Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

The story itself however belongs to me.

Warning: This story contains: F/F, spanking, whipping, D/s, exhibitionism
and hints of incest.

If you don't like that stuff or are not mature enough for it, then I suggest
you don't read this story. If you do, then enjoy.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Phoebe has earned the wrath of her big sister by acting very

Notes: This story takes place in-between episode 1 "Something Wicca This
Way Comes" and episode 15 "Is there a Woogy in the House?" and is dedicated
to Steven Mayer; whose story "Charmed Spoof" sort of inspired the Charmed
Tales Saga.

Charmed Tales Part 3 - Punishment & Consolation Chapter 3
(or "How To Milk A Bruised Butt & Your Sister's Guilt For As Long As Humanly
Possible" by Phoebe Halliwell)
by Oric13

Yawning heavily, Phoebe slowly woke up. Remembering the events of last night,
she started feeling around for her sister but her hands found only empty air.
Blinking against the bright light, she opened her eyes and looked for Prue,
sighing disappointedly when she realized her sister wasn't there. 'Must have
gone to work.' Raising her arms above her head she yawned again then got out
of bed.

Naked, she tiptoed to the bathroom and used the facilities.

Still naked but refreshed now, she left the bathroom and went back to her
room. Rubbing her still sore bottom, she stood in front of her closet and
tried to decide what to wear.

Not wanting to wear anything tight or even anything at all that could come
in contact with her butt, she settled on a large football jersey. Putting it
on, she noticed that it was long enough to cover her naked bottom, but only

'Oh well,' she shrugged. 'It's not like I'm planning to go out today.'

With a smile on her face, she skipped downstairs and walked to the kitchen.
'I hope Piper left me some breakfast.'

Entering the kitchen she was surprised to see both her sisters sitting there.

"Hey! What are you guys doing at home? I thought you'd both be at work

"Good morning to you too, Phoebe." Prue dryly replied. "Or should I say:
good afternoon."

"Morning, Pheebs." Piper smiled.

"Erhm. Good morning," Phoebe replied a bit sheepishly. "So, why are you both

"They are having a big cleanup at the Quake, so they don't need me there
today." Piper replied.

"And I took a sick day," Prue said. "After last night I knew I wouldn't be
able to handle a whole day of work," she gave her youngest sister a quick
once over. "How are you feeling today, little sister?"

Phoebe shrugged. "Oh, I'm okay." she shot her eldest sister a grin.
"Considering the whipping you gave me."

Prue cringed a little as she thought back to last night. Letting out a
sigh, she beckoned her sister and patted her lap. "Come here for a moment,

Phoebe looked a bit apprehensive at her big sister for a moment, feeling
not quite up to another spanking. Then, shrugging her shoulders again, she
walked over to her eldest sister and - to both her sisters' surprise -
pulled up her shirt and laid herself across Prue's lap, sticking out her
bare and bruised buttocks in anticipation of further punishment.

Prue let out a surprised little gasp when she found herself looking down
at her sister's naked ass again; wincing slightly when she re-examined the
damage she'd done to the formerly unblemished cheeks and feeling another
surge of guilt.

"Ehm. I just meant for you to come SIT on my lap, Pheebs." Prue said while
lightly stroking her sister's red bottom.

Meanwhile, a curious Piper stepped closer to her two sisters - one of which
was almost completely naked now - and let out a little gasp of her own when
she saw her sister's bruised buttocks from up close.

She shot Prue a perturbed look. "I thought you said you'd keep your anger
in check?"

Somewhat ashamed, Prue dropped her gaze. "I know. I just... sort of lost

"Oh sweetie!" Piper muttered sympathetically at her kid sister, joining her
hands with those of her eldest sister and touching Phoebe's red & welted
butt. "You poor thing! How are you feeling?"

Phoebe meanwhile thoroughly enjoyed her sisters' attention and sympathy...
not to mention their soft hands on her bottom. Looking back at her concerned
siblings she gave them a sad eyed puppy dog look. "It hurtsss!" she softly
whined, even though her butt felt only slightly sore by now.

"Awww sweetie!" her sisters cooed in unison, watching her with concerned

"I'll go get some cold cream for your bottom, Pheebs." Piper said, and
quickly went upstairs to retrieve some.

Phoebe noticed her eldest sister looking at her face, and gave her another
sad look before hanging her head down again and making herself comfortable
across her sister's lap. As Prue continued rubbing her bottom, a contented
smile crept over her face and she happily waited for Piper to return with
the cold cream.

* * *

"Here it is, honey!" Piper said, offering the bottle of cream to her
youngest sister.

Phoebe shot her sister a pleading look. "Could you rub it in, Sis?"

A light blush covered Piper's cheeks. "Uhm, honey. It isn't very difficult
to rub it on yourself and--"

"Pleeeaaaasseee!" Phoebe wined, giving her sister one of her best pouts.

A few seconds later, Piper was rubbing the cold cream on her kid sister's
buttocks. Her red cheeks almost matched those of those of her youngest
sister's she was rubbing as she listened to Phoebe's appreciative moans &
groans. She glanced up at her oldest sister and noticed she had a big grin
on her face. Her sister looked back at her and gave her a little wink.
Piper's blush increased and she quickly looked down again; at the buttocks
she was massaging.

Her hands were kneading and caressing Phoebe's soft, yet firm flesh; rubbing
the red globes... sliding the soft cream all over the two spheres...
occasionally moving a hand between them inside the crack; rubbing some oil
around and on her sister's puckered opening.

"Mmmm yessss, Piper..." Phoebe softly moaned. "Rub my bottom. Mmmm yessss...
that feels sooo great!"

Piper swallowed heavily. Her nipples were now stiff pebbles beneath her
blouse and she could feel her panties grow damp as she studied and rubbed
her sister's well-punished butt. 'Oh Damn! I can't get aroused now! Not
while massaging my little sister's buttocks while my older sister watches!'
She shot a covert look at her big sister and spotted Prue watching the
proceedings with interest, her trademark smirk on her lips.

Nervously, she continued the massage. A part of her felt scared and
embarrassed, and wanted to stop, but a bigger part of her wanted to continue
rubbing her gorgeous, younger sister's buttocks.

* * *

When the sensual massage finally ended, all three sisters were flustered and
breathing more heavily.

Piper licked her dry lips. "There!" she gave her sisters butt a little pat.
"That should do it, Pheebs. It just needs a little time for the cream to be
absorbed, but you'll be fine."

Phoebe shot her sister a big, happy smile. "Thanks Piper!"

Piper smiled back, her little sister could be so endearing. "You're welcome,
Phoebe." After washing her hands, Piper went upstairs to put the cold cream

Prue smirked at her little sister. "You know. I already rubbed half a bottle
of cream on your butt yesterday, so there really was no need for Piper to do
it again."

Phoebe shot back an impious smile and shrugged. "Well, in my opinion: you
can never have too much of a good thing."

Prue grinned and gave Phoebe's bare buttocks a light smack. "You really are
a naughty little vixen, Pheebs!"

When Piper returned she asked Phoebe if she wanted something special to eat.
Phoebe immediately chose her favourite breakfast: pancakes with maple syrup.

So while Phoebe lay lazily stretched out across her sister's lap she watched
with a big smile as her other sister fixed her favourite dish. 'Mmmm, could
this day get any better?!' the youngest Halliwell pondered happily.

* * *

It did get better: First, she happily ate her pancakes while sitting snugly
on her big sister's lap. Then, when she finished her meal; Prue asked her if
there was something special she wanted to do with the three of them together.
There was! There were several things actually, that Phoebe wanted to do with
her sisters. But since her first choice, which consisted of both her sisters
being naked and covered in maple syrup would probably not be well received.
Phoebe opted to only mention her second choice, which consisted of the three
of them spending the afternoon in the attic with the Book of Shadows,
brushing up on their magic.

When the three sisters finally came down from the attic, it was already
evening. Piper made them a delicious dinner and afterwards they watched some
movies on the couch; cuddled together with Phoebe snugly in the middle.

* * *

With a warm fuzzy feeling of contentment, Phoebe laid her naked body on her
bed and waited for her sister to come tuck her in.

For the youngest Halliwell the day had been absolutely perfect as she
hung out with her beautiful sisters while both young women mothered her
shamelessly and waited on her hand & foot. She even managed to convince
Prue to give her another massage.

A grin appeared on her lips when she thought about the expression on Piper's
face when she'd pulled off her shirt; leaving her completely naked and laid
herself on the couch, so Prue could rub her back. She noticed that Piper
suddenly had lost all interest in the movie they were watching, and snuck
constant peeks at her two sisters. 'Especially at my naked body.'

Phoebe's musings were suddenly interrupted when her oldest sister stepped in
the room. She smiled at Prue and her sister returned the smile as she sat
beside her on the bed.

"Hey, Pheebs!"

"Hey, big sister!"

"So." Prue drawled, taking in her sister's naked form with an appreciative
look. "Lets get you tucked in, little sister." She covered her sister with
the sheet and blanket and tucked her in. Grinning as she watched Phoebe
snuggle under the covers with a contented look on her face.

"You know, Phoebe." Prue began conversationally. "I just checked my car and
there isn't a scratch on it." Giving her sister an inquiring look, Prue
continued, "Which is strange, because I distinctly recall you telling me
that you backed it against a pole?"

Phoebe returned her sister's look with a wide-eyed look of innocence.
"Really? That's strange, I don't remember saying that. Of course; you were
whipping me so hard last night that I didn't pay much attention to what I

Prue smirked at her youngest sister. "Why do I suddenly feel like I've been

Phoebe's look turned to one of blissful ignorance; making her sister's smirk
grow bigger.

Prue tenderly ruffled her sister's hair. "You know, Pheebs? One of these
days, when your butt is completely healed again, I'm gonna put you over my
knee and we are going to have a nice little chat about all the reasons why
it's wrong to lie to your big sister."

'Mmmm, I'm counting on it, Sis!' Phoebe thought, while giving her sister a
big smile.

Smiling back, Prue bended over and gently kissed her sister's forehead.
"Goodnight, Pheebs!"

Before Prue could straighten herself, Phoebe gave her sister a big hug and
quickly kissed her back. right on the lips. "Goodnight, Prue!" Phoebe happily

Prue narrowed her eyes at her impetuous little sister while she touched her
lips. 'Is it my imagination or does she keep coming onto me?'

Phoebe quickly burrowed herself deeper under the covers, until only her eyes
peeked out to gaze at her sister.

After a few moments, Prue shrugged and shot her little sister a smirk.
Walking to the door, the eldest Halliwell turned off the light and left the
room... her movements followed by the youngest Halliwell's gleaming eyes.

The End

c2001 by Oric13 - Email: [email protected]

* * *

Author's notes: The story didn't exactly turn out as I had planned. I wanted
to write four or five different chapters; in which Prue punishes Phoebe for
some reason.

However, this tale took a lot longer to write then I expected, mainly because
I started to get bored. I've already written two stories that contains
"Prue/Phoebe, D/s, spanking and whipping" and I wanted to write something
else (which is one of the reasons I started writing the Buffy story: "Thanks
for lending me your body, B").

Anyway, I wanted to finish this story so I just wrote one example of Prue
punishing Phoebe and decided to focus the story more on the events
surrounding Phoebe's punishment and the aftermath. This way it also makes a
pretty good step-up to my next story:

Charmed Tales - 4 - Who's The Boss... And The Biggest Bitch

Which takes place during the episode "Is there a Woogy in the House?" in
which Phoebe darkside takes over. But unlike in the series, she doesn't want
to kill her sisters (just because her darkside has taken over doesn't mean
she suddenly stopped loving her sisters), instead she wants to control them
and love them in more then just a sisterly manner! Needless to say that Prue
isn't willing to give up her place as "Alpha" sister of the manor without a
fight... ?


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