Charlie's Angels
by [email protected]

Chris Monroe awoke in pain. She tried to take stock of her surroundings. She
couldn't move, she was tied up and the ropes were biting into her soft skin.
She guessed she was naked but as she tried to look down she couldn't. Her
head was on her friend Kelly Garrett's's shoulder. She could tell that her
friend was also naked, they were tied together their breasts pressed against
each other. Chris could feel her hands were tied behind her friends back, as
she tried to move them she guessed they were about level with Kelly's ass.

Chris tried to wiggle a bit but the ropes wouldn't give, even worse as she
moved her body rubbed right up against Kelly's Chris had to admit she was a
bit turned on rubbing against her friends body. She heard Kelly groan. "Kelly
you awake?" She asked.

"Yes, what happened?" Kelly tried to move and had no more success then Chris
had. She saw a couple of people enter the room. "What do you want with us?"

"Just to have some fun with you." The man responded, he laughed at the
shocked looks of the two girls. "OH Don't worry, we won't rape you unless you
beg for it. Right now we got something a bit different planned for you." He
made some handsignals and two TV's were brought into the room. They were
positioned on either side of the girls so each had a view of one of the TV's.
"Hope you enjoy the show." He flipped on the TV's and attached VCR started
them up and then left.

The women were alone again, waiting for the tape to start. "Maybe now we'll
get some answers." The tape began, "oh god," they were porno tapes. Kelly was
watching a blonde woman having sex with a dark haired woman. While Chris was
watching a dark haired woman being gang banged.

The women tried not to watch, but it was the only thing they could do. Every
time they tried to wriggle out of the ropes it just made their bodies rub
together exciting ,them all the more. It felt like they were watching sex for
hours. Chris was starting to loose it, she needed to cum and she needed it
badly. She started rubbing her body against her friend Kelly Garrett. She
could feel her nipples stiffen as the rubbed against Kelly's, Kelly's soon
became stiff in response. Chris was feeling even hornier but was no closer
to cumming, she rubbed her body harder trying to hump her crotch against

"Chris what are you doing?" Kelly was having trouble herself between the
tapes and Chris's body rubbing against her own. She could feel her resistance
start to crumble she started to rub back at Chris. It did little to release
the pressure she was feeling. Finally a man walked in. "What are you doing to
us?" Kelly demanded.

"Just a bit of sweet torture for you, our boss wants to punish you. But I'm a
nice guy. Do you ladies want to cum?" He ran his hand over their nude bodies,
stopping at their pussies. He ran his hand around thier pussies just a bit
away from their openings.

Chris couldn't take it any longer. "Yes please, I want to cum so badly, I'll
do anything." She tried to hump his hand but he pulled it away.

"What about you Kelly? You want to cum too?" The man asked running his hand
through her long black hair. She didn't respond. "Well I guess you're not
ready yet, can't have one of you getting off and not the other. I'll be back
in a couple of hours."

Kelly was watching him go, she could hear Chris panting she was hardly immune
she needed to cum badly. The thought of waiting several more hours to cum
drove her insane. "PLEASE NO!" Kelly called out. "I want to cum!"

The man slowly walked back to the wiggling ladies. "Not bad, but how badly do
you want to cum? What will you do?"

"Anything!" Kelly responded. "I'll do anything to cum, please ANYTHING!" She

"Would you let me fuck you, both of you?" They responded with eager sexy
grins. "How about if I brought in some friends. Would you let them fuck you?"
Again they nodded. "Could we fuck you up the ass?"

"You want to do that?" Chris was shocked but was getting hornier by the
moment. She had never thought about taking it up the ass, but she had watched
it numerous times in the last hour.

"Maybe. If we let you cum, would you let us have you're asses?" This time
there was a reluctant nod. "Of course we'll want blow jobs." They didn't
object. "One last question, if I untie you would you bring each other to
orgasm while I watch?"

"GOD, anything yes please." Chris blurted out. "I'll fuck anyone, anyway you
want. Just let me cum over and over again." She pushed her tongue into
Kelly's ear to show she was serious.

"Good enough for me." He responded and flipped open a switchblade. He cut
them apart and roughly rolled Chris over onto her stomach. He tied her hands
behind her back. He then went to Kelly and tied her hands behind her back.
"Alright then you can pleasure yourself for a bit, the guys aren't quite
ready yet." He laughed.

"But our hands are tied? Please untie us." Kelly begged, as she tried to come
off the floor.

"You have mouths don't you, use them, or should i retie you." He watched as
Kelly and Chris pushed themselves across the rug until the were roughly
laying side by side nose to crotch. Chris started trying to get at Kelly's
snatch Kelly wrapped her legs around Chris's head trying to get her in closer
but it was no good.

It felt like they tried to eat each other out for over an hour, but the
effort was fruitless. They ended up hornier then they had been before
starting and no closer to being satisfied. They were roughly pulled apart and
pulled up so they were kneeling their hands still tied behind their backs.
The girls looked around and were stunned to see what appeared to be about a
dozen naked men standing around, their hardons clearly evident.

"Alright sluts, the guys will fuck you but first they want first class
blowjobs. Each of you get six cocks the first to get all six guys off is the
first to be fucked as the other watches. Lets get started." He pushed his
hard cock towards Chris Monroe's mouth. She reached out with her tongue
trying to touch it, he pulled it away from her. "You've got to beg for it

Chris saw out of the corner of her eye that Kelly was already sucking on a
large prick. She desperately wanted to be fucked, needed it in fact. "Stick
you're cock in my slutty mouth. I want to suck you. I want to take my tongue
and pleasure you and mmmph." The last words didn't come out as the cock
entered her mouth.

Kelly tried to bring off the man in her mouth, she looked up at the man
giving him a sexy look as she went down to the root of his cock. He shot off
into her mouth she swallowed it. She turned and saw Chris was still on her
first cock, she went back to the now hard cock in front of her, this was her
third. She took it deep and used her tongue to play with his pisshole. She
tried to move from side to side making her long black hair shake and her tits
move about.

Chris took the first load into her mouth, she gagged a bit as she swallowed
having never done that before. She looked up and noticed Kelly was on her
fourth cock, she was going to lose this contest. She didn't like to lose, she
took another cock into her mouth and tried to use her tongue and pleasure
him. She looked up with her blue eyes giving him her sweet innocent look and
he blew his load into her mouth. She swallowed this one easily and went for
her third.

Kelly was having trouble with the fifth cock no matter what she tried he
didn't seem to shoot off. She had seen Chris take on two men while she had
been working on this one. Chris was now on her fourth and catching up fast.
Kelly was getting desperate this cock was huge so she tried to take it deeper
then anyone had ever been before. She let the prick slip into her throat. She
tried to relax as he started pushing in and out fucking her face. She felt
him pull out of her throat and fill her mouth with his sperm. She quickly
swallowed it down and went for her sixth.

Chris finally got to her sixth cock and Kelly still hadn't finished with hers
yet. She tried to ignore Kelly and pleasure the man in her mouth. Finally he
groaned and shot his load into her mouth, but then she looked over and saw
that they were untieing Kelly. "Shit," she knew she had lost.. A couple of
them were lifting her up and carrying her over to a couch.. "Please fuck us
both at the same time." She begged but they just continued to move her
placing her on the couch in such a way that she could watch as Kelly got on
her hands and knees and prepared to be fucked.

Kelly Garret was horny as hell and was waiting to be fucked. She willingly
got on her hands and knees before these men. Her mind screamed out to stop
this, but her body overrode her. She was waiting on her hands and knees and
they weren't paying attention to her. "Fuck me now," she whined and was
gratified as one of the men slapped her ass. She yelped and wiggled her ass
hoping someone would fuck her.

Kelly didn't have long to wait. A man with a long hard cock took position
behind her and ran his cock along the outside of her pussy. "Fuck me now."
She moved backward hoping to impale herself on the cock but he pulled away.

He slapped her ass. "Wait for it bitch." He pushed the head of his cock into
her pussy and was gratified as she shivered in pleasure at the intrusion. She
moaned and he pushed forward.

"Yes do me anyway you want." Kelly offered her body up to the men. A man took
up position in front of her and she willingly took his cock into her mouth.
She sucked him off she felt the man in her pussy finish up and leave. Another
man took his place shoving a hard cock into her cunt. She felt him open up
her ass cheeks, his finger pressed against her rectum and slipped inside her
ass. Her mouth was filled with sperm as she felt the man behind her slip his
cock out of her pussy and reposition at the entrance to her ass hole. "No,
I've never done that before." She protested but as the head of his prick
penetrated her ass she could only groan in pain.

He roughly shoved the last of his cock into Kelly Garrett's's virgin ass hole
and started grinding in and out. "Good bitch, this feels so good." He slapped
her ass leaving a red mark. "Yes," he groaned as he filled her ass with his
cum. "Good slut." He stood up and went over to where her friend Chris Monroe
was laying on the couch watching. He pushed his cock at her face. "Suck me
bitch and maybe I'll fuck you." He laughed as Chris Monroe opened her mouth
and took his cock into her mouth. He felt her tongue cleaning up his cock.

Kelly garret was moved onto a man who was laying on his back. She eagerly
took his cock into her pussy. Another man took up position behind her, she
didn't even care anymore all she wanted to do was get off and she didn't
seem to be able too. She took the second cock inside her ass and tried to
ride them. Trying to get as much pleasure as possible, another cock was at
her face and she took it into her mouth filling her final hole.

Chris felt the straps holding her down being cut as she continued to suck at
the dirty cock in her mouth. "You ready to be fucked bitch!" One of the men
asked as he grabbed her long blonde hair and pulled her off the cock she had
been sucking. "Yes anything, fuck my cunt, ass, mouth. I'll do anything just
get me off." She jumped at a man and he fell to the floor She started humping
up and down on his prick. Another man pushed her forward . "Yes fuck my ass."
She cooed as she felt the hard rod at her ass hole. "YES!" She groaned as it
filled her up.

Sabrina Duncan walked into the room and looked down at her two erstwhile
partners. She looked back at the doorway she had entered. "Well Bosley, what
do you think isn't this more fun then private investigations?"

"Certainly more interesting." Bosley stepped into the room watching as a man
positioned himself under Chris Monroe and started fucking her pussy as
another prick assaulted her ass hole. Her groans indicated how into it she
was. "But I still don't know?"

"Its perfect Bosley, instead of working our asses off and having Charlie and
these bitches take credit. We recruit girls to sell overseas. We're getting
almost a million for these two sluts. "Hell we'll solve the cases as always
Charlie will never know the difference."

"They won't cause any problems?" Bosley asked.

"No, the drugs I gave them make them incredibly horny but unable to get off.
They'll do anything in the hopes of cumming. I'll demonstrate." Sabrina
walked over to where Chris was getting double penetrated and lifted her
skirt. "Lick my pussy slut." As soon as she said it Chris was pushing her
face into her pussy. "Yes very good, slut." She commented as the pleasure
went through her. "You try it Bosley."

Bosley walked over to Kelly Garret's face and whipped out his small dick
Kelly lunged forward at the chance to suck another cock. She took him right
down to the root and started playing with the tip of his cock with her
tongue. He groaned and shot his load into Kelly's mouth. "You're right," he
turned to Sabrina, "this is a lot more fun."

Sabrina lowered her skirt. "Don't worry Bosley. We've got quite a bit more of
breaking in to do on these sluts, before we sell them." They walked out of
the room arm in arm.

the end.


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