Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters from the TV show
"Charmed" that belongs to Warner Brothers and Spelling TV, and is not meant
as an infringement on their copyright of the series.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Phoebe/Piper, Jeremy/Piper

Keywords: F/F, M/F, incest, D/s, spank, BDSM, humil, fisting, toys

Summary: After the Woogyman unleashes Phoebe's darkside, the youngest
Halliwell decides to make her most depraved sexual fantasy come true:
making her two beautiful sisters her bitches. But even with the dark powers
of the Woogyman on her side, will she be a match for Prue?

Notes: This story takes place during episode 1x15 "Is There a Woogy in the
House?" and is basically an X-rated version of this episode. A lot of the
dialogue in the first chapter comes directly from this episode.

WARNING: This is a pretty dark story, in which Phoebe basically rapes and
humiliates Prue and Piper... If you don't wish to read that kinda stuff
then stop reading NOW.

Charmed: Charmed Tales Part 4 - Who's The Boss... And The Biggest Bitch Ch. 3
by Oric13

As she approached the kitchen, Phoebe heard a loud crash followed by several
inventive curses coming from inside.

She halted a moment to listen to the angry noises coming from her obviously
very agitated sister and an amused smile crossed her lips - or actually
Prue's lips, considering that she's walking around looking exactly like her
big sister and wearing her clothes.

'Ha! Sounds like the little diversion I came up with to keep Piper busy is
working perfectly... Guess I didn't have to worry about her coming upstairs
to check on Prue and me, after all... Oh, well!' Phoebe mentally shrugged,
'Better safe than sorry.'

With a little help from the Woogyman she'd magically booby-trapped the
kitchen, making it nearly impossible for Piper to prepare the big fancy
dinner Prue requested. This ensured that her sister would remain downstairs
and keep her cute little nose out of her business.

Putting on a straight face, Phoebe stepped into the kitchen - just in time
to see a very distressed Piper putting out a grease fire.

"How's dinner coming along?" she inquired innocently.

'Heh. As if I don't already know.'

Piper let out a tiny shriek and quickly turned around - depositing most of
the frying pan's contents on the spotless kitchen floor.

"Oh! NO!!!"

"I'm guessing not so well," Phoebe dryly stated while observing the oily
mess on the floor.

"Prue, finally! What took you so long, and where's Feebs?" Piper questioned
anxiously. Without waiting for a response, she quickly grabbed a cleaning
cloth from the counter and kneeled down to clean up her messy floor.

"Phoebe's up in her room, nursing her bruised bottom and ego," Prue/Phoebe
replied with a smirk. "I doubt she'll show her face downstairs anytime soon."

"What happened up there? You've been gone for hours! I had half a mind to
go up there and see what's going on, if I wasn't so freakin' busy trying to
cook something in this cursed kitchen."

Momentarily interrupting her furious scrubbing of the floor, Piper looked
around in disgust at the disarrayed kitchen. She considered it a personal
insult that her normally well-organized and welcoming workspace - a place
she'd always thought of as a safe haven - would turn against her like this
and sabotage the delicious diner she had planned.

Seeing Piper sitting there in the middle of the kitchen with stains all
over her clothes and an aggrieved look on her face, it took Phoebe every
ounce of self-control she possessed NOT to giggle.

"Well, lil' Phoebe was acting up again and being all defiant," Prue/Phoebe
easily lied, while hungrily taking in the tantalizing sight of Piper on all
fours. "So I was forced to give the brat a lengthy and memorable lesson in
proper behaviour."

'There! That sounded JUST like Prue,' Phoebe thought satisfied while once
again resisting the almost incontrollable urge to giggle.

"But what the hell happened HERE?" she asked Piper before her sister got
the chance to question her further about the record-length punishment
session. "It looks like Martha Stewart went on a rampage in here."

Piper raised her hands and balled them into fists while sweeping her heated
glare around her messy workplace.

"This - this kitchen is cursed! Cursed I tell ya!" she cried out in
frustration. "The stove refuses to work properly. One moment it barely
burns more than a tea light, and the next moment it's like a freakin'
fireplace! And the refrigerator wouldn't open - like its welted shut...
until I pulled at the handle with all my strength and then it just popped
open: spilling everything inside it on me. After that my favourite pan
tried to attack me... and as an added bonus I got electrocuted by nearly
every electrical appliance I've touched!"

Phoebe whistled. "Sounds like you've had quite a day."

She hid the smirk that crossed her lips by walking to the fridge and
opening it - without any difficulty. "Hmm, seems perfectly normal to me,"
she declared while opening and closing the door repeatedly.

Heading over to the stove, she turned it on - once again, without any
problems. "And the stove seems to work fine as well..."

Prue/Phoebe narrowed her eyes at her confused middle sister. "You know,
Piper... If you didn't want to do this diner for me, then all you had to do
was say so."

"What?" Piper looked confused for a moment before understanding what her
sister was implying. "No! I... I'm not making this up, Prue. Honestly, less
than 15 minutes ago this kitchen was a freakin' pandemonium! I don't know
why everything is suddenly normal again."

"Hmmm" 'I do.' Inwardly smiling, Phoebe issued her sister a sceptical look.

Kneeling down in front of her, Phoebe gently grabbed Piper's chin and
lifted her face until they were eye-to-eye.

"You're not trying to put one over on me, would you, Sis?" she inquired
with a honey-sweet voice, "I would expect something like that from Phoebe,
but not from you."

Piper's ears turned red. "I'm not! I swear, Prue."

"Hmm... Good, because this dinner is VERY important to me. If everything
goes well, I might finally get that promotion Claire's been dangling in
front of my nose these last few months. But if it doesn't, I can kiss that
promotion goodbye... Or, worst case scenario: I might even get fired."

"I know, and I won't let you down, Prue."

"I very much hope so, Sis," Phoebe said in a soft voice while gently
stroking her sister's cheek, "'Cause I'd be very upset with you if you
did... And you know what happens in this household to bad little girls who
screw up, don't ya, Piper?"

Piper swallowed nervously and silently nodded.

Prue/Phoebe raised a questioning eyebrow. "Well?"

"Uh... Y-yes, I do, Prue," Piper hurriedly said.

"Then tell me," Phoebe demanded.

A bright blush now coloured Piper's cheeks. "They get a spanking or a
whipping on their naughty bare bottom," she shyly and softly recited.

Phoebe smiled with delight. Hearing demure lil' Piper say those words was
enough to drench her panties - if she'd been wearing any panties, that is.

"That's right, sweetie... So unless you want to spend a long time naked
across my lap getting your bare bottom tanned, I suggest you stop horsing
around and whip up that delicious dinner you promised me."

"Yes, ma'am," Piper responded despondently.

"Awww, don't pout... You know I love you with all my heart, right Piper?"
Phoebe said while enveloping her sister in a big hug.

Piper's resentment of Prue's callous behaviour swiftly melted away in her
sister's warm embrace. "I know, Prue," she sniffled, "I love you too."

Prue/Phoebe smiled warmly. "And I still love you even if you ruin tonight's
dinner and get me fired. Just like I'll always love Phoebe no matter how
much she screws up... But that doesn't mean I won't whip your cute little
asses whenever either of you have it coming," she added with a stern voice.
"I'm sorry that I have to be so tough with you two, but in order to survive
these constant demon and warlocks attacks we'll need a strong sense of
discipline. So it's important that you trust me to know what's best for us
and do what I tell you to without question. It might very well save our
lives in the near future."

"I understand," Piper mumbled in her sister's shoulder. Actually, she
didn't really understand why they always had to do what Prue wants. But she
didn't mind following her sister's orders. She didn't even mind the
occasional spanking that disobedience would bring.

"That's my girl," Phoebe stated satisfied while stroking her sister's hair.
"Now I'm gonna get you something to drink to calm your nerves, and then
it's back to work, OK?"

"Yes, ma'am," Piper said again, smiling this time.

Phoebe gave her sister an affectionate smile and kissed her on the nose.
Meanwhile resisting the almost overwhelming urge to push Piper down on the
floor, rip her clothes off, and give her adorable sister the fucking of a
lifetime. There's just something about Piper that brought out the
dominatrix in her -- just like Prue's dominant behaviour strongly appealed
to her submissive side.

'Get a grip, Phoebe... Remember: patience=virtue!' she told herself. 'And
if everything goes according to plan then you'll be having your wicked way
with sweet lil' Piper soon, anyway.'

Quickly getting up, she headed to the fridge and poured Piper a glass of
apple cider. Making sure that her body blocked her sister's view, she used
her new powers to summon a small vial containing the potion she'd prepared
earlier specifically for Piper, and covertly added the contents to the
cider before making the vial disappear again.

'Hmm, somehow this seems like the perfect moment for a bit of evil laughter
on my part,' Phoebe contemplated, 'but I probably shouldn't do that...
Cackling evilly while handing her a drink might just make Piper a tad

Struggling to keep a straight face, Phoebe handed Piper the "special" cider
she'd prepared and watched her drink down the entire glass. The potion that
Phoebe spiked Piper's drink with was actually a mixture of two different
potions. One potion would increase a person's libido tenfold, making them
extremely horny, and the other potion was designed to make the drinker more
docile. Phoebe wasn't sure if she really needed that 2nd potion since Piper
usually tends to be docile enough... but, once again: better safe than
sorry. She didn't want risk anything going wrong - not when she's so close
to finally making her favourite sexual fantasy come true: having both her
beautiful sisters as her adoring sex-slaves.

"There ya go... feeling better now?"

Piper smiled and nodded.

"Good!" Phoebe patted her sister's back and helped her to her feet. "Back
to work then. Claire and her two guests should be here at seven-thirty and
I'd like there to be something for them to eat."

"Okay, I should be able to manage that," Piper said as she went back to work.

'Let's see if you still feel that way when the potion kicks in,' Phoebe
thought smiling wickedly as she left the kitchen. Figuring that it would
take about half an hour for Piper to be fully affected by the potion, she
decided to go back upstairs and "play" with Prue some more. 'I just can't
get enough of my beautiful big sister.' Giggling to herself, she quickly
climbed the staircase and entered Prue's room.

"Hiya, Sis! Didya miss me?"

* * *

'Oh, dear God! What the Hell is WRONG with me?!' Piper desperately thought
while wiping her sweaty brow again. For some reason, she was totally unable
to focus on her cooking. Even weirder was that the only thing her mind did
seem capable of focussing on is SEX. 'I've never felt so horny in all my
life... And I know that it's been a while since I had sex, but this is

The last person Piper had sex with was Jeremy, her reporter boyfriend, who
turned out to be a warlock waiting for a chance to steal the Charmed Ones
powers the moment they regained them. After they'd vanquished him, she
spent months trying to erase him from her mind, but now she suddenly found
herself thinking about him again -- or rather, thinking about his big cock.
'He might've been an evil warlock, but damn! he sure knew how to fuck.'

Piper licked her lips at the tantalizing memory of Jeremy's big cock
pounding her tight pussy. With the few lovers she had before him, the sex
had been sweet and tender -- inside and outside the bedroom, they'd treated
her like a lady. Jeremy, on the other hand, only treated her like a lady
OUTSIDE the bedroom -- inside the bedroom he treated her like a whore. And
she'd spent many hours naked on her knees learning how to be a good little
whore for him.


"Ohhhhh yesssss! That feels great, Piper," Jeremy complimented her. "You're
becoming a first-rate cock-sucker."

It's not easy to smile at her boyfriend with her lips wrapped around his
dick, but Piper somehow managed to convey her delight about this rare
offering of praise without interrupting the blowjob she was giving him.
Eager to please and to make this the best blowjob he ever had, she took a
deep breath before going all the way down on him... allowing his hard
member to slide deep inside her throat. Resisting her natural gag-reflex,
she used her throat muscles to massage Jeremy's thick prick.

'I'm really doing it!' Piper thought excitedly. For the first time ever,
she's actually deepthroating an entire dick! Phoebe would be so proud. And
her sister would be even more impressed if she knew where this
deepthroating debut took place... Instead of going up to her room as usual,
Jeremy had talked her into doing a striptease for him right here in the
living room, followed by a blowjob.

Smiling down at Piper, Jeremy petted her hair. "Ohhhh yeah! Good girl!
You're learning alright... Now play with my balls a bit... Remember,
gently! Mmmm... Oh! Oohhh yesss!! Now do that thing with your tongue
again... FUCK!!! That feels good! Ohhhhh! Almost there... Suck a little
harder... OH!! Oohhhh! That's it! I'm coming! Get ready, 'cause I'm about
to shoot my load down your throat and I don't want you to waste a single

With a loud yell, Jeremy ejaculated what appeared to be almost a gallon of
sperm in Piper's receptive mouth. It was so much that the middle Halliwell
had trouble getting it all down. Getting enough oxygen was also a problem
and she felt herself becoming light-headed. However, Piper stubbornly
refused to give up and continued swallowing every drop of sperm that
spurted from her boyfriend's cock.

At last the fountain of jizm stopped and after quickly swallowing the final
drops she was able to breathe again.

Pleased with her performance, Piper sat back on her heels and gazed up at
her boyfriend. "Satisfied?" she questioned eagerly.

Jeremy smiled and nodded. "I'm impressed, Piper... To be honest, I didn't
think you'd be able to get it all... and I was actually looking forward to
spanking that cute ass of yours again as punishment for spilling my seed."

A light blush coloured Piper's cheeks as she smiled shyly. Ever since she'd
told Jeremy about Prue's tendency to punish any misbehaviour from her
younger siblings with a spanking or a bare-assed whipping, he'd taken it
upon himself to keep this tradition going and now readily spanked her for
any transgression she committed, no matter how slight.

"Yeah, well... I guess you'll just have to wait for another opportunity to
spank my cute ass," she replied with a smirk. "Can I get dressed now? Prue
should be home soon and I don't want her to walk in on us with me totally
naked and your cock sticking out of your pants."

"Relax, Piper... knowing your sister she'll probably work late again...
Besides, you haven't climaxed yet, and I'll bet your horny little pussy is
just aching for some release." Sliding his hand between her parted thighs,
he cupped her mons and stroked a single finger in-between her swollen lips.
"Mmmm... See how wet you are... you need it bad, don't you, sweetie?"

Piper whimpered in response and spread her legs a bit further apart.

"Oh, yeah... you're one horny little witch, alright," Jeremy chuckled as he
stroked her dripping slot. "Little witch" had been Jeremy's pet name for
her. Of course, it wasn't until Phoebe unleashed their powers and Jeremy
turned out to be a murderous warlock that she understood how he'd come up
with that particular pet name.

When Jeremy slid a finger into her snatch and started stroking her hard
clit with his thumb, Piper closed her eyes. Leaning back on her hands, she
pushed her pelvis towards her boyfriend -- offering him her pussy to do
with as he pleased.

With a blissful smile on her face, Piper happily rode her lover's hand,
gradually going faster and faster as she felt an amazing orgasm approaching.

Just when she was about to cum, Jeremy suddenly withdrew his hand, leaving
her humping empty air. Whimpering with need, Piper opened her eyes and
stared beseechingly at her boyfriend. "Don't stop! I'm so close!" she
practically begged while thrusting out her hips and presenting him with her
poor soaked pussy.

Jeremy chuckled again. "Not yet my sweet little slut, you'll have to work a
little harder for it this time."

"I just did a striptease for you right here in the living room AND sucked
you off! What more do you want?" Piper pouted.

"Oh, not a lot," Jeremy grinned. "I just want to see you show off that
tight little bod of yours."

"Uhm..." Piper gazed down at her naked body. "Aren't I doing that already?"

Jeremy just smiled in response and started clearing the coffee table.
Puzzled by her boyfriend's actions, Piper quietly watched as he put their
glasses and the empty champagne bottle away, followed by the flower
centrepiece and the two handcrafted candlesticks.

Having removed all the objects from the large wooden coffee table, Jeremy
turned to face Piper. "Now, my dear, I want you to get on that table and
put on a little show for me... Be creative and do your best to excite me;
if you succeed I'll let you cum."

He inclined his head towards the table and shot her a smile. "Now hop on
and do me proud."

Blushing brightly, but hornier than she ever felt before, Piper climbed
onto the large wooden coffee table and started performing for her handsome,
domineering boyfriend. She began by striking a series of sexy poses for
him, and as her excitement grew she became more daring.

She'd started out with some relatively modest Playboy poses, but it wasn't
long till her posing became more suitable for Hustler...

Kneeling on the coffee table with her ass in the air pointed at her
boyfriend and her breasts pressing against the cool surface of the smooth
mahogany wood, Piper looked across her shoulder and smiled innocently.
Seeing Jeremy staring at her butt, she teasingly wiggled her behind at him.

"Damn!" the captivated journalist exclaimed. "That's one fine ass!"

Keeping his eyes fixed on Piper's firm round posterior, Jeremy grabbed one
of the candlesticks he'd put on the ground and pulled out the large wax
candle. While stroking the velvety globes of his girlfriend's upturned
behind, he positioned the thick candle at the entrance of her dripping wet
snatch and slowly pushed it inside. Twisting it around, Jeremy worked the
large candle steadily further into Piper's tight pussy.

The petite brunette moaned loudly and again wiggled her ass at him,
indicating that she wanted more. Jeremy granted her unspoken request by
shoving the long thick candle further and further into her cunt until only
a few inches of the broad wax pole peeked out between her swollen labia lips.

Sitting back, Jeremy took in the sight of sweet, innocent Piper Halliwell
kneeling naked on her coffee table with her ass in the air and a foot-long
candle stuffed inside her snatch. Taking a hold of his dick, which once
again stood out fully erect, he lazily stroked the thick 9-inch shaft
meanwhile contemplating what kind of depraved sex act he would have her do
next. It didn't take long before a wicked idea entered his depraved mind.

"Show me your asshole, sweetie," he casually told her.

"What?!" Piper exclaimed, sounding surprised and somewhat taken aback by
her boyfriend's kinky request.

"You heard me, Piper," Jeremy said in a commanding tone of voice. "Spread
those cheeks."

Piper quickly glanced across her shoulder at her boyfriend's face to see if
he's serious... Well, no doubt about it: he obviously is.

Biting down on her bottom lip, she hesitated for a moment... then
reluctantly reached back and spread her butt-cheeks, exposing her tiny
asshole to her lover's lustful stare.

A satisfied smile crept across Jeremy's lips as Piper once again
demonstrated her submissive nature to him by lewdly presenting her cute
little bung hole at his request. He slowly leaned forwards until his face
was only an inch away from his lover's upraised behind. Sticking out his
tongue, he started swiping it up and down his girlfriend's butt-crack,
enjoying her musky taste.

"Oohh!! Jeremy!" Piper squealed. "What are you doing?! That-that's *dirty*!"

Not bothering to respond, Jeremy continued to lick her ass. Piper groaned
as she felt the thick candlestick in her snatch slowly start to slide back
and forth. 'Oohh! I can't believe Jeremy is fucking me with a candlestick
right here in the living room, and licking my ass as well! I thought this
kinda kinky stuff only happened to Phoebe.'

Piper's eyes opened wide and her mouth formed a silent O when she felt her
boyfriend's tongue pressing against her asshole. 'Oohhhh, is he really

Her unspoken question was answered when the journalist's nimble tongue
slipped into her virgin butt-hole and started twirling around inside of
her. 'Oh, FUCK! He's really doing it! He's got his tongue up my asshole.
Ewww! Well, rather him than me... I just hope he doesn't expect me to

Still... despite Piper's initial disgust about putting your tongue into the
very hole where shit comes out, she had to admit that what he was doing
felt really good. In fact, the combination of Jeremy's tongue up her ass
and that big candlestick fucking her pussy was bringing her rapidly closer
to a much-needed orgasm.

Letting her eyes fall shut, Piper began rocking her body backwards, fucking
herself gradually faster onto the large candle shoved up her cunt and her
boyfriend's tongue inside her butt. The sensation of being fucked in both
her holes felt amazing! 'Maybe I should try to be a little more Phoebe-like
in the future when it comes to sex,' Piper considered, moaning with delight
as Jeremy's surprisingly long tongue probed further into her tight asshole.
'cause it feels like I've been missing out.'

Pulling his tongue from Piper's rectum, Jeremy sat back and took a moment
to fully appreciate the incredibly erotic sight of prim & proper Piper
kneeling naked on all fours on her family's coffee table wriggling her butt
in the air like a bitch in heat as he fucked her tight cunt with this
over-sized candlestick. If only he brought his camera then he could capture
this moment forever.

The reporter's eyes centred on Piper's cute little asshole - the tiny pink
opening, though shiny from his saliva, was barely visible between the young
brunette's firm round buttocks. The smile on his face grew bigger as he
pulled the candle from his girlfriend's snatch and slowly reinserted it
into her asshole.

Piper's head snapped back around the moment she felt the thick beewax stick
being pushed into her most private orifice. When he told her to spread her
cheeks, she'd been afraid he was planning something like this. "No! Not
there! It's much too big! Besides, I-I've never had anyone--"

SMACK!!! Jeremy effectively silenced her protestations with a hard spank.
"Listen, love: you're almost 24 years old now, so it's about time you lose
your anal cherry. Frankly, I don't understand how any of your former lovers
could resist the temptation to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours." SMACK! He
slapped her ass again, but this time more gently, and then tenderly stroked
the silky-soft skin of Piper's pink posterior.

"Now settle down and relax... trust me, you're gonna love it." Sliding his
hand slowly downwards, he moved it between her thighs and stroked the young
woman's sopping slit.

When he tickled her clit next, Piper moaned and looked across her shoulder
again, staring with wide eyes at the thick candle already partly inserted
into her rectum. The young chef bit down on her bottom lip and groaned as
Jeremy pushed another inch of the thick wax stick inside her.

She was about to reiterate her objections to this unnatural invasion when a
wave of intense pleasure went through her, drowning out the discomfort she
felt. Noticing that any pain from the deflowering of her virgin asshole was
negated by these very pleasurable sensations, Piper gradually began to
relax... Resting her head on the table, she raised her bare butt a bit
higher and wiggled it at her boyfriend to show her acceptance before
closing her eyes.

"Little Slut," Jeremy affectionately said as he slid a couple of fingers
into Piper's slick cunt and twisted them around; finger-fucking her with
slow steady thrusts, he worked the huge candle deeper into the brunette's
tight butt. Piper's pussy-juices coating the candle's length caused it to
slide relatively smoothly into the virgin opening despite its thick 2 inch

Piper grunted and groaned loudly as more and more of the large wax rod made
its way into her virgin ass. Her anal deflowering hurt a lot, but her
boyfriend's fingers expertly fondling & fucking her pussy made the
experience tolerable. Still... she didn't know how much more of this she
could take - it felt like there was already two feet of candle shoved up
her ass, yet more and more of it was being pushed inside her rectum. And
Jeremy just kept on pushing that huge candle inside her till it felt like
the thick unyielding stick was so far up her ass that it's about to come
out of her mouth.

Then, finally, he stopped. Sighing in relief, Piper wiped her sweaty brow
and glanced back across her shoulder, half-expecting to see only the
unburned wick sticking out from between her ass-cheeks. She was surprised
to see a good 4 or 5 inches of the beeswax bar still sticking out of her butt.

Giving her a smile and a wink, Jeremy grabbed a firm hold of the protruding
part of the candlestick and started pumping it in-and-out of Piper's tight
anal orifice, eliciting another series of grunts and groans from his naked,
kneeling girlfriend.

"Ungh! Oohh! Ungh!! Ooohh! OH!! Ungh!"

At first, Jeremy fucked Piper's freshly deflowered asshole with slow,
steady thrusts, but once he felt she's ready, he picked up the pace and it
wasn't long before the slick, thick candlestick was pumping Piper's ass
like a well-oiled piston.

"OH GOD!!!" Piper grunted. She actually needed to brace herself to keep
from sliding off the smooth table surface during this anal onslaught;
though at this point she didn't really care much if she stayed on the table
or not, just as long as she finally receives her long-awaited orgasm.

Unfortunately, she had to wait a lot longer for that... Just when she was
about to cum, Jeremy abruptly let go of the candlestick and her needy pussy
and sat back on the couch.

"Hey! What's going on?! Why did you stop?" Piper questioned anxiously,
sending an aggrieved look across her shoulder in the direction of her
smiling boyfriend.

"Because I have something else planned," Jeremy calmly explained.

"Something else?!" Piper repeated, looking and sounding very much annoyed.
"And that couldn't have waited?! I was just moments away from climaxing!"

"Don't you worry, my sweet little witch," Jeremy said with a soothing
voice, "I'll let you cum soon enough."

"Not soon enough for me," Piper muttered despondently.

Jeremy laughed. "Well, maybe this will cheer you up: I've got you a little
present to mark our six month anniversary."

"You did?!" Piper exclaimed, instantly perking up.

"Uh-huh, and if you promise to be a good girl I'll give you your present now."

"Oh, I promise! I *am* a good girl," Piper said sweetly while batting her
eyelashes at him.

"Good girls are also respectful and obedient," Jeremy said with a smile.
"Wouldn't you agree, Piper?"

"Yes, Sir," the naked brunette politely replied.

Jeremy's smile grew bigger. "Very good... Now, before I give you your
present, I want you to turn around and give me a good look at your sweet
little pussy.

With a light blush colouring her cheeks, Piper sat up and turned to face
her domineering boyfriend. Kneeling on the coffee table, she reached behind
her and started to extract the uncomfortable thick candlestick from her
stretched rectum.

"No! Leave it," Jeremy sharply commanded. "Don't take it out until I give
you permission to do so."

Piper looked puzzled and embarrassed, but nevertheless obeyed and let go
off the candle, leaving it deeply imbedded within her sore ass.

"Good girl," Jeremy said approvingly. "Now show me your pussy, Piper."

After a moment's hesitation, Piper sat back on her heels and spread her
thighs wide. Glancing down, she could see her sopping red cunt glistening
in the soft light of the fireplace. Well aware of how vulgar she looked
squatting naked on the table with a candle up her ass, Piper's blush grew
darker, but she made no attempt to hide her terribly exposed pussy. She
even managed to remain in position when Jeremy slid a hand between her
trembling thighs and casually fingered her dripping slot for a few minutes
till she was once again on the brink of an orgasm. Of course, the sadistic
bastard still didn't allow her to cum; quickly withdrawing his fingers, he
brought them up to her lips and made her lick them clean.

This latest act of humility seemed to have satisfied Jeremy enough to make
good on his promise concerning the aforementioned present. The journalist
made a swift, graceful motion with his right hand and closed it into a
fist. When he opened his hand, a small black velvet box sat on top of his
outstretched palm.

Piper squealed with delight, for several reasons. She loved it when Jeremy
did one of his magic tricks for her. But best of all: a black velvet box
meant he was giving her jewellery, which constitutes her favourite gift!

Giving his girlfriend a smile and a wink, Jeremy repeated the magic gesture
with his left hand, making a second, bigger black velvet box appear and
bringing another squeal from Piper.

"You got me TWO presents?!" she gushed happily before her face suddenly
turned sad. "Oh! I forgot to get you anything."

"Don't worry about it, Pet," Jeremy said with a comforting smile, "You've
already given me the greatest gifts a man could get: your love, your
beautiful body, and your devoting obedience."

Piper smiled shyly in response to her boyfriend's kind words and once again
thanked her lucky stars for finding a boyfriend as perfect as Jeremy. She
also decided that tonight she'd do whatever sex-act Jeremy desired - no
matter how depraved. Hell! Even if he wants to fuck her up the ass in front
of her sisters, she'd go along with it... Though luckily, Phoebe was still
in New York and Prue had been working late this entire week. However, she
felt pretty certain that Jeremy would be able to come up with other stuff
equally kinky.

Over the last couple of months, the journalist's sexual preferences had
gradually become more and more perverse, and he'd been gently pushing and
prodding Piper to go along with his demands. And even though she'd
occasionally resisted some of his depraved sexual requests (those that she
considered simply *too* humiliating), she went along with most of it.
Partly because she didn't want to lose her wonderful boyfriend, but mainly
because she actually LIKED a lot of the kinky stuff he made her do. She was
tired of always being the "good girl" of the Halliwell family and acting as
Jeremy's little slave-slut behind closed doors was the perfect way to
resolve some of those feelings.

Besides, it gave her a special thrill to surrender herself to her
dominating boyfriend like she was doing now.

"Well, aren't you gonna open your presents?" Jeremy asked, breaking her

"Oh, of course," Piper said while taking the little black velvet box from
her boyfriend's right hand. With bated breath, she slowly opened it,
revealing a pair of beautiful antique pearl earrings.

"Oohhh! These are beautiful!" Piper squealed excitedly as she took out the
earrings to inspect them more closely. "Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!"

"Yeah, I thought you'd like these," Jeremy grinned. "Here, let me put them
on you..."

"I bought you two separate presents for a reason: I got you these earrings
so you'll have something you can wear in public to illustrate our bond,"
Jeremy explained while carefully fitting the pearl studs in Piper's pierced
earlobes. "There! They look perfect on you."

Piper smiled happily and started hopping up and down a little on the table.
"I wanna see! Let me check in the mirror, I'll be right back."

Jeremy held out a hand and stopped Piper from jumping off the table to head
for the nearest mirror. "I'll let you look at yourself in the mirror later.
And in the meantime you'll still have another present to open," he reminded
her with a smile.

"Ooh! That's right!" Piper said and looked down with gleaming eyes at the
other, slightly larger, black velvet box sitting on the table in front of
her. Picking it up, she was surprised at how much it weighed and quickly
opened it. Piper gasped as she saw the contents. Inside were two small
beautiful handcrafted dragons... or maybe sea-snakes, she wasn't entirely
certain. At first glance, she thought these were earrings as well, but they
seemed too large for that - from head to tail they're about 4, or perhaps
even 5 inches, long.

"They're dragons," Jeremy told her.

'Well, that answers that question.'

"Their eyes are fire rubies and their bodies are made out of solid 24 carat

"But... aren't these a little long and much too heavy for earrings?" Piper

"They're not earrings," Jeremy said smiling.

Piper looked puzzled. "Well, I'm pretty sure they're not hangers or
bracelets, either."

"Nope. They *are* meant to be worn, but not on your ears, wrists, or around
your neck."

"Then, what...?"

"They go here," the journalist said, lightly flicking Piper's right nipple
with his index finger. "And here," he added, while flicking her left nipple.

"They're nipple-clamps," he clarified with a wicked smile. "These you'll
wear in private to demonstrate our bond."

Piper stared down at the small golden dragons (with very sharp looking
teeth!) and at her tender nipples, and gulped nervously. "Uhm, how about we
exchange these for a nice necklace, which I can wear in private to
demonstrate our bond."

Jeremy just grinned in response.

"Just a suggestion," Piper muttered.

"Yeah, nice try," Jeremy acknowledged while toying with her hard nipples.
"Now let's find out how these nipple-clamps will look on your cute little

A light blush coloured Piper's cheeks. Ever since she went through puberty,
she'd been kinda sensitive about the size of her boobs. Even though she
liked her perky A cups, she couldn't help feeling... inadequate sometimes,
especially when compared to her sisters' generous 36-C cups. Still, Jeremy
had told her many times that he loves her body, and besides: he's involved
with HER and not with Phoebe or Prue, so there's no reason for her to feel

With the desire to proof she's the best girlfriend he could have, Piper
straightened her back and stuck out her tits, offering them up to her

"That's my girl," Jeremy whispered, bringing a proud smile to Piper's face.
However, that smile swiftly disappeared when Jeremy closed the first
nipple-clamp on her right nipple.

"Yowwww!!!" she squealed. "Take it off! Take it off!! Take it OFF!!!"

"Relax!" Jeremy said, putting a comforting hand on Piper's shoulder. "The
worst pain has already passed - it'll only get better."

Piper calmed down a little when she noticed that the horrible pain in her
right nipple was indeed subsiding. Then Jeremy attached the other
nipple-clamp onto her left nipple.

"OWWWW!!!! FUCK!!"

Jeremy couldn't help but laugh when he saw the look on his girlfriend's
face. This didn't exactly improve Piper's mood, and she scowled angrily at
her overly cheerful boyfriend.

"Don't get upset, Pet," the journalist said in a good-natured tone of
voice, "You look really hot wearing your new jewellery and nothing else."

Wiping the tears of pain from her eyes, Piper glanced down at her naked
body, focussing on the tiny golden dragons hanging from her aching nipples.
Despite the pain she still felt, she had to admit that these things *did*
look very sexy. "I guess I do look pretty damn good," she remarked, smiling
through her pain.

"Damn right," Jeremy said, smiling back. "And I'm gonna get you mirror so
you can see just how sexy you look right now, but first we'll need to get
you started."

"Get me started?" Piper repeated, sounding puzzled. "Get me started, how?"

With a big grin on his face, Jeremy raised the empty champagne bottle from
the floor and put it on the table between Piper's wide-spread thighs. "Get
you started on making yourself cum," he answered with a mischievous twinkle
in his eyes. "I want you to work this bottle into your snatch, and ride it
hard till I tell you to stop."

Even though just a short while ago she'd decided to fulfil whatever kinky
sex-act her boyfriend would come up with tonight, Piper was still taken
aback a bit by his "request".

'How can he be so... Gentlemanlike one moment and so incredibly crude the
next?' she thought amazed. Then, staring down at the large champagne bottle
(and feeling a bit intimidated by its size), she wondered what it would
feel like to shove that big bottle into her tight pussy. 'Well... only one
way to find out.'

Aiming a shy glance at her grinning boyfriend, Piper grabbed the bottle
firmly with two hands and pulled it closer while squatting above it. She
moved it around a little until the opening of the bottle was touching her
own "opening". Then, looking straight into her lover's excited eyes, the
young chef slowly sank down on the large champagne bottle.

Piper gasped as the cold glass entered her hot pussy, but didn't halt her
descent. Sinking down, the slender neck of the bottle slid smoothly into
her well-lubricated cunt, quickly filling her up. However, the further down
she went, the thicker the bottle became, stretching her slit more and more
till she got to the point where the girth of the bottle became too much for
her to handle and she had to stop.

The problem was that by squatting down on the bottle like this, her own
weight was working it further into her straining snatch.

Taking a deep breath, Piper employed her well-trained leg-muscles to thrust
herself up until only the tip of champagne bottle remained in her pussy...
then slowly sank down on it again, going further than before. She grunted
as the bottle's opening bumped into her cervix, and quickly pushed herself
up again.

Keeping eye-contact with her watchful boyfriend, Piper started riding the
thick champagne bottle faster and faster. The heavy nipple-clamps hanging
from her boobies began bouncing up and down along with her movements,
sending jolts of pain & pleasure through her body. And to help things
along, Jeremy swatted the heavy clamps a couple of times, causing them to
sway wildly back and forth, bringing more pain to her poor titties.

Jeremy sat back and watched with a satisfied smirk as his usually modest
girlfriend enthusiastically fucked herself on a champagne bottle in the
middle of her family's living room while wearing her new nipple-clamps and
a large candle inserted into her tight little ass. It looked almost
perfect... Almost.

Getting up, the journalist walked behind his bouncing bare-naked lover, and
got out his lighter. Smiling wickedly, Jeremy lit the candle sticking out
of Piper's ass, adding an extra touch of depravity to the scene.

Glancing back across her shoulder, Piper stared with disbelieving eyes at
the burning candle, her cheeks turning a darker shade of pink, then
switched her gaze to her smirking boyfriend.

"You make a lovely candelabrum, Piper," he slyly remarked, which caused her
to blush even harder. Without saying a word, she faced forward again and
started screwing the champagne bottle lodged in her twat even faster than
before - more determined than ever to finally get herself off.

Jeremy patted her behind as she bounced passionately up and down on the
bottle, "Good girl."

Piper looked puzzled when she saw Jeremy leaving the living room and going
into the hallway but didn't let her boyfriend's absence interrupt her
playing "Screw the Bottle" with herself.

Her mouth dropped open when her lover entered the room again a minute later
dragging along the large full-length mirror that belonged in the hallway.
'Whoa! Jeremy obviously doesn't believe in half-measures.'

The journalist planted the heavy mirror against the wall next to the
fireplace and then helped Piper turn around on the table to the left so she
was facing the mirror without having to stop humping the bottle for a
single second. Edging closer to her, Jeremy put his arm around her like
they were about to get their picture taken together.

"There. Don't you look adorable," Jeremy stated with a cheeky grin while
looking pointedly at Piper's reflection in the mirror.

Piper stared spellbound into the large mirror. Seeing herself squatting on
the coffee table, shamelessly humping an empty champagne bottle with a lit
candle sticking out of her ass and two nipple-clamps attached to her sore
teats with her grinning, fully-clothed boyfriend standing beside her, both
shocked and aroused her. Her constant willingness to degrade herself to
gain her lover's approval and achieve sexual satisfaction even amazed

"Now show me what you can do, Piper! Ride that bottle hard," Jeremy
encouraged her while stroking her bare shoulder, "Make me proud, my little

And that is what she did... With lustful enthusiasm, Piper pumped her pussy
up and down the thick bottle, going faster and faster as her juices dripped
down the length of the bottle causing her to slide down even smoother than
before. Her nipples hurt like hell as the golden dragon clamps bounced up
and down with her, but she'd gotten used to the pain by now and the
constant throbbing was actually becoming a turn-on.

"You're really liking that big bottle inside your tight little snatch,
don't ya, Piper," Jeremy lewdly inquired from his vantage point on the
couch. The journalist had once again retrieved his cock from his pants and
was softly stroking it while watching Piper perform for him.

"Ohhh, Yesss!" Piper hissed as she sunk down on the bottle again.

"Let me hear it," Jeremy demanded. "Tell me how much you like stuffing that
bottle into your twat! Describe how it feels! Admit what a cock-loving slut
you really are."

"Ohhhh!! I am!" Piper grunted while fucking herself even faster. "I'm such
a slut! I -Ungh!- l-love a long stiff cock in my tight little cunt!
F-F-Fucking me HARD!!! B-But -unghh!- if I c-can't get a c-cock in my
c-cunt then this nice big bottle -Ooohhh!- is the next best thing."

"That's it, babe," Jeremy groaned, jerking off faster. "Keep going! Don't
be shy."

"Ungh! Oohhhh! Feels sooo good!" Piper squealed, "P-Pumping my p-pussy up
and down this thick hard bottle with that HUGE candle shoved deep inside my
asshole and those heavy clamps tugging at my titties! Oohh!! Unghhh! I'll
bet I look like a total tramp!"

"Oh, yeah, you do!" Jeremy ensured her excitedly.

Piper shuddered from both dread and delight as she pictured her two sisters
entering the room this very moment and seeing her like this: screwing an
empty champagne-bottle on top of grams' precious coffee table with nipple
clamps hanging from her tits and a burning candlestick sticking out of her

'That should certainly put an end to them seeing me as their
oh-so-predictable, sensible & slightly boring sister,' she pondered while
suppressing a giggle.

Piper's gaze automatically turned to the entrance of the living room as
this thrilling scenario went through her head, and nearly screamed as she
made eye-contact with her eldest sister.

Apparently, Prue had come home early for a change, and was now standing in
the doorway, sipping a glass of wine while watching Piper's impromptu
X-rated performance in the living room. As their eyes met, Prue gave her a
mocking salute with her wine glass before bringing it to her mouth again.

Piper didn't know what to do at first. She was mortified, but she was also
horny as hell. Should she stop and quickly try to cover her nakedness? It
seemed a bit late for that - Prue's already seen it all. But still... she
can't just keep on fucking herself on this bottle and bring herself off
with her sister watching her, can she?

While considering her limited options, Piper noticed that Prue's eyes were
checking out her brand-new nipple clamps... Without knowing exactly why,
Piper arched her back and stuck out her tits, proudly displaying her
boyfriend's anniversary gift. Obviously surprised by her sister's
uncharacteristic flaunting, Prue made eye-contact again and smiled

Thrilled by her big sister's approval and proud of her own daring, Piper
happily smiled back. When she saw Prue's gaze glide down her naked form
again, another brazen idea took shape within the brunette's lust-filled
mind. Her heartbeat quickened as she slowly, almost unnoticeably, turned
more and more to the right till she was facing Prue. Licking her dry lips,
Piper then spread her knees as far apart as she could get them while still
being able to fuck herself on the bottle, thereby treating her sibling to
an unobstructed view of her wet & aroused pussy, bouncing up and down that
big champagne bottle.

Piper trembled with excitement as she shamelessly showed off her slit to
her older sister. She could practically FEEL Prue's penetrating blue eyes
staring at her stuffed snatch. It felt so dirty, displaying herself like
this - but that just made it all the more exciting. And best of all: the
intoxicating combination of that big bottle drilling her cunt, the
pain/pleasure coming from her clamped nipples, and the thrill she got from
showing off her body, was quickly bringing her closer to an overwhelming

"I'm not hearing you, Piper," Jeremy said in a raspy voice, distracting her
for a moment. She'd almost forgotten her boyfriend's still here watching
her as well. "Keep talking."

"I-I... Oohh! I'm going to cum!" Piper panted while staring transfixed at
her equally spellbound sister. "I'm going to cum right here on gram's
coffee table, fucking a champagne bottle with a candle up my ass! Right in
front of my fucking boyfriend!" And my sister Prue! Piper mentally added.
"Ooohhhh FUCKKK!!! And it feels SO FUCKING GOOD!!!"

Urgently sliding her slick cunt up and down the slippery bottle, Piper
moved a couple of fingers up to her throbbing clit and started lightly
slapping and rubbing her hard and sensitive pleasure-button, triggering a
long-awaited, much-needed orgasm.


The force of her climax hit Piper like a tidal wave, and she had to quickly
put a hand on the table to steady herself and keep from keeling over and
off the table, which would've been a real buzzkill at the moment.

"I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!" she screeched shamelessly, pumping her pussy onto
the thick glass container as fast as she could manage - secretly thrilled
with the lewd spectacle she's providing to her loving boyfriend and sister.

Several minutes later, one slightly dizzy and disoriented, but extremely
satisfied Piper Halliwell opened her eyes and wiped her sweaty brow. Gazing
across the room, the first thing she noticed was that Prue's no longer
standing in the door opening. 'Probably gone up to her room,' Piper
pondered, feeling strangely disappointed by her sister's disappearance.
'Perhaps she's now lying on her bed, playing with herself while thinking
about lil' ole me.' That thought brought a tiny smile to her face.

The next thing Piper became aware of was a sticky fluid on her chest and
arms. A quick glance to her suspiciously satisfied looking boyfriend
slumped on the couch with his -now- flaccid penis hanging out of his fly,
pretty much clued her in to the origin of the fluid. 'Jeremy must've jerked
off on me while I was climaxing, and I didn't even notice!' she thought
surprised. 'This certainly was one helluva orgasm!'

Once they both had recovered from their respective orgasms, Piper carefully
withdrew the bottle and candlestick from her stretched openings (after
getting Jeremy's permission, of course) and she quickly tidied up the room
while Jeremy returned the large mirror to the Manor's hallway where it

Jeremy hadn't given her permission to get dressed or remove the
nipple-clamps. So naked as the day she was born, and with a pair of tiny
golden dragons hanging from her tits as if they were nursing on her, they
made their way upstairs to Piper's bedroom. There, Jeremy instructed her to
get on the bed on all fours and proceeded to give Piper her first genuine

He buggered her hard and fast for a long half hour before finally
ejaculating into her ass. After that they took a long shower together (for
which she was finally allowed to take off the nipple-clamps) and then went
to bed - to sleep this time.

Piper was surprised when Jeremy made no mention of Prue watching them that
evening, or the next day. He must have noticed her looking constantly in
the direction of the doorway, but he never let on if he knew that Prue had
seen them. Even though it would've been fitting with her boyfriend's
sexually depraved nature to talk endlessly about such a wonderful kinky
occurrence and attempt to arrange a sisterly threesome. However, in
hindsight it seemed like Jeremy might have feared a confrontation with
Prue, which probably overruled any kinky sexual scenarios he had featuring
two sisters and himself together.

Piper felt relieved when Prue didn't mention her little sex show, either,
and acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. As exciting as it
all felt the moment it happened, in the light of day without the sexual
fire rushing through her veins, she felt greatly embarrassed by her lewd,
shameless behaviour, and was grateful for her sister's willingness to
pretend like it never happened.

A couple of days later, Phoebe returned from New York, unlocked the Book of
Shadows and released the Power of Three. This, of course, led to the
unmasking of her loving boyfriend as a maniacal warlock who'd been plotting
to kill the Halliwell sisters the moment they regained their power so he
could take their magic for himself.

However, none of this stopped Piper from occasionally thinking wistfully
back to all the wild wonderful sex she had with Jeremy, and fantasizing
about that one very special night when she lost her anal cherry and Prue
had watched her wearing nipple-clamps while fucking a champagne bottle with
a lit candle sticking out of her ass.

Often she masturbated while thinking about that night. And even though
Piper hardly dared to admit it even to herself, a small part of her wished
that Prue had stepped into the living room that evening and joined them.
Lying on her belly, hand pressed between her legs stroking her stiff clit
while her other hand pumped a candle into her ass, she would fantasize
about all the nasty, depraved things that a dominating duo like Prue and
Jeremy would make her do - spank her, whip her, fuck her, fist her, and
humiliate her. Prue almost certainly would've made her go down on her and
she wondered what her sister's cunt would taste like.

Sometimes when she got really excited and into her masturbation fantasies,
she could actually hear Prue's voice ordering her to lick her pussy...


~ ~ ~


Piper experienced a strong sense of deja vu as she looked up and saw Prue
standing in the doorway staring at her. That feeling only grew stronger
when Piper noticed that her sister's facial expression was pretty similar
to the one Prue had that night she caught her fucking that huge champagne
bottle in the living room.

About a second later, Piper learned the reason for this when she glanced
down and discovered she was squatting totally naked on the kitchen floor,
pumping a cucumber into her pussy.

Another couple of seconds later, when she'd figured out that this wasn't
just a dream she could safely wakeup from, but was actually naked in the
kitchen fucking herself with a very large vegetable right in front of her
sister, Piper squealed loudly in embarrassment and dove behind the kitchen
table to shield her naked body from Prue's prying eyes.

* * *

"Don't you think I haven't already seen you?!" Piper heard Prue's
exasperated voice call out from her hiding place.

"Please go away!" Piper begged; blushing brightly as she pulled the
cucumber from her sopping wet cunt. 'How the Hell did I get myself in this
situation,' Piper pondered dismayed while staring with disbelieving eyes at
the thick glistening green vegetable she was holding. She couldn't even
recall getting naked, let alone shoving this huge cucumber up her snatch.

A shadow fell over her, causing her to look up. Piper wasn't surprised to
see a pissed-off-looking Prue glaring down at her, and quickly put a hand
in front of her pussy and an arm across her breasts, shielding her charms
from her sister's eyes as best as she could under the circumstances. Sure,
it could be considered somewhat superfluous to cover herself up,
considering that Prue had seen her naked before (including several seconds
ago), but Piper still felt it's the proper thing to do. 'I can't just keep
flashing my pussy and tits at Prue like some shameless hussy.'

"Unbelievable!" Prue/Phoebe exclaimed while glaring down at her naked &
cowed sister with the most disapproving look she was capable of (Phoebe had
just practiced that look in the mirror before sneaking downstairs to check
on her sister). "You promised me you'd prepare a delicious dinner for one
of my most important clients and my boss, and instead of actually doing any
cooking you first make a mess of the kitchen and then I find you here
bare-assed naked stuffing a cucumber up your snatch - what the Hell has
gotten into you, Piper?!"

Piper opened her mouth to reply, but closed it again when she discovered
that she couldn't think of a response. She didn't know what was going on
with her today, either.

"Nothing to say for yourself?" Phoebe gruffly asked.

"I'm sorry, Prue," Piper softly said while looking down at the floor in an
effort to avoid her big sister's withering glare.

"So am I, Piper," Phoebe replied, trying to sound saddened even though
inwardly she was positively brimming with excitement and delight, "Remember
my warning a little earlier about what happens to girls who misbehave?"

Piper looked up wide-eyed at her big sister.

"That's right," Phoebe said, unable to keep the satisfaction she was
feeling from her voice, "you're about to get your naughty bare ass spanked,
little sister. Perhaps that will teach you not to act like a little perv
when you're supposed to be cooking dinner."

Before Piper was able to utter a protest (although it didn't look like
she's about to), Phoebe grabbed a hold of her sister's ear and dragged a
yelping Piper over to a nearby kitchen chair.

Sitting down, she positioned her naked sibling across her lap in a way that
would provide her with the best possible access to Piper's tight round
butt. Phoebe was amused to discover that Piper was still holding onto that
huge cucumber she was fucking herself with a bit earlier. Taking it from
her, she put it on the kitchen table nearby. Already several wicked ideas
on how to incorporate that cucumber into Piper's punishment were taking
shape in Phoebe's devious mind. 'But first a good spanking is in order.'

Having been the recipient of numerous spankings from Prue, several of which
she'd gotten in Piper's presence, Phoebe had been itching for years to see
her goody-two-shoes sister get the same treatment from Prue while *she's*
watching. But unfortunately, Piper was just too much of a good girl for
that to happen; Phoebe knew that Prue occasionally spanked Piper as well,
but Piper never committed a transgression so great that it warranted an
immediate bare-bottomed spanking with her still in the room. But now,
finally, Piper was about to get a good, hard, bare-bottomed spanking with
her there to see it, and even better: SHE was the one doing the spanking.

Laying her hand on her sister's upraised ass, Phoebe tenderly stroked the
silky white skin for several seconds... then raised her hand high up and
brought it down as hard as she could.

SMACCKKKK!!!!! "Yowwwww!!!" Piper yelped wide-eyed.

Phoebe followed up that mega-hard spank with a swift series of less hard
but rapid spanks.

SMACK!!! SMACCKKK!!!! "Ouchhh!!" SMACKK!!! SMACKK!!!
SMACCKKK!!!! "Ooohhhhh!!!" SMACKK!!! SMACK!!!
SMACKK!!! "Unghh!!" SMACK!!! SMACCKKK!!!! "Owwww!!! It hurtssss!!!"
Piper whined while wriggling her butt around.

"Yeah, it's supposed to hurt, sweetie," Phoebe said with a smirk before
continuing the spanking barrage on her sister's very cute butt.

SMACCKKK!!!! "Pruuueeee!!!" SMACK!!! SMACKK!!! SMACK!!!
SMACCKKKK!!!!! "Noooooo!!!" SMACKK!!! SMACCKKK!!!! "Owwwww!!! Not so
SMACK!!! SMACCKK!!!! SMACCKK!!!! SMACK!!! SMACCKKKK!!!! "Yowwwww!!!"

Phoebe stopped the spanking to examine her sore hand. 'Damn! I think my
hand hurts almost as much as Piper's ass. I don't know how Prue manages to
give spankings that last nearly half an hour! Maybe I should've paced
myself better...'

Piper was so stunned by the severity of the spanking her sister had given
her that it took her a while to notice that it had stopped. She breathed a
sigh of relief. 'Thank God it's over! I know it's been a while since she
spanked me, but I don't recall Prue hitting THIS hard and fast?!'

But unfortunately for Piper her punishment was far from over, because it
didn't take Phoebe long to think of a way to continue the spanking without
hurting her hand.

Glancing across her shoulders, Piper's eyes grew wide when she spotted a
really big old-fashioned-looking hairbrush in Prue's hand. 'Where the Hell
did THAT come from?!' she thought dismayed.

"Noooooo!!! Not with that hairbrush!" she cried out as the menacing-looking
brush quickly descended down to her already very sore butt.

But her frantic plea fell on deaf-or at least indifferent ears.

WHACKK!!!! WHACKK!!!! WHACCKKK!!!!! "Owwww!!! My poor butt!" Piper
tearfully complained while kicking her legs around like she was trying to
launch herself off her sister's lap.

"Sorry, Sis," Phoebe said, not sounding sorry at all. "But you didn't
actually expect that short spanking to be your entire punishment, did you?"

WHACCKK!!!! WHACKK!!! WHACCKKK!!!!! "Yowwwww!!!! Why not?! That so-called
SHORT SPANKING hurt like HELL!!" Piper bitterly protested while her sister
continued to mercilessly wallop her poor behind with that ridiculous large

WHACK!!! WHACKK!!!! WHACCKKK!!!!! WHACCKK!!!! "Aaahhhhhhhh!!!"

"Spankings are supposed to hurt, sweetie," Phoebe gleefully reminded her
older sister. "But it didn't last long enough to count as a real
punishment... this session with the hairbrush, however, will definitely


Not entire devoid of sympathy for her beloved sister's plight, Phoebe
decided to take it a bit easier on Piper's tender tush by only delivering
moderately hard swats. However, what the hairbrush spanking lacked in
severity was more than made up for in quantity: Phoebe enthusiastically
rained down spank after spank onto her sister's firm round behind until its
entire surface was coloured an attractive bright red.

Putting down the brush, the young witch surveyed the result of her hard
work with immense satisfaction. 'I'll bet Miss Goody Two-Shoes never got a
spanking like this from Prue.'

It didn't take longer before Phoebe's close examination of her sister's
nether regions revealed an exciting discovery: Piper's pussy was soaking wet!

A wicked smile appeared on the youngest Halliwell's face. 'Oh this is
absolutely priceless: Prim-and-Proper Piper getting turned-on from being
spanked by her big sister!'

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?!" Phoebe said with the sternest
tone of voice she could muster as she touched a single finger to her
sister's weeping vagina, causing Piper to buck wildly on her lap. "Are you
getting off from being spanked by me, you little tramp?!"

Piper's other cheeks turned as red as the ones that had just been spanked.
"I-I-I'm sorry, Prue... I didn't mean to... I-I don't know how... It just

"Yeah, I'll bet," Phoebe sceptically observed, "Just like that big cucumber
just "happen" to end up inside your pussy... You're turning out to be quite
the little perv, Piper."

Piper had never felt so humiliated in all her life, even more so than that
night when Prue caught her performing sexual acts for Jeremy in the living
room. At least then she'd been doing stuff with her boyfriend, which, even
though she'd been riding a champagne bottle with a lit candle sticking out
of her ass, could still be considered relatively normal. But she didn't
have that excuse now... this time her sister was the one who's
(unintentionally, she thought) coaxing a climax from her, and the worse
part was that this is happening during a spanking! And even now that she'd
been caught, and Prue is rightfully berating her for acting like a little
slut, she's still getting more aroused.

'Prue's right,' she thought ashamed, 'I AM turning into a pervert.'

Piper wasn't the only one who was getting increasingly turned-on; Phoebe
discovered that her sister's humiliation was a strong aphrodisiac for her.
Pseudo-casually prodding and poking Piper's pussy with her finger, she
shook her head in mock dismay and said, "Just look at the amount of
pussy-juice pouring from your slutty snatch, it kinda looks like you sprung
a leak somewhere, Piper. I'm definitely gonna have to change this skirt."

Piper's face was now red as a beet as Prue's probing digit caused her to
wriggle about on her sister's lap. "I-I-I'm sorry, I really can't help it,"
she stammered. "I'm just so... incredibly horny," Piper blushingly confessed.

"Yeah, no kidding," Phoebe said while delivering a single spank onto her
sister's rosy rump: SMACK!!! "You're practically humping my leg, you
naughty little trollop."

By now, Piper felt so ashamed she couldn't even look at her sister. "I'm
sorry, Prue," she apologized yet again.

Phoebe shivered with excitement. 'Okay, now that sweet lil Piper is
thoroughly humiliated and about to pop from sexual frustration it's time to
move onto the next phase of my plan.'

While continuing to toy with Piper's privates with her teasing finger,
Phoebe started tenderly stroking her blushing sister's bare behind. "You've
got it bad, don't ya Sis?" she observed amused.

"Ooohhhh, yes Prue," Piper moaned. "I just don't know what's going on with
me... my pussy feels like its on fire!" Normally, she'd never confess
something as embarrassing as this, but then she already wasn't acting like
her normal self today, and her sisters weren't exactly acting like their
normal selves either now that she thought about it.

"Well, that can't be! Your pussy is way too wet to be on fire," Phoebe
replied with a grin, causing the familiar deep-red blush to reappear on her
sister's face.

"Oh!! Please stop teasing and help me, Prue!" Piper cried out desperately.
"I can't take it anymore!"

Phoebe watched amused as her sweet and unassuming sister raised her cute
little butt and tried to hump her finger. 'Okay, she's definitely ready now
for Phase 3...'

"Would you like me to make you cum, Piper?" Phoebe innocently inquired.

"Oh, GOD YES!!" Piper called out unabashed, causing Phoebe to giggle. 'Wow!
That sex-drive increasing potion I slipped her is working even better than
I thought it would - I gotta try it myself sometime!'

"Really? You want me, your own SISTER, to play with your pussy and make you
cum?!" Phoebe asked again in the most pru(e)dish tone of voice she was
capable of.

"...YES!!" Piper called out; the dark blush on her face proof that she was
well aware of the depravity of her request, but the fire in her loins was
now easily overcoming any moral objections.

Phoebe grinned. 'Excellent! I have her now.'

"And would you like me to take you like this," Phoebe slipped her finger
in-between her sister's swollen labia-lips into Piper's hot, wet pussy.
This was her very first actual penetration of Piper's tight little cunt and
Phoebe mentally celebrated this very special moment. "Or... would you like
me to use THIS instead?" Having covertly grabbed the thick cucumber from
the kitchen table, Phoebe shoved about 6 inches of it up her sister's twat.

"GODDDDD!!!!" Piper screeched. "T-t-the c-c-c-cuc-c-cumber," she stammered.
"Use the c-c-cucumber."

"Don't you mean: FUCK me with cucumber?" Phoebe teasingly inquired.

"Y-yes," Piper whispered shyly; her blush now seemed to be permanently
colouring her cheeks. "F-fuck me with the cucumber, Prue."

Phoebe smirked in triumph. "Very well, Piper. If you need it so badly then
I suppose I better help you out... but you're going to have to work for
it." 'Ha! Prue herself couldn't have said it better.'

Overcoming her embarrassment, Piper turned her head and gazed confused at
her sister. "Wha--What do you mean?"

"You have to show me how much you want it, Sis," the youngest Halliwell
explained with a solemn expression. Piper still looked puzzled so she
clarified, "Show me how much you want me to fuck you... Start by getting
off my lap and going down on all fours, like the bitch in heat that you
are, and then tell me how much you want--no NEED me to fuck you - and be
graphic about it, as nasty as you can," she added. And this time Phoebe was
unable to hold back a wicked smile from appearing on her lips.

Seeing her sister's smirk, Piper realized for the first time that Prue was
actually taking pleasure in humiliating her.

"Why are you treating me like this, Prue?" Piper softly inquired while
gazing imploringly with moist brown eyes at her big sister. Even though
Prue could be a stern disciplinarian towards her younger siblings, she'd
never treated them cruelly and always let them know that they were loved.
But now there gleamed an unmistaken spark of cruelty in Prue's beautiful
blue eyes.

"Why were you naked with a cucumber up your snatch and are now begging me
to fuck you, Piper?" Phoebe retorted with a raised eyebrow.

This, of course, didn't answer Piper's question, but it did manage to
distract her with a new surge of shame followed by a sharp jolt of lust
emanating from her groin. Sighing in desperation, Piper looked down at the
floor again, unable to endure Prue's mocking eyes any longer. After a
moment of hesitation she got up from her sister's lap.

While rubbing her thoroughly spanked ass, Piper attempted another brief
look at her uncharacteristic nasty-acting older sibling; seeing the flush
of excitement on Prue's handsome face and the gleam of arousal in her eyes,
she knew that she'd get no leniency from her sister. Another sigh, of
defeat this time, escaped her lips. The desperate need in her pussy pretty
much dictated what she had to do next.

Taking a step forwards, Piper slowly kneeled down on the cold kitchen floor
and then leaned forwards till she was humiliating positioned on all fours
with her bare butt pointed directly at her sister sitting close behind her
(watching avidly, no doubt).

She waited for a while... Then when nothing happened, Piper suddenly
recalled the 2nd part of her sister's degrading instructions. She swallowed
nervously, then took a deep breath and said, "P-please... please fuck me,
Prue. I n-need it, I need to be fucked so badly!"

"That's a pretty good start," Phoebe stated amused. "Keep going, Piper."

"Fuck me hard, Prue! Please give my slutty snatch a good, hard fucking with
that huge cucumber," a red-faced Piper cried out, while wriggling her
equally red, upraised ass at her big sister. 'Oh, God... This is sooo
humiliating! I can't believe I'm actually doing this... But I need to cum
in the worst possible way!'

Watching her sister shake her ass at her while begging to be fucked was
making Phoebe so horny that she was tempted to stick that nice fat cucumber
into her own snatch. 'Damn! Just listen to sweet lil Piper beg for it - who
knew she had it in her!'

"Please, Prue!! Please pump that big hard vegetable into my hot wet cunt
and screw me till I can't see straight!"

Kneeling behind her naked, kneeling sibling, Phoebe pointed the cucumber at
Piper's soaking-wet snatch and patted her ass. "That'll do, pig, that'll
do," she kindly said, grinning to herself as she remembered saying the
exact same thing to Prue only a few hours ago.

But whereas her oldest sister had felt heavily insulted and reacted
violently, Piper just breathed a sigh of relief and spread her thighs
further apart in anticipation of a much-needed fucking.

Staring spellbound at that very appetizing-looking snatch just inches away,
Phoebe hungrily smacked her lips. 'Mmmm, yummy! I could just EAT her... but
now is not the time for that.' Using her thumb and index finger to spread
her sister's swollen labia-lips further apart, she started pushing the
thick vegetable into Piper's wet pink hole.

Piper moaned blissfully as the huge cucumber filled her up. "Oohhhh!"
This was followed by a loud gasp as Prue abruptly shoved -what felt like-
the entire length inside her with one single thrust, "GODDDDDD!!!!"

She hardly had time to blink, let alone adjust to the ten inches of
vegetable suddenly crammed into her cunt, when her sister yanked the
cucumber out again and a second later shoved it right back in again.

Piper's entire body shook from the rough reaming Prue was giving her. Not
even Jeremy had ever taken her as forcefully as her very own sister was
doing right now. Piper attempted to plead with Prue to go a little easier
on her, but she was unable to get out more than two words in a row between
the gasping and grunting she did as Prue vigorously plundered her pussy
with that big-ass, prize-winning cucumber.

After several failed attempts to communicate with her sister, Piper gave up
and simply focussed on trying to brace herself on this slippery floor so
she wouldn't be pushed around the kitchen like a wheelbarrow with that
makeshift green dildo in her snatch acting as leverage. And besides, though
initially overwhelmed, she was starting to get into the forceful fucking
her big sister was giving her. The steady pounding of the thick blunt tip
of that ridiculous large cucumber against her sensitive cervix was
gradually culminating into what promised to be an incredible climax.

'I don't care anymore that it's my sister doing this to me,' Piper thought,
dazed and incredibly aroused, 'I just wanna cum - I NEED to cum!'

Letting out a long, drawn-out sigh, Piper fully surrendered her body to her
dominant sister. Spreading her legs further apart, she leaned down, braced
her forearms flat on the floor and rested her head on them. This position
caused her firm, round behind to stick out even more invitingly than before
and provided Prue with better access to her hot & wet pussy.

Sensing her sister's surrender, Phoebe smiled triumphantly. 'Looks like I
literally fucked lil Piper into submission.'

"So, tell me, Sis... are you enjoying yourself? Do you like getting screwed
by your big sister?" Phoebe teasingly inquired while stroking her sibling's
upraised ass.

When Piper didn't respond, she delivered a couple of swift, hard spanks.
SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!! "Well, do ya?"

"Oohhhh unghhh, y-yes I do, Prue," Piper blushingly confessed. "I-I love
getting f-fucked by you."

Phoebe patted Piper's butt approvingly. "Good girl. There's no need to be
shy with me. And as long as you're honest I don't have to spank your cute
little butt. In fact, I may even give you a little reward..."

While continuing to pump the cucumber dildo deep into her sibling's sopping
slot, Phoebe leaned forward and slid her free hand up Piper's taut tummy
till she'd found her sister's small perky breasts.

Piper groaned with pain/pleasure as her sister rhythmically pinched and
pulled her puffy nipples.

"Now, if you still wanna cum, then I suggest you start telling me how much
you love getting fucked by me," Phoebe cruelly demanded while tweaking a
rock-hard nipple.

Piper didn't even bother protesting Prue's outrageous demands anymore; she
knew her dominating big sister would somehow make her do as she wanted,
anyway... "You--you're f-fucking me sooo good, Prue," she moaned; her face
so red it looked like it was about to catch on fire, "better than any man
I've ever been with."

What made this even more humiliating was that it's true: No man had ever
fucked her as good as her very own sister was doing right now.

"Oohhh... Unghh... Oohh God!! I LOVE the way you're taking me with that
big, fat cucumber cock!" Piper grunted, gradually letting go of her shame
as she focussed on the wonderful sensations emanating from her thoroughly
fucked & fully stuffed cunt. "Just... please keep on fucking me, Prue -
Fuck me HARD!!"

This sorta seemed like poetic justice in Phoebe's possessed lust-filled
mind. She knew her sisters secretly saw her as "the irresponsible" and "the
slutty one", and even though she knew this to be kinda true, it still
stung. But now it turns out that when provided with a little incentive,
both her sisters, even sweet lil Piper, can be pretty damn slutty as well.

'My, how the Mighty have fallen,' Phoebe thought triumphantly as she
steadily pumped the thick cucumber in-and-out of Piper's pink pussy while
her sister happily begged for more. 'Who's the slut now, Sis?!'

That would be Piper: "OH!! Unghhh!! Oohhhh! YES!! Fuck-Fuck-Fuck me, Prue!
Fuck me on all fours! Oohhh!!! Fuck me like a bitch in heat!! Unghh!!
OoOooOHHH!!!" the naked, kneeling brunette moaned, now on the verge of a
much-needed orgasm.

Feeling her climax rapidly approaching, Piper started slutilly rocking back
unto the makeshift dildo that's pounding her pussy, trying to get as much
of the thick vegetable inside her sopping snatch as she possibly could.
"Unghhh!! Oohhhhh! God! YES!! Harder! Shove it in my snatch! Unghh!! Ram
that big-ass cucumber all the way up my cervix, Prue!! OOHHHH!!! Unghhh!!!

Phoebe watched with a mixture of fascination, amusement and arousal as her
usually oh-so-modest older sister climaxed right before her very own eyes.
And what a climax it was! Piper was shaking so hard that it looked like she
was having a fit, this caused her well-spanked ass to wiggle enticingly
only inches from Phoebe's face. The youngest Halliwell was unable (or
rather: unwilling) to resist the temptation of delivering another couple of
spanks unto her submissive sibling's beautiful butt.

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! "OH!!" SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Ungh!!" SMACK!! SMACK!!!
SMACKK!!!! "Ooohhhh, Prue!" SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Oohhhhhhhhh!!"
SMACK!!! SMACK!! SMACKK!!!! SMACK!!! "Pruuueeeee!!"

Her sister's strong hands steadily delivering spank after spank unto her
aching upraised behind while simultaneously continuing to pump that thick
cucumber into her dripping wet pussy sparked a second orgasm within Piper's
overheated privates.

"Soooo good," Piper moaned ecstatically, her eyes glazed with lust, "So.
Fucking. Gooooood!"

Smirking down at her subjugated sister, Phoebe comfortingly stroked the
warm silky skin of Piper's sore hindquarters like she'd do a beloved pet
while gradually slowing down the speed with which she was screwing her
sibling's sopping snatch. After moving it in-and-out for a minute or so
more, she decided that Piper had had enough and released the ten or so
inches of cucumber still sticking out of her sister's twat.

Sitting back on her heels, Phoebe studied her sister's naked, sweaty form
with a satisfied expression on her (well, actually, Prue's) face. 'Sweet
little Piper sure looks properly fucked,' she smugly considered while
focussing her gaze directly unto her sibling's stuffed & soaking-wet snatch
and the small puddle of pussy-juice on the floor between Piper's
wide-spread legs. 'If only I had a camera on me so I could capture this
tender sisterly moment for eternity... which, incidentally, would make a
very interesting addition for our family photo album.'

Now naturally, none of the Halliwell witches were in the habit of putting
X-rated pictures of themselves into their family photo albums, but Phoebe
was giving some serious thought into kick-starting this new and exciting
family tradition. 'After all, someone has to be the first to begin a
family-tradition... Melinda Warren started the Book of Shadows and now
Phoebe Halliwell will start the Photo Book of Bare-naked Witches...
although I would still need a camera for that.'

Phoebe snapped her fingers. 'Well, duh! My new powers should come in handy
for this.' Holding out her hand, she focussed and less than a second later
she was holding a brand new Polaroid camera. 'Ta-daa!'

The real Prue had been interested in photography since her early teens and
knew quite a lot about it; Phoebe, on the other hand, didn't - which was
probably why her mind had subconsciously picked out a simple camera with
the ability to develop its own pictures. 'Even an untrained monkey should
be able to take pretty decent pictures with this,' Phoebe thought pleased
as she pointed the camera at an unsuspecting Piper and snapped off her
first Bare-naked Witch pic.

Piper was still too out of it to notice the slight noise Phoebe's newly
conjured camera made as it developed and then ejected its first photo.

Phoebe smirked evilly as she held up the photographic prove of her demure
older sister's sexual surrender. What really made this picture work was the
other end of the cucumber sticking out between Piper's swollen pussy-lips
like a fat, green cock, and the puddle of pussy-juice underneath. 'Pulitzer
price winning material it is not, but I sure love it!' Phoebe happily
thought as she made a large envelope appear in which she put away her
precious photo. 'And if my magic fails me somehow, I can always use this as
blackmail material... although I'd also need a Piper porn-pic with her face
clearly visible for that.'

The young witch gazed thoughtfully at her older sister, wondering exactly
how compliant Piper was right now. 'Just because she was horny enough to
let me fuck her with a cucumber doesn't automatically mean that she'll let
me take pictures of her naked booty... On the other hand, Piper tends to be
pretty docile towards Prue, and let's not forget the second part of the
potion I slipped her, which makes her even meeker... All things considered,
this shouldn't be a problem.'


A hard spank landing on her sore backside shocked Piper from her
post-orgasmic haze and she shot a wide-eyed look across her shoulder at the
obvious culprit. Her eyes grew even bigger when she found herself staring
directly into a camera held by her smirking sister.

"Say cucumber!" Phoebe snickered as she took a great picture of a
bewildered-looking buck-naked Piper Halliwell.

"Prue!" Piper shrieked while hurriedly sitting up and trying to shield her
breasts & pussy with her hands again, "What are you doing?! You can't take
pictures of me like this!"

"Sure I can," Phoebe calmly replied while taking another picture, "See?
Here's another one."

Piper blushed brightly red (again) as Prue teasingly held up a photo that
featured her naked self sporting a well-spanked behind and a
cucumber-filled cunt. 'Oh My God! If that picture ever gets seen by others
I'll just die of embarrassment.'

She made a quick grab for the reputation-ruining pic, but Prue yanked it
away before she could get her hands on it.

"Why are you doing this, Prue?" Piper questioned, honestly confused about
her big sister's cruel & bizarre behaviour. "It's one thing for you to
spank me, but taunting me and taking a picture of me like this... this
isn't like you."

'Shit! Perhaps I've taken this a tad too far... she's starting to suspect
something's amiss,' Phoebe thought concerned. 'Better do some damage control.'

"I was just teasing you a little, Piper," Phoebe kindly said while stroking
her sister's cheek in an intimate way. This comforting but also
erotically-charged gesture brought a fresh blush to Piper's face. "And you
don't have to worry about anyone else seeing these pictures, I just took
them as a memento of this special moment of sisterly bonding between us."

'Wow! I don't think that Piper's face can possibly get any redder than
this,' Phoebe thought amused as she studied her brightly blushing sibling.

"B-but you can't just keep a picture of me all naked with a c-c-cucumber in
my pussy," Piper protested. "That's... that's just wrong and perverted...
and what if someone else sees it?!"

"Well, first off, don't presume to tell ME what's "wrong and perverted",
Sis - YOU were the one begging me to fuck your snatch with a fucking
cucumber," Phoebe gleefully reminded her sister. "And since I was kind
enough to fulfil your perverted request, I figure you owe me big time! And
a couple of naughty pics for my private collection seems like a small price
to pay, don't ya think?"

"Uhm..." Piper said, at a loss for words. Unfortunately, Prue was making a
valid point... 'After the twisted things I said and did, I can no longer
claim the moral high ground. The fact of the matter is that I've acted like
a total slut and now I'm gonna have to pay the price for that. And if all
that she wants are a couple of nudie pics of me then I am getting off
relatively easy.'

"And besides, you don't have to worry about some stranger seeing them,"
Phoebe continued reassuringly, "I'll keep them carefully locked away."

The young witch was about to list several more reasons why Piper shouldn't
worry about these photos, but as it turned out she didn't need to.

"Okay," Piper said; a look of acceptance on her face.

For a long moment Phoebe stared silently at her sister, hardly able to
believe her luck.

"Okay..." she repeated hesitatingly, "so you're no longer objecting to my
little hobby?" Phoebe questioned, holding up her camera.

Piper shook her head. "No, after what I asked you to do, you're well within
your rights to make me model for you."

Phoebe was unable to stop a huge grin from appearing on her face. This was
even better than she had hoped! 'Let's see how far I can make her go,' the
youngest Halliwell thought excited, her pussy throbbing with pleasure as
she considered all the naughty things she wanted to make her beautiful
sister do.

"I'm glad you're starting to see things my way, Piper," Phoebe smugly said.
"You won't mind if I have you pose for a couple more pictures, would you?"
she asked in a sugar-sweet tone of voice.

Piper got an apprehensive look on her face, but after only a brief moment
of hesitation she muttered her assent.

"Great!" Phoebe exclaimed excitedly while readying her camera. "I've got
just the pose to get things going... Put your hands back on your titties,
but instead of covering them up like before I want you to cup 'em, push
those puppies up, and aim them at the camera...... Very good! Keep holding
yer tits like that, Piper, and spread your knees wide so I have a nice
unobstructed view of your snatch and that cucumber poking out of it."

As she posed for Prue, kneeling naked in the kitchen holding her tits up
while "proudly" displaying the fat cucumber sticking out of her pussy,
Piper's face burned with embarrassment. But nonetheless she held this
slutty pose without protest while her sister snapped off several very
candid pics of her, and even smiled and pouted at the camera when Prue
ordered her to do so.

"You're doing great, Sis," Phoebe smiled, "You're a natural at this... Now
let's do a couple of simple shots of you lying back on the kitchen floor
with your hands folded behind your head and your legs spread wide."

Piper directed a quick look down at her cucumber-stuffed cunt and with
pink-tinted cheeks she questioned meekly, "Is it okay if I take that big
cucumber out of my pussy first?"

'Now there's something I never thought I'd say!' Piper thought,
understandably mortified.

Phoebe grinned as she pondered her sister's embarrassing request. On one
hand, she loved the sight of her innocent wholesome sister with a big fat
cucumber sticking out of her snatch, but on the other hand she did want
some pictures of Piper's pussy au natural...

"Hmm, okay... you can take it out for now," Phoebe benignly permitted.

She watched amused at Piper's strenuous attempts to pull the slippery thick
vegetable rod from her tight pussy, which seemed almost unwilling to let
the large green dildo go... But after a long minute of twisting and
pulling, the cucumber at long last slipped out of Piper's slit with a loud
POP. That sound and the accompanying expression on her sister's face made
Phoebe snort with laughter.

Piper definitely looked a lot less amused.

When Phoebe stopped laughing she told Piper to assume the pose she'd
requested before, "Okay, on your back and spread those legs, Sis."

Piper licked her dry lips, took a deep breath, and then did as she was
told: slowly laying back, her hands behind her head, spreading her legs for
the camera...

"Wider, sweetie," Phoebe instructed as she aimed the lens at the apex of
her sister's spread legs. "I wanna be able to see straight inside your
pretty pink pussy."

Blushing brightly, Piper obeyed, spreading her legs as wide as she could.
'I can't believe I'm actually doing this,' she thought, feeling both exited
and embarrassed from the nude, lewd posing Prue had her do. 'This reminds
me a lot of that naked posing session I did for Jeremy in the living room -
perhaps Prue saw more that night than I thought... Still, it's one thing
for my boyfriend to have me do Hustler poses for him, but my very own
sister? Okay, perhaps Phoebe would come up with a perverted idea like this,
but surely not Prue!'

But it's kinda hard to deny the fact that she was lying here flashing her
pussy at Prue who took several pictures of her in this degrading pose from
different angles. *click* ... *click* ... *click* ...

Lowering the camera, Phoebe took in Piper's slender nude wide-spread form
with possessive eyes. 'Soon you'll be all mine, Sis... you and Prue both...
I can hardly wait to start your training and have you following me around
on all fours, your little pink tongue at my disposal, ready to get to work
on my cunt or asshole whenever I give the word, and let's not forget all
three of your tight holes available for my tongue, fingers, fist or
strap-on dildo...'

Phoebe's gaze focussed onto her sister's exposed snatch and she briefly
marvelled at how swollen and prominent Piper's pussy-lips were. 'I wonder
if that's an additional affect of that lust potion I gave her or if they
always get this big whenever she's aroused... Either way, I'm thinking some
golden rings piercing those fat luscious pussy-lips would look great... and
handy as well since she could use them to hold her pussy open for me.'

This train of thought gave Phoebe a wicked idea for her next Piper Porn
Pic. "Raise your knees all the way up to your shoulders, Piper... That's a
good girl! Now spread your snatch open for me."

"W-what?!" Piper stuttered; staring dumbfounded at her smiling sister.

"You heard me, Sis," Phoebe sternly said. "Show me some pink."

Piper lay there as frozen for several long seconds. Even though she agreed
to let Prue take some kinky pics of her, she didn't expect her sister to
take it THIS far!

"Do I need to give you another spanking, sweetie?" Phoebe questioned;
seeing that her sister needed a bit of incentive to take this next step
into her own degradation.

"No Prue," Piper hurriedly replied. Taking a deep breath, she moved her
hands down to her pussy... Then, hooking her index fingers in her slit, she
slowly pulled her labia-lips apart, exposing the pink insides of her pussy
to her sister's eyes and the camera.

Phoebe stared intently at Piper's wide-spread snatch - she now had a great
view of her sister's glistening pink vaginal tunnel! 'This is turning out
to be the best day EVER for me!'

Her hands trembled slightly as she once again aimed her camera at her
humiliated sister and she also had to take a deep breath to steady her


After waiting impatiently for the photo to be developed, Phoebe took it out
and once again trembled from arousal as she gazed at a perfect
crystal-clear picture of her gorgeous sister spreading her legs and pussy
for her. 'This is definitely a classic!' she thought awed as she
immediately put away this precious photo for safe-keeping.

Pointing her camera at Piper again, she felt an immense satisfaction that
her sister hadn't moved a single inch and was still obediently holding her
cunt open. 'So sweet and submissive... she'd make a perfect slave.'

Kneeling in front of her, Phoebe leaned down slightly till the camera was
only a foot away from Piper's pink pussy, and then snapped off another pic.


Standing back up, she looked down elatedly at her totally naked,
subservient sibling - her mind feverishly thinking up other humiliating
poses for Piper to perform.

"Now stick a finger up your ass while keeping your snatch spread for me,"
Phoebe eagerly demanded.

Piper's blush grew a couple of tinges darker. 'Oh My God! Prue's turning
out to be such a pervert!' she thought incredulous. 'But then, so am I,
apparently,' she shamefully admitted to herself as she recalled how much
she enjoyed it when her sister screwed her with that huge cunt-stretching
cucumber. Not even bothering to object this time, she simply shoved the
middle finger of her left hand into her bunghole while using two fingers of
her right hand to keep her pussy wide-open.

"Alright! Way to go, Piper! Now smile for me, Sis!" Phoebe called out
excitedly, her camera aimed & ready.

And she did... Prim and proper Piper Halliwell displayed a big, toothy
million dollar smile as she lay there completely naked on the kitchen floor
with her legs high up in the air, a finger inserted all the way in her
tight asshole while using the middle and index finger of her other hand to
spread her swollen pussy-lips as far apart as she could get them, revealing
the glistening pink flesh within to the unblinking eye of the camera.

*click* Phoebe took what she considered to be the crowning shot of her
Piper Porno Photo Collection.

A huge smile appeared on the young witch's face as she inspected the pic.
"Very sexy, you're turning out to be a great model, Sis."

Despite the humiliation she felt, part of Piper was actually proud of her
sister's compliment. Just like Phoebe, she'd always been eager to please
Prue, craving her approval. And even in this twisted surreal situation she
was happy to get it.

*click* Phoebe snapped off another close up pic of Piper's cunt and
asshole. Smiling sweetly at her sister, Phoebe then ordered her to stuff
the cucumber back in her snatch and fuck herself with it.

Piper looked shocked, but only for a moment as she realized that this
wasn't anymore depraved than most of the other stuff she'd already done.
So, with an air of defeat, she grabbed the thick vegetable and aimed the
glistening tip at her slit - ready to put on a show for her big sister.

"Wait! Hold it right there," Phoebe said as she snapped off a very arousing
photo of her naked spread-eagled sister about to shove a cucumber up her
snatch. Using the zoom-in function, she took a close-up shot of Piper's
slender hand pressing that big-ass cucumber against her pussy.

"Okay, now shove it into your cunt, Piper," Phoebe demanded, giddy from the
power she held over her older sister. She watched with gleaming eyes as
Piper obediently worked the thick green dildo inside her slick pussy. It
went in easily, she noticed, and Phoebe had to restrain herself from
ripping off her short skirt and shoving a couple of fingers up her snatch.
Seeing Piper debase herself like this had brought her to the brink of an
orgasm, but to help her over the edge she needed something inside her cunt
as well...

'Maybe I'll have a go with that cucumber when Piper is finished with it,'
Phoebe seriously considered, lustfully licking her lips as she watched
almost half of that incredibly large vegetable disappear into her sister's

*click* ... a picture of a red-faced Piper pushing a cucumber into her
pussy emerged from the camera and was eagerly inspected by a very aroused
Phoebe Halliwell.

"You're doing great, Sis," Phoebe encouraged her submissive sibling as she
once again aimed her brand-new Polaroid at Piper's cucumber-packed cunt,
"you just have to push it in a bit further."

"B-but it's t-too big to go in any further," Piper stammered as she gazed
down at her already painfully stretched snatch, harbouring *at least* 9
inches of the thick vegetable rod.

"Nonsense, I'm pretty sure I managed to get more of that cucumber in your
cunt than that," Phoebe disagreed as she sceptically studied her sister's
snatch. "Just put a bit more force into it and I'm sure you'll be able to
get another couple of inches in."

"O-okay, I-I'll try, Prue," Piper meekly responded; grabbing with both
hands a firm hold of the green shaft sticking out of her slit, she pulled
it inside her. "OH!! Unghh! Ooohhh Goddd!" she groaned, as bit by bit more
of the gigantic green phallus slid into her now widely-enlarged pussy.

Phoebe excitedly snapped off another picture. The sight of Piper abusing
herself (at her command) with that enormous cucumber was almost too much
for her. Her hands began to shake again and she momentarily placed her
camera on the kitchen table to make sure she didn't accidentally drop it.
'Fuck! I really need to get off soon or I'm gonna fucking explode!'

"Just a couple more pictures, Piper," Phoebe announced, her voice now more
of a throaty growl. "And we're gonna make these last ones really special,"
she promised as she stared at her naked sibling with hungry, gleaming eyes.

Seeing the predatory look in Prue's eyes, Piper gulped nervously, but at
the same time a surge of arousal shot through her tense body and she felt
her vaginal muscles clenching around the fat vegetable, gripping it tighter.

"First off, you may take that cucumber out off yer snatch," Phoebe instructed.

Piper hastily obeyed, eager to get this cunt-stretching-cucumber out of her
tight pussy before it ruined her for any normal sized human cocks... or at
least, she *tried* to obey, but unfortunately the thick green rod seemed to
be stuck in her slit.

The naked chef blushed, whimpered and wriggled about as she frantically
pulled at the oversized vegetable lodged in her vagina. She tried twisting
it, pumping it, and then again pulling at it, but nothing worked. And so,
after about five painful, mortifying minutes, Piper reluctantly admitted

Her face beet-red from effort and abject humiliation, she shyly gazed up at
her gleefully watching, less-than-helpful, sister who had been snickering
and taking embarrassing pictures of her throughout her ordeal. Swallowing
the last little bit of pride she still had left, she muttered, "C-could you
p-please help me get it out, Prue?"

"Sure thing, Sis," Phoebe grinned, "that's what family is for."

Squatting down between her sister's widely-spread legs, Phoebe playfully
swatted the tip of the green vegetable dildo sticking out of Piper's pussy,
causing it to wiggle wildly. For some reason this greatly amused the young
witch so she swatted it again... and again... and again.

"You know, this isn't helping it get out," an annoyed Piper interjected.

"Oh, relax! I'm working on it," Phoebe said while staring spellbound at the
enticingly jiggling cucumber/dildo. She hungrily licked her lips as she
envisioned herself sitting down onto that magnificent phallus-like
vegetable till her pussy connected with Piper's slit, and then bouncing up
and down on it as she played with her sister's titties and Piper played
with hers, not stopping until she finally reached that mind-blowing orgasm
she'd been aching for.

Sure, she'd planned to take things relatively slow (at least compared to
how she'd handled Prue) with Piper, because she didn't want to take any
unnecessary risks now that she was so very close to making her fondest wish
come true. But at this point, Phoebe felt sooo fucking HORNY that she was
far more interested in simply coming.

'Screw it!' she thought, her eyes glazed with lust. 'I need some release,
right NOW!'

Piper looked on perplexed as her sister suddenly stood up and started
undoing the buttons of her expensive white silk shirt. Her mouth fell open
as Prue shrugged off her shirt, causing the elder Halliwell's firm round
tits to pop into view, and she watched wide-eyed as her sister then
proceeded to pull her leather mini-skirt all the way up to her waist,
exposing her neatly trimmed bush.

"Uhh... what are you doing, Prue?" she questioned somewhat nervously.

"Since I gave you two great orgasms, I don't think it's too much to ask
that you help me climax at least once as well," Phoebe explained, her voice
heavy with arousal, as she planted her feet at either side of her sister's
waist and slowly squatted down.

Piper watched transfixed as Prue positioned her pussy against the other end
of the cucumber and smoothly sank down on it. 'Oh my God! She's gonna fuck
that vegetable as well... while it's still stuck in my slit!'

And that's exactly what Phoebe had in mind... Looking unabashed into
Piper's big brown eyes, she happily pumped her soaking wet pussy up and
down the wonderful big cucumber lodged firmly within her sister's tight cunt.

"Goddddd! That feels goooood!" she groaned while toying with her stiff
nipples. Noticing Piper's spellbound stare directed at her (or rather
Prue's) big, firm, bouncing breasts she shot her sister an impish grin and
took her hands, placing them on her jiggling tits.

Phoebe opened her mouth, about to order Piper to play with her tits, but
before she could say the words her sister already started fondling them...
and instead her lips formed a satisfied smirk.

'Look at sweet lil Piper go!' she thought, amazed and aroused, as she
watched her sister greedily grope the twin alabaster globes. Piper seemed
absolutely fascinated with Prue's breasts, especially the thick "Farrah
Fawcett" nipples with the small perfectly round areolas, which she tugged
at and twisted and lightly pinched between the tips of her fingers,
eliciting lustful moans from Phoebe. Leaning down, Phoebe grabbed a hold of
Piper's perky tits and began to return the favour.

In-between lustfully eying the grapefruit-sized tits she was groping, Piper
occasionally shot a quick glance down at her own more modest-sized titties
being fondled by her big sister. Despite the two orgasms she already had,
her entire body was brimming with lust. 'Oh God! We're like... fucking each
other... my own sister and me... and I LOVE it!' "Unghh Oohhhh!!" 'This is
SO fucking surreal... Not only is Prue fucking me, but she's giving me the
best sex I've ever had! What is WRONG with me?!'

She'd been asking herself that question ever since Prue caught her stuffing
a cucumber up her snatch right in the freakin' kitchen, but to be honest at
this point she hardly cared anymore. Sure, screwing her sister was pretty
damn twisted, but so what? They were both consenting adults and they
weren't hurting anyone. Besides, Prue is the one who instigated this
incestuous affair, and big sis always knows best... Tired of struggling
against the tsunami of lust flooding through her, Piper decided to just
give in and enjoy herself and deal with the consequences at a later time.

Giving Prue's tits a final squeeze, Piper leisurely slid her hands down
across her sister's silky skin until she was holding another pair of
alabaster globes: Prue's firm round ass. After giving each cheek a couple
of gentle squeezes, she started helping her big sis hump her thick
pussy-protruding vegetable-phallus by lifting her up and thrusting out her
pelvis as Prue went down again.

'Well, there's definitely no denying it now: we're really fucking each
other!' Piper thought, amazed and aroused.

Phoebe was riding the fat cucumber in her cunt even faster than before
thanks to a helping hand from her sister. Smiling seductively, she leaned
down until her tits were lightly grazing Piper's flushed perspiring face.
Almost immediately, Piper opened her mouth and started hungrily sucking on
one of the hard nipples offered to her.

'Heh. Looks like this particular sister will require very little training
to be transformed into my obedient sex-slave,' Phoebe smugly considered as
she watched Piper enthusiastically nurse on her tits.

The Halliwell witches grunted and groaned loudly as they wildly humped one
another on the kitchen floor, their mushy pussy-pads constantly connecting
causing sparks of pleasure to ignite from the sisters' stiff clitties.

"Unghh! Oohhh! Gonna cum soon," Phoebe breathlessly announced.

"M-Me too!" Piper gasped back.

Slipping a hand down to their repeatedly colliding cunts, Phoebe switched
back and forth between rubbing Piper's clit and her own. The resulting
sensations caused them to fuck each other even more urgently than before.

"Oh! Oohh! Oh! OH!! Ungh! Ooohhhh! OH?!"

Phoebe gasped in surprise when she was suddenly pushed onto her back with a
wild-eyed Piper hovering above her, driving that huge unrelenting cucumber
into her dripping snatch with animal-like intensity. Despite being slightly
miffed at temporarily loosing the upper-hand, the young witch was
nevertheless delighted at the thorough reaming she was receiving from her

"OHHHH!!!! Ooohhhh Yessss!!! Fuck me, Piper! Give it to me hard!" she cried
out, practically cross-eyed with passion.

Piper was more than happy to oblige... With an uncharacteristic display of
control, she grabbed Prue's ankles, raised her sister's legs all the way up
to her shoulders, and really started giving it to her.

"Ungh! OH! Unghh!! Oohh!! Ungh!" both girls grunted as Piper forcefully
thrust her thick vegetable cock into her sister's wet, welcoming pussy.

Phoebe panted with pleasure as very own her sister fucked her oh-so-good.
She had screwed plenty of guys with really big cocks in her wild days
(Hell, just last week she'd done a guy with a nice, fat nine-inch dick) but
none could compare to the cucumber-equipped, very horny Piper Halliwell
currently giving her the reaming of a lifetime!

"Uhhhh! Oohhhhh!! I'M COMING!!!" Phoebe shouted ecstatically, fervently
diddling her clit as Piper repeatedly pounded the large cucumber phallus
against her cervix. The youngest Halliwell's mind was flooded by waves of
pleasure as her sopping-wet pussy spasmed and exploded around the wildly
pistoning vegetable cock.

"OOOOooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!" Phoebe's cry of carnal pleasure was quickly
followed by a similar sounding scream from Piper as she climaxed as well.

Phoebe gazed with glazed eyes at her red-faced sister. Even though they
both had cum, Piper was still frantically fucking her now increasingly sore
slit! It was then that her dazed mind realized that since her sister's
"cock" is actually a cucumber, it certainly wasn't going to go soft anytime
soon. Sure, she could just ask Piper to stop, but that just felt too much
like admitting defeat... As she tried to come up with a solution for this
unexpected dilemma, she was momentarily distracted by her sister's lips
pressing against hers. Piper was now actually kissing her! On her own accord!

'This is just getting better and better.'

She invited her sister's tongue in her mouth by parting her lips and it
didn't take long before she and Piper were passionately French-kissing one

Meanwhile the unrelenting cucumber-cock kept on pumping into the young
brunette's burning cunt and it didn't take long before a second orgasm
crashed through her body, almost as powerful as the first. Raw waves of
pleasure pulsed outward from her throbbing center, filling her with that
special kind of bliss only a great orgasm can provide.

Phoebe gasped for air as she slowly started to come down from that amazing
orgasm, but since Piper was still tirelessly fucking her, she didn't really
get a chance to catch her breath.

'Holy Fuck! Maybe I should've given her a smaller dose of that lust
potion,' Phoebe pondered, amazed at her sister's stamina. 'She's like one
of those little energizer bunnies.'

Suddenly it occurred to her that making Piper climax again would probably
drain her of this lust-driven frenzy she was in, or at least get her to
slow down. With that in mind, she smoothly slid her hand down her sister's
tight tummy till she'd found Piper's swollen, very erect clit and started
expertly fondling the little pleasure button, instantly eliciting grunts of
pleasure from her sister's lips.

As she pumped her cucumber-prick into her sister's soaking-wet snatch,
Piper gazed down at Prue with the exact same combination of lust and hunger
that her sister had given her earlier. She couldn't help herself; Prue just
looked so damn delectable lying naked beneath her on the kitchen floor with
her legs up in the air draped across her shoulders and those nice, big
titties bouncing around each time she plugged her sister's pussy with her
vegetable-dildo. And every time she thrust into Prue's twat, a jolt of
pleasure erupted from her own fully-stuffed snatch, spreading like a hot
wave of pure delight through her entire body. This, of course, made her
want to fuck her sister even more! As hesitant as she'd been before about
giving in to her incestuous desires, so enthusiastic was she now in doing
exactly that.

Fully immersed in another hungry not-very-sisterly kiss with plenty of
tongue, Piper gasped in surprise when she felt her sister's fingers
stroking her super-sensitive clitoris... and then those nimble fingers
started doing things with her clitty that made her eyes practically pop out
of their sockets and caused her pussy-muscles to squeeze that cucumber so
tightly that for a second it seemed like she's actually gonna squash it.

It took less than a minute of Prue playing with her clit for an
earth-shattering orgasm to erupt.

"OH FUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!" she shrieked, her head thrown back, staring up
wide-eyed at the ceiling.

Still in a stupor from the intensity of her 4th orgasm, she didn't resist
as Prue gently pushed her back till she was sitting on the tiled floor
again, before carefully dismounting from the 10-inches or more of long,
hard cucumber sticking out of her cunt.

Phoebe breathed a sigh of relief when the tip of the thick vegetable
slipped out of her sore slit. Knowing that Piper has even more of the
cucumber lodged into her pussy than she had, and for a lot longer, gave her
a whole new level of respect for her timid sister. 'Although she wasn't
exactly timid when she was fucking me...' she tacitly acknowledged.

Looking closely at her older sibling, Phoebe noticed that whatever
assertiveness Piper possessed during their collective cucumber ride had now
left her. Because when she caught her looking at her, Piper instantly
dropped her gaze, staring down red-faced at her lap which still sported the
sizeable protrusion of the glistening green vegetable.

Giving herself something to do while avoiding any awkward interaction with
her sister who she'd just thoroughly fucked, Piper once again started
pulling at the cucumber sticking out of her snatch. But, unfortunately, her
efforts weren't anymore successful than before... The thick vegetable rod
remained firmly lodged within the brunette's uncomfortably stretched
pussy-hole. And she just couldn't get herself to repeat her request for
some much-needed assistance with the cucumber removal - after all, that's
what had started the twisted two-way cucumber fuckfest...

After watching Piper pull frantically at the cucumber for several minutes
without it budging a single inch, Phoebe finally took pity on her sister
and decided to help her out... for real this time.

"Here, let me help ya with that," she said as she squatted down (again) in
front of Piper and wrapped her hands around the length of cucumber
defiantly sticking out of her sister's snatch.

Piper shot her a swift grateful look and together they started pulling at
the stubbornly stuck vegetable-stick. The cucumber was still wet from their
combined juices, which you'd think would make it come out easier, but
instead just made it harder for them to get a good grip because their
fingers kept slipping away on the smooth, slick surface.

"Goddamnit! Won't this damn thing ever come out?!" Piper called out
frustrated as their fifteenth attempt to pull it out failed.

"Let's try it another way," Phoebe suggested as she suddenly got an idea on
how to solve this. "Turn around and kneel down with your ass in the air."

"How is that gonna help get it out?" Piper questioned confused.

"Just trust your big sis and do what I tell you to," Phoebe replied with a

Sighing deeply, Piper turned around and got down on her forearms and knees,
sticking her butt up as high as she could get it.

Phoebe grinned briefly at the highly erotic sight her sister made before
proceeding with her plan. Wrapping both hands around the cylinder-shaped
vegetable, she gave it a hard pull to let Piper know she was working hard
at getting it out. Then she released the cucumber and held out her hands a
foot or so behind Piper's protruding bottom. Focussing her new powers
specifically at the glistening cucumber poking out of her sister's slit, it
suddenly disappeared only to reappear a short distance away in her hands.

The young witch smiled triumphantly as she gazed down at the large
vegetable she was holding. 'I *so* fucking RULE!'

Piper glanced back across her shoulder, looking puzzled but also very much
relieved. "How'd you manage that?" she questioned curiously.

"Used my powers," Phoebe truthfully explained. "A little telekinetic push
and it popped right out," she not-so-truthfully clarified. Although that
probably would've worked just as well, Phoebe possessed nowhere near the
amount of control & finesse with her newly "acquired" Telekinetic abilities
that the real Prue Halliwell has, so she wisely decided not to take any
chances with her sister's privates and use her other, just as new, but much
safer power instead.

Piper nodded curtly, accepting her sister's explanation without even the
slightest hint of suspicion. While turning back around to face Prue, she
surreptitiously stroked her sore pussy.

"Well, I'm certainly glad you got it out!" she declared, truly grateful,
even though her sister was mainly responsible for the cucumber getting
stuck in her snatch in the first place. "For a moment there I was afraid
I'd have to sit through dinner with that vegetable still stuck in my vagina."

'D'oh!' Phoebe thought, annoyed with herself. 'Piper playing hostess with a
cucumber in her cunt would have been hella hot - I wish I thought of that
*before* I helped her get it out.'

Noticing her sister's annoyed expression, Piper looked puzzled for a moment.

"Anyhow... I better go clean up and get back to my cooking," she awkwardly
announced after taking in her sweaty, naked form.

"Not so fast, Sis," Phoebe held up her camera and shot her suddenly
anxious-looking sister a teasing smile. "I still want to take a couple more
nude Piper pics."

"But Prue! We've only got about one and a half hour before your guests
arrive, and there's still a lot of stuff I need to get done by then," Piper
objected, a light blush on her face as she fretfully eyed the camera.

"Don't worry, what I've got in mind will only take a few minutes tops,"
Phoebe (unsuccessfully) reassured her.

Piper sighed defeated. 'I don't even know why I bother objecting - Miss
Bossy Big Sis ((tm) Phoebe Halliwell) always succeeds in getting her way,
anyhow, so I might as well save my breath.'

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" she questioned resigned.

Phoebe smiled brightly. "Oh, not much... just sit with your legs crossed
Indian-style and lick that cucumber clean while I take photos."

As if a switch was turned, Piper's blush darkened instantly.

"Prue!" she shrieked, sounding morally outraged. But just as she was about
to start berating her sister for asking her to do something so depraved,
she was once again swiftly reminded of the twisted things she'd already
done in the last half hour and what she was doing when Prue walked in on
her, and her outrage dissipated like air from a busted balloon.

Looking wryly at her annoyingly smirking sister who was already offering up
the cucumber, Piper let out another sigh before grudgingly accepted the
glistening vegetable.

Crossing her legs beneath her, she brought the tip of the cucumber to her
mouth and gave it a hesitating lick. 'This must be the end that's been
inside my slit,' Piper pondered, swiftly recognizing the familiar taste
since she often enjoyed licking her own pussy-juice from her fingers after
a nice, long masturbation session.

After taking another lick, she curiously turned the vegetable around and
licked at the end that had been inside of Prue's pussy. 'Mmmm...' she would
never admit it to anyone, but as it turned out she actually liked the
slightly spicy taste of her big sister's snatch. In fact, Prue's
pussy-nectar tasted even better than her own.

'Oh God! Does this mean I'm a lesbian?' Piper thought, suddenly worried.
She did, after all, seem to possess a suspicious fondness for pussy-juice.
'No, wait, I know I'm attracted to men and enjoy having sex with them, so
I'm definitely not gay... just Bi, or at least sexually attracted to my own
sister, it seems. *sigh* That's just great, Piper.'

Trying to put these disconcerting thoughts out of her mind, Piper decided
to focus on licking the vegetable dildo clean. Degrading as this may be, at
least it was less distressing than contemplating her newfound feelings for
her sister. And besides, it's not like she's truly hating this...

Despite not wanting to seem too eager less Prue discovered how much she
actually enjoyed this humiliating task, Piper couldn't help herself and was
soon enthusiastically lapping her sister's juices off the large cucumber -
not even noticing that her sister was taking several very candid photos of
her, clearly showing her unbridled enthusiasm.

However, she was soon reminded of her sister's hobby when Prue told her to
smile for the camera (which she did) and then ordered her to suck on the
cucumber like it's a real-life cock.

Piper blushing obeyed; gazing shyly into the camera, she wrapped her lips
around the thick phallus-shaped vegetable and slowly began to bob up and
down on it.

"Oh yeah... these are some great pics, Piper," Phoebe happily commented as
she snapped off another photo. "You look like such a slut sucking our
combined cunt-juices of that big fat cucumber."

"Why, thanks!" Piper sarcastically responded while sending her smirking
sibling a dirty look (which Phoebe impishly took a picture of). Pouting
slightly, Piper resumed her cucumber-sucking duties.

After meticulously licking the entire cucumber clean, the young chef shot
her sister a questioning look, indicating that she was finished.

"Well done, Sis," Phoebe grinned, affectionally tousling her sibling's long
lustrous hair. "I'm proud of ya... you'd definitely make a great model...
and, judging from your cock-sucking skills, a damn good prostitute as well."

Piper rolled her eyes at her sister's inappropriate compliment but couldn't
help herself from smiling proudly nonetheless.

"Can I go take a quick shower now?" she questioned meekly.

Phoebe smiled delightedly. She loved that Piper's now politely requesting
permission from her to do normal, everyday things. Although it was kind of
an unwritten rule in the Halliwell household to run any major decisions by
Prue first, this, of course, didn't apply to such mundane activities as
taking a shower. But a combination of the lust/docile potion she slipped
her sister, a long hard, bare-bottomed blistering, several draining
orgasms, and Piper's own natural compliant behaviour, had left the young
chef totally submissive to her every demand... And it gave her such a kick
to order her older sister around.

"Very well," Phoebe magnanimously allowed. "I need a shower as well, so we
can share," she added with a wicked smile.

Even though they just fucked each other with a cucumber and she'd posed for
pornographic pics, Piper still blushed at the notion of sharing a shower
with her sister. "Um... or we could just take turns," she suggested

Phoebe's impish smile grew bigger. "I don't think so, Sis. Like you
mentioned yourself: we don't have a lot of time before our guests arrive."

Piper nodded meekly and started collecting her clothes. But when she
started to put on her panties, her sister abruptly stopped her.

"Nuh-uh, Piper! There's no need to put anything on for our short trip to
the bathroom - you'll only make your clothes sweaty."

"B-but what if Phoebe sees us like this?" Piper blushingly inquired,
shuddering with embarrassment as she visualized her kid sister getting an
eyeful of her freshly fucked pussy and well-spanked ass.

Phoebe was silent for several seconds as she desperately tried to keep from
laughing. 'Ha! I think that ship has pretty much sailed already, Sis.'

Managing to keep a level expression, Phoebe shrugged. "Then we'll just tell
her it's laundry day... and besides, considering Feebs' habit of often
walking around upstairs in her birthday suit, I seriously doubt that seeing
us naked is gonna shock her."

"But Prue!" Piper attempted again, cringing slightly when she heard how
whiny and petulant she sounded.

"No buts, Piper," Phoebe sternly admonished her sister. "I don't think
you've got much to be modest about at this point, anyway. Now get your cute
little butt to the bathroom before I'm inclined to give it another spanking."

Phoebe giggled when Piper instantly hurried out of the kitchen, clutching
her clothing against her chest.

'Heh. I wonder how Piper will react when she finds out that it wasn't
much-admired, big sister Prue, but actually her naughty little sister
Phoebe, who made her into an adoring lesbian sex-slave... I'll have to
remember to keep my camera ready when I finally let her know so I can
capture the look on her face,' she thought mischievously.

Following closely behind her sister, Phoebe stared spellbound at the very
enticing way her sister's ass wiggled as she rushed up the stairs. Unable
(and unwilling) to restrain herself, she gave those wonderful firm round
buns a good smack, causing Piper to yelp loudly and scurry up the stairs
even faster.

Standing closely together in the streaming shower the two siblings stared
at one another. Phoebe's look was definitely the most intense as she
shamelessly and possessively studied every inch of her older sister's wet,
naked form.

Though just as fascinated by Prue's beautiful body as her sister was in
hers, Piper was much shyer in showing her interest and only shot covert
glances at her big sis' breasts and pussy. Considering they just fucked
each other with a cucumber, Piper realized that her sudden bashfulness made
little or no sense, but she couldn't help herself - it just wasn't in her
nature to be so... blatant about checking out her sister.

Piper gasped when she suddenly felt her sister's hands caressing her chest.
Looking down she saw that Prue had started soaping her up - beginning with
her boobs. As her sibling's strong fingers massaged her breast-flesh, Piper
felt that now familiar feeling of almost irresistible arousal she'd felt
several times earlier in the kitchen, rise up inside her again and
gradually take over possession of her entire thought process.

'Ohhhh God! What's going on with me today?! I've come more times in the
last hour than I did in the entire previous month, but still I keep getting
horny for some reason! Sure, Prue is super-sexy, but this is ridiculous.'

She watched transfixed as her sister's soapy digits circled several times
around her stiff nipples before abruptly giving both her sensitive nubbins
a painful pinch.

"OHH!!" Giving her sister a startled look, Piper found herself captivated
by Prue's piercing blue eyes that somehow seem to see straight into her
very soul. She suddenly felt convinced that Prue knew all her most intimate
secrets, including the most secret of them all: her depraved masturbation
scenarios in which she fantasizes about being sexually dominated by her
bossy, but loving, big sister. The smug little smile Prue send her way
seemed to confirm the suspicions emanating from her muddled mind.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by these powerful emotions shattering her
self-control, Piper willingly surrendered more and more of herself to her
authoritarian sister.

Seemingly sensing her further surrender, Prue issued her a possessive smile
while playing with her breasts. "Put your hands behind your head, Piper,"
she calmly commanded.

Piper instantly obeyed and stood breathlessly with her hands clasped behind
her head while her sister soaped the entire front of her body, except for
her attention-needing pussy, which Prue disappointingly skipped over.

As she whimpered with need, Piper saw Prue's luscious lips form that
trademark smirk of hers.

"Turn around."

Again, Piper obeyed without question: keeping her hands clasped behind her
head she shuffled her feet around till she was facing away from Prue. Ever
the tease, her sister started scrubbing her back and then went to work on
her legs, again skipping the area she wanted to feel her sister's hands the

She shuddered lightly with anticipation when she felt Prue's fingers slowly
slide up her thighs and let out a soft sigh when her sister started
kneading her tense buttocks. 'Ohhhhh yeah... that feels nice.'

"Spread your legs, Sis," suddenly sounded her sister's newest instruction.

Having a pretty good idea where this was going, Piper readily moved her
legs as far apart as she could get them while still remaining steady on the
slippery shower floor.

"Now bend over and grab your ankles."

It was an obvious sign of Piper's intense arousal that she didn't even
hesitate before assuming this undignified position. With an apparent
eagerness to have her sister's nimble fingers working their sweet magic on
her dripping snatch again, Piper lewdly leaned over, presenting Prue with a
splendid view of her very wet beaver.

Phoebe stared triumphantly at Piper's well-presented pussy. When she
planned her little Halliwell coup d'état, she already suspected that Piper
would be a much easier conquest than the stubborn and domineering Prue, and
her sister's trampy behaviour in the kitchen and newfound willingness to
show off her private parts at the drop of a hat pretty much proved that
theory. If anything, Piper looked to be an enthusiastic participant in her
own degradation.

'I just hope she's not TOO willing...' Phoebe considered as she smiled
wickedly, 'What would be the fun in that?'

Her hands still alternately squeezing and stroking her sister's smooth
buttocks when she'd leaned over, Phoebe pushed the firm globes apart,
granting her an unrestricted view of both her sister's fuck-holes.

She surveyed both openings with a strong sense of ownership. 'You may not
know it yet, Sis, but your ass is MINE now... and so is your mouth, pussy,
tits and the rest of you. I'll be the one filling those juicy fuck-holes
and decides who gets to screw you from now on.'

Employing one hand to keep her sister's butt-cheeks spread, Phoebe slipped
her other hand in-between Piper's wide-spread legs and stroked her swollen
labia-lips, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her sister's other lips.

Smiling down indulgently at the bare-naked bend-over body before her,
Phoebe smoothly inserted a couple of soapy fingers into Piper's sopping
snatch and started sliding them in and out.

'Judging from her happy little moans and groans, the little slut definitely
*loves* my fingers up her slit,' Phoebe thought affectionately while
caressing her sister's upraised ass.

As she steadily finger-fucked Piper's pussy, the mischievous witch's eyes
gazed with interest at her sibling's tight little asshole, which seemed to
be winking invitingly at her. A brief vision of herself plundering that
tender opening with a strap-on dildo flashed before her eyes, causing her
to shiver with anticipation.

Having decided earlier today that she would leave Prue's anal deflowering
for a special occasion, she determined right away that she wouldn't wait
that long to take Piper's anal cherry - in fact, she made up her mind to
fuck this particular sister's ass tonight at the very latest.

'Prue will surrender her virgin ass to me the moment she accepts me as her
Mistress, and since Piper already seem to have done so it's kinda poetic
that I give her her first butt-fuck today to commemorate her surrender to
me,' she figured with typical Phoebe-logic.

Taking an early start on Piper's anal deflowering, Phoebe stuck a single
soapy finger up her sister's bunghole.

"Oooh!!" Piper gasped as her second hole was suddenly invaded. Gazing up
between her wide-spread legs, she looked on mesmerized as Prue now
effectively finger-fucked both her holes simultaneously with two fingers up
her snatch and one in her asshole.

"You really enjoy having my fingers up your slutty holes, don't ya, Sis?"
Phoebe teasingly inquired.

"Mmmm... ohhhh yes," Piper moaned, dazed with lust.

Phoebe grinned. "Yeah, I kinda figured with the way you're humping my hand
like a bitch in heat."

Piper blushed bright red as she realized that she was indeed shamelessly
humping her sister's hand, which she wasn't even aware of till Prue
mentioned it! Just like she didn't remember stripping naked and stuffing
that cucumber up her cunt. 'Oh God... I'm really turning into a shameless

"You know, I really shouldn't be encouraging this kind of perverted
behaviour," Phoebe stated with her best judgmental Prue voice. "But I guess
you can't help it that you're such a horny slut you even need your own
sister to fuck you."

Her sister's demeaning words caused Piper to become even more ashamed and
docile, which was exactly what Phoebe intended with her little speech.

"And I suppose it's better that *I* help you satisfy your freakishly
inexhaustible sex-drive than that you spread your legs for a dozen or so
different men every month, like Phoebe does," Phoebe added with an impish
smile. 'Heh. Calling myself a big ole slut is the perfect way to avoid any
identity-switch suspicions.'

"Hey, don't be mean, Prue," Piper protested. "Phoebe may be pretty
promiscuous, but she doesn't fuck *that* many men."

'Why, thank you Sis for defending my honour,' Phoebe thought amused, but
nonetheless touched that Piper so readily defended her.

"Sorry, I suppose you're right about Feebs - she isn't that big a slut,"
Phoebe sorta apologized for insulting herself. "But what about you, Piper?"
she casually inquired as she rubbed her sister's G-spot with the tips of
her fingers. "Aren't you that big a slut, either... should I stop
finger-fucking you?"

"Noooooo!" Piper moaned. "Please, keep going, Prue! I'm close to cumming

"Ahhh, so YOU are a big slut?" Phoebe questioned wickedly while tickling
her sister's stiff clit.

"Y-yessss," Piper hissed, "I'm a big fat slut, alright! I'm whatever you
want me to be, just PLEASE let me cum!!"

'Like putty in my hands,' Phoebe thought with immense satisfaction.
Considering the submissive state her sister was, she decided to speed up
her plan to enslave Piper even more.

With her fingers efficiently ploughing Piper's duo fuck-holes, Phoebe
continued scolding her sister for being such a slut. Aside from her love
for dirty talk, Phoebe loved the irony that SHE "the slutty Halliwell
sister" was now berating well-behaved, proper Piper Halliwell.

And even though Piper blushed brightly during her chastisement, it was
obvious from the way she was humping the fingers in her holes increasingly
faster that at least part of her was getting off on it as well.

"Ungh! Ohhhhh God!! Please put more fingers in my pussy and fuck me harder,
Prue!" Piper cried out; far too aroused to care about things like propriety
and pride any longer, she wasn't above begging her sister for a good, hard

"Tsk, tsk, such a dirty girl," Phoebe playfully admonished, shaking her
head in mock disdain, "Just look at you humping my hand and begging me to
fuck you harder... You're obviously in need of another spanking, Piper."

Piper's eyes opened wide and she hurriedly shook her head in denial of her
sister's statement. Her poor ass was still aching from her earlier spanking
and the subsequent session with that huge hairbrush, and she certainly
didn't want another dose of that.

"No, plea--" SMACK!!! "Ouchh!" SMACK!! "Oohh!"

Before Piper was able to properly vocalize her objection, her sister's left
hand had already started swatting her sore backside.

SMACK!! "Ungh!" SMACKK!!! "OH!!" SMACK!!! "Ahhh!!"

With her head almost down to the floor and her hands holding tightly unto
her ankles, Piper was in a state of sexual suffering as her sister
systematically and simultaneously spanked her upraised ass and
finger-fucked her pussy & asshole. She moaned almost continuously as Prue's
long nimble fingers plugged her holes, interrupted only by the occasional
grunt whenever her sister decided that her bare beet-red behind was in need
of another spank.

SMACK!! "Oohhh!" SMACK!!! "OH!" SMACK!! "Ungh!"

Weirdly enough, even though her butt was still plenty sore, the spanking
didn't really hurt that much and only ended up making her more aroused. But
then her sister wasn't using a hairbrush this time or even her right hand,
so this were mere love-taps compared to what she got before.

Still, her obvious enjoyment of this spanking managed to confuse Piper even
more and convinced her that she was indeed a masochistic sister-lovin' slut

"W-what does t-this all mean, Prue?" Piper stammered red-faced as her
sister skilfully fingered her dripping slot with one hand and spanked her
aching ass with the other. "F-for us, I mean, our relationship," she

Phoebe was more than happy to explain.

"Well, my darling sister" SMACK!! SMACK!!! "Basically it means" SMACK!!!
SMACK!! "That you're gonna be" SMACK!! SMACK!! "My BITCH!" SMACK!!!
SMACK!!! "From now on." SMACK!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!!

"W-what?!" SMACK!!! "Oohhhh Prue!" SMACK!!! "Y-you can't be serious!"
SMACK!! SMACK!!! "I-I'm your sister!" SMACK!!! SMACK!!

Despite her vehement protests, Piper wasn't as adverse to the notion of
becoming her big sis' bitch as she pretended to be. In fact, being totally
caught up in her current state of overwhelming arousal, the concept of
being her sister's sex slave seemed downright appealing. So it didn't take
a whole lot of effort from her domineering sibling to convince her.

All Phoebe had to do was withdraw her fingers from her sister's holes and
deliver a bunch of good, hard spanks... and less than a minute later Piper
was tearfully promising to do whatever it takes, if she'd just be allowed
to cum.

"I'll be your Bitch-your Whore, whatever you want, Prue! Just PLEASE let me

Phoebe smirked triumphantly. 'Piper's just TOO easy... Now Prue, on the
other hand, is a *real* challenge - I'm gonna have to work hard and be
smart to tame her,' she fondly thought of her big sister, bound naked and
helpless on her bed upstairs. With Piper conquered so easily, she was
really looking forward to the Battle of Wills she knew Prue would provide.
'But first let's take care of my very first subjugated Bitch-sister here.'

After tenderly stroking her sister's well-spanked ass, Phoebe slid her hand
down back between the brunette's slender legs and started playing with her
soaking-wet pussy, paying special attention to Piper's painfully erect clit.

"Oohhhh! Unghh! Oohh! OH!! YES!!! Feels soooo good!" Piper babbled
excitedly, feeling her much-needed orgasm approaching fast. "Now fill me
with your fingers, please," she begged while anxiously rubbing her slit
against her sister's investigative fingers. "I need to be fucked HARD,
Prue!" she blushingly confessed.

"Ask and ye shall receive," Phoebe said, smiling brightly as she formed a
wedge with her fingers and started working them into her sister's sopping

Piper looked on wide-eyed as Prue attempted to push what appeared to be her
WHOLE fucking hand into her little slit. Now, she knows she just asked to
have her pussy filled and fucked hard, but this seemed a bit excessive. The
thought of having an entire hand inside her was terrifying and shocking,
yet also... strangely appealing.

Luckily, an unexpected bonus of having a cucumber shoved up your cunt was
the splendid job it did at preparing her pussy for this excruciating
invasion. Thanks to the cucumber-stretching of her formerly tight snatch,
Prue's fingers slid smoothly into her slippery hole.

The four digits pumped in and out several times, readying her slit for what
was to come... Then, with those four fingers already inside her, the thumb
was also inserted into her already stretched snatch. Piper felt the wedge
of her sister's fingers steadily pushing forward, widening as they
approached the knuckles. Her pussy opening grew more and more taut, and she
gulped in air as the painful pressure increased.

"Oohhhh Prueee!" she keened shrilly. Not knowing if she wanted her sister
to stop or to go on.

"Try to relax, sweetie," her sister gently encouraged her, "I'm almost
inside you."

That's more easily said than done... There was no way she could relax with
her sister's knuckles grinding painfully against her labia, twisting slowly
from side to side as Prue gradually forced her hand through the tight ring
of flesh.

"Goddddddddd!!!!!" she screamed - her eyes practically popping out of their

Then, to her great relief, Prue's knuckles finally slipped inside, easing
the painful pressure against her widely-stretched cunt opening. She could
feel her sister's fingers wriggle around inside her tight, wet fuck-tunnel
before forming a fist.

"There we go... all the way inside your slutty snatch," Prue whispered
huskily in her ear. "That wasn't so bad, now was it? And for this brief
moment of pain you'll be rewarded with the fucking of a lifetime."

Piper was only able to grunt in response as her sister's fist had begun to
twist around inside her tight sheath, the hard knuckles scraping against
her soft vaginal wall sending jolts of pain/pleasure signals to her
lust-muddled mind. Her sister's hand pushed deep inside her, then drew
slowly back before thrusting in again. Slowly, painfully, Prue's fist began
to pump. And as it forced her open it gradually moved faster and harder.

Though painful at first, her pussy, having already experienced a huge
cucumber just a short while ago, quickly got used to Prue's pounding fist.
Piper's eyes closed as she shuddered from the hard, powerful thrusting of
the big fist inside her belly. And as the pain turned to pure pleasure her
entire body exulted from the unbelievable feeling of being deeply and
completely penetrated.

Piper groaned and grunted shamelessly as her domineering sister used her
sopping wet cunt as her own personal punching bag, crying out in ecstasy
each time her sister's fist thumped against her cervix. Having already been
hovering on the edge of an orgasm for the last ten minutes or so, it didn't
take long for this frantic fist-fucking to make her cum harder than she
ever came before.

As wave after wave of an orgasmic tsunami soared through her body, Piper
let out a primal scream of such magnitude that it even stunned her
experienced sex-pro-sister Phoebe.

'Holy Shit!' Phoebe listened with a mixture of amazement and awe at the
otherworldly sounds her sister made as she went through what must be the
greatest orgasm EVER! 'If this is a result of that libido potion I slipped
her then I HAVE to try some of it on myself sometime!'

Thanks to her lightening fast reflexes, Phoebe was just able to put an arm
around her sister's waist as she suddenly slumped forwards.

'Damn! She's out cold,' the young witch discovered after pulling her arm
out of Piper's snatch and sitting her up against the wall. 'That must've
been one HELLUVA orgasm.'

Turning off the shower, she got her unconscious sibling out of the shower
cabin with some help from her newly acquired TK, and after putting Piper
down safely she started drying herself off.

"Total number of sisters I fist-fucked today: Two." Phoebe stated dryly
with a wicked smile on her lips.

* * *

As Piper dazedly blinked her eyes open, she noticed she was sitting outside
of the shower stall, perched sideways on her big sis' naked lap with her
head resting on Prue's shoulder. Her sister was gently drying her wet body
with a wonderfully soft towel while occasionally feeling up her titties or
stroking her slit.

"Awake again, I see," Phoebe cheerfully said. "And how is my sweet little
slave-girl feeling? Did you have a nice nap?"

Piper blushed as she was not-so-subtly reminded of her new status as her
big sister's... bitch. Though still feeling a bit disoriented, she soon
recalled everything that had happened between them... every depraved
detail, starting with Prue walking in on her fucking herself with a
cucumber right there in the kitchen and giving her a well-deserved
spanking, all the way up to her sister's fist plunging into her impossibly
stretched pussy!

'I'm such a big slut,' she shamefully thought for the umpteenth time in the
last hour or so. 'And now, apparently, I'm also Prue's bitch...' It all
seemed so surreal, but here she was: sitting naked on her equally naked
sister's lap, getting felt up and enjoying every second of it.

"Are you... really.. gonna make me your bitch, Prue?" Piper questioned
hesitantly while gazing down at her sister's left hand as it alternately
fondled each of her boobs.

"Oh, definitely," Phoebe replied in a no-nonsense tone-of-voice. "Just like
Phoebe, you need a strong hand to keep you inline. And just like our little
sister you have an overly active sex-drive that will surely get you into
trouble if remained unsupervised. I can't allow that to happen, especially
not now that the balance of Good versus Evil rests on our shoulders."

Piper nodded dutifully in response to her sister's speech.

"Being the oldest, the strongest and most level-headed of us three, it's my
job to keep you and Phoebe safe, in shape and focussed. And it's up to me
to decide what's the best and most effective way of accomplishing this,"
Phoebe droned on while having trouble keeping a straight face. 'I can't
believe she's actually buying this BS, although it does sound like
something Prue would say.'

"So you understand how important it is that I have your total obedience;
whether I want you to perform a spell or strip naked and spread your legs
for me," she finished while issuing her sister a penetrating stare.

Biting her lower lip and looking down to avoid her sister's intense eyes,
Piper swiftly nodded her assent. "I understand, Prue, and I promise that
I'll do whatever you want!"

Phoebe once again had a hard time to keep from smirking. 'Too. Fucking.

"We'll see, Sis," she said, not unkindly, as she helped her now dry again
sister back unto her own two feet. "I'll be testing your sincerity soon
enough... and any disobedience on your part will be dealt with swiftly and

Piper anxiously shuffled her feet around and involuntarily put her hands
behind her to protect her tender butt-cheeks, which she knew to be Prue's
preferred target when dealing with any kind of ill-disciplined behaviour.

This time Phoebe was simply unable to hold back a smile as she saw her
submissive sibling shield her beet-red butt in the most adorable way
imaginable. 'Piper is just so gosh-darn cute... especially when she's
buck-naked, rubbing her red-spanked ass, and has that endearing pout on her
face. It almost makes me feel remorseful for deceiving her like this...

Checking the time, she noticed that she had less than an hour till her (or
rather Prue's) guests arrived. And considering that Piper wasn't the only
one who needed to get things ready for their visitors, she better get a
move on... Phoebe quickly put Prue's white silk shirt back on, followed by
the tight leather mini-skirt. When she pulled on her knee-high leather
boots, she noticed that Piper had followed her example and was starting to
get dressed.

"Hold it right there, Sis!" she called out, stopping her sister cold in her
tracks. "I don't recall giving you permission to get dressed..."

Piper looked confused at her clothing and then back at her big sister, not
getting what the big deal was. "B-but... I have to get dressed, don't I?"
she questioned meekly.

"Not necessarily," Phoebe responded while shooting her sister a wicked smile.

"But I can't cook dinner in my birthday suit!" Piper said aghast.

"You will if I tell you to," Phoebe reminded her somewhat menacingly. "But
don't worry, I'll get you something to put on... Be right back!"

Without bothering to wait for a reply, Phoebe slipped out of the bathroom.
Instead of going anywhere, she used her powers to summon the desired outfit
and then waited for about a minute in the hallway before going back inside.

"There ya go!" Phoebe cheerfully said while handing Piper her attire for
the rest of the day. "Don't say I never gave you anything."

"I never say that, anyway," Piper absently replied. She looked down
worriedly at the small bundle of clothing and the pair of high-heeled shoes
that her sister just shoved into her hands. "Is this all of it?"

"That's all you're gonna need," Phoebe gleefully told her anxious sister.

An incredulous expression appeared on Piper's face as she examined the
outfit that Prue had picked out for her. It was a very skimpy French maid
uniform. A fresh blush coloured her cheeks as she stared dumbfounded at her
closely watching sister.

"Go ahead, put it on," Phoebe prodded her.

Feeling both embarrassed and aroused, Piper obeyed and put on the
humiliating outfit while her sister looked on with undisguised interest.

'No underwear, of course,' she thought resignedly as she put on the small
white cap that completed her outfit and stepped into the ridiculously high
stiletto shoes. Mentally steeling herself, she turned around and checked
out her image in the mirror.

The result was pretty much what she'd expected: she looked like a kinky

Her dress was so short that you could barely call it a dress at all, and it
had an open bodice from which her tits practically spilled out. She was no
where near as well-endowed as her sisters, but the wired top did something
with her small breasts - pushing them up, proudly presenting the twin
half-globes instead of providing cover - that made them appear almost 2
cup-sizes bigger than they actually were!

As Piper admired her new cleavage (something she never really had before)
she noticed the tops of her puffy brown nipples peeking out. Modestly
pulling up her top to cover them up, she swiftly discovered that as soon as
she moved around her nips reappeared again.

Sighing to herself, Piper checked out the bottom half of her French maid

The ruffled lace hem of her "dress" barely went below the waistline. Were
it not for the frilly white apron she was wearing, her pussy would have
been on full display. As it was, the tiny apron itself just barely hid her
cleft, coming just below the juncture of her thighs. Having received no
undergarments, the rest of her outfit consisted of wide-pattern fishnet
stockings and a pair of five-inch heels.

Admittedly, she did look very sexy. 'And slutty, which apparently is a look
that works well for me,' Piper wryly thought.

She suddenly spotted in the mirror that her sister was staring intently at
her backside and sported a big smile on her face. 'Prue obviously loves my
outfit - big surprise there... but I wonder what she thinks is so funny?'

When Piper turned and looked back across her shoulder, she instantly
discovered what her sister had been smiling about. Though the apron
(barely) concealed her pussy, it did nothing to hide her butt. As a result,
her round, red behind was out in the open for everyone to see! And with the
apron's bow tied right above her crack, it kinda looked like her ass was
being offered up as a present, which perhaps it was.

As Piper stared transfixed at her lewd imagery, her sister walked over
beside her and put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

"There, now the only thing left on display is your butt," Phoebe impishly
proclaimed. "And you don't have to worry about that 'cause you've got a
very cute butt, Sis," she fondly remarked while quickly copping a feel of
her sister's rosy-red buttocks. "In fact, it's so darn adorable that it's a
shame I had to spank it."

"Yeah, you looked really heartbroken about," Piper sarcastically responded,
even though she was pleased that Prue so obviously admired her ass.

"All for your own good," Phoebe grinned and swiftly swatted her sister's

SMACK!!! "Oohh!" Piper gasped, quickly shielding her aching ass-cheeks
with her hands.

"Now get that cute butt down to the kitchen and back to work before I have
to spank it again," Phoebe mock-sternly warned her sister.

"Yes Ma'am," Piper meekly replied, yet also smiling as she rubbed her
blushing buttocks.

She probably oughta be vehemently objecting for being made to cook and
perhaps even serve up dinner in this ridiculous revealing outfit. But as
she was led downstairs by her dictatorial sister, Piper couldn't even
summon as much as a mild annoyance at her humiliating predicament. All she
felt was the familiar feeling of her constant arousal (now softly simmering
after that last big orgasm but still very much present) and a slavish
desire to please Prue... no matter what it takes. The truth was that at
this point, she probably would've also agreed to serve dinner in her
birthday suit if her sister had demanded so.

With her hand resting lightly atop her sister's round, bare buttocks,
Phoebe steered a slightly dazed Piper into the kitchen. To once more
demonstrate her dominance, she made her sister stand at attention with her
legs spread almost two feet apart and her hands clasped behind her head -
this last move had the added bonus of causing Piper's stiff nipples to pop
out of her top completely.

Slowly walking around her stationary, subjugated sibling, Phoebe lustfully
eyed the perfect pornographic picture Piper made dressed in her much too
short French maid uniform. What made it perfect was the absolute
submissiveness her sister exuded as she silently stood there with her tits
& ass on display. There was little doubt in her mind that Piper would
readily assume the same pose in front of Prue's guests without even
uttering a single protest.

'I always suspected that Piper's a born submissive,' she contemplated. 'In
a way, I'm just helping her fulfil her destiny.'

Standing still in front of her, Phoebe lifted her sister's breasts all the
way out of the bodice of her dress and tweaked Piper's big brown puffy
nipples. 'I'm definitely having these pierced along with her pussy-lips.
These cute perky tits will look great with a couple of shiny new nipple
rings hanging from them.'

Pleased that Piper had in no way objected to the manhandling of her tits,
Phoebe grabbed her sister's bare buttocks with both hands and pulled her in
for a kiss.

Their sudden liplock took Piper by surprise, but it didn't take long for
her to respond and she was soon engaging her sister in a long, passionate

Stepping back a bit breathless, Phoebe beamed a radiant smile at her sister
which Piper happily returned.

"You're a very good kisser, Sis," Phoebe praised her adoring slave.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Piper proudly replied while pushing her tits out more
and spreading her legs a bit further.

Phoebe smiled. 'So eager to please...'

"Now I'll let you get back to your cooking... only 45 minutes till our
guests arrive," she reminded after glancing at the clock.

"Yes, Ma'am," Piper perkily said. "Luckily, the duck medallion has had
plenty of time to roast properly, so at least we'll have some actual dinner
to serve. But I still have to prepare the sauce and work on the side-dishes."

Phoebe nodded absent-mindedly. She didn't really care that much if Prue's
guests got anything to eat or not, after all she had other plans in mind
for their dinner party. 'Plans that still need a bit of fine-tuning, which
I should get to work on now.'

"Good luck with that," Phoebe said as she walked to the door, "just keep in
mind that if this dinner somehow bombs, I'll most likely be taking it out
on your ass."

She smirked when she saw Piper instinctively reach back again to protect
her painful posterior.

"Yes, Ma'am," sounded her sister's submissive reply as she left the kitchen.

* * *

Working feverishly to make this dinner as perfect as she possible could,
thereby avoiding anymore damage to her already battered bottom, Piper
didn't hear Prue's guests arrive.

And she was too busy muttering to herself that everything was going to be
fine to hear her sister greet their guests and invite them in.

So she wasn't aware of any visitors until a young good-looking man suddenly
came barging into the kitchen.

"Prue told me to give this to the chef... Whoa!" Josh exclaimed as he
suddenly found himself looking at one of the most perfect asses he'd ever
seen. And not only was this ass incredibly fine-looking, but it was also
naked! And from the looks of it had just endured a very thorough spanking!

Turning around as if stung by a wasp, Piper stared stupefied at the very
familiar-looking unexpected visitor.

"You!" she called out in an accusing tone as she recognized the miscreant
who swiped the last bottle of Callara Jensen '93 right from under her nose.

"Most people call me Josh. I uh, wow, I work for Professor Whittlesey," he
replied while staring in awe at this gorgeous small spitfire who wasn't
just cooking bare-assed but also topless as he now discovered. 'And is that
a French made uniform she's wearing? Wow! I think I'm in love... or at
least in lust.'

"You're the plus one," Piper said, understanding dawning.

"Last bottle," he said, offering her the wine. "Uh, you have flour on
your...right... uh..."

Glancing down, Piper discovered that a large quantity of the flour she'd
been measuring had somehow ended up on one of her boobs - her TOPLESS
boobs! She must've forgotten to cover them up again after Prue popped 'em

Even though she's now a lot less self-conscious than she was before she
became her big sister's bitch, her initial reaction was still pretty much
the same as most women tend to react when they find out they're
inadvertently flashing their tits at their dinner guests.

Letting out an embarrassed shriek, Piper quickly covered her breasts with
her hands. And that's when she saw Prue walk in.

"Piper, Josh," Phoebe said, smiling brightly as she looked back and forth
between her half-naked humiliated sister and the enamoured-looking young
assistant of Professor Whittlesey. "I see you two are getting acquainted."

To be continued in Chapter 4...


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with the title heading "TSSA Story Submission"