Notes: I've received so much feedback about Part 1 of this story that I
decided to expand the sequel (at first it was going to be a very short part
2 to tie up a few loose ends). Thanks everyone ... enjoy!

In Part 1, Phoebe's Ancient Tales of Barbaric Lust, Phoebe was sent back in
time to retrieve a great warrior, Conan, who would help the Charmed Ones
defeat a serpent demon, Thulsa Doom. Phoebe succeeds in her quest at great
personal sacrifice ... but bringing Conan over to the future is not enough
as the Charmed Ones will soon find out ....

Charmed/Conan The Barbarian: Part 2 - Prue Does Hyboria
(MFF,MF,MMF,F-best,inc,oral,cream pie,magic)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

After fifteen minutes of explaining to Conan how a shower stall worked and
getting nowhere Prue decided that the best way of teaching someone was a
practical hands on session.

So Barbarian Getting a Shower 101 began with her turning on the water.
Unfortunately the shower head had been knocked out of its usual position
and the water sprayed onto Prue's blouse, soaking it thoroughly and making
the wet material cling tightly and transparently to her breasts. As usual
she wasn't wearing a bra.

She blushed as she saw Conan looking down at her chest and though his
expression remained as stoic as ever she did notice that his cock quivered
a little.

She laughed nervously, "See that's how you're supposed to take a shower,
but you have to get under the water not me. Come on, it's not going to

He stepped into the shower stall, his muscular frame barely fitting in. The
water was pouring down on him now as she handed him the soap. Conan looked
at the slippery thing in his hand and sniffed it and made as if to taste

"No! Don't eat that, that's soap, you spread it across your body like so ..."
her hands took the soap from him and rubbed it over his chest, lingering over
each bulging muscle ... the soap slipped out of her fingers and dropped to
the floor.

"Oooops, silly me" she giggled like a schoolgirl as she turned around and
bent over to pick up the soap. Her miniskirt rode up giving Conan a nice
view of her lacy black thong disappearing between her luscious butt cheeks.
Any man presented with such a view, whether from the 20th century or from
the Hyborian Age from which Conan came would do only one thing - he grabbed
each buttock with his massive hands and squeezed.

"Hey!" Prue gasped, and rose up and turned around quickly, reflexively
raising a hand to slap the man. Conan grabbed her wrist and pulled her
towards him. She stumbled forward until her breasts were squashed against
his chest and she felt his warm breath on her forehead as he looked down
at her beautiful green eyes. She blinked her eyelids as water fell on her
face, her hair forming wet strands over her forehead.

"No, look, this shouldn't be happening" Prue protested, but her heart wasn't
into it as his hands were groped at her butt, lifting her miniskirt until it
was bunched up around her waist and then he slid his fingers under her thong,
ripping it off her. She squealed as the material went taut, riding up into
her crack, moments before it snapped under tension and fell to the wet floor.
Then Conan was effortlessly lifting her body, his hands under her butt
cheeks, pushing her against the shower wall. Water sluiced down both their
bodies from the shower head as she kissed him hotly on his lips, sliding her
tongue into his mouth until he began to respond to her urgent need. So this
was how her sister had felt! She'd seen the faraway look on Phoebe's face as
she'd materialized in the attic, with this great warrior's massive dick
still humping her as she travelled through the millennia. Damn, but she was
actually feeling jealous of Phoebe. She should have been in her place, sent
off to a strange and exotic land filled with hot hunks who'd do everything to
please her ... Prue daydreamed of Phoebe dressed as a queen, wearing golden
robes as she chose muscular and well hung men to be her sex slaves. Little
did she know how different things had been for her sister and to tell the
truth, right this moment she wouldn't have even cared since Conan began
fondling her between her legs. His fingers roughly caressed her pussy, slowly
spreading her labia aside as they responded to his insistent touch. She felt
herself getting wetter and wetter and it wasn't the water that was pouring
down on them.

Prue chewed on her lower lip and sighed loudly as Conan's thick fingers slid
effortlessly into her cunt. She raised a leg around his waist and he held it
up with one hand. Her other leg was planted firmly on the ground. He fingered
her for several long minutes until she was panting loudly and in total
ecstasy, her pink inner labia spread wide apart and dripping. Then, abruptly,
he stopped and removed his fingers. Again he grabbed her from her buttocks,
lifting her and pushing her against the wall tiles, both legs dangling some
two feet from the ground until she wrapped both of them around his waist.

Somewhat breathlessly, Prue still had the presence of mind to reach down and
find his erection, guiding the tip against her open slit. Conan did the rest,
his hips bucking forward, ramming his cock hard into the witch. Prue wasn't
sure what knocked the breath out of her, whether it was the penetration
itself or her body slammed against the wall tiles repeatedly by the weight
of the warrior's body. Whichever it was she gasped like a fish out of water
as Conan fucked her again and again, his cock a relentless rod of pleasure
within her body, searching for and finding her g-spot. She cried out loud,
her voice only slightly muffled by the water rushing down her face. Her
nipples, so stiff that they ached, pushed out through her blouse's wet,
transparent material, poked into Conan's chest. They seemed to call out to
him, scraping across his skin, so he held up Prue with one hand and used the
other to rip away her blouse, shredding it. All that remained were scraps of
material hanging from her shoulders. He lowered his head, his mane of wet
hair flowing down his neck, and suckled on each of the erect nipples,
nibbling at them with his teeth, driving Prue crazy, pushing her over the
edge. She came, crying out loud, clinging tightly to his neck, digging her
nails in just like Phoebe had done earlier but with much the same result.
Exhausted by this swift and wild fuck, she let Conan lower her feet to the
floor, then she knelt before him and took his cock into her mouth, rolling
her tongue eagerly around the thick meat.

It didn't take long before a long stream of cum sprayed into her mouth which
she gulped down greedily, enjoying the taste of his seed.

"So who's the slut now!?" Phoebe stood in the bathroom's open doorway as she
looked crossly at Prue kneeling before the barbarian some of his fresh cum
still dribbling out of the corners of her mouth.

Prue gasped, reaching for her clothes but only finding bits and pieces of her
blouse, not enough to cover herself with. Blushing she got up and crossed her
arms across her breasts, then noticed that Phoebe too was naked, still the
way she'd been minutes ago as she arrived in the 20th century. Prue suddenly
felt the urge to berate her as she always did - being the eldest sister she
had to take care of her younger siblings.

"Phoebe didn't I tell you to get cleaned up and put some clothes on?"

"Yeah, you did, but the only shower we've got is occupied" she grinned at
Prue, "and guess who's been in it for the last twenty minutes ..."

"Oh" Prue was speechless and her face flushed even redder. Flustered at
having been caught in such a compromising situation, she got to her feet a
bit too quickly and stumbled. Conan caught her effortlessly. Again their
naked bodies pressed against each other. His cock was still rock hard and
feeling it against her thigh was so maddeningly exciting! Reluctantly,
keenly aware of Phoebe's eyes on her, she pushed herself away from Conan
and turned to the washhand basin, bending over to rinse her mouth clean.

"Aaaagluppp" she spluttered, a mouthful of water spraying out as Conan,
having taken her bending over as some sort of invitation, grabbed her from
around her waist and stuck his stiff dick back into her exposed cunt. "What
the fuck!?" she finally managed to splutter as Phoebe doubled up with
laughter in the doorway.

"Big mistake bending over in front of one of these guys, Prue" Phoebe

"Yeah I .. uggh .. learnt that ... ohhhh yeahhh ... twice today."

"Twice already? You've been busy sis." Phoebe watched, eyes gleaming, as
Conan took Prue, her lovely ass smacking into the warrior's thighs as he
fucked her. Unconsciously, Phoebe's hand moved lower and lower until she
was slowly rubbing her clitoris, getting aroused by the sight of her sister
making love.

"Mind if I join you?"

"What ..?" Prue looked around at Phoebe who had walked up to the couple.
Prue's big tits were squeezed almost painfully against the washhand basin.
"Just get outta here Phoebe!"

"No way, not after you've made me so horny again" Phoebe giggled as she
slid her hands over Conan's firm buttocks. He looked down at her, giving
her a big toothy grin, that gap in his top front teeth driving her wild.
She went up on tiptoes and kissed him, their tongues meeting again. One of
his massive hands left Prue's love handles and settled on Phoebe's rear
end, caressing and groping all over and between both cheeks.

It wasn't long before an idea took shape inside Phoebe's naughty mind.
She'd seen the look that Prue had given her when she'd literally 'cum back
to the future'. Her elder sister had even called her a slut to her face
several times whenever they had one of their usual sisterly arguments -
more like fully fledged catfights. Not that Phoebe could deny it - she
changed boyfriends like underwear. A series of quick fucks followed by an
'I'll call you, don't call me' message on their phone. Not to mention the
clothes she wore, especially the lack of underwear most of the time was
definitely an argument in Prue's favor. But it tasted of sweet revenge to
catch high and mighty Prue in such a compromising position. She'd be able
to gloat about it for weeks if not months on end! All it needed was
something to spice up the situation, something nasty, something that Prue
might not want other people to hear about let alone watch her doing ...
Phoebe's mind raced and thanks to Conan choosing that moment to slide a
hand down her ass crack and lightly touch her asshole before moving further
down into her pussy, she came up with a plan.

"Uhhh, Phoebe ... what are ... you doing?" Prue mumbled her words coming
out in gasps in between each of Conan's thrusts.

"Nothing Prue" Phoebe said innocently, though she'd placed a hand on her
sister's butt and was moving it slowly down her ass crack, as if searching
for something.

"Ohhhh god!" moaned Prue. Phoebe smiled. Prue's reaction meant she'd found
what she'd been looking for. Phoebe's fingers slid around the little pucker
that was Prue's anus, teasing and tickling it until she felt the rim widen
slowly as the sphincter relaxed. Then the tip of her finger slid into the
tight hole.

"Stop ... it ... Phoebe!" Prue said through clenched teeth, unable to do
anything to stop her as Conan's bulk pushed against her body as he humped
her doggy style.

Phoebe stopped for a moment, but she had no intention of obeying her sister
- she spat on her fingers and inserted them back into Prue's anal passage,
spreading the saliva as a sort of lubricant which Prue would definitely
need anytime now. Satisfied that the gaping asshole was about as wide as it
was going to get, Phoebe patted Conan on his massive shoulder to get his

"Hey, Conan, my sister likes to take it in there too" she grinned, pointing
a finger down at Prue's ass. Conan looked down and saw the gaping hole
Phoebe had prepared. He shrugged, his expression barely changing, and
pulled his cock out of Prue's wet pussy.

"Noooo" Prue cried shrilly as she felt Conan's glans press against her anal
entrance, "no please don't do it ... you're too big for me there ..." she
begged. But Phoebe had knelt down on the floor so that her eyes were on a
level with the barbarian's huge cock as she manually guided him towards her
sister, holding his balls firmly in one hand just in case he listened to
Prue's pleas.

"Hang on Prue, here it comes" Phoebe grinned wickedly as the tip of Conan's
cock forced its way into Prue's asshole, the pucker stretching wider and

"Aaaaaaaghhhhh" Prue cried "he's tearing me apart, it hurts so!"

"It's ok, Prue, it's a tight fit, but you can take it" Phoebe said truthfully
as she looked on with interest as several inches of Conan's thick cock
travelled slowly up her sister's poop chute without causing more harm than
intense momentary discomfort. "You'll soon feel much better, believe me, I
know ..." her eyes clouded over for a moment as she recalled Bill .. or was
it Peter? .. whoever, he'd been great at reaming her anally, got her off
everytime too, though she'd have difficulty walking for hours afterwards.

"I .. I .. I'll get you for this ..." Prue growled through tightly clenched
teeth, as a tear rolled down her flushed cheek.

"You mean you'll thank me for it ... now hush and enjoy" Phoebe smacked her
lightly on her rump as Conan began to, very slowly, stroke his cock in and
out of the extremely tight tunnel it was in.

"Awwwwwww .. ohhhhh yeah ... ohhhhh fuck ... aaaaghhh yeah ..." Prue repeated
over and over as the pain slowly turned into pleasure. Oh, she'd had a few
boyfriends who'd, mostly reluctantly, fucked her this way, but none had quite
this cock size, nor had they inserted themselves as deep as Conan was. Soon
Prue was lost in ecstasy and coherent thoughts disappeared completely as she
lay bent over across the washhand basin, Conan the Cimmerian ravaging her
asshole, while Phoebe rubbed her own clit with one hand and Prue's with the

Conan grunted, squeezing Prue's hips tightly one last time as he blew his
load up her colon. Prue squeaked with surprise as she felt the wetness begin
to travel down slowly the way it had come when Conan pulled out with an
audible pop. Then Phoebe's constant manipulation of her clitoris had the
desired effect and Prue's body shuddered as she came, another orgasm in the
space of less than fifteen minutes. She slid to the floor and Phoebe cradled
her in her arms until her body had stopped quivering. Her brilliant green
eyes opened and she looked up at Phoebe who was grinning down at her. Her
lips curled into a frown as she remembered what she'd just been through
because of her sister and her promise of revenge ... but soon she was smiling
too, Phoebe's wide grin so contagious that Prue couldn't resist, and besides,
Phoebe had been right - after the first few minutes of pain, she'd definitely
enjoyed it. So, the two sisters grinned mischievously as they held each other
until another flash of inspiration hit Phoebe.

"Prue, sit back, you must have a great creampie right about now."

"A creampie?" Prue was puzzled but she obeyed, lying on her back as she
followed Phoebe's instructions to raise her hips off the floor by holding
her hands underneath her body and to spread her legs.

"Oh wow, look at this" Phoebe said excitedly "that's such a great anal
creampie!" Indeed, Conan's cum was slowly seeping out of Prue's still gaping
asshole, building up at the rim like water at a dam, then a thick glob of
sperm would flow out, down her ass crack, forming a slimy trail until it
dripped slowly to the floor.

"Uhhhh, Phoebe that's just disgusting" Prue grimaced, then her eyes opened
wide with shock and arousal as Phoebe lowered her head and began to lap up
Conan's cum, running her tongue around, over and even dipping into Prue's
anus. She busily licked and licked until Prue was driven into a moaning
frenzy again. She bucked her hips at her sister's face, Phoebe's eager
tongue gathering up and then swallowing every drop of cum it could find as
more and more dribbled out. Prue screamed again and again, her biggest
orgasm yet, this time caused by her sister rimming her anus. Phoebe finally
stopped her tongue action having cleaned her up real good.

"Oh god that was great, Phoebe, I never knew you could be such a .. a .."

"... slut?" Phoebe finished for her, grinning.

Prue laughed, "Yeah, something like that."

"I must have done great deeds for Krom to grant me two such beautiful women
as my consorts!" Conan spoke startling Prue who had forgotten the man was
there too. She chuckled, trying to hide her renewed embarrassment at the
very kinky thing her sister had done to her while he watched.

"Yeah, me and Phoebe are great aren't we ... though I'm the best of course"
she grinned as Phoebe glared at her. "Now let's get you dried off and
clothed. We can't have you going around San Francisco in that dirty
loincloth, can we? She led him to the spare bedroom where Leo kept his
stuff. It took them a couple of hours and several ripped shirts and pants
later before she'd found a big enough and very stretchable t-shirt and
jogging pants for him to wear. It would have taken even less time, if he
hadn't fucked her twice, once on the floor as soon as they'd shut the
bedroom door behind them and the second time on Grams' four poster bed ...
for a moment Prue wondered what she'd think if she were watching them from
up there as she probably was ... yeah, she would have been convinced, as
had Conan, that Prue was the best!

* * *

The Charmed Ones headed to the attic again later that evening, summoned by
Leo. Penny Halliwell, their departed grandma, had appeared again in her
ghostly form and was waiting for them when they arrived.

"Hi Grams" all three said in unison.

"Phoebe, you came back too soon."

"What? Too soon? I brought back Conan just as it says in the Book of
Shadows. Besides I didn't want to stay a moment longer ... it was so
horrible, all these guys killing each other in some tournament and I was
raped several times by several of them at once ... Grams it was ... it was

"" Prue prompted as Phoebe tried to find a word that properly
described her barbaric experience.

Phoebe skewered Prue with a glare, "No, it wasn't fun!"

"It sure looked like it this afternoon when you came back with Conan."

"You bitch!" Phoebe took a step toward her sister who had already raised a
hand to defend herself ...

"Girls, girls, now behave" Penny Halliwell spoke, in her soft voice
resonating with it's othwerworldy timbre that always sent a shiver down
everyone's spines even though they had gotten used to it. The two sisters
glared at each other but obeyed and fell silent. Their grandmother nodded,
pleased, then she looked first at Phoebe then at Prue. "Not even in my
time, when I was your age, have I ever seen such a well endowed and
muscular man. It makes me wish I were corporeal again to partake in the
pleasure of the flesh with him."

"Grams!" a shocked Piper asked.

Penny Halliwell laughed. "I'm sorry, Piper, I was just thinking out loud.
Oh and Prue, cum stains are so difficult to remove from my sheets, I should
know, I had eight husbands please me on that bed." Prue blushed as Phoebe
darted a suspicious glance in her direction, wondering when she'd found the
time to fuck Conan again after their three way in the bathroom.

Penny's expression turned serious. "Anyway, while you did bring back the
right guy, you did not complete your mission."

"I didn't? That was all I was told to do, bring back Conan."

The apparition turned to the Book of Shadows and the pages turned of their
own accord as if a breeze had blown through the room. "Oh! Someone up there
has really fucked things up in a big way" she groaned rolling her eyes
heavenward. "It's not your fault Phoebe, I see now that the correct
information wasn't inserted in the Book of Shadows in time, though now it
is. However, you have to go back in time again to complete the quest or you
won't be able to defeat the demon. He is too powerful, even for the Power
of Three.

Phoebe spluttered with anger. "You mean I've been fucked every which way by
something like a hundred guys over the past few days all for nothing and
you want me to go back!?" Her voice had risen an octave to an almost
hysterical pitch.

"Now, Phoebe, calm down my child, I know you have suffered a lot but it is
a necessary evil. There are certain magical items you have to retrieve or
you will be defeated and a reign of darkness and terror will fall up on the
whole earth."

"What are these items?" Prue asked.

"That I don't know. Unfortunately the ancient knowledge has been lost. What
we do know is that a great sorcerer of the time has deciphered ancient texts
and will be able to lead you to the items you need. His name is Akiro."


Everyone turned to look at the door. Conan had climbed the stairs to the
attic looking for Prue or Phoebe and had listened to Penny Halliwell talking,
keeping his usual stoic face even after seeing the ghostly figure.

"Akiro ..." he repeated "... he is one of my companions, but he is no great
sorcerer, just a magician with simple skills" he said laughing and shaking
his head.

Penny Halliwell couldn't help glancing at the very tightly stretched pants
the barbarian was wearing. Piper caught her glance and giggled, nudging
Prue who was closest to her. Prue smiled ... naughty Grams! She cleared her
throat and Penny Halliwell blushed ... as much as a ghost can blush that is
... "He will become one, one of the most powerful sorcerers of all times.
Only he will be able to tell Phoebe what items are needed to vanquish
Thulsa Doom once and for all."

"I'm not going!" Phoebe insisted, "no way. Sorry Grams, but I'm just not
doing it."

There was a heavy silence for a few moments, then Prue broke it. "I'll go.
I'll do it." Phoebe's tale had intrigued her, especially the bit about a
hundred guys - if they were all as well hung as Conan was ... oh joy! Prue
almost drooled at the thought, feeling a wetness in her loins already.

Grams suddenly flickered as she looked upwards, as if she were communicating
with someone unseen high above her. "Yes, so it is decided, you can go
instead of Phoebe. They have made an exception this once."

"Great! When do I go?"

"Now. Just touch the Book of Shadows on this page here ..." the pages flipped
to a page describing the Sorcerer Akiro complete with a little hand drawn
image of a wizened old Oriental looking guy. Prue reached out to touch the
Book but she hesitated for a moment and turned to Penny.

"Grams, do I get an outfit like Phoebe did?"

Penny Halliwell shook her head and laughed. "You girls, always worrying
about what you'll wear. Yes, my dear, the Book will provide appropriate
attire for you for that age. Now go."

Prue hesitated for one more moment then took a deep breath and touched the
page. A bright light enveloped her and she felt her whole body tingle. When
the light was gone she looked across the attic at a mirror resting against
the wall. She gasped. Her casual clothing had disappeared, replaced by
something so ephemeral she was for all practical purposes naked. It was a
brassiere made of the finest gossamer threads, barely visible to the eye,
as if a spider had woven it's web on her chest. It was enough to hold up
her full breasts firmly, but did little to cover them. The same web-like
material formed a g-string, a thread around her waist and down her ass
crack - leaving her buttocks completely bare. At the front it formed a
triangular patch over her pubic mound that was partially translucent so her
neatly shaved pubic hair was visible depending on the angle one viewed it
from. Two black wristbands bearing the Power of Three symbol emblazoned on
them in a rich gold color completed the outfit.

"See, you get your hot little number just like your sister" she heard Grams
say as the light enveloped her once more and she felt herself falling ...
falling ... falling ...

* * *

When Conan and the woman he'd been fucking had both disappeared in a flash
of light, Malak and Akiro had immediately suspected treachery on the part
of Ragnarok, Lord of Ladna Trul. After all, with Conan out of the way, he
could reclaim the vast riches that had been Conan's prize. However, Lord
Ragnarok's daughter, Hela, had assured them this wasn't the case. She too
had been present at Conan and Phoebe's disappearance and she was certain
that her father had not been responsible for this sorcery. She'd even given
them unlimited access to any part of the fortress they wished to visit and
as much food, ale and women they wanted to demonstrate her good faith.

Malak had waited impatiently while Akiro concentrated hard trying to
magically locate Conan but he could only confirm that he was alive since
the spirits did not speak of the death of a great warrior. So it came to be
that Malak and Akiro were treated as the new Champion of Ladna Trul's
companions and they sat at a great feast in his honor, everyone hoping that
Conan would be back soon, though the ale flowed as steadily and the women
gave themselves as freely as if Conan was present.

The banquet hall was mostly empty as servants carried away piles of half
eaten food as well as guests too drunk to remove themselves. Akiro and
Malak still sat at their places of honor. Akiro was his usual pensive self,
sitting quietly to one side, while Malak was making full use of his newly
found status. A troupe of women dancers swayed sensually before him,
performing intricate routines and belly dances as the music being played
from pipe and string instruments constantly changed in tempo. The dancers
wore what seemed to be strips of semi-transparent cloth placed at strategic
locations on their bodies that shifted rapidly with each movement they
made, revealing and then just as quickly obscuring their attributes. It was
extremely erotic to watch and Malak had been rock hard all evening as the
curvaceous dancers performed before him.

Finally, he summoned one of them and to his surprise she obeyed immediately,
stepping out of the group of dancers and gyrating her hips sensually all the
way, walked to him. Malak gulped. "Undress!" he commanded. Now, as was
usually the case, she'd tell him to fuck off or ask him how much gold or
jewels he had about his person .... "Yes, master" she bowed and reached up
behind her neck to undo a clasp hidden under her long hair. Malak's eyes
bulged as the dress or collection of material strips fell in a pile around
her ankle, leaving the beautiful dancer completely naked before him. He
reached out to touch her light brown skin, tracing a finger around her navel,
feeling the warmth of her stomach on his hand. He gulped again. This was a
very unusual situation for the diminutive thief. Such a good looking girl
would have cost a small fortune, that is if he'd been able to find one half
as beautiful as her in any of the cheap whore houses he frequented.

A variety of perverse thoughts ran through his head as he fondled her breasts
and then moved lower, following the curve of her hips before squeezing her
firm buttocks. When she didn't object to his lecherous touch - indeed she
took a step closer - he grinned widely and finally believed what Princess
Hela had said about having as many women as he wished.

"On your knees, wench, suck me!" he ordered and laughed giddily as she obeyed
and within seconds her moist lips were around his cock as she began to give
him a very wet and noisy blowjob. Malak shut his eyes and thought of all the
gold and jewels that had made this possible - of course they were Conan's,
but since he wasn't here ....

* * *

Malak pointed at another girl and snapped his fingers, "You .. yes you ...
come!" As all the others had done, she stepped forward and dropped her
clothes at his feet. There were now four bundles of material there. The
three other naked girls he had finished with lay to one side, stroking each
others genitals, their sweat covered bodies contorting in passion as they
made love to each other just as he'd ordered them too. Even just listening
to their soft cries of ecstasy made Malak hard again as he studied the new

She had a beautiful face, bright blue eyes and corn yellow hair that reached
her waist. Some of it flowed down around her neck and onto her chest,
covering one of her pert, upturned breasts. He pushed away the hair and
teased the now exposed pink nipple with his fingers, feeling it get hard
under his touch. "Hmmmm what should I have you do ... my cock again? ... no,
no, wait, I was just thinking aloud" he added quickly as the girl dropped to
her knees and reached for his dick, "I've already had that done by your
friends." Malak grinned as he remembered the great blowjobs they'd given him,
especially the redhead who'd been the lucky one and received a full load of
his seed in her mouth. No, he didn't feel up to another blowjob just now, not
after the way his balls had been drained. Malak after all was just a lowly
thief, his physique nowhere near that of a warrior like Conan, who could
probably do ten girls at once and still have energy left over. He did have
very agile and nimble fingers though. The brunette had found out just how
nimble they were and Malak smiled as he recalled her screams of pleasure
echoing around the chamber while he fingered her.

The blonde was still kneeling before him, patiently waiting for his orders
as Malak's thoughts wandered. For a moment he was distracted by a eunuch -
Malak couldn't suppress a giggle as the guy without balls stepped forward
from the back of the chamber with a fresh platter of fruit and a pitcher of
honey. Malak bit into a green apple, taking large chunks out of the fruit,
then he reached for the pitcher to spread some of the very sweet liquid
over it. Honey! A perverse thought suddenly formed in his mind. Now he knew
what he'd do with the blonde till it was time for another blowjob or better
yet a good, hard fuck! He motioned to the young woman. "Lie down ... now
put your hands under your butt, raise it off the ground ..."

"Yes master" she said quickly lying on her back and doing as she'd been told.

"Good! Now spread your legs .. yes .. wider, wider." Drool formed at the
corners of his mouth as the dancer exposed her clearly aroused genitals to
him. He reached for the pitcher of honey and began to pour the thick golden
fluid over the girl's groin and inner thighs.

Akiro sat cross-legged on a cushion and meditated. Or tried to meditate as
the music playing in the background strained to be heard over the cries and
moans of passion of several women and the shouted orders of his companion
Malak. It had been difficult several hours ago, now it was next to impossible
to even think straight let alone let his spirit float free of his body and
try to contact Conan. "Grachkai!" he spat, cursing in an ancient language. Oh
how he'd tried to talk sense into Malak, but without Conan around the thief
just ignored him. Actually he'd told him, "fuck off and find a woman or just
play with yourself." At the moment it was taking up most of Akiro's willpower
not to do just that as he watched Malak play out a variety of perversions on
the beautiful dancers. Akiro too had sexual urges, but with Conan in possible
danger, he could not bring himself to sit back and relax so easily as Malak
had done. When the thief began pouring the glistening honey over the girl's
pubic area, Akiro shut his eyes in desperation and crossed his legs even more
tightly together as beads of sweat dripped down from under his metallic

Malak licked his lips, then bent down over the woman and started to lap up
the honey from her inner thighs, working slowly towards the center of her
being, the petals that spread even wider every time his tongue rasped over
her skin, making her sigh loudly. The blonde dancer's pelvis squirmed as
Malak's tongue reached her slit and she raised her legs back over her
stomach grabbing her own ankles, holding them apart. She moaned loudly as
his tongue delved into her slit, between her engorged labia. He quickly
licked her inner lips clean of honey, then paused and reached for the
pitcher again. He poured more of the golden syrup directly onto her spread
pink flesh, then his tongue went back to work again. At that instance,
Malak could have picked a lock with his tongue, so excited was it from the
taste of the honey mingled with the women's own nectar as he penetrated her
nether regions hungrily. As he darted deeper and deeper into the wet hole,
pushing aside the pink petals of swollen flesh, the girl's cries rose in a
crescendo that drowned out the musician's efforts. Her hips flailed wildly
up and down as she came with an upwelling of fresh juices from within her
vagina, which Malak sucked up as eagerly as he'd done the honey.

He finally lay back, satisfied, a mixture of honey and female ejaculate
coating his lips and chin. "Go, join the others and pleasure them."

The girl stood up obediently if a bit unsteadily, and walked over to the
lesbian daisy chain in progress adding herself to it. Malak sighed in
contentment. This was the life of a king! Women, food, ale ... and more
women! Yes, Malak could get used to such a life. By the gods, maybe Conan
would never return and Malak could stay here forever ....

A rumble echoed through the chamber and the torch lights and candles seemed
to dim as a cold breeze rushed through the room.

"I .. I .. didn't mean it .." Malak uttered fearfully, cowering and hoping
that the gods didn't take him too seriously.

There was a blinding flash of light which filled the cavern and a blast of
hot air that knocked anyone standing to the ground. The musician's had
stopped playing, the dancers had stopped dancing and the girls on the
ground had stopped, albeit reluctantly, their sexual act. A eunuch was
running from torch to candle, relighting those that had been blown out. As
the light returned to normal and Malak's eyes adjusted he realized there
was a newcomer.

The visitor was a woman whose beauty surpassed any of the other girls in
the chamber. Her long raven black hair, her perfect body, her brilliant
emerald green eyes over high cheekbones, her full red lips, her breasts
each as big as ripe melons tipped with swollen dark pink buds of flesh ....
wearing nothing but a spiderweb over her chest and groin ... Malak was in
love - his cock swelling to twice it's normal size!

"The gods have answered my prayers" he finally gasped "are you a goddess
come to please me?"

The woman gave him a disdainful look, "I am looking for the companions of
Conan the Cimmerian."

"Uh .. yes .. you've found them."

"Are you Akiro the Great Sorcerer?"

"No, I'm Malak, the Wonderful Thief" he said grinning then, "why don't you
..." his words trailed off as the woman ignored him, walking past him
towards Akiro.

"Are you Akiro the Great Sorcerer?" she repeated.

The bald man uncrossed his legs and stood, bowing deeply. "Yes, I am he,
Charmed One." He bowed again, the palms of his hands together. Akiro had
seen the now familiar symbol on the woman's wristbands, the same symbol
that had led them to her sister, Phoebe, just days before.

Malak had stood up too, a bit annoyed that the beautiful woman was more
interested in Akiro than she was in him. The white, round cheeks of her
buttocks as she faced away from him seemed to beckon to the thief. "Touch
us, touch us" they cried, made even more enticing by the black string of
her lower apparel that disappeared down in the crevasse between the two
fleshy mounds. Malak obliged. He placed the palm of each hand on each
side and squeezed hard, almost pinching the supple flesh. He nodded in
appreciation at the soft feel with just the right amount of tightness.
Malak knew a perfect butt when he met one ... "sqqqqqquuuuuaaawwwwkkk!" he
said like a chicken about to be plucked. The thief was flying through the
air, the farthest wall of the cavern the only thing that stopped his
flight. The breath was knocked out of him which made him speechless for
several moments while there was a general stampede of musicians, naked and
dressed dancers and eunuchs as they headed for the nearest exits. They had
decided that they didn't want to be around after having witnessed this act
of sorcery and so they left Akiro and Malak to their fate.

"Please excuse my companion, oh honorable and most powerful of the three
witches" Akiro said bowing again "he is just an idiot .. a lowly thief who
does not recognize your magical symbols of power, please forgive him."

"Ok, sure, just this one time. Don't you dare touch me again" she warned
Malak. Then she turned to Akiro and returned his bow. "I have heard you are
a powerful sorcerer, Akiro, and I have come to seek your help. I am Prue
Halliwell and I have come from a time that is eons in your future. I seek
certain items that will help me and my sisters defeat a powerful demon and
it is written in the Book of Shadows that you are the one who knows what
and where these items are."

"I will help you in every way possible, as will Malak" he cast a glance in
the direction of the thief who was just picking himself up from the ground
with a loud groan, while rubbing his bruised back. It would be a great
honor bestowed upon him by the gods to help such a great witch as this Prue
Halliwell. "I just have one question for you."

Prue nodded.

"Do you know what has happened to our leader, Conan the Cimmerian? He
disappeared along with your sister Phoebe and we haven't heard from him

"Conan?" Prue grinned, "Yeah, Conan's fine ..." she licked her moist red
lips, "... very fine. He's back in my time and safe in the Halliwell Manor
where my sisters and our whitelighter will keep him from any harm." Her
eyes twinkled mischievously. "I'm sure that Phoebe and Piper will keep him
... quite occupied."

Akiro sighed, rolling his eyes, catching the sexual innuendo in Prue's words.
Was it him alone that could control his carnal instincts? Surely the three
most powerful witches of all time could too? He was very much beginning to
doubt it.

* * *

San Francisco, present day

At that very moment, several thousand years in the future, Conan was
mesmerized by a magical box. It emitted sound and on one side of it there
were moving pictures, mostly of small people talking about strange things
which Conan couldn't even begin to understand. That all these things could
fit inside such a small box only convinced him that powerful sorcery was
going on here.

"Hey, there you are. I see you've discovered cable tv." He turned. It was
Phoebe, the beautiful witch he'd saved at Ladna Trul. She was wearing more
clothes since the last time he'd seen her, though lots of skin was still
exposed. As happened everytime he saw her, something stirred in his very
tightly fitting pants, borrowed from Leo. Phoebe noticed and laughed. "You
naughty boy, don't even think about it. I'm still sore from when we last
did it. Here ..." She handed him a small box. "Press the buttons to change
the channels ... like so ..." she pressed a button and a new image appeared
in the box.

Conan took a step backward, "What sorcery is this!?" he barked.

Phoebe laughed again. "It isn't sorcery it's just television, just sit down
and watch it. I need to do a few things and can't have you running all over
the place trying to grab my ass all the time." She left Conan still puzzling
over the tv, muttering something about witches and magical boxes.

Conan pressed a button on the small box and indeed the image changed again.
A woman was standing in front of clouds, speaking of weather and sun and
rain over the next several days ... "A foreseer! This truly is a magical
land!" He pressed another button the image he saw was of a strange bird
flying through the air ... but it didn't look like any bird he'd ever seen
and it seemed to be made of steel - at least it shone as bright as his
sword did in the sun! Conan shook his head from side to side in awe as he
continued pressing buttons at random.

"By Krom!" he said suddenly and the remote control fell from his grasp
clattering to the floor. Inside the box was a man and three women, all
naked, having sex with each other. He watched as they traded places and got
into several different positions, their cries of ecstasy blasting loudly
out of the magical box. He stared in amazement. Somehow, the three witches
had even managed to fit a whorehouse into it! He was still watching with
great interest as closeups of female genitalia were shown on the screen
when Piper walked into the kitchen.

"Hmmmmph, I see you've found the porn channel I told Leo to program out of
the cable package. Men!" she sighed, shaking her head.

"You are Piper?" Conan asked, she was the witch he'd seen the least of since
his arrival in this strange world. He knew Phoebe and Prue ... intimately.
The third witch was not as full in certain places as her sisters, but she had
her allure.

"Yes" she smiled, "and you're in my kitchen and I'm rather busy."

Conan didn't take the hint. He pointed at the tv set. "How do you shrink
those people and place them in the box?"

Piper looked at him strangely then began to laugh. "It's just an image,
there aren't any people inside .. here, where's the remote let me show you
..?" She spotted it on the floor where it had fallen and bent over to pick
it up. Piper was wearing tight jeans and the fullness of her ass pressing
against the material was too much for Conan to resist. He patted her firmly
on her butt and she stood up quickly, blushing. "Hey!"

Conan gave her a toothy grin and pointed to the magical box. "Like that!"

Piper turned to look at the tv and her blush deepened as she saw the male
porn actor sitting on a chair while a woman sat in his lap, her legs spread
to either side of his thighs as he fucked her hard while holding onto her

"What the ..." Piper gasped as Conan put his hands down the back of her
jeans and tugged down so hard that the tough material actually ripped right
off her. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Piper struggled uselessly
as Conan grabbed her by her shoulders and made her sit on his lap. He
fumbled for a moment with her panties and then just jerked them and they
came away in two pieces. His huge cock was already out of his pants. He let
go of her shoulders, placing his hands around her waist to lift her up and
then down on his ........

Conan froze. The sex scene on the tv froze. A fly that had been hovering
over the cookie jar froze in mid-air. Even specks of dust in the sunlight
were motionless. Except Piper. She had waved her hands once he'd let go of
her shoulders using her time-freezing power. "Damn savage bastard! What the
hell was he going to do? Rape me in my own kitchen? Who does he think I am,
a slut like Prue or Phoebe!?" Piper strode back and forth as she muttered
angrily, trying to think of what she should do next. Maybe call Leo? No!
She'd have to explain why she was naked from the waist down. Or Phoebe? No!
Her sister would rib her about this for days on end. Maybe she could just
unfreeze him as she left the room and run quickly to her bedroom to find
some clothes before anyone saw her .... As she was thinking, she couldn't
help but cast quick glances at the warrior's mighty rod, a magnificent
sight even while magically frozen ... she shook herself, angry at having
such thoughts ... but I wonder how it would feel inside me her naughty
conscience insisted ....

She couldn't help it. The more she looked at Conan's frozen body, the hotter
she felt herself become. "Damn it!" she cried and before she had second
thoughts she was on her knees before him, her left fist around his cock, her
lips tenderly kissing the tip of the glans. With her right hand she waved and
Conan unfroze ...

"What ...!?" he gasped. One moment he'd been picking up the witch and about
to ram his hardon into her cunt, the next second she'd disappeared.

"Down here."

He looked down and saw Piper kneeling before him and then felt her warm, wet
lips close around the head of his cock, her tongue swirling around deftly.

"This is ... this is .. sorcery" he gasped as Piper suckled at him noisily,
then raised her head, strands of saliva trailing between her mouth to his
penis. She waved a hand. Everything froze again.

Piper stood up, rubbing herself between her legs until she felt lubricated
enough, then she straddled Conan's bulging thighs. She spread her labia with
her fingers and sat on his rod, allowing herself to slide down on the rock
hard tool little by little until it was fully inside her. The witch waved her
hands again and turned around to stare directly into the barbarian's face.

"Yes, it's a kind of magic" she told him grinning as she felt the cock
unfreeze inside her and begin to move up and down of its own accord as it
suddenly felt itself surrounded by a tight tunnel of flesh.

Conan's eyes bulged. This couldn't be happening. She had been blowing him ..
blink .. she was gone .. blink .. she was sitting on his cock. He shouldn't
have touched her. This one scared him. The others, Prue and Phoebe, had made
every effort to fuck him and he hadn't turned them down. He was after all a
virile warrior! Their sister, this Piper, had not thrown herself at his feet,
yet he'd thought she wanted him too - she had bent over in front of him after
all. He'd been only too happy to oblige, ripping those strange clothes off
her and gently placing her on his lap ... yet here she was making him go
crazy with magic, disappearing and changing positions before his very eyes!
He shuddered, the strangeness of it all had made him cum prematurely and he
squeezed hard on her hips as he blew his load inside her ....

Piper froze him. She climbed off his cock. The stream of sperm erupting
from the hole was frozen in mid-spurt, glinting as the sunlight hit them.
Again she went to her knees between his legs and placed her face up against
his cock, and unfroze him. His cum arced on upwards as she teased his balls
with her tongue, then it came splattering down, the thick creamy strands
coating her forehead, nose and the entire left side of her face. She tasted
some of it as it drooled down over her lips.

Conan got up hastily, the chair falling out from under him as he took a
couple of steps backwards. The witch had done it again! She'd been on him
as he came then that very same cum that should have been splashing into her
womb was now on her face. Arrghhh! He picked up his sword and ran out of
the kitchen nearly bowling over Phoebe who had returned a couple of minutes
before and had witnessed the whole scene peeking around the kitchen door.

Phoebe was laughing and laughing till tears came to her eyes. "Oh god, Piper,
that was so funny. You actually scared the poor guy, and I assure you he
isn't very easily scared."

Piper sighed. She got up and walked to the sink, wiping the cum off her face
with a wet towel. "Look, Phoebs, don't tell Leo, ok?"

"Sure, Piper. Me and Prue did Conan so many times, it's only right you had
your bit of fun with him. Anyway, I haven't seen Leo in a while. He took Arya
someplace hours ago and isn't back yet. I wonder what he's doing with her?"
Phoebe said with a very innocent look on her face that meant it was quite the

Piper blushed a dark red. "LEO!" she shouted "LEO!"

Phoebe left her semi-naked and jealous sister alone in the kitchen. Her
sides were splitting with laughter, if she'd stayed she wouldn't have been
able to keep up the serious look on her face. She found a sullen looking
Conan sitting cross-legged in the middle of a rug in the living room. He
was leaning his weight forward on his sword, the tip penetrating about an
inch of the hardwood floor.

"Conan?" He looked up. "Ok" she said "come let me take you out to see San
Francisco. You must be going crazy in here, especially after Piper and her
time freezing tricks. Come, follow me."

She tried to convince him to leave his sword inside. He laughed. "Not even
Krom himself, when I meet him in Valhalla, will take my sword from me!" At
least he accepted to keep it in its sheath slung across his back and promised
to take it out only if they were attacked. Phoebe sighed and opened the door
leading the Barbarian warrior down the stairs onto the streets of San

* * *

Ladna Trul, The Hyborean Age

Prue had a look of awe on her face as Akiro led her down to the cavernous
entrance of Ladna Trul. To carve such a huge fortress out of a mountain
would have been difficult for twentieth century engineers, yet this had all
been done without machinery which made it all the more incredible.

The small group made their way past hundreds of wagons and their horses. The
chamber was bustling with people as they prepared to leave, the tournament
and festivities over. Some had smiles on their faces, having become rich from
the wagers they'd placed, others in very bad moods having lost all their
gladiators and gold.

They finally arrived at where they'd left their horses, all well fed and
rested with fresh hay and water. The animals of the winning champion had
been taken care of well.

"You can take Conan's horse" Akiro told Prue "but be careful, he doesn't
like new riders."

"Don't worry, I think I can handle horses. Beautiful animals."

Prue approached the stallion slowly, patting it gently on its head and then
stroking it's mane. She looked around for a saddle but there was none.
Probably hadn't even been invented yet. Bareback horse riding in this outfit
was going to be a bitch but that was the only option. One arm around the
horse's neck she swung herself up on it in one smooth motion. The horse
neighed loudly then rose on its hind feet. Prue tried to hang on but there
was nothing to grab hold of and she slid off the horse landing on her butt
with a thump. Malak sniggered as he stood to the side with his arms crossed.
Prue muttered something nasty and went back to the horse to try again. Again
the horse tossed her and this time Malak's snigger was louder.

Malak was peeved for several reasons. His back was still sore from when
Prue's magic had slammed him against the wall and she'd ruined all the fun
he'd been having with the very willing and extraordinarily beautiful whores
he'd had before him. When Akiro had learnt of her quest, he'd said they must
leave immediately. Just who had put him in charge when Conan disappeared
Malak grumbled. So now his chance for a few more easy fucks and all the food
and ale he could wish for had gone up in smoke all because of this witch.
Damn her. Each time she was tossed by the horse, Malak applauded mentally.
Maybe she'd just give up and he'd be able to go back to those lovely women!

"Only Conan can ride that horse because he broke him" Malak said, "now can
we go back to the banquet hall?"

"How did he do it?"

Malak laughed. "He punched him right in the face, knocking him out cold. Why
don't you ride upon my horse," he offered, then winking suggestively to make
sure she got the double meaning.

Prue glared at him and turned back to Conan's stallion. Malak shrugged. If
she wanted she could run alongside them for all he cared. Now what was she

Prue had an idea, one she really wished she hadn't had but desperate
situations like the one she found herself in required desperate measures.
She'd be sacrificing herself for the greater good of her sisters and the
future of humanity she told herself. Yeah, right. Before she could have
second thoughts she approached the horse slowly so as not to startle it,
talking to it softly to calm the animal down while rubbing her hand along
its flank. Yes it was a fine animal. She'd ridden a few horses back before
she'd known she was a witch, Grams having paid for horse riding lessons as
a present for her sixteenth birthday.

Prue's eyes clouded over as she recalled that carefree time .... she'd met
a boy there and she'd had a crush on him immediately. One day they'd taken
their horses back to the stables after riding class and instead of brushing
them down, they'd sat on the hay and talked. It wasn't long before the kid's
hands were all over her body and they were kissing passionately. They'd done
it right there, two teenagers lusting after each other, the hay all prickly
and uncomfortable as they'd experimented with sex, both of them quite
inexperienced. After it was over, they lay together until much to their
surprise and awe, one of the stallions somehow managed to break free of his
restraints and approached one of the mares at the other end of the barn.
Maybe it was because of all the commotion the youngsters had made while
making love or just a fortuitous coincidence. Prue's eyes had grown big as
the stallion, its large cock dangling between its hind legs, rose over the
mare. The mare had whinnied loudly as the cock had slid into her vagina,
then the horse was snorting with the effort as it stomped at the ground,
pelvis bucking frantically as they copulated. Prue and her young boyfriend
had been both turned on by the sight and they'd made love again even more
urgently, this time with the kid taking Prue from behind just as the horse
was doing. Funny how she didn't even remember the kid's name. Prue shrugged.
That was the past. Now she had a job to do.

Prue bent over at the waist, looking up under the horse's belly. Her hands
touched the hair covered sheath, caressing slowly yet insistently until her
efforts were rewarded and the horse's cock began to slide out. The horse
snorted, pawing at the ground, then turned its head to look at Prue as if
wondering what was going on. Prue soothed it with soft words while continuing
to stroke the sheath urging the horse to a full erection.

"What are you doing to Conan's horse?" Malak said as he craned his neck to
see what was going on.

Akiro put a hand on his shoulder. "She has many powers. She knows what she's

"Looks to me like she's groping his dick" then he added sullenly, "... and
she didn't even want some of mine."

The Charmed One was stroking the cock directly now, the clammy skin sliding
beneath her palm as she exerted pressure on the limp member. Slowly but
surely it became harder until the almost three foot long cock stood erect,
almost parallel to the horse's belly. Still bent over, Prue took a couple
of steps closer and gingerly placed her mouth against the tip of the cock.
She ran her tongue over it, shuddering at the strange taste of it. It was
very different from a human male, but nothing she wouldn't get used to
after a while. Prue steeled herself and gave a second lick, then a third,
each longer than the previous one, until she was sliding her tongue over
the wide, blunt tip almost eagerly. She was using both hands, sliding them
up and down the length of the veined shaft, though it was so thick that her
fingers didn't quite reach around its circumference.

Malak and Akiro watched in amazement and not without some envy at the horse
receiving such a treatment from the beautiful witch. Prue opened her mouth
as wide as possible and was suckling on the dickhead or at least the small
portion of it that actually fit in her mouth. She hoped the horse didn't
buck because she'd lose a few teeth for sure! As Prue performed her first
ever blowjob of a stallion she felt herself getting aroused so she placed a
hand between her legs and began to rub at her hot slit.

Behind her, Malak couldn't resist any longer. Watching the woman suck that
huge dick while pointing her luscious ass and open cunt right at him was
too much. When she stuck her fingers into her honeypot and began to stir,
Malak uttered an oath and undid the rope around his waist that kept his
pant's up. He was harder than Conan's might sword! He shook off Akiro's
warning hand before grabbing Prue around her hips and ramming his dick into
her wetness on the first attempt. Prue grunted something through a mouthful
of horse cock, but Malak persisted and began to savagely pound his erection
into her, his balls slapping at her clitoris. Yes! He was finally fucking
the high and mighty bitch! Since the moment she'd appeared out of nowhere
in her sexy amazon outfit he knew that he wouldn't rest till he'd done her.
Oh yes! Her twat was as tight as a virgin's and as wet as a whore's ... her
internal muscles clenched at his cock, pulling him in even deeper ...

The horse neighed loudly, then snorted, visible puffs of condensation
appearing from its nostrils then Prue gurgled in surprise as a deluge of
cum erupted, splattering against her face and filling her mouth and nose.
The gooey stuff came out in bucketloads that drenched her chest and she
tried to move away from the gushing stream only to find Malak blocking her
retreat as he humped her. Prue sighed with exasperation mingled with sexual
pleasure. The little guy's cock was nowhere near Conan's in size but at the
moment it felt better than nothing. Her instinct had been telling her to
slam the bastard right across the cavern for the second time that day with
her telekinesis for having dared fuck her without her permission, but
surprisingly she just bit on her lower lip as his cock was definitely
better than her fingers for what she needed right now. Prue rubbed her own
clit as Malak took his own good time to finish what he'd started. The
horse's cum had slowed to a dribble as she continued to rub the massive

Malak grunted, whipping out his cock from her pussy and squirting a glob of
cum across her left buttock. He dropped to the floor in a daze and faraway
smile on his face, barely noticing the puddle of horse cum he'd just sat

Prue stood upright, eyes ablaze ... but Malak would have to wait for now. She
grabbed the horse's mane firmly, as if to let him know who was in charge,
then confidently she swung herself up. It snorted and shuffled its feet but
it didn't attempt to toss her. "Yeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww!" Prue cried triumphantly
knowing she'd tamed the animal!

* * *

"To be able to defeat a powerful and immortal demon as you've described, you
will need several powerful magical items. In my studies of the ancient texts
as well as my travels in this land, I have learnt the location of several of
these but they will be difficult to get hold of for they are very well
protected" Akiro told Prue as they rode out of Ladna Trul, across the rock
bridge and the terrifyingly long drop to the churning river below, then down
the rocky canyons and finally out on the wide, grass covered plains.

As they rode for hours, Prue and Akiro continued to discuss the merits of
each magical item and they finally agreed on the ones that they thought would
be of most use. Malak understood none of this magical shoptalk ... he was
still feeling the lingering sexual bliss from the reaming he'd given the
witch. They set up camp for the night when darkness fell and woke up feeling
fresh and rested.

By mid-morning they had reached the salty marshes of Nograth, where Akiro
had said the first item was kept. It was still a long way off though and the
fumes emanating from the marshland made the air barely breathable. Even the
horses were affected and they slowed their pace so much that Prue began to
wonder if they were going to make it. She glanced at Akiro but he was staring
straight ahead. By mid-afternoon, Prue's eyes were red and streaming, her
nostrils burned and her throat was raw. She coughed.

"How much longer?"

"Soon now, we are close."

"I fucking hope so you useless magician" Malak snapped irritably at Akiro,
"I'm here in a fucking marsh breathing this shit when I could have been
humping those sluts back at the fortress." He continued to grumble under
his breath for another hour, when Prue noticed that the ground, until now
mostly patches of soggy brown grass and pools of stagnant water, had become
firmer and dryer.

Akiro held up his hand. "Dismount, we have to go slowly from here on. They
will have patrols out especially as darkness falls.

Prue nodded and dropped to the ground, her aching back thankful for a bit
of exercise. Her butt was numb from riding all day bareback on the horse.

Slowly, from under the horizon, a tower began to rise as they walked closer.
It was several miles away but it looked huge. Prue grinned. It looked like a
phallus rising up from the flat plains, about to impale the heavens. Oh boy,
here I am tired and sore, she thought, yet I'm seeing big, erect cocks
everywhere. It must be something in the air of this ancient land!

She cast a quick glance in Malak's direction, then blushed and turned to face
straight ahead. She didn't want to go and give him any ideas. After having
fucked her back at Ladna Trul when her defenses were down, he'd been trying
to get his dick back inside her ever since. Prue had to admit, the little guy
was very persistent, not giving up even when she'd made it quite clear to him
that she wasn't going to spread her legs for him no matter what he said or
offered her.

While they'd been riding on the plains before the marshes, the horny bastard
had come up with several interesting suggestions on how they could have sex
while riding on a horse, thereby not slowing down their journey. He'd been so
detailed in his descriptions that at times Prue, who was certainly no virgin,
had blushed.

Fortunately there was Akiro, the wizened old wizard who rode alongside her,
his metallic skullcap glinting in the harsh sun and he'd spent most of the
time talking about magic, ancient texts and her quest. She'd been able to
ignore Malak, pretending she was more interested in what the magician had
to say, though at the back of her mind the thief's dirty talk was keeping
her constantly in a pleasant state of arousal. Once, he'd interrupted their
magical shoptalk, suggesting a 69 across the horse's back where he'd stuff
her pussy full of the wildberries - which they'd collected near a stream
hours before - and then suck them out of her one by one in a sort of erotic
breakfast while she deep throated his cock. Prue had shuddered and it had
taken all of her willpower not to take up Malak on his suggestion right
then. She'd ridden ahead, urging the horse into a quick trot with her heels
as she slid a hand down between her legs and did her best to masturbate
without letting the others realize what she was doing.

* * *

They were so close to the tower now that they could make out details such as
windows and carvings of mythical beasts rising up its walls. Akiro stopped at
a fallen tree trunk.

"Tie the horses here, we have to approach stealthily from now on. Malak,
that's your job, take us close to the tower without being seen."

Malak nodded, putting his resentment for the witch away for now. She hadn't
wanted him, that much was obvious, but Malak would keep trying until she
broke. He grinned, yes, he'd take her again and she'd cry out his name in
pleasure ...

"Malak!" Akiro "are you deaf? Move .. move .. we don't have much time!"

The sun had gone down, but whoever was in the tower had lit a huge bonfire
that cast long shadows on the ground. Malak led the way, choosing patches
of long grass or deep shadow to hide their approach. They came close to
guards twice, talking in low voices, their swords clinking against their
chainmail as they shuffled their feet. Each time, Malak froze, choosing
each step carefully, avoiding twigs and pebbles, hoping that Prue and Akiro
would do the same. Fortunately they made it to the foot of the tower without
being seen.

"There's an open window up there" Malak whispered pointing up some twenty
feet. "I'll climb and then throw a rope down for you."

He climbed quickly, finding footholds and handholds where Prue didn't see
any and in less than five minutes the rope that was around his waist was
dangling down before them. Prue was first, followed by Akiro and they
climbed up the rope, hand over hand. They were inside the tower and no
alarm had been raised. Malak retrieved the rope and they headed deeper into
the tower. They found a spiral staircase and followed it up for what must
have been hundreds of steps before Malak stopped and raised his hand. He
motioned Prue forward and together they peeked around the edge of the wall.

Two guards stood before a heavy looking door and there was no way around
them. "I'll take the one on the right and you the other one" Malak whispered
showing Prue a short, yet wicked looking dagger he'd brought out from under
his tunic.

"No. Let's do it my way. I don't want to kill anyone if it isn't necessary."

Malak shrugged. "I'll cover you. Go!" he patted her on her butt and she
turned her eyes flashing but he just grinned at her knowing she couldn't
do anything to him without alerting the guards. Prue straightened up and
turned the corner, walking towards the guards as if she owned the place.
Her hips swayed sexily and her breasts bounced gently with each step she
took. The guards turned and gawked at the beautiful apparition that had
appeared before them. Finally one of them managed to stutter .. "H-halt ..
y-you cannot be here ..."

"I've just come looking for some fun, boys" she said in a sultry voice while
batting her eyelids at them. "I was feeling ..." she placed her hands on the
sides of her breasts and squeezed them together, "... oh so lonely in my
room. Why don't you keep me .. company" she said the last word while sighing

"I .. we .. cannot .. the High Priest ordered us to ..." one guard said.

"Frederick, he won't even know .. the guard captain will come by our post
in twenty minutes so we have enough time to .. to .." he looked at Prue his
tongue almost hanging out of his mouth as he visibly drooled.

"Oh yes, Frederick, in twenty minutes we can do so many things" Prue said
while licking her full lips.

This removed any doubts that the guard Frederick might have had. Their swords
clattered to the floor. They quickly undid the leather straps that held their
chainmail, then removed the tunic underneath in under thirty seconds as Prue
helped them. Their cocks were hard as Prue grabbed one in each hand and began
to stroke them up and down.

"Boys, is the Sacred Egg of Vodonia really behind that door?" she asked in
a small voice. This was the magical item they'd come here for. Akiro had
explained that once a mythical race of dragons had lived in this land. Now,
they were all extinct, all that remained of them was this fossilized dragon's
egg. For centuries it had been worshipped and many magical powers attributed
to it. Akiro was certain that it would be of great use to Prue and the
Charmed Ones.

"Ugghh .. yes .. it is ..." one of the guards gasped as Prue continued to
jack him off.

"Can I see it?"

The guards looked at each other, a suspicious frown creasing their foreheads.

"It is not .. possible" Frederick said through clenched teeth as Prue's
fingers delicately circled his exposed and very sensitive glans, then
travelled down the length of his cock and began fondling his balls.

"Ohhhh, please, can't you make an exception for me?" Prue moved closer to
Frederick, her stiff nipples digging into his chest, the warmth of her body
against his skin.

"I .. I .."

Prue sighed. She went down on her knees and took Frederick's cock into her
mouth, suckling at it noisily, her tongue slurping all over it until she
felt the guard tremble at the knees. She also began to increase the speed
at which she was masturbating the other guard.

"Yes!" Frederick cried feeling he was about to blow his load, "I will open
the door for you, but first let me lie upon you" he said eagerly.

Prue let go of his cock and stood up. "I want to do it in there. You can
both fuck me together, but only near the Sacred Egg." She looked about as
if afraid someone would hear her, then she whispered, "I've heard that the
Egg can make you last twice as long and feel greater pleasure."

The guards' eyes opened wide. Yes, they'd heard the same rumors! This was
their chance to find out and then brag about it to the rest of their
comrades! Frederick fumbled for the right key in his tunic pouches, his
fingers trembling as he opened the massive door. Inside was a large room
with tapestries depicting scenes of golden scaled dragons in flight and an
elaborate marble floor. The two guards strode inside followed closely by
Prue. They stopped near a pillar of crystal in the center of the room. It
emitted a bright yellow glow.

"The Sacred Egg of Vodonia" the guard said in a hushed tone and he bowed
slightly. Then he turned to Prue, a lecherous grin on his face. He reached
out and grabbed her breasts roughly. "Now come here wench, let me ram my
spear of flesh into your womb!"

"Sorry, some other time. Now I have to steal the Sacred Egg." Prue grinned
at the astonished look on the guard's faces as they stood stunned then she
raised both hands and made a quick motion with them. The guards flew
together, skulls knocking against each other with an audible crack. They
both fell unconscious to the floor. She stepped over their naked bodies. "A
pity" she sighed glancing at their still stiff cocks, "they weren't so bad

"If you want you still have time to do me" Malak whispered, having appeared
by her side. He nodded appreciatively at how she'd taken out the guards. "I
love dangerous women, it turns me on."

Prue rolled her eyes, "Not in a thousand years. Take the Egg and let's get
out of here."

At the far end of the room, a small door opened behind the tapestry unseen
by Prue or her companions. A man dressed in a black robe saw the intruders
and quickly retreated into the sideroom he'd come from.

Malak grabbed the large egg, putting it into his loot pouch. The glow from
the crystal pillar subsided and disappeared completely plunging the room
into near darkness. From somewhere deep in the tower the loud booming noise
of a gong began to sound.


"Quick, quick" Akiro said holding a flaming torch aloft so that Prue and
Malak could see their way out of the room "someone must have raised the
alarm. Quick, down the stairs."

They took the stairs two at a time, running as fast as they could go. Halfway
down they met a guard running up, sword drawn. Prue knocked him down with a
quick wave of her hand and kept on running. Malak was as fast as she was and
kept up with her, though he was lucky he didn't trip and break his neck for
he kept his eyes on Prue's rapidly bouncing breasts the whole way.

They reached the window they'd come through and shimmied down the rope. They
could see guards milling about in confusion around the tower, but fortunately
none looked in their direction as they raced towards the long grass and
relative safety. Less than an hour later they had found their horses and were
riding at a quick canter away from the tower trying to put some distance
between them and any pursuers who might find their trail.

Malak kept up his lewd comments and suggestions, becoming even more brazen
after what he'd seen Prue do to seduce the guards. She ignored him mostly,
more worried about the Egg that still seemed to give off a faint glow in
Malak's pouch. It had looked like some huge snake's egg and Akiro had
assured her it was really a dragon's egg and not just some myth. She
fervently hoped it wouldn't hatch. She had no idea how to take care of baby
dragons! A couple of hours before dawn they made camp to rest for their long
ride back out of the salty marshes of Nograth.

* * *

The ochre and tan colored buildings of the town of Aegea couldn't have
appeared on the horizon at a better time. Prue had been about to give in
to Malak's incessant whining about sex if it just meant he'd shut up while
they were doing it. She'd never known someone that could be so irritatingly
insistent, so singlemindedly fixated on one thing. She heaved a sigh of
relief as the dusty ground became a hard packed earth road and they saw the
first human beings and pack animals since their escape from the Tower. A
town meant houses and possible inns and that meant a bed or at least
whatever passed for a bed in this age. Anything would be better than
sleeping on the grass or rocky ground as she'd done over the past few days.

"We must meet the Trader Unodiel now" Akiro told her.

Prue nodded. She was sure the magician would enlighten her as to why they
needed to do that in his own good time.

"Have you been here before?" she asked him as they entered the outskirts of
the town.

"Yes, several times. I have done business with this trader before, he has
very good quality ingredients for potions."

As they neared the center of the town, Prue realized it was a bustling
metropolis for these people. The streets were packed with colorfully garbed
people buying from the numerous stalls lining the narrow avenues. At times
they'd make way as a cart dragged by oxen or mules plied its way down the
street then the crowd would return filling the void in its wake. Prue felt
fortunate to be sitting high above them on her stallion - she was sure she'd
be trampled by the jostling mass of humanity. They'd slowed to a man's pace
and Prue took in the sights and sounds this ancient village. She'd have lots
to tell Phoebe and Piper about when she got back. Nothing in modern day San
Francisco could compare with this.

Akiro stopped in front of a house that was slightly different from the rest.
It was three storeys high, taller than most other houses in this section of
the town. The walls had been daubed recently and generally seemed in better
condition than the buildings next to it.

The riders alighted and tied up their horses at a wooden stake put there for
just that purpose. Akiro knocked on the heavy wooden door. Moments later the
door cracked open and a young man peeked out suspiciously at the strangers.


"We are looking for Trader Unodiel."

"He isn't here. Go away."

"It is a matter of some urgency. The trader knows me. We have done business
in the past. Tell him it is his old friend, Akiro."

"I said he isn't here, now leave."

"Please help us. We need an item desperately" Prue said from near where
they'd tied up the horses.

The young man opened the door a bit further to see who had spoken since he'd
only seen Akiro up to this moment. First he saw Malak, then as he pushed the
door wider his jaw dropped and his eyes became as big and round as saucers.
"Uhhh .. I .. " he mumbled. Seeing Prue in her sexy - and almost nonexistant
- outfit had left him speechless.

"Co-Come in" he finally said, letting the three strangers into the house
though his father, Trader Unodiel had expressly forbidden it. But he wasn't
thinking clearly anymore. He'd never seen such a beautiful woman before and
he was suddenly very much in love. He spoke to Akiro but his eyes never left
Prue who smiled back at him, her green eyes twinkling as she realized the
effect she was having on him.

"The Trader is my father. He isn't here now, but he should be back in
several hours. You may wait for him here if you want." He was hoping that
the strangers would indeed stay, especially the woman.

"That is kind of you" Akiro was saying "we will wait until your father's

Muttering something about providing refreshments, the man left the room in a

Malak made an up and down motion in the air with his closed fist. "I bet he
went to jerk off" he said grinning "with the way he was looking at you, it's
surprising he didn't wet his pants right here."

"Ohhhh you!" Prue rolled her eyes, but inside she smiled because she had been
thinking the same thing. The kid, probably in his late teens, didn't look all
that bad - handsome even. Definitely better than Malak.

By the time the trader's son was back carrying a plate of sweetmeats, Akiro
had sat cross legged on a rug near the fireplace, staring at the burning
logs, Prue sat on a wooden chair next to a window while Malak fiddled with
the lock of a large trunk wondering whether he'd have time to pick it before
the kid returned.

The young man passed the plate around and they made small talk as they ate.

"Your father travels often to the Southern Lands?" Akiro asked.

"Yes, in fact he has just returned from one of his journeys there."

"Excellent! Then he must have a fresh stock of the fruit of the Dishab tree?
We were wondering if he has any for sale."

The fruit Akiro had mentioned was rare and expensive because the Southern
Lands were populated by several tribes that practiced cannibalism so traders
travelling there usually had a large retinue of armed guards for protection.
Anyone who got lost or was left behind would find himself invited to a
banquet - to feature as the main course! Yet the Dishab tree fruit was said
to have magical properties and many a trader risked their lives and those of
their employees to get hold of it, considering it to be worth the risk.

The young man nodded and smiled at them .. at Prue. "He did bring back
several of the fruits, but it was a difficult voyage. Five of his guards are
dead while others are badly wounded. He returned with three fewer wagons,
burnt and looted by the savages that attacked his caravan. I am sure that the
price of the Dishab fruit and all the other goods he returned with is much
higher than it usually is because of these setbacks."

"Ahhh, we are fortunate that he has the fruit. I hope your father doesn't
take long to be back so that we can start trading."

"If you want, we can start making the deal now. My father has been training
me and said that I was almost ready to become his full time apprentice" he
said proudly grinning at Prue as if asking for her approval. She smiled back
at him and his heart skipped a beat.

"What price are you asking for one fruit?" Akiro enquired.

"One thousand gold coins" the young man said.

Akiro shook his head. "Not even if the entire caravan had been wiped out,
would the fruit cost so much. We will leave now." He made as if to get up.

"No, no, wait ... 800 gold coins" he said quickly.

Akiro smiled. He and the trader's son continued to haggle back and forth
over the price until they had finally reached 350 gold coins and two small
emeralds, when doubts started to creep into the young man's mind.

"I'm not sure about this. Maybe my father has already promised all the fruit
to his favored clients ...."

Akiro tried to convince him to sell for that excellent price, but the man's
doubts had taken over. After ten minutes of coaxing that didn't bear fruit -
literally! - Prue spoke for the first time in the negotiations.

"Maybe we can add something to the price that hasn't been talked about

"You have other precious items besides gold and gems?"

"No" Malak interrupted bored by the whole thing. He'd just come back at night
and steal the damn fruit.

"Yes, we do ... I do" she said while batting her eyelids at the young man and
provocatively shoving her chest out.

"Y-you .. I .. you mean ... we ..." he was visibly aroused, a tent forming in
his pants as all sorts of thoughts raced through his mind as the woman he'd
been ogling since they'd arrived offered herself to him in such a manner.

"Do you accept?" Prue urged.

"Y-y-y-yes!" he almost shouted.

Prue smiled, Akiro shook his head in exasperation and Malak just moaned.

"So where shall we ..."

"Come, come" he told Prue "let's go upstairs."

* * *

to be continued in Part 3


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