CHARLIE'S ANGELS - The Case of he Corrupt Jockeys
By Wonder Mike

Hello Angels went the usual refrain, is everybody here Bosley? Kelly? I'm
here Charlie. Chris? Here as usual. Julie? I'm here too Charlie.

Since you are all here, lets get right to business. I have a friend who has
lost a lot of money at the track. He had always won up until about a month
ago, there have been jockeys who have been spreading money around during that
same period, I want you to look into it.

I have assignments for all of you, Kelly, my friend has just purchased a new
horse, Old Blue eyes, he named it after himself. You will act as his owner
and enter him in a couple of races.

Chris, you will be a big time better at the track, you will pump the jockeys
for information as somebody with big bucks and no sense. See what you can get
out of them.

Julie, you are the new girl, I have a special job lined up for you, you will
work directly with the horses and see if anybody else know anything.

Bosely you know where to send them, please be careful, my friend is big in
this town and he doesn't take kindly to be ripped off.

Kelly Garrett burst into the offices at Santa Anita, she was loud and
obnoxious, she had a horse she wanted to run at the track and she would not
be denied. The owner of the track took a look at the brunette beauty and told
her their were some forms and other things she had to fill out.

Chris Monroe was at the gates when they opened, she ha wads of hundred dollar
bills sticking out of her hands, she looked around at the track workers and
screamed "I need help." I want to bet but I don't know what to do." Ten men
ran over to help the little blonde rich girl.

Julie started her new job that morning. She was working directly with the
horses, or the back end of them, she had a shovel in her hands she was
cleaning up the back end of the horses, then going to the other end filling
their troughs, she thought. "If I didn't feed them, I wouldn't have to shovel
shit," but she continued doing her job.

David, the owner of the track told Kelly that to race a horse here, she had
to become a member of the fraternity, and pledge her soul to them. They
laughed and told her they were joking. They told her there was a $5 Million
entrance fee to become a member.

Kelly just scratched her head, she knew she didn't have that kind of money,
she wasn't sure if she could get if from Charlie, she also didn't want to
blow her cover, she couldn't make the real horse owner mad, she didn't want
to wake up with a horse head in her bed.

David noticed her apprehension, he told her if she didn't want to pay the
fee, there was another way, Kelly told him great, the fee was a little to
high for her to pay, she would try something else. David escorted her to the
stables where they met up with Old Blue eyes.

David told her that she needed to bond with her horse, Kelly went over and
started stroking it's mane. David told her that's not how you bound, you have
to stroke it somewhere else. Kelly had no idea what he was referring to.
David pointed between the Stallions legs.

He told her you have to do this before every race, to relax him, otherwise he
won't win anything, Kelly was still clueless. David grabbed her by the wrist
and wrapped her arms around the stallions member. Kelly turned three shades
of red as the horse cock began to grow.

David told her to stroke it real slow, Kelly could feel the wetness between
her legs. The site of the giant cock was the most exciting thing she had ever
seen, it was a foot and a half long and still growing. Her mouth began to
water, David just laughed, he knew he had another one.

Kelly had grabbed the horse with both hands, she was stroking up and down the
now 2 and a half foot long cock, as fast as she could. David told her she
should put it in her, Kelly immediately wrapped her lips around the rock hard
cock and started to suck, she tried to stuff as much of it down her throat as
she could, she could only do about six inches though, it was way to thick for

Kelly had subconsciously taken off her pants, she didn't even realize it, she
was stroking her cunt, she then slipped two fingers inside and began to ram
them in and out, David stood behind her and slipped two of his fingers into
her hot twat also. They worked their fingers in and out simultaneously, Kelly
stuffed another 2 inches of cock down her throat.

She needed that cock inside of her, she spun round and dropped to her hand
and knees, she was directly underneath Old Blue eyes, David stood next to
them and grabbed the stallion by the cock, he rammed it into Kelly's cunt.
All her fantasies where now coming true, Kelly couldn't believe she was being
fucked by a horse.

She cried out at the suddenness of the penetration. David shoved half the
cock into her cunt with the first thrust. Kelly rocked back shoving another
three inches inside of herself, she had to have more. She wiggled her ass,
Old Blue eyes thrusted forward, ramming his entire cock inside of her. Kelly
screamed in joy and pain.

David held the stallion still. Kelly rocked back and forth stuffing the
entire cock all the way inside of her, then moving forward until it came
almost all the way out. She than slammed back again.

Everytime she rocked back, making the cock disappear, she wiggled her ass
causing the horse to thrust into her even harder. Each thrust the beast took
knocked her forward. David gave up all hope trying to hold him. Kelly didn't
care, she wanted him to ram her.

David stood in front of Kelly and pulled out his cock. He shoved the entire
thing down her throat. He grabbed her by the hair and started fucking her
face as hard as he could. This made Kelly rock back even harder onto the
stallion, this of course made Old Blue eyes thrust harder into her.

The site of this was driving David crazy, he could hold it in. He shoved his
cock as far as it would go down Kelly's throat, and he emptied his load
directly into her stomach, Kelly swallowed it all. Old Blues eyes soon after
emptied his load into her cunt. Kelly hoped that she couldn't get pregnant.
It would be impossible to explain that to Charlie. David told her Old Blue
eye could race Tomorrow.

There was no doubt in Kelly's mind that she would solve this case before the
other two, everybody knew that she was the smart angel. Chris flunked the
police academy and Julie didn't even go.

Chris met up with eight jockeys, they told her they had all the inside
betting information she needed, they could make her rich. That was what Chris
wanted to here. She asked them how much the info would cost, she was willing
to pay for it. The jockeys told her they could get money anywhere, they
wanted something else. Chris knew she was about to break the case.

The jockeys told her they all wanted to do her. Chris thought "No way" I am
not doing a bunch of little people. They screamed that she was a racist and
she was going to hell. Chris told them it wasn't about their height, she just
didn't think it was right. The Jockeys told her to get out of Santa Anita and
to never come back. They called for a guard to remove her.

Chris knew she had blown it. She had screwed up royally, there was only one
thing to do. She told them she would give them the ride of their lives, how
bad could it be, they were little people for Gods sake.

The eight jockeys all pulled out their cocks, Chris couldn't believe they
were all over seven inches long, she was beginning to think that this wasn't
a good idea, in fact she told them "Screw you guys I'm going home." She
turned to leave. Two of the jockeys tackled her from behind. They each began
to massage her tits through her silk shirt. The other jockeys pounced on her.
She was on the ground with all of them on top of her.

They grabbed a scarf and stuffed it in her mouth, they then tied another one
around her head trapping the first scarf, they then tied her hands behind her
back with another one. Chris was totally helpless. The bent her over to her
hand and knees, two of the Jockeys each stuffed two fingers into her cunt,
they could hear her moans through the scarfs.

Both the jockeys began to twist and turn their fingers inside of her, another
one soon joined them, he also stuffed two fingers into her twat. Chris began
to rock back on the six fingers filling her cunt. One of the jockeys pulled
the scarfs out of her mouth, he used his cock to replace them. Chris began
sucking on it as hard as she could.

Another Jockey stood behind her, he tried to stick two of his fingers into
her box. It was a struggle, but he managed to get them in, Chris was gasping
for breath as she continued to rock back, now on eight fingers. She was in
ecstasy, she had a quick orgasm, she knew she would be in for more. The
thought of being penetrated by these little people really turned her on. She
started rocking back harder.

Another Jockey stood in front of her. He began to work his cock into her
mouth also. It was a tight squeeze, but she managed to swallow both cocks
whole. She began working her lips slowly up and down both cocks, until they
completely disappeared down her throat. Both the jockeys grabbed her by her
thick blonde hair and pulled her forward, they began to slowly fuck her face.

Another one of the jockeys ran around behind her, he tried to find an opening
in her cunt to get his fingers in, there was no more room though. he saw
another hole, and it was open. He licked two of his fingers and jammed them
into her ass. Chris squealed, but she kept sucking the cocks, the last jockey
saw that there was more room in her ass. he quickly rammed two of his fingers
in there also. Chris now had all hole completely filled. She loved every
minute of it.

She wrapped her lips as tight as she could around the two cocks in her mouth,
she began to bob her head up and down faster and faster with each stroke, she
then stopped holding both cocks deep down her throat. The two jockeys
screamed and fell over backwards, their two now limp cocks tangled at their
sides, Chris had taken both loads directly down her throat.

She licked her lips and told the remaining six, that she could really give it
to them if they untied her, it only took them seconds before she was free.
She pointed at one and told him to lay down. She jumped up and sat on his
cock. She began to bounce up and down on his cock as hard as she could. She
then pointed to her mouth. A jockey quickly filled it with his cock.

Another Jockey stood in front of her and he also shoved his cock down her
throat. Once again Chris proved she could deep throat two cocks at the same
time. Another jockey watched her ass bounce up and down. He climbed on her
back like he was riding a pony, he rammed his cock into her ass. Chris never
stopped bouncing up and down. She was now stuffed in all three holes again.

The two jockeys in front of her each pulled their limp cocks out of her
mouth, the cum came dripping out of the corners of her lips, she then jumped
up and spun around. She got her lips around the cock of the guy underneath
her just in time to catch his load across the teeth. She was spun around by
the other jockey just in time to catch a load in the nose. There where two
jockeys left.

Chris ordered one of them on his back. She straddled him and started jumping
up and down on his cock. She rode him harder and faster with each stroke
until he started to scream. The last jockey saw his opportunity, he bent her
all the way over and climbed on her back, she stuffed his cock into her cunt
also. Chris howled, having two cocks inside her cunt was her favorite thing
in all the world, she was slowly riding them both.

Chris started slowly riding the two cocks, but she was worked up, she began
to ride up and down on them faster and faster, they quickly both blew their
loads into her cunt. Chris stood up, the cum began to slowly drip down her
thighs, she spread her legs as far apart as she could, she wanted all the cum
out, she would hate to have to explain a pregnancy, and how would she prove
who the father was?

Chris knew she had gotten in good with the jockeys, it wouldn't take long
before they told her everything they knew. She would be the one to solve this
case and prove for once and for all, she was the smart one.

Julie Rogers was cleaning up after the horses, when she was approached by
five stable hands, they told her they had a sure fire way to make enough
money that she would never have to shovel shit again. Julie told them she
would do anything for money. She grabbed her tits through her cut off shirt.
The stable hands just looked and laughed.

They told her it was a tempting offer, but they had something else in mind.
Julie told them she would do all five of them at the same time. She would do
anything to be the one to solve this case, she was considered the weak link.
This was her chance to prove otherwise and she wasn't going to blow it.
Charlie would be so proud of her.

The stable hands told her she would only have to do four, Julia was
disappointed but she didn't show it, it had always taken at least five guys
to get her off, she just hoped that they had stamina they where big guys and
where in great shape, Julie was getting wet already. They led her into an
empty barn.

There was only a bench in the barn, they told Julie to strip and lay on her
stomach across the bench, she did what they said sticking her perfect ass
into the air, they tied her legs to the bench. They could see her pussy
glistening, it was obvious that being tied up was one of Julie's turn ons.
She looked back and asked when they where going to strip.

They told Julie that they were voyeurs, they wanted to watch her go at it.
Julie told them to get the four in here, she was ready to go. One of the men
left. He returned a couple of seconds later, and he returned with a stallion.
The next stable hand left, he also returned with a stallion. Julie knew who
the four where now. The juices started to drip down her legs, she couldn't
hide her excitement.

They led the first horse to her. It stood in front of her, she reached out
and grabbed its cock, she began stroking it until was rock hard. She then
wrapped her lips around the tip and started to suck. She stuffed 10 inches of
horse cock down her throat. She was having the time of her life. She had
sucked off a dog for fun once, but this was going to be special.

Julie screamed as the second horse penetrated her cunt. She had forgotten
all about it. The horse thrusted wildly into her cunt until all two feet
disappeared. The first horse tried to ram it's entire cock down her throat,
but she managed to hold it, saving her teeth.

The second horse rammed her as hard as it could, Julie had never been fucked
so hard in her entire life, she wrapped her lips tightly around the cock in
her mouth to keep from screaming. It was the ultimate pleasure, pain and
humiliation, she started sliding her ass back and forth along the bench, she
wanted to make sure the stallion got his entire cock all the way inside of
her with each stroke.

She had wrapped her lips so tightly around the cock that there was no way it
could hold out, it emptied it's load down her throat before she could pull
the cock out. Julie let all the cum spill out of her mouth, she didn't want
to swallow horse cum. Thesecond horse emptied it's load into her pussy. Julie
hoped she couldn't get pregnant, how would she explain that to Charlie.

Julie looked up with her cum smeared face and saw the stable hands bring in
two more stallions, she didn't think she could take it, but she was
determined to solve the case and become the number one angel, and besides, it
was fun.

That night Bosley called all the angels back to the office, he told them
their client kidnapped a jockey and had some thugs beat a confession out of
him, the case was solved. Julie yelled that she needed to go back, she
thought that there was more their than met the eye. Kelly and Chris agreed.
They also suggested that they get into the horse racing business.



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