Charmed: Changing Channels Part 2 (MFF,MF,FF-mast,magic)
by Maguppy Puppy

Peter woke up on the ground for the second time that day, but this time, he
was happy to see that he was somewhere he recognized. He was looking up at
the ceiling of the Haliwell attic when heard a slurping sound and lifted his
head to look down at his crotch. He saw Phoebe was lying naked between his
legs, energetically sucking on his cock again. She looked up at Peter and

"You're up! Good," she said after she slipped his cock out of her mouth with
a soft 'pop'. "I wanted you to see your present. Do you like it?" She held up
Peter's cock and wrapped both of her hands around it. Peter was surprised to
see that she could only cover about half of it.

"My dick... It's huge!"

Phoebe gave it a kiss and giggled. "I looked up a growth spell in the Book of
Shadows... Your six-inch is a foot long now. Don't you love it?"

"I, uh... I honestly don't know what to day, Phoebe."

She kept playing with his huge cock as he talked. "I just thought that you'd
be able to fuck me even better with this monster... I've been practicing
blowing you while you were sleeping, but I haven't quite been able to swallow
the whole thing yet. Watch me." She left one hand gripping the thick base of
his cock as she lowered her lips around his shaft. The first six inches
disappeared quickly, but then she slowed her progress. She continued working
her way down the cock until only two inches remained. She held that position
for a moment then pulled her head back off the cock and took a deep breath of
air. "I almost got the whole thing in my mouth. I think that I'll get it this

Before Peter could say anything, Phoebe had wrapped her lips back around his
shaft. He couldn't believe the feeling of her mouth on his new cock. She made
loud guilping noises as she moved further down the cock. It wasn't long
before her lips were only an inch away from the base of his cock. He though
that she might go the last inch when the attic door flew open.

Piper came in, saying, "Phoebe, I was just thinking how unfair it is that you
get to stay at home while I-- I-- I---" She stopped in her tracks when she
saw her younger sister, naked on all fours, with Peter's cock lodged deep in
her throat. "PHOEBE!"

Surprised by her sister's entrance, the youngest Halliwell began to gag on
the cock. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and coughed a couple times,
saliva dribbling from her mouth. She sat back on her legs, apparently not
caring that she was totally naked. Peter tried to move and cover himself,
but Phoebe kept a strong grip on his cock. She wiped her mouth with her arm
and said, "Piper! What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here? I'm not the naked one with a-- Omigod-- huge cock in
my mouth!" Piper couldn't tear her eyes away from Peter's new erect member.
Her eyes followed it as Phoebe tilted it back and forth, like a joystick.
"How-- how could you even fit that thing in your mouth?!"

"It took some practice. Here, watch me," she said as she lowered her head
again and stuck out her tongue.

"Phoebe! No!" Piper was completely flustered as she watched Phoebe take the
cock in her mouth again. She covered her eyes with her hand, but still peeked
over the top of them. "Did you even find out what those little lights were?"

"Oh yeah." *slurp* "I did." *slurp* "It's in the book over there." *slurp*

"PHOEBE! Could you please take that cock out of your mouth for a second and
tell me what they were?"

Phoebe took her mouth off of the cock but kept stroking it with one hand. She
looked disappointed. "It's right there, Piper. You can look at it yourself,
you know."

Piper looked irritated. "No, Phoebe. You were supposed to solving this
problem. You should be fixing this and I should be the one keeping Peter and
his cock company."

Peter, who had been watching the whole scene in disbelief, suddenly
remembered that the light that had hit Piper had been envy. She wanted
whatever her sister had and right now what her sister had was Peter's cock.

Phoebe, who was currently overcome with lust, didn't want to argue. She stood
up and took Piper's hand. "We don't have to fight, Sis. I'm sure that there's
enough of Peter for us to share." The two Halliwells stood over Peter and
looked down at his cock. "Why don't we get you out of those clothes and we
can both keep his cock company?" As she said this, Phoebe slowly moved her
hands to Piper's jacket and helped her slide it off. Piper seemed slightly
torn over the situation but didn't resist when her sister pulled her shirt
off, exposing her lacy white bra. Next, Phoebe helped Piper out of her skirt
and shoes, leaving her standing in her matching bra and panties. While she
didn't have breasts as big as Phoebe, she was still at least a c-cup.

The two sisters knelt down together and Phoebe led Piper's hand to the cock.
They each wrapped a hand around the thick shaft.

"It feels so warm," Piper said as she moved her hand slowly up and down the
shaft, "and smooth..."

Phoebe smiled. "You should feel how hot it is to have that thing in your
mouth. I was sucking it while he slept and I practically came just from
having it in my mouth." She let go of the cock and moved up towards Peter's
head. "You can take a swing at that end, Piper. I'm going to keep this end

Peter didn't really have a chance to respond before she swung her leg over
his head and planted her swollen pussy lips over his face. He immediately
began lapping at her juices, making her squirm and close her thighs on the
sides of his head. He ran his hands over Phoebe's tight naked body as he
ate her out and held her by the waist. The only thing that he could see was
Phoebe's ass, but he knew that Piper had giving into her sexual urges when
he felt a tongue licking the slit of his cockhead.

Phoebe watched her sister sample the huge cock as she rolled her pussy over
Peter's tongue. "That's right, Sis," she said, encouraging Piper, "Let me
see how much of that big cock you can take down your throat. Mmmmmm, you
suck his big cock while he eats my pussy." She began playing with her breasts
as she looked on with anticipation.

Piper carefully wrapped her lips around the shaft and slipped in several
inches. She backed up her head and then went back down taking another inch.
She tried to take in some more but before could she began to gag and pulled
her head off. "Gawd, it's so huge! I don't think that I can take much more of
it." She stroked the cock, slick with her saliva, and looked at it longingly.
"I want to... but... Gawd! Leo was big, but this is almost twice the size!"

"You can do it. Here, let me help you." Phoebe leaned over Peter's body,
resting her breasts on his stomach and making sure that he could still reach
her wet slit with his tongue. "Now put it your mouth again. Make sure that
you relax your throat this time. And breath through your nose." As Piper took
the cock in her mouth, Phoebe put her hands on the sides of her sister's head
to guide her. "Ooooooh," she moaned as Peter's tongue darted deep into her
vaginal folds. "You keep eating my cunny like a good boy, and I'll make sure
that my sister gets to deep throat you." She took the tongue's sudden
increased pace as an agreement from him. She felt Piper try to lift her head,
but she held it down. "Just relax now, Piper. You're almost halfway there,
Sweetie." She pushed down and Piper was able to take another two inches
before she began gagging again. This time, Phoebe let her lift her head off
of the cock.

Piper coughed as the cock came out of her lips. "It's just too much for me.
I can't fit the whole thing in my mouth..." She stroked the slimy cock and
looked at Phoebe. "How on earth could you fit that thing in your pussy?"

"I-- Mmmmmmmmmm, that's good," she moaned as she wiggled her ass. "I haven't.
Yet. I was getting ready to try it when you came home."

Piper looked her sister right in the eyes. "I want to see it."

"What?" Phoebe couldn't believe her ears.

"I want to see you stick that thing in your pussy. I want to see it stretch
your pussy out." Piper had a look in her eyes Phoebe couldn't quite describe.

Phoebe had been planning to fuck him again anyway, so she agreed. "All right.
We can trade places. Take off those panties and get over here."

Piper quickly slid off her panties and walked over to Peter's head. Phoebe
slid her pussy down his body, leaving a trail of pussy juice down his chest
and stomach. As soon as she was gone, her sister replaced her. Like Phoebe,
Piper's pussy was well trimmed. As soon as she was close enough, he started
lapping away at the new pussy. She was already very wet from sucking his
cock and her juices ran onto his face. She jumped as her pussy lips were
parted, but Peter held her down. He loved making a girl squirm as he ate
her pussy. "Ah-ah-ah," Piper squealed, "Oooh, it's been too long." Piper
was really getting into Peter's tongue and decided to get more comfortable.
She reached behind her back and undid her bra clasp, letting it fell to the
floor nad reveal her puffy nipples. As soon as it did, Peter's hands moved
up her body and palmed her perky tits. "Mmmmmmmmm, yeaaaah... Come on,
Phoebe! Let me see you take that monster in your pussy. Ah aaaaaaaaahhh
yessssss!" Piper's hips tilted back and forth over the tongue in her pussy
as she put her hands on Peter's chest for balance.

Phoebe positioned herself over the huge cockhead so that she was facing her
sister, giving her the best view possible. She lowered herself until the
golf ball sized head was pressing against the tight lips of her pussy. She
dropped half an inch more and the cock slowly stretched her pink lips wide.
"Oh god... Piper, it feels so good!" Her body trembled as her pussy slipped
past the think head of the cock and closed a little around the shaft.
"Uhhhhhhhh... sooo thick."

Piper watched eagerly as she was approaching her own orgasm. "Cuh-Come on,
Phoebe," she softly moaned. "Show me how much you can take in that tight
little pussy. Ooooooh ooh ooh!"

Phoebe pushed down another inch and moaned again. "Sooooo full..."

Peter wished that he could see the two naked witches, their sweaty naked
bodies bouncing on his own, their ripe round breasts swinging and jiggling.
His cock jerked as he imagined the scene in his head.

"Aah!" Phoebe yelped as the huge cock stuffing her pussy jerked, pulling her
forwards. As she tipped forwards, she grabbed her sister's arms to keep her
balance. It stopped her from falling over, but as their nipples brushed
against each other, Phoebe slid further down the thick shaft. "OH FUCK FUCK
FUCK, I'M CUMMMMMING!" she screamed as the cock stretched her pussy walls
further than they'd ever been stretched. She wrapped her arms around Piper
and buried her head against Piper's neck as she came. Her orgasm washed over
her, consuming her every thought. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!! IT'S TEARING ME

Piper couldn't help but be turned on by the feeling on her sister's sweaty
naked body pressed against her as her pussy was being lapped at. Her breasts
squashed against Phoebe's and they slid around each other. She could feel
Phoebe's hot breath on her neck. All these combined sensations ignited her
orgasm and she came like a tidal wave. "OOOOOH! OMIGOD! OOOOOH OOOOH!" She
hugged her sister tightly as she gushed all over Peter's face.

The two sisters leaned on each other heavily as they caught their breaths.
Peter continued lapping at Piper, drinking her juices, as Phoebe stayed
planted on his cock. His hands roamed over both of their bodies, caressing
and squeezing each of them. He grabbed a nipple of each of the sisters when
they suddenly lifted off of his body.

He didn't know what was going on until he saw the two sisters hovering over
him. He quickly looked towards the attic door and saw a very pissed off
looking Prue.

"What is going on here?!" Prue floated her sisters over to the middle of the
room and walked over to Peter. "Phoebe?! Piper?! Why are you having an orgy
in our attic?"

Phoebe had her hands by her sore pussy, absent mindedly fingering it's
stretched walls. "There were only three of us," she said as she hung in the
air, "I don't think that qualifies as an orgy. Just a menage troi..."

"Aargh! You are such a slut, Phoebe!" Prue looked to her other sister. "Her
I can see doing something like this, but why you, Piper?"

Piper was still in a post orgasmic daze. "It's jusssst soooooo biig," she
mumbled as she stared down at Peter.

Peter sat up and tried to explain the problem. "It isn't their fault, Prue.
It's those lights! Their making them act in way they never would!"

Prue finally looked down at Peter and saw his foot long cock standing proudly
in the air. "Oh! I didn't... I mean, I've never..." Prue was at a loss for
words as she looked back to her sister. She shook her head and then grinned
as a idea came to her. "I think, that as the most mature of the three
Halliwell sisters, I should be the one taking care of Peter."

"Oh no!" Piper and Phoebe protested. "We saw him first!"

"You've got greed, Phoebe. That's why you want me to yourself," Peter tried
to continue.

Prue wasn't paying attention to Peter now as she walked over to her sisters.
"Don't worry. I wouldn't forget about my two precious sisters." She grinned
as she looked over to a table in the attic. Suddenly the two thick
candlesticks rose off the table and headed towards her. They curved around
Prue and one went to Piper and one to Phoebe. Both of the girls yelped as
the candles slid into each of their wet pussies. Prue finally turned around
and walked back to Peter. As she crossed the room, she dropped her skirt to
the floor and pulled off her blouse. "Now, Peter, I want you to do to me
what you did to my sisters." She undid her bra and tossed it away. Her
breasts were about the same size as Piper's but with a slight hint of sag
to them. When she dropped her black panties to the floor, Peter could see
that she was completely shaved. She ran her fingers over her snatch and
parted the pussy lips. "Do you like my shaved pussy, Peter?"

"Yes, I do," Peter said, "but I--" He was silenced by Prue as she put her
hand over his mouth.

"I don't want any buts, Peter," Prue said as she crouched down over him.
"All I want is your cock." She lowered herself onto the cock slowly and
moaned loudly as the head stretched her pussy out. "Oh Daaaaaaaaaamn,
that's huuuuuge!" She pushed down onto the cock and grabbed Peter's hands
and placed them on her hips. "Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she licked her
lips, "it's soooo much thicker than Andy..."

Peter looked down to see that she had only taken the first three inches
into her pussy. She trembled from a small orgasm and he could see the juices
dripping down his cock. He decided that he needed to take care of Prue fast
so they could get back to removing their curse. He surprised Prue by rolling
over, taking her with him. He stopped as he held himself above her in the
missionary position, his cockhead still lodged in her pussy.

"Ooooh," Prue said as she grinned up at him, "Somebody wants to play
rough..." Her legs went up and locked around Peter's back.

"You want it rough, Prue?" After he said this, he pushed another inch into
her tight pussy, making her squeal.

"Yes," she said softly.

Peter pulled his cock back until just the head of his cock was still in her
pussy. "How do you want me to fuck you, Prue?"

"Hard," she said, a little louder this time. Her hips lifted off the floor,
trying to take more of his cock into her.

"All right, Prue. If you want it hard..." Peter pushed his shaft in an inch,
pulled back again and then plunged forwards, burying eight inches in her
tight twat.

"GOD DAMN!" Prue screamed in pleasure and pain as her pussy was spread wide
by the monster cock. "Aah! Aah! Aah!" She was breathing heavily, like a woman
giving birth.

Peter pulled back again and then pushed in again, even further than before.
"OH FUCKING FUCK!" He listened to Prue howl in his ear as she gripped his
arms. With each thrust, Prue's breasts flopped back and forth. He repeated
drilling her pussy, deeper and deeper, until he felt their crotches mash
together. Prue's eyes were shut tight and whatever she was saying was too
high pitched for Peter to hear. She reached down and gripped his ass,
holding him deep inside of her.

He pushed forwards again and then backed out, pounding his entire length in
and out of Prue's stretched wet hole. He kept pumping her pussy until he felt
her body tense up beneath him. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came,

She creamed in orgasmic pleasure, let out a short cry and then closed her
eyes, passed out from her colossal orgasm. As soon as she passed out, her two
sisters were released from her spell and they fell to the floor.

Peter pulled his cock out of her pussy, leaving the stretched hole empty but
still wide open. He was close to cumming, so he began jacking his cock, his
hand a blur up and down his shaft. "Ugh Ugh Ugh! Here it cums, Prue," he
warned the sleeping girl beneath him. He came and his cock exploded firing a
long string of cum over Prue's body. The first load splashed on her forehead
and hair. The next shot hit her mouth and chin. He fired off several more
shots of thick cum, each falling a little lower on Prue's naked body, until
her head and torso were glazed with his cum. When he had finished, he wiped
the cockhead off on her thigh.

He stood up and turned around to see Piper and Phoebe, sitting on the floor,
staring at their sexually ravaged sister.

"Oh wow," Phoebe said in amazement. "That was the biggest load of cum I've
ever seen..."

"Can you fuck me now, Peter," Piper asked as she crawled towards him.
"Everyone else got to fuck your cock. It's my turn now..."

"No," Peter said firmly. "No one else is getting fucked until you two lift
the curse that warlock put on you. The book is right there, just recite the
reversal spell and then we'll see if you still want to fuck again."

Both the girls looked disappointed, but they both stood up. As they did, the
candlesticks in their pussies slid out and thumped on the floor. They slowly
walked over to the Book of Shadows and Peter noticed that Phoebe was walking
a little bow legged. Phoebe pointed the spell out to Prue and they started
reciting the spell.

"Harmful urges, go away-- Let us think in our own way, Turn the darkness into

Harmful urges, go away-- Let us think in our own way, Turn the darkness into

Harmful urges, go away-- Let us think in our own way, Turn the darkness into

As soon as they spoke the third repetition, all three sister glowed brightly,
but this time they were all glowing white. A small colored light rose from
each sister's chest, one red and two green. The lights quickly swirled around
each other and then flew out the window.

Phoebe and Piper blinked their eyes and then looked at each other.

"Omigod!" Piper saw that they were both naked and she tried to cover herself,
one arm across her chest and her other hand cupping her pussy. "Did we... I
can remember me and you, Phoebe, and you..." She looked at Peter and his now
dangling cock. "Omigod!" She ran out of the attic in embarrassment.

Phoebe walked over to Peter and put her hand on his shoulder. "You'd better
put some clothes on, Studly. That was fun while it lasted, but I'm guessing
Prue isn't going to be too happy when she wakes up." She looked down at her
dozing cum covered sister and let out a giggle before she left the room.

Peter looked down at Prue, naked on the floor. "If only I had a camera..." He
pulled on his clothes and then walked down to the living room to wait for the
Halliwell sisters to come down. Phoebe came down first with a white tank top
and some grey sweatpants on.

"Piper's waking up Prue right now," she said. "Do you want something to
drink? You know, to replace some of those fluids you lost?"

"Yeah, thanks. Whatever you have is fine." He watched Phoebe enter the
kitchen and then turned to the television. He flipped it on and began to
change channels. "I wonder what's on in this show's time slot when you're
actually in the show," he wondered to himself.

Phoebe came back into the room with two glasses and handed him one. Just then
they head Prue's voice from the attic.

"What the hell-- What's this stuff, Piper? OH GROSS!!"

"Sounds like Prue's awake," Phoebe said with a smile. She sat down on the
sofa next to Peter. "So I guess that now that we solved that mystery, we can
look into helping you now. You still think that we're just characters on a
show you watch?"

"No, I'm pretty certain that you're all real. I mean, this must not be a TV
show because I've never seen an episode like this..."

Phoebe laughed. "Yeah, that was definitely one of the better curses I've had
put on me. But I'm glad I didn't get sloth," She added. "Or gluttony. I don't
think my figure could've taken that."

Peter continued to flip through the channels as he talked to Phoebe. "But
it's weird. I remember seeing all these shows with you and your sisters and
I know so much about you... I just don't know what the hell happened to me.
I mean, it's just like if you ran into these people," he said as he pointed
to the television screen, "not the actors, but the actual characters were
real people! If you were in their world..."

As he said this, Peter touched the screen. A bright light suddenly flashed
into the room and when Phoebe opened her eyes, Peter was gone.

"Peter? Peter?" Phoebe looked behind the couch and then out in the hallway,
still seeing no sign of their visitor. "Piper! Prue! I think that you'd
better come down here!"

* * *

Meanwhile, back at Globo Vision Cable, Roger knocked on Veronica's office

"Yes," she called out in an irritated tone. "What is it?"

"We've been getting some calls," Roger said nervously.

"Yes, Roger. That's why you're here. To answer the phone calls. Why are you
bothering me with this?"

"We've gotten quite a few people calling in saying that we've been airing
some sort of porno on the WB instead of showing Charmed. They said it was
like some XXX parody of the show..."

"Well, we can't control what the network airs. You know that." Veronica
flipped on her television to the WB and saw the credits for Charmed rolling.
"It looks fine to me. Tell the callers that they must have gotten some
crossed wire or something. There's nothing we can do about it."

Randy left her office and Veronica flipped through the channels before she
turned her television off.

But if she had gone a couple channels further, she might have seen a very
familiar face. A face that didn't quite belong on the television...

to be continued....

Lemme know if you like the story, what you liked and what you didn't. And if
you have any ideas or requests for future shows, situations, whatever, send
me those too. Send feed back to: [email protected]

If I get enough feedback, I'll make more stories.




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