Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: m/f, first - f/f, f/g, f/gg, spanking, whipping, mild
D/s and b&d - g/g, young, lesb, cons.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Summary: Certain events that happened during a summer vacation when Prue is
18 years old, Piper is 16 and Phoebe almost 14, are told here.

Notes: This happened long before the first episode of "Charmed" and the three
sisters don't posses any magical powers at this point.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 1 - Growing Pains Chapter 2
by Oric13 ([email protected])

Somewhat nervously, Phoebe Halliwell left the schoolbus and started walking
towards her house, absentmindedly listening to her sister's cheerful chatter.

'Of course,' Phoebe jealously thought, 'Piper had plenty of reasons to be
cheerful; her report card consisted primarily of A's, a few B's and one
lonely C (which she got for Gym).'

Those grades were much better then Phoebe's lonely B, two C's and plenty of
D's. There even were some very enthusiastic comments written on Piper's
report - by several of her teachers - praising her enthusiasm and ability to
learn. which sounded a whole lot better then some of the remarks on Phoebe's
report that commented about her "laziness", "disruptive behaviour" and her
"total unwillingness to do her homework".

As they approached the Halliwell Manor, Phoebe sighed and mentally prepared
herself for what would at the very least be; a stern scolding from her

* * *

"Grandma! We're home!"

Phoebe winced as her sister loudly advertised their arrival.

"I'm in the kitchen!" Grams called back.

Phoebe watched with some apprehension as her sister skipped into the kitchen,
she didn't follow Piper in; instead she started fidgeting by the door.
Contemplating whether she should follow her sister in "and face the music" or
try to postpone the inevitable by sneaking upstairs to her room. She had
finally decided on the latter, when she suddenly heard her grandmother
calling from the kitchen.


Letting out another sigh, she opened the door and entered the kitchen.

* * *

Penny Halliwell smiled when her youngest grandchild finally entered the

"Hello Pheebs," she handed her granddaughter a glass of cool lemonade. "What
took you so long, honey?"

Phoebe mumbled an inaudible reply as she sat down.

Having just received a report card from her - much more cheerfully - other
granddaughter, Penny had a good idea what was bothering her normally so
bouncy, youngest grandchild. Wincing a bit as she considered exactly how bad
Phoebe's report card had to be, if she was this reluctant to show it.

'Well. best to get this over with quickly,' she wryly thought. 'The sooner
the girls can enjoy their vacation.'

"I noticed you finally got your report cards back," Penny gently began. "I
already looked over and signed Piper's."

She smiled at Piper, who was merrily sipping her lemonade.

Turning back to Phoebe, "and I would like to see yours now."

"Then that little job will be taken care of." She added, giving Phoebe a
questioning look.

Looking down, Phoebe handed her report card to her grandmother.

"Thanks, sweetie."

Opening the report card, she started looking through it. Feeling her heart
sink as she noticed the large amount of D's. 'Even worse then the last one,'
she sighed as she finished reading the report, wincing a little at the
teacher's comments.

"This isn't very good, Phoebe." Penny admonished her granddaughter. "Like a
lot of the teachers mention on your report: you can do a lot better than
this... you have done so in the past, so why not now?"

After looking silently at the tabletop for a while, Phoebe finally muttered,
"I dunno."

"That isn't very helpful, Phoebe!" Penny sternly responded, "We all know that
you are a very bright girl, who can accomplish a lot if she just put her mind
to it. But you seem unwilling to do just that, why is that?"

"I dunno," Phoebe softly repeated again.

Penny sighed exasperated.

"As I said before: that response isn't very helpful. Now if there is a reason
why your grades keep dropping, then I want to know what it is and try to help
you with it." she lifted Phoebe's chin and looked her in the eyes, "but first
you have to tell me what it is, sweetie!"

"It's... It's nothing in particular, Grams. I... I just have a lot of other
things on my mind besides school." Phoebe explained, "Besides... school is

"School may not always be a lot of fun, but it's very important for your
future, young lady!" Penny lectured the young girl. "If you want to get a
decent job later on, then you need to do well in school and college. If
you keep blowing off your homework like you do now, then you may not even
get into college."

"Now if you have a good reason for not paying attention in class and
neglecting to do your homework, then I'd like to hear it now."

Penny raised an eyebrow at her youngest grandchild. "Well?"

Phoebe bit her lip and looked down at the tabletop again.

"Very well," Penny sighed. "Since you can't give me any reason, I guess your
teachers were right when they called you lazy."

She waited a few moments to see if Phoebe would respond to this, when she
didn't, she continued, "Because that seems to be the case. and my lectures
doesn't seem to make much of a difference, I guess stronger measures are

Penny gave her granddaughter a stern look. "I want you to go upstairs to Prue
and give her your report card, then after she has read it, you will ask her
for your punishment."

Piper winced when she heard those words.

It wasn't long after their mom died that Prue sort of took over as their
mother. Of course their grandmother took care of a lot, but Penny was also
very busy with other things in her life; like her job and her Wicca, she
also had a very busy social life. So a big part of the responsibility was
left to Prue and like all things Prue does; she got into her roll with her
usual seriousness and determination. and their big sister was a firm
believer in the "spare the rod, spoil the child" proverb. So it wasn't very
hard to guess what Phoebe's punishment was going to be.

Phoebe cringed a little - even though she half-suspected this would come -
and started to rise from her chair.

"You don't have to go right away, Phoebe." Penny said not unkindly. "You can
sit here for awhile and finish your lemonade."

"No... that's okay, grams." Phoebe responded and walked to the door. "I
rather face my punishment as soon as possible."

* * *

Phoebe silently stood in front of the closed door to her sister's room. As
always when she is about to be punished by her dominating sister, she felt
a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and walked in.

* * *

Busy writing at her desk, Prue looked up somewhat disturbed when she heard
someone enter her room. She shot her sister an annoyed look.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking, Phoebe?" she admonished her sister.

"Sorry, Prue." Phoebe said rather unperturbed.

Closing her diary, Prue raised a questioning eyebrow at her youngest sister.
"So? What do you want, Phoebe?"

"Grams told me to go to you," Phoebe hesitated slightly, then held out her
report card. "And show you this."

Prue took the report and quickly read it through, frowning a little when she

"This isn't very good, Pheebs," she gave her sister a disappointed look. "You
could do a lot better then this."

"I know." Phoebe softly replied.

"Then why didn't you?" Prue questioned.

Phoebe looked down and didn't respond to her sister's question.

Prue waited quietly for a while, watching as her kid sister studied her
shoes. Breaking the silence she asked, "Is there anything else grams told you
to do?"

Looking up, nervously fiddling with her hands, Phoebe whispered, "Yes... she
told me. I should ask you for my punishment."

Prue nodded solemnly. "I suspected as much. Well. you know the routine,

"Strip!" Prue commanded firmly, issuing her sister a stern look.

While Phoebe removed her clothing, Prue got up from her desk chair and sat
down on the bed, watching her little sister disrobe. As her sister took off
her underwear, Prue couldn't help noticing how much her sister had grown in
the last year. 'She's turning into quite the young woman.' Prue observed
when Phoebe's apple-sized breasts appeared.

Never being much for modesty, Phoebe stood rather relaxed with her arms at
her side, granting her sister an unobstructed look of her naked body. Smiling
at her sister, Phoebe let her fingers skip across the peach fuzz between her

"I finally got hair there," she proudly exclaimed.

"I noticed," Prue dryly replied.

Patting her lap, Prue gave her sister a little nod. "Time for your
punishment, little one. Come on. across my lap."

Obediently Phoebe draped her naked body across her oldest sister's lap, her
buttocks clenching a bit in anticipation while she awaited her spanking.


"Oh!" Phoebe exclaimed in surprise as Prue's first spank landed on her bare





Prue was soon pounding a steady rhythm on her sister's buttocks, giving each
globe a quick spank in succession.

"I hope - SMACK! SMACK! - this will - SMACK! SMACK! - teach you, - SMACK!
SMACK! - to take - SMACK! SMACK! - your schoolwork - SMACK! SMACK! - more

"Oww! I'll do better, Prue!"


"I promise!"

"Good! SMACK! SMACK! Because, if you don't! - SMACK! SMACK! - Then I am -
SMACK! SMACK! - going to have - SMACK! SMACK! - to take - SMACK! SMACK! -
some stronger measures!"

Prue grabbed her hairbrush from the nightstand and started using it on her
sister's little pink fanny.

WHACK!! WHACK!! "Ouch!!" WHACK!! WHACK!! "Owww!" WHACK!! WHACK!!
WHACK!! "Owwww!!!" WHACK!! WHACK!!

* * *

After smacking her sister's ass for almost ten minutes, Prue studied
Phoebe's red face and her matching buttocks and decided she'd had enough.
She patiently waited until her little sister recovered, gently stroking
Phoebe's back while consoling her.

"It's okay, sweetie. Your spanking is finished now." Prue whispered in her
sister's ear.

Phoebe quickly composed herself and Prue helped her get of her lap.

The youngest Halliwell reached back to rub her smarting buttocks but was
quickly stopped by her eldest sister.

"Nuh-uh!" Prue shook her head. "You know the rules, Phoebe. You're not
allowed to rub your little fanny until I give you permission do to so."

"I'm sorry, Prue." Phoebe said somewhat sedately. "Could I have your
permission, please?"

"You first have to do your corner time, honey." Prue answered, guiding her
little sister to an empty corner of her room. "Now face the corner, hands
behind your head. There, that's a good girl!"

Prue walked back to her desk and resumed writing in her journal, from time
to time looking up to glance at her sister before continuing to write again.

After about fifteen minutes she closed her journal and put it away, then
walked back to her bed. Sitting down, she called her sister over. "Your
punishment is over, sweetie. You may leave the corner now."

Phoebe quickly turned around, ran to her sister and leapt into her arms. Prue
enveloped her little sister into a big hug. "It's okay, sweetheart." she
gently consoled her sister.

With a feeling of bliss, Phoebe let herself meld into her eldest sister's
comforting embrace. 'Prue's consoling after a punishment is one of my most
favourite things.' She happily thought, firmly holding on, while her sister
softly rubbed her back and occasionally her backside while softly cooing
sweet nothings into her ear.

After a while, Prue released her embrace and Phoebe reluctantly let go of her

Prue looked into her sister's eyes and gave her a smile. "You feel better
now, honey?"

Phoebe smiled back. "I do. thank you, Prue."

"You're welcome, Pheebs." Prue smiled. "Now." she said, sounding more serious
again. "We still have to talk about your next year of school."

"I'll do better then!" Phoebe quickly promised.

"That's good, sweetie." Prue grinned. "Because next school year, we're going
to implement a little system."

"What kind of "little system"?" Phoebe asked with a sense of foreboding.

"A little grade enhancement system, I just thought up." Prue replied somewhat
proudly. "It's like this: every time you get a C for a test, you will get a
spanking. Every time you get a D you will get a session with the hairbrush
and every time you'll get an F, your butt will have a date with my leather

Phoebe paled a little. "But... but... that's not FAIR!" she complained.

Prue gave her sister a sympathetic look and stroked her hair.

"I know it sounds a bit harsh, honey." Prue said in a motherly tone of voice.
"But trust me, it's for your own good. It's important to me that you get into
collage, so you can get a good job later in your life." Prue explained. "For
that to happen you need to learn to study and do your homework properly.
Since talking hasn't helped much in the last two years, this is the best way
to ensure you don't flunk out."

Phoebe sighed miserably and buried her head in her sister's chest.

"Come on, sweetie." Prue resumed stroking her sister's hair. "It won't be
THAT bad, me and Piper will help you study. It will all work out... for the
better, you'll see!"

Phoebe looked up and gave her sister a pleading look. "Is this really

"You know it is, Pheebs," Prue gently replied. "You're a very smart girl, but
you lack self-discipline. So I have to provide the discipline for you."

"...and you deal it out aplenty." Phoebe softly muttered.

Prue giggled. "I'm glad to see you understand."

Phoebe bit her lip then nodded. "It's not like I've got a whole lot of choice
in the matter anyway."

"That's the spirit!" Prue said, somewhat sarcastically.

Lifting Phoebe from her lap, so her sister was standing in front of her, Prue
reached into her nightstand and pulled out a small jar.

"Because you're so understanding and took your spanking so well, I'm gonna
give you this cream." Prue handed her sister the jar and shot her a grin. "If
you rub it on your butt, it will make the pain subside a lot quicker."

"Thanks, Prue!" Phoebe said happily surprised. Turning to walk away, she
hesitated for a moment. She turned back and gave Prue an adoring look,
innocently batting her eyes at her.

"What?" Prue suspiciously asked, well aware that Phoebe only used this look
when she wanted a big favour.

"Could you please. put the ointment on me?" Phoebe pleadingly requested.

"I'm pretty sure you can manage it yourself, Phoebe." Prue replied

"Please? Pretty please?" Phoebe begged in a childlike tone. "You did say I've
been good," she pouted.

"Well." Prue responded hesitatingly, "I guess I cou--"

"Great!" Phoebe interrupted her and dived on the bed next to her sister after
tossing her the ointment.

Open-mouthed, Prue took in the picture of her little sister - kneeling naked
on the bed with her head on her arms, wiggling her ass at her - and blinked.
'What the hell just happened here?'

Sighing deeply in exasperation, she opened the jar and scooped out some
ointment then gently started rubbing it onto her sister's little butt.

As soon as the cool cream was rubbed on her hot butt-cheeks Phoebe quickly
gave note of her appreciation by letting out a loud moan.

"Ohhhh yeahhh!!! That feels sooo good!!"

Rolling her eyes a little, Prue proceeded to spread the soft salve all over
her sister's buttocks.

"YES! Oh yeah!! Right there. Ohhhh Prue!! That feels so wonderful." Phoebe
panted. "Mmmm, oh. OH! Ohhhh YES!! Oh. oh oh oh. OH! Hmmm. yes."

'O my God!' Prue felt herself becoming flushed by her sister's excessive
moans. 'You'd think I was rubbing a certain other part of her anatomy by
the way she's moaning.'

Quickly finishing her job, she gave her sister a little pat on her behind.
"All done," she said.

Phoebe looked back with a disappointed look on her face. "Already?"

Prue nodded, then got up and walked to the door. "I'm going to wash my hands
and join Piper and grandma downstairs. You can stay here and let the salve be
absorbed, that should take about ten minutes, then get dressed and join us."

"Okay... and Prue?"

Prue shot her sister a questioning look.

"Thanks for rubbing my butt," Phoebe said with a little giggle.

Giving her sister a wink, Prue turned and left the room.


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