Disclaimer: "Charmed" and all the characters thereof are owned by Aaron
Spelling, who is far too rich and powerful for me to want to piss off. I
make no pretense to any rights over anything having to do with the show
or the characters. I'm just letting 'em have a little extra-curricular

Note: This takes places a little after Season Six "Valkyrie Vixens," but
definitely before "Chris-Crossed."

Spoilers: Season Six in general....

Warning: This piece of smut, which has neither literary value nor redeeming
social importance, features the characters of Paige Halliwell Matthews and
Chris Halliwell Perry doin' it. If you are offended by graphic descriptions
of two related people having hot sex, don't read this. But come on,
seriously, how can you blame Chris? Have you seen Paige? I mean, Jesus,
people, will you just look at that girl?!

Charmed: A Charming Way To Pass Non-Time (MF,inc)
by Jeremy Ben-Levi ([email protected])

"They're called Twisters." Chris began.

"Like tornadoes?" Phoebe asked, perplexed. There had been a rash of demonic
killings around the city, all bearing signs of powerful magical tampering
with space and time. The three Charmed Ones -- Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and
their sister Paige Matthews -- and their enigmatic young Whitelighter, Chris,
were gathered around the table, planning their mission to stop this newest

"No, not like tornadoes, like twisting reality. They're very high-order
demons, and they can manipulate space and time considerably. Slow things
down, speed things up, even bend space to create wormholes and pocket
realms. Even The Source doesn't send them out very often, because their
power can cause uncontrollable chaos if it's used too often or too

"How many of them are there?" This was Piper, the most pragmatic of the witch

"They usually travel in sevens. Even one can be dangerous. You're going to
have to be extra-careful if you run into all of them. There's not much in the
way of defense against their powers, so you'll have to be quick on the drawwith the vanquishing potion." Chris explained. The sisters nodded, careful,
but confident in their experience as veteran demon hunters.

"I guess I'll see if there's any recommendations in the Book about a
vanquishing potion, and get cooking. Why don't you guys see if you can scry
for the Twisters." Paige, the self-appointed potion-mistress, picked up the
Book of Shadows from where Chris had it open on the table, got up and headed
to the kitchen to begin brewing.

"Okay, okay. C'mon Phoebes." Piper rose, followed by Phoebe, heading for the
attic, where the sisters kept most of their magical equipment. Chris watched,
sidelong. All three of the sisters were extremely beautiful young women.
Piper was sleek and brown-haired, fine-featured, with small, pert breasts
and generous hips; Phoebe a little taller, with short black hair, a slim,
athletic build, with a round ass like a ripe fruit, and big, firm tits; and
Paige with dyed-red hair, perfect porcelain skin, the face of a screen
goddess, and hips, boobs, and ass so extravagantly curved the sight could
make a man cry.

Chris, however, was not supposed to notice these things, and guiltily did his
best to hide his rapacious glances from the sisters. Chris had used magic to
come back through time to guard the Charmed Ones from making certain mistakes
which would have disastrous consequences for the future. The sisters didn't
know it yet, but Chris was the son of Piper and her estranged husband Leo. In
the 'now' Chris hadn't even been conceived yet, but that didn't make him any
less Piper's son or Phoebe and Paige's nephew. And sons and nephews weren't
ever supposed to look at their mothers or aunts the way Chris looked at the
Charmed Ones -- no matter if they were currently around the same age or not,
not even if they were as luscious as Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.

Poor Chris found it incredibly difficult sometimes to remember that these
hot young women were the same people as the middle-aged, mature witches he
knew from his end of time. It didn't make it any easier that all three of
them clearly didn't find him bad to look at, and Phoebe and Paige had both
casually flirted with him a few times. He tried to tamp down his bad thoughts
while he followed Paige into the kitchen. She had the Book of Shadows open
and propped up on a counter, and was gathering various herbs and magical
ingredients next to a small cauldron.

"Need any help?" He offered.

"Sure. You could grind up this mandrake root for me." Paige said, handing him
a small jar of dried root and a morter and pestle. He patiently worked on the
root while Paige, determined and focused, carefully measured out ingredients,
grinding this, extracting that, turning the fire under the cauldron on and
off, higher and lower as the potion demanded. Chris tried not to stare. She
was wearing a white silk corseted blouse, laced with black silk, with a
dramatic v-neck. She was clearly not wearing a bra, and her nipples strained
against the tautly-laced silk, the v-neck bursting with her creamy cleavage.
The faded jeans she wore underneath were tighter than skin-tight, and clung
maddeningly over every succulent curve of her ass, her hips, and her perfect
thighs. She had the poutiest, fullest lips Chris had ever seen, strikingly
high cheekbones, and deep, fiery eyes that shaded from melted chocolate to
dense hazel. Even more than her gorgeous sisters, Paige dripped with
tantalizing sensuality, mostly unintentionally and casually, but still she
radiated raw sexual power to such a degree that the aura of sex seemed to
surround her like a cloud or corona. Chris shifted uncomfortably as he handed
the pulverized mandrake to Paige. She allowed her glance to flicker briefly
toward him, but kept her focus on the potion she was making.

Chris helped her with a few more odd jobs until the thing was done, and they
had been rejoined by a successful Piper and Phoebe. All joining hands, Paige
and Chris orbed everyone to the place the scry had indicted. Which is how
they found themselves appearing out of thin air in a deserted back alley,
facing seven demons. In a split second, all four were diving for cover, and
the demons were raising their hands, preparing to strike. Paige dove behind
a trash bin, Phoebe ducked behind a stack of crates just long enough to duck
back out and fire off several vials of potion towards the demons, but Piper
was clearly preparing to take the demons on.

"Piper no! Don't do it!" Chris shouted, but it was too late. The seven demons
had struck, sending a surrealistic, iridescent wave of distortion towards the
Charmed Ones. At the same moment, Piper used her power to try and explode the
lead demons, and both Chris and Paige -- who heard Chris' shout -- began
orbing to try and get Piper and Phoebe out of the paths of the demons'
strike. The vanquishing potions slowed and became indistinct as they hit the
distortion warping the space around them. The wavefront hit the oncoming wave
of Piper's power, and the blue glow of Chris and Paige's orbing was eclipsed
by a reddish firestorm of distortion as magical powers unsuccessfully
interacted, and an huge explosion of warping seemed to race outwards through
the city.

Chris and Paige reappeared where they had been standing, flung backwards as
though by an enormous jolt.

"What the hell...?" Paige had shook her head to clear it, and was tempted
to shake it again. Some of the demons were gone, some were translucent and
almost invisible, a couple were still there but fuzzy around the edges, but
all were frozen immobile. Piper was nowhere to be seen. Phoebe was there,
but translucent, and still. There was dead silence. The buildings around
them, the detritus in the alley, all were the same: some there but fuzzy,
some almost invisible, some gone, but everything totally still. Even a few
scraps of newspaper that had been blowing in the breeze were frozen in

"Damn... I was afraid of this." Chris sighed.

"What happened?"

"Piper's power is too close to the Twister power: both deal with distorting
time and material space. Her power crossed with theirs ruptured spacetime.
It should be a temporary phenomenon, but until it wears off, we're stuck. We
were just lucky we were in transit when it happened or we'd really be stuck,
like them."

"You mean we're in a pocket realm?" Paige asked, still unclear.

"Not exactly. Same universe. Same time and space. But broken and out of sync.
Think of a movie screen that's fractured like a broken mirror. In some of
the fragments, the movie is still running. In some, it's running, but at a
different speed, or out of focus. In some the movie is stopped. Most people
close to the center are trapped between fragments. And where the
fragmentation lines run, there's chaos. Sooner or later, this screen will
heal itself, all the fragments will become one again. But there's a lot of
unpredictability about what the movie will look like when that happens, and
no guarantees about how long it will take to get there."

"So we're just stuck like this? For who knows how long?"

"Pretty much. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long. Hours. Days. We'll just
have to wait."

"Isn't there anything we can do? Or any way we can help Piper and Phoebe?"

"Nope. The reality warp won't let us. Go ahead, try to orb, or call for
something." Chris told her. Paige looked around and extended her hand.

"Newspaper!" She summoned. Nothing happened. The paper remained frozen in
midair, and did not orb to her hand. She looked at Chris in dismay.

"No powers?!" She groaned.

"No powers, no spells, no nothing. Magic can't work right until reality
re-establishes itself the way it's supposed to be."

Paige looked around in annoyance. Chris shrugged.

"Probably gonna be a while. Wanna take a walk?" He asked. Paige opened her
mouth to say no, or argue, or snap at him for going for a stroll in the
middle of a battle. But nothing was happening, and no one was going anywhere.
She closed her mouth, raised her eyebrows, and nodded. They walked.

It was decidedly odd to go down a completely frozen street. They passed a
little time looking a the people stopped in mid-motion. There was little
else to do. Paige found to her disgust that she couldn't even get a snack:
everything around them was either immovable or intangible to them, not
being synched to the spacetime they inhabited. They even found that things
occasionally seemed to slow or speed up as they walked through different
areas of spacetime fragmentation. It was rather disconcerting, even when
it was sometimes kind of fun.

After a bit, walking and idly chatting, they found a house with a broad,
green lawn, and decided to sit for a while. Their spot was close to where
several fragments of spacetime intersected. They watched things flicker
and change with the distortions of reality trying to repair itself, but
even that wore thin after a bit. Paige never did take well to being bored.
She was the kind of person who had to be doing something, even if it was
just talking or reading. As she sat trying to think of something, anything
to do besides walking or sitting, she noticed Chris' gaze flicker over her
yet again. 'What the hell...' She thought. He was awful cute, and it had
been quite a while for her.... She turned to him, grinning flirtatiously.

"I know something we could do to pass the time."

Chris gulped, sure he had misunderstood.

"What would that be?" He asked, nervously. Paige leaned over and kissed him.
For a moment, he responded, but then pulled back.

"Paige... We shouldn't."

"Why not? We don't have anything else to do."

"There are reasons.... Future reasons, that I can't explain." He said. She
cocked an eyebrow, disbelieving.

"Are you really trying to tell me there would be a catastrophe in the future
if we did it?"

"Well...not a catastrophe, no.... But...."

"Would anyone die?"

"Of course not, but there could still be...consequences."

"Dire consequences?" She asked, pointedly.

"Um...probably not dire, no...." He trailed off. His resolve was weakening.
Throughout his youth, he'd had a deep, deep erotic desire for his sexy Aunt
Paige, which he had always kept secret, and was sure would always be just
another forbidden fantasy. The direst consequences if he did this would
certainly be for him, when she finally found out who he was. But Chris was
beginning to wonder how much he cared.

"Well, if there aren't dire consequences, then are you saying you just don't
want me?" She said, leaning against him, her silk-covered breasts pressing
against his arm and chest. Her breath was cool and sweet, and there was an
intoxicating scent of honeysuckle around her that made him light-headed.
'Screw the consequences,' Chris thought.

"Let me just show you how much that's not what I'm saying." He told her,
leaning to let his lips join hers. Chris could feel his excitement rising. It
was even better than he had always imagined. Paige's skin was like warm satin
under his hands, her mouth tasted of cherry candy, and nobody had ever kissed
him the way she was kissing him, her tongue teasing and caressing his so
lightly, her lips clinging to his.

Paige was surprised. She was used to men wanting her. Most men she met did,
and that was saying something in San Francisco. But she could sense Chris'
desire for her, and it was focused. It was personal. He didn't just want
this totally hot chick who happened to be named Paige: he wanted her, Paige
Matthews, specifically. She could tell by the slow, attentive way he kissed
her -- too many guys couldn't hide that they were kissing her just as a
prelude to fucking her, but Chris clearly wanted to be kissing her. She
could tell by the way his hand cupped her face, the way his fingers stroked
her hair -- most guys went right to her tits, unable to resist immediately
touching what they had been staring at for so long. She could tell by the
way he whispered her name as his lips brushed over her skin, kissing gently
from her mouth to her throat: soft, warm kisses of a man thinking of her,
trying to find the spots that brought her pleasure. Paige was surprised, but
not in the least displeased, and began thinking of this less as just a game
to while away some dead time, but as an actual romantic encounter.

She let the feelings wash over her as his lips seemed to set her skin on
fire, her neck tingling where he kissed, then her ear as he nibbled on it,
his lips so soft and gentle, the touch maddening her with arousal. By the
time he began trailing his mouth back down her neck, her blouse was unlaced
and sliding down her arms. She gasped -- she hadn't even noticed him
unlacing it -- as cool air washed over her bare skin, her nipples hardening
even more in the breeze. She thought about starting to undress him, but
relinquished the thought as his lips and tongue traced her collarbone.
Sometimes, she decided, it was okay not to be doing anything, as long as
something was being done to you...

Chris was in heaven. He loved exploring and tracing her body with his mouth.
Her skin was so incredibly soft and smooth, and she smelled so unbelievably
good. He kissed every inch of her shoulders, her arms, her stomach, and by
the time her began caressing the outer curves of her breasts, she was making
soft, impatient, aroused noises, shifting and trying to get him to move his
attention where she now clearly ached for it. Lovingly, with the almost
painful pleasure of achieving a lifelong desire, Chris stroked Paige's tits,
drinking in the view of their glory. She had flawless breasts, big and full,
the creamiest white skin imaginable, hard-pointed nipples a bubblegum pink
shading to strawberry, her flesh the most perfect possible combination of
soft and firm. She moaned softly in delight as Chris' fingers and tongue
played with her nipples, caressing, stroking, flicking, rolling, sucking,
sending currents of white-hot erotic sensation exploding through her body.
After several minutes, Paige couldn't take anymore.

"I need you naked!" She gasped, and nearly ripped Chris' t-shirt yanking it
off of him. He was already unbuttoning his jeans, so she peeled herself out
of hers, removing her thong too as he slid out of pants and briefs together.
They barely paused to appreciate the sight of one another naked -- Chris
well-built with a nice-sized dick, Paige a wet dream of ivory curves, the
pinkness of her nipples standing out, as was the gorgeously petaled flower
of her clean-shaven pussy -- before falling to making out again, this time
with hands wandering and caressing, naked skin rubbing on naked skin.

It took nearly no time before they seemed to have the same thought at the
same moment, and Chris lay back, Paige straddling him and settling into a
sixty-nine position. Chris greedily pulled Paige's ass downwards, burying
his face in the softness of her, the spiced honeysuckle-and-jasmine scent
of her wetness driving him crazy. He could feel her cool fingers on his
shaft, stroking him, and with iron control refused to be distracted by the
wonderful sensation. He licked her unfolding cunt with one long stroke, top
to bottom, tasting her. Paige was delicious. He had never tasted anything
so dizzyingly delectable in his life: overlaying the usual thick wild thyme
and honey-wine flavor of aroused girl was a sweetness like sugar cane and
fresh tangerine. Chris started licking her for all he was worth, probing
his tongue into every crevice, sucking her lush nether lips, worming his
tongue inside her to wash the smoothness of her tight passage, seeking that
indescribable summer-and-sex taste as though his life depended on it.

Paige nearly forgot the cock she was holding with the maelstrom of
sensation washing over her. Nobody had ever eaten her like this, and the
wave of passion growing in her was mounting astonishingly fast. She screamed
as Chris took her clit into his mouth, sucking it as his tongue washed and
flicked it, and she felt his finger slide inside her. She was stunned -- it
was happening faster than she'd ever experienced, the arousal, the rising
sensual tempest. She gave Chris a few half-hearted licks and sucks, but she
was trembling so hard with excitement that she could barely support herself.
It seemed to be only moments before she felt Chris' finger, now joined by
another, curl inwards and stroke her g-spot. She shrieked uncontrollably as
a gigantic orgasm exploded through her, stronger than she'd had in years,
waves of ecstasy coursing through her, blinding her with red light and
blackness, as though she just looked into a mammoth camera-flash. He had an
uncanny sense of how much she could take, knew just when to back off, and
just when to stroke her again so that she burst into another wave of climax,
spinning and jolting through a chain of multiple orgasms so hard that for a
moment she thought she might pass out from the pleasure.

When he finally allowed her to come down, she was whimpering from the
unexpected onslaught of erotic sensation. Rolling off of him, she shook as
she tried to catch her breath. Pushing a stray lock of hair out of her eyes,
she noticed for the first time that there was something warm and sticky in
her hair and her shoulder: Chris had shot off while she was coming, and she
hadn't even noticed.

Chris lay back, watching Paige collect herself. He was giddy with what was
happening. He was finally, finally making love to his Aunt Paige, and she
was loving it! He'd never seen a girl come like that, and the excruciating
sexiness of the sight made it impossible for him to hold back. But he was
still hard as a rock, and could barely wait for more. He drank in the vision
of Paige, perfect in her nakedness, her porcelain skin flushed deep pink,
her hair slightly darkened with sweat and with his jism, her glass-smooth
mound and thighs shining with her juices, moaning on the grass, her eyes
liquid with pleasure and desire. He wiped her juices from his face with the
back of one hand, then licked it clean, his whole body just throbbing with
the incredible taste of her. This was already a hundred times better than
every fantasy of her he'd ever had.

"God...goddamn, Chris!" She gasped, finally getting her breath back.

"You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted to do that." He told her, with
perfect honesty. "I am so crazy for you, Paige! You're the sexiest woman
I've ever known, and you're so amazing, and you taste so good, and--"

"Chris!" She cut him off.


"Sweetie, honey, would you please shut up and fuck me?" She said, kindly,
kissing him. He laughed, kissing her back as he got on top of her. Paige
reached down and guided him to her warm opening. Usually she liked to be
on top -- she liked the control, and ability to set the pace and rhythm.
But Chris clearly had a good sense of her needs, and a sense of her
rhythms. This time, she laid back and let him do most of the work.

Chris wanted to burn this sense memory into his brain forever: the eager
lust in Paige's eyes as she looked at him, the creamy smoothness of her
skin as her arms and legs wrapped around him, and the indescribable,
hot-oil-and-velvet sensation of thrusting inside her. He and Paige both
moaned as they felt him sink in, centimeter by centimeter, setting a
thousand nerve endings alight with tight, dark sweetness. Their eyes
locked, he began taking her with long, deep strokes, bottoming out until
his pubes pressed to her shaved mound, then withdrawing until only the
very tip of his cock remained parting her lips.

There was no telling how long they coupled like that -- soft and slow and
supremely close -- since of course time was not running properly. But it
felt like hours to them, neither wanting the sensation to end. If Chris
could have picked one moment to repeat eternally, this would have been it.
Paige, for her part, was loving it: it had been so long since a man had
been this thorough making love to her, and Chris felt so good inside her.

"Harder." She whispered to him. Leaning back, slightly, he put her legs over
his shoulders, bending her double to begin thrusting hard, pistoning her
with hard, quick strokes at this new angle. Losing himself in the voluptuous
sensation, Chris let loose, fucking Paige for all he was worth, and she
screamed in delight. She loved being fucked hard like this, and too many men
just weren't able to sustain it for any long period of time. But either Chris
was exceptionally good, or time wasn't quite moving at the usual pace for
them, and he seemed to hammer into her endlessly, until she was almost seeing
stars again from the pleasure. She screamed again as orgasms ripped through
her, pounding pulses of rapture that wracked her, one after the other, until
she was breathless, her heartbeat deafening in her ears.

Chris was shocked at his own stamina. He was usually pretty good for a
suitably long fuck, but he and Paige seemed to have been going at it for an
incredibly long time, and he was no closer to coming than he had been at the
start, despite the exquisite way her pussy clamped down and squeezed him as
her voice rose silvery in beautiful climaxes. But he didn't feel inclined to
question his luck. He was just reveling in the moment.

After Paige came down a bit from her latest orgasm, Chris shifted one of her
legs off his shoulder, taking her from a slightly different position, slowing
just slightly to let himself use one hand to play with her tits as she shook
under him. Paige moaned as he teased her nipple while driving his cock deep
into her. Tears fell from the corner of her eyes, just out of pure pleasure.

She lost track of how many times she came in that timeless time. They changed
positions several times -- she was on top for what felt like a long while,
then he took her from behind; she lit up with ecstatic bursts of climax when
he withdrew from her cunt and slid into her ass, hard and fast and smooth.
They went through several more positions, and ended up back in the missionary
they had started in, this time both drenched in sweat, the scent of sex hot
and steamy around them, like a dense jungle mist. They were lost in each
other, completely and solely focused on their frenzied joining, the greedy
touch of their hands and lips on each other's bodies, the gasps, moans, and
whispers that were the song of their passion.

Finally, as Paige felt herself building to yet another colossal orgasm,
wondering how much more sensation she could manage, she felt the change in
Chris' speed and rhythm, the shift in his breathing and moans that
unmistakably signaled that he, too, was approaching the crest. Whimpering,
screaming, squealing, groaning, the sound of their flesh slapping wetly
together filled the air, and Chris moaned, "Oh, fuck, Paige, I'm gonna come,

"Yeah, do it with me, honey, do it with me!" Paige gasped back, and the two
of them screamed in unison as the climax burst over them both.

At that precise instant, the distortion as reality was repairing itself
swirled to encompass them, and they found themselves aware, but suspended,
frozen in mid-scream, in the moment of their mutual orgasm. Contrary to
what they might have thought, it was neither boring, painful, or panicking.
Although they were stopped in the instant of one feeling, it wasn't like
repetition, but like an enormously expanded awareness. They could feel the
sensation of climax infinitely, in every cell of their being. Rapture,
purest unfiltered pleasure was running through each and every part of their
bodies, endlessly, measurelessly. They could feel every millimeter of where
their flesh touched, every individual nerve ending as it lit with joy, the
subtle interaction of their physical and psychic energies, the totality of
shared sexual experience. It was like being suspended in a sweet, hot bath
of white light and joy.

Chris could feel each drop of his cum running down the length of his shaft,
even the warm stream of it that was frozen in mid-sput, half in and half
out of his cock. Paige could feel every droplet of moisture inside her
pussy, on her lips as they met Chris' shaft, even the warm starburst of the
first shot of his cum as it was caught in mid-splash against the walls of
her tight passage. They were more profoundly aware of their sensations, and
of each other, than ever previously. They could discern and differentiate
each one of limitless levels and resonances of ecstasy. Their whole lives,
orgasms had been like looking at a pointillist painting from far away: you
don't see the points, only the picture. In this moment, they could see both
the picture as a whole, and each one of the thousands of points that made
it up.

How long it lasted, neither of them could say. Hours, days, it made no
difference. But by the time it was over, they were more intimate with the
subtle spectrum of pleasure than they could ever have thought possible, and
yet they had by no means experienced every nuance of sensation they could
feel. But as suddenly as it had begun, the distortion wave passed them, and
the moment ended. Their screams of pleasure mingled, and Chris' trembling
arms gave way, and he gently collapsed on top of her. Both of them were
breathless, caught up in the most complete satiation they had ever felt.

It took quite a while before either one of them could stop shaking, breathe
regularly, and muster thought to say anything.

"I knew sex with you would be the best ever." Chris said, with absolute
certainty. Paige burst out laughing.

"Honey, you know that wasn't natural, right?"

"Don't give me that, Paige! I can spot a woman faking it from a mile away.
I know you really came!" Chris protested. She giggled, poking him in the

"Of course I really came, idiot. I really came more than I've ever come in
my life...put together! I mean that last one, that wasn't me, or you, that
was the reality warp."

"Oh. Well, yeah, sure.... I knew that." He said, after a moment. Paige shook
her head, smiling, and kissed him.

"I know I'm good, Honey, but nobody's that good. But you're sweet. And you're
also an amazing fuck! Even without the special effects at the end, that was
unreal!" She said, snuggling against him luxuriously. He held her close,
running his hand gently over her incomparable body.

"I've wanted you my whole life, Paige. You made my dreams come true, you know
that?" He admitted. She raised one eyebrow speculatively.

"Your whole life, huh? I s'pose that probably falls into the
can't-talk-about-the-future category, right?"

"Probably." They lay in silence together for a bit, just gathering strength
and enjoying the afterglow. Unwillingly, he gently pried himself out of her

"I hate to say it, but that time distortion probably means reality is on the
mend. We should probably think about getting back." He said, watching Paige
stretch. She sighed.

"I guess you're right. And it's probably too much to hope that we could find
a way to do this again."

"Probably." He said, unhappily.

They dressed in silence, with much lingering kissing and wandering hands.
But eventually, they did make it back to the alley. They were waiting there
for some time, largely spent making out, before there was a sudden flash of
red, and the universe seemed to coalesce and restart itself. They barely had
time to pull apart from each other before everything was moving again. Piper
was there, being flung backwards from the force of her power meeting the
Twister power. Phoebe was flinging the rest of the vanquishing potions, one
by one. And the three vials of potion she'd flung a fractured moment before
were hitting the three lead demons, incinerating them. The remaining demons
followed in short order.

"Whoo...! What was that?" Piper asked, dusting herself off and rubbing her
temples. She grimaced, clearly feeling the after-effects of the magic.

"I don't know. But Phoebe got all the demons vanquished. Why don't we get
you home, okay?" Paige said, lending Piper an arm to lean on. Piper nodded a
little woozily. Phoebe took Chris' arm as they prepared to orb back to the
mansion. As the blue glow began to gather around them, Phoebe said to Chris,
"Is that lipstick on your face?"

At the same moment, Piper said to Paige, "Paige, you've got your blouse laced
through the wrong holes, Honey." She and Phoebe looked at one another as they
began to orb out, sharing the same thought. "Nah. Couldn't be...."


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