Charmed: Charmed, I'm Sure (MF,MFF,FF,inc,demon,mc,ncon)
by Super String ([email protected])

As you know, I'm a demon seducing Phoebe. In my true form I have a long
tail with a snake head. While Phoebe and I are deep kissing, and she's
getting hot, my tail works its way up her dress. She feels it near her
clit, and looks surprised (seeing both of my hands). As the snake opens
it mouth, sinking it fangs on either side of her clit, her face turns to
horror, then pain, then arousal. My tail detaches and snakes into her

Inside her it coils, and wiggles and writhes and she sweats and gets hotter
and hotter while I just stare. She knows she is betrayed but is too hot to
stop it. Once fully under my spell, she lays back, her short skirt shows her
shaved pussy and the snake head. It starts to slither out and then turns
into her ass hole. She arches her back in pain and pleasure my familiar
forces its way in. All the way in. All she remembers is a killer orgasm!

Next time she is alone with Leo, she uses magic to seduce him. After a
little foreplay, she climbs on top and slides her pussy down his pole. She
starts banging away and just as Leo is cuming, the snake slips out enough to
bare it fangs and sinks them into his scrotum. The venom fills his loins as
he cums and cums. In fact, he can't stop. His back is arched and he cums
like a wide open. Cum pours squirts from her pussy in spite of the tight
seal from Leo's cock. The snake releases Leo and presses into his anus as
Leo's face shows pleasure, pain and then rabid sexual hunger.

* * *

The next day, when Phoebe, Prue and Leo are alone I attack disguised as a
demon. Grabbing her from behind, I throw her to the table top and bind her
wrists. Leo runs in to save her followed by Phoebe. I return to Cole's form
and Prue looks puzzled. Especially when Phoebe, draws a knife and instead of
cutting the bonds, she slips it up Prue's skirt. Prue looks horrified as the
cold metal runs up her leg and slices per panties. She starts to scream, but
Phoebe shoves Prue's panties into her own mouth.

By now, Leo's pants are off and his huge cock is ready as he straddles Prue
on the table. Phoebe bends over to lubricate Leo with her tongue. He grabs
the back Phoebe's head and presses his cock into her mouth, and into her
throat. Phoebe's arms flail out and I can see her neck grow as his cock
fills it. Once his thigh hits Phoebe's nose, he slowly pulls it out until
just the head remains inside her mouth. She pants and bit and he pushes it
right back down her throat, several more times. Prue can see something
slipping from Leo's ass. Phoebe, guides Leo's huge cock into Prue's bald
pussy. It stretches to accommodate him and Prue cries out. Leo starts
pumping. His cock is so long, it pushes Prue's head off the table at the
end of each stroke. As the snake slips out, it wraps around Leo's cock and
balls like a lasso.

I move behind Prue's head as Leo keeps pushing her toward me. I grab a
handful of her black hair on either side of her head and push her head up
so she can see Leo's cock, and the snake. The snake raises up and Prue
can finally see it clearly. Its head flaring out like a cobra and fangs
bare. Prue braces herself for a strike, but the snake moves slowly to her
clit, coiled tightly around Leo's cock and balls and its tail still deep
inside Leo's ass. The cobra places a fang on the skin on each side of
Prue's clit and looks up. I'm the snake and I make eye contact with Prue.
She suddenly know it's me and cries out as I p ush my fangs slowly into her
flesh until the roof of my mouth is pressed on her clit. Our eyes are
locked as I wriggle my head from side to side to get in as deep as I can,
holding back the venom and squeezing Leo's cock.

Suddenly, I bulge my body inside Leo, release my venom and his cock. As the
venom flows through Prue, Leo's jism fills to overflowing. As the cum starts
to pour out, Phoebe grabs a tall milk glass and nearly fills it up. Prue's
face changes from fear and pain to seething seductress, horny for more. Leo
pulls out and goes to get the speculum.

I reach over the table and grab Prue's legs, pulling them back until her
ankles are near her face, the fangs still seep inside. The snake, holding
on to her clit, arches out an startes driving it's tail, thin and the trip
but growing thicker, into Prue's ass. She moans as the snake backs into her
backside. Almost all the way in now, the force pulling it into her ass is
pulling against the fangs still buried.

The fangs release with it's now just sticking out of her butt. Phoebe bends
down to lick off the blood while Leo inserts the speculum into Prue's pussy.
She moans as he turns it sideways and spreads her pussy wide open. Phoebe
pushes her and inside to open up all the cavities as Prue struggles. Phoebe
grabs the glass full of cum and looks Prue in the eyes as she pours it
carefully into Prue's open pussy. Once it's full, Leo slowly removes the
speculum and pinches her pussy lips together to seal in the cum.

Phoebe drains the rest of the sum into her mouth and leans down to give Prue
a long, deep kiss. Both their mouths hungry, open, cum spilling out as they
swallow and lick. Meanwhile, the snake opens it's mouth on either side of
Prue's pinched pussy lips. Leo pulls her lips up with the snake head between
is hands. The snake hooks its fangs into the right pussy lip and right
through it into her left. Essentially, stapling her pussy closed, clamped in
the snake's mouth.

I bind her ankles to her hair and we all step back. Looking at Prue laying
back on the table, arms tied out to the side and ankles to her hair. 2"
thick snake sticking out of her ass with her pussy lips clamped in its mouth
and Prue's panties suffed in her mouth.

We hear a key in the lock and suddenly Leo and I grab each of Phoebe's arms
and hold a knife to her throat. We tell Piper to sit on the sofa, slowly, or
we knife the others. Phoebe moves around behind piper and places special
braclets on her wrists and then her ankles. I control these bracelets and
violently force her hands straight up and legs together. She looks surprised
and scared as I spin her around so her legs are pointing up and her hands are
on the floor. Her skirt rides up to show her pink panties as I pull her legs
over the to and behind the sofa. I force her arms out to the sides and her
head is hanging back over the seat of the sofa. She can see the whole room,
upside down.

Phoebe pulls the knife and walks toward Piper. Piper winces and asks "What's
going on Phoebe!"

Phoebe again slices off the panties to show Piper's nearly trimmed pussy.
She tells Piper, "If we cooperate, the snake won't kill Prue". She winks and
Piper thinks Phoebe has a plan.

Piper opens her mouth to accept a wire gag that clamps her mouth wide open.
Then Phoebe attaches a large, hollow dildo with lots of holes in it. Then
Prue is released and slowly gets up. Her skirt falls back into place and
her hips swing slowly as she walks toward Piper. She grabs a foot stool the
same height as the sofa's seat and slides it under Piper's head.

Prue straddles Piper's head, looking down at her face. Phoebe grabs Piper's
hair to hold her head still has Prue lifts her skirt to reveal the snake
clamped on her pussy. Piper's eyes grow wild as Prue positions herself over
the dildo. The snake releases and helps guide her pussy onto the hole-filled
dildo. Prue starts sliding down that dildo. As the dildo fills her pussy,
all the cum is forced through the holes into the dildo and starts running
into Piper's forced-open mouth. As Piper struggles, moving her head, it is
excites Prue further. She forces it all the way down, her clit on Piper's
nose. She squirms and twists and the cum pours into Piper. She has not
choice but swallow as Prue's pussy is sealed on her mouth.

At this moment, the snake strikes Piper's neck and hold on. Pouring venom
straight into her jugular. Piper's eyes dilate as she falls under my spell.
She starts pushing her head, and the dildo inside Prue. As Prue lifts up,
the snake is still attached to Piper neck. As she lifts, the snake holds on
tight and is pulled out of her ass. In an attempt to stay inside, the snake
enlarges itself inside. Prue's ass stretches as the snake presses hard. She
plunges down on Piper's face and folds the snake in half, pressing down
shoots another load of intoxicating venom right in to Piper jugular.

I now own them all. What's next?


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