NOTES: Done following a request for an Alizee story. For those who
haven't heard her sing get hold of her music videos, especially the live
performances, because I can assure you she's as hot in them as I've
depicted her in my story

Charmed: A Charming Lolita (MF,MFF,oral,exhib,celeb)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Airbus A340 departing Orly Airport, Paris

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard Air France Flight 382, Paris to Los
Angeles. We will be cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet. Outside
temperature is ..."

The pretty, young girl sitting alone in the first row of seats in the First
Class section put on a pair of headphones and turned up the volume on her cd
player tuning out the captain's voice that continued to drone on from the
overhead speakers. Already thirty minutes into the long flight and she was
bored. Soon her head was swinging to and fro to the rhythm of the music, her
shoulder length, black hair flicking from side to side, her eyes closed as
she relaxed into her seat.

* * *

P3 club, San Francisco

"Shit, shit, shit!" Piper slammed the phone back down, glaring at it

"What's up dear?"

Piper looked up at her husband Leo who had just walked into her office at
the P3.

"What's up? What's up is that those idiots at the Yellow Rose are going to
wipe out our business for an entire week!"

"Yellow Rose? Isn't that the club a couple of blocks away?"

"Yeah. Those fuckers!"

"Oh!" Leo exclaimed. He'd never heard his wife talk like that. "What have
they done this time?" he asked putting his hands on her shoulders, kneading
her stiff muscles to calm her down.

"Mmmmhhh" Piper sighed as Leo's hands worked their magic ... literally ...
on her shoulder blades and she felt a relaxing warmth spread from her back
throughout her entire body and ... "Hey stop that!" she jerked herself
upright in her chair and shrugged off Leo's hands.

"Okay, okay, but you have to calm down and tell me what's going on."

Piper took a deep breath and turned around to face Leo. She picked up a
remote from the desk and pointed it at a tv in the corner of the room which
was on MTV and turned up the volume.

"..... and she will be touring California and singing in all the major clubs
in Los Angeles and San Francisco. So you've been warned, make sure to get
your tickets early or you'll miss out on one of the hottest young voices from
France. Now to her number 1 hit song, Moi Lolita ..." The screen faded to a
music video, which Leo guessed had been filmed at a live performance in Paris
since the Eiffel Tower could be seen in the background. Leo's heart began to
beat rapidly and his eyes widened as a very cute young woman, she couldn't
have been more than twenty, walked out on the stage in a very short blue
dress and began to sing ... "Moi je m'appelle Lolita ..." but Leo didn't
bother with the words though he was fluent in French and most other languages
since he protected innocents around the world. He was staring at the screen
as the girl gyrated her hips, facing away from the camera, slightly bent
forward which made the short dress rise up and give everyone watching a view
of the black thong she was wearing between her bare ass cheeks.

"Oooomph" Leo gasped as Piper elbowed him in his ribs. He grinned down
sheepishly at her as he finally noticed that his mouth had fallen open
as he ogled the pretty girl on the screen.

"Now you see why I want her at the P3?" then she laughed as she saw the look
on his face, "No, not so that you can look at her cute little ass but to draw
a huge crowd who wants to do just that."

"So what's the problem?" Leo asked as he continued to look at the tv as the
singer went through her sexy choreographed moves.

"The Yellow Rose. I don't know what they've offered her agent more than I
have but in a couple of days she's going to be singing over there instead of
at the P3."

"Oh I see" though Leo right now was seeing the delicious looking rear end of
the French nymphette. The video clip ended and when ads began playing Leo
turned away from the screen a faraway look on his face and a growing bulge in
his pants which Piper spotted immediately. "I'll .. I'll see you later" he
told his wife giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and left. Piper stared
after him, then shrugged, picking up the phone again. There had to be some
way to convince the damn agent to have Alizee sing at the P3.

* * *

Airbus A340, over the Atlantic

Alizee Jacotet was beyond bored. She was going crazy. She hated long plane
trips - nothing to do except watch some silly film, nobody to talk to except
her stupid agent who had done nothing but argue with some woman on the phone
since they had taken off. Alizee had tried to strike up a conversation with
the three other passengers in the first class section, but two of them were
businessmen preoccupied with the spreadsheets on their laptop computers and
an old American woman who smiled at her and tapped her hearing aid a couple
of times which Alizee took to mean that she didn't want to (or couldn't)
listen to her ... oh well, she wasn't going to miss much. Where were the
strapping young, American guys when you needed them?

"Would you like another orange juice?" an air hostess asked her.

"Non, merci" was her quick reply. She'd had so many of those juices already
that she needed to go to the lavatory, the third time already. At least it
would be an interesting distraction and she'd go to the one at the tail of
the plane, since it would do her good to stretch her legs and maybe she'd
see someone worth chatting to in the economy class.

As she walked down the central aisle of the large plane she attracted a lot
of stares, mostly from French people who recognized her but were too polite
to bombard her with requests for autographs and from American tourists
returning home, especially the male ones, who looked at her slim body, short
skirt and well developed chest area with a certain amount of lust in their
eyes. She smiled back at them though none of them really interested her
enough for her to stop and talk to them. Finally at the back of the plane
she waited for the bathroom to empty itself. As she waited she was startled
by a bright flash of blue light that shone through the cracks of the door.
She took a step back and was about to call a hostess thinking that some fire
had started up ... but before she did the door opened and a good looking man
in his mid thirties walked out and bumped into her.

* * *

P3 Club, San Francisco

Leo couldn't get the image of the French singer Alizee out of his mind. He
hadn't felt this way since he'd first seen his wife-to-be Piper way back when
she hadn't known he was her whitelighter and protector. He couldn't think
clearly because he continued to see that shapely ass swaying away in a blue
minidress that was several inches too short. He orbed to the Halliwell manor.
If he found something to do, like fix a door destroyed by a demon or a chair
smashed to bits as Piper tested her new destructive power, he'd get his mind
off the hottie.

"Hey Leo"

"Oh hi Phoebe" he smiled at Piper's sister. Leo couldn't resist looking up
and down her hot body. She was dressed in her usual outrageous way, enough to
get a rise out of a dead man, a tiny halter top that did little to stop her
large breasts from spilling out and skin tight hotpants that left little to
the imagination.

Phoebe grinned back at him knowing the effect her skimpy clothes had on men
in general, including whitelighters.

"Enough staring or I'll have to tell Piper," she told him in a stern voice
while winking at him, "I'm going out to do a couple of miles. You know I have
to keep this in shape" she said patting herself on her sexy butt.

"See you later then" Leo told her as she left but she ran back in before he
had finished speaking.

"Forgot my player" she told him pointing to an mp3 player which was on the
small hall table. She picked it up, clipped it to the waist of her hotpants
and was about to put the earplug headphones in her ears, "Hey have you heard
this new song? It's really great, way better than any of those Britney ones."

Before Leo could say anything Phoebe was rubbing her body against him as she
reached up to put one of the headphones in his ear. The song had already
started and he heard "... Mon poisson rouge ..." ... that voice was familiar
he thought as he continued to listen to the French song. Then Phoebe had
pulled the headphone out of his ear, "Cute isn't it, it's called Jen and
Marry or something like that."

"J'en ai marre" Leo corrected her "it means, 'I'm fed up."

Phoebe looked at him strangely, "Oh I forgot you know French, anyway I really
have to go now, you can translate the rest of the song later."

"Phoebe ..."

She looked back over her shoulder, "Yeah?"

"Just a curiosity .. who's the singer?"

"A French girl .. what's her name .. ehm .. she's been all over MTV, seems
she's coming to America for a tour ... damn it's on the tip of my tongue ..."

"Alizee?" Leo whispered.

"Yeah, that's it! You've heard of her too?"

"Something like that" Leo didn't even see Phoebe waltz out of the house and
shut the door behind her. Damn! He'd come here to get the French girl out of
his head but it was impossible, not with Phoebe having reminded him of her
and especially not by the way that she'd rubbed up against him in her usual
sex kittenish way. She'd only made the hardon he'd had since watching MTV at
the P3 even stiffer. What to do? What to do? he muttered to himself as he
strode up and down the hallway, then an idea flashed into his head .. yeah,
that would be helping Piper ... but since Piper had not made the request for
help herself, those "up there" couldn't say it was using magic for personal
gain .. or could they? He was married to Piper after all, but that was in a
grey area that the laws "they" had made didn't really apply to. They had
never expected whitelighters to fall in love with the witches they protected.

Leo came to a decision and shut his eyes, searching for a particular aura ...
there he'd found it .. he orbed.

* * *

Airbus A340, over the Atlantic

Leo looked around. He was in the tiny confines of an airplane lavatory.
Orbing into a plane moving at 0.85 Mach and at 37,000 feet a quarter of the
way around the world was somewhat tricky even for an experienced whitelighter
but Leo had managed it and even chosen a spot he was sure no one would see
him orbing in.

He opened the door and stepped out bumping into someone, "Oh sorry."

A woman's voice, in English with a French accent said, "No problem, I am
still in one piece" and she laughed.

Leo looked at the woman, and gasped. "Alizee!?"

"Oui, c'est moi ... you know me?"

It took an entire 10 seconds before Leo overcame his shock at having found
the very person he'd been looking for as soon as he'd orbed in, then he
finally answered her question in French, telling her, yes, he'd seen her on

"Ah your French is very good"

"So is your English" he managed feeling like a shy, starstruck schoolboy
instead of a whitelighter with over a hundred years behind him.

Alizee had taken a liking to this cute looking American she'd found in the
bathroom. "Where are you sitting?" she asked him.

"Err .. there .. " he pointed vaguely towards the middle section and Alizee
grinned knowingly, guessing - wrongly - that the guy probably had his wife
onboard with him and didn't want her to see him chatting up a girl.

"I'm really bored on long plane flights like this. Would you like to come to
the first class area and sit next to me to talk and pass away the time?"

Leo thought he was dreaming. "Yeah, sure. Why not?" This was perfect!

"Good! I'm in seat 1 C. Come in five minutes."

* * *

Five minutes later Leo was sitting next to Alizee and they were chatting
together as if they'd known each other for months in a mixture of French and
English, both easily slipping in and out of both languages. They talked for
the better part of an hour, with Leo telling her about California and San
Francisco. She told him about France and her native Corsica and was surprised
at how much he knew of her country. Of course he omitted to tell her that
he'd been protecting several innocents in France for the past 50 years.

Several champagne glasses later, courtesy of the Air France hostess, both
Leo and Alizee were slightly drunk thanks to the high quality bubbly. Leo
was looking down at Alizee's bare thighs openly now, having spent most of
the time he'd been talking to her peeking surreptitiously at her sexy legs
as her short miniskirt rode even higher as she moved about on the seat. He
was also eyeing her full chest which filled out the white t-shirt she was
wearing quite nicely.

Alizee had noticed his looks, but she didn't mind. In fact she liked the
attention. That was one of the reasons why she wore tiny dresses or skin
tight clothes on stage. She loved people looking at her sexy body and
having impure thoughts about her. It was a turn on for her knowing that
she was giving boys and men at her performances, erections. She licked
her lips at that thought and looked down at Leo's crotch .. yes, she
thought, that looks like a big one.

"Excuse me" she called out to the hostess, "can I have a blanket please, it's
getting cold here" and she pretended to shiver.

"Of course, ma'am, here you go" the hostess handed her a thick blue blanket
from the overhead storage bin.

Alizee unfolded it and put it over her and she giggled when she saw the look
of disappointment in Leo's eyes as her sexy young body disappeared from his

"You must be feeling cold too" she told him.

"Nah .. not really."

"Yes you are" she insisted.

"Err, ah ... ok" Leo was puzzled why the French singer thought he was cold
and even more puzzled when she covered him with the large blanket, but not
for long. His eyes grew big and round as beneath the blanket he felt a hand
run along his thigh up to his groin and stop at the bulge there.

"Alizee!?" he gasped as she grabbed his cock through his pants.

Alizee smiled at him sweetly. "Don't worry Leo, I won't tell your wife. Just
relax and let me play with your snake."

Leo shut his eyes. This can't be happening he thought, then he felt her hand
pull down his zipper and his straining erection sprung free of its constraint
into her awaiting hand. Oh yes, this is happening, fuck yeah!

* * *

The hostess knocked on the cockpit's door and it opened. "Monsieur le
Capitain, we have two lovebirds in first class."

"Vraiment?" The captain and co-pilot grinned. It wasn't the first time that
they'd had people join the mile high club on their flights. "Who is it?" From
the load manifest, the captain had seen that the first class was mostly empty
on this flight so he was curious who it would be.

"It's the VIP, Alizee. She brought an American passenger forward from

"Lucky bastard, but these young stars, rich with everyone bowing down before
them, they think they can do whatever they want." The captain's eyes had a
faraway look as he recalled the day when he had flown Britney Spears from
JFK to Paris. Now that was a wild orgy in the sky, she'd done most of the
passengers and crew, male and female. She'd even sucked him off while they
were landing ... now if that ever got out he'd never even be able to sit at
the controls of an advert towing plane let alone an A340.

"... so shall I stop them?" the hostess had been asking him wondering why the
captain had gone silent.

"No, no, let them do it though if it gets out of hand, you know, if she
starts moaning or screaming, just tell them to lower the volume. We wouldn't
want people to report this to our head office."

* * *

Leo sat rigidly in his seat grunting each time Alizee stroked her hand up and
down his stiff cock. For such a young girl, she'd told him she'd just had her
nineteenth birthday, she seemed to be very experienced at handjobs, almost as
good as the ones Phoebe gave him and that was saying something.

"Leo" she whispered, leaning towards him "you may touch me too" and she
nibbled on his earlobe making him almost blow his load prematurely with
surprise as he felt her hot breath on his ear. "Oh and I'm not wearing
any panties" she added almost as an afterthought. Hard as it already was,
Leo's cock must have grown another full inch in size when she said that.

He turned to face her and they looked at each other, her black eyes sparkling
with teenage lust. He kissed her on the lips gently, then her tongue thrust
into his mouth and soon they were kissing with an urgency born out of sexual
passion. Leo slid a hand along her smooth thigh until he reached the hem of
her miniskirt. The light material rose easily before his palm and he
discovered that she had been telling the truth. No panties. His fingers slid
between the V of her legs and she spread them slightly to allow him in. Her
groin was clean shaven, except for a tiny tuft right at the apex of her slit.
The lips of her slit were already soaking wet, she really must be turned on
to lubricate so heavily. His fingers slid over her sheathed clitoris and her
lips quivered, her eyes grew wide and she squeezed his cock.

"You like that don't you?" he whispered.

"Oui, do it again" and Leo did, rubbing the hood until he felt the little
bit of sensitive flesh slide out as it grew in size due to his touch. Alizee
stifled a moan by biting down on her lower lip as her eyes clouded over with
pleasure. Her hand movement over his cock started again at a faster pace.
This encouraged Leo's fingers to move lower between her legs and as her slit
parted easily at his touch, he soon had two fingers pumping in and out of her
hot, wet snatch at the same rhythm with which she was jacking him off.

They were too busy to notice the hostess pass them by to serve a drink to
Alizee's agent a couple of rows behind them. She tried to hide a grin as
she saw the frenetic motion that was going on beneath the blanket that was
covering them.

Leo suddenly grimaced. At this rate he wasn't going to be able to last for
much longer. "Honey, slow down or I'm going to blow".

Alizee grinned at him but slowed her hand, "Don't you dare! Not before you've
fucked me."

"Then we better do it now" Leo looked around hoping that no one was watching
them in the dimmed night time lighting of the plane, "but how? Shall we go
to one of the bathrooms?"

"No, we can do it here, let me show you how." Alizee turned on her side,
towards the window, facing away from Leo. "Now you turn like this and move
up behind me" she explained "it's easy like this."

"Yeah, looks like it. You seem to be very experienced at this ...?" he let
the question hang in the air.

Alizee giggled. "I've never done it on a plane before, but I've done it
several times in a limo and the vans they drive me around in at concerts.
When I was sixteen I had sex with my boyfriend on the back seat of the
schoolbus and the teacher sitting two seats in front of us didn't even
notice" she laughed.

Leo shook his head in amazement. This girl was amazing, she had a thing about
sex in vehicles!

"But now enough talk" she said "put your big thing in my ... 'chat' .. how
do you say .. pussy?"

"Yeah, that's right, pussy" Leo grinned as she reached around to grab his
cock and guide him into her. "Oh yessss" she moaned as his rock hard member
slid easily up her wet love tunnel even though it was a tight fit.

Leo began to rock back and forth slowly as Alizee urged him on to fuck her
harder. She twisted her head around and they kissed again as he slid his left
arm between her body and the seat until his hand could cup her left breast.
It was quite a handfull too, even bigger than his wife's tits, and the nipple
felt very succulent as he kneaded it with his fingers.

As Leo speeded up his thrusts, Alizee squeezed his thigh "Not that fast, the
flight is long and we don't want it to be over too quickly." So Leo slowed
down and fucked her for what felt like (and probably was) hours until he felt
his balls were about to burst and he could stand it no longer.

At that moment the PA system crackled to life, "Ladies and gentleman, this is
the captain speaking. We are on descent to Los Angeles International airport
and we will be landing in about one hour. Thank you for having flown Air
France ..." It was then repeated in English but Leo had already heard enough.

He rammed his dick hard and deep into Alizee's cunt several times before
withdrawing and allowing the immense amounts of cum that had built up in his
balls to burst free over her stomach and spray all over the inside of her
miniskirt. Leo felt one of Alizee's hands on the base of his cock squeezing
and pulling at it as if to milk it dry and the other he could feel rubbing at
her own clit as she worked herself to an orgasm. As she came she muffled her
gasps by kissing Leo wildly and grinding her butt against his groin.

Basking in their post-orgasmic glow, the French singer and the whitelighter
clung to each other, their bodies spooned up together.

"Alizee?" Leo whispered in her ear.

"Oui" she replied dreamily having just experienced one of the best orgasms in
her young life.

"Where are you going to sing in San Francisco?"

"Oh I don't know. My agent sets up all the clubs and times for me."

"I'd love it if you came to the P3. It's a great club with quite a following
... and my wife owns it. She'd love to see you perform."

Alizee looked round at Leo quizzically. "What a coincidence! Ok, I'll give
it a thought, it would be great to see you again ... though your wife might
not be so happy, non?"

"Oh she will be, don't worry about that. Yeah and it was quite a coincidence
me taking the same flight as you" he looked upward hoping the elders didn't
withdraw his whitelighting powers for that little white lie.

The seat belt signs on the panels above them lit with a ping and Leo zipped
himself up before kissing Alizee one last time, "I have to get back to my
seat now, see you at the P3 then."

"Oui Leo, this flight has been so much fun, au revoir"

He left towards the back of the plane brushing past the hostess who wrinkled
her nose slightly at the smell of fresh sex. Luckily she wouldn't be the one
cleaning the seats after those two had disembarked. She didn't notice Leo orb
out from the galley area out as soon as she was looking the other way.

* * *

Los Angeles International Arrivals Lounge

Alizee and her agent were kept for over an hour at LAX as security personnel
debated amongst themselves whether passengers disembarking from planes needed
to be stripsearched too as they eyed the sexy French girl with thoughts in
their minds that had nothing to do with Homeland Security. A supervisor,
whose refusal to authorize a stripsearch finally confirmed their suspicions
that he was gay, excused himself with Alizee for the delay and allowed them
through customs. Finally getting into the limo that had been waiting for
them, Alizee asked her agent, "What clubs am I going to sing at in San

Flicking through a worn diary he replied, "Let's see there's the "Kool Kat",
the "Mustang" and the "Yellow Rose".

"What about the P3?"

"P3? No, we're not going to the P3."

"I want to sing there, cancel all the others."

"What!? I've spent weeks planning this trip, Alizee, you can't just
cancel these things at a moments notice, there will be penalties involved,
refunds ...."

Alizee raised a hand, "Enough. The week we're in San Francisco, I want to
sing at the P3..." she paused and batted her eyelids sexily at her agent "...
or I won't do that thing that you like so much."

"Mais non, Alizee" the agent stammered "ok, ok I will cancel all the clubs
and phone that woman, Piper Halliwell, at the P3. I don't know how she
managed to convince you ... but please, tell me you will give Antoine what
he likes so much." He was almost whining and his petulant voice grated on
Alizee's nerves, but she had know the man since she was a kid and he'd taken
care of her business deals while she did what she loved best, singing and

She leaned over to a control panel and pressed the switch that raised the
partition between the driver and the cabin of the limousine. "This is because
you're such a kind man, Antoine, always obeying my orders. Remember, disobey
and my pretty mouth will not make you happy, you understand?"

"Oui Madame Jacotet!" Antoine answered quickly knowing what was about to
happen to him.

Alizee got on her knees on the plush floor carpet of the limo and crawled
over to between Antoine's legs. She pulled down his zipper and fished around
in the middle aged man's underwear until she found his limp cock. It twitched
as her long fingers touched it and began to grow steadily as her warm lips
closed around it. Though it wasn't the first time she had sucked Antoine off,
her mind was now comparing the flaccid, short dick he had with the handsome
tool that the American, Leo, had fucked her with less than two hours ago.

With those thoughts, she just couldn't put her heart into the blowjob she
gave her agent, though he didn't notice the difference, not with her 19
year old mouth deep throating him. As usual, he didn't last long and as she
flicked her tongue around the crown of his purple dickhead he blew a thin
stream of cum into her mouth which she swallowed easily. Smiling up at
Antoine as if she'd enjoyed every short moment, Alizee wondered what Leo's
fresh cum would taste like after she'd have spent thirty minutes sucking
him off and draining his balls. Now that she'd convinced her agent to make
arrangements with the P3, she would have the chance to do just that. Her
smile grew even wider as Antoine zipped up his pants and picked up his
mobile phone as the freeway rolled past.

* * *

P3 Club, San Francisco

As Leo orbed into Piper's office she greeted him with signals to remain
silent and he waited as she spoke the last few words into the phone, then
when she was done she rushed around her desk and hugged Leo, kissing him.

"You won't believe who was just on the phone with me!"

"No dear, only Phoebe gets premonitions, not us whitelighters" he said though
he had a fair idea of who had been talking to Piper.

"It was Alizee's agent. He's changed his mind. Not only is she not going to
sing at the Yellow Rose and instead come to us but he's cancelled the other
two stops on the San Francisco leg of her tour and she's going to sing for
four nights at the P3. Can you believe that?"

"That's great! I'm really happy for you Piper!" and he added in his mind, I'm
going to see that hottie Alizee again!

* * *

4 days later, P3 Club, San Francisco

Piper and Leo stood together to one side of the raised platform at one end of
the P3 that doubled as a stage for bands and singers. P3 was so packed that
security hired by Piper had to turn away people at the door. Luckily Alizee
would be performing here for four nights in a row so hopefully not too many
of Piper's casual clients would be disappointed.

The lights dimmed and silence descended over the crowd as everybody turned
to look at the stage expectantly. Alizee walked out to the center accompanied
by four female dancers, two guitarists, a drummer and a synthesizer. The band
began to play and Alizee began to sing as well as move in well choregraphed
movements that enhanced her natural sexiness. She was wearing a skin tight
black dress made up of a lowcut top that left her arms, shoulders and lots of
cleavage bare and short shorts that besides leaving more than half of each
ass cheek bare, were so tight that they clung to the outline of her ass crack
and best of all for the audience, to her pussy lips forming a perfect camel
toe. A bright red fish on the back of her shorts drew eyes to her curvaceous
ass. High heeled boots that reached up to mid-thigh completed the
extraordinarily sexy outfit.

"She is sorta cute, isn't she, but do stop drooling all over my floor" Piper
told Leo whose mouth hung open at the sexy vision swaying before him.

"Eh what? ... oh sorry" he grinned sheepishly, "I was just listening to the

Piper looked at him, her eyes narrowing to slits. "Yeah, sure you were."

Alizee chose that moment to start swaying her ass very provocatively at the
audience in the general direction of Leo, her hands moving sinuously behind
her back as if charming a snake ... and there were many snakes in that
audience that had begun to raise their one-eyed heads.

"Really Piper, what else do you think I'd be doing" but he grinned as he
looked at Piper and cast the occasional glance at Alizee's firm, half naked

"Oh you!" and she punched him lightly in the ribs but she smiled back at him.

As Alizee continued to sing, Leo began to repeat the words for Piper who not
knowing French didn't understand them anyway, but she thought the tune was
cool and Alizee's voice was way better than Britney or Christina.

"J'ai la peau douce
Dans mon bain de mousse
Je m'éclabousse
J'en ris !
Mon poisson rouge
Dans mon bain de mousse
Je l'emmitoufle
Je lui dis :

J'ai pas de problème
Je fainéante
Pas de malaise
Je fainéante
Dans l'eau je baigne
C'est l'important
Bien à mon aise dans l'air du temps

J'ai la peau douce
Dans mon bain de mousse
Je bulle à l'ombre
Des bombes
Tout est délice
Des lits des cibles
Je fais la liste des choses
Qui m'indisposent

J'en ai marre de ceux qui pleurent
Qui ne roulent qu'à 2 à l'heure
Qui se lamentent et qui s'fixent
Sur l'idée d'une idée fixe
J'en ai marre de ceux qui râlent
Des extrêmistes à 2 balles
Qui voient la vie tout en noire
Qui m'expédient dans l'cafard
J'en ai marre de la grande soeur
Qui gémit tout et qui pleure
Marre de la pluie, des courgettes
Qui m'font vomir sous la couette
J'en ai marre de ces cyniques
Et dans les prés les colchiques
J'en ai marre d'en avoir marre

J'ai la peau douce
Dans mon bain de mousse
Pas de secousses sismiques
Je me prélasse
Et me délasse
C'est mon état aquatique
Y'a comme un hic!"

The song repeated several times then the music stopped and Alizee bowed to
the audience, "Merci, Merci" as the packed club went wild, clapping so loud
that Piper thought it would be better to freeze everyone for a few moments
to check that the ceiling wasn't devloping a crack!

"You rock Alizee"

"That was fucking awesome baby"

"Shake that ass some more"

"Alizee, Alizee, Alizee!" people in the crowd shouted.

Finally the audience quieted down and Piper stepped onto the stage, "That was
great wasn't it? Thank you Alizee," she nodded at the French singer who was
standing next to her, "tomorrow she will be performing the song that brought
her to fame, Moi Lolita. Make sure you buy your tickets before you leave
because we're almost sold out for the whole week! Thanks again!."

"Merci Piper" she bowed again "Vive le P3" she shouted as she left the stage
amidst another clapping frenzy and the band began to play her other songs
while the four dancers continued to gyrate.

Piper looked around for Leo but he had disappeared. She shrugged and headed
off to the bar where she spotted her sisters, Phoebe and Paige drinking

* * *

Leo had gone backstage to the room that had been set up as a dressing room
for visiting celebs. On the door, a large golden star had been hung with the
name Alizee on it. A nice touch, Leo thought. He knocked gently and said,
"It's me, Leo."

The lock clicked and the door opened. There was Alizee still in the sexy
outfit she'd worn during her performance. She glanced past him to see if
there was anyone else in the corridor outside then when he had stepped
into the dressing room, she locked the door behind him and ... jumped on
him, her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist as she smothered
his face in kisses, "Oh Leo, mon amour, I've been thinking about you all
the time since you fucked me on the plane. I need you, please take me,
now, here!" she gasped.

Leo was stunned. He had been expecting to beg her to let him touch her let
alone fuck her, yet here she was doing the begging. Wow! She must be as
infatuated with him as he was of her. But for a moment reason and common
sense returned to Leo even while Alizee had her tongue in his mouth. He
pulled back a bit.

"Alizee, please .. my wife .. Piper .. she will be coming back here any
minute now .. you may be called back out on stage for another performance

"I don't care. Singing makes me all .. excited .. no that's not it exactly
.. how do you say .. ah yes, horny. While I danced out there I knew all the
guys were stripping me with their eyes. Each time I bent over and showed
them my bottom, I knew they wanted to take me. I can feel all the sexual
energy, so much that I'm all wet here ..." and she put a hand on her crotch
to emphasise her words "... here feel me."

She grabbed Leo's limp hand and put his palm between her legs right where he
could feel her mound and indeed the thin material of the black shorts was
soaked through. Leo's conscience was telling him to pull his hand away, his
dick was telling him otherwise. Even whitelighters have libido and sometimes
the small head takes over from the big one. This was one of those times. His
palm, previously motionless and flat against her crotch, curled slightly as
he groped between her legs.

"Oh ouiiii" Alizee said tossing her head back and shutting her eyes. She
spread her legs apart as Leo touched her through the tight shorts and stood
there enjoying his probing for a couple of minutes. Then Leo put a hand
behind her neck and pulled her face towards him. This time it was he who
began to kiss her, starting on her lips then on her cheek, then pushing back
her cascade of black hair and kissing her now uncovered ear, chewing on her
earlobe making her sigh with pleasure.

Alizee moved dragging Leo with her to the dressing room table which had a
well-lit mirror in front of it. She pushed all the items on it - various
bottles of perfume, makeup, powder puffs and lipstick - off onto the floor
where some of them broke open spilling their contents. She sprung up on the
table, her back against the mirror, and spread her legs wide apart. Leo sat
on the chair before her as she showed him what she wanted him to do by
pushing his head against her crotch. He inhaled sharply as he smelt her
scent of sexual arousal.

"No panties, remember" she giggled.

"Ohhhh!" Leo exclaimed his hardon at bursting point. No time to take off her
short shorts, he just pulled aside the elastic strip of material that was
covering her crotch, exposing her open and swollen pussy lips. They glistened
wetly in the light reflecting off the table top. Leo went at the wet cunt
with an enthusiastic hunger, sliding his tongue from bottom to top of the
slit, lingering over the clit, sucking the fleshy bit into his mouth before
releasing it and then dipping his tongue as far as it would go into the ever
widening hole as he lapped up her juices from the raw pink flesh.

Alizee gripped each side of the table so hard that her hands were white with
the effort and she moaned loudly most of the time as Leo tongue fucked her.
Luckily the walls were well soundproofed or her cries of pleasure would have
been heard throughout the P3.

His chin dripping with her juices, Leo finally stood up. He had felt her cum
twice during his cunnilingus, but now he needed to be inside her or he'd
blow in his pants. She smiled at him dreamily as he pulled down his trousers,
his dick springing to attention. With both hands he grasped the hemline of
her short shorts and they slid off her body easily. Meanwhile Alizee had
pulled down her top, uncovering her pert young breasts, which Leo looked at
with much admiration. Yes, definitely bigger than Piper's. His hands roved
over them, squeezing the fleshy mounds and teasing the stiff, pink nipples.
He bent over and kissed each of them, sucking in the nipple between his lips
and pulling on them gently before releasing them with a pop.

But Leo had had enough foreplay now. He stood back for a moment admiring the
sexy 19 year old singer's body then grabbed the base of his cock with one
hand and aimed for her cunt. The whitelighter rubbed his tool up and down
between her lips a couple of times to make sure it was well lubricated with
her own juices, then pushed the glans into her open hole. He pushed his hips
forcefully forward and it was in for its full length immediately.

"Ahhhhhhh ouiiii, baise moi, baise moi" Alizee gasped repeatedly begging Leo
to fuck her harder.

Leo obliged, burying his cock up to the hilt in her warm cunt, his balls
slapping wetly against her asshole. Alizee put her athletic legs, still in
the mid-thigh long boots, around his waist, locking them together and pushing
against his butt to help him go as deep as possible. This went on for almost
ten minutes until Leo had sweat pouring off him in rivulets as he continued
to screw the insatiable French lolita at a frenzied pace.

The two bunnies were so absorbed by their intense love making that they
didn't notice the door open - Alizee had locked it behind Leo, but Piper had
made duplicate keys for all the doors in her club.

She stood there are she watched her husband fuck the girl she'd brought to
sing at the P3 and tapped her foot on the floor as if in anger. But the hard
look on her face soon changed, the corners of her lips turning up into a
smile. She pulled as straight a face as possible, then slammed the door shut
behind her and shouted, "LEO!"

Leo gasped as he looked up from Alizee and his cock slipped out of her vagina
with a wet pop when he turned to face his wife.

"Piper! I'm .. I'm sorry .. but .. you see .." he stammered. There was no way
he could explain this away, she'd caught them in the act .. Alizee still had
her legs spread apart, her juicy, shaved cunt in plain sight, rubbed raw by
his hard fucking.

"Oh Miss Halliwell" Alizee finally spoke up, gulping visibly, "it was all my
fault. I seduced your husband, but he's so cute and when I first met him on
the plane ..." she paused as she heard the strangled gasp escape Leo and
Piper's eyes became cat like slits as she looked between her cheating husband
and the slutty French girl.

"What plane?" she asked her foot tapping on the floor beating even more

"Not..nothing, it was a quick ... ehm ... trip ... I made" he could hardly
say orbed in front of Alizee "to convince Alizee to sing at the P3. I thought
it would be such a nice surprise for you. Things just got out of hand today
and I'm really sorry Piper, please forgive me."

"Hmmmmm .. we'll talk about this later in private" Piper scowled at him
then she looked at Alizee, "but now since both of you are here and in this
condition, I might as well tell both of you the reason why I came."

Piper had been holding one arm behind her back as if hiding something and now
she put the object she had been holding down on the dressing table between
Alizee's legs. Alizee gasped. So did Leo as he realised what the object his
wife had been holding was.

A large dildo! At least ten inches long and two inches in diameter covered in
realistic looking veins. It was a strap-on model Leo noticed, designed to be
worn by a woman ... he gasped as he realised what Piper must have had in mind
coming to Alizee's dressing room with that thing.

"Yep, that's right Leo. I had your same idea. I wanted to fuck this little
hottie. After the show she put on back on stage I had to do it and I went to
Paige's room to borrow one of her ... tools. But you seem to have beaten me
to it."

Alizee had been looking at the dildo then back up at Piper. She plainly had
understood what Piper had been saying because her eyes had opened wide in
what may have been shock. As Piper finished and the room fell silent, she
spoke up in her heavily accented English, "Piper ... if you still want you
may .. fuck me. With that. I've never had sex with a woman ... it will be ...

Leo spluttered in amazement but Piper grinned, "I was hoping you'd say that."
She leaned over Alizee and ran a hand along her thighs, then gingerly along
her cunt lips. "You're so wet" she glanced over at Leo "he really must have
turned you on. But that's why I fell in love with him, isn't that right Leo?"

"Yeah" he managed to squeak as Piper continued to touch Alizee's crotch. His
cock had gone limp with the shock of being discovered by his wife but now it
was straightening up again as he watched her fondle Alizee. Alizee too had
been surprised but quite pleasantly at the attitude of this American woman.

"Ok, baby, up off your cute butt. Get down on the floor, on your hands and

Alizee looked at Leo, but he shrugged having no idea what Piper was up to.

"Come on" Piper said impatiently pulling at Alizee's arms. Finally
understanding, Alizee quickly got down on all fours and waited while Piper
took of her skirt and panties and wore the strap-on dildo much to Leo's slack
jawed amazement. Piper knelt down behind Alizee, between her legs and placed
the plastic cock against Alizee's already well lubricated and open pussy.
After several tries it slid in to almost three fourths of its length, the
French singer groaning loudly with each of Piper's thrusts.

Leo's dick was even harder than before as he watched the amazing sight of his
wife fucking Alizee with a dildo. He began to jack off his cock when he was

"Leo, do I have to explain everything? Go around to the front and stuff your
dick in her mouth, I bet she'll love it."


"You heard me"

"But Piper ..."

"Just do it!" she ordered, but then added in a softer voice, "It would really
turn me on to see you face fucking her while I do her from behind."

"Err, ok" Leo said still somewhat sceptical but with the grin of a cat who's
just been given a bowl full of warm milk. He liked this highly erotic aspect
of his wife which he hadn't noticed before. He was soon standing before
Alizee who looked up at him smiling as he slapped his cock gently against her

"Oh oui, Leo, I want to suck you off real bad" she gasped as Piper thrust the
dildo deeply into her several times at just that moment.

Alizee stuck her tongue out and opened her mouth wide as Leo pushed his cock
into her mouth. Her lips closed around the head and her tongue tickled the
tip. Leo didn't want any more teasing, his balls needed relief, so he grabbed
a handfull of Alizee's hair into a bunch in his fist and pushed her head down
onto his penis. She gagged for a moment but then her throat muscles relaxed
and she deep throated him easily. It wasn't long before Leo shouted, "Fuck,
I'm cumming" and an immense wad spurted out into Alizee's mouth and kept on
going down as she swallowed. She gurgled something and Leo pulled out of her
mouth realising that she would choke. He wasn't finished yet. Other streams
of cum, though less potent than the first, sprayed out over her pretty face,
coating her cheeks and a particularly juicy strand curled around the side of
her head, rolling slowly down her smooth, shoulder length hair.

"Oui, oui, oui" Alizee cried, the taste of Leo's cum in her mouth and Piper's
thrusts into her cunt making her reach another orgasm. She shuddered and her
fingers dug into the floor's plush carpeting before going limp with a drawn
out sigh. Her butt was still up in the air as Piper began to stroke the
plastic cock into her with short, rapid jerks while rubbing her own clit by
sliding a hand down beneath the rear end of the dildo.

"Aaaaghh, aaaagh, fuck, ohhhhh, yesssss!" Piper yelled as she brought herself
off, her body trashing about against Alizee's before she finally sat back
panting for breath.

Leo had sat down in the chair too exhausted to do anything except watch
speechless after he had cum. Now that his wife was done he got up and kissed
her on the cheek.

"Thank you" he told her simply and left.

Piper got up shakily to her feet and helped Alizee up too. She kissed the
cute French singer on the lips, her tongue darting in as she savored her
husband's fresh cum in the girl's mouth. The kiss was long and deep, then
Piper got dressed and turned to leave. At the door she looked back at
Alizee who was looking in the mirror wiping the cum off her face and hair
with a tissue.

"Alizee? I'm really happy that Leo convinced you to come to my club, and not
just because you've drawn such a huge crowd ... but if you ever have sex with
my husband again ...."

Alizee's eyes opened wide with fright, expecting Piper to threaten her but
instead ...

".... just make sure you let me know before because I want to be there with
the two of you and fuck both of you."

Alizee giggled. "Oui madame Halliwell!"

Piper grinned and left. The next three days were going to be such fun!


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