Charmed: Changing Channels Part 1 (MF,magic,mc)
by Maguppy Puppy

"Peter! Get the hell in here!"

Peter Johnson looked up from his cubicle. "Aw, I wonder what the dragon lady
wants now," he said as he walked past his cubicle neighbor's desk.

"From the tone of her voice, I'm guessing she wants your balls on the end of
a sharp stick," his neighbor, Roger, joked.

Peter threw him an annoyed look. "Very funny. If I'm not back in an hour,
you'd better call the police."

"You got it, bud."

"Peter!" Veronica's voice boomed from her office. "In here! Now!"

Peter headed towards his supervisor's office, though it was the last place
that he wanted to be. He had gotten his customer service job at Globo Vision
Cable over a year ago, and he had not once seen Veronica in a good mood. It
was even worse for him since he had once made the mistake of calling her
Ronnie. He and his co-workers had all sorts of nicknames for her; Dragon
Lady, Beelze-Babe and the Castrator were just a few of them. She was actually
pretty hot looking for a women in her mid thirties, but her personality was
pure B-I-T-C-H.

Peter peeked his head into the doorway, hoping that it wouldn't get bitten
off. "You wanted to see me, Veronica?"

"Of course I wanted to see you! Do you think I enjoy yelling for no reason?"

Peter decided that it would be best to keep his answer to himself. "What did
you want?"

"The storm has been knocking down tree branches around town and our signal
just went out. I think that a branch may have fallen onto our satellite dish
on the edge of town and knocked it out."

Pete didn't know what any of this had to do with him, besides a tidal wave of
calls from cable starved customers. "And you called me in here because...

"Because, Peter," Veronica said, "I need you to drive out there and see if
you can get the signal back."

"What?! I'm customer service. You want a technician to fix something like
that. Besides, it's practically hurricane weather out there. Nobody's going
to climb up to the dish!"

"Well, I know that you went to school for that technical crap..."

"Computer repair," Peter corrected her.

"And I would think that you'd rather get rained on a little instead of
hearing all our customers yelling in your ear all night about how they can't
order their pay-per-view porn."

Pete hated to admit it, but Veronica was probably right. It was prime time
right now and he could already hear the phones ringing off the hook out on
the floor. The last thing he wanted to do was hear every viewer in town
demanding a refund. Pete sighed as he realized it was a no-win situation.
"What exactly do I have to do?"

"Just drive out to the dish and check it out. If you see something wrong, fix
it. And to show you how thankful I am, if you can get the signal back on, you
can have the rest of the night off."

"And if I can't, I get to come back here sopping wet and listen to the
customers bitch, right?"

"That's what we managers like to call incentive to achieve," Veronica said
with a devilish grin. "Just fix the damn dish and you're home free."

Peter could see the rain coming down in sheets outside, but there wasn't
really much of a choice. "Okay, I'll do it," he said, "but I'm taking one of
the tech's vans."

"I don't care. Just get that signal back." Veronica tossed a set of keys to

Peter slipped out the building's back door and ran through the rain to the
only tech van still on the lot. His clothes were already already soaked after
a ten second run to the van. He started up the van and left the parking lot.
He headed out towards the edge of town, but he stopped at the Whatta Burger
and picked up a combo meal before he went to the dish site.

He had to get out and unlock the gate of the fence surrounding the massive
satellite dish the cable company used. There were no lights around the dish,
but when the lightning flashed, he could make out the shape of something
sitting in the dish from the van. He sat in the van and finished his burger
before he grabbed a flashlight, got out and approached the dish's ladder. At
least when he was directly under the bowl of the dish, he wasn't getting
quite as wet.

He started his way up the ladder and his feet slipped on the wet rungs
several times before he reached the hatch onto the dish. Then he held onto
the ladder tightly with one arm and tossed the hatch open, only to have water
from the dish pour down on him. He clambered up onto the surface of the dish
and slid a little as a strong gust of wind blew past him. As he felt the
freezing rain pelt him, he gritted his teeth and pulled the flashlight out
of his pocket. He pointed the beam at the shape on the dish and found that
it was a deflated kiddy swimming pool. "Wind must've blown it up here," he
said to himself. He carefully moved over to the deflated pile of plastic and
saw the little cartoon characters printed on the side of the pool. "Fucking
Yu-Gi-Oh... I hate that show." He gripped the plastic and swung it out over
the edge of the dish. "Mission complete, Mister Johnson," he joked, "Let's
head home and take a nice hot shower." Peter slowly made his way back towards
the hatch.

Just before he reached the hole, the wind gusted again and caught him,
blowing him across the smooth, slick with rain surface of the dish. He almost
fell on his ass, but grabbed on to the spire in the center of the dish just
in time. "Next time Veronica has a special job for me," he said as he used
the spire to steady himself, "I'm going to tell her she can kiss my

Lightning flashed and struck the spire Peter was gripping. An incredibly
bright white light blinded him and the electricity burnt through his body,
feeling like a thousand red hot pins. The lightning, which only lasted a
split second, disappeared and so did Peter. All that was left was a melted
flashlight and a stream of smoke coming off of the dish's spire.

* * *

Back at Globo Vision, the cable came back on in Veronica's office.

"Hmmph, maybe Peter isn't a total fuck up after all..."

* * *

"Uuuuuggghhh..." Peter moaned. "That sucked."

Peter opened his eyes to see that it was bright out. Very bright. Probably
past noon, judging from the sun. He looked around him and saw that he was no
longer at the dish site. He was lying in an alley way, just off of a busy
street. "What the hell happened to me," he said as he sat up. He patted
himself down as he looked himself over. "No broken bones. No unsightly
electricity burns. Hmmm. I seem to be fine. Which is odd, considering the
last thing I remember is straight lining a gigawatt of electricity through
my body..." He was still wearing the same clothes from last night, but they
too, were dry and undamaged. He climbed to his feet and walked out of the
alley. Looking up and down the street, he realized that he didn't recognize
a single building on it. "Where am I?"

Just then he saw a trolley car go cross the intersection a couple blocks
away. It took a couple seconds for it to click. "San Francisco? How did I
end up in San Francisco?" He pinched himself to make sure that he wasn't
dreaming. "Ow! Well, I'm not dreaming. I'm not sure if that's good or not.
Maybe I'm in a coma..." He started walking down the street as he tried to
make sense of his current situation. "Wait a second! Maybe this is all
after the night up on the dish. Maybe I went out drinking last night, got
totally wasted and this is just a result of the black out..." He grinned
as another thought hit him. "Ha! Maybe I got laid."

An elderly couple steered clear of Peter as they watched him talk to himself
as he walked down the sidewalk.

"But that still doesn't explain how I ended up halfway across the country,
in a city I've never been to, lying in an alley." He tried to factor that
into his explanation, when he saw a strangely familiar site.

"Cool," he said as he walked up to the doorway. "I didn't know that there was
really a restaurant here like this." The building was covered in ivy and the
sign hanging over the doorway said 'Quake'. It was a concrete slab cracked in
half, with the 'Qua' on one half and the 'ke' on the other side. It looked
just like the restaurant in the first season of Charmed. Maybe they built it
after the show started, he thought to himself. He tried to catch a peek
inside when the hostess spoke to him.

"Would you like a table, Sir," the pretty young blonde asked him.

"Oh!" Peter hadn't been paying attention to her. He patted his pants pocket
and was glad that he found the familiar lump of his wallet still in them.
"Uh, yes. I would like a table. I'll be eating alone."

The hostess grabbed a menu from the rack. "Table of one? Right this way then,
Sir." She lead him into the dining room and found him a table near the bar.
As he sat down, he was amazed by the detail that they had put into the
decorating of the place. It was exactly like it looked on the show. After
taking the whole place in, he picked up his menu and began looking it over.
"Yoiks," he said as he checked out the prices. "This place is spendy." He
was trying to decide between soup or a salad (the two cheapest items on the
menu) when he heard a familiar voice.

"No. That's no good. You're going to have to make sure that it's medium rare
this time."

Peter recognized the voice right away. He turned to see Holly Marie Combs
coming out of the kitchen. She was looking pretty frazzled and he didn't want
to bother her, but he couldn't pass up a chance to talk to a real television
star. She was walking towards his table so he took his chance.

"Miss Combs," he said as he waved to her, "I just wanted to tell you that I'm
a big fan."

The lovely brunette stopped and gave him a puzzled look. "I'm sorry. What was

"I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan of your show, Holly. Can I call
you Holly?"

She looked totally bewildered now. "I'm sorry. You must have confused with
someone else. My name's Piper. Piper Halliwell."

"On the show," Pete said.

"What show?"

"What?" Now Pete was confused. "Okay. You play Piper on the show. You know?
Your show? Charmed? Right?"

Her eyes bugged out when she heard the word 'Charmed'. "What are you talking
about? and what do you know about 'Charmed'?"

Peter was almost certain that he was dreaming now. This was just feeling to
surreal. "You, Holly Marie Combs, play Piper Halliwell on Charmed, the show
about the three witch sisters. Your character can stop time. Sound familiar
at all?"

She got a very worried look on her face and raised her hands. When she put
her hands down she leaned over towards Peter. "Are you some sort of Warlock?
Because I know that you're not a good witch, because you just froze when I
stopped time."

Peter didn't know how to respond. "Well, I'm definitely not a warlock," he
said. He decided to go with the flow and went along with the act, pretending
he was actually on the show. "I stopped when you 'froze time' probably
because I'm a human, and your spell stop humans, right?"

"Yes, but--" said the flustered woman before she realized that their
conversation was attracting attention. "Here, follow me. We need to talk
about this in private." She motioned for him to follow and then lead him back
into the restaurant's stock room. She closed the door and turned to face him.
"Now who are you and how do you know about me and my sisters? And who is

"I'm Peter," he said slowly. "Peter Johnson. I know so much about your family
because I watch your show. Charmed. And I'm really confused right now because
the last thing I can remember is being struck by lightning and then I woke up
outside of this restaurant, a couple thousand miles from home." He took a
deep breath. "Now can I ask a question?"

"You just did, but, sure. Go ahead," Piper said.

"Why the Hell-- I mean, why do you keep saying that you're Piper?"

"Because I am. I am Piper Halliwell. I'm a witch. Just like you keep telling
me. You said yourself that I can stop time."

"On the show," Peter said.

"No. No show. For real, Peter." She had an idea. "Here watch this can."

Peter looked at the large can of tapioca pudding she pointed to and then
Piper raised her hands. The can disappeared from the shelf and reappeared at
his feet. "Holy crap!"

"You already told me I could do that and now you're amazed when I actually do
it? Do you have some sort of brain damage?"

"I'm beginning to think so," he said as he picked up the can, making sure
that it really real. "But you're not really a witch..."

"We already went over this. I can only assure that I really am a witch." She
could see that Peter was having trouble with all of this. "You really don't
know what's going on. Do you?"

"No. I don't. All I know is that I watch you on T.V. every week and now I'm
on your show. Or you're in reality. Or I've gone fucking looney tunes. I'm
not sure." Peter suddenly felt very tired and slide down against the wall
until he was sitting on the floor of the stockroom.

Piper knelt down beside him. "Maybe someone cast some sort of spell on you,"
she said as she placed her hand on Peter's knee. "If that's it, my sisters
and I are going to help you out with this. All right?"

"I guess," Pete said, not sounding very sure at all.

"Good. I'm going to take you back to the house so we can try to figure this
out." Piper helped Peter to his feet and took him out of the stockroom.

* * *

Piper drove them to the Halliwell house, and called her sister, Prue, at the
auction house, to let her know what was happening.

When Peter and Piper entered the house, the sound of a workout video was
coming from the living room. "One and two and three and four..." They entered
the room to find the youngest, and bustiest, Halliwell sister, Phoebe, clad
in pink spandex, on all fours, stretching like the woman on the TV. Peter had
a great view of her pink heart shaped ass pointed in the air.

"Phoebe," Piper said. "We have company."

"Oh!" She turned around, surprised. "Thanks for the warning, Piper." She
stood up and walked over to them. "So who's your friend?"

"This is Peter. He's not from around here. We think. He has a problem that we
might be able to help him with."

Peter was barely hearing any of this as his attention was directed towards
Phoebe's sweaty pink spandex halter top. The fabric was stretched tight
across her large breasts and her nipples were pushing out against the top.

"He says that he's been watching us for quite a while," Piper continued. "On
his television. I already called Prue and she's on her way over now."

Phoebe looked at the normal looking Peter. "You see us on TV?"

"Yeah, I think," Peter said. "It's all kind of confusing right now."

"Well, tell me something about me, then. Something you saw on TV."

Peter thought about it for a moment. "Okay. Your special magic is getting
visions." He could see that she wasn't impressed. "And in high school, when
you were caught making out with a guy under the gymnasium bleachers, all the
guys gave you the nickname 'Freebie'."

Her jaw dropped a little. "That's not true," Phoebe said.

"Yes it is," Piper said. "I already quizzed him on the ride over and he can
tell us pretty much every thing that happened to us in the last year. He
seems to be telling the truth. I thought that we could check the Book of
Shadows and if there's anything about--"

Piper stopped as the door opened and Prue, the oldest sister, came inside.
She was wearing a low cut green blouse with a short black skirt.

"Is this the guy," she asked as she set her purse on the table.

"Yes," Phoebe said. "Come on, tell Prue something about herself."

"Um... Okay. Once, she split her self into three Prues to fight an evil war

Before Prue could respond, there was a knock at the door. Prue turned around
and opened the door to see a delivery man standing there.

"Hello," the man said. "I have a package here for the Halliwell sisters..."
The man looked into the house to see the sisters inside. "Oh good. You're all
here. That will save me some time." He held the package up in front of him
and lifted the lid.

Three small lights, the size of fireflies, flew up out of the box and hovered
above it for a moment. One was dark green, one was light green, and one was a
fierce red. They made a quick swirl around each other and they flew into the
house, each one headed for a different sister. The dark green one hit Prue in
the chest and disappeared, the light green did the same to Piper, and the red
light ran into Phoebe. Each of the sisters glowed for a moment, their entire
bodies turning the color of the light that hit them. Then the lights faded.

Prue looked down at her cleavage where the light hit her. "What the hell was
that?" She looked up at the delivery man, but he no longer looked like a
delivery man. In his place was a much older and thinner man in a set of dark
robes. His teeth were yellow and so were his eyes.

"Hahahahahaha," the man cackled. "I hope that you enjoy my gift, Charmed
Ones!" He lifted his hands and as he did, flames enveloped him but didn't
burn him. When the flames fell, there was no trace left of the man.

"That kind of thing is never good," Phoebe said as she closed the door after
glancing up and down the street. "I wonder what those lights were all about."

"I don't know," Piper said, "but I don't feel any different."

"Well," Prue added, "I'm pretty sure that he didn't just want to give us a
light show. It looks like we've got another thing to check in the Book of
Shadows. I'm glad I came home, so I could be attacked, Piper."

"I didn't know that was going to happen!" She protested, "I just called to
tell you about Peter here."

"Well, what if he's connected to the warlock?"

"Woah," Peter said. "I've never seen that guy before in my life! I'm not
working with him on anything."

"But maybe he cast a spell on you to bring us together."

"There's no point in arguing about all that now," Phoebe said. "There doesn't
seem to be any effect from the lights right now, so why don't you and Piper
go back to your jobs. I'll stay here with Peter and look through the Book of

"Okay. As soon as you find something," Prue said, "or if any of us notices
anything strange, we call each other."

Piper nodded her head. "Sounds like a plan. I should get back to Quake and
make sure things are all right there." She walked to the door with Prue.
"Good luck, Phoebe."

"Thanks." She closed the door behind her sisters and then turned to face
Peter. "We'd better get to work. Let's head up to the attic." She lead the
way up the stairs, giving Peter another great view of her ass.

When they got to the attic, the air was warm and musty. A large window let in
a big beam of sunlight that shined down on the Book of Shadows. Peter walked
up to the book in a little bit of awe.

"This is really the Book of Shadows," he said as he ran his hand over the
cover. "Wow."

"Yeah," Phoebe said as she opened the book. "This book has saved our butts
more times than I can count." It fell open to random page and she sighed.
"The only problem is the thing is frickin' huge and it takes forever to look
through it. We've been trying to create an index of it, but I don't remember
anything about little colored lights." As she said this, the pages of the
book began flipping by themselves. "Ooh," Phoebe exclaimed. "That's usually
a good thing."

Peter leaned over the book to get a better look and Phoebe did the same,
causing her large left breast to push up against Peter's arm. Peter didn't
no if she had noticed this but he certainly had.

When the pages stopped flipping, they fell open to a page with with seven
colored circles drawn in an arc. The two of them began reading the page. "It
says here that each of the lights represent one of the seven deadly sins..."
Phoebe said. "Whoever is struck by one of the lights will become overpowered
by that trait." She looked at the drawings of the lights and traced them with
her finger. "Let's see, Prue was hit by the dark green light. It says that
was avarice or greed. Piper got the light green one... envy. And I was hit by
the red one, and that was... lust." She bit her lower lip softly. "I guess
that that explains that then..."

Peter looked over at the gorgeous brunette. "Explains what?"

"It explains why I've had this urge to have you throw me down and ravage of
me." As she said this she ran her finger over her breast and down her bare
stomach. "I just have this feeling, a tingle down here," she said as her
fingers grazed her crotch, "that needs to be... relieved. Mmmmmmmm...."

Peter could feel his cock stiffen up in his pants as Phoebe caressed herself.
His cock was telling him to grab the witch and fuck her, but his brain still
won out. "We'd better figure out a way to reverse this spell then. Don't
worry, I'm not going to take advantage of your condition."

Phoebe's smile faltered a little but then she grinned. "All right. It looks
like I'm going to have to take advantage of you then." As she said this, she
stripped her spandex top off, revealing her large grapefruit sized breasts to
Peter. The pink nipples capping her breasts were poking out erect. She leapt
at Peter, throwing her arms over his shoulders and wrapping her legs around
his waist. She began deeply kissing him, pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Peter almost tried to resist but with her breasts mashed against him and her
groin pressed against his hard cock through their clothes, his cock won out
this time. He began kissing her back and he put one hand in her soft hair,
while the other gripped her ass and gave it a squeeze. Their tongues wrapped
around each other and Peter enjoyed the sweet flavor of her mouth on his.

After a minute, Phoebe released her lip lock and let go of Pete, letting her
body slide down his. She stopped when she was knelt on the hardwood floor,
her face level with Peter's waist. She placed her hand over the bulge of his
cock in his jeans and caressed it. Looking up at him with a grin, she said,
"It looks like you're good and ready." She stuck her tongue out and licked
the bulge in the denim. Peter's cock jumped a little in his pants. "Now let
me see what you have in there," she said as she undid the button on his
jeans. She unzipped them and tugged down the jeans and his boxers, letting
his six inch cock spring free. She moved her head up close and gripped it
with her hand. Her face was an inch away from Peter's cock when she licked
her lips. "Very nice, Peter," she whispered. "Do you mind if I suck your

Peter shook his head, speechless. Here he was, in a television show, about
to his cock sucked by one of the hottest women in the world.

"Good," Phoebe said, "because that's what I'm going to do." She held the
cock up and slowly licked her way up the sensitive underside of his cock.
She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and then licked her way
down the side of it. When she reached the bottom she tickled his balls with
the tip of her tongue and then went up the other side. "Mmmmmmmm. Very
tasty," she said before taking half of the cock into her mouth. One of her
hands began to play with his balls as she sucked on his cock, while her
other hand went down to her shorts and began pulling them off so she could
get to the itch in her pussy.

As Phoebe bobbed her head on Peter's shaft, he placed his hands on her head,
running his fingers through her dark hair. He rolled his head back as he
listened to the wet sucking noises she made and enjoyed the sensation of her
wet mouth around his cock.

The witch continued bobbing and tilting her head, taking more of it into her
mouth with each attempt. Finally she took the whole length of his cock into
her throat with out gagging. She increased her pace and then slowed it,
repeating this process to drive the cock close to cumming and then backing
off to keep him from finishing. She listened to Peter's moans to know when
he was too close to the edge, and when to slow her pace.

"God, you're an incredible cocksucker," Peter told Phoebe. She looked up at
him and smiled around the cock in her mouth. She said something that sounded
like 'Thank you' but it was muffled by his cock.

She had pushed her fingers into her pussy as she gave Peter his blowjob, but
it just wasn't doing the job she needed done. She let his cock slip out of
her mouth with a 'pop' and a string of saliva held for a moment between her
lips and the cock. She moved back onto a large rug and pulled her shorts the
rest of the way off. She reclined back and spread her legs, giving Peter a
clear view of her pussy.

She kept it trimmed and the only hair on it was a dark strip right above her
pussy. Phoebe ran her fingers over her slit and then used her fingers to
spread it a little, showing the pink inside. "I need your cock in me, Peter,"
she said as she gave him an intense stare. "Now."

Peter didn't hesitate to strip himself quickly, yanking off his shoes and
pants and then pulling his shirt over his head. He moved down between her
legs and was about to kiss her pussy when she grabbed his hair.

"No. I need your cock now," she said as she pulled him up her body. "I want
you to fuck me, not eat me." She continued to pull him until he was lying on
top of her, his cockhead pressing against the soft lips of her pussy. She
grabbed his cock and growled, "Fuck me. Now."

Peter shoved forwards and his cockhead pushed in between her pussy lips. He
felt the tight velvet grip of her pussy pulling his cock into her and both of
them moaned as he penetrated her.

"Oh yessssssssssss," Phoebe hissed through her teeth. "Give it all to me.
Give me your cock, Peter." She grabbed Peter's ass now and pulled him towards
her, driving the entire length of his cock into her juicy pussy. "Oh Gawd,"
she moaned loudly as her nails scratched at his back.

Peter pulled about halfway out and then thrust back in until their pubic
hairs mashed together. He pulled out and entered again, slapping their thighs
together. Each time he drove into her, her large breasts jumped on her chest.
He planted a hand on either side of her body as he increased the speed of his
thrusts. He leaned in to kiss her hard as he pistoned in and out of her. When
he broke the kiss, she began panting with the thrusts.

"Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh yesss ugh ugh," She moaned, dragging her nails across
his back. "Fuck my pink little pussy goooooood."

Peter watched her large breasts wobble beneath him and he leaned down and
took a nipple into his mouth. He felt her hands grab his hand and hold his
face tight to her chest. As his face was mashed against her breasts, he kept
his pumping pace. He heard her howl in pleasure, "Yeah! That's it! Suck my
big titties! I saw you staring at my tits! Fuck me and suck me, Peter!"
Peter was in heaven. He knew that Allysa Milano had gotten breast implants,
but the tits in his face now were undeniably naturals. His tongue slid into
the valley between her breasts and tasted the salty tang of her sweat. He
began suckling her other breast when she pulled away and rolled them over
so she was straddling his waist, his cock still inside of her.

"Now it's my turn on top," Phoebe moaned. She began bouncing on his cock,
her breasts flopping up and down. "Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
It's sooo fucking goooood!" The sounds of slapping flesh and wet squishing
sounds filled the attic.

Peter was holding her hips and moved his hands up to her breasts and held
them. Phoebe put her hands over his and pressed them to her chest. She
pressed her pussy down against his crotch and began grinding her hips,
making his cock roll around inside of her. "Oh Shit!" Phoebe's body tensed
up and she began tossing her head around. "I'mmmm, ah, cummmmmmmmmming!"
Her body shook and her pussy trembled sending an all new sensation through
Peter's cock. Her pussy contracted, squeezing his cock tightly. It was too
much for him and he felt his balls tighten as his own orgasm passed through

"Oh God-- Here I cum," he moaned as he grabbed her. Held pulled her down to
his body and hugged her tight and his cock sprayed the inside of her pussy
with his cum. It was the biggest orgasm of his life and it seemed to last
forever. When both their orgasms began to subside, their bodies relaxed.

Peter was about to say something to Phoebe, but instead let out a deep
exhalation and then passed out on the rug.

to be continued...

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