This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic
1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced
sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 10 (MF,oral,voy,ncon)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

"Head'em up! Move'em out!" Then the two men burst out laughing as they
climbed into the van.

Kelly tried to figure out what was going on. She could only emit grunts and
muffled pleas. She saw that Jill, Bree, and Kris were with her. All with
their wrists tied behind their backs, and frightened looks on their gagged
faces. They were all riding in a van, the frightened cargo of some terrible

Jill was quietly sobbing in the rear part of the van, her wrists tied to the
side of the van, at the rear. Her sister Kris was in the corner on the other
side of the van. She was fully awake, her eyes darting around the interior.
Kelly was cowering behind the driver. Across from her, Bree was staring at
her with wide-eyed terror. Between Kelly and Kris, Tiffany cowered against
the wall of the van, continuously fidgeting and shifting her weight around
her ravaged buttocks. Julie was across from her, her face buried against her
manacled wrists, sobbing quietly. They were all scared, and totally helpless.

"Comfy ladies?" The man in the passenger seat hollered out to them with a
laugh. "Hey Jill! How's the ass?"

The two men were laughing to each other, and began making comments about each
of the trapped beauties that they had just ravaged.

The six bound Angels were looking at each other, but there was no way they
could communicate with each other. All they could do was pray for a divine
intervention. As they sat there helpless, the two men continued to taunt
them. They told their captives exactly who they were. Both had been nailed
by the Angels, and spent time in prison because of it. And now they had
their revenge. But the girls had no idea how their nightmare was only
beginning. The men only told them that they'd captured the women to rape
them in revenge for being sent to prison. The worst revenge the men could
do. Or so the girls thought.

Suddenly, Roy lifted himself from the passenger seat rose up with a wicked
grin on his face.

He snarled at Kelly, and stepped towards her.

"You are the most gorgeous chick I've ever seen, Kelly." He stated, and then
positioned himself between Kelly and Sabrina. He turned his back to Sabrina,
and glared at the trembling Kelly before him.

He reached out to her, and placed his palm under her chin, cradling her head.
She closed her eyes and tried to turn away. She was wide-awake now, but there
was nothing she could do to protect herself. She couldn't lash out at him
with her wrists bound. She couldn't scream with the gag through her open

"I'm going to take your gag off Kelly," he instructed her. "And you're going
to be a VERY good girl. A very good girl indeed."

Then he turned looked around and then slowly turned to face Kelly. "If you
don't do what you're told, I'll slit the throat of one of your fucking

The other girls jumped when they heard that, and began whimpering and trying
to break free. Sabrina was crying and Jill began bawling like an injured
child. The others remained quiet, but the tears running down her cheeks
betrayed their fear.

He continued to glare at her, and then reached over her head, and untied the
cloth that was gagging her. "The choice is yours Kell." He warned her. "Do
exactly as I say, or one of your friends here will be breathing through her

Kelly gave him a tearful nod, which brought a cruel smile to his face. Then
he reached over to the cuffs that bound her wrists, and unlocked them. He
unzipped his pants, and then sat down between Kelly and Sabrina. He spread
his legs apart, and Kelly knew what she was expected to do. Jill and Kris
both turned away in anguish as their friend was being forced to perform
fellatio on one of their captors.

With a laugh, he pulled his pants down and pulled out his semi-erect organ.
Kelly shuddered at the sight before her. With a gulp of desperation, she
moved toward him. He was holding his penis with both hands, and it was
quickly getting harder and harder.

"That's right honey, be a really good girl."

She reached forward with both hands trembling with fear. Her gloved hands
were shaking as she leaned towards him. Finally, her fingers touched his
organ, and he let out a sigh.

"Oh yeah, Kell, you know what you're doing." He taunted her. "Just remember
your friends are counting on you, you little slut."

Kelly tried to ignore his taunts as she grasped his now rock hard organ. His
hands moved towards her head, and began caressing it as she drew her lips to
his penis.

She held the thing in her hands for a moment. She looked around to see Jill
and Kris burying their heads in their bound wrists. She looked up to see the
man glaring at her.

"They're counting on you baby." He reminded his terrified victim. "And you
don't want to disappoint your friends now do you?"

Kelly tilted her head back down, and opened her lovely mouth. She placed her
lips over the head of the penis, and then slid her teeth over it. He began to
breathe deeply as the wonderful sensation coursed through him. The gorgeous
Kelly Garrett had his organ in her mouth. She began to scratch the underside
of his penis, and scrotum with her right fingers, and stroked the remaining
shaft with her left.

She began to breathe deeply as she slowly pulled another inch into her soft
mouth. He began caressing her head, and running his fingers through her soft
hair. The sensation of her gloved fingers massaging his aroused flesh was
almost too much for him. This incredibly sexy woman, with the perfect face
was going down on him, sucking his dick.

Kelly worked the member in her mouth. She got herself into a rhythm of
tightening her jaw and cheek muscles and relaxing them. Her tongue was
rubbing against the bottom of his organ. She tried to use her tongue to
massage it. She opened her eyes to see the man had lain the knife down.
She thought she might try to grab it, but there was no way she could.
Her wrists were still had-cuffed, and she was resting on her elbows.
The knife was simply too far away. And what if she did make a try. This
animal might fly into a rage and start carving her up. Or take it out
on one of her friends. Her spirit broken, she simply complied with her
tormentor's wishes. She continued to grasp the penis with both her
hands, and make love to it with her mouth.

He groaned in pleasure, and began breathing in starts. "You've done this
before, haven't you, ya' dirty little girl."

Kelly didn't answer. She continued to massage the man's shaft with her
hands, and caress it inside her mouth. She dared not open her eyes. She
tried to imagine it was someone else that she was pleasuring. An old
boyfriend. Charlie. Anyone other than the monster that sat before her.

The others watched the scene before them. Their friend Kelly was being forced
to perform oral sex to gratify one of the rapists that have tormented them
all night. They were overcome with revulsion at the sight, but were both
swept with a sense of guilt, since they were happy it wasn't they who were
being forced to do it. Behind the brute, Sabrina was staring at them with
wide-eyed fear. Sabrina's eyes kept darting between the sisters and the back
of the brute that Kelly was servicing. They had no idea how they were going
to get out of this horrendous situation.

Roy was grunting and moaning in pleasure as Kelly massaged his organ with her
hands and mouth.

"Oh God!" He grunted, and he exploded in orgasm. "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" Kelly
continued to massage the stiff organ, fearful that if she ceased, he would
lash out. The semen filled her mouth, and she began gagging. She tried to
breathe through her nose, as she furiously rubbed her cupped hands up and
down the shaft, and kept rubbing her tongue under the pulsing organ. The
sticky liquid was making her cough and choke. She suddenly recoiled as she
tried to breathe. Coughing heavily, she tried to catch her breath. Kelly
brought her hands up to her face as she gagged and coughed.

The man simply smiled as he watched her gasping for air. She still looked
incredible as she rubbed her throat with her hands and her beautiful face
was still radiant.

Roy pulled up his pants and looked around to see the beautiful faces of the
other Angels. He turned around to face Sabrina and laughed. "Sorry Bree. I
love brunettes, but Kelly is just a little better looking than you are." And
then he held her chin in his hand. "But I've already done it to you."

Sabrina turned away and closed her eyes. This was the same man that had raped
her earlier. She didn't want to look at the monster ever again. He laughed
and then turned to go back to the passenger seat.

Kelly pulled herself into the fetal position in her corner, and tried to
gather herself together. Her sobs were echoing throughout the van, and
she buried her face in her hands and began crying. Sabrina tried to say
something, but the cloth gag in her mouth reduced it to a series of grunts.
Kelly was in her own private Hell, and her friends could do nothing to help

The two men started talking to each other, and Sabrina tried to understand
what they were saying. Then the driver noticed her, and turned towards her.
"You don't want to know, honey." Then the van lurched to the right, and
quickly came to a stop. The girls swayed with the movement, and looked at
each other as if to believe that one of them would know what was going on.

Jack threw the transmission into park, and then jumped out of the seat. He
crouched down to step between the seats, and into the cabin. The women
looked at him, wondering what was going on. Then they saw the other man in
the passenger seat jump into the drivers seat. He put the van in gear, and
pulled away from the curb. The van lurched, and the man who had been driving
swayed with the motion and then crept over to the back, where Jill and Kris
were. When he reached them, he fell to his knees, and hungrily examined the
frightened girls before him. Both turned away, as if to make him go away.

"Its time to show me what you'll do to keep Sabrina there alive." He growled
at his frightened prey before him. If you don't do what I tell you to do,
I'll cut her fucking heart out and shove it down your throat."

Jill was cowering behind the rapist that was menacing her little sister. She
jumped when he suddenly turned around and leered at her.

"And you just spread your legs as wide as you can, you little slut!"

Jill shut her eyes tight and tried to scream through the cloth that muffled
her. She began thrashing around, desperately trying to kick at the evil
bastard that was tormenting her.

"So you wanna fight huh?" He sneered, and then reached out and grabbed her
shoulders and began violently shaking her.

"I love it when you bitches fight back!"

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back as Kris kicked him with her high
heel. He growled in reaction and threw Jill backwards. He swiveled around
then jumped at Kris. She tried to kick at him again, but he blocked her
attempts and forced himself right up to her. Face to face. Kris was writhing
around underneath her attacker.

"Okay you fucking cunt! You want it again, you got it!" Then he flashed his
knife and put it up against her terrified face. He slipped it under her cloth
gag, and sliced through it.

"Please! Please stop! Stop hurting me!" Kris squealed with a cracking voice
as he menaced her with the knife, pointing it right under her eye.

He responded by bringing his hands down and feeling around her thighs. She
began crying when she realized that he was pushing her gown up to her waist.

"You got my attention you cunt! Now I'm going to fuck the shit out of you."
He then reached into a pocket and produced a key. He reached past her head
and grabbed her shaking wrists. He then released the handcuffs. She tried
to pull her hands away, but he held her wrists firm. Then he jerked them
towards him, and dragged her into the center of the van, all the while
threatening to kill her. He forced her face down on the floor and locked up
her wrists again. Then he quickly flipped her over and onto her back. Kris
was bawling like a baby now. Begging and pleading with him to stop.

He ignored her and pushed the material of her gown up, and exposed her bush.
He balanced himself on his knees, with her legs gyrating wildly on either
side of him.

"Get off of me! Please! Get off me!" Kris began shrieking as he undid his
pants. He glared at the shivering form of Jill, and then glanced over to
Kelly and Sabrina. Kelly appeared to be unconscious, while Sabrina was
burying her face in her manacled wrists. She was crying and her sobs mingled
with Jill's, and Kris's pitiful pleas for mercy.

Tiffany cowered beside Kris, terrified at seeing her friend being so savagely

"Nooooooooo!!!!!!" Kris cried out in anguish as Jack plunged his organ into
her. He balanced himself over her and began to hungrily kiss her as she tried
to turn away from him. Her whole body shook as he violently stabbed into her
with his penis, and ran his lips all over her face and neck.

He kept up the pace, quickening with a feverish abandon as he became more and
more turned on by Kris's attempts to fight him off.

Kris's vagina was burning from the assault and the pain was intense waves
of heat. Her cries of protest melted into cries of anguish and pain as his
relentless assault continued. Her mind was spinning as the assault continued
and the fight went out of her body. Her body was still rolling from the
effect of his pushing into her, and pulling out, then plunging into her

Jack's sweat-covered body was hovering over Kris, when he bolted in orgasm.
Whatever semen was left in his body was squirted inside her. She only moaned
in response as he groaned in ecstasy. When he was finished, he pulled up his
pants, and leaned back. In a few moments, he'd placed her back where she was
before. Tied to the corner of the van, her face turned away from her
tormentors. When he was done, he returned to the front of the van, and sat
in the passenger seat.


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