Charmed/Dark Angel: A Witch In Seattle Part 2 (FF,MF,inter,oral)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Abandoned warehouse, somewhere in Sector 12, Seattle

White's office was sparse. Most of his personal items and files were still
packed in crates stacked around the room but for the moment all he needed was
his desk and the phone which was upon it. He picked up the Secure Telephone
Unit and pressed the button which had "Scramble" printed on it, then quickly
dialed a number. There was a series of clicks and buzzes as the telephone on
the other end found the correct decryption sequence as the person picked the
handset up at the other end.

"From our ancestors. For our children's children" the voice at the other end
said cryptically.

"From my father before me. For my sons" replied White, "Fe'nos'tol."

"Did you get her?"

"There was a slight ... delay."

"A delay or is that incompetence Brother White?"

"I assure you, we'll capture her soon. I didn't expect 452 to interfere, but
rest assured I won't make that mistake again."

"I hope so, it would be a pity to have to replace you at such a late
stage..." the voice on the other remained silent for a moment making sure
White digested the not-so-veiled threat.

"You have my word, Brother Jarvis, it will not happen again."

"Good, good. Now, I have some other information for you. We do not yet
understand exactly how it happened but our scientists are now sure that the
Coming and this event are related. They have confirmed that there was some
sort of time displacement event right here in Seattle, maybe more than one.
The area has been sealed off by a detachment of National Guard troops acting
under direct orders of Senator James McKinley, our Brother."

"So the woman, is she a time traveler? Does she have some way to control this
or was she just caught up in whatever caused it coincidentally? Does she come
from our past or some alternate timeline?"

"Good questions, Brother White, but unless we talk to her ourselves we
won't be able to know those answers, so make sure you find out where she is

"Of course. Fe'nos'tol."


The connection went silent and White put the STU's handset down as he
looked pensively at the peeling paint on the wall in front of him. Time
displacement. Possible alternate pasts and futures. And of course, the
unseasonal meteor showers. Strange signs indeed. Of course they had been
expecting this for the last 5,000 years, the stories and the rituals of
the cult passed down from father to son for generations, but now the
Event was just around the corner and things seemed to be happening too
quickly. White was afraid that everything would slip through his fingers
all because of that damn transgenic, 452. Damn Sandeman! Damn him and
his Manticore freaks!

Someone knocked on his door breaking him out of his reverie.


It was Otto Gottlieb, his henchman, looking the worse for wear. His forehead
was covered by a large white bandage and his nose and right eye were a vivid
purple where they had come in contact with the Humvee. He stood at attention
before White's desk, studying a spot on the floor between his feet.

"So, you let 452 slip through your fingers again Otto. And she actually got
away with the prisoner too." White's voice hissed, his barely controlled
anger obvious.

"Yes sir."

White got up from his chair and slammed a fist down on the desk so hard that
the top cracked. "So what are you waiting for? Get the fuck out of here and
organize the rapid response teams. Get on the phone with the sector cops and
have them put out APBs with that woman's description. I want her and I want
her yesterday!" he shouted.

Otto gulped and ran out of the office as White sat down again his anger
subsiding. He steepled his hands together and rested his chin on them as he
returned to his pleasant thoughts of how the world would be when the Coming
cleansed it of the weak "normals".

* * *

Max's Apartment, Sector 5, Seattle

Prue looked out at Seattle as the wind blew through holes in the tattered
plastic sheeting that served as glass. Lots of thoughts were going through
her head at the moment. What were her sisters doing? Were they wondering
what had happened to her? She was sure that they were doing everything
possible to get her back but she was afraid that without the Power of Three
there would be little they could do. She clenched her fists in anger then
jumped a bit as Original Cindy put a hand on her shoulder.

"You ok?"

Prue nodded. "How's Max doing back there?" she nodded her head in the
direction of the bedroom where Max had been tied up for over an hour now.

"She doin' just fine. Except for the screamin' and the swearin'."

"I heard those" Prue laughed, "are you sure it's ok to tie her up like that?
I mean, if it was me I'd kick your butt halfway across Seattle when you
untied me ..."

"Naaahh, she'll thank me for it tomorrow. It will keep her mind off men ...
and sex ..." Original Cindy said frowning a little as if not quite sure, "I'm
having myself a cup of coffee then I'll go back and keep her company."

Prue yawned loudly.

"You look real tired. I think you can use Max's bedroom tonight, she won't
be needing it."

"Ok, goodnight then" and Prue left in the direction that OC had pointed.

* * *

"Hey boo, you sleeping?" OC asked Max who was still standing against the
wall, the ropes digging into her flesh.

Max raised her head and growled like a caged animal, "Fuck you bitch, get me
out of here!" as she began to struggle against the ropes. Her genetically
enhanced muscles bulged and the metal loops shuddered but fortunately they
were buried deeply in the concrete wall and didn't come loose. "You
motherfucking cunt, untie me or I'll fuckin' throw you outta the window ..."

OC took a step back, startled by Max's uncharacteristic dirty language then
she walked right up to Max. Her hand flashed out and slapped her across her
face ... hard. Hard enough to leave a red imprint of her hand across Max's
cheek. It was the second time that evening that Max had gotten slapped. A
tear rolled out of the corner of Max's eye because of the smarting cheek.
Though it had been Max who'd asked her to slap her when she was acting
strangely because of her condition, Cindy was shocked at what she'd done,
thinking she'd gone too far.

"Max .. I-I'm real sorry .. I didn't mean to hurt you .."

The silence continued for a long moment before Max finally looked up straight
into Original Cindy's eyes and grinned ferally.

"Again. Do it again."


"Hit me again. Please."

"No, boo .. I'm not doin' that stuff .."

"Pleeease" Max begged, almost whining this time but Original Cindy remained
rooted to the spot as all sorts of thoughts ran through her head, most of
them involving how sexy Max looked all tied up like that and how she'd love
to touch her tight body and ... No! OC shook her head, Max would never
forgive her if she took advantage of her while she was in heat.

"Look Max, for your own good you've got to stay all tied up until morning.
Now Original Cindy is gonna sleep and when we both wake up you'll be your
normal self again."

Max growled something under her breath but OC had already taken off her robe
and slipped under the bedsheets, yawning.

* * *

Original Cindy awoke suddenly. It was pitch black and she turned until she
could make out the bright red digital numbers on the alarm clock near her
bed. 4:07. Shit! Still too early to even imagine getting out of the warm bed.
Then a thought struck her. Max! The poor girl had been tied up against the
wall all night, she must be freezing and tired.

OC slid out of bed shivering a bit as she felt for the light switch. The
light came on and Cindy saw that Max was awake and looking right at her.

"Max you ok now? Shall I untie you?"

Max nodded slowly. "Yeah, I'm fine now. It's over. Please untie me, my back
hurts so ..." she sighed as if in pain. What Original Cindy didn't realize as
she began to unravel the rope from around her and then search frantically for
the handcuff's key was that Max could resist much harsher treatment than
being tied against a wall for a few hours. At Manticore she'd been kept
squeezed into a fetal position for six days at a time without food and water
and she'd come through it with barely any ill effects except for a greater
hatred for Manticore.

As the last cuff finally came off, Max stretched slowly and rubbed her
wrists. She grinned at the apprehensive way in which Original Cindy was
looking at her after her ordeal.

"You know, when I told you that it was over ..." Max spoke slowly "... I

"B-but ..." Original Cindy barely had the chance to say before Max sprung
forward and pushed the surprised woman down on her bed, kneeling over her,
holding her down from her shoulders.

"I've been wanting you ever since I first saw you" Max growled as she
straddled OC's waist. Original Cindy usually slept in the nude, but since
Max had been in her room she'd remained in her top and panties. Now Max was
undoing the bra with one hand and had slipped another hand down under the
panties and was groping frantically between OC's legs. OC gasped loudly as
Max found what she had been looking for and laughed as the woman wriggled
under her as her fingers probed into her.

"Max don't do this .. ahhhh .. you don't know what you're ... ohhhh god ...
doing .." Original Cindy said in between sighs of pleasure as Max fingered
her. Her breath was coming in uneven gasps and her now bare breasts bobbed
up and down as her chest heaved.

"Of course I know what I'm doing. I know I should have done this a long time

"Look, Boo, think about Logan ..." her voice trailed off as she realized it
was the wrong thing to say in this situation.

A faraway look came over Max's face and she clutched at her own crotch
through her tight leather pants.

"Yeah, I'm thinking about him ... oh yeah."

Original Cindy moaned loudly as Max's fingers in her quim began to move
in and out very rapidly and her thumb caressed her clitoris at frequent
intervals. OC wasn't trying to convince her friend to stop now. The last
time she'd had sex had been months ago with Diamond, her female lover,
now dead, and since then she'd not gotten into any relationship though
there was this redhead with pert tits at Jam Pony who was soooo cute ...
She screamed loudly then bit down on her lower lip as she came, surprising
even herself at how quick and how intense the orgasm had been.

"Oh Max, that was so good" she whispered then put her hands around Max's
neck and pulled her down until her face was close to hers. Slowly, they
kissed, their lips caressing each other for seconds before it turned into
a passionate duel of tongues. Max broke the kiss and jumped up to her feet
on the bed and began ripping off her clothes. In seconds she stood naked
over Original Cindy, her inner thighs glistening wetly in the dim light.
OC grinned up at her.

"Come on boo, come down here for some lovin'."

Max stood for a moment, then jumped down off the bed as a thought struck her.

"Max...?" OC raised herself on her elbows and looked on, slightly puzzled, as
Max rummaged about in Kendra's box.

Max turned, holding something in her hand triumphantly. OC's eyes grew wide
as she saw it was a large white dildo, a strap-on one.

"No, no way that thing is coming anywhere near me, you hear Max!"

"Don't worry OC, you're going to be the one wearing it" she said motioning
for her to get up.

Original Cindy stood and let Max put the dildo on her, the straps around her
waist and between her legs feeling almost like a rather uncomfortable thong
except for the weight of the plastic attachment to the front. Satisfied that
the buckle was tied firmly, Max stood back then slapped OC on her rump making
the woman jump slightly. Then she was back on the bed, this time kneeling
down her face between her arms, her tight butt suggestively raised in the

"Come and get me!"

"Max, you sure about this ...?" Original Cindy asked still bewildered at how
fast this was going.

"Just fuck me or I'll put that strap-on myself."

OC gulped at the barely veiled threat. Oh what the heck, she thought, if
that's what Max wants that's what Original Cindy is going to give her. And
anyway, it wasn't as if fucking Max hadn't been on her mind ever since she'd
first met the sexy, young woman. She'd never tried to chat her up because she
respected her heterosexuality and her overwhelming love for Logan Cale, but
now Original Cindy was being proved wrong, at least while Max was in heat -
to hell with being hetero, the little minx was turning out to be a lesbian
after OC's own heart.

She smiled, making her decision, as Max waited expectantly, her legs spread
apart, her pink inner flesh exposed and seemingly glowing in the lamplight.
But before she got on the bed behind Max, she paused for a moment at the box
of Kendra's goodies and selected an item. Grinning widely, she clambered onto
the bed beside Max.

"Here I am, honey"

"About time, what are you waiting for? Go on, stick that dildo in my wet
pussy" Max said hoarsely.

Swwwwwissssshh! SMAAAAAACK!

"Owwww, fuck, what the hell was that!?" Max shouted as she clutched a shapely
buttock with her hand as a sharp, stinging pain spread through it from a red
welt that had appeared in a line across it.

Another swishing noise was her reply. Another loud smacking sound of flesh
coming into contact with plastic.

"Hey!" This time Max got off her knees and lay on her side gingerly rubbing
her other buttock where Original Cindy had struck her with the short, black
riding crop she'd found in Kendra's stash. Her eyes flashed angrily at OC.

"What do you think you're doing with that thing?"

Original Cindy loomed above her, the riding crop hovering over the prone
woman. Something had changed in OC's face. Her previous worry that she might
hurt Max had left and there was something feral in her grin, something that
Max's feline dna recognized as the look of the leader of the pack .. the
alpha male .. or in this case the alpha female!

OC nudged Max with the crop. "Show me your hot butt again or you're gonna
feel this on your leg, boo."

Max had faced men with guns as well as other transgenic warriors sent to kill
her but she had never felt this intense mix of fear laced with excitement
that seeing Original Cindy holding that whip instilled in her. She could have
disarmed her in a split second before OC could even blink, yet here she was
literally cowering before the dark-skinned woman. Her hormone overloaded
instincts were screaming for her to obey and she meekly got up on her knees
as Original Cindy had ordered.

"That's a good girl" Original Cindy murmured as Max got into position, her
ass high in the air. OC traced the tip of the crop over the taut skin, around
the fullness of each cheek then down the center along her ass crack lingering
over the anal sphincter making Max shiver. She teased the wide open, fleshy
lips of Max's pussy then slid the edge of the riding crop down along the slit
until the black plastic was dripping with her fresh juices.

Then without a warning OC lashed Max across her bottom again making her cry
out and place her hands over her buttocks to protect herself.

"Owwwwww!" Max yelled.

"Take your hands off. Now!" Original Cindy ordered.

Max didn't obey immediately and was rewarded by another quick stroke of the
cane. She flinched, biting on her lower lip, but didn't cry out this time.
She withdrew her hands quickly though, placing them under her chin and
gritted her teeth as Original Cindy whipped her several times in quick
succession for several minutes until her butt felt like it was on fire.
Finally OC tired, her arm aching from the exertion. A normal woman would
have been pleading for mercy minutes ago, but Max's genetically engineered
body had a very high pain threshold and after the first surprising stings
of the crop, the pain had become manageable as her body chemistry adapted.

"Oh yeah" Max moaned "more, more, smack my butt harder."

OC raised her hand, bringing down the riding crop again and again, until
every square inch of skin of Max's butt was flaming red, each stroke making
Max cry out loudly ... in pleasure! One final stroke across both cheeks
brought Max over the edge. She came, her body trembling in the throes of a
multiple orgasm as she muffled her screams in a pillow, biting down on it
so hard that she left teeth marks in it. A rivulet of wetness streamed out
of her cunt, dripping onto the bedsheets and down her inner thighs until
Original Cindy cupped her hand under Max's groin, letting the liquid pool
in her palm.

"Oh god, that was awesome" Max finally gasped as she looked back at OC who
had now tossed the crop aside.

"It's not over boo." OC spread the fluid in her palm over the strap-on dildo
she wore and waddled over on her knees until the tip of the phallus was
touching Max's spread cunt lips. Leaning over and getting a good grip on
Max's slim waist with both hands, she wiggled her hips for a moment allowing
Max to feel the fake cock pressing against her opening.

Max pushed her butt backwards as if wanting the dildo inside her urgently,
but OC teased her for a few moments, keeping it out of reach ... then in one
sudden, savage thrust it was deep inside her tunnel.

"Ahhhhhhhhh yesssss!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she panted as Original Cindy humped
her, penetrating her with the plastic cock. The two women were locked
together in passion as OC lowered her body against Max, her breasts pressing
against Max's lower back.

Original Cindy let go of Max's hips and reached around her chest to grab a
full breast in each hand, kneading the supple flesh, eliciting further moans
from the transgenic vixen. She continued to pound the dildo into the girl's
sopping wet cunt incessantly, until her hips ached, and yet she didn't stop.

Her fingers pulled at Max's stiff nipples, roughly twisting the over-excited
fleshy buds until they felt raw, another source of orgasm inducing pain for
the woman. She screamed again, her loudest cries yet resounding throughout
the squatter occupied apartment building, waking up most of the occupants at
5.30 in the morning.

Prue ran into the room having been awakened too by Max's wails. She was
prepared to fight off anything from genetically modified assassins to flame
breathing demons but she was left speechless by what she saw.

Max lay curled in a fetal position on the bed, with Original Cindy spooned
behind her, the dildo still half inside the wide open, dripping hole. A look
of intense bliss was on her face as the sun slowly dawned, the first rays
shining through the plastic sheeting that served as windows, making her skin
glow a golden yellow.

"Ooops, sorry" Prue said embarrassed at having barged in on the two lesbian
lovers and backtracked quickly but neither of them seemed to have noticed
her presence as they basked in their post-orgasmic bliss.

* * *

It was past 9 in the morning when Max and OC awoke and disengaged themselves
from each other, both women not saying a word as they went to the bathroom
and got dressed. Max's period of estrus had ended though she remembered every
single thing that had occurred during the night. She blushed each time their
glances crossed and OC busied herself with the kettle. Coffee took ages to
prepare that morning.

Finally, Max broke the silence as Prue and OC sipped from their cups.

"Prue, do you know how to ride a bike?"

"Yeah sure. It's been ages since I have though. Why?"

"Well, I was thinking ... you could come to work at Jam Pony with me and OC
while Logan figures out a way to get you back to your own time."

"Sounds great" Prue grinned, "but what is Jam Pony?"

Max explained that it was a bike messenger delivery service operating
throughout Seattle, bikes being the quickest and cheapest way to get around
these days, since gas was rare and expensive.

"I think there's a spare bike in the other room under all that old stuff.
Let me go clean it up for her" Original Cindy got up.

When she had left the room, Prue smiled mischievously at Max. "You two were
quite noisy last night. Even more than we were at Logan's place."

Max blushed even redder than she'd already been all morning. "Look Prue,
that wasn't me .. well, it was .. but it's because of the damn feline
genes Manticore gave me, makes me lose control ... and I hate it when it
happens ..."

She put a hand on Prue's and looked into her green eyes and grinned, "... but
what we did together was great." Prue grinned too and quickly pulled back her
hand as Original Cindy walked into the room carrying a bike over her

* * *

Jam Pony, Sector 9, Seattle

The three women rode down the ramp at Jam Pony, getting off the bikes and
propping them up against the wall. Prue felt sore all over her body. It had
been years since she'd ridden a bike and though riding it came back naturally
she felt as if she'd exerted muscles that she never knew existed.

An average looking guy with spectacles, gelled hair and holding a clipboard
walked towards them.

"What excuse do you have this time for starting work two hours late?" but
before either Max or OC could open their mouths to reply he continued, "Don't
bother, I've heard them all already." Then he turned to Prue and pointed at
her, "No visitors during working hours." He turned and walked off, towards a
guy leaning against the opposite wall. "Bip, bip, bip, I don't pay you to
prop up my walls, I pay you to deliver packages ...." he grabbed a pack off
the counter and tossed it to him. "Hot run, Sector 7."

Prue raised an eyebrow and glanced at Max and OC who both laughed at the look
on her face. "That's Normal, your new boss" OC explained.

Another bike rider rode down the ramp, leaping off the bike while it was
still in motion and coming to a stop before the three women.

"Good morning ladies" but his eyes were on Prue as he gave her an appraising
look from her toes to her face before he winked at her, "woah, what do we
have here? Hi, I'm Alec".

Max rolled her eyes, "She's Prue and she wants to get a job here."

"Hi Alec" she said while thinking that he was quite a good looking guy.

"Great! Have you talked to Normal yet?"

"That's where you come in."

"Oh. Ok, I get it. You want me to work my Monty Cora magic on the guy, eh?"

"Yeah." Max grimaced. Alec was a transgenic like her and he'd been quite a
star in the underground fight scene going by the name of Monty Cora, a play
on the word Manticore, which of course had drawn the attention of White's
men. It had also drawn Normal's attention who had a liking for muscular,
athletic "gladiators" like Alec and it was why he almost always accepted
Alec's "suggestions" on who to hire, which was making Jam Pony something of
a Transgenic Central.

As Alec headed in Normal's direction, Max took Prue over to the locker area
and found an empty one.

"You can keep your stuff in here" she pointed towards the far end of the Jam
Pony premises "and those are our changing rooms. They're not all that private
so you have to watch out for peeping toms, though I don't mind teasing the
guys by flashing a bit of skin now and again."

"You do? Damn! How come I always missed it?" Alec had walked up behind her
and gave her a friendly squeeze to her very squeezable butt.

"Hey!" she punched him lightly on his shoulder "you can look but not touch."

Alec looked a bit hurt, but he was soon grinning again. "Talked to Normal,
he said it's ok with him. Just fill this in ..." he handed a crumpled
application form to Prue "... and you're on a one week trial period before
you get any pay..." He took out a wad of bills, "... but don't worry if
you're short on cash, I can help you out with a small loan and you can pay
me back ..." he looked her up and down again, his eyes lingering on her full
chest "... whenever and however you want." His tone was very suggestive and
he waited expectantly.

"I'll pass on your generous offer for now."

"Alec, don't you have any deliveries?" Max said tapping her foot impatiently
as the transgenic continued to flirt with Prue.

Alec blinked. "Yeah, I'd better be on my way." Better not be around Max when
she had that tone to her voice. "Oh, and here's your new Sector Pass, way
better than those fake ones Logan cooks up." He turned and left.

Prue followed him with her eyes. "Cute, isn't he?" she said when he was out
of hearing range.

"Don't let his looks fool you. He's one of us transgenics, trained as an

"Oh really?" That suddenly made him even more interesting to Prue. She'd
have to get to know him better. Dangerous men excited her.

* * *

"Ah, here's our new messenger," Normal said as Prue and Max approached him
"here's your first hot run" he tossed Prue a large package, "542 McAllister."

"Where's that?"

"For the love of Mike, you're a Jam Pony messenger now, you should know your
way around Seattle blindfolded."

Max took Prue's hand and pulled her towards their bikes. "I'll show her."

"Yeah you do just that Max, but she better learn or she'll be out of a job
before she receives her first paycheck."

* * *

Sector 6, Seattle

So it was that Prue made her first delivery in 2020 Seattle as a Jam Pony
Messenger, so different from her job as a manager at the Buckland Auction
House or even as a freelance photographer back in her "other life."

She absorbed the sights, sounds and smells as she pedaled through the busy
markets, the mostly deserted thoroughfares, the abandoned industrial parks
and apartment complexes falling into ruin. Traffic was very light, so she
and Max rode their bikes right in the center of the road to avoid the
rusting hulks of old 2009 model cars left by the side. One thing that Prue
noticed was the omnipresence of graffiti, on every wall and sidewalk. When
she asked Max, the young woman shrugged, "It's always been like that, a guy
and his can of paint against the system."

As they reached the Sector 6 checkpoint, Prue handed Max a Jam Pony cap.
"Here, bunch up your hair and wear this. Keep your head down and show them
your Sector Pass. These guys are mostly a bunch of idiots bored senseless
with their checkpoint duty, so they won't bother you. Only thing you have
to watch out for are those damn hover drones and their facial recognition
optics. Just don't stare up at them and make a 90 degree turn away from
them, since they're usually on preprogrammed routes and won't follow a biker
if they can't get a good lock."

"Ok, got it."

"Good, now follow me, stay as close as possible." Max pedaled towards the
checkpoint with Prue behind her.

"Jam Pony Messengers" she said as one of the Sector Cops barred her way. He
quickly examined her Sector Pass as well as Prue's, then waved them through,
then continued looking after them as they rode their bikes in Sector 6.

"Did you guys see what great butts those babes had?" he said as he turned to
the other two cops at the checkpoint. Both nodded and grinned then turned to
a vehicle with LPG tanks mounted on the roof that had just driven up. Inside
the small checkpoint building, the pile of APBs and Wanted posters lay
unexamined, Prue's face on the topmost sheet.

"See, told you that would be easy. Those guys think with their little heads."
Her genetically enhanced hearing had picked up the Sector Cop's comment.

Three blocks later, Max pulled up at the side of the road. "Ok we're here ...
oh no..."

"What's wrong Max?"

"I know this place. You'll have to do the delivery on your own because if
they see me again they'll probably call the cops." This had been the place
Joshua had broken into thinking it was Father's home, and where she'd broken
into hours later on Joshua's trail. That had been months ago and so many
things had happened since then that she hadn't remembered the address when
Normal had sent them to 542 McAllister. Prue should be alright though, only
a kinky guy and his semi-dressed amateur porn wife to worry about.

Prue ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. She heard the sound of several
bars sliding across as well as at least three locks turning before the door
cracked open.

"Jam Pony Messenger" she said "I have a parcel for you and need your
signature. The door cracked open a bit more and a guy with a camera dangling
from his neck grabbed the parcel and clipboard, hurriedly scribbling
something down, then slamming the door in Prue's face. From inside the sound
of a vacuum cleaner being switched on came through loudly.

Prue walked down the steps to her bike. "That was easy. This messenger thing
doesn't look so difficult, except for my muscles which aren't all that in
shape. And my butt aches from this saddle." She poked the hard leather that
had seen better days.

"Yeah, right, wait till you deliver a gang member's finger to his gang who
are just looking for an excuse to go on a rampage ..." she laughed at the
shocked look on Prue's face. "Yeah, it really happened, Sketchy was shitting
himself but it worked out ok."

"I wouldn't want to find myself in that kind of situation."

"What do you think we go back to the apartment for a little rest and a cup
of coffee?"

"Sounds like a good plan ... but won't Normal be angry if we don't do more
than one delivery in a whole morning?"

Max laughed, "Leave Normal to me. Oh he'll bitch and moan about it, but in
the end he'll accept whatever excuse we hand him."

* * *

Max's Apartment, Sector 5, Seattle

"Owwww, my back" sighed Prue as she sat down at the table in Max's apartment.
Her body was sore all over from riding that bike.

Max handed her a steaming cup of coffee, "Don't worry you'll soon get used
to it and you'll work your body into finer shape than it already is."

"Yeah, but I think I twisted my neck when we were getting away from that
hover drone just as we passed into Sector 5." Prue grimaced with pain as she
turned her neck slightly.

"Let me fix that for you." Max stepped behind Prue and began to massage her
shoulders, moving slowly up to her neck, kneading her muscles gently, getting
them to relax.

Prue sighed. "That's sooooo goood" she purred as Max's hands worked their
magic on her aching muscles. Knowing the human anatomy in detail to be able
to disable or kill an enemy quickly was definitely a plus when Max gave a
massage. Take that Manticore! Max thought, grinning. As her hands moved down
Prue's back, Max began to feel something else that Manticore had given her.
She tried to resist ... but only for a moment, and then she pulled Prue's
chair around until her face was only inches away from Prue's. Prue's green
eyes seemed to sparkle as Max looked into them, her tongue wetting her full

A voice was screaming inside Max's head. "Stop! No, not again!" but she
ignored it. She put her hands again on Prue's shoulders and she felt the
woman quiver slightly at her touch. Then everything went red and Max and
Prue's lips were hungrily devouring each other as they kissed passionately.
Prue clutched at the transgenics' firm ass and Max climbed onto her thighs,
straddling them as Prue remained seated on the chair. Unfortunately the
chair hadn't been made for the combined weight of the two women and the
back legs shattered, sending them crashing backwards to the floor in a
tangle of limbs. Both women laughed as Prue tried to get up but couldn't
since Max's legs were over her chest. In the fall, Prue's short, black
leather miniskirt had ridden up exposing her panties. As fate had it, Max's
face was only inches from Prue's crotch and having already gone over the
edge moments ago, it was too enticing a target to ignore. Her mouth clamped
down on where Prue's slit was covered by the thin strip of underwear.

"Oh god, Max, oh yeah, that's so good" Prue cried as Max sucked at the
woman's crotch through her panties.

Soon she slid the now wet material aside exposing the pink petals of aroused
flesh to her tongue. Prue shuddered and groaned as Max savagely ate her out.
She got her own back when Max straddled Prue's chest and settled down into a
69 position. The bike riding hotpants she wore came off easily as Prue tugged
at them. No panties barred the way, as Prue placed a hand on each butt cheek
and raised her head between Max's legs. Her tongue found its way into that
glorious honeypot making Max hiss as she inhaled sharply from the sudden
intrusion into her privates. A moment later she buried her face back between
Prue's thighs, sucking and licking her quim with a renewed vigor.

* * *

A block away from Max's apartments, entrance to Seattle's sewer system

The manhole cover slid aside and someone masked in shadow looked out
cautiously, making sure no one was around. The figure climbed out onto the
road, sniffing the air, then set off eagerly as if having found whatever
scent he had been looking for.

* * *

Max's Apartment, Sector 5, Seattle

Prue's body went rigid for a moment before her hips raised a foot off the
floor as she sighed loudly. She relaxed for a moment, smiling contentedly
before returning to her now even more urgent task of getting Max off.
Several nibbles to the young woman's engorged clitoris and a swift insertion
of a finger into her anus was all that was required, making Max let out a
wild scream that echoed off the walls of the apartment.


The front door burst open, the rusty latches simply disintegrating as a
massive figure shouldered it aside as if it was made of paper. A pair of
large hands grabbed Prue from under her arms, pulling her out from under
Max and tossing her aside. Prue screamed as the figure loomed over her,
six and a half feet tall, growling like a wild animal, fangs bared and
dripping saliva.

"Joshua! STOP!"

The big guy turned, "Max, she was hurting you" he said as Prue scrabbled away
backwards on her butt while pulling down her miniskirt to cover her nudity in
front of the wild looking stranger whose face was ... was ... almost doglike!

"No, she wasn't hurting me, we were .. we were .." Max coughed as she tried
to think of a way to explain it to strong but simple Joshua.

Joshua cocked his head to one side and sniffed the air, his large, flat nose
twitching as his nostrils flared. He looked down curiously at Max's bare
crotch and she quickly pulled up her hotpants, blushing. A strange look came
over his face and he too blushed, covering his eyes with his hands like a
child caught looking at something he knew he wasn't supposed to look at.

"Max was getting busy with her" he pointed toward Prue.

"Yeah, we were getting busy, big fella, but it's our little secret ..."

"Joshua won't tell Logan ... or Original Cindy ... or Alec ..." he counted
off the people he knew on his fingers.

Max grimaced. Joshua had a way of getting straight to the point of things.
Better change the subject.

"Prue, this big fella here is Joshua" she said while getting up and patting
him on the back, "he may be big but he has a gentle heart."

Prue gingerly accepted the hand that Joshua offered her and he effortlessly
pulled her up to her feet.

"Any friend of Max is a friend of mine" he told her then grinned like a
twelve year old, "Prue getting busy with Max!"

Prue smiled, "Yeah I guess you could say that. Joshua, I'm very glad that
you're Max's friend. For a moment there you really scared me."

"It happens. People see Joshua. They run and scream so Joshua stays in
Father's house."

"Speaking of which, what are you doing here" Max asked suddenly realizing
that she should be angry with Joshua for having come here in broad daylight.
People would see him and one glance at his canine features would send them
running and screaming to sector police and to the tabloids. Max still hadn't
decided which was worse.

"Joshua had to see Max because Max didn't come to Father's house for a whole

"Oh! I'm sorry Joshua, but I've been so busy since Prue arrived ..." then at
the look on his face quickly added, "... not that kind of busy you ... you

"Ok Max, but no food in Father's house, Joshua hungry."

Max thought for a moment, "Prue can you keep him company while I go to the
market and score a chicken or two and some veggies for him?"

"Sure Max, I'm sure Joshua is an interesting guy to be around."

Joshua patted himself on the chest, "Joshua interesting guy."

"Thanks Prue, just don't let him go outside, it's dangerous for him."

Max left, leaving Joshua and Prue staring at each other. Prue broke the
awkward silence.

"You look different ..."

"Joshua special. Dog in my cocktail" was his cryptic reply, meaning he had
canine genes in his dna which Prue eventually figured out.

Joshua seemed to be nervous, shifting his weight from one foot to the other
as he looked down at Prue. Since she had just met him she didn't know if he
was shy around strangers normally. He certainly seemed to be. Prue tried to
put him at ease.

"So, Joshua, tell me something about yourself ... like what you do besides
being a friend of Max."

"Joshua paints" he announced proudly after a moment of deep thought.
"And Alec sells my paintings. Brings me money. Buys me more paints and
palimpsests. Alec buys bigger tvs too. And little discs that make many
women get busy on tv. Joshua doesn't look, but Alec's tv is very big."

"That's great ... err .. I mean the part that you paint not Alec and his
pornos ..." Prue blushed. Then she noticed something that made her blush even
more, though her green eyes twinkled and she smiled.

"I wonder why Max calls you big fella?"

Joshua looked at her slightly puzzled. "Joshua is big fella. Max is little
fella." That's what they had called each other ever since they had met in
Manticore's basement where the "nomlies" were kept.

"I was thinking it was more because of that" she pointed at something below
his waist.

Joshua looked down. And stared. And stared some more, before uttering a half
gasp, half moan.

"Aaaaooooooooo" he wailed "what is wrong with Joshua? What is inside Joshua's
pants ...?"

What Joshua had seen was a huge tent in his trousers caused by a long, hard
bulge. He was looking at it as it twitched from side to side as he moved
about. The big doglike fellow seemed to be on the verge of panicking and Prue
tried to reassure him.

"Don't worry, Joshua" she said in as soothing a voice as possible while
patting him gently on his arm - getting a feel of his incredibly muscular
frame. "It's normal, it's just an erection. Haven't you ever had a hardon

Joshua shook his head. "Nothing hard on me. Never."

"You mean you've never before done anything to make it hard...? Like with a

Joshua was very puzzled now. "With a woman?" he repeated as if trying to
figure out what the words meant.

Prue thought for a moment, "I mean, you never got busy with a woman?"

Finally he understood what Prue was asking. He grinned, then a sad look came
over his face.

"No, no. Joshua never got busy. Women see Joshua, they run and scream. Lots
of screaming. No getting busy."

"Yeah, I guess running and screaming never helped anyone get busy. Poor
fellow. Well, as I was saying, what you have there is something that women
would like to get busy with very much."

"Really? Would Prue like to get busy with Joshua?" He said it so innocently
that Prue didn't have the heart to brush him off. Anyway, that massive bulge
looked pretty interesting. The poor guy must have gotten aroused by seeing
her and Max 69ing each other just minutes ago or maybe he had a crush on Max
and seeing her naked from the waist down for the first time must have gotten
him all excited. Seeing Max like that certainly excited Prue. In fact,
thinking about Max in that way was making her all wet again. She really had
the hots for that girl! But Max wasn't here and Joshua was, as was his huge
hardon. Well, she'd just have to sacrifice herself ... it was just because
of the pitiful state the big guy was in ... she told herself ... yeah, right,
whatever, Max would have said.

"Joshua, would you like to show it to me?" she asked sweetly.

"Huh?" Joshua grunted.

"Pull your pants down and let me see what you've got ... pleeeease" she
batted her eyelids at him and stepped closer.

He leaned backwards shyly, but then he twisted his eyes shut and pulled his
torn and ragged pants down. Prue gasped.

Joshua opened one eye, "Is it bad?" he said worriedly.

"No, Joshua, it's big and very, very nice .. and big." When he had told her
he had dog in his cocktail, Prue had never expected it to go this far. His
cock was huge, at full erection it would probably reach further than twelve
inches ... and it was far from human. It did bear a close resemblance to a
big dog dick, a fully unsheathed one, thickly veined and a wetly glistening
reddish purple color. The blunt end tapered to a point at the front, while
at the end there was a massive bulge just before it disappeared into a mass
of pubic hair ... more like fur .. that hid the balls.

Prue licked her lips, smacking them together as if in anticipation of a tasty
snack, because Prue loved dogs. She had even loved them physically before
Here was a dream come true, one big dog boy all for her.

"Joshua..?" He opened both eyes and looked down at her. "Do you like it when
I touch you here?" she asked grasping the end of his cock with her fingers,
closing her fist around it while slowly caressing the pointy tip with her

In between groans he managed to say, "Joshua likes. It feels good."

"This feels better?" she asked as she slid her closed fist up and down the
full length of his massive cock, which at the lower end was so wide that she
had to actually open her fist to go lower.

"Good. Yes. Good. Aaaaaaaoooooooooooo! Aaaaaaooooooooooooooooo!" he raised
his head and howled as Prue's handjob continued. His hips bucked in small
jerks as she squeezed down on his penis like a tube of toothpaste while
fondling the balls she had finally discovered in the mass of fur with her
other hand. Prue went down on her knees before him, though he was so tall
that she had to reach up with her head so that her mouth was on a level with
his cock.

As far as a block away people cowered fearfully as the terrible cry rent the
air. This close it hurt Prue's ears but she barely flinched because she had
caused it when her luscious lips, formed into an O, had closed around the
tip of Joshua's cock and slowly but surely had taken a good chunk of that
cock down her throat.

"Mmmmmmmh mmmmhhh" she mumbled unintelligbly, her mouth full as Joshua put a
large hand on the back of her head and forced her down even further on his
quivering rod as he let out howl after howl. Prue's throat hurt! There was at
least six inches of thick cock right down it and more filled her mouth. The
dog man, in his first ever blowjob was going wild, trying to stuff every bit
of his penis into her warm, inviting hole. Unless Prue did something, he was
going to choke her.

With both hands around the base of his cock she squeezed and rubbed as fast
and as hard as she could while her tongue fluttered about in her mouth
against the underside of the massive penis. She could feel that her efforts
were having some effect on Joshua as his moaning came more rapidly and louder
and the bulge in his cock grew and grew.


The few remaining glass windows in buildings in the next four blocks rattled.
Joshua's cum gushed down Prue's throat with the same pressure as from a
garden hose, straight down into her stomach. She pushed him back with all her
strength and the cock popped out of her mouth like a champagne bottle's cork,
still spewing vast amounts of thick, white stuff. It filled her mouth, it
covered her face, it dripped down her chest and onto the floor and it kept

Finally the flow subsided and Joshua stood there with a hand around his cock
and a stupid look on his face while Prue wiped gobs of semen off her eyelids
and nostrils. She spluttered a bit as she coughed up a little of the cum that
she hadn't managed to swallow, then laughed.

"Joshua that was amazing. I've never seen anyone cum like that before. The
last time I had so much cum on me was when I fucked six guys and made them
spray their load all over my body ..." her eyes went all misty as she
recalled how much fun that had been, then she was back to the present and
the slight problem of having messed up Max's kitchen floor and how was she
going to explain what she'd done to Max's friend when Max got back ...

to be continued in part 3


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