Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: m/f, first - f/f, f/g, f/gg, spanking, whipping, mild
D/s and b&d - g/g, young, lesb, cons.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Summary: Certain events that happened during a summer vacation when Prue is
18 years old, Piper is 16 and Phoebe almost 14, are told here.

Notes: This happened long before the first episode of "Charmed" and the three
sisters don't posses any magical powers at this point.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 1 - Growing Pains Chapter 4
by Oric13 ([email protected])

"Is that what I think it is?" Phoebe asked in a deferential tone of voice.

"Yup!" Samantha Green proudly replied. "It's a joint, Donny Henderson gave
me four of them. and you know he always got the best grass."

"Yeah. and I also know he doesn't usually "give" them away," Phoebe said
somewhat surprised. "He usually smokes or sells them, for a lot of cash."
She gave her friend an inquiring look. "How did you manage to get FOUR for

Giggling loudly, Samantha shot the brunette a naughty look. "I showed him
my tits."

Phoebe burst into laughter. "You didn't!"

"I did, he dared me to do it. He first bet me one joint," Samantha snickered.
"I said I'd do it for ten, he finally ended up offering me four. and then I
showed them!"

"So." she looked impishly at her friend. "How about we smoke this bad boy

Phoebe looked around somewhat nervously. They were holding a sleepover in her
room and even though grams had gone on a trip for a few days taking Piper
with her, Prue was still at home "babysitting" her little sister.

"I don't know, Sam. Prue's home and I REALLY don't want her to catch us
smoking weed." Phoebe shuddered as she considered what Prue's reaction would
be if she found out.

"Oh, come on, Phoebe!" Samantha looked at her - usually very daring - friend
with surprise. "Don't tell me YOU of all people are scared."

"With good reason!" Phoebe responded defensively. "My sister is NOT someone
you want to mess with."

"Don't be chicken, Pheebs. Besides, she didn't bother us the last two times
I slept over, did she?" she playfully poked her friend. "Come on. I'll show
you my tits if you do."

They both giggled hysterically.

"Oh. very well," Phoebe smiled. "Let's smoke it up!"

* * *

"Wow! I feel so... relaxed." Phoebe said dreamingly as she took another drag
and handed the joint back to her friend.

"Yeah. this is such a great way to unwind." Sam responded, contently blowing
out a cloud of smoke.

Lying back on Phoebe's bed, they silently enjoyed their newly discovered
vice, when they suddenly heard a sharp knock.

They swiftly sat up, and look at each other with wide-open eyes. Phoebe
quickly handed the joint to Samantha who just as rapidly handed it back.
"Quick!" she hissed. "Find a place to hide the joint."

"Where do I hide a burning joint?" Phoebe hissed back. "Besides, she'll still
smell the smoke! We have to--"

All of a sudden the door opened and Prue stuck her head in the room. "Phoebe?
Do you and your friend want." she slowly trailed off. "What the hell... are


"Well." Phoebe looked at the burning joint in her hand. 'Hum... a bit
difficult to deny that right now.'

Prue walked in the room and took a suspicious whiff. "And you're smoking

"Could I take the fifth on this?"

Narrowing her eyes, Prue walked up to her sister and grabbed the joint then
put it out by pressing the burning end with her fingers.

Both girls paled a little when they saw that.

"Your in SO much trouble right now, little sister." Prue glared at her
sister's friend. "And so are you! I take it you supplied the weed?"

"Y-yes." Sam gulped. "W-what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to call your parents and ask them to pick you up, then I'm going
to tell them that I saw you two smoking a joint, which you brought into this

"No! Please don't tell them, Miss Halliwell!" the girl begged.

Prue snorted depreciatively. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't?"

"M-my father promised my brother and me a car for our sixteenth birthday;
provided we don't smoke and have our license." Samantha explained tearfully.
"If he finds out that not only have I been smoking... but I've been smoking
grass. Well, I'll be lucky if I'm not still grounded when I turn sixteen,
let alone be allowed to drive."

"Then you should have thought about that BEFORE you lit up that joint." Prue
coldly replied.

"Please!" Samantha tried again. "I-I..." she suddenly thought of a possible
way out. "Are you going to punish Phoebe?"

Prue gave her sister a wicked little smile that made her shiver. "I most
certainly will. right after your parents have picked you up."

"C-couldn't you just give me the same punishment as Phoebe?" Samantha
implored. "Instead of bringing my folks into this."

Prue looked the girl over for a moment, then shot her the same wicked smile
she issued her sister earlier; making Samantha shiver as well.

After thinking for a while, she finally replied, "That might not be such a
bad idea."

Looking at her sister, "Why don't you explain to Miss Green, what your
punishment is going to be." Turning to Samantha, she held up the joint. "I'm
going to put this away, when I get back, you let me know if you are willing
to receive the same punishment as my sister."

Prue turned on her heels and left the room.

"Wow." Phoebe finally said after a few moments of silence.

"Yeah. wow!" Samantha replied still in a bit of a shock. "Your sister
certainly is... a very intense person."

"So." she hesitatingly asked. "What exactly is our punishment going to be?"

"You haven't guessed it by now?" Phoebe wryly replied. "Let's just say that
should you choose to accept your punishment from Prue: we'll both be sleeping
on our bellies tonight."

"You mean... she spanks you?" Samantha asked, suddenly fascinated.

"Almost on a weekly basis," Phoebe confessed. "But you can be sure that a
spanking isn't all we're going to get tonight... a transgression this big
will probably earn us a session with the belt."

Samantha stared at Phoebe with a mix of apprehension and excitement. "Does...
Does she hit hard?"

"Oh yeah... she swings that belt like a real pro!" Phoebe replied with a

"But... you managed to take such punishments before?"

Phoebe nodded.

"Then so can I!" Samantha resolved firmly.

At that moment Prue entered the room again, a heavy leather belt dangling
from her right hand. Looking at Samantha questioningly, she asked, "So, Miss
Green... have you made up your mind?"

Nodding determinedly, Sam answered, "Yes, I have. I have decided to take my
punishment from you."

A gleam sparkled in her eyes as Prue responded, "Very good, in that case,
ladies. Time to strip."

With wide-open eyes, Samantha looked at Prue in shock, and then turned to
look at Phoebe; who - to her amazement - was already stripping of her

"T-T-The punishment is delivered in the nude?!" she squeaked.

"No... the punishment is taken in the nude. I keep my clothes on." Prue
clarified, she shot Phoebe a chagrined look. "Did you forget to mention that
little detail, Phoebe?"

Phoebe gave her friend an apologizing look. "Oops!" Then shrugged and
continued her disrobing.

"You wish to reconsider, Miss Green?" Prue asked. "I could still call your
parents and have them deal with it."

Samantha looked at Phoebe, who was now entirely naked and was standing quite
relaxed by the bed. She'd seen her friend naked before, at school, in the
shower. However, seeing her naked in this situation was somehow different.
Taking a long look at Phoebe's naked body, she took in the firm, round
breasts and the sparse hair that covered her slit. 'Very nice,' she thought

Noticing that she had been staring at Phoebe's nubile form much longer then
would be considered proper, she was suddenly very aware of both the sisters'
eyes on her. Quickly turning back towards her friend's elder sister, she bit
her lip and shook her head.

"No, I'll do it."

She got up from the bed and slowly started taking off her clothes.

Phoebe observed her friend's slow, reluctant disrobing with amusement. 'What
is she thinking? That if she removes her clothes slowly enough, she'll never
get naked?' Still... it was quite entertaining, even erotic, seeing her
friend do this slow, unwilling striptease.

With interest, Phoebe saw Sam's bra-clad breasts appear as her friend finally
took off her shirt. Phoebe studied her friend's tits with a great deal of
envy as Samantha slowly bends over to pull off her jeans.

Though Phoebe was pretty well endowed - certainly for her age - her friend's
"assets" were even more impressive. At age fourteen, Samantha Green had a
pair of tits that a lot of eighteen year olds could only dream of -- no
wonder Donny Henderson had been willing to part with four of his precious
joints to see them.

No matter how long Samantha had tried to avoid it; she was now down to her
last two pieces of clothing, only a bra and slip. Giving Prue a pleading
look, she only got a raised eyebrow and an impatient "get on with it" gesture
in return. With a sigh, she unclasped her bra and her large breasts sprung

Both Halliwell sisters watched in fascination as the two big globes defied
gravity by not even sagging in the slightest.

For a moment, Phoebe got the urge to applaud. she wisely suppressed that
urge however.

Both sisters held their breath as Samantha slowly hooked her thumbs in the
waistband of her panties and - after giving the Halliwells a self-conscious
look - slowly slid them down; revealing her gold, blonde bush to their eager

'Mmmm,' Phoebe licked her lips appreciatively.

Looking at her - now naked - friend and her stern, dominating, big sister
who was taking in Samantha's luscious body with an appreciative look of her
own, she felt like this situation seemed somehow familiar. Frowning a little,
she digged deep in her memories. 'This is probably some weird case of
deja-vu. I mean: I'd surely remember if I ever saw this befo--' Suddenly it
came to her. 'OF COURSE! That magazine in Prue's room; Samantha looks just
like the young girl who was being whipped by the dark-haired dominatrix, who
had an uncanny resemblance to Prue.'

Phoebe abruptly burst into giggles.

Prue shot her sister a questioning look. "What exactly is so funny, Phoebe?"

"Uhm," Phoebe quickly looked down and covered her mouth to stifle her
laughter. "Nothing, Prue."

Giving her sister an amused smirk, Prue said, "I think we just got a
volunteer for the first spanking." Sitting down on the bed she beckoned her
sister. "Over my knee, Phoebe."

Wincing a little, Phoebe walked over to where Prue was seated and draped
herself across her sister's legs.

After re-positioning her kid sister, so her little butt was lifted upwards -
presenting a tempting target - Prue raised her hand and forcefully brought it
down on Phoebe's buttocks.



Prue quickly followed up with a volley of spanks, wasting little time in
warming up her naughty sister's bare bottom.

Glancing beside her, Prue noticed Samantha was following her friend's
spanking with tremendous fascination; she was shifting nervously on the bed
and her cheeks were red from excitement. 'Not unlike Phoebe's cheeks,' Prue
noted absentmindedly. 'Different cheeks though, which are red for different

Samantha became aware of Prue watching her, and blushed a deep blush that
covered a big part of her naked body.

Prue gave her sister's friend a sly wink and resumed her sister's punishment
in earnest.

After spanking her sister for a full ten minutes, Prue stopped and examined
her handiwork with a satisfied look. "Not bad. That was a nice warming up,
wasn't it, Pheebs?" Prue inquired, her hand gently stroking her sister's
warm buttocks.

A slightly teary-eyed Phoebe looked back. "Yeah. you're in rare form today,
Sis." She answered back wryly.

With a smile, Prue helped her sister off her lap.

Standing in front of her big sister, Phoebe fidgeted a bit as she tried to
keep herself from rubbing her painful buttocks.

After watching her sister's little dance with some amusement for a while,
Prue finally took pity. "You may rub your little bottom, Phoebe."

Phoebe sighed in relief as she rubbed her ass-cheeks unabashedly, relieving
some of the sting.

Samantha, who'd followed Phoebe's ordeal with great excitement found the
whole scene very erotic; seeing this stunning young woman spank her
beautiful, naked, little sister was the hottest thing she'd ever seen in
her young life. However, her excitement was becoming slightly tempered with
the knowledge that it soon would be her turn across Prue's lap. 'My God!
That woman spanks like she does this for a living!' Samantha thought
somewhat frightfully. 'If this is the result after just using her hand,
then I don't want to see what happens when she's using that heavy looking
belt.' ... 'Or at least,' she reconsidered. 'I don't want to FEEL what
happens when she uses that belt.' She gulped when she suddenly felt Prue's
eyes on her again.

"So, I guess it's time now for the other naughty girl to go over my lap."
Prue said, giving Samantha a meaningful look.

Suppressing the sudden urge to make a break for it; Samantha slowly stood
and walked towards Phoebe's very imposing, big sister. Standing in front of
her, Sam hesitated.

With a gentle smile, Prue took Sam's hand and guided her onto her lap. Taking
a sharp breath when she unexpectedly felt Samantha's erect nipples scrape
across her legs. Looking to her left, Prue saw Sam's big pendulous breasts
hanging there, which now sported some very erect nipples. 'Just like my
little sister,' she softly snickered.

Concentrating herself on the appointed target, Prue studied Sam's soft,
round, lily-white butt. 'Which will soon be a different colour,' she thought
with a smile as she raised her hand.


"OH!!!" Samantha cried out in surprise.


"Oh my GOD!" she exclaimed wide-eyed.



Still standing in front of her sister, rubbing her butt; Phoebe got a strong
urge to rub something else as she watched her sister fervently spanking her
friend's ass. With a fascinated look, she watched Sam's big tits sway
hypnotically back and forth as Samantha bucked wildly each time Prue's hand
connected with her buttocks. 'Wow!' she thought admiringly. 'This is some


"Holy SHIT!!" Sam yelled out, she'd hoped to take her spanking as stoically
as Phoebe, but that proved to be a vain hope.

Prue spanked her sister's friend for about 5-6 minutes, and then decided
she'd had enough. Judging by her cries and the frantic kicking of her legs,
Samantha had never been spanked before and certainly wasn't able to take
the level or amount of punishment, Phoebe could.

"Your spanking is over now, Samantha." Prue told the girl, giving her bottom
a little pat. Letting her hand rest on Sam's glowing buttocks, she waited
until the girl stopped weeping. When Samantha finally managed to compose
herself, Prue stood her up next to Phoebe and smiled at the sniffling girl.
"Rub your bottom, sweetie. It will help to take the sting away."

Samantha eagerly followed that piece of advice and rubbed her burning globes.

"I will give you both a little time to recover before you'll receive your
whipping." Prue said as she stood up. Walking towards the door she called
back, "and I'll bring up something to drink. that was actually the reason
I came up here in the first place."

* * *

Prue had just left after bringing them their drinks and the girls were
sipping their cokes while discussing all that had happened in the last hour.

Turning her naked butt towards Phoebe, Samantha asked, "Are there handprints
visible on my buttocks?"

Phoebe giggled. "No, she didn't spank THAT hard."

"Well," Samantha dryly said, turning back towards her friend. "At some point,
it felt like she came damn close to leaving a permanent imprint on my

Giving her friend a respectful look, she added, "Although I noticed she
spanked you harder."

"And longer." Phoebe replied with a grin. "My butt is pretty much used to it,

"May I touch it?" Sam asked curiously. "You can touch mine if you want."

"Sure," Phoebe smiled invitingly at her friend and lay on her stomach.

Reaching out tentatively, Samantha felt her friend's buttocks. "Wow! They
still feel hot!"

"Yeah, whenever Prue spanks; she does it with vigour." Phoebe lazily
responded while her friend softly rubbed her buttocks.

After Samantha removed her hands, Phoebe sat up. "My turn!" she grinned.

Samantha laid down on her belly while an investigative Phoebe examined her
bottom; gently stroking the pink globes. "You know, once when Prue was really
pissed off at me... when I accidentally broke the porcelain figurine that mom
gave her; she pried apart my buttocks while spanking me, and spanked inside
my crevice." Spreading Sam's ass-cheeks for a moment, she studied her
friend's puckered opening with a mischievous smile. "Now that REALLY hurts."

Samantha wriggled her ass a little and quickly sat back up. "Phoebe! You
dirty little girl!" she giggled.

* * *

The two naked girls halted their conversation as Prue entered the room again.

"I hope you both managed to recover a bit," Prue told the girls while picking
up the belt. "Because it's time for the second part of your punishment."

"Now, lets see." she shot the cowering young women an impious smile. "Which
one of you naughty girls will have the honour of going first this time."

"Any volunteers?" Prue requested.

Hearing no answer (and not really expecting to), she looked the two
beautiful, apprehensive, naked girls over with a thoughtful gaze. A
mischievous gleam appeared in her eyes when a rather naughty idea
suddenly popped up in her mind.

"I think I just solved the problem of who should go first." Prue grinned

The girls looked at each other nervously then looked questioningly at their

"Both of you girls: kneel on the edge of the bed, with your head on your arms
and your little butts raised up high." Prue commanded.

They quickly followed the young woman's commands and assumed the ordered

"Closer together," Prue said, observing the girls movements. "I want your
sides and more importantly: your butts, touching each other."

She adjusted the young girls romps a little, so their naked buttocks
perfectly aligned. "That's it, I think." Standing back a bit she admired
the view before her. "Perfect!"

Prue licked her lips while she eyed the two inviting targets before her.
"Now hold that position. I am going to give you both fifteen strokes with
the belt."

Wrapping the end of the belt around her right hand she continued, "But if
either one of you gets out of position then that stroke will not count."

"Now, are you girls ready?"

Phoebe quickly answered with an affirmative and a few seconds later Samantha
also mumbled a soft yes. Her reply was immediately followed by the sound of
Prue's belt whooshing through the air.


With a loud noise the belt connected with the girls' bare bottoms. Leaving a
red stripe across their perfect alabaster globes.

"OUCH!!!" Samantha cried out while Phoebe let out a sharp gasp.

"One!" Prue counted while bringing her arm around for another swing.

CRACK!! "Two."

CRACK!! "Three."


CRACK!! "Four!"

"OH SHIT!!" Sam loudly exclaimed.

Having just placed four perfect horizontal stripes on both girls' buttocks,
Prue now whipped the belt against the underside of their rumps, leaving a
neat fifth stripe.

CRACK!!! "Five!"


Prue took a moment to admire her work; it was quite a sight, seeing those
nice round bottoms high up in the air, with five perfect straight red welts
crossing them.

"You probably don't appreciate this as much as I do," she told the girls.
"But I'm sure that if you could see your bottoms right now. that you would
be quite impressed with the five perfect straight, horizontal red lines I
put across your buttocks.

Samantha lifted her face from out of the covers for a moment and gave Phoebe
a disbelieving look. "Is she kidding us?!" she silently mouthed.

Prue thoughtfully continued, "I think I'll add some diagonal stripes now."

With these words she brought the belt down once more across Phoebe's and her
friend's bare butts.

CRACK!! "Six." Prue resumed her count.

* * *

CRACK!! "Twelve."

"OH GOD!" Clawing with her fingers in the comforter, Samantha desperately
tried to keep still.

Phoebe was also having trouble keeping into position. Both their butts were
now liberally covered in stripes and each new stroke covered at least four
other marks.

CRACK!!! "Thirteen."

"Owwww!" Sam howled as she shot forwards.

"That one didn't count, since you didn't stay into position, Miss Green."
Prue said with a slight note of satisfaction in her voice.

"Oh please! Does it have to be repeated?" Samantha tearfully begged. "I
promise, I'll stay still for the rest of the strokes, Miss Halliwell."

Prue took in the pleading girl with an uncertain look and hesitated for a
moment. 'I suppose I could give her a break, she did take most of her
whipping a lot better then I expected. Certainly considering her ass was
"virgin" before I spanked her.'

"Very well," Prue conceded, "but if you get out of position one more time,
then not only that stroke will be repeated but this stroke as well."

"Now get your little butt back in line!" she sternly commanded.

Samantha hastily knelt next to her friend again and pushed her ass invitingly
up, allowing her friend's sister to adjust her bottom until it was perfectly
aligned again.

Stepping to the side, Prue took another swing.

CRACK!!! "Fourteen!"

"OUCHHH!!!" Both girls cried in unison, but managed to stay into position.
They prepared for the last stroke and braced themselves.

CRACK!!! "Fifteen!"

"YOWWWWW!!!" They howled as the last stroke landed just above their thighs.

"Not bad," Prue complimented the two panting girls. "You both took your
punishment surprisingly well!"

The two well-punished girls raised themselves from their kneeling position;
turning to Prue they gave her a questioning look.

Smiling, she answered their unspoken question, "You may touch your red little

They quickly massaged their sore butts, though it made little difference this
time; their asses still felt like they were on fire.

Prue gave them each a quick hug, which they eagerly returned. "I hope you
learned your lesson, girls?" she shot them both a pointed look. "Now, I want
you both to go to bed within the hour." Walking to the door she looked back
for a moment. "And you girls better be good for the rest of this sleepover,
or you both will be over my knee again before you can say: Do you have an
outfit to go with this bong?"

Smirking at the girls, she turned towards the door and walked out.
"Goodnight, ladies."

"Goodnight, Prue." Phoebe called back.

"Goodnight, Miss Halliwell." Samantha said.

* * *

Waiting until Phoebe's domineering sister was out of earshot, Sam turned to
her friend with an inquiring look. With somewhat of an astonished tone in her
voice she said, "Does your friend moonlights as a dominatrix or something?
Because she sure hits like a pro!"

Phoebe giggled. "You've read my mind, I've often wondered the same thing."

"I mean, look at your butt! Your sister was right; those welts are perfectly
straight, both the horizontal as the diagonal ones.

"Really?" Phoebe asked curiously. "Let me see your butt!"

Samantha knelt in front of her friend, who studied her ass. Smiling at first,
but her expression quickly turned to one of admiration.

"Wow! You're right, the welts on your ass also seemed to be in perfect
alignment." Phoebe shook her head in wonder. "You can say of Prue what you
want, but she certainly takes pride in her work."

They both suddenly burst into giggles.

After a few minutes they regained their composure. Sam who had rolled over
on her butt, sat up with a painful look.

"Shit!" Samantha massaged her ass vigorously. "It still hurts as bad as when
she ended the whipping."

"Yeah, me too. I think I have something that will ease the pain though."

"My saviour!" Sam smiled at her friend. "What is it?"

"It's an ointment. Prue gave it to me a couple of weeks back or so; after
she'd given me a dose with the hairbrush." Phoebe opened her nightstand. "I
think I still have some of it left."

"Yes!" she held up the small jar triumphantly. "Here it is!"

"Cool!" Sam replied. "Who goes first?"

Phoebe grinned at her friend. "Guests firsts! Just lay down and let Auntie
Phoebe make it all better."

Samantha giggled and lay down on her belly.

Phoebe grabbed a pillow and moved it under her friend's hips, making her
buttocks stick up in the air.

Opening the jar, she dipped her fingers in the cool ointment and started
spreading it across Sam's red ass-cheeks.

"Mmmm, that feels sooo much better!" Samantha sighed contently.

With a big smile, Phoebe gently massaged the young girl's buttocks. Softly
kneading and stroking them 'till her friend purred like a kitten. She
suddenly noticed that Sam's little blonde slit was dripping wet, with
interest she watched the drops of moisture slide down.

Phoebe was suddenly shocked out of her reverie by her friend's voice.

".want me to do you now, Pheebs?" Sam inquired.

"Ehm," Phoebe shook herself awake. "Yeah, sure!"

Samantha sat up and took the jar of ointment from her friend and guided
Phoebe across the pillow. Watching with appreciative eyes how the young
brunette's round butt was invitingly lifted towards her.

Removing some of the ointment from the jar, she smeared the cool cream
all over her friend's red buttocks.

"Ohhhhh yes! Mmmm, that really hits the spot. Hmmm. Oh yes!! Rub my little
butt, Sam! Yessss, that feels so goooood! Oh.." Phoebe moaned in delight.

Samantha was both surprised and delighted at her friend's fervent response
to her caresses. The punishment delivered to Phoebe and herself by her
friend's stern, yet beautiful older sister had already made her juices flow
and the wonderful massage the young brunette had given her had made her
REALLY horny. Phoebe's enthusiastic moans gave her the courage to try
something she had wanted to do for some time now.

Slowly she slid her fingers lower and lower, until finally she let her hand
slip between Phoebe's legs and gently rubbed her friend's little slit while
letting her middle finger play with the small, erect button she encountered.

"OH!!!" Phoebe called out in surprise. "Ohhhh Sam!! That feels sooo
wonderful. Oh GOD!! Don't stop! Oh yesss!!"

Samantha, encouraged by her friend's delightful moaning, happily continued
her ministrations.

"Mmmm. Ohhhh!! Yeah! Right there! Mmmm. Soooo good! So fucking good!!" Phoebe
groaned enthusiastically. "Ohhhh Sam! Yes!! Oh YES!! Fuck me, Sam!! Stick
your fingers inside my little cunt and fuck me HARD!"

Sam eagerly followed Phoebe's instructions and stuck two fingers inside her
friend's hot, tight twat, twisting them up and down.

"Fuck! YES!! Ohhhh. Fuck me, Sammy!!" Phoebe panted excitedly.

"You like that, Pheebs?" Sam whispered in the panting brunette's ear. "Do
you want me to fuck you harder?"

"YES!! Yesss. More!! Harder!!!"

Adding a third finger, Samantha started to move her fingers in and out with
more speed. With her right hand she reached around her friend's body and
started to pinch Phoebe's rock-hard nipples.

"Ohhhh FUCK!! . YES!! . I-I-I am going to fucking cum!" Phoebe cried out,
her body tensing.

"That's it! Cum for me, Pheebs!" Sam encouraged her friend. "You look sooo
delicious; on your hands and knees, pushing your little pussy on my fingers,
your juices dripping down my hand. Come on, cum for me!!" she breathed into
Phoebe's ear.

With a wild cry, Phoebe came hard! Shooting her juices all over her best
friend's hand.

"So you liked that, did you?" Samantha asked, smiling at her friend.

"Oh Yeah!! That was FUCKING great!" Phoebe sighed happily as she collapsed
on the bed.

"Then perhaps we could do it some more, when you catch your breath?"

"Oh, you bet!!" Phoebe smiled wickedly at the young blonde. "It's your turn
now and I can hardly wait to get my hands on that sweet blonde snatch of

* * *

With a smouldering look in her eyes, Phoebe laid her friend on her back,
with a pillow below her lower back, so her ass was lifted slightly up.

Bending over the voluptuous blonde, Phoebe hungrily took one of the alluring,
erect nipples in her mouth and started softly nibbling on it, much to her
friend's obvious approval.

"Mmmm, Oh Phoebe!"

Having admired her friend's big tits for a long time, Phoebe was delighted
that she could now play with them all she wanted. Eagerly she kneaded the
soft flesh and pulled on the hard red nipples. Taking one in her mouth while
she played with the other then switching back and forth. after playing for
almost half an hour with Samantha's juicy tits, she brought the girl to a
shuddering orgasm.

"Ohhhhh PHOEBE!!! OH!!!" The young blonde gasped for air, while she recovered
from one of the most intense orgasms she ever experienced.

Phoebe studied her friend curiously. "I never knew it was possible to cum
without touching your pussy."

"My tits are very sensitive," Samantha smiled.

"And very beautiful!" Phoebe added, giving the blonde's breast a greedy look.

Samantha giggled. "I never knew you were a "breasts" gal."

"You probably also didn't know that you really would end up showing me your
tits." Phoebe said, giving her friend a sly wink.

They both laughed.

"Actually, I also like your little pussy," Phoebe shot her wide-eyed friend
a wicked grin and kneeled between her legs. "A lot!" she added.

"In fact," she continued, "You look good enough to eat!" and buried her
head inside Sam's delectable crotch.

"OH! Oh oh oh oh oh, Phoebe!!" Samantha panted, laying back in complete
bliss while her best friend's raspy little tongue moved nimble across her
swollen lips; momentarily dipping in her hot hole then swiftly pulling out
again, continuing her path across her excited labia.

"OHHHHH PHOEBE!!! This is. incredible! Where did you learn to do this?!"

Phoebe looked up for a moment with a smug grin on her face. "You like?"
she said, wiggling her eyebrows in a lewd manner.

"Ohhhh YES!!" Samantha groaned, unhappy that Phoebe had stopped her expert
pussy licking even for a moment. "Please! Go on, Pheebs!" she begged her

"Go down, you mean." Phoebe grinned, but took pity on her friend and
continued her "tongue-lashing".

"Mmmmm, OH.. Yessss.. OH PHOEBE! Ohhhhh. Mmmmm. So goooood!" Samantha closed
her eyes in rapture as Phoebe's acrobatic tongue probed her slit.

When Sam unexpectedly felt her friend's tongue flicking her distended
clitoris, her eyes shot wide-open again. Her mouth fell open as Phoebe's
lips locked around her clit and sucked hard while abruptly driving three
fingers in her dripping slot.

"YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!" Samantha cried loudly while pressing her friend's head
against her wet crotch almost suffocating her with her flowing juices.
"GODDDDD!!!! YEEESSSSSS!!!" she shouted.

"Oh dear god!" she sighed while wiping the sweat from her forehead and
releasing her vice-like grip on her friend's head. "Never. have I cummed
THIS hard!"

"Or this loud!" said Phoebe looking at the panting blonde with astonishment.
"I'm pretty sure Prue heard that, even if she was sleeping. Hell, even if
she were dead she STILL would have heard that!"

Samantha giggled nervously while glancing at the door. 'Please, don't let
her come in here and give us an other whipping,' she silently begged.

The two girls sat as frozen as they silently stared at the door, each moment
expecting to hear Prue footsteps and see the door open.

Nothing happened though and both girls sighed in relief.

"Perhaps she didn't hear me?" Samantha said hesitatingly.

"Don't bet on it," Phoebe snickered. "I'm sure she did, but she probably
decided to let us enjoy our "sleepover" in peace. luckily she is a big
believer in respecting peoples privacy."

"Phew!" Samantha sighed in relief. "I was afraid we were going to get another
whipping. I'm not sure my ass could have survived that."

Phoebe giggled. "Yeah, another whipping this soon would have been a bit

"So, since we are not going to be disturbed." Sam gave her friend a wicked
grin. "How about I "thank" you for that wonderful orgasm you gave me?"

Phoebe raised her eyebrows in bewilderment. "You think you have enough energy
left to manage that, Sammy?" she grinned.

"Oh Yes!" Samantha smiled while leaning over her friend's nubile body.
"Looking at your scrumptious naked body gives me all the energy I need."

"Really?" Phoebe replied innocently. "Do I look that tasty?"

"You look good enough to eat!" Samantha growled while spreading her friend's


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