Charlie's Angels: Undercover Work
by David Kelly ([email protected])

As we left the Angels the last time, we found out that Bosley was the real
head of the Townsend Detective Agency, and he was going to sell the Angels to
an Arab sheik for a bundle of money. The agency was a cover for his vast
criminal empire and the Angels had broken another branch of his massive
criminal organization. He had plans to be the overall head of all criminal
action on the West Coast. He was going to let the Angels clean out the rest
the other criminal organizations on the west coast and then he would swoop in
and take over every thing. But the Angels got rid of the other organizations
too well, they also started to lop off parts of his own organization. The
only way to stop the collapse of his organization was to stop the Angels.

While they're at the detective office awaiting another assignment from the
mysterious "Charlie" they were sipping drinks handed to them by Bosley.
Bosley dropped an odorless, tasteless drug in their drinks something to make
them sleep. After they passed out, his henchmen carried the limp bodies out
the back door into a waiting van. While others drove their cars to an
abandoned warehouse lot used by Bosley and his men.

When the women woke up, they were surrounded by a group of men. Who leered at
the women. The Angels were tied and gagged, so that travel would be easier.
Bosley said, "Now why don't we sample the merchandise before we sent it off
to their new home," with a lustful grin. The women helpless could only wiggle
and moan through their gags.

Bosley unbuckled his pants and let it fall to the floor, and the women
screamed though their gags as they saw the size of Bosley cock. It was 12
inches long and slender, "Yes! I took over for John Holmes when he had that
supposed drug overdose. Of course, I didn't look like this when I was in
adult films. I had gotten fat, so I had plastic surgery, but the doctor
screwed it up and I was left with this face and body you see before you. The
doctor took a long time to die. Then I killed the real Bosley and took his
place, of course the real Townsend never expected the switch until it was too
late. He had to live like a recluse, because he made so many enemies when he
worked for the OSS/CIA. I shot him and burned the body in a staged car wreck,
just another John Doe. Then I hired an actor to play Townsend, he gets well
paid. Then I used the agency to cover my criminal activities, when I hired
you that you wouldn't uncover my real empire. But you solved cases, and
uncoveried parts of my organization, so now you will now disappear into the
Middle East as sex slaves."

"Now for the show," he walked over to Kris Monroe and spread her ass cheeks,
and inserted two fingers and this made Kris cry out through her gag. As he
was stroking his finger in and out of Kris's venerable ass, he told her,
"Didn't you wonder why I never got up from behind the desk. I didn't want
you to see "Big Roger" he said with a smile. Then he grabbed her tits and
started to squeeze hard, which brought a moan from Kris. He pulled her
asschecks farther apart and then jammed his cock into her with brutal force.
Kris went crazy, trying to scream and buck Bosley off her, but she couldn't.
He slamming his large cock into Kris faster and faster, all Kris could do was
moan from the brutal ass fucking she was receiving.

The louder Kris moaned the harder Bosley fucked her ass, Bosley was surprised
that Kris was so tight, maybe she never butt fucked before. One of the other
men, tore Kris' gag off and proceeded to jam his large cock down her throat.
Now she was filled on two ends. The man who was raping her mouth, started to
slam his cock farther and farther down her throat. "I ready to come, and you
better swallow every drop bitch."

As he came, he slammed his cock down her throat, making Kris gag. She had no
choice but to swallow every drop. When the thug was finished, he pulled his
cock out of Kris' mouth with a plop. And the fake Blosey was still fucking
her asshole. He started to grunt and jammed his large cock all the way in.
Kris was filled to the brink with Bosley's large cock and he came with a
gusher that started to leak out Kris' abused asshole. Kris was moaning and
crying as the other men gathered around her and pulling out dicks and started
to stoke them. All she could do was beg them and try to scoot away from them.
The fake Bosley just smiled, don't leave any marks or such on her body, or we
might have to sell her at a reduced price.

"Kris that's the best I had in a long time, and since I warmed her up, my
gang will get extra bonus." Almost as one the rest of the gang drops their
pants and the helpless Angels stared at the large cocks the men had. "Yes! I
recruited them from the porn industry, I made them a better deal, and more
money and all the women they could handle. Of course! They will make a porn
movie from to time, to keep their cover."

One of the well built men moved over to Kate Jackson and started to grope her
good sized breasts and this brought a moan from her. He stated to squeeze her
nipples harder, which brought grunt of pain and tears. He tore off her gag
and said. "Suck me like your life depended on it and it does."

He grabbed her tied arms and he pulled on her arms so that she would be
closer to him. Her arms felt like they were going to break, he just laughed,
and she was pulled forwarded, she was almost in his lap. He said, "Now suck
it bitch! And suck it good!" He grabbed the back of neck and forced his cock
into her mouth. She started lick and sucks the large cock, he started to
groan, "SOO good! BRING ME OFF AND I MAY BUY YOU MYSELF." As the cock went
deeper into her throat, tears started to run down her cheeks. He kept pushing
his head faster and faster in between her velvet lips. As the large cock
jammed farther back into her throat. "Never had my cock sucked that well
before, with a mouth like yours that's the only way you got the rank of
detective, on your knees giving blowjobs."

She could only moan, he started to come and pulled out with a loud plop he
said, "Stick out your tongue," and she refused. He roughly grabbed her jaw
and forced her mouth apart and started to jerk off into her abused mouth. He
squirted into her mouth a load of hot cum, and all she could do was try to
swallow it all, as the cock jerked it missed her mouth and hit her on the
cheek and her eyes and hair. "That's so good!"

She rolled into fetal position, but more goons grabbed at her, another goon
jammed his large cock into her pussy for a dry hump, she screamed as another
goon stepped over her and said, "This will shut her up." He jammed his long
cock into her already abused mouth and started to face fuck the helpless
Angel. The fake Bosley's cock was erect and ready to fuck another Angel, he
spied Kelly Garrett and walked over and pulled her asscheeks apart and
inserted two fingers into her virgin ass. She started to buck her ass from
the unwanted intrusion.

"I like ass fucking you whores, if tried to fuck your pussy it would take a
horse's cock to fill your pussy up after I get through." He grinned, he
pulled her asscheeks farther apart and inserted the large head, which made
her moan louder. Another was already fucking her cunt, the large cock had
widen Kelly's abused pussy. He started to pull and yank on Kelly's sensitive

"It hurts! IT'S TO BIG!"

"That's the whole idea! Bitch! We need to get you loosen up for those huge
cocks that Sheiks have."

As the fake Bosley started rape Kelly's ass the goon who was fucking her
pussy said, "Don't push it all the way in or neither of use will have any
room. By the way boss, her pussy is real tight and hot. She must either keep
in shape or must not fuck a lot."

One of the other goons jammed his massive cock down her throat, he said,
"Damn! her lips are so smooth, and so moist I'm going to cum." He jammed his
long cock into her throat and came in gallons. "AHHH! Take it bitch swallow
every drop." She tried but there was too much and started to leak out corners
of her mouth and down her cheeks. The goon on the bottom started to slam his
cock harder and harder, on the last stroke he jammed the entire cock into her
cunt and held it there. She could feel his hot cum hitting the back of her
pussy. He finally removed his cock and she started to lick the head of the
cock because she couldn't get enough of the rapist's cum, it was turning her
on. Her hips started slam down on the Bosley's cock, because she was close to
coming her body started shake from the brutal rape that she was enduring. She
started to jerk and she cumming with this brutal rapist, she felt so ashamed,
but no one had fucked like that in ages, but the false Bosley was still
fucking her asshole and it was making her wet again. She wanted come again so
she started to fuck herself on the fake Bosley's cock, "YES! YES! FUCK ME

On the last stoke Bosley jammed his massive cock to the hilt and shot a large
load of hot cum into her nether regions. This brought her off again. "Hey
boss! Maybe we should kept these three for ourselves, that might be a good
idea. There is three more Angels out there and we lower our prices on the
second string Angels and kept the originals for ourselves."

The third Angel was having men line up to fuck her pussy, one after another
every time one rapist had finished fucking her there would be another to take
his place. She started to get into it. Screaming, "Fuck me more!" Then the
fake Bosley jammed his massive cock in between her lip and started to fuck
her mouth. "You have the softest mouth," on the last stroke he jammed his
cock until it was hitting the back of her throat. He came in gallons. It was
overflowing out of her sweet mouth. "Yes! That was the best."

"My partner had the right idea, kept these angels and find and sell the
second hand Angels."

"Boss how will we control them?"

"Good point! I have just the thing," he took a hypo out of a bag lying at his
feet. "With this hypo, they'll do what ever we want them to do. Its a mixture
of drugs, it will keep them under control and will want more and more sex.
The bad side is that the constant use of the drug and sex will make there
hearts burst in 1 to 2 years. But we will have fun in the mean time."

As he was about to inject the Angels, the warehouse doors blew apart, the
fake Bosley and his crew was surprised. A group of men in flak jackets and
automatic weapons flooded through the ruined doors. Leading them was older
man with white hair. He yelled, "Angels get down!"

"It's Charlie!"

"NO! It couldn't be. He's dead."

And in the middle of the armed men were the other Angels. Charlie yelled,
"It's all over give up."

"NO!" He and his men leap behind empty crates and started to pull out
handguns and automatic weapons. The fake Bosley said, "Kill them all."

As one the Bosley's crew leaped over the crates intent to kill the helpless
Angels on the floor. Charlie Townsend leaped from behind his cover and
unloaded a three round burst into the man. Still running towards the Angels,
he yelled, "Give me cover fire!"

Everyone started shooting, the helpless Angels were caught in crossfire,
bullets bouncing off the floor around them. Charlie had made about 3/4 of
the way to the helpless Angels before the fake Bosley opened up on him and
knocking him down. He was okay the flak jacket had stopped the bullets from
penetrating. He rolled over and signaled that he was okay. Another of the
criminals stood up to take another shot at Charlie, when the three armed
Angels opened fire together, almost cutting the man in half with the hail
of gunfire.

His crew now cut down to himself and six other men, one of the Charlie's men
yelled, "Give up!"

One of the remaining henchmen said, "We're not going to prison!"

They rose from behind their cover and firing on full auto, but the return
fire from Charlie's men and other Angels, put more holes in them than Swiss
cheese. Three more of the fake Bosley's men were dying. One of the gang
members, yelled at Bosley, "We have to surrender."

"NO! We are not giving up," yelled Bosley.

As the gang member rose up to give up, Bosley shot him at point blank range.
The gang member looked at Bosley in amazment before falling over in a pool of
his own blood. "That's what traitors get when they to run out on me. Now give
me cover fire, I'm going to kill those Angels."

Both men rose up and laid down a blistering field of fire as the fake Bosley
ran around the crates to kill the helpless Angels. But returning fire,
knocked the two men off their feet, and ending their crinimal activities once
and for all. As the fake Bosley sneaked around the protective shelter to kill
the helpless Angels. Charlie let loose the entire clip on full automatic at
master crinmal, cutting him down.

After the firing had stopped, Charlie's men and the other Angels came towards
the downed men, they got to the tied Angels and released them. But as soon as
Charlie's back was to the fallen men, the fake Bosley leaped up with an
automatic weapon in his hands.

"Surprised! But I always wear a bulletproof vest under my clothes. My vest
absorbed most bullets. But I think I caught a glancing shot off my ribs. Now
all of you will die!"

But at that moment a shot rang out. And a hole appeared in the fake Bosley's
forehead. All heads turned as one and a figure with a high-powered rifle
stood standing at the opposite side of the building. As he lowered the rifle,
it revealed his face. It was Bosley!

"But How!?!"

"Now Angels that's the real Bosley. Somebody had to drive the truck and was
in no physical shape for what we had to do. And yes, he was shot, but the
hitman bloched the job, he was pronoced dead but revived in the morgue with
no memory. He went to the East Coast and became a P.I. And his memory
returned, when he got hit in the head while on a case. And yes, the fake
Bosley staged a fatal car accident for me and but he didn't know that I had
sometimes use a double and he was in the car the night the fake Bosley tried
to kill me. My double was the same height and weight that I was and the body
burned to a cinder and did have my id on him, so I went underground. I had
enough money in different names and in different banks around the world that
I didn't need to resurface for a long while. I kept a low profile. And when
he was looking for a replacement for myself, I jumped at the chance. That's
why I kept a distance from you and the fake Bosley. I kept an eye on you and
tried to help from time to time. And the women he fucked, they worked for me.
With the scraps of information they picked up from him and his associates, I
began to piece together parts of his large organization. It took this long to
gather enough evidence to bring him down. Sorry Angels that we couldn't get
here sooner, but the bug we planted stop working. How did we manage to find
you? With a little luck, Bosley's computer we got a listing of all my real
estate holdings that the fake Bosley had brought with my money. Charlie's
men removed their ski masks and they were older men and couple young studs.
Angels meet my version of the FBI's hostage and rescue team. The two older
men were introduced as David and Paul, served with me in the OSS and later
the CIA. And the three younger guys were introduced as Tom, Dick and Harry.
Not their real names of course! Matter of security. They are SEAL trained and
all of them owe me a favor at one time or another."

They shook hands with the men and they just smiled, one of the older men
said, "I haven't had this much fun in ten years. I thought I was rusty, but
it's like riding a bike. You never forget."

As an outpouring emotion from the former victims and the members of HRT,
slaps on the back for a job well done by the HRT and by the other Angels.
There was even a hardy handshake for the real Bosley. As the LAPD arrived,
Charlie smoothed everything over with them and they were allowed to leave,
only if they got written statements from them later on.


Charlie went back into seclusion, but became a more active in his businesses,
which unknown to the Angels was worldwide. The three Angels were given time
off with paid to get themselves together. Which they did, being such strong
women and all. The real Bosley, was given a large raise and was Charlie's
right hand in all business dealings. And Charlie would get a visit from the
Angels from to time, thanks to Charlie for their bigger raises. But that is
another story.


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