Charlie's Angels: Part 1 - The Beginning (MF)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Once upon a time there was three little girls who went to the police academy.
They were assigned dangerous tasks in their jobs in San Francisco, San Diego
and Los Angeles. I took them away from all that, I am Charlie and now they
work for me.

Downtown Los Angeles is the setting and the Townsend detective agency is the
start of this very story. Charlie never shows up at the office, he runs it
from the various sites he is phoning from. Today is different though; he has
assigned the task of welcoming his angels to the office manager and part time
detective John Bosley. On the speakerphone, Charlie instructs Bosley to do
his best to make them feel part of the group before the first case is passed
to them.

At precisely 9:45 A.M. the first of the new additions to the Townsend firm
arrives. Hi my name is Jill Munroe and I have been asked to meet with John
Bosley to become part of this detective firm. Bosley introduces himself and
asks Jill to feel at home, he pours her some champagne as Jill slips out of
her long leather rain jacket. Bosley is stunned to see that she is only
wearing a bathing suit to the meeting and inquires why. Jill smiles and says
that she was told to wear what made her feel at home, so she wore the suit
as a way to feel at ease. Bosley sits beside her, pats her muscular thigh
and states that her indoctrination will now commence. Jill knows of what
Bosley speaks of, slips to the floor, gets him to stand and removes his pants
and shorts.

Jill's next move is stirring something in Bosley that he has never felt as
she strokes his cock before devouring it. Back and forth she goes deep
throating his lengthy dick until he moans a little and then he helps her off
her knees to kiss her perky lips. Gently squeezing her tight ass, Jill kisses
Bosley with passion and then stands still as he lowers her bathing suit to
the floor. Jill sits on the leather couch, spreads her thighs as wide as
possible and enjoys herself while Bosley eats her well shaven pussy. With
fingers probing her ass and cunt, Bosley has aroused this hot blonde to the
max. Jill cums on his lips and fingers as he continues to lick the clit and
touch her g-spot.

Jill is totally electrified at what her first lover can do as John lifts her
skyward to jam his cock in her ass while standing. She whispers to him that
no man has ever fucked her ass and it's a shame because this is pure
enjoyment. Removing his cock from her pussy, Bosley lies down as Jill guides
his cock into her gaping hot box. The two fuck as a man walks from an
adjoining room to ass fuck the newest lady in the company. Jill knows that
there is two male figures fucking her and wonders who the other man is.
Bosley knows by the birthmark that it is their revered boss Charlie. Once he
feels Jill has taken a load of his cum in her pussy, Charlie leaves to await
the next angel.

It is now 1:00 P.M., Kelly Garrett arrives at the agency for her interview
or so she is lead to believe. John informs her that the interview will begin
once she is comfortable with her surroundings. He has noticed that she is
nervous as to what will happen. Kelly undressed in anticipation of the next
couple of hours and then lies on the couch fully spread open to what will
occur. Bosley slips out of his pants and shirt, kneels at the open end of
the couch and kisses his way between Kelly's legs. He opens his eyes once he
reaches her pussy to see that she is unshaven. A dark patch of hair touches
his tongue as he licks inside her pussy. He opens the lips wide and drives
his tongue as deep as he can to get some moans of pleasure from his new
lover. Kelly squeezes her medium sized breasts as she feels fingers probing
her ass and dripping pussy.

Bosley makes the same move to allow Charlie his entrance into Kelly, by lying
down; allowing Kelly to squat until John's cock is fully buried in her hot
pink hotel. He fucks her from underneath as Charlie sees his chance to move
in and drives Kelly's ass with his rod. Again both men keep Charlie's
identity secret as he helps Kelly to climax. Her cum flows from her pussy
freely as Charlie knows that he must slip out again, before Kelly sees him.
Bosley turns her over slaps her sexy ass and decides to ass fuck this
exquisite woman of the Townsend Agency.

Around 4:00 in the late afternoon, Sabrina Duncan arrives and she is nude
under her long coat, which surprised the dapper John Bosley. Since his next
interview is nude he shrugs out of his pants and shirt one more time. Sabrina
is more intriguing than the other two as Bosley enjoys her move to give him
head. Licking and stroking Bosley's cock, Sabrina seems to be more worldly
than the others and knows that it is a matter of time before she takes his
dick in all the way. Sabrina gives Bosley a masterful blowjob, then waits as
John eats her also hairy pussy. One hour later she cums and Bosley smiles as
this lady rides him while he sits on the chair. His load fills her ass, as
Sabrina bangs his cock up and down. John takes her over to the couch as he
did the other ladies, plunges his cock in her ass once again to fuck her this
way. Charlie enters the office quietly and dips the head of his cock in her
pussy before giving it full forces inside her. Both men fuck her until
Sabrina cums full force on them.

Charlie leaves the same way he entered, Sabrina asks who helped please her as
Bosley states it was the janitor who joined in. Of course each time it was
Charlie finding out whom he was hiring in his own way. Sabrina is now sitting
on the edge of Bosley's desk legs wide open. John sees that she still wants
more and obliges her with his tongue finding her pussy while his finger hits
her g-spot. Sabrina moans wildly as Bosley fucks her very rapidly and again
she climaxes with Bosley still inside her bushy fuck hole. She licks his cock
one last time and leaves the office knowing that she has the job.

Bosley smiles as he watches Sabrina walk out of the office, he also hopes
that he will have more sexual escapades with Charlie's Angels.

The End


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