Charmed/Conan The Barbarian: Part 3 - Prue Goes Wild In A Wild Land
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Merchant's Town of Aegea, The Hyborian Age

Prue stood in the young man's bedroom - it was bare and utilitarian compared
to teenager's bedrooms of her time, but even though the personal computer,
hifi system and cd racks were missing since it would be several millennia
before they were invented, there was the ubiquitous poster of a scantily clad
girl taking up most of the far wall. Well, it wasn't exactly a poster, it was
a very fine piece of tapestry work that would fetch several thousand dollars
if she were to auction it off at Bucklands.

"She is Venusalia, goddess of love" the trader's son told her when he saw her
looking at the tapestry. He blushed a bit and added hastily, "Not that I am
one of her followers, my father and I worship Mercurius, god of merchants and
traders but ...."

Prue grinned and continued where he'd trailed off "... but a half naked and
sexy goddess is much better to have on your bedroom wall than a stuffy old
guy with a beard, right?"

He nodded blushing even deeper and his eyes looked down roving over Prue's
almost naked and abundant chest before he looked away quickly.

"It's been over an hour since we first met and I still don't know your name"
she told the kid trying to get him to relax a bit.

"Oh ... I'm Unophen, son of Unodiel, Trader of Aegea."

"That's very nice, pleased to meet you Unophen. I'm Prue, Prue Halliwell" she
gave him a wide smile, "now shall we get down to ... business?" She licked
her lips slowly and took hold of his hand, leading him to a fur rug and a
pile of pillows which seemed to be the closest thing resembling a bed in the

His legs seemed to tremble and give way as he flopped down into a sitting
position. Prue sat next to him.

"It's ok, no need to be afraid, I don't bite."

"I .. I ..." he seemed to want to say something but didn't know quite how to
put it.

Prue reached out with her hand and put it on his thigh, moving up slowly
until it was right on the bulge in his pants.

"Let's do this quickly, my companions might get nervous if we take too long
up here" Prue insisted wondering why the young man hadn't even taken off his
clothes yet. For heaven's sake, she'd just offered to have sex with him in
exchange for the Dishab tree fruit and here he was sitting and staring at her
with wide eyes.

"I .. It's my f-first time" he said in such a low voice that Prue wasn't sure
if she had heard him correctly.

"You mean you're a virgin!?"

He nodded, blushing an even brighter shade of red.

"Oh boy, no wonder you don't know what to do. It's not as if you've watched
porn on cable or seen a porn tape on your vcr ..." she laughed at the puzzled
look he gave her, "ok, so you've never been with a woman before. Well, let's
get that fixed right now." Prue helped him take off his top and pants
admiring his muscular frame. She couldn't really tell his age - anywhere
between sixteen and nineteen - and still a virgin. That must be quite a feat
for this age, when sexual mores where much looser and women were either
sexual objects or warriors. He was handsome, but since he was the son of a
rich trader he must have led a more protected life, kept away from the
brothels by his father. Whatever. Prue put her fist around his semi-erect
cock and began to pump it up and down for a couple of minutes until it was
a raging hardon. The young man's eyes were big and round as he looked down
at Prue's masturbatory efforts and a sheen of sweat covered his face.

Prue knew that if she continued any longer he'd blow his load before they
even got started so she slowed down and let go of his cock. She didn't want
it over so quickly that she didn't get any enjoyment out of it. If she did
this slow and easy it would be a wonderful experience for both of them,
though especially for the young man, it being his first time!

"Lie down" she instructed, pushing him down on the fur rug. She got up on her
knees next to him and bent over until her face was close to his penis. She
glanced sideways at him, brushing her long black hair out of the way and
smiled at him, her green eyes sparkling with a mischievous look as she opened
her mouth.

"Aaaaaahhh" Unophen moaned as her luscious lips closed around his glans. He
grabbed fistfuls of the fur rug and gripped tightly as he closed his eyes
trying to concentrate and keep himself from exploding. This felt like nothing
else he'd ever experienced before. He'd masturbated often in front of goddess
Venusalia's image, lusting after her perfect body, or sometimes when he'd
spied on the scantily clad female companions of his father's guests. Oh how
he'd fantasised that one of them would visit his bedroom at night and make
love to him but it had never happened. Instead he'd spent hours listening to
the cries of pleasure emanating from the guest quarters and sometimes even
from his father's bedroom when his merchant friends or some of his rich
clients brought over a whore or two as a gift. Of course his father had never
shared these "gifts" and had warned him about consorting with women of ill

Today his father wasn't here, this woman was! Prue, she'd said her name was,
such a lovely name for such a beautiful woman. The thought that she was even
more beautiful than goddess Venusalia crossed his mind for a moment, then he
muttered a quick prayer under his breath hoping that the goddess wouldn't
strike him down with a lightning bolt for his blasphemous thoughts! When
nothing happened and he was sure that his heresy had gone unnoticed, he
opened his eyes and watched in awe at how Prue's mouth was going down deeply
onto his stiff member. His cock glistened wetly each time she withdrew her
mouth as she drooled over it, strands of her saliva mixed with his pre-cum
reaching between her lips and the tip of his cock. Feeling very much braver
now and relaxed enough to know that he wouldn't cum unexpectedly, he reached
out and slowly put a hand on her bare back. She didn't even flinch. Instead
she turned her body towards him so that he could reach her better. Her full
ass cheeks were very enticing and his hand dropped lower down her back and
onto them. He squeezed the tight yet supple flesh for several long moments
until he discovered her ass crack beneath the almost invisible string of her
panties. He felt her shiver slightly under his touch as he traced a finger
down the crack and over a little pucker before reaching a wet, slit like

Unophen's fingers seemed to know what to do as they slid slowly but surely
into the hole, the warmth and wetness drawing them in. Prue stopped suckling
on the kid's cock for a moment as his fingers entered her vagina. She moaned
loudly as his thumb began to brush over her emerging clitoris. The young
trader was definitely a quick learner she thought as she filled her mouth
again with his big tool. It wasn't long before she felt the cock begin to
twitch in her mouth and she stopped blowing him, pulling him back away from
the edge. She put a hand on his wrist and pulled his very active fingers out
of her. He did so a bit reluctantly but also thinking that she'd stopped
sucking his dick because he'd done something wrong.

"H-have I hurt you?" he said with such a miserable look on his face that Prue
couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"No, no, of course not. For a virgin, you're doing just great. Your fingers
inside me were very pleasing, but now it's time for something else. It will
feel even better than my mouth" she said winking at him.


"Yeah, just lie back and enjoy it."

Prue got up and stood over him, a leg on either side of his thighs. The she
crouched down and grabbed his dick.

"Ohhhh Venusalia" he blurted as she guided his stiff cock into her cunt and
sat down on him until his shaft was buried inside her up to his balls. She
half crouched, half sat on him without moving for several long seconds
enjoying the feel of his phallus filling her completely. Besides the look on
his face as she popped his cherry was priceless!

"That feels good doesn't it?" she asked in a sultry voice, "you like how my
cunt feels on your big dick?"

"Yes, yes, it's wonderful" Unophen said in a high pitched voice as he gripped
her waist tightly, his nails digging into her skin. His hips began to buck at
her, ramming his rod even deeper inside her as his automatic reflexes took
over. Prue gasped loudly as each stroke penetrated her and then she was
helping him, bobbing up and down on her haunches in a matching rhythm which
became faster and faster until ...

"Uggggggggggh" the trader's son grunted, his face a contorted mask of
pleasure as he came, his seed spewing up into Prue's womb. She quickly got
off him and the rest of his cum erupted into empty air, splashing back down
onto his stomach. Kneeling again next to him she massaged his penis until
his balls had emptied themselves and it flopped down limply. Prue bent down
and kissed his cock, licking up a drop of cum that lingered on the head.
The young man lay completely exhausted on the fur rug as Prue got up and
cleaned herself using a pitcher of water and a cloth she found conveniently
in a corner of the room. By the time she was done, the kid had regained
consciousness and had sat up and was watching her. She smiled at him.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes it was incredible. I have never felt anything like it before!" He looked
at her with a big, dopey grin on his face and his mouth worked silently as if
he was trying to work up the courage to say something.

She noticed that he was becoming hard again as he watched her body with lust
in his eyes. Oh boy, she'd drained his balls minutes ago and here he was
ready for another round. Kids - always horny and never satiated - well, not
just kids, she felt that way too she admitted to herself, grinning back down
at him as she went over to him and put a hand on his shoulder, rubbing his
neck gently. He touched her thigh, running his hand slowly up to her hips
and then around to her butt.

For a moment she wondered what Malak and Akiro would think of her if she
stayed any longer up here with the boy but then his fingers found her cunt
for the second time that day and she stood perfectly still except for a
slight quiver as she bit on her lower lip to stop herself from crying out.
She forgot about her companions and held his wrist tightly as his fingers
worked deftly inside her until she could take it no longer.

"Unophen ... slow down .. I can .. make this better .. for you" Prue managed
to gasp.

The young man pulled out his dripping wet fingers from her and sniffed at
them, a look of pure bliss on his face as he inhaled her scent. Prue lay
down next to him and told him what to do. He lay over her as she'd asked,
his hands grabbing onto her tits while he kissed her, their tongues joined
together as one. He eagerly pinched her succulent nipples as his cock,
already fully erect so soon after having ejaculated, poked wildly at her
thighs and lower stomach. His hips flailed up and down as he attempted to
penetrate her but he was humping the air in his over-excited haste. Prue
reached between their bodies and caught his cock, pushing the bucking and
heaving member into the correct position between her open labia. Unophen's
eyes glazed over and he grunted, pushing his pelvis against hers with all
his strength.

"Fuuuucccckkk!" Prue cried as for the second time in less than fifteen
minutes, the pillar of flesh stroked deeply into her loins. Then she
couldn't even form words as Unophen jackhammered into her and her loud
cries of pleasure came thick and fast.

* * *

A drop of sweat flowed out from beneath Akiro's skullcap as he began to lose
his concentration with every cry and moan that echoed throughout the trader's
house. He squeezed his eyes shut and began to chant a mantra of relaxation
but it was barely of any use as Prue's ecstasy filled his ears.

"The slut, the fucking slut! Yeah, that's what she is, a bitch in heat. Did
you see how she couldn't take her eyes off that idiot who thinks he's a
trader? She's doing that inexperienced boy and yet she doesn't want to be
given unimaginable pleasure by a man of such sexual experience as myself.
Pah!!" he spat, keeping up his diatribe against Prue until suddenly a loud
series of knocks on the front door interrupted him.

Akiro and Malak looked at each other. "Shall we open it or wait for that kid
to stop screwing Prue?"

Malak had barely spoken when the door crashed open and two towering soldiers
in armor rushed in, short swords drawn in hand and red capes flowing behind
their backs.

"Halt!" the leader shouted, his voice slightly muffled beneath the metal
visor of his helm, "In the name of High Priest Urzak the Third, you are under

"No shit" Malak sighed as four more guards walked in. Without Conan or even
Prue around, he knew he and his daggers stood no chance against six fully
armed and armored warriors. They bound his wrists behind his back with rope
and did the same to Akiro.

"Search the house" the leader said. "There should be another one, a woman.
Bring her to me!"

* * *

Upstairs, Unophen and Prue were in the throes of passion. She raked her
fingernails across his muscular, young back as he penetrated her deeply,
his glans pushing against her g-spot. They both came simultaneously, Prue
wrapping her legs around his buttocks forcing him to remain inside her as
he spilled his freshly produced sperm into her love tunnel. Exhausted by
their frenzied love making they lay still for a minute as they slowly came
back to their senses. His cock shrank slowly but remained inside her and
she almost wished the feeling of it inside her would last forever. The loud
knocks on the door echoed throughout the house and then the commotion and
shouts downstairs made Unophen and Prue jump up. He got dressed quickly,
while Prue was ready in no time at all - just a small adjustment to her
g-string and gossamer-like brassiere.

Unophen rushed to the stairwell and looked down, spotting the red capes of
the armored soldiers as they strode into the stairwell. He ran back to Prue,

"Praetorian guards, lots of them. I don't know what they want, but it's
better not to find out." He thought for a moment, fear clouding his mind.
Then he glanced at Prue and saw that while she looked nervous she wasn't
scared. He was no longer a kid now, she had made him a man. His mind
focused and he knew just what he had to do! "Come, quick, follow me."

Prue ran after him as he led her to a bigger room, this one covered in rich
tapestries and carpets and with an actual four poster bed instead of just a
rug. Must be his father's bedroom, she thought. At the center of the far
wall was a huge fireplace, with logs stacked up in it ready to be lit.

"They're coming" she cried hearing the guards pounding up the stairs, "how
do we get out of here, there's no exit!"

He grinned, "Yes there is" and he twisted the head of a statue on the
fireplace's mantle. The interior of the fireplace swung out revealing a
dark tunnel with stairs that led down. "Quick, go down, I'll follow you.
There's a torch and a flint to light it with just inside." Prue ran in,
crouching low to avoid hitting her head, quickly followed by Unophen who
pulled on a lever which shut the secret entrance. Just in time as the
soldiers pounded into the master bedroom only seconds later. Unophen lit
the torch and trying to make as little noise as possible they climbed down
the spiral staircase into a tunnel.

"This secret passage leads to the outskirts of the town, next to a lake" he
explained "but it also connects to most of the houses of the major merchants
in Aegea. It was built under the city over a period of a hundred years and
its dark passages are known to only a few."

"What about those soldiers? Will they know about it?"

Unophen shook his head, smiling grimly. "No, you see, those soldiers belong
to the High Priest Urzak and it is because of him that the tunnel system was
built in the first place. When he feels that merchants aren't paying enough
taxes and decides to imprison and torture some of us, we disappear down the
escape route for a while till he forgets about us."

"Oh I see. Sounds like the IRS except for the torture part" Prue tried to
make light of the situation she was in. "What about my companions, Malak and
Akiro, shouldn't we go back for them?"

"Too late, they're probably already half way to the High Priest's fortress
by now. I'm sorry, but I doubt you'll ever see them again."

"No, we have to save them! I cannot complete my quest without their help.
There must be some way to get to this fortress." Prue stepped in front of
Unophen and stopped him. "Look here" she said putting her hands on his face
as he tried to avoid her eyes, "moments ago we did something together that
you will remember for all of your life. All I ask is a favor in return,
that we go back and rescue my friends. I will do anything to save them
because without their help my sisters will be in great peril."

He looked in her eyes for a long moment then he nodded with resolve. "You're
right. I am acting like a coward, running away like this. We will go back,
but not the way we came. I think there is a better way, but we will need some
help. We will go to my mother's house."

"Your mother's house?" Prue asked, "but doesn't she live with your father?"

"Sometimes, but she spends most of the time at work, which is where my father
got to know her. Come, we can use these tunnels to get to her, follow me."

* * *

To Prue all the tunnels looked alike, but the kid was following some sort of
trail or maybe there were markings on the wall she didn't recognise as such
for he led her surely to the end of one of the branching passageways where
another spiral staircase was located. They climbed up the stairs and found a
wooden trapdoor barring the way. Unophen hesitated for a moment then pulled
at one of the wooden planks which really was a disguised lever. The trapdoor
swung open and Prue and the youngster climbed into the room above.

The smell of cheap perfume and burning incense assailed Prue's nostrils. Then
when her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting she realised they were in some
sort of thickly carpeted bedroom. Tapestries hung over the walls, something
that seemed commonplace to these people. She looked around and saw that they
depicted scenes that seemed to be right out of the Kama Sutra, though with
more explicit detail. She blushed. A quick glance at Unophen told her he was
blushing too then a snorting sound to her right made them both jump. She
looked around quickly and saw that there was a naked man, as large and
muscular as Conan was and even hairier, lying naked on a pile of pillows,
fast asleep. His mouth lay open and he snorted again as he dreamt. Snuggled
up on either side of him were two girls, big breasts squashed against his
sides, bare legs draped over his massive thighs.

"What is this place?" Prue whispered as they made their way to a door at the
other end of the room, careful not to wake the occupants.

"A brothel. My mother owns it."

"What!? Your mother owns a brothel and you were still a virgin till I met

He shrugged and nodded. "My father wouldn't let me come anywhere near my
mother's girls. Says the mistake he did was enough."

"Oh. I think I understand. But what can your mother do to help us?"

They opened the door slowly and stepped out into the deserted corridor.

"You see, one day of every week, the High Priest sends for several girls from
this brothel. He likes women. A lot of women. All at once."

It was becoming clear to Prue now.

"I thought you could go with the girls as one of the pleasure women ..." he
said a bit embarrassed at putting Prue on the same level as a whore, but when
she smiled at him he continued, "... and when you're inside the High Priest's
fortress you can find your companions and together you could try to escape."

"Yes, sounds like a good idea, but will your mother allow this to happen?
After all, if I'm caught, she'll be blamed for having helped me."

"Wait here, this is her room, let me go in and explain things first."

* * *

Urzak's Keep

The High Priest Urzak sat on his throne, the massive wooden chair carved
to resemble a dragon, so he seemed to be resting on the beast's belly. The
banquet hall was huge and well lit by flaming braziers. It was packed with
courtiers, visiting nobles and their entourages, well armed guards and
slaves bustling to and fro with pitchers of ale and plates stacked high
with thick slices of venison and other delicacies.

A gong sounded three times and hushed silence fell on the hall. A rictus
like smile formed on the High Priest's face as a massive wooden door at the
opposite end of the room from him opened. With a tinkling of bells on cords
about their ankles, thirty women danced into the room. All of them wore next
to nothing, transparent gowns of the finest silk that rose at the slightest
movement. Each of them was beautiful, faces framed by long flowing hair,
sparkling eyes and lips, perfect bodies and full breasts. They were the
finest women to be found in Aegea and the surrounding villages, taken at a
young age to be trained in the art of seduction.

The gathered lords mumbled their appreciation as they watched the nymphs
dance amongst them. Those that had been invited before to the High Priest's
weekly banquet drooled in anticipation of what was to come while those who
were present for the first time began to believe the stories and rumors
they'd heard about what took place here.

If everyone hadn't been so mesmerized by the sight of so much bare flesh and
bouncing mammaries they'd have noticed that one of the dancers was slightly
out of step with the others, trying to imitate their routines but only barely
making it. Prue wasn't a good dancer, she had to admit it, and doing so naked
in front of some many leering men was not very helpful either, but she jumped
and spun and ran and gyrated her hips, going through the motions that the
girl in front of her was performing with ease born of years of practice.

Unophen's mother had gone along with her son's plan. It was the only way to
infiltrate the High Priest's castle, disguised as one of the harlots that
she sent every week to perform at the banquets. Of course, she'd warned
Prue, the girls did more than just dance - Prue had nodded, she'd understood
immediately what would be required of them ... and her. Nothing was going to
surprise her anymore in this Hyborian Age, certainly not a perverted High
Priest who organised a weekly orgy.

The gong sounded again for the second time and the dancers came to a halt in
an open space at the center of the hall, going down on their knees and bowing
low before the High Priest. Urzak got up and climbed down the marble steps
of the raised platform, walking slowly amongst the rows of prostrated girls.
Every week without fail, he chose two of them keeping them by his side all
evening. They'd have the great honor of warming his bed that night and if he
found them particularly skillful he would keep them around for an entire

He eyed each of the girls noting the sensuous curves of their firm buttocks
raised high in the air as they bowed before him. Stopping before one of them
he patted her gently on her corn yellow hair. She looked up somewhat in awe
at the honor he had just bestowed upon her and he smiled benevolently at her.

"Stand up, my dear" he hissed "ahhh such beauty, go, go to my throne and
await me."

"Yes, yes, my master" she cried utter joy in her voice.

Urzak continued walking slowly amongst the women until he came upon a
raven-haired beauty, her face hidden by the hair that had fallen over it,
but a finer bottom he had never seen. He laid his hand on one of the cheeks
squeezing the flesh. He felt the woman start under his touch and he smiled
as she turned her head and looked at him with her brilliant green eyes.

"I do not remember seeing you before, my daughter. I would recall such
beauty. Tell me, from which village do you hail?"

Prue cleared her throat. "I ... ah ... it's a place far from here, my
lord ... I ..."

Urzak wondered why she seemed hesitant to name her village but then he didn't
really care where she came from. "Go, go join your sister besides my throne,
prepare yourself for me" he ordered. Prue got up and ran up to the throne,
sitting on the marble step next it. Just her luck. She'd been planning to
slink out of the banquet hall at the height of the festivities and go
searching for Akiro and Malak. So much for her plan.

Again the gong sounded as Urzak returned to his throne. The dancing girls got
up giggling merrily as they ran amongst the tables until they were grabbed by
a noble whereupon they sat upon his lap while he ate, hands greasy with food
roaming over their bodies as breasts were fondled, nipples pinched and
fingers inserted into wet cavities. The room soon filled with the sound of
chatter in a variety of languages, raucous laughter, loud giggles and high
pitched squeals. As the evening proceeded these sounds were replaced by
moans, grunts and screams of ecstasy as the gathered guests, having satisfied
their hunger and thirst, now began to satisfy their lust and arousal.

High Priest Urzak leaned back in his throne watching the orgy unfold,
mentally taking note of what each of his guests were doing, to be used
against them if necessary in the future. That pig Valaorien had taken
three girls to himself, Urzak saw with some displeasure. One lay amongst
the platters and bowls of food on the table, her legs spread apart as
Valaorien buried his face in her muff. The other two sat on either side
of him looks of slack jawed ecstasy on their pretty face as his chubby
fingers rammed deeply into their cunts. Of course there were plenty of
girls to go around everyone but he had taken one more than the High
Priest had and that made him look more important. Urzak would have none
of that. He beckoned for his Praetorian Guard and the man stepped forward.

"Take five of your men and go to Valaorien's manor. Kill his servants and
burn it to the ground. Make it look like a barbarian raid."

The guard slapped his fist to his chest and walked away, leaving Urzak with
a smug grin on his face. That would teach the fat bastard a lesson, one which
had been a long time in coming, not just for tonight's actions. Satisfied at
having dealt out enough punishment for the moment, he looked down at the two
women at his feet. It was time for some pleasure. He was wearing a long grey
tunic, embroidered with a silver dragon. Already, the lower part of the tunic
had formed a tent at the apex of his growing pole. The High Priest undid the
tunic and his hardon popped free, the rod of pale white flesh shimmering in
the torchlight.

"My daughters" he beckoned Prue and the blonde girl toward him with his
hands, "lower your lips upon me!" he commanded!

The blonde eagerly leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down Urzak's cock
while Prue hesitated, but just for a moment. Unophen's mother had warned her
that if she was discovered and caught she would die a slow and painful death
at the hands of the High Priest's torturers. So she too leaned forward,
kissing the man's cock and working her tongue up and down the stiff member
trying not to gag. As she blew the High Priest, Prue's mind filled with
images much more alluring than of this old cock - her most recent sex with
the young trader Unophen; her wild sex with Conan and Phoebe just before
she'd been magically sent to this ancient land; even the horse cock she'd
been forced to suck to tame the beast appeared better than what she was doing
now ... but if this was what needed to be done, then Prue would do it. She'd
do anything to protect her sisters, even if it meant fucking every last
filthy demon in hell - though she hoped it wouldn't come to that!

Urzak sighed and relaxed, leaning back further in his throne as he watched
the two splendid women swirl their tongues around his manhood. The one with
the black hair seemed to be very good at what she was doing, definitely more
experienced, as she filled her mouth with his meat and then scraped her top
front teeth delicately over the most sensitive spots, making him shudder
everytime. He placed a hand on her head and stroked her soft hair urging her
to do more. Her response was to swallow him completely down her throat while
bobbing her head up and down on him for a long while before letting go of
him and taking a deep breath. She repeated this for several times until the
High Priest's eyes glazed over and his breathing came in ragged gasps.

"Ahhhhh excellent" he grunted, his teeth gritted together as the other harlot
attempted the same thing so as not to be outdone by her companion. The black
haired girl was now licking his balls, her tongue tickling the underside of
his hairy sacs. By the gods, he was not going to last a night with these two!

"Stop, my daughters" he ordered in a voice that quavered slightly. He
felt giddy and lightheaded by the amazing fellatio the two women had been
performing upon him. Urzak liked to think that his sexual prowess would
exhaust women before they exhausted him, but these two ... ha! these two
were amongst the best the brothel mistress had ever sent him! "You ..." he
pointed at Prue, "you shall have the honor of sitting upon me first!"

Prue grimaced for a moment, before forcing her face into a happy smile. "Oh
yes, my lord, a great honor indeed!"

The blonde girl scowled at her when the High Priest was looking elsewhere,
then she too got up as he motioned her to his side. Meanwhile Prue hitched up
her transparent silk gown and sat on Urzak's legs sideways her back against
one of the throne's armrests, following his suggestions to the letter. His
cock rose up between her thighs and she sidled forward until she could feel
it against her groin, quivering tensely like an arrow about to be let loose.

"The gods have blessed me tonight" the Urzak almost sang as he sat
contentedly examining Prue's curvaceous body reclined over his lap. "Now,
my dear, I am ready for you" he said spitting into his hand and rubbing
the saliva over his knob, "sit on me!"

Prue sighed knowing there was no way out if this. Reluctantly, she rose up
while leaning backwards, balancing her body with both hands on the armrest
behind her back while Urzak drove his cock into her cunt. She lowered herself
on him slowly, feeling his shaft push into her, her inner vaginal walls
spreading apart before him. She grunted as his fingers rubbed roughly at her
clitoris and at the exposed pink flesh of her pussy as his cock protruded
from her. Urzak's other hand touched and squeezed her large breasts, fondling
the nipples until they were hard, continuing to pull at them until it was
almost painful to endure.

Urzak's breath was coming in short ragged gasps as Prue began to bounce up
and down on his lap until he could take no more - he never lasted much
normally but the whores were instructed to slow down whenever they felt he
was coming to make his pleasure last as long as possible. Yet this woman
kept grinding her cunt on his cock as if she was possessed by the demons of
Nantir, scourge of the Aegean province!

"Be still, my daughter" he wheezed, sweat pouring down his temples, "be

Prue stopped humping him wondering if she'd done anything wrong. He seemed to
notice the look of concern on her face and smiled weakly at her. "I no longer
am a man full of youthful energy, no matter what potions my mages make for
me. So just sit upon me, let me enjoy the feel of your warm and wet flesh
upon my stiff manhood. I can last for a long time like this!"

"Yes master" she whispered somewhat aroused by this even though she still
felt revulsion at what she was doing, pretending to be a common whore. As the
High Priest's hands continued roving over her body, exploring every rise and
crevice, and with the constant pressure of something hard, stiff and immobile
inside her, Prue looked around as the banquet - or orgy - developed around

Right next to her, the blonde whom the High Priest had chosen along with her
had found his walking cane or sceptre. The knob was intricately carved with
the same dragon motif and brilliant emeralds and rubies were emplaced in the
wood so that it glinted and shone as it moved. After staring at it for a
while, seemingly entranced by the pretty baubles, the likes of which she had
never seen before, she decided to put it to a use it had not been designed
for much to the consternation of one of the High Priest's Guards who stepped
forward to stop her.

Slowly, Urzak raised a hand. "Leave her, let her take pleasure from my
sceptre as the harlot upon me is taking pleasure from me" he spoke slowly,
his words drawn out as if in a trance. The guard gulped and stepped back,
his eyes still drawn to the whore as she forced the thick staff head into
her stretched pussy like some sort of bizarre dildo. Prue grinned, maybe
later in the evening she'd give that a try, it seemed quite interesting as
well as a very tight fit ... then she shook her head ... later in the
evening she'd be out of this damn place, having rescued Akiro and Malak!
She looked elsewhere, the girl's efforts of masturbation were too ...
distracting ...

Not that it helped much. Everywhere she looked every single girl that had
come with her as well as others that lived in the Keep itself - having dual
roles as servants by day and whores for the garrison at night - lay on tables
or on the floor getting fucked in every hole. Several women per man seemed
to be the norm. They lay beneath the lords or rode upon them, moaning and
screaming with pleasure - at least those who didn't have a couple of cocks
stuffed in their mouths! Servants still ran to and fro between tables
offering ale to those who could be bothered to fill their tankards while
humping the hot body beneath them.

To one side of the banquet hall, Prue noticed a couple of dogs had joined in
the fun too. They'd been roaming around gnawing at the bones tossed under the
tables, then they'd been attracted by the scent of one of the whores who was
on all fours while she blew a pot-bellied noble. Distracted by this effort,
she hadn't noticed that whoever was licking her genitals - something which
due to the long, agile pair of tongues, she was finding extremely enjoyable!
- was not in fact a man but a couple of dogs. Then, they began to hump her,
their wet, purple cocks poking at her buttocks as the red faced noble huffed
and tried to shoo them away. Prue giggled as one of the dogs finally found
the woman's slit and stuffed it full of canine cock. The whore seemed to be
enjoying it, moaning so loudly that Prue could hear her cries above the
background noise. The lord was frantically trying to stop them now, hardly
wanting to use the girl after the pair of beasts had their way with her but
the animals growled and bared their teeth at him, so he sat back resignedly
waiting for his turn to get his cock into her cunt.

Prue's attention returned to her immediate surroundings when she felt a wet
tongue lap at her clit. She looked down in surprise and saw that the blonde
was kneeling between the High Priest's legs. He'd ordered her in that
position, telling her to lick the exposed portion of his cock that wasn't
in Prue. Having felt somewhat left out of the action, and having discarded
the sceptre now glistening with a sheen of her juices, she was going at it
with something of a wild frenzy, her tongue working over the cock as well
as Prue's tasty snatch. Prue put her head back and moaned as the woman's
tongue probed her spread labia and then lingered over her aroused clitoris.
The blonde harlot closed her lips around the unsheathed bit of flesh and
sucked at it pushing Prue over the edge. Urzak chose this moment to grab
both of Prue's tits, squeeze them together and then tug hard on each
aroused nipple. An orgasm surged through her body and she involuntarily
bucked up and down on Urzak's cock.

This was too much for the old man and he came, his cock flopping out of Prue
and spraying rivulets of semi-transparent cum over her stomach and thighs.
The blonde lapped it up eagerly as it mixed with Prue's juices.

"By the gods" the High Priest moaned "by Vodonia, oh mighty dragon, never
have I been given such pleasure before! My daughters, you have won your place
at my side until the next banquet!"

"Oh yes, my lord, I will strive to give you further pleasure whenever you
wish" the blonde simpered, her lips covered with cum, the little she hadn't

"Yeah, yeah, me too" Prue added, groaning mentally. This definitely was
not the plan she'd had in mind, getting fucked for an entire week by this
impotent egomaniac. Now if only he was like one of those muscled warriors
that her sister, Phoebe, had described ...

Another guard strode up to High Priest Urzak, having come back from his
mission. He slapped his fist against his chest before speaking. "The
Praetorian Guard sends word that your orders have been carried out.
Valaorien's manor is ablaze and ...." the words seemed to die on the
guard's lips as he looked at Prue and recognition dawned on him.

"Speak up! Have you never seen a naked woman before?" Urzak urged.

"Y-yes .. but .. she .. I .."

"Speak, before I order your tongue removed you useless oaf!"

"She ... I know her, she was at the Tower at Nograth when the Sacred Egg was

"What are you talking about? How can she have been there? She is just a

Prue had a shocked look on her face. She looked at the guard closely ...
she'd seen the guy before .. yes! It was Frederick, one of the two soldiers
who'd been guarding the egg and to whom she'd given a blowjob just before
tricking them and knocking them out. Oh no!

"My lord, I am sure it is she. I could not mistake such a beautiful woman for
another, not after I saw her from up close ..." Frederick hesitated, "... and
she knows how to use her mouth very well!"

The High Priest Urzak grunted with surprise. "Yes, that she does! But how
do you know this? You said you were surprised in the dark by a superior
force ...." Urzak scowled at the trembling guard, "This can wait, you will
receive your proper punishment later." He turned to Prue who was still on
his lap but had lowered her head and shut her eyes as if asleep. "You,
whore, speak up. Is what he says true? Were you one of the thieves who
stole the Sacred Egg?"

"Yes, I was" Prue replied making both the High Priest and Guard Frederick
jump, for her voice came from behind them even though she was still sitting
on Urzak's lap. But she was also behind them! Prue could double herself for
a short time though it used up a lot of her energy. While they were still
shocked she grabbed a dagger from Frederick's belt and held it against
Urzak's throat.

"Don't shout for help, both of you. You .." she motioned at the blonde girl
who had a look of terror on her face ".. get up and get the cord from that
tapestry and tie the guard's hands behind his back. And you ..." she turned
to Urzak, the dagger's point drawing a drop of blood from his throat, "where
are you keeping my friends Akiro and Malak?"

"T-They're in .. the lower ... dungeons" the High Priest stammered suddenly
realising that he was dealing with a powerful sorceress or even a witch!"

Suddenly the dagger fell but before he could do anything about it, the
original Prue was awake and had already grabbed it, her astral projection
having disappeared. "Don't even think about it Urzak" she said, putting the
dagger back at his throat as she got off his lap, then grinned and placed
the dagger near his cock which shrivelled visibly as he shuddered with
fright. "Shout and you won't be needing any of these girls, ever. Now get
up slowly and lead the way to the dungeons."

The blonde whore, hands on her hips, a look of anger on her face stood before
Prue, having tied and gagged Frederick as ordered.

"What should I do now? Where are you taking the High Priest? I haven't even
sat upon his mighty rod" her voice genuinely disappointed.

Prue sighed and shook her head in disgust. "Look, he's coming with me to free
my friends. Do whatever you want, run away, go back to your village, you're
free ..."

The blonde blinked. "I can do that? ... But I don't want to ..." she whined
"... back at my village I would work in the fields all day and warm my
brother's beds all night ..."

"Do whatever you want then, stay here, go find someone to fuck or something"
Prue shrugged having given up on the woman and feeling the need to get away
from this place before any of the guards were alerted to the fact she was
holding a dagger to their High Priest's back.

The blonde smiled, liking Prue's second suggestion more than her first. She
looked about and her eye fell on the guard she'd just tied up. The whore
walked up to him and knelt at his side. He said something but it was muffled
by his gag. She ignored him and pulled down his pants, a look of pleasure
crossing her face as his boner sprang to attention. Before Prue could take
more than three steps towards the exit, she was already sitting on Frederick
bouncing up and down on his lap a look of bliss on her face, without a care
in the world.

Meanwhile Prue and Urzak had almost reached the door, her arm around his
waist, her gown bundled up hiding the dagger she was holding against his

"Smile and find an excuse to get past those guards" she hissed.

They walked up to them, Prue playing the role of dumb whore to perfection
as she hung on to the High Priest, rubbing her body up against him and
kissing his neck. The guards at the door grinned then put back their stoic
expressions as the High Priest spoke. "Do not bother me, I will be in my
chamber for the rest of the night."

"Yes, my Lord" the guards replied hoping that with the High Priest away
fucking the horny bitch, they'd be able to leave their posts and join in
the huge orgy going on around them.

Prue and Urzak walked through the door and as soon as it shut behind them
she let go of the man and took a step behind him, still wary of any tricks he
might have up his sleeve. They reached the dungeons without incident, going
down some two hundred steps carved into the rock below the Keep.

The tunnels were dark and slimy mold grew on the walls. Weakly flickering
torches were few and far between, leaving large areas in pitch black
darkness. They passed a few locked cell doors made of thick wood with a
small iron grate. Prue looked into one of them and she could barely make
out a figure hunched up in one corner.

"Who are these people?"

The High Priest didn't answer so she poked him in the butt with the dagger.

"Thieves, they are but common thieves, caught stealing from temples! Like
your friends, they will be tortured and executed for the crimes they have
committed against the gods!"

"We'll see about that" Prue retorted hotly and each time they passed one
of the doors she undid the iron bolt and pushed the door open. Many of the
prisoners woke with a start and seeing the door open - wild-eyed and thinking
it was some sort of trick - cautiously made their way through the dungeons to
the surface where they created a convenient diversion for Prue.

"I'll have your head for this you daughter of a rarzak beast ... owwww!" he
yelped as Prue poked him harder in the butt with the sharp dagger.

They came upon a better lit area of the dungeon and voices could be made
out ... voices and cries though Prue couldn't tell if they were of pain
or of pleasure? She assumed the former but she was only partly correct.

* * *

The High Priest's torturer grinned under the black leather mask that covered
most of his face. He was a short, stodgy man with a big belly. The folds of
his flesh dripped with sweat and glistened in the flickering yellow
torchlight. He cracked his knuckles as he walked up to his first victim of
the night who cringed in a corner of the room. Shackled to the wall with iron
chains was a woman. Totally naked, her arms bruised, her long blonde hair
dirty and unkempt - yet she still looked beautiful and though scared she had
a defiant look on her face.

"So what do we have here?" he cackled evilly, "oh the gods must be smiling
on me tonight, that their faithful follower, the High Priest Urzak, has sent
such a wonderful little morsel down from his feast tonight so that I might
enjoy myself." He put his chubby fingers under her chin, gripping it and
pulling it up so that she could look into his face. "What have you done,
little one? What crime have you committed?"

"I ... I ... didn't ..."

"Sssssh, don't say anything, by the end of the evening you will confess to
whatever I tell you to" he laughed again, a sound that made the girl cringe
in fear.

"Leave her alone you fat oaf!" Malak cried from where he too was tied to the
wall several feet away.

The torturer turned to look at him. "Oh so the thief has some courage in
him? Strange, when you first were dragged in here you were whimpering and
promising all sorts of riches to your captors." The man laughed evilly. "I
know what we shall do first!" he turned to a pair of guards, "take these
two to the Lover's Embrace."

First Malak was untied and then placed back down on a wooden rack, his
ankles and wrists tied down with leather straps. Then the woman was placed
in a harness - straps went around her waist, over her shoulders and around
her ankles. Chains were tied to these straps and they were connected to the
ceiling by an intricate system of pulleys. The two guards heaved on the
chains and the woman began to rise, all the time whimpering with fear, until
she was hoisted to several feet above the rack Malak was on.

"I have created this contraption myself" the torturer explained proudly
"I have called it the Lover's Embrace because it will force two people to
copulate even if they do not wish to do so."

Malak laughed. "Do you call this torture?" He looked up at the naked girl
hanging above him, her legs spread apart by the chains. It was an interesting
view to say the least and Malak already had a very visible erection.

"Oh yes, oh yes it is" the torturer rubbed his sweaty hands together, "look,
above the woman, if you can manage to look away from her holes for a moment."

Malak looked, squinting his eyes trying to make out what was hidden in the
shadows. He blinked and then gasped realising what he was seeing. There was
a rectangular board as tall and as broad as the rack he was on, covered with
foot long spikes. It seemed to be connected in same way to the chains that
held up the woman.

"Ah you have seen it. You must admit how ingenious this contraption is? Let
me explain how it works. Soon I will give the order to lower the girl upon
you to satisfy your carnal pleasures which I see you are already
anticipating. However, notice how she hangs upon that big pulley with the
chain passing across that teethed wheel...? It is made in such a way so
that every slight movement that the girl makes, the wheel will turn one
notch at a time. In turn the spiked board will move lower and lower until
by the time you are in the throes of passion, it will skewer both of you -
you will die in a lover's embrace!" His evil laughs echoed throughout the
dungeon as Malak gulped and the girl screamed.

"Lower her, lower the woman upon the thief!" the torturer ordered.

Malak squirmed but his bonds were too tight to get out of. Slowly but surely
the woman moved down upon him until he could feel the warmth of her groin
against the tip of his erect penis. Then the torturer leaned over him,
grabbing the woman's thighs, guiding her movement as she was lowered further,
until Malak felt his cock slide into her pussy. The woman moaned and

Click! The spiked board dropped an inch!

"Stop, stop, don't move you bitch!" Malak screamed "Be still or you'll be
the death of us both!"

Click! Click! Click!

She was screaming almost continuously now as Malak's cock grew inside her.
He couldn't help it. She was so beautiful and having her naked above him,
feeling her wetness envelop his member and being in such a dangerous
situation actually excited him. It was something that the torturer had
counted on. Malak's hips bucked involuntarily in a humping motion. The
woman cried and moaned as she began to respond and now the clicks were
coming faster and faster as the wheel turned and the spiked board dropped.

Malak groaned a final time and his load blew up into the woman's vagina.
His thighs slapped against her buttocks as he came and the swaying motion he
imparted to her caused the wheel to turn rapidly. The spiked board fell ...

... as the door to the torture chamber burst open, the wood splitting asunder
under a blast of Prue's telekinetic power. She took a split second to absorb
what was going on and another blast pushed aside the spiked board as it fell
over the woman and Malak, whose bodies were now pressed flat against each
other. The spikes clattered to the floor harmlessly.

"Prue! You have saved my life, it is destiny which brings us together!" Malak
cried having just avoided death by mere inches.

Prue ignored him. She had other problems at the moment. The torturer and his
two guards were facing her, their short swords drawn.

"Who are you? How dare you interrupt me while I work?" he raved.

"Undo the chains on those two ..." she waved her hands and one of the guards
flew through the air, crashing against the far wall, his body falling limply
to the ground, "... or you'll end up like that one."

The torturer licked his suddenly dry lips, his beady black eyes peeking
out from behind his mask with some fear. "What is this sorcery?" he asked
nervously, "Guard, kill her!" he screamed shoving the frightened guard
before him as he ran as fast as his portly body could take him towards the

Prue let the guard advance until he was just feet away, then she sidestepped
his panicked charge and gave him a small mental push squarely in his back,
'helping' him into the wall behind her which resulted in the sickening crunch
of broken bones.

Meanwhile the torturer had reached the door and ran through it crashing into
the High Priest Urzak where Prue had left him right outside. The torturer's
superior mass knocked Urzak over and they both crashed to the floor in a mass
of thrashing limbs. Prue ignored the stunned men for a moment as she undid
Malak and the girl's bonds.

"Where's Akiro?" she shouted at Malak who was still profusely showering
praise on her.

"He's in a cell further down this corridor. They took me first saying they'd
be back for him when that piece of shit was done with me." He spat in the
direction of where the stunned torturer lay over Urzak who was becoming
somewhat blue in the face, unable to breathe properly. Then as Prue undid the
last leather strap Malak bounded up and grabbed one of the guard's dropped
swords. "Now that bastard dies!" he shouted gleefully.

Prue waved a hand, making him stumble. "No! Leave them to me, I know a better

* * *

They headed for Akiro's cell, finding the little man waiting patiently for
them, a serene look of calm on his face as he sat cross-legged on the cold,
damp floor. As they headed back the way they had come, they passed the
torture room from where maniacal shouts were coming. Prue peaked in and
grinned as she watched for a moment and then headed back down the tunnel.
Her idea had worked for a bit of payback was working perfectly.

They'd tied the torturer to the rack where Akiro had been and the High Priest
Urzak in the woman's harness above him. The mechanism worked as advertised
and Urzak was lowered until the torturer's cock was in his ass. Luckily for
them, Prue hadn't let Malak raise the spiked board again or from the way that
Urzak was screaming and jerking about as he was anally raped he'd have been
dead long ago. As it turned out, it was a long time before the praetorian
guards dealt with the escaped prisoners that Prue had set free and saved the
High Priest who wouldn't be able to sit or even walk properly for close to a

* * *

In the Keep, chaos reigned supreme. The orgy was still going on, most of the
nobles and their entourages were still fucking away blissfully unaware of
what was going on around them, as were some of the guards. Those who didn't
have their tunics about their ankles were chasing after the numerous
prisoners surging out of the dungeon, though they weren't having much luck
at capturing any of them. Those that were cornered had grabbed weapons from
the walls or discarded by sexually distracted soldiers and were fighting
back like trapped wildcats.

Prue, Malak and Akiro and the girl slipped out through the confusion
unnoticed. Malak took them on a small detour to one of the Keep's rooms. He
picked the lock in a matter of seconds and for the second time they stole
the Sacred Egg of Vodonia right out from under the High Priest's nose. Then
they left the Keep and they were met several hundred feet from the main gate,
now unguarded, by Unophen who had brought their horses. He stood holding the
reins, a wide smile on his face as he saw a buck naked Prue approaching.

"My lady, I have your horses ..." he turned to a pack across the stallion's
back and removed something. He blushed as he handed it to Prue, "... and
your .. err ... clothes."

Prue laughed. There was her outfit again, the one that Grams or the Book of
Shadows had made for her, barely a g-string and spider-web like top. The
transparent gossamer-like gown she'd worn while pretending to be a whore
probably covered more skin than that ... but she quickly got into it anyway.
She put the wrist bands on to complete the outfit and the Charmed Ones symbol
on them glowed and she suddenly felt much better, so the outfit really did
have magical properties as she'd guessed it had. She even looked sexier than
when she was completely naked from the looks that Unophen and Malak gave her!

Unophen cleared his throat. "I have something else for you" again he turned
to the pack, "the Dishab Tree fruit, it is yours, for free!"

"Unophen, I thank you, we all are indebted to you and your mother for helping
us." She took a step closer to the young man, looking deeply into his eyes.
Then he lowered his head and they kissed, deeply, for long minutes they stood
there on the rocky road just outside Urzak's Keep, their tongues darting into
each other's mouths. Finally they separated as Malak nervously mumbled
something about guards coming from the Keep.

"My lovely Prue, I shall remember you for the rest of my life" Unophen
whispered in her ear as she nuzzled against his neck, "but now ride, ride
fast, or Urzak's thugs will be upon you."

She nodded, blinking back a tear. She really would have wanted to get to know
the young man better but this was not her time. So she kissed him again this
time on a cheek and then jumped up onto Conan's stallion. The blonde girl
climbed up behind her while Malak and Akiro got onto their own steeds.
Unophen waved at their hastily departing backs then he headed back to his
father's home, wondering how he'd explain the day's events to the senior

* * *

As they rode in the light of the full moon, the young woman they'd rescued
told them her name was Andellria and that she was from a village far to the
north. Barbarians had attacked her village a year ago but they'd found only
a few people there, most of the village folk out on a hunt. Andellria
considered that as lucky because a lot more of her family and friends would
have been killed had they been there but as it was she and several other
young women were carried away.

They'd travelled with the barbarians for a few months, having to satisfy
their sexual desires whenever ordered to, which was quite often. Then one
day, while the barbarians had been encamped for the night all hell had
broken loose, as heavily armored soldiers on huge steeds attacked, slaying
most of them and routing the rest. She didn't know what had happened to
the rest of the women from her village - maybe dead or still with the
barbarians who had survived. She had been grabbed by one of the soldiers
and they'd ridden for days until they reached Urzak's Keep. There she'd
thought she was free, saved from the barbarians, but her hopes were dashed
when Urzak set his eyes upon her and ordered her to his rooms where she'd
become one of his personal sex slaves.

Less than a week ago she'd tried to escape but she had barely made it
beyond the Keep's walls when a roving patrol had caught her. Thrown into the
dungeons she'd been beaten and raped repeatedly in her cell by one of the
sadistic guards until today when she was to have been tortured to death by
order of the High Priest himself. Then Prue had come and saved her. The woman
broke down into tears, thanking her, swearing by the gods that she'd repay
her and that she was bonded to her for life!

"Where is your village, exactly?" Akiro asked the girl as her sobs died down.

"To the north, in the lands watched by Ymir, the god of snow and frost. If
I kept count correctly when I was taken by Urzak's Praetorians, then it must
be some ten days of hard riding, as the crow flies" Andellria said.

"Truly the gods are helping us" Akiro sighed his suspicions confirmed by her

"What is it? Prue asked puzzled.

"If I interpreted the ancient text correctly, the third and final items in
our quest are to be found in the same lands this woman speaks about. We will
be able to find these items in the village from where she hails."

"Oh, that's great. Should be easy then. We just ride in and ask them for
their help."

Akiro shook his head. "Unfortunately not. As I'm sure Andellria will confirm,
she and her people are Amazon warriors, who do not take menfolk in their
midst except for annual mating and child bearing rituals. So me and Malak
will not be very welcome. You will have to finish the final part of the
journey without us."

"Andellria, is this true? Are you an Amazon?"

A fire seemed to burn in the young woman's eyes. "Yes!" she cried, "the blood
of female warriors runs through my veins! In my captivity and sexual slavery
by ... men," she spat the last word, "I have not forgotten my true heritage."
She tightened her arms around Prue's waist reassuringly, "that is why it is
only fitting that I have been rescued by a woman to whom I will be grateful
forever. I assure you, my tribe will accept you with open arms after I tell
them my story!"

Prue grinned, finally some luck with their quest. "But what are the items
that I must look for?" she asked Akiro.

"The Great Phallus, passed down through generations from mother to daugther
in all Amazon tribes."

"Hmmm ... what exactly would we need a ... dildo for?" Prue wondered aloud,
"don't tell me, it has some magical ability, right?"

"Yes, you are correct, but that is not all we must acquire."

"I knew it. Obviously, it couldn't have been that easy" Prue sighed.

Akiro mumbled something under his breath, it almost sounded as if he was
embarrassed to Prue, "Besides the Phallus we will need several pubic hairs
of the Amazon Chieftain's first-born daughter."

Prue groaned. Where the hell had Akiro found this information? This sounded
too crazy to be true. What the hell did they need pubic hairs of an Amazon
for!? Then she felt that the woman hanging on to her had stiffened suddenly.

"Andellria, are you ok? Is anything wrong?"

"I .. I .. my mother, her name is Lareeda and she is the head of our village
..." the young Amazon gasped!

They rode in silence for several hours until the horses had slowed down,
tired. They couldn't see anyone in close pursuit so they decided to rest for
several hours before continuing their journey. Snow had begun to fall and was
already a foot thick on the ground by the time Malak spotted a cave entrance
which would give them some protection from the sudden blizzard.

to be continued in Part 4


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