This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic
1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced
sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 9 (MF,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

"Just shut up and do what you're told!" Roy warned Tiffany as he dragged
her down the hallway. He gripped her upper arms in an iron hold as he walked
behind her. She tried to wriggle out of his hold, but he had her helpless.
The tight fabric of her gown kept her knees together as she stumbled along
in front of Roy.

Tiffany didn't ask any questions as she was led down the hallway. Being one
of the last to be chosen, she had already come back to consciousness and was
awake when Roy came to get her. She'd demanded to know what was going on, but
the menacing glare from his face made her shrink away. Her wrists were bound,
and he pushed her ahead of himself down the hallway.

Tiffany turned her head and started to ask a question but Roy abruptly cut
her off.

"Shut the fuck up!" He snapped.

She quickly faced forward and kept quiet.

He maneuvered Tiffany down the hallway and then pushed her through a doorway.
She froze when she saw the unmade bed in the dim light. He pushed her forward
and released her from his grip. She stumbled forward and turned around to
face her attacker.

Tiffany's eyes franticly darted around the room, looking for an escape.

Before she could ready herself, Roy had grabbed her shoulders and turned her
around to face him. His hate-filled eyes made her freeze.

"Just do what you're told, and you won't get hurt."

Tiffany knew what he had in mind. Or at least she thought she did. She
squirmed in his grip, but didn't try to break free. She was afraid and
couldn't hide it. Her voice cracked with fear as she tried to speak. She
didn't dare try to hit back at him. He frightened her with his evil look
and quick, forceful movements.

"Okay," she nodded. "Wha what everrr you... you want." she stammered.

Roy didn't day anything, but turned her around to face the bed.

"Oh god," she whispered as she was pushed towards it.

"God ain't got nothing to do with it BITCH!" Roy snarled into her right ear.

She tried to put op some kind of resistance, and made a few feeble attempts
to push back.

Roy ignored her attempts and pushed her over to the edge of the bed. Then he
forced her onto it, landing on top of her when she landed on her chest. He
grabbed her wrists and pulled them over to the posts, where the handcuffs
were hanging.

"Oh no," she croaked when she felt them clamp down on her wrists and heard
the familiar ratcheting sound of them being tightened. She pulled against
them, but her wrists were held tightly to the bed rails.

"Oh God, please don't do this," Tiffany began to plead with her captor.
"Please don't do this."

Roy put his mouth right against her ear again and whispered to her. "That's
right blondie, keep whining."

Then he pulled back and grabbed her hips with both hands, lifting her onto
her knees and elbows.

Tiffany kept pleading with him to stop, and Roy continued to ignore her. Now
she was propped up, resting on her forearms and knees, with her ass sticking
up in the air. He pulled back and then forced her feet apart, spreading her

"No, don't, please," Tiffany kept pleading with him. Her entire body
shuddered when he put his hands around her ankles and then began pushing her
gown up towards her knees.

Roy complimented her on her lovely legs, and excitedly began to push the
material under her knees and then up her thighs. In a few seconds he flipped
the gown over her thighs and exposed her pantyhose covered ass.

Tiffany kept whimpering as she felt herself being exposed.

"You bastard," she wailed. "Leave me alone!"

Roy laughed at her pleas and grabbed the hem of her pantyhose. With a tug, he
pulled them down over her thighs, exposing her now naked ass.

Tiffany buried her head into the pillow in anguish when she felt the air
envelope her naked thighs. She twisted her wrists in futility and continued
her series of whimpers and sobs.

Roy pulled his pants down and his rigid organ flipped out and into his
hand. He gazed at the helpless piece of ass in front of him and chuckled
to himself.

"Now it's time to pay the piper you bitch."

Tiffany shut her eyes tight and prepared herself for the inevitable

Roy leaned forward and placed his organ between her ass cheeks and began to
push his hips forward and back, massaging the tender under-side of his cock
between her cheeks. He clenched her hips in his palms and began to pull her
ass towards him, and then push it away, massaging the underside of his organ.

Tiffany felt the stiff member being rubbed between her buttocks and tried to
bury her face even farther into the pillow. Roy's moans of pleasure only
added to her bitter torment.

Finally, she felt him lift it off of her butt crack and steeled herself
against the expected assault. She could almost feel the vile sensation of
that monster forcing himself inside her. Her insides were in knots, with
the dreadful anxiety of the violation that was about to happen. Roy's
fingertips dug into the flesh of Tiffany's hips, startling her.

"Oh my God!" She yelped when she felt him begin to force himself into her
anus. She screamed out in desperation and began to thrash herself around.
Her head swiveled around so that she could face her attacker and plead with
him to stop.

Roy saw the terror and pleading in Tiffany's bulging eyes and it filled him
with joy. With the head of his cock inside her anus, he fell over her and
tried to hold her still. His fingers were like talons as they dug into her,
holding her buttocks in place as she thrashed around in terror.

"NO! Don't hurt me! That hurts! Nooooo! Please, DON'T!" she cried out.
Her face twisted with horror as he tried to sodomize her. "Oh my God!" she
groaned through her clenched jaw. The pain was intense as Roy forced himself
into the tight hole of her anus. To her it felt like she was being impaled
on a wooden pike, tearing her apart from within.

Burning waves of searing pain were exploding in Tiffany's brain,
overwhelming her senses and driving her into a helter skelter nightmare. Her
hands clenched tight as they could and every muscle in her body tensed in a
vain effort to stop the pain.

"God somebody help me! PLEASE! You're hurting meeeee!!!! It huuuurrrrssss!"
Tiffany frantically shrieked into the pillow that she was trying to bury her
face into. The entire bed was rocking from the effects of Roy's vigorous
attack and Tiffany's resistance.

Roy forced another inch and then another inside the tight hole. Tiffany kept
crying and begging him to stop, which only increased his joy as he sodomized
her. As he pushed another inch inside her ass, she let out a piercing wail
and her body went stiff.

Roy also experienced the friction from the underside of his penis rubbing
against her pantyhose gathered around her thighs and just under her ass.

The pain was terrible for Tiffany as Roy raped her ass. Every thrust was

"You're hurting me! You said you weren't going to hurt me!" she desperately
cried out as the pain from her ass began to make her delirious.

With five inches inside Tiffany's ass, he began to pull out, then drilled
into her again. He began to do this repeatedly, causing Tiffany to start
crying out loud in pain and anguish. She'd never had a man do her up the
ass before, and was always horrified by the prospect of it. Now her worst
fears were being realized as Roy forced his cock between her virgin ass
cheeks. Like most women, she thought it was worse than just painful, it
was degrading to her.

"You've never had it up the ass before have you BITCH!" he growled at her.

Tiffany only whimpered in reply as he continued his assault. She kept biting
into the pillows and chewing on them as the intensity of the pain began to
drive her to desperation. She kept screaming into the pillow as Roy
brutalized her.

Suddenly he pulled out of her. Before she could feel any relief, he shoved it
into her ass again, causing her to scream out in pain again.

When he was completely inside her, he moved his hands down her body, around
her waist, and under her shoulders. He could feel her entire body trembling
under his assault. Tiffany didn't even feel Roy's hands rubbing over her
exposed back as the waves of tortured burning and tearing sensations
assaulted her senses.

Then Roy shot his load inside of Tiffany's ass. As he groaned in pleasure,
she wailed in pained anguish. She had never felt pain like this before in her
life, and it was worse than she had ever imagined.

Tiffany sobbed into the pillow as Roy pulled himself back together. He'd just
humiliated three of the women he'd deemed responsible for his incarceration.
Even though Tiffany hadn't even joined the team yet, she was still one of

Roy gazed at Tiffany's ravaged ass and admired its' perfect form. Too bad
such a nice ass got wasted on a cop. But it sure felt good putting her in her
place. Her continued whimpering was echoing in the barren room. And he was
enjoying every second of her agony.


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