Charmed: Charmed Spoof Part 1 (MF,FF,bond,spank,inc,magic)
by Steven Mayer ([email protected])

Phoebe walked into the bar carefree as usual. Besides today was a good day.
She was finally learning how to use her talent for a bit of personal gain.
With a lot of practice and a little bit of concentration she could now see
the immediate future or would-be future of any guy she focused on. The
upside to this was that she could look at a guy and determine whether or not
he would be worthy of her presence in bed. The downside was that she was
also able to tell how pathetic some guys actually are. For example, a
gorgeous guy had just approached and had begun to flirt with her. She had
been quite captivated by his attentions until she saw his future for the
evening. If she had gone home with him it would have resulted in two minutes
of wasted time for her. And it wouldn't have even been a good two minutes.

She settled herself at the bar and began looking around to find her evenings
entertainment. She knew that she was using her witch talent for the wrong
purposes, but she was entitled to a little bit of fun wasn't she. Two more
guys approached her and began to flirt away. She smiled and played along
politely, but in about thirty seconds decided that this was not going to work
out. They had planned a little threesome and while normally she would jump
at that chance these two fellows were just a little bit too rough for her.
Eventually they caught on and moved on to their next victim. As she scanned
the bar she found the perfect man for the evening.

She was a little surprised when she got the viewing, but it was perfectly
clear. An image appeared in her mind of herself in complete orgasm while
on top of this guy. She shuddered with anticipation. It would be a good
evening after all if she could only get his attention. She was shocked when
she first looked at this guy. Nothing overly striking about him. He stood
a little shorter than most and he had blond hair and green eyes. He sported
a soccer player's build, but he wasn't a jock. Upon further examination
she changed her mind and decided that he was attractive, just not striking.
Then he turned and their eyes met. She knew that he was hers for this night.

He bought her a drink and they engaged in some pleasant chitchat, but it was
perfectly obvious what both parties were searching for: sex. He paid the tab
and they hailed a cab to take them back to his place. They entered his
apartment and before he could even offer a drink she was in his arms. They
embraced in a deep passionate kiss and Phoebe instantly knew that she had
made a good decision. They meshed together perfectly and their tongues
danced back and forth with growing desire.

He ran his hands through her short brown hair and down the small of her
back. His hands found her dress zipper and smoothly lowered it and let the
dress fall off of perfect body. Since it was a strapless dress he knew
there was no bra to remove, but as he lowered his hands to the soft curves
of her perfectly shaped ass he was astounded to find no underwear. She went
commando. Phoebe stood there completely naked in all of her splendor. She
knew she was gorgeous with her thin figure and well rounded breasts. She
delighted in his hands roaming all over her backside. He possessed such a
soft subtle touch. It simply set all of her nerves on arousal. She was
already very wet and he had yet to touch any sensitive areas. She gently
pulled back from their kissing and began to tauntingly undo the buttons
on his shirt. She slid her hands inside and ran her hands up his stomach
and over his chest. Amazingly he was not in a hurry like most guys. He
leaned back and enjoyed the feel of her hands against him. He pulled her
close and their naked chests came together. She couldn't stifle a slight
moan as he wrapped his hands around her and gently laid her down on the bed.

He kissed her lips, her cheeks, and her eyes before descending downwards.
He kissed and nibbled on her neck while his hands found her gorgeous breasts
and sensitively kneaded them. He continued down and began to nuzzle her
breasts. Softly kissing the nipples and licking all around her curves. He
paid attention to both breast and had her moaning in delight with his
attentiveness. He licked his way further down; over her firm taunt tummy and
finally down to her love mound. Her scent was enticing and her pussy was an
image of beauty. Her well-trimmed light brown pubic hair gave way to a gentle
set of lips that just begged to be kissed. Her clit was beginning to become
erect and emerge and her body shivered with anticipation. He kissed her
square on her pussy and then began to taunt her clit. He licked her from top
to bottom before inserting his tongue deeply into her warm cunt. Her taste
was perfect: subtle and sweet. He then returned his attention to her clit,
which was now fully erect. He sucked it into his mouth and ran his tongue
back and forth with increasing speed. She was now thrashing on the bed and
he had to firmly grab her hips to hold her in place. Then he nibbled down
with his teeth and completely pushed her over the edge. She screamed in
orgasm and grabbed onto the back of his head forcing his lips to stay on
hers. As her orgasm subsided she began to take the offensive. She ripped off
his pants and leapt to straight to his erect cock. Wasting no time, she
grabbed it with both hands and began to jack him off while massaging his
balls. Now it was his turn to moan as she worked on him. She was
delightfully surprised to see his aroused member, which was greatly out of
proportion for his body. She was fearful of a smaller cock, but was instead
treated to a decent sized piece of meat. She lowered her head and wrapped
his cock in her lips. She took just his head into her mouth and swirled her
tongue around his tip. Her right hand continued to slide up and down his
shaft while the left hand maintained a firm hold on his balls. With her
expert technique he was ready to shoot his load in a matter of minutes, but
she was ready for this. As she sensed him about to cum she soundly squeezed
the base of his shaft until his dick stopped throbbing.

He thrashed about as his orgasm was thwarted, but he knew she had more in
store for him. As he lay there she climbed on top of him and inserted his
cock into her warm and moistened pussy. He groaned in delight and had to
reach up and grab a hold of the bedpost to keep himself in check. She began
a slow gyrating motion on top of him and gradually began to increase the
pace. Soon she was bouncing up and down on his member. Then she picked up
her legs and spun around so that she was facing his feet presenting him with
a magnificent view of her tight ass. She grabbed his ankles and began to
bounce with a mad woman's frenzy.

As she fucked him from on top an orgasm overtook her body and she sat
straight up as her body shook with pleasure. True enough, her vision had
predicted this exact moment and it was incredible. What a gift to have,
knowing that you could find the perfect sex slave for an evening. She sat
suspended on his dick for a moment more, just savouring the feeling before
returning her efforts on him. She started to slide him in and out of her
again letting her juices flow down his cock. Then she reached down with
one hand and grabbed his balls again. This focused his attention and
enabled her to tell when he was going to cum. With her other hand she
reached down a little lower and found his crack. With her index finger
she gently probed around until she found his tight asshole. Using her own
lubrication she gently worked her finger inside of him to his prostate.
She began to wiggle her finger around which set him on fire. He began
bouncing up and down like he was being electrocuted. Instead of her fucking
him, he was fucking her and she was just trying to stay on and enjoy the
ride. She knew he could not maintain this pace for long and sure enough she
felt a tightening in his balls.

She forced herself to get up and off of his dick and with out removing her
hands took his cock into her mouth. She took as much as she could and let
him fuck her face. This completely sent him over the edge and he erupted into
her mouth. Three luscious spurts of his warm sticky sperm shot into her mouth
with her swallowing her every drop. She then sucked hard on his head to get
that last little bit out of him before she began to get up. She thanked him
for a wonderful evening and before he could even recover enough to sit up she
was dressed and out the door.

She hopped in her car and headed home feeling quite satisfied. As she drove
home she noticed that she was still quite excited and couldn't help but let
her finger slide down to clit. She began to finger fuck herself and was
nearing orgasm when another vision overcame her. She saw her sister, Prue,
sitting up at home and she was livid. Prue acted like her guardian angel and
was usually upset with her, but in the vision she appeared fanatical. Phoebe
was a little afraid to go home, but she knew that it would only get worse.
Phoebe pulled into the driveway and ran to the door. Before she could get her
key in the lock the door flew open, but no one was there. That meant that
Prue was using her gift of moving objects, but that meant that she was
furious. She never used her gift unless she was truly bothered. Phoebe
cautiously entered the hallway and the door slammed behind her. She flicked
the light switch, but the second that she had pushed it up some force pushed
it back down. Then all these objects began flying at her. They were all
soft and meant only to divert her attention, but soon Phoebe was covered up
on the floor. Prue could be heard in the background yelling at her that she
was out of control and needed to be taught a lesson.

Phoebe was truly afraid and didn't know what to do, and she was completely
overcome when she felt a rope wrap her wrists of its own accord. She tried
to pull her arms apart, but it was too late. Then a second rope secured her
ankles and then she was lifted into the air. The lights went on and Phoebe
saw her sister sitting casually on the recliner in the living room. She
began to drift towards her and Phoebe was about to scream when she noticed
that Prue was smiling. Phoebe drifted over Prue and then descended so that
she was lying across her lap with her ass facing up. Prue casually informed
her that she was going to be punished for staying out all hours. Prue
reached down and hiked Phoebe's skirt up exposing her bare ass. Then her
hand slapped down hard on the right cheek causing Phoebe to cry out. Prue
spanked her for a good ten minutes before she let her hand come to rest on
her now warm butt cheeks. Phoebe was softly crying and begging for her to
stop. Prue only took on that motherly tone informing her that she needed
more discipline.

Then something funny happened. Prue's hand slid down and rested on Phoebe's
damp pussy. Prue noted that she had began fucking some stranger again, but
continued to touch her sister. Her fingers reached out and soon were buried
deep into her swollen pussy. Phoebe didn't know how to react. This was so
very wrong, but it felt so good. She was tied up, had just been spanked, and
now she was getting finger fucked by her sister. She opened her mouth to
protest, but instead of complaining a soft moan escaped her lips. Prue smiled
in delight, so her little sister liked being forced. Prue used her magic
again and lifted Phoebe off of her lap, flipped her over, untied her ankles
bounds, spread her legs, and brought her pussy right in front of her mouth.
Phoebe screamed (either in delight or terror) as Prue lanced out with her
tongue and brushed against her pussy. She then grabbed her ass and buried
her face deep into the soft folds of Phoebe's cunt. Phoebe cried out in pure
pleasure as her sister expertly licked, sucked, and tickled her already
aroused cunt. In no time she reached orgasm, but instead of stopping Prue
quickened her tongue's pace, flicking out and nibbling on her clit. Phoebe
moaned a primal groan as her sister sent her into multiple orgasmic pleasure.

Just as Prue began to slow her talented tongue time froze and everyone
stopped where they stood as the third sister walked in. Piper had heard the
moans from outside and was stunned to see what her sisters were up to, but
oddly aroused. She approached the couple and...

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