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Charmed: Feminine Charms (FF,MF,MFFF,inc)
by TheRant

10:00 AM

"So when did you decide you were in love with your sister?"

The young woman lying on the couch blushed red, shaking her head hurriedly
from side to side. "I didn't say I was in love with Phoebe. Not that I don't
love her, she's my sister. It's just that since she came back from New York
I've been having these dreams,... these fantasies about her."

"And these fantasies of yours only manifested themselves since your sister
came back to San Francisco? You never had any of them before?"

"Well... I had some before she left but they've just gotten so intense

"Hmmmm." The doctor wrote a few lines of thought out in the pad she was
holding. "And there has never been any sexual relations between you and

On the couch Piper began to squirm uncomfortably.

"Please Piper. If you don't tell me everything I can't try to help you."

Piper let out a final sigh of defeat before saying, "Well... we've never
really had sex together. I mean I've touched her,... and we've touched each
other,... but..."

"Relax Piper. Just start at the beginning Tell me about how your sexual
activities with your sister began."

"Phoebe was thirteen when she finally caught me masturbating in my bedroom.
I'd been in a bad way. Prue had just gone off to college, so we couldn't...
well,... and then there was Andy in her senior year. She was just to busy
with him to play much with me anymore."

"Hmmmm. So you had a sexual relationship with your other sister before you
started with Phoebe. Very interesting. So you were sexually frustrated
because you didn't have anybody anymore. You are a very attractive young
woman. Weren't there any young men interested in you?"

"I was a bit shy in high school." Piper admitted. "A few of the boys had
asked me out but I hadn't thought I was ready for that yet."

"And what about your parents. Did they try to discourage you from dating?"

"My mom died when I was five. Then my dad... juts left. My sisters and I were
raised by our grandmother."

The doctor quickly scribbled out a few lines on her pad. "And how would you
describe your relationship with your grandmother. Was she too severe?"

"No Grans was a doll. We all loved her very much."

"And... did your grandmother ever...try to have sex with you?"

Piper laughed at that. "No way. Grans wasn't that type. She was pretty
permissive but she'd never do anything that she thought might harm us."

"Hmmmm, I was just checking to see if you might have gotten your lesbian
tendencies from her. Quite often a parent or relative starts the cycle."

"I'd never really considered myself a lesbian." Piper explained. "Sure this
is San Francisco I know quite a few of them but I've never had that type of
relationship with them."

"So you did eventually start dating boys?"


"Hmmm." The doctor scribbled another line. "Lets go back to that first
experience with Phoebe shall we. You said she had caught you masturbating
in your room."

* * *

Piper had been having a difficult day at school. All day she kept feeling
that buzzing, tickling sensation in her crotch that meant she really needed
a good hard fingering. She'd never been happier to see her grandmother's old
house as she was that day when she finally got home.

Dumping her books on the couch she ran into her room upstairs and slammed
the door. Jumping onto the bed she undid her jeans and wormed her way out of

God, her panties were already dripping. Touching herself through the damp
cloth she felt a delightful shiver race up her body.

Oh, she really needed this.

Shoving her fingers inside she dug through the oily slime as she rubbed
a finger up and down her wet slit until she felt the bud of her swollen
clitoris. She forced herself to swallow a scream of pleasure as she stroked
the button until she couldn't bare to touch it anymore.

* * *

Phoebe had just gotten home from a miserable day at school. Sure her grades
weren't always the best but did Mr.Thurson have to yell her down like he did
today. That old bastard really had it in for her.

Nobody seemed to be there when she got inside, but a pile Piper's books was
on the couch. Going upstairs Phoebe heard a stifled moan coming from Piper's
room. The door was almost closed, but the lock hadn't stuck and it had
reopened about an inch.

Tip-toeing up to the door Phoebe looked through the crack and froze as she
saw her sister spread out on her bed, a hand digging back and forth in her
panties. From the way she was swinging her head back and forth and arching
her back she seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. Phoebe didn't quite
know what to make of it. Sure, she'd been touching herself down there ever
since she hit puberty, and liked the tingles it gave her, but she'd never
seen anything quite like this.

When her sister started to thrust her hips in rough circles and bite her
lip to stop herself from screaming Phoebe leaned forward..., and tripped,
knocking the door all the way open.

"Ahhhhh!" Piper let out a scream, both from shock and the leftover's of her

Phoebe looked up from the floor, an embarrassed smile on her pretty teenage

"Phoebe." Piper screamed, pulling her hand from her panties and then shaking
her fists at her sister. Unfortunately this just sent a long trail of wet
slimy drops toward her.

"Eeeee." Phoebe screeched as one of the drops landed on her cheek.

"Oh god." Piper sighed, her face reddening. "Phoebe. Please get out."

She got up off the floor but she didn't leave. Instead she wiped the drop off
her face with her hand and stared at it. Plopping herself onto the foot of
Piper's bed she just looked back and forth from her hand and her sister.

"Piper?" Phoebe asked, an excited tremor in her voice. "What were you doing?"

"God Phoebe!" Piper swore in embarrassment. "Would you please leave."

Piper had pulled her knees up to her chest but it didn't succeed in hiding
her dripping crotch nearly as much as she intended it to.

"What were you doing Piper?" Phoebe asked again. "It looked like it was a lot
of fun."

"Oh god Phoebe!"

"You were masturbating? Weren't you?" she asked her big sister.

"Oh god Phoebe!" Piper screamed her face doing a good impression of a ripe

"A couple of my friends said they do it.' Phoebe told her matter-of-factly.
"What's it like?"

Piper just stared at her little sister in shock. Sure, at thirteen she was
turning into a woman now, and a quite beautiful one if she kept growing the
way she was. It had been over a year since little Phoebe had come rushing
home from school to tell them all she'd started bleeding. Their grandmother
threw a sort of party, just as she had for Prue and Piper when they had
started. Grams said it was sort of a family tradition to celebrate when a
girl became a woman. But of course a lot of Grams traditions were a bit
weird. That's why she fit right in in San Francisco.

Piper had thought the Phoebe might come to her with a few questions about
sex, since Prue was away at college, but this was not the type of question
she'd expected to get. This was just to much. In fact she'd laugh if she
wasn't so embarrassed. It was a lot like the first time she and Prue had
gotten together. She had caught Prue playing with herself in the shower...
and had eventually joined in.

But that was ancient history now. Prue had dumped her when she started
dating..., or more precisely fucking, Andy.

"Can you show me how to do it?" Phoebe begged her.

Weakly Piper nodded her head, reaching her still sticky hand back down into
her panties and rubbing her slit up and down.

"I can't see what you're doing!" Phoebe told her. "Take off your panties. I
want to see what you're doing."

Piper felt a mixture of fear and passion as she pulled off her wet underwear
and spread her legs so her little sister could get a good look at her cunt.

"Oh!" Phoebe exclaimed, a surprised grin plastered on her face. "You've got
so much more hair down there than I do. Sally Nolan's got a lot of hair like
that but most of the other girls just have a little."

Piper continued to finger herself as Phoebe closely watched her actions.
Deciding to give little sister a thrill she slipped a finger inside and
slowly finger fucked herself. She was getting delirious from the sensation
before she realized that Phoebe has shucked off her own jeans and panties
as was sitting across from her on the bed, her thighs wide as she timidly
stroked at her pussy. She'd been right about the hair. Phoebe had just a
small patch of velvety looking curls above her cunt.

"Am I doing this right?" Phoebe asked her unsurely, her fingers weakly moving
up and down.

"Are you wet?" Piper asked her.

"I'm not going to pee on your bed!" Phoebe answered quickly.

Piper couldn't help but laugh at that. "I don't mean pee silly. When you do
it right you start to leak this kind of oily slime."

Piper held up a dripping finger to show her sister the juices her cunt had

Phoebe dug in for a second before pulling her own finger up, a single drop
of glistening liquid hanging from it. Proudly she showed it to her sister.

"That's good." Piper told her. "The better it feels the more stuff you make.
Then if you really work at it you sometimes let out a real gusher."

"An orgasm?!" Phoebe asked, knowing the word but not really understanding it.

"Yes." Piper agreed. "An orgasm. I don't make much of a mess when I do it,
but Prue always sprayed everywhere."

"Prue did this too!"

Piper didn't know if she should be embarrassed about the direction this
conversation was heading, but decided to just go with it.

"Sure everybody does it. Of course Prue does it. Grams probably does it."

"Even Ms.Sheperd?" Phoebe asked with a laugh. The principle of her junior
high school was a well known spinster and fun hater.

"I don't know about that." Piper agreed, remembering the woman from when she
attended the school. "She'd probably end up with frost bite."

The two girls laughed about that while each still fingered herself.

"Oh look." Phoebe demanded showing Piper the moist lips of her cunt. "I'm
really getting wet."

"How's it feel?"

Phoebe gave her sister a dazed look before smiling. "It feels good. It feels
really good."

Piper had moved her finger out of her body and started flicking at the hard
button of her clitoris, a pained gasp coming out of her at each contact.

"Are you having an orgasm?" Phoebe asked her.

Piper just shook her head. "Not yet. I'm just playing with my clit. It feels
really good when you touch it."

Phoebe Looked at Piper's groin and then down at her own before finding the
spot her sister was telling her about. Giving it a hard rub she let out a
loud shaky gasp.

"Careful." Piper warned her. "It gets pretty sensitive."

"Oooooo." Phoebe moaned as she touched it more lightly. "That does feel good.
Now I want an orgasm."

Piper had to laugh at that. "It's not something that happens that way. It
took me a couple of times before I had my first."

"Please." Phoebe begged her. "Show me what to do."

"Every person is different. And every time it's different. They're isn't just
something you do."


Piper sighed as she began to get herself worked up. Her sister wanted to see
an orgasm, and it wasn't as if she didn't want to have one. Reaching both
hands down she leaned against the headboard and dug into her cunt. Three
fingers of one hand slid in and out while the other teased her clit. Knowing
her sister was there speeded the whole process up and it wasn't long before
she let out a loud scream as her body spasmed in the most powerful climax
she'd had since that last time with Prue.

"Wow! I want to do that."

* * *

"And did Phoebe have her first orgasm." The doctor asked Piper.

Piper gave Dr. Martinez a long look before answering that question. She felt
uncomfortable about discussing any of this but at least with a woman doctor
she felt a bit safer.

* * *

3:00 PM

This was Temper's weirdest case yet,... except of course for the previous one
that had inspired this one. A week after he had caught Steven Sawyer and his
coerced harem, Steven's father had showed up at Temper's office. The man
didn't seem too impressed with either Temper's choice of office or Temper
himself, but if he had a bizillion dollars like this guy had Temper wouldn't
have been impressed either.

At first Temper thought the man was there to buy him off, to shut him up
about what he knew Stevey-boy had done, but it soon became apparent that he
wasn't in the least bit worried that his kid would get sentenced for his
crime. Hell, none of the girls wanted to press charges against him, and that
left little for the D.A. to hold over him. Anyway Temper probably would have
done the same thing when he was sixteen and given the chance that kid had.

What Grant Sawyer wanted Temper to do was find the guy that had sold him the
antique dildo that had started the whole mess. Mr. Sawyer said his son had
spilled his guts about the whole thing, but he really didn't quite believe it
all. Who in their right mind believes in sprits and incubi these days. Still
if that thing had started this, Mr. Sawyer said he wanted to find the guy
responsible for it.

That left Temper in San Francisco looking for one Albert Martinez, a dealer
in fine antiquities and an ex-employee of the Buckland Auction House.
Temper'd done all he could in Chicago to find the guy but it was like he'd
dropped off the face of the Earth nine days ago...the same day that he'd
caught Steven Sawyer. That seemed a little too co-incidental for Temper's

Anyway Temper could use a few days away from home right now. Alex was coming
on a bit strong since that encounter with the incubus and Temper still didn't
know what to do with the girl. He'd asked Angie as she was giving him a
good-bye bonking what to do with her but she just said to just give the kid
what she wanted, maybe that would turn her off him. He was really tempted to
do just that, Alex was one hell of a sexy little piece, but his conscious
wouldn't let him. She was one of his kids and he just couldn't let himself
touch one of them.

Anyway that was something he could deal with later. Right now he had to
find the missing Mr. Martinez. He'd been working for Buckland when Sawyer
bought the thing from him. Sawyer wasn't sure himself who the actual seller
was, this place liked to keep things like that confidential. Martinez had
quit from here two months ago and went into business for himself but Temper
decided he needed a bit more info on the piece before trying any of
Martinez's old haunts. Whatever that thing was, incubus or not, Temper
wanted to make sure he was ready if it came back. Going to this place just
seemed the obvious choice.

It was Snobs-R-Us inside. The receptionist didn't seem to like Temper's looks
much but sent him back to talk with one of the appraisers when she found that
he wanted to discuss a piece that had been bought from here. The note of
authority from Sawyer helped a bit there too. 'Prue Halliwell' the name on
the door told him before he went inside. After the receptionist Miss
Halliwell was a real relief. In her late twenties, maybe early thirties, she
had medium length dark hair and a face that made him want to ask if she'd
been dropped as a baby. He didn't of course, and anyway it worked for her,
giving her an exotic smoldering look.

"Miss Halliwell." Temper nodded pleasantly to her as he handed over a
business card. In bold-faced letters it told her his name address and phone
number as well as occupation.

"A private dick?" she asked with a crooked smile. "What can I do for you Mr.

Temper looked carefully at her , and decided that he'd allow her the private
dick crack.

"I'm looking for Albert Martinez. He was an employee of Buckland until a few
months ago."

"I'm pretty new here myself." Prue told him with a shake of her head. "I've
never heard of the man. He must have left before I joined."

'Ah, that's all right." Temper told her. He really hadn't expected any help
with that from here. Pulling out an envelope he pulled out an 8x10 photo and
handed it over to her. "My client bought this from Mr. Martinez through
Buckland. What I'm really here for is to try to find out more about the
piece. He just knew it was old and expensive."

Prue gave him another smile. "I know the type. So many people buy antiques
just because they're antiques, without really finding out what they're

Taking the photo from him, Temper watched her carefully as she looked down
at the picture and froze.

"Oh, my." she said flushing red. "I see your... client has a taste for the

Temper snorted derisively. "You could say that."

"What... what do you know about the... object?"

"Only that it's supposed to be 11th or 12th century Arabic... or possible

"That would fit it." Prue nodded slightly, never taking her eyes off the
photo. "They had a very well developed.... sexuality."

"Yeah. If you say so." Temper added. "I'd just like to see if you can find
me anymore about what it is and what it's supposed to be for."

It was Prue's turn to snort this time. "What it is is pretty obvious, and
what it's for... it was probably religious or ceremonial."

Looking more closely at the photo of the big stone cock she finally noticed
the characters along it's shaft. "It looks like it's covered in some form of
glyphs. I don't recognize the characters right off, but I could probably
find you a translation. Do you have any more pictures? Only a few of the
characters are visible in this one."

Temper pulled out a pile of photos and handed them over to her. "I thought
that might be necessary so I brought photos of the whole thing."

Prue looked at the top one in shock. "It's broken."

"Yeah." Temper agreed. "Snapped in two, but all the writing seems to be

"What a shame." Prue told him. "That's going to seriously affect it's value.
How did it happen?"

Temper was tempted to tell her the whole story but decided against that.
Instead he just said, "Well some girls can get just a little too aggressively
enthusiastic at times..."

Prue looked at him with confusion for a minute before turning even redder.

Temper took that as a parting sign so handed her another card with the hotel
he was staying at and a copy of the receipt Sawyer had gotten from the
auction house two years ago for the piece. He left her sitting at her desk
staring at the stone dildo.

* * *

8:00 PM

As usual Piper was in the kitchen cooking. It was just her and Phoebe
tonight, Prue had gone out with Andy for supper. That was a good thing in
itself. She'd been trying to carefully guide the two lovebirds back together,
but their recent situation wasn't making that any easier.

She looked up from chopping up a tomato to find Phoebe standing in the
doorway looking at her strangely. She'd been doing that all day.

"Something you want." she asked her sister.

"Uh... no." Phoebe quickly answered. "I just wanted to know if you needed any

"In the kitchen?" Piper asked "I didn't think you even knew how to boil

"You'd be surprised what I learned how to do in New York."

* * *

8:30 PM

Prue sat across from Andy at the small table in Quake. Usually she wouldn't
have come here on a date but it was Piper's night off so it was fairly safe.
Piper and Phoebe had been turning into nags lately about Andy. She knew
they were just being sisters but it was starting to get on her nerves.

It was the awkward time after they'd placed their order and were just
waiting for it to come. Prue nervously smiled at Andy and got the same smile
back from him.

"So... solved any good murders lately?"

Andy raised an eyebrow at her. Lately she'd really taken an interest in his
job. It really wasn't like her, but at least it gave them something to talk
about while they waited.

* * *

8:45 PM

Next on the list was Albert Martinez's sister. He'd spent the rest of the
afternoon and some of the night going through Martinez's office. The man had
been pretty meticulous about his files, but Temper couldn't find anything in
them that might lead him to the missing man. There was nothing in his
computer about any plans to go anywhere, and his schedule had indicated that
he had supposed to have had a number of appointments in the past week, none
of which he'd kept.

It was just like he'd dropped off the face of the world. Right at the time
that that ... whatever it was had gotten free. That was more than a

Dr. Emma Martinez lived in one of San Francisco's more well-to-do
neighborhood's. Shrinking the heads in this burg must pay pretty well.

Pressing the buzzer at the outside gate, Temper waited for a reply.

"Yes?" a speaker distorted female voice finally asked.

"Dr. Martinez?" Temper inquired.

"Yes. Can I help you with something?"

"I hope so doctor. I'm looking for your brother."

"Which one? I've got 3 of them."

"Albert Martinez." Temper told her. "He's been missing now for about ten
days. I've been hired to find him."

There was a long silent pause before the gate slid open.

"Come on up." she finally said. "Albert's not somebody I want to talk to
anybody about on the street."

Temper walked the short sidewalk between the house and the gate, admiring the
flowers and shrubs decorating the small front yard. A huge bronze knocker
hung in the center of the oak door but before he could reach for it the door
swung open. Dr.Martinez was a striking woman. Her features looked Hispanic or
Spanish but her long hair was a fiery Irish red. She looked to have about
Temper 's own 39 years under her belt, but she wore it well.

* * *

8:50 PM

"Dr. Martinez?" Temper asked again.

She nodded, not looking at all pleased to see him. "Please come inside. Like
I said, Albert's not somebody I like to talk about unless I'm comfortable...
preferably with a few shots of good Irish whiskey in my stomach."

Temper smiled to himself as he followed her denim covered ass inside the
house and into a living room of sorts with a well stocked bar in the corner.
As she had said, she poured herself two fingers and threw it down her throat.

"Can I get you anything?" she asked Temper after her breath came back.

"What you're having'll be just fine."

She filled him a glass and brought it over to a small table surrounded by a
couch and chairs. Giving it to him she plopped down on the couch and waved
him to one of the empty chairs.

"What has dear Albert done this time?" she asked before taking another
swallow. "I hope it's something that you can arrest him for. Something that
will send him away for a long time. It's just too bad Alcatraz isn't open
anymore. That would have been perfect for him."

Temper had to smile to himself. He didn't have to use his detective
instincts to figure out that she didn't much like her brother. "I'm not a
cop Dr. Martinez. I'm a private investigator. My employer was a customer of
your brother's a few years ago and was trying to get ahold of him but he's
completely disappeared."

"Huh." She said with a snort. "That sounds like Albert. What did he do? Sell
your boss a fake? He's done that a couple of times."

"No." Temper said with a head-shake. "I'm pretty sure the thing was real. My
boss just wants to know where your brother got it from."

"Probably stole it." she said taking another gulp. "Let me tell you about my
brother Mr....."

"Hamptin." Temper told her. "Dustin Hamptin. But my friends call me Temper."

"Temper! Let me tell you a few things about that asshole of a brother of

* * *

8:57 PM (The house of Dr. Emma Martinez)

Temper was patently listening as the inebriated doctor told him all about her
brother, the black sheep of the family, and how he had squandered away the
family fortune on one failed business investment after another. He was making
notes in his mind as she talked, e never knew what tidbit of data might help
him find a missing person, when he fell an uncomfortable swelling in the
front of his pants. Looking down he saw a large bulge straining at his fly.

Looking up at the doctor he saw her flushed face smiling expectantly back at
him. Her eyes had that somewhat glazed look of a woman in heat, and from the
way the two points were sticking out from under her shirt her knew she wasn't
wearing a bra.

They threw themselves hungrily at each other, their faces meeting with a bang
that would have been painful if they hadn't been so turned on. Lips, tongues
and teeth worked at each other as their hands tore at buttons and zippers.
Within moments they were both naked, their fevered, sweaty skin sticking
together as they pushed at each other. Temper's hard cock drove quickly up
between her thighs digging deeply into her on the first stroke. She let out
a groan of delight and only pulled him further inside of her.

For a long time they were only two grunting animals as their bodies worked
together bringing each other over and over again into one massive orgasm
after another. Finally as they fell apart, both panting and exhausted Temper
noticed the clock, the whole thing had barely taken twenty minutes.

He looked over at Dr.Martinez slumped back weakly against the couch they'd
just got a lot of use out of, with more than a bit of confusion. Sure he'd
admired her ass as he'd come in, she was a very good looking woman for her
age, but what had just happened. This wasn't like him at all. It was the
best sex he could ever remember. Even that little orgy a week and a half
ago when all those girls attacked him paled in comparison to what he'd just
experienced. Looking at the swampy goo dripping from between the doctor's
legs he realized he'd came three times in twenty minutes. Hell even when he
was a teenager he would have had had problems doing that.

"What just happened?" he finally had to ask.

Dr. Martinez jumped at the sound of his voice. Then she looked carefully at
him before finally asking, "What did my asshole brother sell to your boss?"

* * *

8:50 (The Halliwell home)

"The was good." Phoebe told Piper as she began to gather the dishes off the

Before going into the kitchen she gave Piper that same strange look that
she'd been giving her all day. Piper wanted to ask her about it, but with the
mixed feelings she had for her sister she didn't have the nerve to do it.

Coming back empty handed Phoebe gave Piper a big smile, grabbed her by the
hand and pulled her with her into the living room. "Come on. I've got
something I've got to talkto you about."

Pushing her sister onto the couch Phoebe dropped next to her and leaned back
against the armrest. "I had another vision the morning."

Piper tensed. When her sister had these flashes of the future they usual
showed the worst. "So who... or what's going to attack us this time."

Phoebe shook her head. "It wasn't like that. This one was... different."

Piper looked carefully at her baby sister. There was pink flush slowly rising
on her face, and her nipples were tight at poking up through the fabric of
her shirt. As usual Phoebe wasn't wearing any bra, a fact that made Piper's
own nipples begin to tighten in response.

"It wasn't like the others. It was..., it was fantastic. I had the best
orgasm I've ever had just from the vision alone."

Piper blushed bright red at her sister's frankness. "Well who was the lucky

This time Phoebe blushed as her eyes turned away from Piper's. Seeing Phoebe
blush was something Piper hadn't seen much of. Her little sister could do
things without a thought that Piper wouldn't even dream of doing....,well
maybe she'd dream of doing them, but was too much of a chicken to actually
do them.

"It wasn't a guy." Phoebe blurted out, turning even redder.

"Oh!" Piper whispered.

Phoebe closed her eyes and lay back on the couch. "I was lying naked, sweat
dripping down my neck and between my breasts. My hair was plastered to my
face so I knew I'd been doing it for quite a long time and I had this lost
look on my face that told me I was really enjoying what was being done to

"Oh!" Piper's hoarse whisper rose in volume.

"I was gently rubbing my hands up and down the sides of my slick body feeling
the heat pour out of me. And then I could feel it building up and building
up....building up...."

"Oh!" Piper cried out.

"And then it passed through me like a tidal wave. My whole body tensed and
shook as wave after wave rocked me. It was fantastic. And then just as it
began to slide away I looked down at this smiling face peering up from
between my legs. Juices dripped down her face and off her chin onto my clit,
each drop sending another shiver through me."

"Oh!!!!" Piper.

Phoebe eyes flew open as she sat quickly up. Her eyes locked with Piper's,
pulling her sister closer to her. "I just want to see if the reality can be
as good as that vision was."

* * *

8:57 (Quake restaurant)

As usual the food at Quake had been excellent. Not as good as if Piper had
made it but her absence more than made up for the loss of the cuisine.

Prue caught herself staring across her empty plate at Andy as he finished the
last bite of the steak he'd ordered. As she watched his lips smack together
the corner of his mouth turned up in that way that always made her juices
flow..., and tonight she was really starting to flow.

Andy swallowed and looked over to find Prue staring at him, a dazed, sensual
expression on her face that moved the blood flow from his digesting stomach
to a lower part of his anatomy. "Prue.....?"


They both moved at the same time toward each other, sweeping the table-cloth
off of the table with a clatter of breaking dishes. Andy pulled Prue flat
onto the empty table and flipped up her skirt to reveal a drenched pair of
lacy black panties. Not even bothering to first pull them off he dived in,
his teeth biting through the thin material at the sensitive folds of her
cunt. The mixed juices of his saliva and her secretions ran down his chin
and formed a puddle.

Lying on the table, her knees spread wide so that Andy could more easily at
her Prue worked her blouse off, then her bra, freeing her breasts from their
suddenly tightening enclosure. Kneading one in each hand she pinched her
nipples, enjoying the sharp sensation as it echoed Andy's hungry pushing
tongue between her legs. Her mind wandered as the fantastic sensations
brought her to a single long orgasm. The screams of others made her look
around at the rest of the restaurant before she was swallowed back up by the
feelings pulsing through her body. She was too lost to notice much of it but
pairs and groups of other diners and staff were ecstatically going at each
other with as much abandon as she and Andy were showing.

Men with men (this was San Francisco after all) , women with women, women
with men, menage a trois, quatre and cinq..., and even a few people off by
themselves indulging in whatever inner fantasies drove their libidos.

Prue let out a loud groan as she felt Andy's hard cock dive into her. She
hadn't even noticed when he'd removed her panties. Leaning forward on the
table, his hips pistoning over and over , he pushed his mouth onto hers,
thrusting his cum dripping tongue into her mouth. She responded
enthusiastically back at him, thrilling in her own taste as he crushed her
to the table top.

* * *

8:57 (Halliwell house)

Piper and Phoebe were too lost in each other to even notice when a sudden
wave of passion rushed over them, just adding to the heat already between

* * *

12:00 AM (Greater San Francisco)

The city was still recovering from whatever had happened to it. Fires were
being hastily fought by struggling firemen all over the city as blazes went
out of control when those who had lit them had got lost in the orgy.
Policemen tried to stop the riots that had broken out all over the city when
people had woken up from the spell to suddenly find their momentarily lost
inhibitions suddenly back in place. Doctors and nurses rushed to save the
lives of those who's bodies had not been up to their sudden passions or had
just been unlucky enough to be standing in the wrong place when the wave had
swept the city.

All told the death toll was 234 and the final cost from the damage was
estimated at over $100 million dollars. The number of cases of statutory
rape was so high, the wave affected everybody who'd hit puberty, that it
was decided to forget the lot of them. Nine months later a record was set
for the number of births ever in a single day.

* * *

The next morning Temper found himself back at the Buckland Auction House.
Prue Halliwell had called him, the strain from whatever had happened to her
last night evident in her voice, and told him she'd found out a few things
about his mysterious artifact. He'd swung around to get Emma Martinez before
heading over there. After last night and what he'd found out after their
little encounter he'd thought she might be interested in whatever Miss
Halliwell had to tell him.

Temper knocked lightly on the door ,before opening it. Prue was sitting
behind her desk sorting through a small pile of papers.

Gesturing Emma in behind him he introduced the couple. "Prue Halliwell this
is Dr. Emma Martinez. She's the sister of the guy I'm looking for."

"Prue Halliwell...?" Emma said with some surprise as she stared at across the
desk at Prue.

"You know me." Prue asked with an arched eyebrow.

"No, not personally." Emma answered back trying to decide if she breaking any
confidentially clauses. "It's just that your sister is a patient of mine."

"One of them's sick?"

"No, no." Emma quickly calmed her. "I'm a psychiatrist. She's just a little
anxious and worried."

"That's got to be Piper." Prue murmured to herself. "Phoebe'd never see a

"You've got something to show me?" Temper interrupted them. "We're sort of
in a rush right now."

"I'm not surprised." Prue said with a nod. "Well translating the message on
the... artifact wasn't much of a problem. It's a warning about using the...
artifact and a binding spell supposedly holding something imprisoned inside

"That I already knew." Temper said. At Prue's curious expression he added,
"The cock's an old family heirloom of the Martinez family. Emma managed to
fill me in on a bit of it's history."

"So her brother was really the one selling the.. thing, not just the broker?"

"That asshole!" Emma swore. "Just because he was the oldest he got everything
when our parents died, ...but to sell off THAT was just stupid."

Prue dug through the paper's until she found what she was looking for before
saying, "I found quite a bit about it on the net. It was 11th century Arabic,
from a sex cult of some sort. Apparently the cult lasted about a hundred
years before it suddenly disappeared in the middle of the twelfth century.
The... object was sort of the scepter of the head priest or priestess of the
cult and was said to grant them amazing sexually powers over the cults
followers. It histories were a bit vague but it somehow involved some sort
of demon worship."

"By the way there were a couple of offers from some of my net sources. Even
when I told them it was broken they were pretty insistent about it. One of
them was more than double what Mr. Sawyer originally paid for it."

"I'll let him know that, but I doubt he'll be interested in selling it."
Temper told her with a wide grin. "Sentimental value."

"Uh...right." Prue nodded weakly before passing over the papers. "The top one
has an exact translation in the old Arabic on it with the English version
underneath it. The rest is as good a history of it as I could find though
most of that is just old folk-tales and legends."

"Anything in there about fixing the thing..., or maybe destroying that ...
demon they were supposed to be worshipping."

Prue looked worried for a minute before standing up and locking the door.
Sitting on the edge of her desk she stared the two of the down before asking,
"This has to do with last night, doesn't it. Somebody's using the power of
that... cock. Do you think it's Albert Martinez?"

"If it was only that simple." Emma answered with a sigh.

"You want to know the truth?" Temper asked Prue. "You might find it hard to

Prue forced herself not to laugh. "You might be surprised what I'd be willing
to believe."

Temper started out by telling her what had happened in Chicago, ending with
how the dildo had been broken and Mr. Sawyer sending him out here to get a
better explanation from Albert Martinez.

* * *

Then it was Emma turn to tell her story.

"My family has a very long personal history, stretching back over a thousand
years. One of my ancestors was the man who first found the stone cock back
in about 1030. It didn't take him long to come under the thrall of the beast
within it. This was before that binding spell got it under control, when the
creature was free to do what it wanted. It really wasn't an evil creature.
Just very, very hungry... and it fed on sex. For five generations my
ancestors were the head priest and priestesses of the sex cult that had
formed to feed its hunger, until finally one of them learned how to bind it
to the rod so that it would be under her control instead of it controlling

"After that the cult quickly died down, and my family soon got very, very
rich. It wasn't exactly very moral but having the ability to induce
uncontrollable lust in people was very financially rewarding. Through the
centuries the rod was passed down to the eldest child, some using it to
gain more wealth, some not using it at all, and a few just using it for a
good time."

"Albert got it when our parents died. We'd all played with it when we were
teenagers, that incubus is extremely well hung and completely insatiable, so
we all knew what it could do. But Albert, that little weasel was more than a
bit afraid of it. That's probably why he sold the thing instead of just
trying to use it get money the old fashioned way."

"That doesn't explain what happened last night." Prue said. "And the rod is
still in Chicago, isn't it."

Emma let out a deep sigh. "Yes, but it's broken now. And now free again after
almost a thousand years. That's another part of the old family legend. It's
said that exactly ten days after the creature is freed it will start to feed
again, trying to make up for all that lost time. Ten days ago at 8:57 that
Ann girl snapped the cock and freed the incubus."

"And now it's chowing down big time." Temper added.

"Okay, but what's it doing in San Francisco? It couldn't have a good time in

"That's where Albert comes in." Emma explained. "Albert is by rights the
head priest of the cult. That title got passed down along with the rod. The
incubus came to Albert for a feeding. It doesn't really need him to induce
sexual fervor in people or get that sex energy back, but it can use Albert
sort of like a transformer, multiplying the energy it brings in from the
all that sex it induces."

"So its channeling all that sex that happened last night through Albert and
into itself. It must be pretty full now then." Prue guessed.

Emma shook her head. "Remember it's been on a crash diet for the last 800

"So that means it's going to need to feed again." Prue said her voice

"And very soon." Temper agreed."

"Each night at 8:57 until it decides it's had enough." Emma told her.

"Oh shit!" Prue swore.

The phone took that opportune moment to ring. Picking it up Prue started a

"Hi. Yes I was right, we're going to have to do something about this. Did
you find anything in the book?

Uh, huh. Incubus? Yes that's what it is all right,. and tonight it's going
to strike again. Did you find out how to get rid of it?"

Temper and Emma watched her, making little sense of the one way conversation
but quickly realized that there was something unusual about Prue Halliwell.

"Uh huh. You have got to be kidding! We've got to do what! Phoebe, get off
the extension. No way are we using Andy. I'm not letting you anywhere near
him. Especially not tonight."

"Okay...okay. I'll be home soon. Yes we can talk about it more then. Bye."

Hanging up the phone Prue letting out a long suffering sigh, before turning
to look up at her two quiet guests. She quickly locked her gaze with Temper,
carefully assessing him before finally asking, "Are you righteous."

"What?" Temper answered in a shocked squeak.

* * *

On the drive to her home, Prue told them a little about the Halliwell family
history, and the inheritance that her and her two sisters and received when
there grandmother died.

Temper was a little doubtful, but after what he'd been through lately, and
after being tossed around with a telekinetic shove he quickly decided maybe
she was telling the truth. She still refused to discuss that question about
him being righteous though. She just turned red and said she wanted to check
some book before saying anything more about it.

The door to the house opened for them before Prue even touched the knob. At
first Temper thought it was Prue showing off her power but then he spotted
the two girls behind it. They had to be the two sisters she told him about,
the other two witches in the family.

Temper let Prue and Emma enter before following close behind them. He was a
born gentleman, especially if it let him get a nice look at a pair of firm,
round asses.

"Dr. Martinez!" one of the girl's almost screamed. That had to be Piper, the
one Emma was seeing professionally. She didn't look nutty, just a bit nervous
and harried, but you could never tell.

The third one, Phoebe, had a large old book in her arms and quickly shoved at
her sister.

"Piper..., Phoebe..., show our guests into the livingroom." Prue ordered
them. It was easy to tell who the boss in this family was. "I want to read
this for myself."

With that she stormed away, the book in a death-grip between her hands.

"So how are you doing." he heard Emma whisper to Piper. "How are you and
Phoebe getting along?"

The smile Piper showed practically lit up the room. "After last night we're
getting along great."

"Oh...." Emma whispered back, before asking for more details.

"So you're a Private Dick?" Phoebe asked Temper drawing him away from the
other conversation. One look at her and he decided she could call him
that anytime she wanted to. He was going to offer her a good look at his
credentials when a scream from the other side of the house made them all

"Oh shit!" the recognizable voice of Prue Halliwell repeated.

Temper was about to go make sure she was all right, but Phoebe's hand kept
him from leaving.

"Don't worry." she told him, stifling a laugh. "I think she must have just
found what she was looking for."

"Uh-huh?" Temper said, still confused. "Does that have anything to do with
whether I'm righteous or not."

Phoebe's eyebrows crept up her forehead as her eyes widened. Stepping back
she looked Temper up and down before nodding her head and smiling at him.
"Yes. I think you'll do nicely."

Again, before Temper could ask for a better answer, Prue stormed back into
the room, waving the thick book around in one had. "I don't believe this.
I've never heard of anything so ridiculous."

"Well..." Phoebe added. "You want to get rid of an incubus. What did you

"Is that your spell-book?" Emma quickly asked as the thick book just missed
her by a hair as Prue angrily waved it around. "May I see it. My family does
have a bit of history in using magic."

Prue sighed and passed over the book.

The book seemed to open by itself in Emma's hand, and wherever it had opened
to, it seemed to quickly grab her attention. Slamming it shut, she handed it
back to Prue then stared disturbingly at Temper.

"Is my hair on fire or something?" Temper asked her.

The chuckles burbled out of Emma like a pot slowly coming to a boil. "Oh,
yes Prue. He'll do fine. After last night I can promise you he's righteous

Temper let out an angry snort as he listened to a discussion about him
without letting him participate. "Would one of you tell me what the hell is
going on!"

All four women looked at him, and then began to giggle.

Temper collapsed on the sofa in a tired heap. He'd known enough women to
know that they wouldn't tell him anything until they were good and ready.

"Who gets him first?" Phoebe asked the others, a predatory gleam in her eye
as she looked down at Temper.

"The book doesn't say, so I guess it doesn't matter." Piper answered. "We
could draw straws."

"I hope it's a very long straw." Phoebe quipped her eyes glued to Temper's

"Believe me." Emma added. "That straw is more than long enough. I walked
funny all morning."

Temper had the general idea about what was going on before, but now was sure.
He just didn't know how he was not going to let them down. "Ladies! Ladies!
I'm sorry but I don't think this is going to work."

The three sisters stopped their arguing and looked inquiringly at him.

"After last night I'm pretty drained. Not that I'm not sorely tempted, three
sisters is right out of penthouse, but it's been a few years since I've been
up to that. I'm not eighteen anymore."

"Hmmm!" Prue hummed looking thoughtful. "The book does say that our wombs
have to be filled with the seed of the same righteous man."

"I know!" Phoebe grabbed the Book of Shadows from her sister and rifled
through the pages until she found what she was looking for. "This is it. I
found it earlier when we were looking for the cause of this thing. I thought
it might come in handy someday."

All the women, even Emma hovered around her as they read through what she

"Seems simple enough." Prue agreed. "And we're going to have to get naked

"Not right yet though." Piper announced. "It's almost one o'clock and we're
going to need all of our strength for later. I'll whip us all up some lunch."

"As long as you three think we'll have whatever this is done by 8:57
tonight." Temper agreed. "I don't think even this city could survive another
strike like last night."

Phoebe grinned at him. "The whole process should just take a couple of hours,
more if you're really, really good."

* * *

It was 3:00 by the time they felt they were all ready. Everybody was back in
the livingroom looking around at each other, a mixture of excitement and
nervousness washing through them.

"Well, let's get to it." Emma told them. She wasn't needed for either spell
to function but had decided to stay and supervise. The three sisters
personally thought she just wanted to watch.

Being the oldest, Prue made the first move as she started to unbutton the
front of her blouse. The other two girls quickly joined her, stripping
articles of clothing until they stood completely naked in the center of the
room. Prue glared at Temper's admiring stares, while Piper looked embarrassed
and tried unsuccessfully to cover herself with her arms and hands. Phoebe
just smiled at him, proudly letting him see her all.

"Should I get naked too." Temper finally asked, sucking his drool back into
his mouth.

"You might as well." Emma informed him. "It isn't really needed for the first
spell, but you'll need to be for the second..., and maybe you'll give the
girls some inspiration."

Temper looked over at Dr. Emma Martinez, eminent psychiatrist, and a mighty
good lay herself, before shrugging his shoulder's and stripping off his shirt
and pants. Still in his boxers, their front pupped out largely before him.
Last night had drained him, and at 39 he wasn't a spring chicken anymore, but
having three lovely, naked girls standing in front of him was causing the
usual reflex to spring to life. Pulling the band over his erection he let his
boxers drop to the floor then stepped out of them.

"Oooooo!" Phoebe said enthusiastically. "This looks like it might be fun."

"Now what?" Temper asked.

"Just have a seat." Emma told him waving to the empty sofa. "It shouldn't
take too long."

Temper sat and watched the show.

Phoebe was the first to begin. She already had one hand kneading that cleft
under the patch of soft brown curls before Temper had taken off his shorts.
Digging a finger into the damp hole it made a soft sucking sound as she
worked herself up. The other hand she slid all over her upper body, cupping
a firm breast one moment, then lightly sliding it down the side of her ribs
before bringing it back up to pinch a nipple.

Piper was more modest but watching her little sister playing with herself
was starting to have an affect on her. Even before her hand touched the lips
of her cunt they had started to swell pinkly, anticipating the touch to come.
Very gently she stroked up and down, enjoying each little twinge of pleasure,
letting it slowly build up and up inside her.

Prue had taken a more serious approach. Sitting on the arm of a chair she had
spread her thighs wide and had both hands together stroking her pussy up and
down, spreading the juices that already had started to leak out evenly over
every surface, making sure everything was nicely lubricated. Her swollen clit
gleamed as her fluids dripped off of it onto the arm of the chair.

Phoebe let out a little giggle between pants. "This sort of reminds me of
when we were in high school."

Piper looked a bit guilty but finally laughed too. "Its been a while since we
did this together."

"Not counting last night." Phoebe agreed.

"Hey!" Prue groaned and glaring at Piper. "You never told me about that."

"Oh...oh...oh!" Piper let out a series of little whimpers before answering.
"It... it was after you went off to college. We know..., like we
used to,...until last night."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Phoebe chanted three, fingers digging deep inside of herself.
"Piper..., you and Prue. Oh! Oh! Oh! I thought you just masturbated together
like we used to. Why didn't you eat me then. You're so good at it."

Piper flushed pink, a mixture of embarrassment and heat. "I... I wanted too.
God, I wanted to. I just felt like I'd be taking advantage of you. You were
my little sister. But oh, I wanted to bury my face between those legs of
yours and never come up. I wanted to kiss and suck every inch of that
beautiful body of yours. I wanted to shove my tongue so far inside of you


Piper never got to finish the thought as Phoebe let out a loud scream as her
young body shook as the spasms of a massive orgasm washed through her.
Humping her hand, her knees trembled so badly that Temper was about to jump
up and catch her before she fell over, but she caught herself and shakily
straightened them as she came down from the high. Pulling her hand out she
cupped it gently, catching the stream running down the inside of her thigh,
before walking over to Temper and holding it out to him.

"You're supposed to drink this." she told Temper.

Reaching out Temper gently grabbed her wrist and inhaled the fresh sweet
smell of young woman, before sticking his tongue out and licking the palm of
her hand clean. He felt an unfamiliar tremor as the salty-sweet liquid ran
down his throat, but just took that to be the excitement from watching this
sweet thing just masturbate herself.

Phoebe dropped down next to Temper on the couch and leaned against him, her
face on his shoulder and her breasts against his arm. Temper felt his cock
jerk all by itself as he felt the warm damp skin rub against his own and
thought for a second he was going to shoot off without even touching it, but
nothing happened. Together they sat and watched the remaining two sisters as
they stroked themselves up.

Prue was next. Letting out a scream she started to gush, soaking the arm
of the chair and spraying the carpet in front of her. An almost obscene
squishing sound could be heard as both of her hands pumped away inside her,
pulling even more sticky juices out. By the time she shakily got up to
approach Temper her stomach, thighs and legs were coated with the glistening

As she held out a cupped hand toward him, Temper quickly licked the sweet
liquid out of it and then sucked each of her fingers, one by one, into his
mouth and cleaned them as well. Looking up at her he received the first
genuine smile he'd seen on her face. Sitting down on his other side she
leaned up against him in a mirror image to her baby sister.

That left Piper up there all alone. She looked embarrassed to be the only
one still putting on a show, but most of the pink flush came from passion as
she quickened her actions on her own wet pussy. Fingers dug anxiously inside
her while her thumb and the rest of her hand rubbed the outside. Her engorged
clit grew even redder from the friction as she slowly built herself up and up
to her boiling point.

She made no sound when she finally peaked. Her face tightened, freezing into
a shocked ecstasy as her whole body spasmed then locked rigid until the only
things moving were her fingers and the pulsing of her cunt. After a moment
she let out long satisfied breath, her whole body relaxing after the strain.
Standing up, her fingers still jammed tightly into her hole she waddled over
to Temper, then slowly pulled them out and held them up to him.

Temper felt more like jamming his face between her legs and taking the juice
the old fashioned way, but the show was the girls so he instead drank what
she gave him, the sweet juice feeling like fire as it flowed down his throat.

Phoebe and Prue disengaged themselves from him and joined Piper in front of
the couch. Joining hands the girls stared down at him, there faces turning
serious with concentration. "With this act, with the power of three we grant
you the strength to fulfill your task."

Temper felt himself almost explode. His cock twitched up and down almost as
if an unseen hand had grabbed ahold of him. His testicles burned and vibrated
as they went into hurried overdrive, manufacturing the semen that he would be
soon needing. His whole body felt like it was on fire as he wanted nothing
more than to reach up and pull the three naked girls down on top of him,...
but they took a step away from him, then turned and headed upstairs. In a
fevered daze he just watched them go.

"So that seemed to work right."

Temper turned his head from the stairs to find Emma standing in front of him.
He'd almost forgot she was here.

"An extra bonus for good luck." She told him as she slipped a finger into his
mouth. The delicious taste of a woman in heat made his taste buds tingle.
"You didn't think I could watch that without having a reaction of my own, did

Still a bit confused Temper just nodded his head.

"Come on." Emma told him pulling him off the couch. "They should be ready by

As she dragged him toward the stairs he saw a clock. 5:00 it read. He found
it hard to believe that that had taken two hours, by his time sense was just
as unbalanced as everything except his need for sex.

"The ladies couldn't decide on who went first so they left it up to chance."
Emma told as she coaxed him up the stairs. "There are three bedrooms
upstairs. There doors are closed so you don't know which girl is in which
room. Just choose one and go inside."

Temper looked at the short hallway with the doors on either side. Only three
were closed so he guessed they had to be the bedrooms. He didn't know which
go choose first but he needed a release soon. He needed one of them so badly

He let out a groan as he felt a warm pair of lips wrap around the head of his
cock. At the touch he let out a roar of triumph as he jerked and jetted an
endless stream of cum into the waiting mouth.

It took Emma three swallows before her mouth was empty enough to finally
speak. "I thought so. You were really primed there. The first girl wouldn't
have had any fun at all. Now maybe you'll last long enough for her to join
in too."

As she got off her knees she wiped away the excess white goo that had leaked
out the sides of he mouth and down her chin licking it off her hands. Then
giving Temper an affectionate slap on a bare cheek she added, "Go get'em

Reaching out Temper took a doorknob in his hand and turned it.

* * *

The sweet clean scent of a girls bedroom greeted him,... along with a naked
girl lying spread out on the duvet on her bed.

"I'm first?" Piper asked him, a nervous tweak in her voice.

Temper smiled at her, admiring her smooth skin and rounded curves. "If you're
not ready I could go somewhere else first?"

"No, no!" Piper quickly denied as she moved to sit up, her small firm breasts
jiggling with the movement. "It's just been awhile since I last..., with a

Temper moved slowly toward her, trying not to spook her. She seemed to be the
shyest of the three sisters, but from what he'd just seen once she got going
she was anything but shy. Sitting next to her on the bed, his still hard cock
arrowing up at her he reached a hand up to her cheek and leaned in for a

She was hesitant at first but quickly joined in., pressing her soft body
against him, her hard nipples digging holes in his chest.

Pulling back to catch his breath Temper asked, "So how do we do this?"

Piper let out a loud giggle. "You mean you've never done it before. Well you
see a man takes his penis,... that's that hard thing between your legs, and
puts it into the woman's vagina. Then the two of them..."

Temper couldn't take anymore of that. Playfully grabbing her he began to
tickle her while they wrestled on the bed , finally ending up with her
straddling his stomach while he lay on flat on his back. "I meant you three
are supposed to be in charge of this. Is there some special procedure we
have to do?"

"No. As long as I end up with sperm inside me we can do anything we want.
The spell just calls for the seed of a righteous man in my womb. Since Dr.
Martinez vouches for your righteousness, you'll do." She explained. With
that she leaned forward and let her hips slide down until he felt the head
of his cock enter her.

"Oops!' she exclaimed pulling back then trying again. "Wrong hole."

This time she got it right and Temper felt himself slide deep inside that
velvety channel between her legs. Sitting up she slowly pushed him deeper
until she couldn't take anymore. "Oh, that's so nice. It's been too long."

Temper slowly moved his hips, pulling a whispering sigh of pleasure from
her. "Why the long wait? You're a beautiful woman, there must be lots of
guys chasing after you."

Piper blushed but shook her head. "My last boyfriend was a warlock out to
kill me and my sisters. That sort of spoils the mood a bit."

"So you really are a witch then?"

That was still a little hard for Temper to accept, even after all the
strange things he'd seen in the last few weeks. Looking up at the flushed,
blissful face of the young woman humping up and down on his cock the thought
of witches was a bit unrealistic.

Piper laughed, the shaking adding an even better feeling to wet vice-grip on

Then Temper gasped. One second he was deep inside her, the next a dripping
cunt was hovering over his face while a pair of lips kissed the head of his
cock before sucking him into a moist mouth. He didn't quite know what was
going on, but that tasty mouthful above him was just too much. Reaching up
he pulled Piper's hips down until her pussy lips kissed his own. As he dug
his tongue into her he felt her shiver and moan with pleasure. Pulling out
he kissed the knob of her clit and felt her jerk back, then relax as she
began to enjoy the sensation. Then digging in again he pushed his tongue as
deep inside her as he could...

...and found himself with the Piper's laughing face in front of him, his
tongue deep inside her mouth, his cock back in side her pussy.

He pulled his tongue out of her mouth, and gave her a small peck on the lips
before asking, "What just happened?"

Piper sat up again, just rocking back and forth on their joined groins.

"The three of us are witches. Not the pointy hats and warts type. The only
broom I have is the one I use to sweep the kitchen floor. We each have one
power. I can sort of stop time for a little while. Everything freezes but

One second she was one in, the next she was standing up by the door.

"I'm not quite great at it yet. My control isn't perfect."

And then she was back her, hips pounding up and down on him, pulling his
cock even deeper inside her.

Temper just closed his eyes enjoying her sudden ferocity as her pussy gripped
and released him, and Listened to the squishing sound as their wet hips
slapped over and over into each other.

"Piper, I don't think I'm going to be able to hold back much longer." Temper
gasped as he felt his swollen testicles begin to tighten.

"Yes!" she screamed. "Fill me up! Fill me right now!"

Temper opened his eyes as his first spasm shot a stream of semen deep inside
her. He was almost too lost in the explosion but managed to notice that Piper
had that lost, tight-featured look she had had a little while ago downstairs
when she had had her silent orgasm. Then the second spasm made him groan as
he filled her full.

He lost count of the number of spasms there were before he finally stopped
cumming but it was the longest orgasm he'd ever had. After Emma had emptied
him in the hallway he'd thought it would have been impossible for him to
come that much. His belief in magic was going steadily up.

"Hmmm." Piper made a satisfied hum as she collapsed on his chest, his still
hard cock inside her.

"You know if the three of you marketed whatever you did to me downstairs you
could put Viagra out of business."

Piper laughed weakly at that, sounding a bit drained. "It's six o'clock.
We've only got three hours left until that incubus strikes again. You'd
better get on to the next room."

Temper really didn't want to leave, and his hard cock, still buried in the
swamp between her legs was starting to enjoy its current home, but her knew
he had more work to do.

He made an absurd sucking sound as he pulled out of Piper, a gooey mixture
of their juices coming out with him and dripping onto then both, but there
looked to be a lot left inside of her for whatever this spell to get rid of
the incubus was.

Giving her a final kiss on the forehead he got up and opened the door back
to the hall. It was empty. Emma must have had some other business to do or
had just got bored out here by herself. Looking back and forth between the
doors he finally settled on the one right across from Piper's and went

The fresh perfume scent of girl greeted him on the other side, before
throwing itself into his arms and pushing its lips onto his own.

"Hi Phoebe." Temper said after coming up for breath. "I'm glad to see you

Taking a step back from him she allowed him a good look at her lush young
body while she eyed his still hard cock. Taking a look downward he saw the
wet mess covering his cock and slipping down his hanging balls and inner

"Have you got a bathroom around here?" Temper asked. "I want to get cleaned

"Don't you dare!" Phoebe demanded as she fell to her knees and cupped his
hard cock and sack in her small hands. Flicking her tongue out she touched
the sensitive tip of his cock. "Oh I just love a cock with icing on it."
Taking another longer lick she made an appreciative sound in the back of
her throat. "I see Piper was first. I hope she had a good time."

Temper just stood there his knees becoming gelatin as the sexy little minx
continued to lick him clean. Downstairs he'd sensed that this one was the
least inhibited of the three sisters, and he was very pleased to find his
hopes confirmed. Unfortunately if he allowed this to go on much longer he
was going to end this little encounter sooner than he wanted. Phoebe had
stopped licking him and was working him deeper and deeper into her throat
until he had hit the soft wetness at the back of her throat.

"Phoebe honey." Temper told her lightly stoking the side of he head. "If you
keep doing that I'm going to go off."

She ignored him and kept blowing him, her head bobbing back and forth, he
cheeks dimpling as she sucked harder.

"Phoebe!" he said louder... but still she ignored him.

"Phoe..." he began again but had to give up as her talented mouth brought
him to the boiling point. He didn't let out nearly as much as he had just
emptied into her sister but her overflowed her mouth with hot white fluid.

Falling back against the door his cock slithered out of her mouth with a
plop, spraying her face and chest with drops of cum. He was more than
surprised that his cock was still rock hard.

Phoebe swallowed before smiling up at him, a creamy white smile. "Remember
I'm the one who found that spell. I know how powerful it is. Trust me you
won't run out before we do."

Licking her lips clean she grabbed his hands and pulled them over to he bed.
Jumping on it she bounced a few time before coming to a stop, her legs spread
wide, and she lay on her back. "Feel like doing me the save service."

Temper just dove in, his face pushing her thighs into the mattress with the
impact. She was wet and sweet and getting hotter by the second. His tongue
worked away at her swollen lips and clit, quickly bringing her off. She'd
been the first to go off downstairs, and he'd half thought that it had been
Piper's little proposal that had triggered it, but maybe she was just easily
orgasmic. He worked on her more with his tongue and she quickly repeated her
noisily explosive burst.

"Oh that was a good one." Phoebe said after her panting breath slowed.

"Better than Piper last night?" Temper joked.

Phoebe reddened slightly, which surprised Temper a bit. "You can't compare
how men and women eat pussy. They're both so different."

"So you two were here alone last night when the incubus struck?" Temper asked
inching up her body, licking and kissing her warm skin as he made his way

"We didn't notice it at all." Phoebe told him, an impish grin on her face.

Temper was a bit confused. "Maybe you three being witches made you immune."

Phoebe began to laugh which shook her breasts so much that Temper just had
to bite into one of her hard nipples.

"Afraid not. Prue told us about her experience." Phoebe told him as she
grabbed the back of his head and pushed it even harder into her soft chest.
"She was having dinner with her boyfriend Andy when it hit. That must have
been so embarrassing getting caught doing it on a table in the middle of
the restaurant. Not that any other the other people were in an condition to

Temper switched breasts, enjoying the soft, warm flesh as he sucked it into
his mouth.

"But you didn't notice anything last night?"

"Piper and I were at bit busy at the time 69ing on the livingroom couch."
Phoebe told him causing him to look up startled.

"I'd seen it that morning so knew that it was going to happen..., but I think
I brought it on a bit prematurely.' She explained with a series of giggles.
"We were way too busy to notice anything else going on."

Temper moved further up her body until the head of his cock popped into her
wet cunt.

"Oh that feels good." Phoebe groaned before wrapping her legs around him and
pulling him inside her.

"Saw it that morning?" Temper asked as he relished the tight grip of her

"I'm a witch remember..." Phoebe answered her legs tightening and loosening
as he slowly pounded into her. "My power are visions. I get flashes of the

Temper pondered that as he jackhammered over and over into her. "Do you see
anything in my future..., other than filling up the sexiest little thing I've
ever seen with cum that is?"

Phoebe took that enthusiastically, tightening her leg hold on him and
thrusting her hips over and over at him.

Temper lost count of the number of orgasms she had before she finally milked
him dry, filling her with his seed as he had her sister. As they both drifted
back to reality he kissed her, feeling her hot panting breath in his mouth.
"I'd really like to do this again when we aren't out trying to save the

"Me too." She agreed before her eyes glazed over and her face went slack. A
second later she was back with a worried look on her pretty face. "You have
to be careful. You're going to be in danger soon."

"You just saw that?"

Phoebe nodded a look of confusion taking over her face. "And... I saw a
woman. At least I thought it was it was a woman. It was definately female,
only she was covered in fur and had long claws on her hands."

"That sounds interesting." Temper said a bit doubtful. "But I've had weirder
experiences lately."

* * *

It was 7:15 before Temper finally said a good-bye to a satisfied Phoebe and
went back into the hall to the only closed door he hadn't gone though yet.
Opening the door he jumped back when a hand shoved a large glass into his
face. He took the glass from Prue while noticing at the same time that she
was the only on of the sisters who had been wearing any clothes. A thin
T-shirt barely covered the mounds of her breasts and a loose pair of track
pants hung off her hips.

"What is it?" Temper asked giving the orange colored liquid a sniff. It
smelled sweet and citrusy but looked to thick to be orange juice.

"Its some sort of juice and protein mix Dr.Martinez sent up for you." Prue
told him. "She thought you might need it by now."

Temper took a small sip and found that she'd been right. He hadn't noticed
how dehydrated and hungry he'd been. The two sisters had drained a lot out
of him and all he'd had to eat since lunch was the salty-sweet secretions
he'd managed to suck out of them. Upending the glass he quickly gulped down
the rest then handed the empty glass back to Prue. "Any more of that? I feel
like I could drink a gallon."

Prue waved in the general direction of a pitcher on the side-table by the
bed, condensation dripping down its sides. "Lots, but first you get cleaned
up." Pulling him by his elbow she drew him toward the open door to her
bathroom and gave him a slap on the ass as she pushed him inside.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror Temper had to agree with her. He
didn't look his best right now, all sweaty and sticky from his activities
with Piper and Phoebe. He flicked his still rock hard erection with a finger
and felt the rough stickiness coating it. Jumping into the shower he found
the stall still wet, which told him that Prue must have used it while he was
with her sisters.

Ten minutes later he came out of the bathroom feeling and smelling much
better. The hot spray from the shower had revitalized him along with the
juice that his stomach had quickly dealt with. Prue was sitting on the side
of her bed still dressed as she had been.

Dropping himself next to her she shoved the refilled glass back at him with
one hand and a plate with crackers, cheese and vegetable slices with the
other. While eagerly drinking and nibbling he looked Prue over. She was the
only one of the sisters he thought he might have a problem with. Piper was
still warmed up after her mastubation session so had been ready for him.
Phoebe had been more than ready, even anxious for the experience, but Prue
was a bit stolid, hidden behind an all business attitude. After all they
were really not that more than strangers, even if Temper had watched her go
through one of the messiest orgasms he'd ever seen only a few hours ago.

Eating enough to take the edge off his hunger he put the rest back on the
table next to the pitcher of juice. "So you had a hard time last night?" he
asked, deciding to see if he could break her icy exterior before delving
into the interior he was here for.

"How did you hear about that?" she demanded, anger and embarrassment fighting
each other in her face and voice.

"Phoebe." was all Temper needed to answer.

Letting out a sigh she relaxed slightly. "Being attacked in the middle of a
crowded restaurant,... well to be honest we attacked each other,... was a bit
much. But the worst thing was that it was Piper's restaurant. I go there all
the time, but how am I ever going to show my face there again?"

Temper had to laugh at that and drew a viscous look from her. "Oh, come on.
You didn't put on a show for the rest of the diners. They were just as busy
as you were. If they were as dazed afterward as I was after the attack last
night I doubt they even remember seeing you there. Can you honestly tell me
that you were watching the rest of them or can even remember what any of
them looked like."

Prue looked sheepish and a bit embarrassed as she shook her head.

"Trust me your reputation didn't suffer any last night." Temper informed
her. "Now..., if they'd been downstairs this afternoon they would have seen
something they'd never forget..."

Prue smiled wryly at him before standing up. Pulling her T-shirt over her
head, her breasts bounced up and down then compressed as she bent to pull the
pants off. Standing there naked she looked at him, trying not to glance at
his twitching cock. "So how do you want to do this."

"That's up to you." Temper told her. "From what I understand you just need me
to shoot my righteous seed into your womb. How it gets there isn't supposed
to matter."

Prue laughed and pushed him back on the bed before straddling him and
impaling herself on his cock. "There was also no rule that said we can't
enjoy it at the same time.."

"I think I can handle that." Temper said pulling her face to his and kissing

By the time the clock rolled round to 8:30 both of them were drenched, and
not just with the sweat of their exertion. Prue really made a mess when she
came, but Temper found he enjoyed the cum bath she gave him with every
orgasm. They ended the joining with Prue standing up and leaning over the
bed while Temper jabbed over and over into her from behind until they both
drenched each other in a final combined explosion.

Prue looked at the clock with a panic as realized how long they'd been at it.
"We'd better get upstairs. There's less than a half an hour left before that
thing strikes again." Grabbing Temper by the hand she pulled him after her
out into the hall and to its end to the stairway leading up into the attic.

The rest of the ladies in the house were up there waiting for them, sitting
together on a pile of pillows and blankets in the middle of the room on the
floor. Two dozen candles circled them, the only light in the room.

"About time." Emma said as she got to her feet. "We were worried you two
might keep at all night."

Prue had the grace to blush, and give Temper a soft smile. "We got a bit
carried away."

"We can see that." Phoebe told her watching them drip onto the attic floor.

"Hurry up." Emma coaxed them pulling them both to the comfortable pile. "In
less than twenty-five minutes the incubus strikes again, and I doubt the city
could survive that."

Prue dropped onto the blankets with her sisters while Temper just stood up
awkwardly, unsure what to do.

"Just stay in the center Temper." Emma ordered him. "The rest is up to the
girls. You're just a thermometer to make sure the spell works."

Around his feet the girls organized themselves.

"I get you Prue." Phoebe told her big sister. "Piper had enough chances at
you in high school. I want to try now."

Temper watched as a human triangle formed around him, the girls lying on
their sides. As Phoebe had said, she enthusiastically buried her face in her
sister's crotch, first licking her clean before digging her tongue into the
so recently cum filled hole. Prue herself had her face in Piper, sucking
out Temper's second load from her warm snatch. Piper in turn finished the
triangle as she nibbled at Phoebe.

His still hard cock bobbing up and down, he went to give it a few strokes,
but had his hand slapped away by Emma, who circled the quartet watching every
detail. "Just leave it alone Temper. No touching." She ordered him.

The show seemed to go on and on as Temper watched the girls digging into
each other with a gusto, moans of ecstasy mixed with loud slurps. Hands
reached out to caress whatever body part they could reach. Sometimes it
was the sister they were eating, other time it was a grateful caress to
the one eating them, and occasionally a soft pat on Temper's bare legs
in the center.

As had happened this afternoon downstairs in the livingroom Phoebe was the
first to cum. Letting out a loud muffled scream, muffled by Prue's pulsing
cunt, her body thrashed as her cunt opened up in Piper's talented mouth.

Temper felt himself shake in response to the girl's massive wave of pleasure,
almost as if he could feel it himself.

Phoebe's soft moaning set Prue off as she clenched her sister between her
thighs spraying her with her own and Temper's juices. Phoebe giggled happily
as she licked it all quickly up before going back for more.

This time Temper felt an actual presence during Prue's orgasm. He felt her
ecstasy wash over him and through the room. Briefly looking up he saw Emma
sitting down on the floor her pants down to her knees, her hands digging
away at her moist vagina.

And there, across the room a blurry outline of a figure could be seen. A
misty, roughly human shaped outline was beginning to take form.

With only Piper left Prue went at her sister like a starving wolf. Her tongue
pushing in, her lips pulling at the flaps of sensitive skin and the bud of
her clitoris, her head shaking back and forth, up and down, as she worked to
get her sister going.

When Piper finally stiffened Temper felt a flash of fire burst through his
body. It was like the spell that afternoon, but magnified exponentially. His
body trembled, his cock waving circles in the air, his testicles clenching
and unclenching beneath it. Letting out a roar he felt himself explode.

The first shot of cum went far over Emma's head, splashing on the attic wall,
the second hit her right in the face as she sat on the floor. Grasping hold
of his fire hose Temper aimed his cock down and let the next two shots wash
over Phoebe, then turning did the same to Prue, and finally Piper. Still he
came, squirting girls, as he awkwardly spun on the blanket, his knees
quaking, his feet getting caught in the folds.

Letting out a final dribble he collapsed to his knees then fell over among
the naked bodies around him. His breath coming in ragged pants, he forced
himself to sit up in the center of the girls as they disentangled themselves
from each other.

Looking over Emma, who was just beginning to recover herself, the blurry form
took shape. The incubus stood there, as hairy and animal looking as he had
last seen it in that one glimpse in the penthouse in Chicago. It looked at
the wet naked bodies before it appreciatively before locking eyes with
Temper. Whatever this thing was it was no animal, there was intelligence in
those eyes. Giving a nod of defeat to Temper it dissolved again back into
mist... then was gone.

"So that was an incubus." Phoebe said turning to Temper, her face and hair
plastered with sticky goo. "It looked like a satyr to me."

"I've been told that." Temper agreed as he tried to get his exhausted body
more comfortable. That was becoming difficult to do as he cock still stood as
stiff as a flagpole before him. "Do you have any idea how long this is going
to stay like this. Not that I don't like the action mind you, it'll just make
it really hard to put on a pair of pants?"

* * *

Two days later Temper finally found the remains of Albert Martinez. It was
hard to tell how long he'd been dead since he looked almost mummified. Though
who'd ever heard of a mummy with a big smile on its face. Emma guessed that
being used as a focus for so much sexual energy had been to much for poor
Albert. He'd been a bit of a prude at the best of time's but to have so much
go through him at once must have incredibly overloaded his body. At least the
incubus, wherever it was, wouldn't be hungry for awhile. Especially with that
last snack the Halliwell sister's had given it.

The End

So that's the end of the second tale in this series. I hadn't planned on
making it a series when I wrote "In the Buff", I just wanted to indulge my
Buffy fantasies, but it seems to be working all right. "Charmed" isn't quite
up to the quality of Buffy VS but it fits in the genre that I couldn't help
but use it. Anyway the idea of three sexy witch sisters living in San
Francisco kind of forces ideas into one head and out the other..

Next I'll leave WB for a bit and jump networks to go back to explore that
ending I had for "In the Buff".



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