Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself is mine.

This story contains: F/F, whipping - F, masturbation, voyeur.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: When Phoebe unexpectedly returns from New York she has some serious
issues to work out with Prue.

Notes: This story takes place during episode 1 "Something Wicca This Way
Comes". It's written a little different then my other stories: Chapter 1 is
told from Prue's point of view, Chapter 2 from Piper's POV and Chapter 3
from Phoebe's POV.

Charmed Tales 2 - Welcome Home
by Oric13

Chapter 1 - Prue's POV

Knocking on the door, I heard my sister call out, "Yes? Come in!" Opening the
door, I stepped inside and closed it behind me.

Phoebe gave me a surprised look. "Prue? I thought you didn't wanted to see

"Yeah, well. You said you wanted to talk and since it looks like you'll be
living here again, it's probably important that we establish at least some
sort of peace."

"That's great!" Phoebe replied hopefully. "Listen. I didn't touch your
fianc‚," she shot me an imploring look. "Why would I do something like

"For the same reason you slept with mine AND Piper's boyfriends before:
because you can't refrain from acting like a slut." I retorted angrily. "The
question is: why would Roger lie about something like that."

Phoebe looked hurt. "I don't now why he said what he did... perhaps because
he's an asshole?!"

Glaring at my little sister, I saw her cringing a bit. "He must have known
I would dump him on the spot when he said that, so I don't think he would
just make it up."

"So I believe you're lying, Phoebe." I continued coldly. "You are just trying
to avoid responsibility for your actions, like you always do."

Phoebe looked down and didn't respond.

After a few minutes of stony silence, Phoebe sighed deeply; she raised her
head and looked at me sadly. Then, she stood up and suddenly started to
undress right in front of me!

Taking off her panties (she wasn't wearing a brassiere) she stood before me
completely naked. After giving me an unreadable look, she turned around and
positioned herself on all fours on the bed.

"What exactly do you think you're doing, Phoebe?" I asked, fascinated with
my sister's display.

"Taking responsibility for my actions," Phoebe responded in a soft tone. "I
know what you wanted to do ever since Roger told you I had sex with him. So
go ahead, Prue. You know
you want to."

I had to hand it to my little sister: she knows me well. Quickly, I left
Phoebe's room and walked to my bedroom where I retrieved my trusty leather
belt, then hurried back to my waiting, naked, kid sister.

With a slight tremor I studied Phoebe's naked little butt, still as inviting
looking as it was several years ago when I last spanked her.

I drew back, and then swinging my arm in a wide arc, let the belt come
whistling down across those two alabaster globes.


Chapter 2 - Piper's POV

Deciding my little sister could use some consoling, I walked to Phoebe's
room. I was about to knock when I noticed the door was slightly ajar. Pushing
it a little further open, I opened my mouth to say hello. when all of a
sudden, I heard a sound that made me shut my mouth instantly; a sound I
hadn't heard for years, the sound of Prue's leather belt connecting with a
naughty bare bottom.

Astonished, I watched as Prue again and again, brought the heavy belt down
across Phoebe's naked buttocks. Naked buttocks? Hell, she was naked all over.
With growing fascination I watched as each time the belt connected with my
little sister's now swiftly reddening butt, her big breasts swung back and

* * *

I can't believe the amount of punishment, Phoebe's buttocks were getting!

Prue was obviously working out a LOT of her frustrations and anger on the
now red and welted globes, she was breathing heavily by now and so was I.

My hands automatically slid down and opened and unzipped my pants. With a
soft moan I let my fingers slip inside my moist panties where they quickly
found my wet slit.

Eyes riveted on the spectacle before me, I urgently fingered my slot.
Licking my dry lips, I listened excitedly to Phoebe's little pants and
groans she made each time the belt came down on her - by now, probably
numb - butt.

Still the whipping continued. Was it my imagination or was Phoebe actually
starting to push her ass backwards, as if inviting every new stroke? Letting
out a - luckily unnoticed - gasp, I fingered my painfully erect clit. It was
getting really hard to remain quiet and I considered going to my room where
I wouldn't have to worry about my sisters hearing me.

Even though I knew that was probably the smart thing to do, I just couldn't
tear myself away from this enthralling scene.

* * *

It was clear to me now, that Phoebe was indeed welcoming the belt against
her burning buttocks. Moaning loudly, she pushed her ass back and bucked
wildly each time the belt connected with her heated flesh. While driving my
fingers in and out my sopping slit, I rubbed my stiff nipples; my eyes now
focussed on my little sister's dripping pussy that was almost as wet as mine.

My soft moans joined those of my sister as I came with tremendous force.

CRACK!! ... CRACK!! ... CRACK!!!


Apparently, just before my kid sister.

With a loud groan, Phoebe collapsed on the bed.

Astonished, I studied my younger sister as I recovered from my orgasm. I
could see some of her secretions dripping down her legs. 'Unbelievable! I
think she actually came from Prue whipping her ass!'

I noticed that Prue didn't move, the belt hanging loosely in her hand as
she silently studied her well-punished, naked sister. It seems that the
whipping had ended.

Suddenly aware that at any moment, Prue or Phoebe would notice me standing
here with my pants undone and a hand inside my panties, I decided it was
high time I retreated to my room.

Quietly, I tiptoed away.

Chapter 3 - Phoebe's POV



Damn! I forgot what an expert Prue is with that belt. Perhaps volunteering
for this whipping wasn't the smartest thing to do.

There were several reasons she had suggested this punishment to Prue: the
most important one being that she still felt guilty for stealing her sisters'
boyfriends (what she never told them was the reason why she did this: she
wanted her sisters attention). Another reason was that she wanted to make
peace with her sister and if this was the way to do it, then so be it! Last
but not least: she actually missed her sister's spankings. It has always
felt so incredibly erotic; having her beautiful, bossy sister spank her naked
buttocks. Also, she never felt safer and more loved after the spankings; when
Prue would hug and comfort her and everything would be alright.


Oh Shit!!

Problem was: they could also be very painful, specially the whippings.





During her stay in New York, she'd experimented a lot; she even visited an
S&M club a friend had recommended. Having been both Dom and sub, she thought
that her experiences as a sub would enable her to take Prue's whipping with
reasonable ease.



Boy! Did I think wrong!



CRACCKK!!!! "Take that, Miss Freebie Halliwell!!" I heard Prue hiss.

"Ouch!!!" Goddamnit!! Sounds like she has some unresolved issues there. She
must have been more pissed off about the whole Roger fiasco than I initially


"And THAT! You little hussy!!"


* * *


My head shot up as Prue delivered what felt like the hundredth stroke.
Luckily my butt is numb by now and I can feel the heat from my bottom
spreading towards my pussy. It's sooo much easier to take more punishment
once you reached this point.


A groan escaped my lips as another welt was placed across my buttocks.

I glanced at the mirror as I suddenly saw something move in the reflection.
Piper?! I could see her through the door opening.

Expecting her to walk away or perhaps enter the room and stop Prue, she
did neither. Instead she just stood there as frozen, watching with a look
of astonishment and... something else in her eyes.

Then, she did something I NEVER would have expected! Suddenly, she had a
hand down her pants and was obviously fingering herself. I couldn't believe
my eyes! Sweet, innocent, little Piper. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes "I probably
only ever have sex missionary-style" Piper Halliwell was diddling her little
slit while watching her kid sister get a brutal bare ass whipping from her
big sister!!

You think you know someone! ... Wow! Perhaps Piper isn't as "vanilla" as I
always thought she was.

As I watched through my eyelids Piper playing with her pussy, I felt my
already intense arousal rapidly increase.

Panting loudly, the sensation of Prue's belt whipping across my red-hot
buttocks and the sight of my demure, prudish sister stuffing her fingers
in her hot cunt was bringing me to a breathtaking orgasm.

"Oh oh oh oh!!"

CRACK!! ... CRACK!! ... CRACK!!!

Those strokes and the sight of Piper cumming before my eyes brought me over
the edge.


With a loud groan I came and collapsed on the bed.

I laid quietly for a while as I recovered from both whipping and orgasm.
I made sure to keep my ass in the air though, in case Prue wasn't quite
finished with me yet.

Luckily, it seems she was, because no further strokes followed.

Looking up in the mirror, I noticed Piper had quietly left. Smart move!

Having finally recovered enough of my senses, I pushed myself up and turned
to look at my oldest sister. She was looking somewhat thoughtfully at me, a
slight smirk curled at the edge of her mouth.

I gave her a tentative smile and I felt my heart make a leap of joy as
suddenly, a gentle smile broke out on her face. She rushed forwards and
engulfed me into a warm hug, which I passionately returned.

She rocked me tenderly as I unexpectedly burst out into tears and cried on
her shoulder.

"Shhh, it's okay sweetie. It's okay," she softly whispered in my ear.

* * *

Prue held me in her arms for what seemed like an hour. How I missed this:
feeling safe and protected. this wonderful feeling of closeness.

Finally, I looked up and gave my sister a questioning look. "Prue?" I
hesitatingly asked.

She smiled beautifully at me. "Welcome Home, Phoebe."

The End

c2001 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]


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