Charmed/Dark Angel: A Witch In Seattle Part 1 (FF,fist)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])


"Owen, get a move on. We still have to check this quadrant and I don't want
to stay out in the rain all night."

"Yes sarge, but I need to take a piss right now or I'll be filling my boots

The burly Sector Cop sergeant rolled his eyes. Why did they have to saddle
him with a newbie night after night?

"Right, go do it, but on the double.

The cop walked into a dark alley treading carefully between the piles of
long discarded trash and found a good spot. He clipped his assault rifle to
his backpack and unzipped the fly of his urban camo trousers. He sighed with
relief as his piss splashed against the wall, relieving the pressure he'd
been experiencing when ...


... he felt himself flying through the air and onto a particularly nasty pile
of trash as a bright red flash and a blast of hot and seemingly solid air hit

"Fuck! I'm hit .. sarge .. heeeelp" Owen cried thinking he'd stepped on a
mine or hit by an explosion.

The sector cop had already rushed to his aid, assault rifle at the ready,
safety off and his night vision monocle down over his left eye. He scanned
the area then checked the younger guy.

"You're not hit" he assured him "but you'll need to clean your pants real

"Oh. Sarge, what happened just now? Was it a bomb?"

"I don't know, but I'm calling this into HQ." The sergeant keyed on his
helmet mike, "Patrol Delta to Delta Six, explosion at grid seven five niner.
Suspected S1W activity, request backup."

"Roger, Patrol Delta. Alpha and Bravo Patrols responding to your location" a
voice said in his headphones.

"Ok, let's wait for backup" he told his subordinate who had gotten up and was
looking around shakily.

"Err Sarge? You'd better come have a look here."

"What is it now Owen?" The sergeant walked to where Owen was pointing with
his assault rifle. Half hidden by a rotting stack of old newspapers that
seemed to have partially cushioned her fall was a woman. Even in the pale
green illumination of the night vision monocle, she looked quite alluring.
"Sarge, who is she?"

"And how the fuck can I know that, eh? At a guess I'd say she's probably one
of those S1W terrorists planting a bomb that went of prematurely, but I'm
just a sarge. I'll leave headquarters to figure out who she is. Cuff her
before she wakes up and causes more trouble."

* * *

Jam Pony, Sector 9, Seattle, 1 week later

A pager beeped and the two women chatting as they lounged against the lockers
both looked down at their jackets.

"It's yours, boo" Original Cindy told Max "bet it's Logan asking you out to
dinner, pre-pulse Chardonnay and romantic candle-light and all."

Max grinned and nodded, "Yeah, it's him, but knowing him I'd say it's another
of those Eyes Only tilting at windmills errands he wants me to run."

She walked up to the payphone on the wall and punched it on the side. The
old mechanism clicked and she dialled Logan's number. Why waste quarters on
a perfectly malfunctioning phone!

"Max!" Logan answered the phone on the first ring.

"Hey you!"

"Something big's happening down at South Market. Sector cops are scrambling
all available units to that location. Max, can you go check out what's going

Max rolled her eyes and Original Cindy grinned. Max had been right, no
invitation this time either.

"Sure, Logan, whatever..."

"Great, thanks Max. Drop by at my apartment after to let me know ..."

But Max had hung up already.

"Gotta blaze, OC. Dunno if I'll make it to the Crash this evening so don't
wait around for me."

"Take care boo, Original Cindy will cover your ass here with Normal" she
jutted her chin in the direction of Jam Pony Express Courier's owner who was
walking towards them.

"Do I pay you morons to stand and chat all afternoon?" he began "Bip bip bip,
ladies, there are packages to deliver ... hey!"

Max scurried past him, her face all screwed up and making a retching noise.

"I don't think she's feeling too well, I think she's come down with a
nasty stomach bug or somethin', you know like the Chinese bird flu or maybe

Normal took a step back as he studied the beautiful dark skinned woman for a

"Do you really think I'm so stupid to believe all the excuses you idiots
come up with everytime Max wants to take a day off work?"

Original Cindy had already walked past her boss and grabbed a few packages
from the counter. "Yeah" she grunted in between a cough and Sketchy who had
been listening to the exchange grinned and high-fived OC as she ran by.

Normal stood there shaking his head. "Why do I even bother?" he asked himself
rhetorically, then he spotted another of his messengers with a spray can in
his hand adding even more graffiti to the layers already on the wall, "Hey,
you, reprobate, how many times have I told you not to paint that stuff on my
walls ...."

* * *

South Market, Seattle

The place seemed busier than usual although the late afternoon air was
bitterly cold and rain drizzled down steadily. People bustled about keeping
their heads down while buying from the stalls or piling onto the ramshackle
coaches that would take them to their homes in the other sectors before

Max surveyed the scene through her orange tinted shades as she sat astride
her Ninja Kawasaki 650 bike. Her trained eyes and acute vision picked out
several men in suits with ear pieces as they lounged around trying
unsuccessfully to blend into the scene. More obvious sector cops strode
through the crowd, automatic weapons held at the ready as they scanned faces
around them from under their visors. Something definitely was about to happen

Suddenly an armored van drove up to the South Market gates and was quickly
waved through. From the opposite end, a black Humvee drove through the crowd,
barely missing people who were too slow to move out of its way.

"A prisoner transfer" Max muttered to herself as the armored van's rear doors
opened and two armed guards dragged out a woman bound with plastic wrist

Her genetically enhanced eyes zoomed in to have a closer look at the woman.
Max guessed she was around 30 years old, had a beautiful, almost heart shaped
face, green eyes and long, black hair. The woman was wearing black leather
pants, very tight fitting, a white top and a black leather jacket. She looked
tired as if having been through a lot in the last few days. It was obvious
from the dirty finger marks on her white top that she had been groped
roughly. Max snorted. The woman did have a nice, big rack and the sector cops
were all such pigs.

"Typical bastards!" she moved her head to look at the person who had just
stepped out of the passenger side of the Humvee. "Damn, White's people." She
had recognised the man as Otto Gottlieb, Ames White's right hand man. "What
the hell are they doing here?"

Max could only think of one thing that would bring White's people out of
whatever dark hole they dwelled in to meet sector cops who seemed to be
keen on handing over a prisoner. A transgenic. Like her. One of the
Manticore transgenics that Max had set free into the world and who now
were hunted like a pack of rabid dogs by White. Max gunned her bike's
throttle. She'd have to save the woman whatever it took.

* * *

"So what do we have here?" Otto Gottlieb said as he looked at the cuffed
woman from head to toe. She looked back at him defiantly, her green eyes
flashing angrily, but she didn't speak.

Otto reached around the woman's neck and pulled her long hair aside roughly
and examined her neck.

"What the hell, she doesn't ha ... " Otto didn't have a chance to finish what
he'd been about to say because a large bike roared straight at the group of
cops and NSA agents and before any of them had a chance to raise a gun, Max
was amongst them.

As she spun her body off the bike, her feet flew through the air and knocked
down both guards on either side of the prisoner. Twisting her body in midair,
she landed in a crouch swinging her right arm in a quick upper jab to the
jaw. The goon to the left of Otto dropped like a sack of potatoes. Max ran a
few steps so fast that she was a blur to the normal eye and before he knew
it, she was standing beside Otto.

"It's bedtime for you" she deadpanned as she grabbed him by the shoulders
and slammed his body against the Humvee's steel sides. His head hit with a
clang and he too was out cold. He'd probably have a headache for days but
Max didn't care. She wasn't even there anymore. A sector cop had managed to
raise his assault rifle and let off a three round burst which hit where Max
had been a moment before. The cop grunted in surprise when his target
appeared before him and kicked the gun out of his hands. Before it had hit
the ground, she had already kicked him on the side of his head and his
unconscious body smacked into the concrete.

Max looked up as the driver's door of the armored van cracked open. She met
the driver's gaze as he was about to step out and grinned ferally. He thought
better of joining his unconscious comrades and slammed the door shut quickly,
praying that the girl, whoever she was, wouldn't bother with him. Max turned
to the cuffed woman who was looking at her with a look of amazement on her
face. She turned around to give the woman a view of her neck and raised her
hair so that she could see her barcode.

"I'm 452, but you can call me Max." Still scanning the crowd who had
gathered around to watch the fight, she didn't see the woman's puzzled look
at her strange greeting.

"Come on, I've gotta get you out of here. More of White's goons are on the
way and there are more than enough sector cops here already." She took out a
small knife she always carried around with her and used it to cut the woman's
plastic cuffs.

The cops were about a hundred yards away and were pushing through the crowd
as they tried to get to Max and the woman. They were shouting for people to
make way and firing single rounds into the air to hurry people up. Max
picked up her bike from where it had fallen on its side. The engine was still
turning as she slid into the saddle and pulled the woman up into it by her

Max twisted the throttle but just as she was accelerating away, weaving her
way through the crowd of onlookers, an NSA agent she hadn't noticed before
stepped out from where he'd been hiding behind the Humvee and aimed a taser
gun at them. The gun fired, two thin wires unravelling from its spool. Both
darts at the end of the wires hit the woman riding pillion behind Max in the
middle of her back. The woman raised a hand, now free from the cuffs, and
the agent was lifted upwards as if by an unseen force then slammed back down
onto the ground.

"What the ... " Max began having seen what had happened from the corner
of her vision but as the guy fell he still managed to activate the taser
sending a massive jolt of electricity down the wires into the escaping
prisoner. The woman's body spasmed and she gasped loudly before falling
into unconsciousness. Somehow, she kept her arms tightly around Max's
waist and didn't fall off the bike.

In the rear view mirrors, Max could see that the sector cops had reached the
armored van and some were firing on full auto in their direction. Their aim
wasn't very good though and she grinned. The rescue had gone down relatively
flawlessly for a plan thought up on the spur of the moment.

She headed for Logan's apartment in what had been Seattle's financial
district before the pulse. Her sister transgenic could stay there for a
few days until he found a way to get her out of the country to Canada.

* * *

Logan Cale's Penthouse, Seattle

The doorbell rang and Logan rolled his wheelchair to the door.

"Who is it?" he asked, a gun at the ready.

"It's me, Max."

He recognised her voice and hid the gun under his leg. You could never be too
sure nowadays, and Max didn't usually come in through the door anyway, unless
it was an emergency.

The look of surprise was quite obvious on his face as he opened the door and
he began to say something.

"Not a word, don't even think about saying it" Max glowered as she walked
in her back bent under the weight of the unconscious woman she carried in a
fireman's carry across her shoulder. "Next time make sure you tell me that
the elevator isn't working before I come here."

She heaved a long sigh of relief as she dropped her on a couch in Logan's
sitting room and wiped a few beads of sweat off her brow.

"I would have thought 27 flights of stairs weren't much for a genetically
enhanced human" Logan grinned.

Max rolled her eyes. "As I already told Brain, I'm a friggin transgenic not
Wonder Woman. And besides, she might be 5'4" but she's quite top heavy."

"Eh?" he rolled his wheelchair up to the couch and moments later added, "Oh
I see."

Max grunted. "I'm sure you do. Men!"

Logan winked at her, grinning his mischievous smile that always made her want
to kiss him. Damn him! She couldn't, why was life so difficult?.

"So what's her story?" he said bringing Max out of he reverie.

"You mean you don't know anything about her?" Max said slightly puzzled "you
did send me down to South Market after all."

"Ah ok, so what were sector cops doing with her?" he said noting the torn
plastic cuffs still around the woman's wrists.

"They were handing her over to White's people and you know what he does with
transgenics. I had to get her out of there."

"Yeah, you did good. But she isn't a transgenic, Max."


"Look." Logan had turned the woman on her side and had gathered up her hair
into a ponytail. "No barcode."

Max bent over and looked. "I'll be damned ... hey Logan, what are you doing?"

Logan's hands were roving across the woman's body, across her jacket, then
down over her skintight pants ....

He laughed. "I'm looking for some ID, a sector pass or something that can
tell us who she is before she wakes up."

"Oh sorry" Max grinned sheepishly. Why had she felt so jealous all of a
sudden. Maybe because the woman's boobs were larger than hers and Logan's
gaze had lingered so long over them ....



"Here I've found something. Let's see, a driver's licence ... credit
cards... can't find a sector pass though."

"Credit cards?" Max exclaimed "who uses them nowadays?"

"Well, I guess she keeps them for sentimental value because they expired
back in 2002" he said holding the VISA up to the light and watching the
hologram change color.

Max studied the driver's licence. "Well, she must keep this for sentimental
value too." She handed the card back to Logan who frowned.

"Says here, Expires 2001. This is strange. Her address is in San Francisco,
1329 Prescott Street. I wonder what she's doing up here in Seattle. In fact,
what was she doing in Frisco? What remained standing after the Big One in
2012 was overrun by gangs and is a no-man's land now. Well, Miss Prudence
Halliwell is going to have some explaining to do when she wakes up."

"Oh yeah, now I remember. I'm not sure if I saw right, it happened so fast
and then she was hit by that taser ..." she paused not sure how to say this.

"Go on, Max."

"Well, I think she has the same sort of telekinetic powers that some of
White's familiars have. She knocked over an agent just by raising her hand."

"So you're saying she could be a familiar?" Logan looked down at the woman.
Max nodded. "Then this changes everything. If this isn't some sort of
elaborate trap set up by White, then we have a familiar who is trying to
escape from the Breeding Cult. If that's so Eyes Only can use this to
uncover their activities once and for all." Logan fell silent as if thinking
about all the secret knowledge that an adult insider of the Cult would be
able to disclose.

Max shrugged. "Whatever. Now I need to take a long shower. Just shout if she
wakes up and tries to work her voodoo on you, okay?"

"Sure Max, go ahead."

* * *

Logan could hear the water running in the shower as Max stood under the
steaming hot water, feeling her muscles relax. The mysterious woman on the
couch stirred and her eyelids flickered open and Logan gasped. Such beautiful
green eyes ...

The eyes turned to look at him. "W-Who are you?" she whispered.

"It's ok. I'm a friend. We saved you from the sector cops." He didn't mention
Ames White or his Breeding Cult yet.

She nodded slowly as if still dizzy from the taser. "Yeah, now I remember.
There was this girl on a motorbike. She moved very fast. Never seen anyone
move that way before ..." she made as if to get up but stopped and held her
head and groaned.

"Slowly, take it slowly. You've been hit with a taser. The effects take some
time to wear off completely and if you move too quick you're going to get

This time the woman got up into a sitting position much slower than
before until her eyes were level with Logan's as he sat before her in his

"Let me get you a cup of coffee. You'll feel much better after that." While
she'd been unconscious he'd already prepared the kettle and making the cup
took only a few seconds.

"Thank you" she sipped from the cup. "This has been such a nightmare for me
that I was going to give up on finding any kind people in this godforsaken
place." Then a questioning look appeared on her face. "You'll probably find
this strange, but just where am I?"

"Nothing to worry about. You're in my apartment on the 27th floor of Fogle
Towers, Sector 9."

Again the puzzled look. "Sector 9? What's that?"

This time it was Logan's turn to be puzzled. "Sector 9, the high rise
district." Then he realised something and added, "In Seattle."

"Seattle? You mean I've been in Seattle for the past week?" her eyes had
grown large "how the hell did I get here?"

Logan shrugged. "Don't ask me. You can't remember anything at all?"

There was a faraway look in her eyes now. "Well, yeah ... I can remember
something ... not how I got here ... last I remember I was fighting a dem
..." she stopped suddenly biting off what she had been about to say. "I-I
mean .." she stammered, ".. I was fighting a guy called Shax ...

Logan wondered what she'd been about to say when she'd stopped herself. "So
this guy, Shax .. he some sort of gang member down in San Francisco?"

"How did you guess it was in San Francisco?"

Logan grinned. "Actually I didn't guess." He nodded to the small glass table
where the contents of the woman's pockets had been spread.


"I'm sorry for having gone through your things, but we had to know who you

"It's ok, those bastard cops already pretty much went through my stuff

"So, you were talking about this Shax ..."

"Yeah, well, he isn't exactly a gang member. Never had anything to do with
gangs myself, not many of them around anyway ..."

"Not many?" Logan interrupted "but the whole of California is basically
outlaw land. Has the army gone in and wiped them out or something. None of
my sources have mentioned that to me."

Prudence Halliwell was looking very puzzled now. "The army? Outlaw land?
Gangs? What are you talking about?" she put a hand on her head as if to ward
off another bout of dizziness then an idea struck her and she asked in a low
voice, almost fearful of what the man's reply would be, "What's the date

"October 17th"

"And the year?"

"The year? .... 2020."

"Oh no!" she buried her face in her hands and shook her head from side to
side. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I bet that damn Tempus has something to do with
this. Probably had some agreement with Shax to get rid of me, send me off
to some other time. Just wait till I get back, and I'll kick his demonic
ass so far back in time that he'll wish he'd never seen a clock in his
entire life ..."

Logan looked on wondering what she was muttering about. After a while she
looked up at him.

"Look, I know you're going to think I'm crazy but I'm not from here ... not
from Seattle .."

"I know that" Logan said.

".. no, no, I mean I'm not from this Seattle of the future ... my future,
your present ... I'm from 2001 and .." she stopped after seeing the look on
Logan's face.

He cleared his throat. "I don't know what to say. You mean you're some sort
of time traveller?"

"Not exactly. It isn't the first time I've travelled in time but .." again
she paused ".. but it's not technological or anything. It involves magic."

"Magic!?" he exclaimed. This was getting more unbelievable by the moment.
She probably was one of White's familiars. Most of those were liars and as
crazy as coots.

"Yeah, magic. You see, I'm a witch."

Another bombshell. "Riiight." Logan Cale was open-minded, but this was a bit
too much.

The woman noticed his rather obvious scepticism. She didn't say anything
instead she looked around and spotted a small statuette, made out of what
seemed like jade, on a cabinet across the room. Raising a hand, the corners
of her eyes wrinkled as if in intense concentration.

Logan looked at her, then in the direction she was pointing, puzzled. Then
his puzzlement turned to surprise and then to shock. His expensive jade
statuette had risen ... RISEN!! .. of its own accord and was floating
through the air towards them. It hovered for a while over his head then as
she lowered her arm, it floated down and then dropped into his lap. Though
he didn't feel it hit his thighs since his legs were paralysed, its prescence
there was stunning enough.

"I ... I ... I ..." he sputtered in shock.

She laughed at his astonishment. "Oh by the way, I'm Prue Halliwell. I guess
I'm the first witch you've ever met."

It took a couple of minutes before Logan could actually speak. "I'm Logan
Cale. And the woman that rescued you, she's Max Guevara. I'm still not fully
convinced about what I'm seeing here though because the power of telekinesis
you've just displayed is something that I know about, in fact Max had a run
in with a person with that very same power just a few weeks ago."

It was Prue's turn to be puzzled. "Really?" Was there another witch about?
Or maybe a demon?

As if seeing the unasked question in her eyes, he told her, "He was a
thirteen year old boy, one of a breeding cult that me and Max have had some
unfortunate encounters with. You wouldn't happen to know anything about them,
about snakes or familiars? ... fe'nos'tol ...?" he watched her closely as he
ran through his questions to see if she tried to hide any recognition of the
terms he mentioned yet she just stared blankly at him.

"No, I don't know anything about those."

She either was very good at hiding her emotions or she was telling the truth.
For now Logan decided he'd go for the latter option.

"Good. Now I really have to think about what we're going to do with you."

"Yeah, I have to find a way to get back to my time and my sisters ... they're
witches too so they're probably looking for me now .. well then ... oh damn,
I hate time travel, it mixes everything up."

"You really believe what she's just told you?" Max said. She'd been taking
a shower but her highly sensitive hearing had filtered out the noise of the
rushing water and listened in on Logan's conversation with the woman. Max
leaned against the wall partition, dressed only in a little white towel,
strands of wet hair framing her face.

"Yeah, let's say she's shown me what she can do."

"Right." Max's tone of voice said it all. Oh of course, Logan didn't trust
everyone he met, but if whoever was selling him a story was a woman and a
very pretty woman at that, Logan usually fell for it. Look at what his
ex-wife had tried to do before she had saved him from that bitch. Max
shrugged. She'd find out soon enough what this woman's real story was.

Logan gave Max a look that said, "Not now, we'll deal with this later" and
she raised her eyebrows slightly but didn't start arguing.

Prue had been looking between the two of them. She realised that something
was going on between them, but it really was none of her business. To diffuse
the tense atmosphere she asked, "I'd really love to take a shower too, it's
been a week since I washed and I must really stink."

"Sure" Logan said, "Max can you show her where the shower is please?"

"This way" Max indicated where she'd come from.

Logan rolled his wheelchair to his computer setup. He'd try to confirm her
story while she was showering.

* * *

Prue followed Max to the bathroom.

"So that is for the hot water and that one there is for the cold. If you
turn them like so," she said while leaning forward to turn the dials set into
the shower wall, "you'll get the perfect water temperature."

"Thanks Max, that's so kind of you" Prue smiled at the younger woman. As she
leaned forward the small towel that barely covered her rose slightly baring
the lower half-moons of her full bottom. Prue blushed but her green eyes
twinkled as the towel continued to rise while Max fiddled with the dials. All
the excitement of the past few weeks had made her so horny that even another
woman who wasn't her sister was enough to turn her on."

"I love this shower" Max continued not realising that she was giving a show
"at my place I have to spend hours boiling water before I can have a bath,
yet here I can stay under the hot water for as long as I want without any

"If you don't mind my asking ... are you and Logan ... together?"

"Errr .. yes .. no .. not exactly."

"Ok" Prue said not understanding at all.

"It's a long story, one day I'll give you the full 411, for today let's just
say that me and Logan, we can't touch each other" Max's voice had a sad tone
to it and Prue didn't probe further.

"There, done!" Max broke the embarassing silence that had ensued and she
stepped back from the shower satisfied with the water temperature she'd set
for Prue.

As she turned, the edge of the towel caught on something and it unravelled
leaving her totally naked.

"Ooops!" she giggled and bent over quickly to pick up the towel and made as
if to leave.

"Wait!" Prue said.

Max turned around to face Prue, still not putting the towel back around her.
There was a curious look on her face and her cheeks were flushed and her
heart was beating harder than usual. "Yes?"

"You're so beautiful, Max."

"Uh .. thanks, I guess" she felt strange saying this since she'd never said
it to a woman before "and so are you, Prue ..."

The sexual tension in the small room was thick enough that you could cut it
with a knife. The two women looked into each other's eyes, brilliant green
ones looking into sultry brown ones. Suddenly both took a step forward
towards each other and their bodies came together, arms around each other.

"Oh Max" Prue whispered as she kissed the younger woman on her full, red
lips. Max returned the kiss letting Prue suck on her lips while her tongue
slid into her mouth.

"I .. I .. don't know what's gotten into me ..." Max said when their lips
parted, "I'm sorry I ..."

"Sssssssh" Prue whispered her voice hoarse with lust "Max I want you ...
here ... now ..." her hands began to slowly trace circles on Max's chest
going lower and lower until they were over her firm breasts. Prue teased
her nipples until they were stiff and the dark aureolas were covered in

"P-Prue ..." Max sighed and bit on her lower lip as the woman bent over and
suckled first one nipple then the other, leaving a glistening trail of saliva
over each of them. Prue glanced up at Max's now heavily flushed face as the
transgenic began to go into sexual overdrive, otherwise known as heat because
of her feline DNA. It usually only happened three times a year, but Prue's
touch had somehow activated it prematurely, something that Max herself hadn't
known could happen. Not that she really cared now, her vision had turned hazy
as her heart pumped her hormone enriched bloodstream through her sexually
excited body and she could only think of one thing.

She grinned ferally as she pulled off Prue's black leather jacket, tossing it
aside. Prue's tight fitting t-shirt was next, ripped from top to bottom with
one quick jerk baring the woman's splendid bosoms, full, round and topped
with pink, juicy nipples. But Max had already turned to Prue's tight pants
and was tugging at them until they slid down off her shapely hips.

Prue's panties weren't much of an obstacle. They joined the growing pile of
discarded clothes on the floor tiles in a split second. Max slid the palm of
her hand down over Prue's tight stomach, teasing her navel for a moment
before moving lower through the triangular patch of jet black pubic hair. She
could tell that Prue kept it neatly trimmed though it had grown a bit over
the past week, giving it a somewhat unkempt look. Max found it very sexy. She
herself, shaved herself completely down there as Prue had already noticed.

"Ohhh yeaahhhh" Prue sighed as Max's fingers found the top of her slit,
running over the sheathed clitoris and outer labia until they began to spread
apart at her delicate yet insistent touch.

Suddenly a thought flashed through Max's brain as she imagined what Original
Cindy would say if she saw her like this ... probably something like "Aiight
girl, so you've decided to come ova' to the other side, boo?" for Original
Cindy was a lesbian, a fact which she made known quickly to all the males who
tried to chat her up at the Crash. Max wasn't a lesbian .. well, she'd never
been with another woman before and she certainly liked men, especially
Logan ... but ... Prue standing in front of her naked was such a turn-on,
caressing her pubic area was so exciting, running her fingers through that
deep and wet slit was so erotic ...

"Max what are you waiting for ...?" Prue gasped spreading her lips wide with
both hands as the younger woman seemed to pause for a moment as if deep in

"Uh .. n-nothing .." Max returned to the task at hand as she inhaled Prue's
exciting scent that emanated from her exposed inner pink flesh. She slid her
index finger into the dark hole, opened wide in invitation. The finger
travelled deeply until it could insert itself no further as Prue shut her
eyes and leaned backwards, panting breathlessly in pleasure.

"More, give me more ... please!" Prue begged after a moment.

Max added another finger and when Prue groaned in satisfaction, she inserted
a third. She began to push the fingers in and out of Prue's soaking wet cunt,
each inward stroke making Prue's hips buck forward against her arm as the
woman uttered a series of stifled moans. Slowly the two women stepped
backwards until Prue's back was against the far wall, standing next to the
hand basin. Now that she could steady herself against something, Prue raised
her leg over the edge of the hand basin while keeping one leg firmly on the
ground. Spread like this, Max could see that Prue's cunt could take much more
than three fingers and without really thinking of what she was doing her
little finger and her thumb were soon inside Prue's steaming hot tunnel.

"Aaaaghhhh yeeeaaah, Maxxxxx" Prue drawled her face contorted with intense
pleasure as the Max's entire hand up to her wrist were jammed into her
vagina. "Fist fuck me harder" Prue groaned in ecstasy as her cunt stretched
to its limit. Prue's breaths were coming in ragged gasps as Max drove her
fist in and out of her slowly. Suddenly, Prue grabbed Max's arm just above
the wrist and began to force her fist even deeper and faster into her for
several long seconds until a stream of mostly clear liquid gushed out of her
pussy and ran down Max's arm. Prue screamed, biting down on her lower lip
hard enough to draw blood as a wave of ecstasy spread through her body as
she came.

"Wow, that must have been something awesome" Max said as she watched Prue
slowly come back to her senses.

"Yeah, you naughty girl" Prue laughed "that was great, but now it's your
turn. Get up here" she pointed to the hand basin and Max obeyed, easily
jumping up onto the ceramic bowl. "Now spread your legs wide" Prue ordered
and Max did so, exposing her cleanly shaven slit.

Prue raised an eyebrow and looked up questioningly at Max, "Nice tattoo. What
does the barcode mean?"

"That's another long story. I'll tell you someday ..." Max sighed,
unconsciously rubbing her hand over the barcode on her pubic mound, which
was identical to the tattoo she had on the back of her neck, "... but now I
need you to touch me right here." She indicated the spot with the tips of her
fingers, rubbing gently across her aroused clitoris.

Prue bent over and her tongue flicked out and touched Max's outer lips,
swollen and puffy with arousal. Max flinched slightly, then relaxed as Prue
began to explore the widening canyon between her labia with her long tongue.
The transgenic put her hands on Prue's head and grabbed bunches of her long
hair as the witch noisily sucked on her clitoris, enticing the little bit of
overly sensitive flesh out from under its hood.

"Oh god .. oh yeah .. oh fuck .. that's so good .. yeah .. yeah .. yeah ...
aaaaaghhhh." Max was panting wildly, almost like a thirsty dog. She was
exerting immense self-control not to close her strong thighs around Prue's
head and mash her face against her red hot quim as the woman's tongue
continued to tease her clit. Max's entire body quivered when Prue stuck a
pair of fingers deep into her snatch and twisted them around as the tight
walls of her vagina pressed against them.

Prue raised her head for a moment, her red lips glistening wetly from Max's
pussy juices and looked up at the young woman and gave her a naughty smile.
She withdrew her fingers and raised them to Max's full lips, sliding them
across them until Max, wide-eyed, opened her mouth and tasted her own sweet

"Mmmmmmh, that's so good" she said after having licked Prue's fingers clean.
She'd never done anything like this before and it would have seemed so nasty
if she hadn't been in heat!

"I know honey, that's why I'm down here" Prue mouthed before noisily smacking
her lips together as she ran her tongue across Max's now exposed, bright pink
inner labia and harvested her wetness, swallowing the thick droplets eagerly.
This went on for several moments until Max was so near too cumming that she
almost tore clumps of Prue's hair out from their roots. She frantically
humped her groin against the older woman's face until Prue, by now almost
breathless from her almost constant immersion in pussy juices, stuck her
tongue deep into Max's hole several times, stroking it as deep as it would
go. At the same time she rubbed Max's engorged clit vigorously with the tips
of her fingers until ...

"Aaaaghhhhhhhh I'm cummmmming" the transgenic howled, a squirt of female cum
splashing onto Prue's face. She seemed to purr for a moment as she stared
blissfully into nothingness for several long moments as Prue got to her face
and watched her come back to her senses.

"Oh my god, what have I done?" she said with a shocked look on her face as
she looked at Prue whose face was still dripping with her love juice.

"Nothing to worry about, honey, it's ok. I really enjoyed it, I'd say it's
even better than when I do that with Phoebe. She doesn't cum as wetly most of
the times I eat her out."

"Phoebe?" Max asked puzzled.

"My sister" Prue almost laughed at the look that came over Max's face.
"Yeah, Max, me and my sisters, Phoebe and Piper, have sex with each other
quite often."

"But that's ... that's ..."

"... incest?" Prue finished the sentence for her, "well, I guess you could
call it that. What can I say, you really haven't met either of my sisters. If
you ever do, you'll know how irresistible they can be."

Max thought about it then smiled. She'd seen strange things in this world,
but a lesbian threesome between sisters beat them all. Wait till she told
Original Cindy about this, the girl would cream herself!

"It's all good" she finally said, "now what do you say we take a shower

"That's fine with me" Prue replied and together they stepped into the shower
cubicle and stood under the hot water letting it relax their tense muscles.
They were both sexually exhausted for now, but their hands couldn't keep off
each others bodies as they spread soap suds over their skin, rubbing down
each others backs and feeling each others firm buns. Soon they were giggling
like schoolgirls as they touched and rubbed and explored every part of their
naked bodies.

* * *

Logan logged onto the net, or at least the parts that had been rebuilt after
the Pulse. Very few people could access it nowadays since most servers were
military controlled and only those who had money and connections could use
them. Logan had both, and he was an accomplished hacker which also helped.

It took less than ten minutes to hack into the Seattle Sector police criminal
database where all arrests made by sector cops and Seattle PD were filed.
Smiling at the ease with which he'd broken through the site's security, Logan
searched for all female arrests made during the past two weeks. There were
several hundred, mostly hookers rounded up for curfew violation or loitering
... which meant they hadn't had enough money on them to pay off the cops. He
scrolled through the list glancing at each photo id that opened up in a
separate window on his monitor. There! He clicked back .. there she was,
Prudence Halliwell, staring grimly at the police camera holding up an
electronic number board. He clicked again and a window opened with details
of the arrest. He speed-read through it.

"Arrested on a routine patrol after two officers were attacked by an unknown
explosive device. Officers unhurt, but suspect unconscious, probable S1W
terrorist planting device which exploded prematurely. Bomb squad reports no
fragments found. Suspect to be held for questioning until Sector Captain
authorises transfer to appropriate detention and interrogation facility."

Logan frowned. S1W ? He'd have to ask Asha about this but unless Prue was a
splinter cell of the group, Logan knew for sure that S1W weren't bomb
planting terrorists. Probably just the cops blaming S1W for everything that
happened in Seattle. Then Logan saw a tiny red icon at the bottom of the
window. He clicked on it.


That didn't deter Logan Cale. When the username and password window opened
up he loaded a special program which he'd written himself that cracked the
site in a matter of seconds.

"So much for that being top secret" he grinned self-satisfied then his grin
changed to a frown as he read through the classified part of the report,
written by the Sector Captain himself.

"Suspect has attempted to escape several times, each time displaying what
can only be described as strange "powers". Metal bars of her holding cell
have been found twisted and she has used objects to attack the guards,
hitting them with such force to cause unconsciousness without any physical
contact. Extreme caution to be used when in her prescence. Have been
contacted by Ames White, an agent from the NSA who seems to have overriding
authority in this matter. Made arrangements to transfer prisoner to his
agency. For the record, I oppose having the transfer happen at South Market
but Agent White insists."

There were more details in the report, and a foot note where the Sector
Captain gloated about the loss of the prisoner being completely White's
fault as well as more questions about how one woman could take down an
entire squad of sector cops and NSA agents. Logan grinned. That was Max
the Captain was talking about! Having read everything, he logged off the
database making sure he covered his electronic tracks.

"Well, that mostly confirms her story, especially that part about her
powers" Logan said to himself, "now I wonder why White wants her if she
isn't a transgenic? Could it be because he thinks she's a rogue Breeding
Cult member?" Logan sighed. More questions and no answers.

He'd been so absorbed by his hacking efforts that he hadn't heard the
muffled cries of pleasure from the shower cubicle barely a room away.

* * *

"Oh there you are" Logan said as he saw Max and Prue walk down the corridor
past his computer workstation both dressed only in skimpy towels. He raised
an eyebrow wondering what they'd been up to. Both women's cheeks were rosy
red and ... had Max had another shower with Prue!? Logan felt something stir
between his otherwise disabled legs ... then he shook the feeling off. He
couldn't touch Max no matter how much he wanted to, not when the Manticore
designed retro-virus in her blood would mean certain death for him.

"I've confirmed Prue's story. She was being transferred to White because he
must have got wind of her powers from some informant at sector police HQ.
You really stirred things up while you were being held ..." he looked at Prue
somewhat dis-approvingly, "your file has been classified top-secret and you
have all sector cops and hover drones in Seattle on the lookout for you. I'd
say you lie low for awhile before I can get you papers and get you out of the

"But I don't want to get out of the country. I have to find a way to get back
to my own time and my sisters. Without me, they are in danger. Our powers are
most potent when we are together. That's probably why Shax or the Source sent
me off to the future, so that my sisters would become vulnerable."

Logan drummed his fingers on the armrest of his wheelchair. He hadn't
considered that. He doubted that Prue would obediently let herself get sent
off to Canada to start a new life. She was a fighter and hard headed to boot
and she was determined to get back to her own time ... but Logan had no idea
how that could be accomplished. Well, for now they'd all better take a wait
and see attitude. Maybe his sources, the few that remained, down in
California would turn something up.

"Ok, but promise me that you won't do anything to endanger yourself. I'll
try my best to get you back to your world but it will be of no use if you get
shot by Sector Cops or get yourself captured by White's Cult."

Prue nodded, "I promise."

"Good, now I'd ask you to stay here but this sector is heavily patrolled
and you wouldn't be able to leave the apartment anyway. Max, do you think
she could stay for a while at your place? I don't think Original Cindy will

Max grinned evilly. "No, I don't suppose she would at all ... " then a
strange look came over her face "... hey Logan, what do you say we go to the
bedroom for a bit of fun, the three of us." She batted her eyelids sexily at
him and walked up to him swaying her hips seductively.

Logan gulped. "Max!?" Then it hit him. She must be in heat again! The last
time that happened she'd almost gotten him killed by touching him and she'd
barely gotten control of herself to leave the apartment and end up fucking
this guy, Rafer, she'd gotten to know at Jam Pony. She'd revealed her secret
to Logan after that, as well as to Original Cindy whom she'd told to "smack
her on the head" if she saw her coming on to some guy.

"Prue, grab her, don't let her touch me, quick!" Logan said backing up his
wheelchair as fast as he could from the advancing sex kitten.

Prue didn't know what was happening but she acted quickly. Without moving
she pointed a hand at Max and blasted her with a telekinetic shove, sending
her stumbling against the plastic partition wall.

Logan sighed with relief as Max got up saying, "I'm sorry, don't know what
got over me ..." she blinked "... oh no, not again" as she realised that she
really was in heat and she just couldn't stay around Logan when she couldn't
control herself. "Gotta blaze" she exclaimed and ran for the door.

"Go with her ... please."

"Ok, but I hope someone explains what is going on."

"Make sure she gets safely to her apartment, Original Cindy will get you up
to speed on everything, I'll phone her and let her know you're coming. She'll
know what to do about Max."

Prue nodded and ran for the door catching up with Max just as the elevator
doors swung open. She couldn't keep her hands off Prue all the way down and
Prue had to really work hard to convince her that having sex in the Fogle
Towers lobby with all the security guards just wasn't the right thing to do.

* * *

Max's Apartment, Sector 5, Seattle

Getting here had been quite a feat as Max would slow her bike at every
corner to eye the hunks there, mostly unemployed guys lounging about with
nothing better to do. Two hot women in tight clothes on a roaring bike
certainly attracted attention, especially when one of the women seemed
intent on talking dirty with every guy she saw. Finally, after much urging
from Prue, Max drove onto the cargo lift of her place and they rode up to
the 7th floor of the partially constructed and then abandoned building,
now home to squatters.

Max pushed the door open and ... SLAAAPP! A hand had flashed out and hit her
hard on her cheek.

"Hey!" both Max and Prue said, then Max laughed, "Thanks OC, I really needed
that" she turned to Prue, "this is Original Cindy, I told her to slap me out
of it whenever I'm in heat, whack, whack, and I'm normal again for a few

"Talkin' about Normal, boo, dontcha even think about going to Jam Pony until
you snap out of this bitch, aiight?"

"Yeah, I won't" Max said meekly.

Original Cindy looked straight at Prue, "Would you believe it, last time she
even had the hots for Normal." She shook her head in partly amused disgust,
then added, "So you must be Prue. Logan told me all about you ... and your
powers. Well, I'll keep your secret just like I keep Max's and all her
transgenic friends."

"Transgenic?" Prue said puzzled.

"What? You don't know about Max? Didn't Logan tell you anything?" Prue shook
her head. Original Cindy turned to Max who was still in the doorway.

"Max? Is it ok if I tell Prue what's going on here? Max!" she walked up to
her and raised a hand as if to slap her again. She'd been looking out into
the hallway as a neighbour, a middle aged man, walked from the cargo lift
to his apartment and she'd been giving him some very suggestive looks.

"Sorry!" Max said her mind clearing for a moment, "tell her everything, right
now I need a cold shower" and she ran to the bathroom and locked herself in.

OC and Prue sat down and Cindy began to tell Max's story, about how she was
a genetically engineered killing machine that had escaped Manticore back in
2009 along with some brother's and sisters. She told her how Max had, almost
single handedly, brought Manticore down and liberated all the other
transgenics and mutants who were now all over Seattle. She also told Prue
about how Max and Logan loved each other but because of the targetted
retro-virus that Manticore had planted in her they couldn't touch. It must
have been at least thirty minutes before Original Cindy stopped talking.

Prue tried to get to grips with what she'd just been told. It was such a
wild story, but she'd heard stranger ... she after all dealt with demons ...
so genetically engineered soldiers wasn't such a hard one to believe.

"So that's what the barcodes mean!"

"Barcodes? Max has only one barcode, boo."

"No she has two of them, one on the back of her neck and the other ..." Prue
blushed. If Cindy didn't know about the other barcode then she and Max had
never been together as intimately as Prue had been and so she'd said too much

"Come on, tell me, where is the other barcode" OC insisted and finally Prue
relented and told her.

"Nooooo!" OC laughed "who'd have ever imagined. I knew those Manticore people
were a bunch of pervs." Then she frowned, "How did you know it was there?"

Prue glanced at the floor and was surprised to hear Cindy laughing
uproariously, her large boobs heaving up and down. "Aiight girl, you rock"
she finally managed to say when she'd calmed down again, "all that time I've
been livin' with her she's been acting hetero then she meets a witch and she
goes down on a sistah ..."

Original Cindy looked Prue up and down and was going to say something else
when Max stepped out of the bathroom, her hair still wet, but fully dressed.

"Where are you going boo?"

"I don't know, just need to feel my bike between my legs, it will calm me
down. By tomorrow morning I should be myself again."

"I don't think you should be going anywhere Max, look what happened last
time, you got busy with Rafer and you were lucky Logan forgave you."

"But I ..."

"No arguing, Original Cindy knows what's good for her girl."

"Ok .. " Max said hesitantly, "but if I go all crazy again how are you going
to stop me? I may end up hurting you without wanting to .. I won't be able to
control myself if I need to scratch that itch ..."

"Original Cindy has just the thing" she grinned and led Max to her bedroom.
Prue followed the two women, curious to see what was going to happen.

"Remember your roommate Kendra and her police boy lover?"

"Yeah" Max wrinkled her nose in disgust, she'd never understood what Kendra
had seen in that bastard.

"This was her bedroom. Look what I found hidden under a floor tile?" Cindy
showed Max and Prue a box which had a coil of red rope, several bottles and
tubes, a couple of pairs of handcuffs, and several other items which Max
didn't recognise though a gleam in Prue's green eyes showed that she did.

"What are those? It looks like some police gear."

Original Cindy grinned. "Well if the cops are into bondage, then yeah it
would be, but I think it's just that Kendra's loverboy got his rocks off by
tying her up and giving her a good whippin'" she picked out a foot long,
black riding crop and snapped it a couple of times in the air.

Max's eyes went wide as she realised what the stash OC had found was. Then
they grew even wider as she looked at OC and then at Prue.

"No! No way! You're both out of your mind if you think I'm gonna let you tie
me up."

"It's just for your own good, boo. Just so that you don't go and get down
and dirty with the first stranger you meet. We're doing it for you and Logan,
you'll thank us when the heat bitch goes away."

"Stay away from me" Max shouted and she dropped into a crouch, a fighting
stance. Cindy backed away a step, she'd thought that Max would give in
without a fight because she wouldn't want to hurt her, but her mind must be
really confused with the immense sexual urge she must be under so she could
be very dangerous.

"If you can do anything, I suggest this is the time you do it" OC told Prue.

Prue nodded. She concentrated and aimed both hands at Max who struggled
against something invisible then she slowly lost and was pushed back, her
feet scrabbling uselessly at the floor until she was standing spreadeagled
against the brick wall right at the center of four "conveniently" placed
metal loops. Prue kept up her mental push as Max struggled and screamed
with frustration, while Original Cindy looped the rope through each of the
loops and in a complex pattern around Max's waist, chest and legs. She
cuffed each hand to a loop then stood back to examine her handiwork.

"Sorry, Max, but you're not going anywhere tonight until this bitch wears
off. Me and Prue will see you through this ... aiight?"

to be continued in Part 2


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