Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show "Charmed"
that belongs to Warner Brothers, and is not meant as an infringement on their
copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Phoebe/Prue

Keywords: F/F, incest, Fdom, bdsm, fisting, reluc/nc, TV-parody

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Summary: After the Woogyman unleashes Phoebe's darkside, the youngest
Halliwell decides to make her most depraved sexual fantasy come true:
making her two beautiful sisters her bitches. But even with the dark powers
of the Woogyman on her side, will she be a match for Prue?

Notes: This story takes place during episode 1x15 "Is There a Woogy in the
House?" and is basically an X-rated version of this episode. A lot of the
dialogue in the first chapter comes directly from this episode.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Pt. 4 - Who's The Boss... And The Biggest Bitch Ch. 2
by Oric13

When she woke up a little later, Prue straight away noticed two very
unsettling things: 1. She's standing upright, tied spread-eagled in her own
room. 2. She's completely naked!

It didn't take her long to spot the person responsible for her unclothed and
restrained condition. Phoebe was once again lounging on her bed, reading her
diary and eating her candy. Her sister was still wearing that kinky
dominatrix outfit from before, only now a whole lot less of it! Prue
instantly saw that the black leather skirt and gloves were gone. Then, when
Phoebe uncrossed her legs, the raven-haired witch suddenly found herself
staring straight into her sister's snatch, pretty much indicating that the
panties were gone as well. The little exhibitionist now only wore a pair of
knee-high black leather boots combined with a tight black leather corset
that came no lower then her sister's bellybutton, and which seemed especially
designed to lift up and press together her little sister's big bosom,
presenting anyone watching her with a mesmerizing view of her tits.

Tearing her eyes away from her kid sister's spectacular body, Prue blinked a
few times to clear up her vision, then glanced up to examine her bonds. Her
hands were fastened in a pair of fur-lined cuffs attached to chains, which in
turn were attached to the ceiling; with her arms stretched above her head
like this, her feet only barely reached the floor. Prue frowned as she
finished her inspection of the cuffs and the hooks in the ceiling from which
the chains were hanging. Phoebe had probably used her new powers to get the
cuffs, chains and hooks, and then used her stolen telekinesis power to drive
the hooks into the ceiling. 'There's no way I'll be able to get out of these
bonds without some help, or my powers.'

"Hey! Look who's finally awake!" an overly-chipper voice unexpectedly called
out, shaking Prue from her thoughts and causing her to cringe slightly.

Directing her gaze once again at her little sister, Prue noticed that Phoebe
had put away the diary and candy and was now sitting Indian-style on the bed
giving Prue her undivided attention (not to mention an extended view of her

"Did you enjoy your little nap, Sis?"

Prue shot her antagonist her most withering glare. However, to her
disappointment, the effect left much to be desired. Instead of cowering away,
or even getting a good flinch, Phoebe just smiled cheerfully in response.

Pushing back her anger, Prue managed to sound as civil as she possibly could
under these circumstances when she asked, "Why are you doing this, Phoebe?"

Without saying a word, Phoebe slowly got up from the bed and started to
circle around her totally naked and defenceless sister while openly surveying
Prue's exposed charms with an appreciative look.

Prue watched her sister's visual inspection with growing apprehension, which
only got worse when a riding crop suddenly appeared in Phoebe's right hand.
The oldest Halliwell nervously licked her suddenly dry lips as she stared at
the menacing looking crop in her sister's hand.

"What the HELL is going on, Phoebe?!" she tried again - a little less polite
this time. "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Oh, there are several reasons why I'm doing this, Prue," Phoebe smirked.
"One of those reasons being payback for all those times you whipped MY butt."

"Those punishments were for your own good, Phoebe," Prue defended herself,
"and you damn well deserved them."

Phoebe's smirk grew bigger. "Perhaps," she conceded. "But now that I'M the
most powerful witch in the family, I'll be making the rules... and handing
out the punishments. You see, dear sister, that's another reason why you're
hanging there naked: there's going to be a change of leadership in the
Halliwell family, and since I figured that you're not about to give up your
position as Alpha witch voluntarily, I decided that you could do with a bit
of "persuasion" to help you make the right choice."

Prue stared at her sister with total disbelief. "Have you totally lost it,
Phoebe? Are you telling me that you stole my powers and tied me up naked,
just so you can play the head-witch in the family?"

Phoebe batted her eyes and smiled innocently. "Well... to be completely
honest, that's just a pleasant benefit. My main motivation for tying you up
naked is simply because I wanted to... and it enables me to do all kinda
naughty and nasty things to you," the brunette finished with a wicked grin.

Stepping in front of her sister, she lightly tapped the riding crop against
Prue's perky breasts, then brought her hand up and tickled her fingers across
her sister's pointy pink nipples.

"Damn! You're one sexy bitch, Sis," Phoebe noted, licking her lips while
staring appreciatively at her big sister's tits.

"PHOEBE!!!" Prue called out in shocked surprise.


Phoebe brought her hand down hard against Prue's butt. "Oh, relax you!" she
admonished her sister. "Playing with your tits is the very least of the
things I'm gonna do to you, so you better save your protests for when they're
really warranted -- like when I'm fucking you up the ass, or whipping those
pretty tits of yours."

For a long moment, the oldest Halliwell was completely stupefied by her
sister's words. When it began to sink in that Phoebe wasn't kidding around,
she quickly tried to reason with her. "Listen to me, Phoebe, you don't really
want to do this," Prue said, trying to get through to her sister.

"Sure I do," Phoebe smiled, while caressing her sibling's naked, bound body.

"No! You're under the influence of some demon." Squirming in her bonds while
her kid sister stroked her ass, Prue hurriedly went on, "Think about it! It's
the only thing that makes sense. Your new power, your strange behaviour...
I'll bet it has something to do with the basement. That gasman must have been
affected by the same thing as you, that's why he suddenly attacked Piper
without cause or reason!"

"Wow! Very well deducted, Sherlock, I'm impressed!" Phoebe shot her sister an
admiring look. "Yeah, you're right. There IS something in the basement: it's
none other then my old pal, the Woogyman. You know, the very same one that
you and Piper claimed never existed. And, just like you so cleverly deduced,
ol' Woogy managed to do some evil mojo on the gasman and me."

Phoebe noticed that Prue looked a little guilty and smiled reassuringly.
"But, hey, don't you worry your pretty little head about it." Phoebe's smile
turned wicked. "I've been more than satisfied with the results so far. Not
only did he give me this nifty new power to play around with, but he also
ridded me of my pesky conscience. So now I can do all the things I've always
wanted to... and number one on my list of things to do is to give my
beautiful, bitchy, oldest sister the fucking of a lifetime."

Prue paled noticeably and nervously swallowed. "Phoebe, it's the influence
of the Woogyman that's making you say and do these things," she urgently
said, giving her sister an imploring look. "You have to resist him! Release
me and I'll help you fight him."

Phoebe pretended to consider her sister's words. "Hmmm... Let's see......
Nah! Don't think so."

"Phoebe, please!" Prue tried again. "Deep down, you know that you don't
really want to do this."

"Well... actually, Prue. Deep down, I do!" Phoebe's hands resumed their play
with Prue's tits. "You see, dear sister: I've wanted to fuck you from the
moment I went into puberty; and now that I'M the Alpha bitch around here it's
finally gonna happen."

Somewhat shocked by Phoebe's admission (even though she'd always suspected
that Phoebe had some sort of a crush on her) and glancing down at her
sister's hands caressing her tits again, Prue concluded that the time for
reasoning with her little sister was pretty much over and done with. In fact,
any bit of reasoning that Phoebe ever possessed seemed to have moved out of
the manor and gone on a holiday in the Caribbean... where it's now sitting on
some beach sipping tropical drinks with little umbrellas.

Deciding that a change of tactic was in order, she immediately started
shouting at the top of her lungs, "PIPER!! PIPER HELP!!! PIPER, HELP ME!!!

After a minute or so of ear-splitting shouts, Prue gradually came to the
conclusion that calling for help had resulted in remarkably little effect.
No Piper came bursting into the room, and Phoebe didn't even seem to mind
her loud yells. In fact, while she was screaming herself hoarse, Phoebe was
happily playing with her boobs.

When she noticed that Prue had ceased her cries for help, Phoebe momentarily
halted her long desired examination of her sister's tits and glanced up with
an innocent smile. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I forget to mention that I've put a
soundproofing spell on your room to make sure we weren't disturbed?"

"Yeah, I guess you did," Prue sarcastically said with a sour expression on
her face. She found herself quickly running out of options to escape her
mentally derailed youngest sister. 'If only I could think of some spell from
the Book of Shadows I'd be able to use right now... Wait! Maybe I can use the
same spell she used on me.'

"Those who turn their powers against their kin,"
"Are not worthy of keeping them."
"So let the aggressor's powers flee their host,"
"And enter whoever the attacker opposed."

The moment Prue finished rattling off the spell, she tried using her powers
to break her bonds... 'Damnit! Nothing!!'

Judging from Phoebe's amused look, her sister wasn't exactly surprised by her
use of the power stealing spell, or by the lack of result.

"Nice try, big sister," Phoebe gloated, "but that spell only works when
someone is actively using their magical powers against a family member. Why
d'ya think I went to all that trouble to piss you off? Not that it's such a
chore to get you angry... but if I could have gotten your powers any time,
just by saying that spell, then I definitely would've gone with that option."

Phoebe continued her caresses of her beautiful sister's tied-up form, making
Prue squirm in her bonds. The young brunette shot her big sister a wicked
smile. "Anyhow... trying to turn my own magic against me was a very naughty
thing to do, Prue."

"Oh, really? And how, exactly, is this any worse from what you did to me when
you stole MY powers?!" Prue muttered angrily.

"Because then it was ME doing it, of course, silly." Phoebe smirked. "Mmmm...
yes! I definitely think you need to be punished for this."

Prue glanced nervously at the riding crop Phoebe was holding. Phoebe followed
her sister's look and grinned. "Nope, not with that; I just got it because it
matched this outfit... No, I think this will be much more appropriate."

The riding crop disappeared from Phoebe's hand and was replaced by a
heavy-looking leather belt.

Prue's eyes grew wide as she stared at the leather strap, recognizing it
instantly as her favourite punishment tool. In fact, it was the very same
belt she had intended to use on Phoebe's behind when she'd entered her room
a bit earlier.

"Looks familiar?" Phoebe asked, winking at her sister. "I'm sure it does; and
I'm sure you never thought it would be used the way it's gonna be used now."

The youngest Halliwell stepped behind her sister and raised the belt.

"Wait, Phoebe! Maybe we can talk about-- WHACK!!!! --AHHHH!!!!"


"Talk?" Phoebe mockingly questioned while swinging the belt down again.




"Since when,"


"do you,"


"talk about things, Prue?"


"Ahhhhh!!! Fuck!"


"You've always,"


"been more,"


"a person,"


"of action."


"Not words."




"FUCK!!! You disturbed little bitch!!" Prue screamed out. "I'm so gonna kick
your ass for this when I get loose, Phoebe!"

"Now THAT sounds more like the Prue I know and love," Phoebe giggled.



* * *

Panting from exertion, Phoebe wiped her forehead and inspected the work she'd
done on Prue's butt. After fifty hard strokes with the belt, her sister's
previously cream-coloured, unblemished cheeks were now covered with a series
of red welts.

Reaching out, she stroked her hand across the red and welted butt-cheeks,
feeling somewhat surprised at the warmth she felt coming from her sister's
thoroughly whipped buttocks. 'My own mobile, well, immobile at this moment,
little space-heater,' Phoebe snickered.

Withdrawing her hand, Phoebe studied her sister's drooping posture. Even
though Prue had managed to keep mostly quiet during her punishment, the way
she's hanging in her bonds proofed that the butt-whipping wasn't without
effect. 'How about that... Apparently, even tougher-then-nails Prue isn't
impervious to a good, hard ass-whoopin'.'

Tossing the belt on the bed, she made a bottle of ice-cold mineral water
appear in her hand and took a long swallow from the refreshing drink.

"Whipping your ass is damn hard work, Prue," Phoebe sighed as she took
another sip from her water. "Luckily, it's also very rewarding work," she
added with a grin.

"Bite me!" Prue called over her shoulder.

Phoebe smiled appreciatively. She'd always admired her big sister's drive and
energy - the inner fire Prue seemed to possess - and she was glad to hear
that even after that long, hard whipping, her sister still had plenty of fire
left. 'The longer she resists me, the sweeter her inevitable surrender is
gonna be.'

"Maybe later," she answered absently, lowering her gaze to Prue's firm, round
buttocks. Slowly tipping over the water bottle, Phoebe let some of the cold
water splash down on her sister's red butt. Prue let out a surprised little
squeal as the ice-cold water came in contact with her hot and painful
buttocks, which was followed by a sigh of relief. Smiling to herself, Phoebe
kneeled down and began lapping up the water drops that glided down her
sister's butt cheeks. "I think I'll start out simple before getting to the
really kinky stuff."

Prue's eyes grew big when she felt her sister's tongue on her butt. "Licking
my ass seems pretty damn kinky to me," she gasped.

Phoebe grinned. "For me it's just a start... And once I'm through with you,
you'll consider licking MY ass no big deal either."

Prue drew in her breath. "There's no goddamn way in HELL I'm ever gonna be
licking your ass, Pheebs. So you might as well put that idea out of your
crack-smoking little head, right now."

"Oh, I beg to differ, Sis," Phoebe snickered, "and my ass won't be the only
thing you'll be lickin'."

Lowering her head again, the youngest Halliwell continued to give Prue's ass
an extended tongue-bath.

Prue let out another gasp when she felt her sister spreading her butt-cheeks.
"Oh God, Phoebe! You're not REALLY gonna...?" Her question was quickly
answered when she felt her little sister's tongue tickling her asshole. "Oh

A little later, Phoebe's tongue was fervently licking her anus. 'I can't
fucking believe that my own kid sister is giving me a fuckin' rim-job,' Prue
thought to herself, shaking her head in dazed disbelief.

After a couple of minutes of having her ass licked, Prue slowly started to
relax a little. The long and painful butt-whipping that Phoebe gave her
didn't come close to breaking her resolve, but it did manage to make a
sizeable dent. This followed by her little sister's talented little tongue
licking her painful buttocks and sensitive asshole, was wearing down her
defences even more.

The moment she relaxed, Phoebe's tongue began probing her asshole. Prue's
eyes opened wide and she started squiggling in her bonds as her sister's
tongue pushed its way into her tiny bunghole.

Prue shuddered as one of Phoebe's hands went to her front and slowly made
its way to the little triangle of hair above her slit. Then, suddenly, her
sister's tongue was fucking her ass while the little tramp's fingers toyed
with her pubic hair and tickled her slit. With some effort, Prue managed to
stifle a moan of pleasure. The eldest Halliwell started to blush as she had
to admit to herself that her little sister's ministrations - no matter how
unsought and terribly wrong they are - were definitely turning her on. The
wetness that was developing between her legs was proof of that.

Prue gasped when she felt Phoebe's fingers skip down her puffy slit a little
lower, where they tried to gain access to her pussy. Before her little sister
could find out how wet she was, Prue quickly clenched her thighs together,
denying the probing digits access to her hot love channel.

"C'mon, Prue - spread those legs for me!" Phoebe ordered after retracting
her tongue from her sister's asshole. "I want to finger that little slit of

Prue stubbornly shook her head.

The youngest Halliwell sighed. "Don't be so pigheaded, Sis. You know I'll
make you spread your legs for me eventually, whether you like it or not, so
why try putting off the inevitable? Besides, I have the feeling that you'll
enjoy letting me have my way with you as much as I will." Phoebe gave her
sister's buttocks a friendly pat and tickled her slit again. "Now spread
those legs and let me finger-fuck your hot cunt."

"No way, Phoebe," Prue adamantly said. "Things have gone far enough already
without you diddling my slit. Now fuckin' untie me!"

Annoyed by Prue's renewed resistance and the resulting buzzkill, Phoebe got
up and walked around to face her sister. Folding her arms beneath her chest,
she met Prue's glare head-on. "Listen, bitch! I've tried to make it easy for
you, but one way or the other: I'm gonna get inside that precious pussy of
yours - got that?! Now, the only question is: is it gonna happen the easy
way, or is it going to have to be the hard way? It's your call..."

For a long moment the two siblings glared at each other. Then Phoebe broke
the silence by asking, "So... are you gonna spread your legs for me
willingly, Sis?"

Prue shook her head again.

"Okay, have it your way," Phoebe shrugged, and retrieved the belt from the
bed. She stepped behind Prue and raised the belt in the air. "This is gonna
hurt you a lot more then me," she quipped while bringing the heavy stripe
of leather whistling down onto her sister's defenceless bottom.


"Yowwwwww!!!!" Pure squealed loudly, unable to remain quiet this time.




"Feeling a bit more cooperative yet?" Phoebe cheerfully inquired, after
landing another strike onto her sister's bright red buttocks.

"Fuck you!!"

WHACKKKK!!!!! - "Oh, I'm planning to," Phoebe retorted with a wicked smile.




* * *

"Gonna let me diddle your slit now, big sister?" Phoebe questioned, panting
a little from exertion.

Refusing to waste precious energy on talking, Prue just shook her head again.

Phoebe was impressed. She'd whipped Prue's buttocks until they started to
resemble hamburger meat, but her royal stubbornness still refused to spread
her legs.

"Getting really tired of you playing hard to get, Prue," the brunette
casually noted while walking around to face her sister. Stepping closer, she
nuzzled her sister's neck and placed a hand on Prue's well-whipped buttocks,
tenderly stroking the warm flesh.

"C'mon, Sis," Phoebe tried again, more gently now, while placing kisses all
over Prue's neck and shoulder. "Give me access to your sweet twat and I
promise you that the pain in your little booty will soon be forgotten."

Smiling up at her big sister, Phoebe stroked Prue's round, little butt again.
"Promise I'll make you feel really good," she cooed in her bound sister's

"No - Way - In - HELL!!" Prue vehemently replied. "Now get your paws off of
me, you little perv!"

Phoebe pulled back her hands as if stung. Stepping back, she glared at her
sister with a hurt look on her face. "Have it your way then, you bitchy
control freak!" With that, she raised the belt, and let the leather end
smack against Prue's perky tits.

WHAACKK!!!! "Yowwww!!!"

WHACK!! "Ohhh!!!"

"Maybe you'll feel different after a little titty-whipping!"


WHACKK!!! "Ahhhh!!"


WHACK!! "Ohhhh!!!!"

WHACKK!!! "Owwww!!!!"

Phoebe started aiming her strokes at Prue's erect nipples.

WHACK!!! "OHH!!!"

"How about it, bitch?"

WHACKK!!! "Ouchhh!!!"

"Feeling a bit more cooperative NOW?"


WHACKK!!! "Ohhhhh!!!"





"Ahhhhhh!!!! Please STOP!!!" Prue finally cried out.

Phoebe halted the whipping. "What's that I hear? Is Prue the Super-Witch
finally ready to give in?"

When her sister didn't reply right away, Phoebe whipped her tits again.

WHACK!!! "Ahhh!!"

"Well are ya?"

"YES!!!" Prue yelled out. "You win okay! I'll let you play with my pussy."

Phoebe smirked. "Good! But not quite good enough... Since you've been so
stubborn, I've gone all shy and need a little incentive to twiddle your

The youngest Halliwell thought for a moment.

"I know! You can ask me real nicely to play with your pussy while spreading
your legs wide and flashing me a nice, big beaver... How 'bout it, Sis?"

"How about it?" Prue repeated with a disbelieving look on her face. "God!
You're even more twisted then I gave you credit for, Phoebe."

WHACKK!!!! "Owwww!!!"

"Thanks, Sis. But I think we've already established that I'm a depraved
bitch," Phoebe said matter-of-factly. "Doesn't change the fact that I want
to see you split a beaver and do some major grovelling."

WHACKK!!!! "Ouch!!!"

"Now get crackin'... or this belt keeps on whackin'," Phoebe added with a

Slowly, with her cheeks burning red from anger and humiliation, Prue grabbed
onto the chains connected to her wrist cuffs, and lifted her feet in the air
while spreading her legs wide-open. "Please, Phoebe!" she said while exposing
herself even more. "Please play with my little pussy and make me cum."

Phoebe rubbed her crotch while staring lustfully at her proud sister's
degrading display. "And how do you want me to make you cum, Prue?" she
questioned a bit breathlessly.

Prue bit her lip, let out a sigh, then answered, "I want you to stick your
fingers deep inside my twat... and finger-fuck my hot cunt... till I shower
your hand with my girl-cum."

Phoebe giggled and applauded. "Wow! Very good, Sis! Who knew you had it in
you to be such a good little slut."

Though Phoebe's degrading words made her cheeks burn even redder, Prue wisely
held her tongue and kept her legs widely spread while her sister stared into
her slit.

Licking her lips, Phoebe stepped closer until her face was only inches away
from her big sister's wide-open cunt. Pleased with Prue's obedient behaviour,
she patted her sister's ass. "That'll do, pig. That'll do."

Looking back, it would've probably been smarter if Phoebe hadn't said that,
since it pushed her older sister over the edge. In the blink of an eye,
Prue's legs were wrapped tightly around her neck as the eldest Halliwell
attempted to thigh-press her sister into unconsciousness.

"TAKE THAT, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" Prue cried out angrily while tightening
her choke-hold on her sister's neck.

"Ggggaaachhh!!" Phoebe replied while grabbing and pulling at Prue's legs.
Unable to loosen her sister's hold, Phoebe reached up and felt around until
she got a hold of her sister's tits. Sinking her fingers into the firm
flesh, she squeezed and pulled as hard as she could.

Prue's eyes shot wide-open and she squealed loudly as Phoebe tortured her
recently whipped titties and stretched them, to what felt like, several feet
in length.

Unable to withstand the pain any longer, Prue had no choice but to release
her sister from her choke-hold.

Once Phoebe was able to breath again she let go off her sister's tits.

Prue let out a sigh of relief when her boobs quickly sprang back to their
original shape, though the imprint of her sister's fingers remained visible
for a while.

With Prue's legs no longer holding her, Phoebe quickly stepped out of her
sister's reach; but not before slapping Prue hard against her left cheek.

Now a safe distance apart, the two siblings glared at one another.

"Goddamnit!" Phoebe exclaimed while rubbing her sore neck. "Giving you a
Thigh Master(tm) for your birthday was obviously one of my lesser ideas."

"You've had some lousier ideas today," Prue coldly replied. "For example:
this whole BDSM incest thing you've come up with."

Phoebe shot her sister a dirty look. "I happen to think that this is the best
idea I've had in ages." The youngest Halliwell went quiet for a moment while
she angrily surveyed her sister's nude, suspended form and rubbed her painful
neck again. "Okay... No more Mrs. Nice Girl!"

Snapping her fingers, a ball-gag suddenly appeared in her left hand. Warily
keeping an eye on her sister's legs, Phoebe circled around until she stood
next to her and tried placing the ball-gag into her sister's mouth. When Prue
resisted, she placed a hard punch into her sister's stomach, forcing the
elder Halliwell to open her mouth and gasp for breath, and giving her the
opportunity to slip the gag into her sister's mouth.

Now that her sister was properly gagged, Phoebe used Prue's own TK power to
loosen the chains from the ceiling, and then float her sister over to the
bed. Once she had Prue lying face-up on the bed, Phoebe fastened the chains
to the headboard, restraining her sister's hands again. Then she made a new
set of chains and cuffs appear. After closing the cuffs around Prue's ankles,
she fastened the chains to the headboard, just like she'd done with the
chains from the wrist cuffs.

Phoebe took a step back to survey her work. Her bitchy big sister was lying
restrained on her own bed with her wrists and ankles tied to the headboard,
folding Prue practically double and forming her legs into a big V, which
framed her neatly-groomed pussy and pink-tipped tits. Phoebe felt pretty sure
that Prue looked the same as in the vision where she's whipping her sister's
cunt. 'Well, except for the gag in her mouth.'

Smiling at the delightful picture that her sister presented, Phoebe strolled
over to the head-end of the bed and removed the ball-gag.

Prue's icy blue eyes were shooting daggers at her sister's smug face. She'd
never felt so helpless in her entire life; unable to do anything while that
little bitch put her in bondage, or even say anything, for that matter. All
she was left to do is stew in her own anger while Phoebe had her way with
her. Now that the gag was finally gone, she vented her anger and frustration
by unleashing a stream of obscenities at her sister. "YOU TWISTED PIECE OF
TRASH!!!" she started somewhat conventionally, and followed up with several
well-chosen words which implied her sister maintaining sexual relations with
a variety of animals. Then she really got into it...

Feeling somewhat surprised, and even bit shocked, Phoebe listened
open-mouthed to the obscene language coming from her usually rather
conservative sister. 'Wow! Who knew she had it in her? I guess this
is one time Prue doesn't have difficulties expressing her feelings.'

"That's it! Go ahead: Let it all out, Sis!" Phoebe edged her sister on, an
amused smile on her lips.

Once Prue became aware that her vicious name-calling was just another source
of amusement for her depraved little sister, she immediately stopped.

When Prue suddenly went quiet, Phoebe raised her eyebrows at her big sister.
"What's that, Prue? All out of names to call me?"

Sauntering over to the foot end of the bed, Phoebe picked the leather belt
up from the floor. "Then let me provide you with some inspiration."

Smiling wickedly, the brunette raised the heavy belt and, with a loud CRACK,
whipped it down hard into her sister's defenceless crotch.

"AHHHHH!!!!!" Prue yelled out in shock, and thrashed on the bed as the heavy
strip of leather slammed into her tender pussy-lips and hyper-sensitive clit.
Before she had time to collect herself, another stroke of the belt connected
with her throbbing cunt... and then another... and another...

"You've brought this upon yourself, bitch," Phoebe calmly told her sister
while methodically smacking the heavy leather strap against Prue's sensitive

* * *

CRACK!!! For what seemed like the hundredth time, the heavy leather whipped
into Prue's red, upturned buttocks. She shook a little from the impact, but
otherwise didn't react. After having every inch of her pussy, ass and tits
whipped for the last half hour, the red-hot pain in these selective body
parts had gradually turned into a throbbing numbness... besides, her voice
was too ragged to cry-out anymore.

CRACK!!! Another stroke of the belt hit the underside of Prue's tits, making
the firm globes jiggle back and forth.

CRACK!!! Whistling down between her widely-spread thighs, the pliant leather
connected with Prue's cunt again. Despite her overall numbness, this still
brought a grunt of pain from her lips.

CRACK!!! Once again, Prue's tits were the target of the belt, but this time
the stroke was aimed at the large pink nipples which crowned the eldest
Charmed One's big boobs.

With the belt dangling down from her right hand, Phoebe used her left hand to
stroke her super-sensitive, highly aroused pussy while studying her sister's
sweaty, succulent, well-whipped, naked form. Whipping Prue's delectable
charms had brought her to the brink of orgasm, and she desperately needed
some release.

Kneeling on the bed, the brunette crawled forwards until she's hovering above
her sister's nude, bound body and staring down at Prue's flushed face. The
older witch's hair was tousled and some of her black locks were sticking to
her clammy forehead and hanging across her tightly closed eyes.

A tender smile appeared on Phoebe's lips as she surveyed her big sister in
this rare, vulnerable state. "Want me to stop, Sis?" Phoebe gently asked
while brushing Prue's sweaty, black bangs from her eyes.

With unclear, glazed eyes, Prue dazedly looked up at her little sister.
"Y-Yes, please..." she whispered, her voice hoarse from screaming.

Phoebe's smile grew bigger at her sister's unusual timid response. Lowering
her face until they were only inches apart, she whispered, "If I do, are you
going to be a good girl and do as I say?"

Prue crinkled her nose before letting out a somewhat petulant, "Yes."

Phoebe smirked at that typical Prue-like mannerism. 'Apparently, Prue isn't
completely pussy-whipped yet.'

"Good." She replied and placed a kiss on her sister's cute little button
nose. "Let's verify that statement with a little test, shall we?"

Phoebe gave her sister a wink. Then, carefully standing up, she placed a
foot on either side of Prue's pillow and squatted down until her pussy was
hovering an inch or so above her sister's mouth. "Now here are three little
words I've always wanted to say to you, Sis: Eat My Pussy!"

For ten long seconds, nothing happened... Then, just when Phoebe thought
she's gonna have to soften up her sister some more with the belt, she felt
a soft tongue tentatively stroking her slit.

The youngest Halliwell moaned happily as her sister's tongue began exploring
her painfully aroused pussy. "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh! That feels soooo good,
Prue... Keep going! Push that tongue deep into my snatch and lick up all my

Determined not to get another whipping, Prue did as she was told and shoved
her tongue deep inside her sister's cunt. At first she tried to think of
something else and pretend to be somewhere else as well, but Phoebe's
continues dirty talk made that pretty much impossible. So, after a while,
she gave up on that and just concentrated on licking Phoebe's pussy and
getting her off.

To her own amazement, Prue gradually became aware that she didn't hate eating
her sister's snatch as much as she thought she would. Phoebe tasted kinda...
tasty, and the utter depravity of the situation -- being forced to become her
kinky little sister's lesbian love-slave -- was actually something of a
turn-on. Over the years, she had her share of sex dreams about her two
gorgeous sisters, and though she'd never planned to make any of these dreams
come true, they did provide plenty of fodder for her late night
masturbating-sessions. With her face firmly planted between Phoebe's thighs
and her tongue busy inside her sister's wet snatch, the details of these
wet-dreams suddenly came back to her in full force, sending a surge of lust
through her system.

She felt a tinge of regret about not giving in to Phoebe's seduction earlier
and sparing herself the brutal whipping. The problem is that though part of
her is attracted to Phoebe and considers the idea of having sex with her
very own sister to be strangely arousing; another -bigger- part of her is
extremely pissed off at the brunette for going all dominatrix on her and
finds the idea of incest disturbing. Then there's also the small matter of
her being an utter control freak who's unable to let anyone get the upper
hand on her... On the bright side: Since she is being forced, she could lick
Phoebe's pussy without feeling guilty.

And that's just what she did... Prue licked, sucked and tongue-fucked her
sister's slit for all she's worth... until, finally, the brunette came with
a loud cry.

"FUCKKK!!! YEAH!! I'M COMING, SIS!!!!" Throwing her head back, Phoebe
screamed with pleasure as her bossy sister's tongue made her cum like never
before. Literally riding out her orgasm, she rubbed her wet snatch against
Prue's nose and mouth, soaking her sister's face with her secretions.

After recovering her senses, Phoebe scooted back until her bare ass was
parked on her big sister's belly and smiled down at Prue's cum-drenched face.
Prue looked back and made a face at her. The brunette giggled and quickly
leaned down to plant a big kiss on her sister's lips, savouring the
combination of Prue's lip-gloss and her own juices.

At first, Prue tensed up when Phoebe's lips were suddenly pressed against
hers... but then she gradually relaxed and started kissing her sister back.
She didn't even object when Phoebe's tongue made its way into her mouth, and
their kiss turned into a very un-sisterly French kiss. After all, only a
couple of minutes ago, her own tongue was inserted deep inside Phoebe's
pussy, so sharing a French kiss with her kid sister suddenly didn't seem like
a such a big deal anymore. Besides, refusing would probably just earn her
another pussy-whipping.

Phoebe ended the lip-lock by licking her own juices from Prue's face.
Smacking her lips, she sat back up again and beamed an impish smile at her
big sis' flushed face. "That was neat! Let's do it again, only... a little

Prue watched wide-eyed as Phoebe turned around and repositioned herself so
that her swollen snatch was once again placed directly above Prue's face.
'Damn! She's fucking insatiable!' Her eyes widened even more and her mouth
formed a silent O when she suddenly felt her little sister's tongue touching
her pussy. 'Ohhhh! Apparently, Pheebs is in the mood for a bit of 69ing.'

Using her fingers to spread her sister's labia-lips, Phoebe peered deep into
Prue's pink tunnel and gave her sister's slit another little lick. She was
delighted to discover that Prue's little pussy was already soaking wet.
'Mmmm! Looks like the Ice-Queen is finally defrosting.'

Loving the way Prue's cunt tasted, Phoebe buried her face into her sibling's
snatch and started lapping away like a hungry kitten.

With her tongue in Phoebe's twat, returning the pussy-lickin' favour, Prue
kept getting distracted by her younger sister's talented tongue and mouth.
"Ohhhhh!!" she groaned and shuddered when Phoebe suddenly sucked her clit
into her mouth and gave it a little nibble. 'You can tell that she's done
this before.'

Phoebe smiled at Prue's enthusiastic reaction and gave her a friendly slap on
the ass. "Like that, 'ey, Sis?"

Prue just moaned in response.

Grinning to herself, Phoebe concentrated on giving Prue the best head in
history. She wanted her big sister hooked. Figuring early on that a regular
dose of sex, spankings, and whippings would be the best way to keep Prue
under her thumb; it was now time to get her sister addicted to the sex. 'Once
I get her to the point where she willingly spreads her legs for me, she's

Prue was rapidly approaching that point already. The long, hard whipping of
her ass, pussy and tits had done a good job of breaking down her resolve
and making her ultra receptive to Phoebe's expert oral talents. Her little
sister's tongue had her bucking on the bed and moaning with delight in no
time at all, making it increasingly difficult to properly reciprocate the
oral pleasure. Phoebe didn't seem to mind, though; she appeared to be
thoroughly enjoying herself.

The very notion of doing a 69 with her big sister was such an incredible
turn-on that despite the many times Prue's pussy-licking got interrupted,
Phoebe's arousal was skyrocketing. It didn't take long before she felt
another orgasm approaching. Wanting her sister to join in the fun, the
brunette quickly inserted two fingers in Prue's cunt and moved them back
and forth. While thrusting her fingers swiftly in-and-out her sister's
tight twat, Phoebe vibrated her tongue against Prue's swollen clit, making
the eldest Charmed One thrash in her bonds.

"OH! GODDD!!! PHOEBE!!" Prue cried out, lust and bewilderment warring in
her voice.

"Mmmm! Yeah!! Come for me, Sis!" Phoebe encouraged her sister in-between
licks. "Just let yourself go and we'll come together!"

When she sensed that her orgasm was just seconds away, Phoebe yanked her
fingers from her sister's snatch, instantly replacing them with three
fingers from her other hand, and pushed the two digits dripping with Prue's
pussy-juice into her big sis' virgin asshole.

"OHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Prue wailed as an explosive orgasm rocked her body.

At the exact same moment, Phoebe was overcome by such a powerful climax that
she almost blacked out. "I'M CUMMINGGG!!!!" she cried into her sister's cunt,
her body slumping down onto Prue's as her limbs momentarily lost their

For a long time neither of the two sisters moved or spoke a word; both were
so drained by their respective orgasms that they quietly remained in the 69
position with their faces buried in each other's pussies, leisurely lapping
up the spilt juices.

When both their pussies were licked dry, Phoebe turned around and leaned down
to claim another kiss from her big sister. Prue's mouth opened, letting her
in, and their tongues clashed - first softly touching, then roughly wrestling
with each other.

When the kiss finally ended, Phoebe smiled down at her sister. "See?! That
wasn't so bad, now was it? You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself when
I licked your cunt."

Prue's cheeks turned a light shade of red but she met her sister's look
head-on without as much as a blink. "Are you going to let me go now?" she
questioned stoically.

Phoebe issued her sister a teasing smile. "Haven't you been listening, Sis?
I'm still far from finished with you."

Prue crinkled her nose. "So far you've put me in bondage; whipped my ass,
pussy and tits; then made me go down on you and vice versa. What has your
depraved little mind come up with now?"

The brunette's smirk grew bigger. "Wellll," she drawled, "it just occurred
to me that I still haven't officially fucked you yet..."

With her sister's unsettling words hanging in the air, Prue lowered her gaze
to Phoebe's groin... Her eyes widened the moment they detected the large,
black strap-on dildo sticking out from her sister's crotch.

"Oh God! You've got to be kidding!" Prue groaned in despair, trying to cross
her legs but unable to do so because of her bonds.

"Nope," Phoebe grinned, stroking the thick length of the dildo. "I kid you
not. Oh, and you may refer to me as Mistress. God seems a tad excessive...
for now."

Laughing at the face her sister made, Phoebe scooted closer until the tip
of the dildo was positioned at Prue's mouth. Gazing deeply into her sister's
eyes, she issued a single command. "Suck!"

Somewhat reluctantly, Prue's mouth slowly opened and she took the thick
silicone rod between her ruby-red lips. Keeping eye contact with her little
sister, she began sliding the fake phallus back and forth between her lips,
taking it a little deeper each time the dildo slid inside her mouth.

With big eyes, Phoebe stared at the incredible sight of her bossy big sister
sucking her cock. She felt a delicious tingle in her clit every time she saw
Prue's cheeks hollow as her sister sucked down the dildo while those icy-blue
penetrating eyes lasered into hers. 'So this is what Andy gets to see when
Prue gives him head... That lucky bastard!'

Phoebe sucked in her breath when the thick rod suddenly disappeared all the
way into her sister's mouth. 'Holy Shit! Prue's deepthroating a 9-inch dildo!
Andy really is one lucky bastard.'

Smiling down, Phoebe petted her sister's shiny, jet-black hair. "That's a
good bitch!" she said approvingly. "Keep sucking my cock, Prue. Get it nice
and slick so I can fit my big dick into your tight little slit without any

Prue stopped and glared at her impudent little sister.

Reaching behind her, Phoebe picked up the punishment belt and teasingly
dangled it in front of her sister's face.

For a long moment, Prue stared at the belt... then she took the dildo back
into her mouth and continued sucking and licking the black silicone cock like
a pro.

After a couple more minutes of making her proud, fearsome sister demean
herself like this, Phoebe's desire to fuck Prue finally began to outweigh
the kick she got from forcing her sister to suck her strap-on dick.

"Okay, that's enough cock-sucking for now, slave!" she barked, really getting
into her little BDSM fantasy, and yanked the fake phallus from Prue's mouth.
"Time to find out how good a fuck you really are, Sis."

With eyes gleaming from excitement, Phoebe lowered herself until the tip of
the dildo was resting at the entrance of Prue's wide-open, glistening cunt;
then slowly rubbed the thick rod back and forth across her sister's moist
pussy-crack, grazing Prue's swollen clit with each upward stroke.

Finally, the brunette lifted her hips and placed the head of the dildo at the
entrance of Prue's well-lubricated pussy. Her breathing quickened and her
stare was fixated at the awe-inspiring scene of that big black dildo about to
penetrate her big sister's slit. Meeting Prue's eyes, she saw that her sister
was staring at the exact same thing.

"Phoebe, just think about this for a moment and consider what you're doing!"
Prue said imploringly. "I'm your SISTER and we fight evil. Have you th--

With a quick thrust, Phoebe speared her sister's snatch, inserting the
strap-on about halfway inside Prue's tight pink pussy.


Another hard, downward thrust popped the entire length of the fake phallus
into Prue's straining twat. With the dildo all the way in, Phoebe wasted
little time and immediately began fucking her big sister.

Prue's many protests died on her lips when Phoebe started giving it to her
-- HARD! With her trademark enthusiasm, her depraved little sister fucked her
with the big strap-on like a bunny on Duracell. The pounding she got took her
breath away and only allowed for pants and moans to leave her lips.

Looking down while driving the dildo into her sibling's cunt, Phoebe was
totally captivated by the enticing picture that Prue presented: The oldest
Charmed One's cheeks glowed a fiery red and her dark-blue eyes appeared
slightly glazed over, indicating a growing arousal. And each time she shoved
the phallus into her sister's snatch, Prue's lovely titties shook wildly in

"Fuck! YES!!" Phoebe grunted excitedly. "Can't believe I'm finally fucking
you, Prue! I've waited so fuckin' long for this!"

Even if she had the breath to respond to this, she wouldn't have bothered.
Prue sensed that her little sister was too far gone -- a prisoner of her
darkest emotions and fantasies -- to care much about what she had to say
right now. Phoebe's mind seemed to be focussed on one single goal: to play
out whatever perverted sex-fantasy the brunette had come up with, and which
seemed to include fucking the stuffing out of her. With her powers gone,
tied to the bed, and unable to call for help, it seemed like the only
sensible thing left to do is to lie back, relax, and let her little sister
have her way with her. Sooner or later, Phoebe would have to release her
from her bonds. When that happened, she might finally be able to fight back
-- and (hopefully!) this time without it resulting in another pussy- or

'I just hope that when she releases me, I still WANT to fight back.' Prue
sighed and shook her head in desperation, trying to distract herself from the
thorough fucking Phoebe was giving her and instead focus on the anger she
felt from the way Phoebe had suckered her, stolen her powers, and whipped

The eldest Halliwell soon discovered that it's hard to hold on to your anger
when a 9-inch dildo is pumping your pussy and pressing against your G-spot.
And her little sister's big tits swinging in her face was kinda distracting
as well.

When Phoebe removed a hand from the bed and used it to play with her boobs
and tickle her clit, it didn't take long before her sister's expert
ministrations drove away any and all thoughts of resistance and rebellion
from her lust-filled mind.

It seemed increasingly tempting to just give in... Give up all the
responsibilities she had been burdened with since childhood and which
sometimes seemed to drain the life-force right out of her. And give in to
her own dark desires, the part of her that loved getting fucked by her
little sister and grew wet by the idea of becoming Phoebe's little

And if the little bitch wants to be head-witch this badly... well, then good
luck to her! Let Phoebe lead the Charmed Ones from now on and see how she
likes it. Let her come up with the battle plans and make the life-or-death
decisions she always seemed stuck with. It's not like she asked for, or even
WANTED, that job, anyway.

Prue shook her head again. 'No! This is exactly what Phoebe wants: For me to
give up, so she can make me her bitch! Even if part of me wants to give in,
I have to keep resisting her. Out of basic principle I can't let that little
upstart beat me, certainly not this easily.'

"Like that, Sis?" Phoebe's urgent and excited whisper interrupted Prue's
thoughts. "Do you like your little sister's big cock fucking your hot cunt?
I'll bet you do! I'll bet you're just loving it!"

"Mmmm!! I'M certainly loving it! Your pussy is so fuckin' tight," Phoebe
moaned. "You're obviously not getting laid enough... Well, don't worry about
it, Prue: that's all gonna change! Once you're mine, I'll make sure you get
fucked at least three times a day. I've got it all planned out: Every
morning, when we wake up together in your--OUR big bed, Piper and I will give
you your first fuck of the day. Together we'll make a sandwich with you as
the delicious filling -- and we'll definitely be filling every one of your
holes with our strap-on dildos..."

Prue tightly closed her eyes, trying to shutout her sister's mesmerizing

That didn't last long.

To ensure she had her sister's undivided attention, Phoebe took Prue's
engorged clit between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a quick pinch.

Prue's eyes shot wide-open and she bucked wildly beneath her sister.

Phoebe grinned and continued, "Later in the day, when you're at Buckland's,
and it's time for your break, I'll come and visit you... Mmmm... picture it,
Prue: You're waiting in your office, all hot and bothered, when I suddenly
walk in. Not wasting any time, I bend you across your desk and raise your
sexy little skirt until your bare ass is exposed to me -- you won't be
allowed to wear any underwear unless I approve it," the brunette clarified.
"Once you're lying wet and ready before me, I'll lift up my own skirt,
freeing the foot-long strap-on dildo I'm wearing underneath, and straight
away shove that huge cock inside your hot cunt." The youngest Halliwell
smiled wickedly, and added, "Like I'm doing right now."

Prue groaned. Despite various valiant attempts to block out Phoebe's voice
and distract herself from the brunette's compelling dirty talk, she kept
seeing flashes of the fantasy that her sister is whispering in her ear. It's
making her so incredibly horny that she began to wonder if Phoebe had also
put some kind of lust spell on her.

"I-I'm not going to let you d-do those things to me," she stammered, biting
her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

Phoebe giggled. "Right now you may still feel a bit reluctant, but your sweet
little pussy already loves the idea of becoming my bitch -- you're so fuckin'
wet, Sis, you're practically soaking the bedspread."

Blushing brightly, Prue was momentarily unable to come up with a witty reply.

The brunette placed a comforting kiss on her sister's lips. "There, there...
Don't be ashamed, just let yourself go, sweetie." With a slight smirk on her
lips, Phoebe continued, "Now let me tell ya how the rest of an average day
for you is gonna look like: Depending on how much time there's left in your
break after I've given your snatch the thorough fucking it deserves, I'll
probably have another go at your tight ass." Phoebe gave her sister's
upturned butt an affectionate little pat.

"You won't be allowed to wear clothes when you're at the manor, unless I want
you to wear a special kinda outfit. So the moment you get home from work,
you'll remove everything you're wearing, except for your stockings and shoes,
and put on the collar that proclaims you to be my bitch."

'Jesus H. Christ!' Prue thought amazed. 'Just when you think things can't get
much more perverted...'

"Once you're properly "dressed", you'll report to Piper. Who - considering
the amount of overtime you usually do - will probably be busy in the kitchen
by then, preparing diner. Under my rule, Piper will be next in command, and
one of her perks will be that from the time you're home till dinnertime,
you'll have to do everything she says. Now normally, lil Piper may dress
however she wants, but when she's making us dinner, she's only allowed to
wear high heels and a small apron... nothing else -- just to remind her who's
in charge."

Another wicked smile appeared on Phoebe's lips.

"Anyhow, you'll go to Piper and perform whatever "chore" she wants you to do.
This could be some simple household task: like setting the table, or cleaning
and cutting the vegetables. But she might also order you to lick her pussy
while she's washing and cutting the vegetables." Phoebe giggled. "Or perhaps
Piper will bend you across the kitchen counter and show you what kinda things
you can do with a zucchini before its cut and put into a salad."

Her sister's dirty talk, combined with the sensation of a 9-inch phallus
pounding her pussy, began to overwhelm her, and Prue was unable to stop a
loud lustful moan escaping her lips.

Phoebe smiled satisfied. "And before we all go to sleep again, in the same
bed, like one big happy family, we'll formally end the day by giving you
another double fucking; whoever got to fuck your ass in the morning will now
get to fuck your pussy and vice versa."

Prue started to perspire and her breathing quickened as she felt another
orgasm approaching.

"Just think about it, Sis... In a few weeks time, once I've got you properly
trained, you'll be getting fucked at least three times a day--" Phoebe
accompanied her words by driving the dildo deep into Prue's cunt while
simultaneously pinching her clit.

"Oh God!" Prue groaned, bucking on the bed.

"In every hole." Phoebe repeated her actions.

"Oh God!!"

"In every position."


"Everywhere and when we want it!" Phoebe hissed, pushing the fake phallus so
far up her sister's pussy that for a moment Prue thought the dildo was about
to pop out of her mouth.

Another pinch of her clit brought the eldest Charmed One over the edge.

"OHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" she cried in ecstasy as a mind-blowing
orgasm rocked her body.

Seeing Prue cum triggered Phoebe's climax and her cries joined her sister's.

* * *

Lifting her head, a fulfilled feeling Phoebe glanced down at her sister's
tired and sweaty, but much more relaxed, face. A tender smile curled her
lips. Prue looked so darn adorable like this... with her eyes closed, her
hair all ruffled, and that rosy-red glow on her cheeks... and those
whip-marks all over her ass & tits, and that big cock planted deep inside
her pussy.

Giggling to herself, the young witch pushed herself up into a kneeling
position and slowly withdrew the dildo from her sister's snatch. Slick with
pussy-juice, the thick strap-on slid easily from Prue's still-tight cunt.

Staring down at her sister's pink pussy, Phoebe licked her lips. The sight
of her sister lying there tied up and defenceless, her naked body totally
on display and at her mercy, made renewed lust rise up inside her. After
coming three times in the last half hour, this feat of her libido managed
to surprise even herself. Looking back and forth between the glistening
phallus and Prue's tiny asshole, she eagerly considered taking her sister's
anal cherry.

The young witch hesitated... She had initially planned to make the
deflowering of her sister's tight ass a special occasion, marking Prue's
transition from being a somewhat standoffish, domineering big sister to
becoming an affectionate, submissive slave-slut to both her sisters.
Celebrating the completion of her training, Prue would then show her
readiness to accept her youngest sister as her supreme mistress by kneeling
on the floor, prying apart her buttocks, and begging Phoebe to fuck her up
the ass. After Prue's anal deflowering, she would then give her big sister
her powers back.

The temptation to butt-fuck Prue this very moment was strong, but she'd been
really looking forward to that special moment... Besides, when she finally
gets to fuck her sister's sweet ass, she wanted to take her sweet time doing
it, and right now: time wasn't something she had an abundance of. If she
spends too long in Prue's room, playing with her big sis' beautiful body,
then eventually Piper would come upstairs to find out why Prue's normally
stern but swift punishment sessions are suddenly taking so long. This would
mean serious trouble, considering that the power-stealing spell is totally
useless against Piper. The only way the spell works is when a witch actively
uses their powers against a family member; this worked well on Prue but with
Piper's power of temporal stasis she'll be frozen in time before she can
finish a single sentence.

No, she had another very special strategy in mind for dealing with her other
sister, and for that to work it's essential that Piper remains blissfully
unaware about what's going on upstairs with Prue.

Absently stroking the subject of her thoughts: Prue's round, firm buttocks,
Phoebe suddenly became aware that her sister still had her eyes closed and
was basically ignoring her.

Cocking an eyebrow, Phoebe drew back her hand and smacked her sister's butt.

"How are ya feeling, Sis?" she cheerfully inquired.

Slowly opening her eyes, Prue issued her sister a wary look. "Okay, I
guess... considering the circumstances... Why?"

Phoebe raised her other eyebrow as well. "Since when do I need a reason to
be concerned about my big sister?"

"Since you stole her powers; stripped her naked; tied her up; whipped her
ass, pussy and tits, and then fucked her."

Even without a conscience, Phoebe had the decency to look a tad embarrassed.

Phoebe masked the sudden awkwardness she felt by making another bottle of
ice water appear and taking a lengthy swallow.

"Hey, would you mind freeing my hands and giving me something to drink as

Removing the water bottle from her mouth, Phoebe shot her suddenly abnormally
innocent-looking sister a suspicious look.

"My throat is parched," Prue added, letting out a little cough while looking
up at her little sister with wide-eyed innocence.

Phoebe narrowed her eyes. A second later, a wicked smile appeared on her
face. "You're in luck, Prue. I have just the thing for a parched throat."

Slowly standing up, Phoebe stepped over her sister's widely spread legs and
carefully planted her feet at either side of Prue's upper body, close to her
shoulders. She then squatted down again until she was practically sitting on
her sister's tits, and leaned over...

For a wild moment, Prue thought Phoebe was about to free her hands. That ray
of hope was quickly extinguished when her sister put the tip of the strap-on
at her mouth and said, "Here ya go! This dildo is still dripping with your
juices. Once you've deepthroated this baby, your throat will be plenty smooth

Prue glared at the dildo and then at her sister.

"Need another obedience lesson with the belt, Sis?" Phoebe questioned with a
smirk while rubbing the fake cock against her sister's lips.

The threat of another whipping had Prue quickly opening her mouth and sucking
the 9-inch strap-on.

Phoebe smiled with delight and petted Prue's hair while her sister went down
on her. "Good girl!"

After Prue had sucked, licked, and deepthroated the dildo for a full five
minutes, Phoebe felt sufficiently satisfied with her sister's performance
and pulled the silicone prick from Prue's mouth.

The brunette beamed down at her sister. "Good job, Sis! Here's a little

Carefully tilting the bottle to Prue's lips, Phoebe gave her a sip of the
ice-cold water. She waited until her sister had swallowed before pouring some
more water in her mouth, and repeated this until Prue indicated that she had

Drinking the last bit of water herself, Phoebe put away the bottle and gave
her sister a kiss. "See how much easier it is when you play nice, Prue?"

Phoebe giggled at the face Prue made at her and pinched her sister's cheeks.
"Aw, you're just too cute!" she said in a baby voice. "Yes, you are! Yes, you

"Would you please cut it with the baby voice? You're freaking me out!" Prue
said disturbed. She added, as an afterthought: "Even more then when you're
fucking me."

Crossing her arms beneath her ample chest, Phoebe looked down at her sister
with a pout on her face. "Fine, Lil' Miss Grumpy, I was just planning to take
a quick shower anyway."

Getting up off the bed, Phoebe turned her back at her big sister and left the
room in a huff.

Surprised, Prue stared at the closed door through which her sister had just
left. For the first time since she'd entered her room, something resembling
a smile appeared on her face. 'Just like my little sister to smile pleasantly
while I call her every dirty name in the book, but then get all huffy when I
criticize her baby voice.'

Looking over her shoulder, Prue tested her bonds by moving her arms in every
possible direction while trying to pull her wrists from the fur-lined cuffs.
After several failed attempts, she quickly came to the conclusion that Phoebe
had done a pretty good job in binding her to the bed... In fact, her sister
had done such a good job that she needed someone's help or her powers to get
free. 'Fuck! I doubt if even Houdini would be able to get himself out of this

A few minutes later, the bedroom door opened again and a freshly-washed
Phoebe Halliwell stepped into the room. While in the bathroom, the youngest
Charmed One had come up with a little surprise for her sister: she'd changed
into a skimpy nurse's uniform and was carrying a basin with soapy water.

Prue blinked and looked bewildered while her kid sister struck a sexy pose in
the doorway.

"It's time for your sponge bath, Miss Halliwell," the brunette said in a
singsong voice.

Prue gulped. She had to admit, her little sister has a real knack for
dressing sexy.

Strolling over to the bedside, Phoebe placed the washbowl on the nightstand
and shot her sister a seductive smile. "The doctor has ordered me to give you
a very thorough scrubbing, Miss Halliwell," she said in a sultry tone, "and
to make sure that I clean every nook and cranny of your naked body."

Somehow her little sister managed to put enough innuendo into that one
sentence to fill an entire porn flick. Squirming a little, Prue watched
spellbound while Phoebe pulled a sponge from the basin and gently squeezed
it with both hands, making a stream of soapy water drip down her fingers
back into the bowl.

Throwing her oldest sister a smouldering look that oozed sex-appeal, Phoebe
leisurely leaned forwards -- her big tits almost spilling from her uniform
into her sister's face -- and slowly started rubbing the wet sponge all over
Prue's luscious naked body.

The brunette listened with delight at the little mewls of pleasure coming
from her sister's mouth; moans which grew noticeably louder whenever the
sponge came close, or in contact with Prue's ass, pussy or tits -- areas
she kept washing repeatedly and frequently. Phoebe made it her sport to
softly slide the sponge back and forth across her sister's swollen slit and
stiff little clit until Prue couldn't take it any longer and started rubbing
her pussy against it, desperately seeking release... She then quickly pulled
the sponge out of reach and went to work on her sister's ass or tits, all
the time keeping Prue on the brink of orgasm.

If Prue would have begged-- or even politely asked to cum, then Phoebe
would've gladly given her sister the best orgasm she ever had, but she knew
that Prue was much too proud for that, which made her game all the more fun.

Alas, time's running short, so she really needed to finish up here and go
take care of sweet Piper.

Since Prue had already been properly cleaned 15 minutes ago, Phoebe simply
made a fluffy towel appear out of thin air and dried her off.

"You're squeaky clean and dry again, Sis," Phoebe cheerfully announced while
surveying her sister's nude, flushed form. When her eyes zeroed in on Prue's
exposed pussy, a mischievous look appeared on her face. Without any preamble,
she stuck two digits inside her sister's dripping wet box and twirled them
around for a bit. Then, just as abruptly, she yanked them out again and stuck
the girl-juice covered fingers into her mouth, leisurely licking them clean
while savouring her sister's sweet flavour. "Well, MOSTLY dry, anyway," she
added with an impish grin.

Phoebe's not-so-subtle reference to her arousal made Prue's face turn a
bright shade of red. Biting her lip, she stared at the ceiling.

While smiling at her sister's discomfort, Phoebe began to put phase three of
her plan into motion. Reaching under the bed, she retrieved her purse, and
took from it an elegant glass vial containing a purple liquid.

It hadn't been easy to create this rather complicated potion in such a short
time. Luckily, she didn't have to shop or search around for the ingredients,
her handy new power once again proved itself useful with that. Now all it
needed was one more ingredient: a tiny particle of Prue that contained her
DNA -- like a tiny piece of skin, or a hair, or... Phoebe's eyes focussed on
her sister's wet and wide-open cunt. 'Eureka!'

Sitting herself down at the foot end of the queen-sized bed, the brunette
popped the vial open and took a whiff of the sweet smelling potion. 'Mmmm!
First ever potion I've brewed that smells good for a change.'

Directing her gaze once again at Prue's pink pussy, an amused smile curled
her lips. 'Now let's see if I can make this potion smell even sweeter with
a little help from my big sister.'

Keeping her eyes on the price, Phoebe leisurely stroked her hand across
Prue's tight round ass, moving steadily closer to her sister's sweet cunt...
Reaching her intended target, she slipped two fingers inside and scooped up
some of the plentiful juices with which her sister's pussy practically

rue watched Phoebe's movements from beneath half-lidded eyes, moaning softly
while her sister fingered her slit. When she detected a glass vial in her
sister's left hand, containing a suspicious-looking purple fluid, her eyes
instantly opened wide.

"What's that you're holding, Pheebs?" she questioned in a casual tone.

"I think it's called a "cunt" or "pussy", Prue," Phoebe deadpanned.

Prue rolled her eyes. "In your other hand."

"You mean this?" Withdrawing her hand from her sister's snatch, Phoebe held
up the vial and transferred the drops of Prue's essence she'd collected into
the glass container. "It's a surprise."

She smiled with satisfaction when the potion started to glow, and swirled the
liquid around in the small decanter.

Staring at the glowing liquid, the eldest Halliwell's eyes narrowed
suspiciously. "What kinda surprise?"

"Oh, just something I cooked up in a hurry..." Phoebe caught her sister's
wary look and gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, Sis. This surprise
is mostly meant for Piper, not for you... though I have this feeling you'll
be pretty surprised as well," the brunette added as an afterthought.

"Well... Bottoms up! Now you see me..." Phoebe shivered with anticipation as
she slowly raised the vial to her mouth, feeling her sister's eyes watching
her intently... and threw her head back, downing the contents in one go,
feeling the thick, purple liquid oozing down her throat.

"And now you see yourself!" she called out once she'd swallowed the entire
potion and felt the transformation taking place.

These last couple of words were delivered in Prue's own voice. The eldest
Charmed One stared dumbfounded at... herself?!

Before her sat a perfect copy of herself, dressed in a skimpy nurse's
uniform, looking back at her.

"Pretty nifty, 'ey?" Her doppelganger said excited while checking herself

"So that's your surprise: A masquerading spell to fool Piper into thinking
you're me." Prue stated flatly.

Looking up, her twin smirked at her. "Right on, Sis. As her kid sister I
don't exactly hold a lot of sway over her. But looking like you, I'll have
her crawling on the floor in no time, begging me to lick my-- I mean: YOUR

Prue shot her lookalike-sister a glare. "Don't you feel even the tiniest bit
guilty for doing these twisted things to your own sisters?"

Phoebe wrinkled her brow and seriously considered that question... After
having taken a moment to analyse her feelings, she shrugged. "Nope, I guess
I don't. Isn't it great?! I love not being weighed down by all those negative

Realizing that her sister wouldn't be swayed by words, no matter how many
times she tried, Prue fell silent.

Phoebe was once again checking out her new appearance. "I better change out
of this nurse's outfit into something a little less conspicuous." She
giggled. "As far as I know, you're not in the habit of dressing up like a
naughty nurse while hanging out with Piper -- are you, Prue?"

The older Charmed One ignored her sister's question.

Phoebe giggled again and started stripping...

A minute later, she stood naked in Prue's bedroom and padded over to her
sister's closet to pick out a new outfit.

It didn't take long to put together something that would work perfectly with
her plans for Piper. She opted for a short, black leather miniskirt and a
transparent white silk blouse. Neither were designed to be worn sans
underwear, but it's not like that ever stopped her before in going commando.
Fact is: she loved showing men - and women - teasing glimpses of her goodies.
That she's now showing off her sister's goodies made it an even bigger

Wearing a devious smile, Phoebe buttoned up the blouse and pulled on the
tight, leather miniskirt. The sensation of the smooth tight leather
enveloping her bare ass and the soft silk rubbing against her erect nipples
made her shiver with delight.

To complete the ensemble, she retrieved the knee-high leather boots she had
on earlier and pulled them on.

Phoebe checked herself in the mirror. 'Almost perfect...'

After brushing her hair and putting on a little makeup, she looked herself
over again. 'Absolute perfection!'

Smiling triumphantly, Phoebe turned to her big sister, who was watching her
silently, and struck a pose. "Ta-daa! Whaddaya think, Sis? Do I make a
convincing Prue, or what?"

After a moment of consideration while looking her sister up and down, Prue
coolly replied, "I suppose you look the part, but that's mainly because of
the masquerading spell and you raiding my closet, which leaves very little
for you to be proud about, Phoebe."

"Way to bring down the mood, Prue." Phoebe grimaced. "You're just pissed
because I beat you, and because I'll be able to get to Piper by impersonating

If she'd been able to, Prue would've shrugged. "It takes a bit more then the
right looks, voice, and clothes to pull off a convincing impersonation of

Phoebe could shrug, so she did. "I've known you long enough to do a pretty
good Prue imitation, Sis. And even if I'm not a 100% convincing copy of you,
it won't matter much, since it's extremely unlikely that Piper will somehow
guess what's really going on. She's probably gonna think something like:
'Hey! Prue's acting kinda out of whack today. I wonder if it's man-related
trouble, magic-related trouble, or PMS that's bothering her.' Then she'll
shrug and move on."

Prue considered this, and finally had to admit to herself that her sister
made a good point. It's not like Piper's expecting Phoebe to go suddenly
berserk, tie up, whip, and then fuck her oldest sister, and then come after
her... Despite the circumstances, she couldn't help but be impressed by
Phoebe's meticulous planning.

"Okay," she reluctantly conceded, "so you're probably right. You do seem to
have things pretty well worked out, so far."

Smiling proudly, the (former) brunette made a little bow, and then almost
bursted into laughter when Prue quickly and quietly (but just loud enough
for her to hear) muttered, "But that won't stop me from kicking your ass
once I get free."

'Yeah, dream on, Sis! The only thing you'll be doing with my ass is either
kissing or licking it.'

As she straightened with an amused smile on her face, her eyes momentarily
strayed to the digital clock on top of her sister's nightstand. A small
shock went through her when she noticed the time. 'Whoa! Time really does
fly by when you're having fun.'

Frowning slightly, Phoebe shifted her eyes to her sister. "Sorry, Sis, I'd
love to stay and chat," an impish smile crossed her lips, "among other
things, but I really need to pay Piper a visit before she gets worried about
us," she explained, sounding almost apologetically.

The young witch sighed and, with some effort, managed to tear her eyes away
from the tantalizing picture that her big sister presented. Turning on her
heels, she walked towards the door.

"Hey! You can't just leave me like this!" Prue hurriedly protested. Unwilling
to spend the next hour or so, completely naked with her wrists and ankles
cuffed to the headboard, and her pussy, ass and tits on display and at the
mercy to anyone who walked through the door.

Turning her head, Phoebe felt another surge of lust in her loins as she took
in the lewd, yet vulnerable display Prue presented; lying there naked with
her legs pulled back and spread widely apart, her sister seemed to be a
never-ending source of arousal for her.

Automatically, her eyes were drawn to Prue's crotch, and she found herself,
once again, staring longingly at her sister's wet, wide-open snatch. Despite
having seen her sister tied up like this for over an hour, the incredibly
arousing sight kept making her horny as hell. It also provided her with
plenty of inspiration about the kinda depraved sex-acts she wanted to see
Prue perform. In fact... 'I'm feeling pretty inspired, right now.'

Smoothly turning round, she strolled back to her bound sister.

"Ya know, I think you're right, Prue," Phoebe casually commented while making
herself comfortable on the bed. "It wouldn't be very sisterly of me to leave
you in this predicament."

Prue sighed relieved, thinking that her sister would at the very least unlock
the ankle cuffs so she could finally stretch her legs, and then maybe even
cover her naked body with a sheet.

However, instead, her "twin" sister slid a hand between her legs and started
gently stroking her sensitive, swollen labia-lips.

Prue stared amazed while her lookalike's fingers diddled her slit. She
absently wondered if this counts as incest or masturbation.

After awhile, her befuddled brain finally managed to put together a coherent
question. "What are you doing?"

"Um... what does it like I'm doing?" Phoebe innocently replied. Shooting her
sister a mischievous smile, she shoved two fingers deep inside her.

Prue's eyes grew wide. She attempted to speak, but when her impudent little
sister followed up with a third finger, and then used these three digits to
probe her straining twat, only a loud gasp escaped her lips. After taking a
moment to compose herself, she tried again, "You-- Mmmm! You said-- Oh! You
said you wouldn't leave m-me... l-like this?"

"And I'm keeping my promise," Phoebe patiently explained while rapidly
thrusting her three fingers in-and-out her sister's cunt. "Before I go to
Piper, I'm gonna make sure that you get at least one more mind-blowing
orgasm to help you relax."

"Oh! Ohhhhh! T-That's not what I-I meant!"

"Woops!" A tiny smirk formed on Phoebe's perfect lips. "You didn't? Oh
well... Life's a bitch and so am I." As to emphasize her words, she plugged
Prue's pussy with a fourth finger.


Realizing that talking didn't make a damn difference, Prue closed her eyes
and allowed herself to get lost in the storm of sensations that were coursing
through her body.

With only a little difficulty, Phoebe managed to slide four fingers
in-and-out of her sister's slit at a steady pace. The ease with which most
of her hand fucked Prue's tight cunt both surprised and delighted her...
and also made her consider trying to fit her thumb in there as well.

All of a sudden, the idea of fisting her big sister seemed even more
appealing then fucking her ass.

Staring intently at the moist, pink pussy hosting four of her fingers, Phoebe
licked her dry lips and added her thumb to the wig that her four fingers
formed; she then slowly began pushing the five digits inside... To help her
sister get her mind off the massive invasion of her tight cunt, Phoebe
implemented her left hand to lightly strum her sister's clit while she
gradually pushed her entire right hand into Prue's narrow love-canal.


Yelping loudly in discomfort, Prue's eyes flew open and started searching
around for the source of her sudden pain. She found herself looking straight
at her own face staring back at her. A familiar smirk appeared on her
double's face, followed by a wink.

Another jolt of pain drew her attention downwards to her crotch -- her very
stuffed crotch! Prue's mouth fell open as she watched most of her lookalike's
hand disappearing into her pussy.

"Owwww!! Ow! Ow! Ow! Owwwwww!!! Stop it, Phoebe! It's too much!! Take it out,
NOW!!! I can't take an entire hand!"

"Sure you can!" Phoebe cheerfully replied while wiggling her fingers a little
further inside.

A mewl of pain escaped Prue's lips as her "twin" sister mercilessly pressed
another inch of unyielding fingers into her widely-spread snatch. "Yowwww!!!!

Totally captivated by the incredible sight of her sister's slit being invaded
by an entire hand, and the feeling of Prue's vaginal muscles squeezing her
fingers like a vice, Phoebe simply ignored Prue's protests and pushed her
hand further inside.

Her sister grunted and groaned like a wild animal, but gradually her
fingers... and then her knuckles slid into her sister's snatch.

"Ow! Ow! Owwwww!!!"

The (former) brunette stared spellbound at the pornographic spectacle of her
entire hand disappearing inside Prue's cunt.

"GODDDDDD!!!! PHOEBE!!!!" Prue cried out as Phoebe's hand stretched her pussy
further then it's ever been before.

The youngest Charmed One let out a small gasp. Having her hand buried deep
inside her sister's twat felt amazing -- the hot, tight wetness enveloping
her up to her wrist; the utter depravity of the act... She felt herself
getting wet again.

With her nose only inches from her sister's fully-stuffed snatch, Phoebe
slowly began moving her hand back and forth, gradually developing a steady
fuck-pace that had Prue shaking in her bonds.

It'sa tossup deciding what she enjoyed the most: fucking Prue with the dildo,
or fucking Prue with her hand. On one hand, fucking her sister with the
strap-on dildo gave her an exhilarating sense of power, and fuelled her
depraved fantasy about knocking Prue up. On the other hand, fucking Prue with
her hand made her feel like she's completely dominating her big sister, and
it also felt more personal -- even if it is, visually speaking, Prue's hand
that's doing the fucking.

Once she got a steady rhythm going, Phoebe started pulling her hand from her
sister's twat and pushing it back in again. Looking up for a moment, a smile
lit up her face when she observed the absolutely adorable way Prue went all
scrunchy-faced each time she plunged her hand into her cunt. 'Awww! That's
sooo cute!'

Smiling with delight, she quietly watched her sister's face while sliding
her hand in and out Prue's slick snatch... After a few minutes of this, she
decided that her sister's cunt was finally ready for something bigger...
like her fist.

'Hmm, I could probably use a bit more lubricant for that.'

Giving Prue's stiff clit a little break, Phoebe made a bottle of baby oil
appear in her left hand. While inspecting the bottle of lubricant with a big
smile on her face, she drew back her right arm and, with an audible pop,
pulled her hand from her sister's slit.

When several seconds went by without Phoebe's hand forcing its way back into
her pussy, Prue opened her eyes and blinked a few times, wondering what's
keeping her usually overeager little sister from pounding her pussy some

Glancing down between her widely-spread thighs, Prue gasped when she saw her
lookalike liberally coating her hand with baby oil. It didn't take a genius
to figure out what her twisted little sister was planning next. "Oh GOD!!"

Phoebe looked up from her lube-job and grinned. "C'mon, Prue, you're making
me blush! I've already told you that calling me "Mistress" will suffice...
even a simple "Phoebe" or "Pheebs" is good enough for now."

"Phoebe, please don't fist me," Prue urgently pleaded with her sister,
swallowing her pride for the moment. "I could barely take your hand as it
is! There's no freakin' way your fist is gonna fit!"

"That's what you said about my hand, and that turned out okay," Phoebe waved
off her sister's concerns while pouring some oil on Prue's pussy. "Just
relax, Sis: I'm using plenty of lubricant. You'll be fine."

Seeing that her sister was determined to fist-fuck her, Prue dropped her head
back on the pillow and closed her eyes. 'Of course... did I actually think
Phoebe is gonna listen to reason? She hardly ever does that when she ISN'T
possessed by some cellar-dwelling demon. Let's face it: I'm fucked -- in more
then one way.'

Taking deep breaths, she tried to relax and prepare herself for the biggest
thing ever to enter her cunt. Seconds later, she felt her sister's fingers
playing with her clit again; a couple of seconds after that, Phoebe's other
hand began rubbing the oil into her pussy.

Prue gulped. 'Any second now...'

A shudder went through her naked body when she felt the hand stroking her
slit clench into a tight fist, and start applying a steadily increasing
pressure against the red-rimmed, swollen opening of her already several-times
abused cunt.

A low, keening sound escaped her throat as Phoebe's fist slowly forced its
way into her -formerly- tight pussy. Maybe she blacked out for a moment...
because before she knew it, her sister's entire fist was buried inside her

Phoebe accompanied the successful admittance of her fist into her sister's
cunt with a triumphant cry. "YES!!! Told you it would fit! Your little pussy
is a lot more flexible then you think, Sis."

The older witch didn't bother responding; she was only able to grunt when
Phoebe began moving her hand back and forth. Opening her eyes just a little,
Prue peeked beneath her eyelashes and saw her own face staring down at her
fist-filled crotch, the familiar features twisted into a mask of perverse
lust. She closed her eyes again and bit her bottom lip when her sister
suddenly started fisting her faster...

Phoebe's eyes were riveted on her sister's stuffed slit as she slowly pulled
her fist out with a loud POP and pushed it back in again, eliciting a grunt
of pain and discomfort from her older sister.

"Ohmygod!" the former brunette babbled excitedly. "OhmyGOD!! I can't believe

Practically drooling with lust, the young witch really started pounding
Prue's pussy... watching with perverse delight while her oh-so-proud sister
bucked wildly on the bed and squealed like a little piglet.

After religiously watching her fist work its way in-and-out Prue's pussy for
five full minutes, Phoebe leaned slightly forwards so she could better watch
the expression on her sister's face while fist-fucking her.

"Yeah!! That's it, Sis!" she rasped, her eyes glazed over with lust. "Take my
fist up your cunt, you bossy bitch!! Feel that, SLUT?! D'ya feel my big fist
pounding your little pussy?!"

"OHHHH!!!! Of course I feel it, you stupid cunt!" an irate Prue called back.
"You think I wouldn't notice "a little thing" like your hand hammering my
cervix?! FUCK YOU!!!"

The overpowering lust filling Phoebe's body and directing her actions was
momentarily pushed down by a burst of hilarity brought on by her sister's
sarcastic reply.

"It was sorta meant as a rhetorical question, Prue," she snickered.

Still giggling to herself, Phoebe slowly started twisting her hand around,
grinding her knuckles against the inner walls of her sister's pussy while
plunging her fist in and out. Meanwhile, her free hand resumed the task of
rubbing Prue's stiff clit with renewed enthusiasm.

Prue soon began reacting to this new treatment with an equal amount of
enthusiasm. She panted, moaned and groaned without any constraint while
screwing her loins back against Phoebe's hammering fist.

"YEAH!!! Go for it, Sis!!" Phoebe cheered her on. "Fuck My Fist!!! Show me
what a good little slut you can be!"

The young witch watched with interest as Prue's body suddenly turned rigid,
her eyes rolled back, and her mouth turned a silent O. The next moment, Prue
began thrashing wilder in her bonds then ever before while screaming in


* * *

Looking like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary, Phoebe stepped
into the hallway and closed the bedroom door behind her. She'd somehow
managed to fist-fuck more then half her forearm into her sister's cunt before
Prue reached her fifth orgasm and fainted. After that, she'd rubbed a
regenerative ointment on Prue's ass, tits and pussy, before unlocking the
chains of the ankle-cuffs from the headboard and fastening them instead to
the foot-end of the bed, allowing her unconscious sister to finally relax
her leg muscles. She then kissed sleeping beauty goodbye on her rosy-red
lips, and left the room.

The huge smile on her face somehow managed to increase when Phoebe thought
back on all the sex-acts she finally got to do with Prue that she had
fantasized about for so very long.

'Best - three - fucking - hours of my life!' the youngest Halliwell thought
dreamingly while sighing with contentment.

Taking a whiff of her sticky hands, she softly snickered and headed for the

While washing her hands, Phoebe watched herself in the mirror -- finding
perverse pleasure in seeing Prue's smiling face looking back at her. She also
considered it something of a turn on. Glancing down, she noticed her erect
nipples straining against the sheer fabric of the blouse, clearly visible to
even the most casual observer.

Phoebe rubbed her thighs together. The arousal she'd built up while fisting
Prue's tight pussy didn't culminate in an orgasm, since her big sister wasn't
in any position (or in the mood) to reciprocate; and she didn't really feel
like bringing herself off after being spoiled by the several mind-blowing
orgasms she experienced while fucking Prue.

'Nope...' Phoebe thought to herself while drying her hands. 'A simple
self-induced orgasm just won't do. From now on, I refuse to settle for
anything less then one of my sisters' tongues bringing me off.'

Leaving the bathroom, Phoebe walked to the end of the hallway and slowly
began descending the stairs. 'Well, Prue has already given me several amazing
orgasm, so now... it's Piper's turn.'

To be continued...


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