell on top of her and began driving himself in
and out of her. Slowly at first, but increasing rapidly as the blood rushed
form his brain and the sexual frenzy began again with a vengeance.

He placed his forearms over Julie's upper arms to hold them down and kept up
the pace of his thrusts inside her. The bed began to shake and move around
with the effect of Jack's exertions. He was completely swept up in the
ecstasy of fucking Julie to even notice that she was starting to regain
consciousness. Her eyes fluttered as her head moved from side to side. She
let out a few moans and began to even form words.

Then she awoke with a start. The sensations of sexual arousal had been
swirling around her semi-conscious brain and were giving her a rising
level of pleasure. In her groggy, half-awake state, she was enjoying the
sensations, and dreamed about a past sexual encounter. Her mind drifted
back and she envisioned the man that had given her so much pleasure that
night. Between the fog of the drug and her own sexual arousal, she
wallowed in a dreamy sea of wonderful sensations. In the dim light, her
eyes slowly opened and tried to focus on her dream lover.

Her eyes slowly focused on the hazy face before her. Then they bulged as she
realized that this wasn't a flashback to a past sexual encounter! She had
never seen this man before in her life, and he was raping her! Her entire
body stiffened in reaction to the sight of this stranger sliding his organ
in and out of her She let out a cry of protest that brought Jack back to

"Get off of me! You bastard! Stop!" Julie shrieked in desperation as Jack
continued to thrust inside between her thighs. She tried to lash out at him,
but he was holding her arms down with the weight of his body. She cried out
in revulsion as Jack saw her horrified reaction.

Revulsion gave way to anger as Julie kept crying out in a futile attempt
to stop him. She was revolted by the prospect of this stranger defiling
her. Having been a model, having some animal fucking her was something
that happened more often than she cared to admit, but this was something
different. This was some monster raping her after drugging her into

"Stop it!" she cried out, twisting her body around in a vain protest.

"Fight it Red! Fight It!" Jack urged her on as her struggles only added to
his pleasure. She began to cry out for help in desperation. Then she felt him
shoot his load inside her. Jack let out a groan and every muscle in his body
tensed as his semen shot into Julie's womb.

Julie let out an anguished wail as her body stiffly twisted in a slow,
tortuous series of gyrations. Jack's ass kept rising and falling as he
continued to try to keep thrusting inside her ravaged body. He kept
forcing his forearms over her shoulders to keep her from striking out
at him. His face was right over Julie's and he began to kiss her and
lick the salty tears off her cheeks. Julie could only whimper and sob
in revulsion as Jack continued to slowly pump his organ inside of her.
His breath was hot and labored as he tried to regain his senses.

Julie winced and tried to turn away from his cruel gaze. Jack was leaning
back in triumph and basked in the glory of having just violated this gorgeous
woman. As he watched Julie sob and cry in helpless desperation, Jack could
hear the cries of pain coming from the next room. Roy was banging the shit
out of Tiffany, and she was crying out in pain. Roy had said he was going to
do them up the ass like they'd fucked him up the ass.

Julie heard the tortured sounds too, and let out some anguished cries of
pain. For herself and for her friends, who were obviously under the control
of a group of sick perverts. She brought her hands down to cover her breasts
and pubic area.

Jack took a deep breath. "You hear that?" he asked Julie. "That's one of your
buddies getting fucked up the ass by my friend. Count your blessings you only
got it between the legs."

As Julie kept on crying, he pulled himself off the bed and began to put his
clothes back on. Released form his grip, Julie pulled herself into the fetal
position and continued weeping.


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