Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: m/f, first - f/f, f/g, f/gg, spanking, whipping, mild
D/s and b&d - g/g, young, lesb, cons.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Summary: Certain events that happened during a summer vacation when Prue is
18 years old, Piper is 16 and Phoebe almost 14, are told here.

Notes: This happened long before the first episode of "Charmed" and the three
sisters don't posses any magical powers at this point.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 1 - Growing Pains Chapter 5
by Oric13

Piper growled in frustration as she searched through her closet for the new
blouse she bought last week. 'Where is it?! I'm sure I put it here, right
after I bought it!' Suddenly a picture of her youngest sister popped up in
her mind. 'Phoebe! She wouldn't, would she? ... She probably would... if she
dares to "loan" clothes from Prue without asking, then there is no reason
why she wouldn't do the same with me, even if it is a brand new shirt with
the tags still on them.'

Marching to her sister's room, she knocked briskly on the door then suddenly
remembered that Phoebe was sleeping over at her friend, Samantha's place.
'They sure had a lot of sleepovers lately.' she silently mused, then shrugged
and opened the door.

After looking around for a moment, she walked to the closet and searched
through it... it didn't take her long to discover her brand new blouse...
and a new skirt that was also hers... and two t-shirts, a shawl and a pair
of high-heeled shoes that all belonged to her, she also saw several items
that belonged to Prue. "I don't believe this!" Piper grumbled as she laid
her belongings on Phoebe's bed and continued her search through her sister's
closet. 'If Prue finds out she's been "loaning" clothes again, she's really
going to get it. Well, let's see what else she's got that belongs to me!'

Pulling a shoebox from the shelf above her, a little plastic bag fell down
on her head and landed on the floor. Piper looked down in surprise, the
plastic bag contained three self-rolled cigarettes. She picked up the bag
and looked at it thoughtfully. 'I didn't know Phoebe smoked. though I can't
say I'm really shocked: my little sister will just about try anything.'

Piper sometimes felt a little envious at her sister's adventurous attitude,
even though her sister was about two years younger she probably had more
life experiences then she did. 'I guess it can't hurt to try one.' She
decided and stuck the baggie in her pocket. After bringing Phoebe's closet
back in order, she picked up her clothing and went back to her room.

* * *

Having found a lighter and locked the door to her room, Piper was ready to
try her first smoke. Carefully she held the small flame against the tip of
the cigarette and lighted it. Inhaling deeply, she coughed as the aromatic
smoke filled her lungs. After a while she got the hang of it though and
happily finished her first cigarette. 'Wow, this smoking is quite relaxing.'
Piper thought dreamingly, she decided to light another one.

* * *

Leaving her room, Prue walked to the stairs then abruptly stopped and sniffed
suspiciously. 'Is that smoke I smell? . Wait a moment! This doesn't just
smell like smoke... it also smells like pot!' With a disbelieving look she
glared at her youngest sister's door. 'She wouldn't, would she? ... She
probably would .... she really got some nerve! Well, she'll soon also have
a very red butt!'

Marching to her sister's room, she threw the door open. Looking around in an
empty room, Prue suddenly remembered that Phoebe was sleeping over at her
friend, Samantha's place. 'They've sure been having a LOT of sleepovers
lately.' she grinned knowingly. Suddenly remembering why she barged into her
sister's room, Prue frowned. 'If not Phoebe then who? ... Piper?!'

Turning, she silently walked to Piper's room and sniffed. 'The smoke is
definitely coming from here!' Prue noticed. Trying the door, she noticed it
was locked.

"Piper? Please, open the door!"

Hearing her older sister's voice instantly shook Piper out of her
drug-induced trance. Franticly she started to look around her, searching
for a place to hide the cigarette. Quickly putting it out she returned it
to the plastic bag and stuffed the plastic bag in the front of her pants.

"Piper?" Prue pounded on the door. "Open the door, now!"

"Prue?" Piper innocently asked while spraying deodorant around her room.
"What do you want?"

"You know very perfectly well what I want, Piper." Prue retorted angrily.
"Now open the door!"

Piper unlocked the door for her annoyed sister, who immediately barged in.

"Where is it?" Prue inquired, giving her sister a penetrating look.

"W-where is what?" Piper stammered.

Prue narrowed her eyes. "Don't play coy with me, missy. I could smell the
smoke from the hallway so I know you've been smoking pot."

"Pot?!" Piper replied wide-eyed.

"Yes! Pot, weed, grass... marihuana!!" Prue said impatiently. "Now where
is it?!"

"I-I-I don't. I-I didn't." Piper stuttered.

Prue held up her hand, halting her sister's incoherent speech. "Don't deny
it, Piper! Now do I have to search the room AND strip-search you to find it,
thereby increasing your punishment, or are you going to hand it to me. NOW?"

Dropping her head, Piper put her hand down the front of her jeans and
pulled out the plastic baggie, which she handed to Prue.

"That's better, now." Prue raised her sister's chin and looked her in the
eyes. "Where did you get these joints?"

Piper blinked nervously at her sister but didn't speak.

After waiting for a while, Prue said, "If you tell me where or from whom
you got it, I might be willing to give you a milder punishment, if not,

Not willing to rat out her little sister, Piper didn't respond.

Having waited for a full five minutes, Prue sighed. "Very well, Piper. If
that's the way it's going to be. Remove you clothes."

"What?!" Piper paled a little and looked at her sister in disbelief, Prue
practically never spanked her. "But-but-but-but."

"Yes," Prue interrupted her sister. "I'm going to spank your butt and you're
going to get it naked, lying across my lap, just like Phoebe. Now strip!"

Whimpering a little, Piper slowly removed her clothing.

Prue looked on with interest as her sister slowly stripped. Unlike Phoebe -
who was often naked across her lap and wasn't shy with her body - Piper is
very modest and careful not to do anything that might earn her a spanking,
therefore it's been quite a while since Prue saw her sister naked. Prue noted
appreciatively that Piper had grown into a beautiful young woman; her breasts
that were now revealed are, though a bit small, still a nice handful. Piper's
bottom was one of her best features though; it was perfectly round with not
the slightest bit of sag, this combined with her attractive "girl-next-door"
looks, made her sister an overall eye-catching package.

Piper blushed when she felt her sister's eyes roving her naked body. She
quickly dropped her right hand to cover her patch of hair and her left arm
to shield her breasts from her sister's piercing eyes.

"Nuh-uh! None of that, Piper!" Prue admonished her sister. "No covering up."

Piper reluctantly dropped her hands.

"That's better," Prue said and took a seat on the bed. "Now, over my lap,

Prue patted her lap invitingly.

Shivering in anticipation, Piper draped herself across her sister's lap.

Prue couldn't help but smile as her obviously anxious sister lay down across
her lap, her nice round butt sticking invitingly up. Giving it a little pat,
she got an even bigger smile when her sister tensed and clenched her buttocks
in reflex.

Eager to start, Prue brought her hand down hard and began spanking her
sister's bottom.


"Oh my god!" Piper called out in shock.


"Ouch!!! It hurts!" she whined.

"to hurt." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "honey!" SMACK! SMACK!


As the spanking proceeded, Piper started flailing her legs wildly like a
little girl.




* * *

After spanking her sister for almost ten minutes, Prue stopped and surveyed
her work. Satisfied she studied Piper's now rosy-red behind. 'That's one
well-punished little butt,' she thought contently.

Stroking her sister's back and buttocks she tenderly comforted her sobbing

Prue helped her sister sit up and Piper sniffled in her arms for a while
until she finally composed herself.

Piper wiped her tears away and looked with her big brown eyes imploringly
at her sister. "C-could I please take a cold s-shower now?" she hiccupped
while reaching back and touching her warm buttocks.

"That depends, sweetie." Prue answered kindly. "Are you going to tell me
where you got these joints?"

"I-I can't." Piper said sadly.

"You mean: you won't." Prue corrected her sister. "Tell me the truth, Piper.
Did you get the joints from Phoebe?"

Piper dropped her gaze and didn't answer.

"Well, did you?"

Not looking up, Piper quickly shook her head.

Prue pursed her lips for a moment while she thought.

Helping her sister to her feet, Prue looked her in the eyes. "I'm going to
go to my room and retrieve the belt, you have until I get back to decide if
you are going to tell me or not."

Piper's eyes immediately filled with tears again.

Walking to the door, Prue continued, "If you don't, then you're going to
get fifteen strokes with the belt." Leaving the room she called back to her
sister, "So think quickly, Piper!"

After her sister left the room, Piper considered for a moment making a run
for it, but with her current state of (un)dress that wasn't very practical.
She then considered telling her sister where she found the joints, but she
didn't want to fink on her little sister. Making a story up about where she
got the joints wasn't a good idea either; Prue would almost certainly check
her story out and if she found out Piper was lying. well, things could get
a lot worse.

Prue walked into the room, the heavy leather belt swinging from her right

"So. What's it going to be, Sis?"

Piper gulped as she stared at the heavy strip of leather; one of Prue's
favourite implements of punishment. Giving her sister a heart-rending look
she turned around and knelt on the edge of the bed, sticking her ass out
in anticipation of her punishment.

Hesitating for a moment, Prue studied her sister's awaiting posture. 'It's
never easy to punish Piper,' she thought wryly. 'Once she gives you one of
those looks, you suddenly feel like you're about to kick a puppy.'

Sighing loudly, she pushed those thoughts down and concentrated on given
Piper her well-deserved punishment.

CRACK!! "One!"

Piper gasped loudly as the first stroke sunk in.

CRACK!! "Two."


CRACK!! "Three."

Biting her lip, Piper concentrated on keeping her hands where they were,
instead of covering her bottom with them, which is what she wanted to do.

CRACK!!! "Four!"

"GOD!!" she cried out, shuffling forwards a bit.

"Keep your position, Piper!" Prue warned.

CRACK!! "Five."

Groaning in distress, Piper buried her face in the covers.

CRACK!!! "Six!"

"Yowwww!!" Unable to control herself any longer, her hands shot backwards
and covered her burning bottom.

"Piper!" Prue called out sternly. "Remove those hands at once! Because you
moved, this stroke didn't count."

"I'm sorry, Prue." Piper sniffed. "But I don't think I can manage to stay
still for all fifteen strokes!"

"It's sixteen now and you're not going to get out of your punishment!"
Prue admonished her sister. "You know your punishment is deserved, Piper."

"I-I know, Prue. I-I just don't think I can do it!" she sobbed in

Prue pondered the situation. It wasn't like her sister was unwilling to
accept her punishment; she just couldn't keep in position while receiving
it. If she just continued her sister's whipping then Piper would probably
keep moving her hands back, or try to move away. That would mean a lot of
repeated strokes. which wasn't really fair.

A mischievous smile covered Prue's face when a solution suddenly came to

"I just though of a way for you to receive your whipping and remain still
at the same time."

"Really?" Piper gave her sister a doubtful look. "How?"

"I could tie you to the bed in the proper position." Prue explained with
a grin. "That way you can't move away or reach back."

Piper blushed as she listened to her sister's idea. She could just picture
herself: tied naked to the bed while her sister whipped her ass.

"Erhm. that sounds a bit kinky to me, Prue."

Prue shrugged. "If you know a better idea, I'd like to hear it. You are
going to get sixteen strokes with the belt across your bare ass though...
and if you keep moving out of position then you probably end up getting a
lot more then that."

Considering this, Piper knew she hasn't much of a choice. Prue's idea was
the only way to get through her punishment as swiftly and painless as

Giving her sister a defeated look, she slowly nodded. "Very well... go

Prue smiled at her sister. "I'll be right back," she said and practically
ran to her room.

After a while, Prue returned, carrying four leather cuffs and four pieces
of rope.

Piper rolled her eyes when she saw what her sister had brought. 'Oh My
God! Where did she get that stuff. and WHY did she get it?! ... Never
mind ... I don't think I want to know.'

"Now." Prue drawled, eying her sister's naked body thoughtfully. "Let's
see how we can secure you in the most. accommodating position."

Looking at her sister with apprehension, Piper watched while Prue fastened
two cuffs to the headboard, and then tied the other two to the legs at the
foot-end of the bed.

Having secured the cuffs, Prue turned to her sister. "Okay, now put your
feet on the floor and bend across the bed."

Piper assumed the ordered position and Prue attached the cuffs to her legs,
adjusting the ropes until she couldn't move her legs. Grabbing a pillow,
Prue placed it beneath her sister's belly.

Walking over to the other end of the bed, Prue closed the cuffs on Piper's
wrists and again adjusted the ropes so her sister couldn't move away.

Having finished her work, Prue observed her naked sister with satisfaction.
Piper was now tied spread-eagled, bending facedown across the bed. She felt
herself becoming flustered as she stared at her sister's round bottom, which
was raised upwards in an inviting manner. Underneath that she could see
Piper's swollen lips, which were obviously aroused and poking out between
her legs. Prue couldn't help feeling aroused herself as she studied her
sister; so beautiful, so innocent, so utterly at her mercy.

Hastily suppressing the feelings that were bubbling up, Prue concentrated
once again on delivering Piper's punishment.

CRACK!!! "Seven!"

Piper, who hadn't anticipated the whipping to continue yet, yelled in both
pain and surprise.

CRACK!! "Eight."


* * *

CRACK!! "Fifteen."

Piper only groaned softly this time, her butt now practically numb from the

CRACK!!! "Sixteen!"


Prue stood silently for a while, gazing at Piper's red, welted ass and her
sweaty, naked body. After a few minutes, she unfastened the cuffs and removed
the ropes from the bed.

Piper didn't say anything or even moved a muscle; she just remained lying in
the same position.

"Sweetie?" Prue wiped the sweaty hair from her sister's forehead and looked
in her eyes. "Your punishment is over now, you can get up if you want."

Piper looked at her sister with glazed, uncomprehending eyes and didn't

Prue quickly stood up and left the room, returning moments later; carrying
a basin with water, a soft sponge and a towel.

She began lightly dapping Piper's face with the sponge then started washing
the rest of her sister's body. Having saved her sister's red bottom for
last, Prue now softly stroked the sponge across Piper's bruised ass-cheeks,
eliciting a sigh of relief from her sister.

Piper moaned in contentment as Prue gently washed her burning buttocks,
feeling better by the second as the cool water relieved the painful sting.

Finishing her sister's sponge bath, Prue used the fluffy towel to tenderly
dry her sister's body. Once her sister was dry, Prue pulled her sister up
with her on the bed and hugged her tightly.

Piper eagerly buried herself in Prue's arms and tiredly rested her head on
her sister's bosom, slowly drifting off to sleep as her oldest sister
soothingly stroked her now thoroughly punished bottom.

The End

c2001 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]


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