This is a fantasy story this did not or ever happen.

Charmed: Charmed To Death (MF,MFFF,oral,hj,tf,F-Dom,bond,ncon,snuff)

Alex woke up, his head was spinning. He felt like a huge hangover he hasn't had since college. As his head cleared he noted his arms were tied above his head to a headboard lying on a king-sized mattress and his legs were also tied to footboard of the bed. Also he noted he was completely naked. He pulled on the ropes for a while and realized he was stuck where he was. "Where the hell am I"? he screamed. "Anyone here"?

Just as he finished yelling a young woman walked in.

"Hi, I'm Piper. My sisters and I found you out and recruited you."

"Recruited me for what?" he asked still wondering what was going on.

"Oh, for your essence, you silly goose. See my sisters and I are all witches, and each will use our special powers to remove your essence."

"What kind of powers?"

"Well if you were a demon, we just use some kind of potion to get it out of you. But since your mortal we have to do it differently."

"So what's your power then?" He asked; mostly for stalling whatever was going to happen to him.

"Well," Piper explained, "I'm not as sexy as my other sisters, so my powers are in my voice and hands." And with that Piper began to stroke his cock, before he realized it, he was getting hard. Piper dripped some oil on his cock and worked it even faster. "Oh, and it's no use trying to fight the ropes holding you, they are also bound by magic."

"So how is giving a fucking handjob removing my essence?"

"Oh sweetie, everyone knows the man's essence is from his cum. So, we are going to milk every last drop from your body, and you have a nice big cock and set of balls, so this may take a while."

Alex closed his eyes, still thinking this was a drunken dream, and trying not to get aroused. Piper continued to stroke his cock, not only rubbing up and down but ever so softly, twisting it. All while she hummed at him, she would speed up and then slow down; back and forth. She was driving him crazy. Sensing he was close Piper began to speed up her work.

"Oh God, shit I'm cumming," Alex screamed out.

As he began to shoot Piper pulled out a challis, and drained his cum into it "What a good boy," cooed Piper. "Now I'll let you rest a bit for the next one."

Alex laid there completely spent, wondering what the hell just happened.

After a bit, he was awakened by another woman, she was a short brunette, with the one of the most beautiful pair of breasts he had ever seen. She was wearing a thin white pull up shirt and white pants both were so thin he could see her gorgeous nipples through the shirt. She walked over to the bed, "Hi I'm Phoebe. I'm here like my sister to use my powers on you.

"And what is your power?" Alex asked, almost feeling stupid he was having this conversation.

"My powers are in my tits, aren't they the most beautiful you've ever seen?" As she said that she began to massage her tits, making her nipples truly stand out. Alex swallowed not knowing what to say. Also, his cock was getting hard again looking at the beauty.

"Hmmm, looks like were ready huh?" Phoebe pulled her blouse down.

Alex was amazed on how perfect they were, as big as they were, not were not in the least bit saggy. Phoebe leaned in and began to sway and let her breast just barely touch his cock, the feeling drove Alex crazy. "No, please I can't do this again," he begged.

"Oh you'd be amazed on how much essence a man has," Phoebe giggled. She then took some of the oil and rubbed it onto her tits. At first she just bounced her tits around his cock, making it hard and ready yet again. Soon she was tit fucking Alex. "Hmmmm, your cock is perfect for this," Phoebe cooed and began to pick up the pace.

Alex looked down and saw Phoebe looking at his in complete lust, over taking his cock with her tits.

"Do you like how soft they are, bobbing around your hard cock?"

Alex was feeling his balls tighten again, Phoebe sensing he was about to cum, stopped just as he started to cum, and milked him in the challis, just like her sister. "That was beautiful honey, get some rest; you're going to need it."

Just as Alex felt he was relaxed and falling asleep he heard another sexy voice, he looked up and saw one of the most beautiful redheads he had ever seen. "Hi honey I'm Paige". She was wearing a green half shirt, that showed off her tight midriff and red hair, but also, he noted she had the fullest pouting lips that had a bright shade of red lipstick. "I've heard from my sisters that you have the nicest cock; bet it tastes good too."

Before Alex had a chance to answer Paige already had her porcelain hands on his cock, feeling it grow already, as she softly kissed it. Not again Alex thought to himself.

Soon Paige had coaxed his cock back to being hard. "I guess by now you guessed my power is my lips, and mouth."

By now he already had some pre-cum leaking out, soon Paige rubbed the head of his cock over her full lips, making the lipstick even shinier. She started to place his hard cock in her mouth, just popping the head in. She sucked up and down a few times, Alex was trying not to moan, as he was in heaven having this redhead blow him.

"My, my, doesn't it just get so big; let see how much I can take now." Paige began to take more and more of his hard cock in her mouth. "Okay, go big or go home," she giggled, and slammed her face right down to the base of his cock.

"Holy shit"! Alex screamed out, as he looked down and Paige and him caught eyes as he watched her repeatedly take all of him over and over, never taking her eyes off him. He could feel his cock being messaged by the witch's throat. "Fuck, oh fuck no, please stop, shit I'm cumming again, scream Alex as Paige held her mouth at the base, and he could feel his balls pumping in Paige's mouth, thrusting his hips as she took all of him.

Paige sat up and smiled at Alex, as she took the challis, and spit the huge load of cum into it. "That was awesome baby, see you soon."

* * *

This went on for several days, either by one of the witches, or a combo, like Paige blowing Alex as Piper messaged his balls, or Phoebe, tit fucking as Paige sucked on Alex's nipples. But over and over again they made him cum into a challis, after several days of just being raped by these witches, with no food or drink, he was wondering if he could or ever make it out of this alive.

* * *

On the fourth day, the witches woke him up on what felt like a coma to Alex. He could barely keep his head up, and he extremely weak. All three of the witches were naked. As they sat on the bed with Alex, they started to rub his used body.

"Why the fuck are you all doing this to me?" Alex asked.

"Well", replied Piper, "We are witches, and to keep our youthful appearance, we need the essence of young men every several years or so, and you are doing perfectly."

"I can't take anymore," said Alex, almost in tears. "So, will you all let me go now?"

"Well, we still have two parts of the ceremony left, one is a chant from out book, and well, finally finishing you off with a big orgasm."

The witches began to light the candles throughout the room, then each read from a paper in something that sounded Latin. When they finished, they began rubbing his body again getting his cock hard for them. All three again took turns making Alex cum, but instead of letting him rest like before, as soon as he came they coaxed his cock hard again.

Alex could barely breath or think anymore, he looked up one last time, and saw the three witches, taking the challis full of his cum and pouring it on each other as they rubbed themselves, chanting. Just as Alex was fading, he could see the blackness around him, he saw Paige, jerking of his cock to one last orgasm, he saw the three witches smiling at him as everything finally went black.


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