Charlie's Angels: Media Zapper Part 11 (MF,mc,drugs)
by Wetsprocket

With a blink, I found myself alone in a quaint early 80's office bungalow. I
peered out the front window to the sign by the street, which read "Townsend
Detective Agency." I was in "Charlie's Angels" around season 5 somewhere. I
verified this with a few of the photos I found on a desk in the corner.

There was Kelly Garrett played by the gorgeous brunnette actress/model Jaclyn
Smith. Next was Kris Monroe, the dynamite blonde played by Cheryl Ladd. The
third was Julie Rogers, who was new to the group, played by Tanya Roberts. To
my surprise, the Media Zapper had placed me in the role of John Bosley. My
picture was provided as well. It wasn't a flattering shot, I thought, but it
blew David Doyle away.

The Media Zapper palmtop provided the "Charlie" linkup for work with the
Angels. Previously uploaded, I suspected quite a time with the ladies. To
ensure the encounters I sought with these women, I spiked the drinks I would
offer them when they came in with some of my special concoction. It got a
true test when the episode moved forward with the entrance of the main guest
star. It was Barbi Benton.

"Can I help you ma'am?" I approached her as she swayed in. She wore a
Hawaiian dress, that fit her tight around the hips and a matching braless top
that wrapped up her sumptuous chest. Her midriff was bare and tan. She smiled
at my bad suit.

"You don't look much like a detective….or an angel." She remarked,

"Well, our crew is out of the office right now. What can we help you with?"
I responded, unnerved by her remarks of the clothing I had been dressed in.

"Well, I need someone to track down the disappearance of my friend, Penelope.
She's a dancer at a local club and I haven't seen her in several days." I
motioned if she wanted a drink and she nodded that she did.

"How you notified the police?" I asked her, handing her a special drink.

"Yes, but they aren't any help. They view anyone in our profession like
trash, not people. They just filed a report and nothing happened." Barbi
sipped her drink.

"It's only been a few day though. It may take some time."

"This is so unlike her which is why I'm here. I need you to find her." She
placed her hand on my knee as if begging.

"We will." I reassured her and took her hand in mine. Her drink was half gone
so I knew she was ready. "How about a small advance on the job before the
girls get here?"

"What kind of advance?" She acted somewhat suspicious. I put her hand on the
fly of my trousers. I had a raging hard-on inside, dying for release.

"Why don't you take care of this for me." I suggested and relief drifted down
her face. She smiled. That was a task she knew well.

"Sure" she said, almost in glee.

I watch as she unzipped my trousers and pulled the hard rod out from it's
captivity. It may have just been carry over from the Inspector Gadget
experience, but my cock retained a good length that I had been unaware of.
It wasn't as big as it had been, but it was a quality piece of salami I
didn't mind carrying around, especially when fine women are around.

Barbi had her eyes closed as she sucked my cock. She worked the shaft like a
pro. While she was bent over me, knees on the floor in front of the couch
which I laid back on, I looked to the knot in the middle of her back, where
her top was tied. Just a couple of reaches and success! Her top fell beneath

Now as I stroked back her hair from her face on her right side, I could see
the rocking motion of her breasts. I moved my left hand down and cupped the
crest of her right tit, giving it a slight squeeze.

That action caused Barbi to raise up from devouring my pecker and speak with
a glistening grin to me.

"I want to do you." She told me, still lubing my shaft with her right hand.

"Get on up here then." I answered her. Who was I to refuse, right? Barbi
stood and pulled the panties from under her dress. Her panties caught the
tip of her white stiletto heel on her right foot as she was taking them off
and she lost her balance. She fell to the right of me and back onto the
couch. Her left leg bent up against the back of the couch, her right leg
stretched still to the floor. Her dress flipped above her waist as she
landed on the couch. It was a very unladylike position as she gave me to
full view of her furry brown bush. Normally, I think she would have rushed
to cover her exposed crotch. Now she looked from behind her rumpled skirt
with a "come and get it" look as she studied my face for a reaction.

Her pussy was already damp and had the slight scent of seawater. I turn to
it and touched the outline of her crevice with my right index finger. I broke
the seam and parted the lips. She showed a healthy pink inner lining, which I
tasted with my tongue. I spent a few minutes opening her up as munching her
cunt. She had a sweeter taste as I burrowing into her. She cocked both feet
up, cooing and moaning at the attention. The clock on the wall struck eleven
and I knew the Angels would be in shortly. I pulled myself from her crotch
and put my stiff pecker at her threshold. I laid down towards her and parted
her vagina with my rod. Barbi grunted out as I penetrated her and moved my
cock deep within her. Each thrust I gave her rode deeper into her. I grabbed
each exposed tit with my hands and squeezed. Her nips poked up and I mouthed
them, nibbling and sucking adamantly while I flexed my hips between her
thighs. Her ankles hit my lower back each time I buried my cock inside her.
She gasped loudly, cumming, reaching ecstasy. Her noises and cries of
pleasure turned me on further, and I followed her climax with mine, shooting
my load inside her.

I laid on her briefly as we caught our breath. My hands still grasped each
breast. My cock softened inside her clit, leaking from it's eruption. Slowly,
I moved from between her soft, smooth thighs. We both sat up and smiled at
one another.

"We'll take your case," I told her and we laughed.

* * *

Kelly slammed her car door and began to walk up to the door. Barbi and I had
already dressed moments earlier and were ready. The door opened.

"Hey, Kelly." I said.

"Hey Bosley. What's up?" Kelly responded setting her stuff down and walking
over to us.

I introduced Barbi and she explained her case. I wondered over to the counter
and brought Kelly a drink. She accepted it with a smile of "thanks" and
continued to listen. I saw Julie coming up the walk and gave her a similar
drink when she sat to listen to the case as well. Kris arrived shortly
thereafter, apparently coming from a morning swim.

"Sorry. I lost track of time at the beach." She explained, rushing in the
back door of the office. I didn't mind because she wore a patterned light
colored striped bikini that was still wet to her body. I handed her a large
white bathrobe and a drink. She sat on back of the couch as Barbi finished

The story was concluded and the Angels told Barbi they'd be in touch. Barbi
left with a wink and a smile to me. The Angels noticed.

"Bosley. Our little go-getter." Kelly started with the ribbing. They all
joined in, but it was brief as the phone rang interrupting it all. It was

"Hi Angels. You got the new case, I presume."

"Yes, Charlie." They all said, nearly in unison. "We're almost ready to get
on it."

"Good. That's what I like to hear." The speakerphoned voice continued. "Now,
since you already have the facts, Kelly I want you to hit the club and be a
dancer. Se what you can find out."

"OK, Charlie." Kelly appeared alittle confused as that was thought to be
Kris' cup-o-tea. She waited for a reason.

"Julie." The voice continued. "I think you could probably find out a lot by
hanging outside there."

"As a hooker?" She seemed somewhat offended.

"Well, it is an assignment that women have to deal with in this profession at
some point." The voice explained. Kelly nodded that it was true to Julie as
Charlie spoke.

"Now, Kris?" The voice waited for an answer.

"Yes, Charlie?" Kris responded, wondering what the deal was for her.

"Kris. You will help Bosley monitor and supervise all of this because later
you'll have a pickup at the airport."

"A pickup?" Kris was curious. "What's coming in?"

"You'll have to wait and see, but you must make that pickup at the designated
time. All right?"

"You're the boss, Charlie." Kris responded, not too thrilled about being left
out of the case.

"That's the deal Angels. Be careful out there." The voice concluded.

"Bye Charlie." All three ladies said. And with that the call was over.

* * *

Kelly and Julie both chatted about their plans. Kris, somewhat perturbed
about being left out, guzzled the rest of her drink. "I'm going to get a
shower." She handed me the glass and disappeared down the hall. Kelly and
Julie both rose off the couch and left the office to "get to work". With
a "Bye, Bosley," they took off out the office door and drove away. The
office was quiet. I turned down the hallway where Kris had gone.

The special concoction would be in full effect in Kris' body by now. The new
option I had invented in this serum would allow me to monitor and adjust
stimulation of the influenced female via the palmtop. Within five minutes
after the serum enters the body, I could begin receiving reading on that
woman's body. The serum lasted 24 hours. Kris was the first test.

Kris had gone into her bedroom. All the girls had their private room at the
office for late night and overnight stays. I opened Kris' bedroom door
slightly. I saw the lovely blonde drying her hair with a towel. I noticed on
the palmtop that she was slightly aroused just standing there. I turned the
stimulation up several notches. She stopped drying her hair. I watched as she
began to run her hands over her body. One of her hands moved down to her
crotch where I saw her rubbing and grinding her hips. I opened the door and
walked behind her. I removed my trousers and boxers. I untied her top and put
my hands over her breasts. Her hands moved on top of mine as I massaged her
breasts. I was pressing my hard pecker up against her grinding ass. She felt
it and reached for it with her left hand. She gripped it and beat my meat. I
pulled her towards me on the bed and I felt around into her bikini bottoms.
They came undone and slipped off her hips, letting me reach into her crotch
with both hands. I couldn't see what I was feeling. I felt her inner thighs
and across her wooly pubic triangle. Her cunt was wet. I felt her clit,
steaming with humidity. I pushed open her lips and felt the wet stickiness of
her stimulated vagina. I pulled her further against me and aimed my cock to
enter her. Her hips relaxed on my pelvis as she moved down onto my stiff
cock. I felt her hand guiding my woody home as she grazed my balls. She began
to ride the spike that had impaled her vagina. She remained with her back
arched down against me. I moved my hands over her stretching breasts,
tweaking her nipples.

Finally situated to where she could ride me comfortably, I noticed the mirror
in front of us. It was in it that I saw my pecker dive in and out of her
golden blonde pussy. Her hand was pursing open her pussy lips to accommodate
my cock size. She looked beautiful with my cock in her. She came quickly,
tossing her hair back into my face. She lost her balance in a violent spasm
and slipped off me. She fell to the floor in front of me. She rested on hands
and knees, her ass angled towards me. I took the liberty to get behind her
and jab my cock back into her. She grunted as I spanked her ass with my
pelvis. My cock rhythmically moving deep into her vagina. I kept a good pace
against her ass and soon she began to call out, "Oh, yeah," "OOOhh" and "Yes,
yes." The latter when she came again.

I took deep, long strokes until I jetted my cum into her belly. I rode out my
climax until my softness prevented much more.

"Oh, gawd!" Kris cried out to the floor. "Bosley. I never knew you had it in
you." Now she had some of it.

* * *

Kelly danced that night on the big stage. She stripped down to her bra and
panties, but failed to go further, much to the dissatisfaction of several of
the patrons. She had dress in a black business dress with a white blouse and
purple jacket. I must admit, seeing her up there in that really gave me a
woody. She had dressed back into it when she came from back stage and we

"Penelope was here two nights ago with her boyfriend." She informed me.

"Buy me a drink to minimize suspicious." I did. It was a real one since I had
already dosed her.

"Where'd she go?" I asked a typical question.

"I don't know yet. We'll have to see what Julie comes up with." She stopped
as two guys came over.

"We want to pay you for the night, lady." The guy was huge and bald, wrestler

"I want to see more under those clothes." His friend wasn't much smaller. I
didn't know how Kelly would get out of this.

"Sorry fellas, but this guy here has already paid me for the night." She
started, quick thinking on her feet.

"Oh, yeah? How much was that?" The bigger guy asked.

"6 G's. You got that kind of money?" She responded, knowing they didn't look
that rich.

"Nope, too rich for my blood." The smaller guy retorted a "me, too."

There probably would've been more of a fight if a bouncer hadn't intervened.

"Honey, you've got to dance if you're in this club. Guys don't want to pay
for nothing." The bouncer continued. "I've been watching a few minutes and if
he's paid, he hasn't got anything yet."

"Well, he's..." Kelly started.

"If a guy pays, he gets in this club, so take him in the private dance area."
Kelly nodded, knowing there was no way out of it.

"C'mon Bosley. We'll talk over here." Kelly took my hand and led me off.

The private dance area was five mirrored rooms about 4' x 6'. The doors
didn't lock and barely shut for some semblance of privacy. The bouncer
followed us to the area and stopped short of the hallway where the door
opened to each room. I followed Kelly into the second door on the left. I
sat on the padded bench in the room as Kelly secured the door. "Can you
believe that guy?" Kelly started.

"Yes I can. You're supposed to being a stripper and he wants you to be doing
your job."

Kelly was alittle startled by the remark, but shrugged it off.

"You want me to strip for you, don't you Bosley?" She had a look of
semi-surprise on her face.

"Yes. I want you to give me a private dance." Phased that way, it became
instructions for Kelly to follow under the serum.

Kelly began to sway her hips to the music playing over the small intercom
speaker in the ceiling of the room. Her face had taken on a naughty, sexual
look that really made me erect. She pulled her purple business jacket off
and let it drop. She teased me with her black skirt covered ass as she
turned around and ran her hands over her curves. She rolled her skirt up
some and rubbed her ass against my crotch, tormenting my stifled pecker.
She turned around with the music and split open her white blouse, showing
me her captive tits in her bra. She pressed my face to the clasp that
secured her bra in front. I caught it with my teeth. When she pulled away,
her bra fell open. Her breasts rolled in their release and shook as she
danced them in front of me. They weren't huge by any means, but nicely
proportioned. Her nips were hard and pointy. She grazed my nose with her
left one.

"Take off your hose." I told Kelly as I knew she had put them on. She turned
and bent with her ass to me. I pulled my pants and boxers down. I stroked my
pecker as she rolled down her panty hose and panties. She turned back to face
me and gave them to me. She still had her blouse and bra on and open. She saw
me rubbing my foot long and gasped. I wanted her bad now.

I pressed Kelly against the wall. I felt up her skirt and fingered her
wettening vagina. She was fairly tight. I lifted her up the wall. I felt the
heat from her cunt as my dickhead weaved into her crevice. Slowly I placed
her down on my cock. She cried out as my penis split open her vagina. I
softly bounced her on my rod, letting my cock stretch her clit and penetrate
her deeper with every thrust. My cock broke through and impaled her deeply.
She hugged my head. My face rested on her right breast. I opened my mouth
and accepted her small areola and nipple. I sucked the breast, teasing the
hard nip with my tongue.

I continued to give her lift with my pelvic thrusts. My cock buried deep
inside her vagina. I continued for several minutes, nailing her well. I began
to tire. I moved her down to the padded bench. I resumed my probing of her
vagina and began to fuck her like a rabbit. My pace was as quick as I could
muster. Sweat began to pour from our bodies as I sent quick deep shots into
Kelly. I pushed her right leg straight up against the wall. Briefly sitting
straight up, I watched my cock submarined into her dark pubic triangle and
busted out her pink pussy lips. I felt the inner thigh of her left leg
heating up in the friction as she left it dangling off my hip toward the
floor. She felt good.

I brought her to quick orgasm. She scratched my back with her nails as she
gyrated her belly upwards in climax. I nearly lost my point of entry as she
flexed wildly. I maintained course, however, and soon felt my load building
inside. I kept pace until I felt it on the verge. I pulled out seconds before
I came. Jism shot onto Kelly's belly and ricocheted up onto her breasts.

I breathed a satisfied breath as I sat back on the bench. Kelly remained
laying on the bench. I followed her legs with my gaze. Her thighs were strong
and well-toned. I took in the view of her split cunt mound, pinkness visible
from her crease. Her furry dark pubic hairs were matted from sex and sweat.
Just looking at her well-kept and mature pussy was enough to stir me up. My
penis went hard again. I moved on top of Kelly and penetrated her again. It
slid right on in and I fucked her again until we both climaxed, making
another grand finale. This time I let my load fill her inside.

* * *

Julie was hanging outside the club. In the blue, low cut dress she was
wearing, she definitely looked the part of a hooker.

"Got any takers?" I asked her.

"A few." She responded to my slight joke. " I found out Penelope took off
with her boyfriend to the States a couple of days ago. Some lady said they
were to return tomorrow, so this sounds like a close and shut case."

"Yeah. That happens sometimes." I commented. "Want to take off?" "Sure, let's
go." She replied.

"You are a nice hooker." I told her.

"Thanks." She snickered, not realizing I had given her a command and would
continue. We went into a hotel lobby and got a room.

"You are a slut and want me to fuck you for free." I told her as we took the
elevator to our briefly rented room.

I opened the door and Julie skipped to the bed. She bent forward to me,
showing me the ample cleavage that drooped from her dress.

"You want these honey?" She boasted her breasts.

"Yes." I told her, removing my pants. She set her foot on the bed. She
frolicked up her dress and came out with a pair of blue silk panties. She
tossed them to me.

"You want what was in these?" She taunted.

"Yes." I acknowledged again.

"Well, come and rape me, because I'm not taking these clothes off for you."
She jumped on the bed, bouncing on her feet, ready for action. I chased her
from the outskirts of the bed without success. Then, I caught her right foot
and pulled it upwards. She fell back in a heap, legs up and a brown bush
visible between her legs. I sprang up on the bed and burrowed my face into
her muff. There wasn't much fur because she had shaved some around her pussy
mound. I nibbled the side of her clit, which made her scream with delight. I
stood and stabbed my penis into her still dampening cunt. She pressed open
her clit and I pounded into her, hard. I gave her a hard fuck. Her hands
gripped the sheets of the bed. She had had a lot of cock before, but nothing
like mine. I made her squirm with each deep shot into loins. The friction
caused me to cum quickly. I shot my load inside her.

I rolled over and began resting. Julie moved down my side to my softened
pecker. She slurped some of the previous cum from moments earlier and began
to softly suck my cock hard again. Her mouth was warm and gentle as covered
my prick with saliva. She worked quickly on bringing my shaft alive. Minutes
later after some hard fought attention, my cock was full strength and large.

Julie stood over me. I saw right up to her pussy split. She eased down on my
resurrected erection and let it fill her vagina to capacity. She rocked it in
and out of her hole. I pulled her dress neck down, exposing her pointy and
above average breasts. She pushed them to my face where I could suckle them
and enjoy them. The areolas were rather small and the nipples were large.
That gave me plenty to suck on. Meanwhile, Julie rode me to her climax. She
sat up and rode me deep into her as she came. She sat perfectly lanced by my
sword as she enjoyed it. I reached and squeezed her breasts as her emotions
ran full. She began bucking on me again until I came inside her.

* * *

I returned to the office the next morning somewhat weary. I poured myself
some orange juice and sat on the couch. I rested my head back and closed my
eyes. The office was quiet. The couch felt great and relaxing. I was somewhat
startled when I felt my pants zipper being opened. I didn't move. I let
everything proceed at it apparently was intended. A hand took my pecker from
my pants very carefully. I felt the soft and gentle lips of a woman's mouth
enclose over the head of my penis. The mouth was wet and hot. My cock chilled
in the early morning air as it was removed from the mouth. I felt kissing and
sucking on my balls at the base. Shortly it was returned to the hot, humid
mouth as it engulfed the length. I felt the head glide towards the back of
the mouth. A tongue swished around the circumference of my organ and teased
my pee hole. Who was the tremendous early morning cocksucker? I opened my
eyes and brought my gaze down to the kneeling blonde giving me an expert
blowjob. I recognized her as Jill Monroe, Kris' older sister. She was better
known to me as Farrah Fawcett in her prime. She was slurping my cock like
the consummate professional. I watched her enjoy my cock and I continued to
relax. She wore a shiny silver warm-up suit for jogging. Her ass looked good
bent forward to my crotch. I was curious to why she was giving me a blow job,
but I sure wasn't complaining.

My question was answered when Kris appeared from the back of the office from
down the hall. She wore a man's button-up dress shirt that I assume she slept
in. It was unbuttoned to her belly and showed an ample amount of cleavage.
She paused when she saw us. I put my index finger to my lips for her to
remain quiet, so she sat in one of the adjoining loveseats. I watched her and
she began to get aroused watching Jill slob my rod.

Kris moved her hands across her shirt and felt inside. She began to rub her
left tit with her right hand, a definite sign that she was getting hot. Her
other hand moved to her crotch and she brushed aside the shirt tail. I saw
her white cotton panties that clung tightly to her pelvic region. She began
to rub her crotch where inside I knew her cunt was beginning to swell. I
thought I saw some wetness soaking through the crotch of her panties. She
wore an expression symbolizing that she was turned on watching Jill sucking
my dick. I got her attention.

Kris came over and I laid back on the couch. It disturbed Jill some, one
because I was awake now and tweo because her sister was getting involved. I
knew all was ok when she returned to stroking my cock. Kris opened her legs
up and put her left leg between me and the couch. She had slipped off her
panties en route and pressed her wet pussy against my face. I lapped the
younger sister's cunt. Kris rubbed my face, pussy swollen and stimulated,
and I opened her clit with my free hands. I accepted the her pressure she
applied to her open clit and munched into her vagina. She smelled fresh and
tasted sweet.

Jill quit sucking my cock as it too was fully erect and enormous. I felt her
feet on either side of my hips and knew she was aiming to ride. I felt my
cock head touch her wet pussy lips that would split as she slid on top of my
woody. I heard Jill moan loudly as my width spread her cunt open wider and
penetrated her waiting vagina. She began to bounce some, my cock burrowing
deep inside her. I envisioned her riding me, my swell disappearing up in her.

My concentration was broken as Kris nearly smothered me with her pussy as she
climax. I felt the warmer texture of her cum as I was fully entrenched in her
crotch. Kris dismounted from my face and I caught the first sight of Jill
riding me on top. Her eyes were closed. Her hands pressed down to my chest.
The warm-up jacket was open and her tits were dangling inside. I took a hold
of each.

Her nipples were large and long. They stuck out further than any that I had
seen before. I gave the adequate melons a squeeze. There was no pause from
Jill. I looked down where her belly sloped down to her wooly triangle. Her
muff was sunny blonde and the curly pubic hairs were matted back against her
belly with our sweat. I held her up slightly and saw the swollen clit that I
was parting with my cock. Her pussy lips broke around the shaft nicely with
each thrust. She began to get loud. Kris went over to Jill and brushed back
her hair.

"Doesn't it feel great? " I thought I heard her ask Jill. Jill did not
respond as she neared orgasm.

Jill arched back when she came. I had to sit up, worried she'd break my penis
right off my body. She returned back up to me and clutched her arms around me
in an embrace. I suckled her now available right breast as she came down from
her high.

Jill let me suckle her tit until I was finished. She kissed my head and
stepped off my still hard penis. I watched as both women knelt to my pecker.
Kris took it inside her mouth as began to suck. They traded off a few times,
each getting a fair amount of cock. It brought me near climax after a few
rotations. Jill felt the impending explosion in the flex of my cock. She
showed off for her sister.

My cock exploded inside Jill's mouth. Jism streamed to the back of her
throat. She fought the difficulty of taking it all in while Kris watched from
her side. Jill gulped it on down. Kris took my cock from her and stroked out
my remnants, sucking all that remained. She released my cock and it returned
to fall limp against my belly. Both girls stood and began to dress.

"Thanks, Bosley." Said Jill, zipping up her top. "Last night when we got back
here from the airport, no one was here and we both were horny as hell."

"Yeah. I told Jill you'd be here first thing in the morning." Kris said,
pulling her panties up her shirt.

"Even still we stayed up pretty late drinking that pitcher of magaritas that
you made. They were great!" Jill added. "We'll see you later." And they
scampered down the hallway.

I sat back a grinned to myself. I've always thought I made a good drink. It
was just another successful mission for the Media Zapper.

to be continued...

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