This story is impure fiction, involving fictional characters from the classic
1970's jiggle TV show, Charlie's Angels. It features drugs, abduction, forced
sex, rape, and other nastiness. Do not read unless you're over 18.

Charlie's Angels: Angels In Hell Part 11 (MF,oral,ncon,viol)
by Wally Wombat ([email protected])

The van pulled into an elaborate gateway, complete with armed guards.
High stone walls with barbed wire atop them. And large floodlights were
illuminating the sidewalk that went around the wall. There was a large,
wrought iron gate with a guard on each side of it. One of the guards, his
machine gun at the ready, stepped up to the driver's side door. In a thick
Middle Eastern accent, he talked with the driver and they had a quick

"We're expected." The driver laughed. "Call it a delivery."

The guard stepped back and went to the guard house beside the driveway. He
grabbed the phone; spoke briefly, then waved the driver in. The other guard
stepped back, and the van drove through the opening gate. As soon as the van
was through, the gate swept shut, and the two guards resumed their positions.

The van followed the road into the compound, and pulled up beside a large
stone building. As soon as the van came to a stop, several men quickly
emerged from the doors of the building and gathered around the van. The two
men got out of the van, and circled around it towards the rear.

They jubilantly greeted the men, and it was apparent that they had met many
times before.

"We got you four fine fillies here my friends." The driver smiled to them.
Then he reached for the door handle and threw the doors open.

There was a chorus of praise in response to the sight of the four cowering
beauties before them. The two kidnappers jumped inside, and freed Jill and
Kris. They forced the two sisters to stumble out of the van into the
courtyard. Kris's splendid white gown shimmered in the light, and Jill's
skin tight tube dress drew several approving looks from the men surrounding
them. In a few moments, the two men had retrieved the others. More comments
of approval came from the Arabic men that were coming out of the building.
All six women were looking around, trying to avert their eyes from the
leering, lusty gazes of the crowd. There were about 10 of the Arab looking
men, all murmuring to each other about the helpless lovelies that were
standing before them.

All six of the ladies were thinking of how to escape, but they had no idea
where they were. They were badly outnumbered. And it would be hard to run
fast with your wrists tied together anyways. Their ordeal had left them a
little disheveled in appearance, but they were still stunning to behold.
Hair and make up a little mussed up from the assaults they had endured, but
they were still sexy and alluring. Their gowns bore the marks of the multiple
rapes and assaults, with some dirt and semen visibly staining Kris's and
Sabrina's white gowns.

Then the entire group was ushered into the main building, where they
stopped inside what appeared to be a reception hall. The four women nervously
flinched and their eyes darted around. Searching for some route of escape,
and also trying to escape the gaze of their captors.

All conversations stopped when the main door opened, and a trio of men
appeared. One walked ahead of the other two, who were a few feet behind
him, and to the side. He waved the others off as he approached, and they
all left the hall. Now there were only the four frightened women, their
two kidnappers, and the three men that had appeared.

"Good evening sir." They greeted the other three. "We've kept our part of
the bargain. Now where's our payment?"

"The Ambassador is most pleased. Your payment is coming shortly."

The first kidnapper stepped towards the Ambassador and then waved his arm
towards the beauties. "Want to sample the finest delights of America? They're
all yours."

The Ambassador stepped towards the beauties before him, then walked down the
line. All of them buried their heads and tears were streaming down their
cheeks. They were trapped, and they knew it. He slowly paced back and forth
before them, and the other two Arabs circled around and stood behind the
women. The Ambassador finally stepped back, and beheld the lovelies before

Then he made his decision. He stepped up to Sabrina, and reached out with his
right hand and lifted her face up until they were face to face.

"You have the most beautiful eyes," he smiled to her. Sabrina looked away,
trying to avert his gaze. He turned her face back to face his and leaned
towards her. "You will be his favorite."

He glanced at the men, and they kicked at the back of Sabrina's knees,
causing her to cry out and fall to the floor. The others jumped in startled

Sabrina cried out as she hit the floor with a thud. She tried to gather
herself together, and rise back up when the Ambassador stepped up to her.
She was on her knees, her wrists bound in front of her. She tried to
balance herself and rise up, but she heard a man tell her to stay down.
She froze when she saw his feet. Her eyes followed up his legs, and her
heart stopped when she saw his fully erect penis poking from his open
zipper. It was swaying slightly, then he grabbed its' base with his right
hand. Sabrina sheepishly looked up to see his hungry eyes. They seemed to
be devouring her.

Finally, he gave her a stern comment. "You are a beautiful woman. You know
what to do."

The two kidnappers laughed aloud at this and one blurted out "You bet she

Sabrina shakily rose up on her knees, her bound hands at her crotch. She
tilted her head down, and began crying. Her shoulders heaved up and down as
she began bawling.

The Ambassador simply lowered his left hand and grabbed her hair. Then he
jerked her head up, and pulled her forward.

Sabrina yelped in shock, and brought her wrists to her face. She tried to
pull away, but was stunned by a blow to the temple. Then another, and
another. She protested in vain as he rained more blows against the side of
her head. He hair flew as he shook her head.

"Let her go you bastard!" Julie screamed at him. Suddenly, one of the
men struck the back of her neck and she silently crumpled to the floor,
unconscious. The other girls froze as Julie fell to the ground.

"This is what will happen to the next one of you that says a word." The
Ambassador warned the remaining women.

With that, one of the Arabs fell to the ground on top of Julie, quickly
pulled out his organ. He eagerly shoved up her skirt and delighted in the
sight of her copper colored bush. He greedily forced his stiff penis between
her legs and into her vagina. In a few seconds, he was thrusting into the
half-conscious Julie. She only let out a few low moans as he raped her, her
arms making slow, lazy swirls around her in a feeble attempt to fight back.
Her attacker's naked ass rose and fell with each violating thrust into the
beautiful redhead. The other girls stood there horrified at the sight.

Sabrina knew what she had to do now. "Okay!" She blurted out, "I'll do it.
Now let her go!"

The Ambassador slapped her with his right hand, sending her to the cold,
marble floor.

"You dare to order ME around!" He bellowed at Sabrina. "I give the orders
here, woman! Now get up and do as I say!"

Sabrina wiped her face and lifted herself back up to her knees. She tried to
balance herself by spreading her knees apart as far as her gown would allow.
Her feet, still wearing her high heels, spread out to give her better
balance. She shuffled closer to him, and lifted her head. Nervously, she
lifted her bound hands up to caress his stiff organ.

"I told ya she just needed a little encouragement." One of the kidnappers
piped in.

The Ambassador ignored him. Sabrina began to caress the organ, and run her
fingers along the shaft. She rubbed the head, and pulled it down to her. As
she did this, she glanced over to see the man who was raping Julie suddenly
let out a growl as he came inside her unmoving body.

She quickly brought her attention to the Ambassador's organ. She nervously
brought the head towards her opening mouth. She looked up and saw the evil
grin on his dark face. Sabrina opened her mouth as wide as she could. Then
she placed he lips over the head of the penis, and pulled it into her mouth.
Her tongue began to massage it and she began to apply some force to her
hands, which were running up and down the shaft.

As she did this, the man who raped Julie was rising over her. Julie
was slowly rolling from one side to the other, letting out a series of
whimpering cries. Her violated pussy was still naked to the world, the
fabric of her skirt lying on top of her ravaged belly. The guard that
had ravaged her smiled to his cohort, who nodded and advanced on the
helpless redhead. He kicks her feet apart, then falls to his knees
between her thighs. He quickly unzips and pulls his pants down. In a
moment, he was raping her with a violent fury. Julie let out a series
of cries and pleas for mercy as the man violently raped her. She began
to lash out with her fists, striking him ion the side of the head. He
ignored her resistance, and picked up the pace of his thrusts inside
her. Julie felt the burning pain of the brutal thrusts inside her,
tearing her vaginal walls. She felt he was going to tear her apart. Her
gorgeous legs kicked out in desperation and her attacker only picked up
the pace of the attack.

Julie let out a series of shrieks and cries of pain and anguish as the man
brutally raped her. His groans and grunts of pleasure mingled with her cries
and created a horrifying symphony of despair that echoed in the large room.

The other girls faced each other and buried their crying faces together. They
leaned on each other for support, as a wave of revulsion overcame them.

With the sounds of Julie's torment ringing in her ears, Sabrina was gently
working the Ambassador's organ, pulling it out of her mouth, then sliding
back in as far as she could, almost to the point of gagging. He let out a
few moans, but that was it. Both his hands began to caress her scalp, running
his fingers through her soft hair. Sabrina took that as a sign that she was
doing a good job. It wasn't the first time she'd given head, and she'd
learned the art in her teen years.

She heard the sound of the second Arab erupting in orgasm inside of Julie.
Sabrina ignored it, and concentrated on the task at hand. She knew that there
would be dire consequences if she didn't do it right. She could tell the
Ambassador was getting close to orgasm, as his hands began to speed up and
dig into her scalp.

Then he suddenly pulled her face towards his groin, almost choking her. Then
his organ shot its load into Sabrina's throat, causing her to choke and gag.
She tried to pull away, but he held her head close, pumping his semen into
her throat. She was gasping for air as the semen squirted into her. Finally,
he let her head go, and she fell over backwards. She fell on her side,
coughing and gasping for air. She lay there coughing up the sticky semen that
clogged her airway. The man's semen was spattered all over her hands and
mouth. She wiped it off, and tried to rub it on the ground.

The Ambassador zipped up his pants, and then turned to his attendants. "Pay
them right now!" He bellowed, and they quickly disappeared into another room.
The only sound in the room was Sabrina coughing, Jill moaning. And Kelly and
Kris sobbing. The two kidnappers stood motionless. Their payment was coming.

The two attendants reappeared, each carrying a suitcase.

"Two million dollars in US funds, my friends," the Ambassador stated to them.
He then pointed towards the door that they had come in.

"Any time you want to do more business, just let us know." The first
kidnapper responded. "We're always open for business. And revenge is the best
business in the world."

"My men will pay you in the next room."

"Nice doing business with you, your honor."

"Business? This is pleasure."

The two kidnappers laughed, and turned to the door, with the two attendants
following them.

After a few feet, the attendants reached into their jackets, and each
produced a single automatic pistol. Neither said a word as they aimed the
pistols at he two men walking in front of them, then coldly shot the two
men in the back of the head. The backs of their heads erupted in red sprays,
and they fell forward, already dead before they hit the ground.

The captive women were stunned at what they saw. The only sound to be heard
was the gurgling sound of the blood pouring out of the gaping holes in their
heads. The two attendants replaced the pistols in their holsters, and
returned to the women.

The silence was broken by the Ambassador. "Our limousine is waiting to take
us to the airport. We hope you will not give us any trouble."

The five standing women remained dumb struck, and Julie sheepishly pulled
her dress down and began to rise up on her unsteady legs. All six sheepishly
looked at each other, between glances at the two dead bodies. Then the two
attendants pushed them forward, and they began to walk towards the main

"We just took care of some loose ends. And I hope that YOU don't want to be
more loose ends."

The women didn't reply, and instead, just continued walking past the blood
covered bodies.

The attendants opened the doors, and their captives walked through. In a few
seconds, they were outside, and saw a limousine parked outside the entrance.
They were motioned towards it. One of the attendants opened the door for
them, and they reluctantly crouched down and entered it.

That was the last time anyone ever saw them in North America.


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