Warning! This story contains graphic sexual content. Charmed and related
characters belong to Warner Brothers.

Charmed: Flesh and Blood Part 2 (f/f)
by JT ([email protected])

Prue wound her way through the streets of downtown Sacramento, looking for
the hotel where she was supposed to meet her new client... or, more
accurately, potential client. No papers had been signed... no commitments
made. Just an arrangement to meet and discuss the possibility. The traffic
on the interstate had been horrendous, and the otherwise ninety minute
trip had taken nearly two and a half hours. She was tired, starving, and
wanted nothing more than to go home and take a nice, hot bath... not drive
around the state with the meager hope that she might snare some business
for the auction house. Still, she had been asked for by name, and the
strange phone call, while cryptic, held the promise of money. It was an
offer she couldn't refuse.

She spotted what she thought was her street and turned left, hoping it was
the right way to the hotel. The streets all looked the same to her, and
with the fine mist threatening to become drizzle she was forced her to
flip on the wipers making it that much more difficult.

I wonder if there's a spell that can help me, Prue mused. She doubted it.
Her powers, while certainly impressive, didn't seem to have many practical
applications... at least not that she had figured out yet. Perhaps in time
she would learn the secrets of using her powers to the fullest, but for
now she fumbled in the darkness doing the best she could with what little
she understood about Wicca and the powers of witchcraft.

She spotted the ritzy hotel where her meeting was supposed to take place
and swerved her car over to the curb, climbing out and turning over her
keys to a fresh-faced valet in burgundy livery. The man seemed more
interested in the shortness of her black skirt than her car. Prue gave
him a flirtatious smile and headed inside.

The hotel restaurant was just off to the right of the lobby. Prue told the
host the name of the woman she was supposed to meet and he directed her to
a table in the corner where a blonde-haired woman was sipping a glass of
red wine. The woman appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties
and looked stunning in a navy blue dress that made Prue suddenly feel
trashy in her canary blouse and tight black skirt. She was also sure she
looked a mess after the long, taxing drive from San Francisco. Her instincts
told her to pop into the ladies room to at least freshen up but the blonde
spotted her approaching and offered an inviting smile. Prue sighed. She was

"Lauren McAlister?"

The woman's smile broadened. "Yes. Ms. Halliwell?"

"Prue, actually."

"Mmm... that's a lovely name. Please, have a seat."

"Thank you, Ms. McAlister," Prue said.

"Oh, please. Call me Lauren."

Prue smiled at the woman across the table. "All right... Lauren. I'm sorry
for being later. Traffic-"

The blonde dismissed her apology with a wave of a pale hand. "That's all
right. I do appreciate you making the drive up on such short notice."

"It was no trouble, really," Prue said.

Lauren giggled. "Liar. But thank you. I promise to make it worth your while."

Prue felt a rush of heat in her cheeks and was sure she was blushing. The
twinkle in the other woman's eyes reminded her of the look the valet had
given her. It suggested her potential client had a lot more in mind than
business... something that caught Prue completely off guard. Looking at
the way the blonde's thin lips curved into a smile made that prospect...
intriguing. The silence that followed was awkward and Prue wished her
powers could do something to save her from the uncomfortable moment. She
could always knock over the table.

"Wine?" Lauren asked.

Prue sighed in relief. "Yes, thank you." She watched as Lauren very
deliberately poured her a glass of wine. The woman had a grace that Prue
found enticing. Not a single move was wasted. It was like a well
choreographed dance... and all that just to pour her a glass of wine! Prue
found herself wondering if the woman was just as meticulous between the
sheets then just as quickly dismissed the thought. She was here on business
not to fall into bed with her client!

A waiter came over to take their order and Prue sipped her wine, watching,
mesmerized, as Lauren ordered from them. There was something about the
woman... an almost ethereal beauty radiating from that face... and Prue
found herself inexplicably drawn to Lauren's dazzling eyes, crooked smile.
She noticed that Lauren was looking at her quizzically and realized with
more than a little embarrassment that the waiter had left. She couldn't
help but wonder how long she had been staring.

"Shall we discuss business?" Lauren asked.

"Of course, " Prue said with relief. She was on solid footing discussing
business. "I understand you have some items you wished auctioned through
Buckland? Is that correct?"

"Not me, my employer, " Lauren said, taking a sip of wine. "But yes. She is
eager to rid herself of certain items."


Lauren smiled. "The items are very old, yes, and not without historical

"I'll need to inspect them before I can give you an estimate of their
*market* value, " Prue said. "Then we can put them on the block and-"

"There is plenty of time for that," Lauren said. "The purpose of this
meeting was to meet you face to face and see exactly with whom we are
dealing. Now that I have met you... and very much approve, " Lauren added,
grinning slyly, "I will arrange a meeting between you and my employer to
discuss the final details of the transaction."

Prue nodded cordially. The arrangement *was* rather unusual, but she had
instructions from her own employer to be accommodating... and she did
enjoy the company. Still, there was something off-kilter about the whole
thing though she couldn't put her finger on what that was.

"Well, " Prue said, "on behalf of Buckland auction house I'm here to help
you in any way I can."

Lauren smiled. "Mmmm... how delightful."

Their dinner arrived in the nick of time and Prue luxuriated in the
culinary delights. Even Piper would have been impressed! Halfway through
dinner Lauren ordered a second bottle of wine and the two of the chatted
amicably about the benefits of living in San Francisco versus living in
Sacramento, music, the arts, classic literature. Lauren proved to be a
well-read, aristocratic woman with considerable class. Prue found herself
drawn more and more to this woman she had just met, thoroughly enchanted
by Lauren's voice... smile... eyes... and, as the evening progressed and
the wine disappeared, Lauren's body. The other woman's dress allowed her
a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and her gaze drifted to the other woman's
breasts more than once during their meal. As the evening wore one, she
wondered more and more how those breasts would feel in her hands.

Prue checked her watch and was shocked to learn how late it was. Between
the hour and the amount of wine she'd had there was no way she could
possibly drive back to San Francisco. She said as much and Lauren smiled

"I'm staying here at the hotel," Lauren told her. "I'll fix us a nightcap
and you can call the front desk and see about getting a room for the night."

"Sounds like a plan," Prue said. She pushed herself up from the table and
followed Lauren to the elevator, glancing down more than once to ogle the
other woman's shapely bottom. The dress Lauren wore was more like a second
skin, showing off every curve of the woman's body from nicely rounded hips
to wonderfully plump breasts. Prue noticed more than a few heads turning
in their direction as Lauren breezed through the lobby to the elevators.
The blonde tossed her an over the shoulder smile then pressed the up button,
standing so close to her now that their bodies were practically touching.
Prue swallowed hard, feeling the wine and Lauren's perfume going right to
her head. She was actually grateful when a man wearing an Armani suit
walked up and waited with them.

The elevator arrived with a soft ping and the three of them climbed in.
Prue watched the man press the button for the third floor then step aside
to let Lauren push the button for the ninth floor. She felt suffocated.
The elevator seemed unbearably warm and the air was so thick with sexual
tension it was impossible to breathe. Her nerves were tattered, her head
spinning, and when the car stopped and the doors opened to the third floor
Prue nearly bolted... gasping for breath... ready to leave and never look
back. The man hurried off to his room and the doors closed behind him. He
was no sooner gone and the elevator on its way when Prue found herself
pinned against the back wall, Lauren's mouth hungrily devouring her own.
The other woman's tongue thrust hotly into her mouth and Prue grunted
under the strain, cradling Lauren's head tightly in her arms as the woman's
lips met hers in a blazing, desperate kiss. Hands moved over her body at
a furious pace, fondling her breasts for a few glorious moments before
moving lower... much lower, sliding under her skirt. Fingers pressed into
her slit through the damp front of her panties, furiously rubbing her pussy
lips. Prue hooked her leg around Lauren's thigh and felt herself being
lifted up slightly as the other woman's fingers busily played with her cunt.

"I don't think you'll be needing your own room, " Lauren whispered huskily
into her ear.

"No... I don't think... Oh God!" Prue whimpered pitifully as Lauren's
fingers found her erect clit and massaged it through her soaked panties.
Her skin felt like it was being pricked by a million little pins. Then the
woman's other hand covered her breast, squeezing it, the combination
sending ripples of pleasure through her body.

Lauren laughed, voice barely above a whisper. "I just couldn't wait to get
my hands on you... it's all I thought about through dinner. Kissing you...
holding you... fucking you. I pretended each sip of wine was a drink from
your pussy. I want you, Prue. Do you want me?"

"Yes... " Prue breathed. There could be no other answer. Not now. Not with
Lauren's fingers rubbing her cunt. The hunger within burned a hole in her
belly, making her desperate with need. "Yes... I want you."

The elevator jerked to a stop. Lauren gave her nipple a playful tweak then
pulled away just before the doors opened, leaving her sweaty and panting
for breath in an elevator that smelled strongly of sex. Prue smoothed out
her rumpled blouse and tugged her skirt back into place before following
the blonde down the carpeted hallway to the suite at the end. Her legs felt
weak. Her pussy throbbed excitedly. There was no way Lauren could get the
door opened fast enough.

Prue admired the posh hotel suite for the few moments it took Lauren to
lock the door then found herself in the other woman's arms again, the hands
racing frantically over her body continuing what had been started in the
elevator. Her legs turned to rubber underneath her as Lauren's hands slipped
under the back of her skirt and clutched her ass, squeezing the firm rounds
of her cheeks.

"Lauren..." Prue sighed impatiently.

"Mmmm... I'm going to eat you alive, " Lauren sighed.

"No... Lauren... I had a little too much wine. I need to use the bathroom."

Lauren ground a thigh into her crotch until she whimpered then released
her from that iron grip as if proclaiming victory. "Hurry back, lover. I
wouldn't want to start without you."

Prue stared intently into Lauren's eyes as she reached down between the
other woman's long, muscular legs to squeeze the damp mound she discovered
there. "Don't you dare. I'll be back in a minute." She held Lauren's warm
pussy in her hand for a long moment, the feel of it making her heart pound
wildly. It took all the effort she could muster to pull away.

"I'll be waiting," Lauren said.

Prue slipped into the bathroom and closed the door, relieving the urgent
need that had brought her there. She considered her appearance in the
mirror, cheeks flushed dark red, hair disheveled. It was the reflection
of a woman deeply aroused. The image excited her. She ran cold water from
the faucet and splashed it on her face... and a few other select places,
freshening herself up for what she expected would be a long, pleasurable
night ahead. Giving her reflection one final look, Prue headed out of the
bathroom. The sight that greeted her made her pussy twitch excitedly.

The lights had been dimmed giving the room a cozy, romantic feel, but it
was seeing Lauren sprawled across the bed, completely naked, a hand lazily
fingering the swollen folds of a hairless and very wet cunt that had Prue's
undivided attention. She sucked in a sharp breath and released it slowly.
The woman was exquisite, well-toned body curved in all the right places.
The dress had not done that body justice. Lauren had perfectly shaped
breasts capped with erect nipples that just begged to be sucked, and
muscular thighs that Prue could easily see wrapped around her head as she
lapped hungrily at the other woman's pussy. Lauren caught her appraising
stare and smiled at her.

"One of us is overdressed for the occasion," Lauren said. "Fix that."

Prue stepped out of her shoes then slowly did undid the buttons of her
blouse, shrugging it off her shoulders so Lauren could see her bra-covered
breasts. Her new lover murmured in quiet approval, hands making tiny circles
around that shaved pussy as Prue reached back and unhooked her bra. It fell
to the floor, baring her breasts to the other woman's hungry eyes. The look
of sheer desire in the other woman's gaze almost knocked her to the floor
where her bra had landed a moment before. She unfastened her skirt and let
it pool around her feet, leaving her with nothing on but her soaking wet
panties. Lauren's eyes went wide in anticipation as Prue slowly pushed
those panties down over her hips to reveal her dark bush. The other woman's
smile turned wolfish.

"How beautiful you are, " Lauren said. "Come here you sweet thing, you."

Prue nodded in compliance. She crawled into bed, snuggling into Lauren's
waiting arms. The feel of other woman's warm, naked flesh pressed tightly
against her set off tiny explosive charges in her body... flashes of heat,
stinging pleasantly, making her sweat with anxious need. Hands moved over
her body, caressing her, tracing her own curves. Prue wedged her knee
between Lauren's thighs, feeling the wetness there... feeling it against
her bare skin. Their bodies moved to a steadily increasing rhythm, hips
rocking back and forth as mouths fed on one another... slowly... sensuously.
Prue covered Lauren's body with her own, liking the feel of that sweaty
flesh underneath her as Lauren writhed in delight. She slowly moved her
mouth down Lauren's neck, across a slim shoulder and back again. The other
woman's skin was sweet, like orange blossom, and just a little bit salty.
It was a delicious combination and she couldn't get enough. Her nibbling
kisses moved further down, over Lauren's breast to tease a nipple with
rapid flicks of her tongue.

"Oh... yes, " Lauren sighed. Fingers raked through her hair, clutching her
against a heaving bosom. "Suck me... suck me hard."

Prue took a nipple between her teeth and bit down gently, just a nip, and
her lover cried out for more. She moved from one breast to the other,
sucking them... licking them... feasting on the succulent mounds. The
nipples grew even harder in her mouth, becoming rubbery like stubby erasers,
and she suckled them lovingly while her tongue circled the very tip. Lauren

"Prue... Prue... that's it, baby. Yes... just like that. So good... so

Prue moved up to lavish Lauren's throat with hungry, opened-mouth kisses,
pressing her lips to that smooth flesh. She wanted to explore every exposed
inch of the other woman's body, savor it... memorize it. Her lover had
other plans. Lauren rolled them both over and Prue found herself staring
up into dark eyes filled with longing. The look that flickered over the
other woman's face made her shudder. Lips found hers and kissed her deeply
as urgent hands moved down her body. Lauren covered her face with kisses...
her eyes... her nose... her chin... nothing was denied the touch of those
sweet lips. She moaned softly, her need growing, and Lauren captured her
mouth again, sliding a hot tongue over her own.

"Lauren," Prue muttered between kisses. "You're driving me crazy!"

"That's the idea, " Lauren laughed. The other woman began kissing a lazy
trail down her body, moving across her throat to lick playfully in the
valley between her breasts. Prue groaned impatiently. Her new lover seemed
intent on torturing her and the agony was delicious. Lauren circled her
breasts with long strokes of that glorious tongue before lips closed around
her nipple and sucked it.

"Oh! Yes!" Prue cried out sharply, arching off the bed as Lauren sucked her
teats with a voracious hunger. The woman moved quickly from one to the other
then pushed them together to suck both nipples at once. Prue rolled her
head lazily from side to side, reveling in the sensations that washed over
her as Lauren kissed and fondled her breasts. Her lover was a delight... as
she knew Lauren would be... and she gave herself to the other woman's
caresses... surrendering to the pleasure that flooded her being.

Lauren began the long trip down her body, the kisses that had so delighted
her breasts now moving across her belly. Each touch of those soft, wet lips
sent flames of desire blazing across her flesh, her body a scorched shell
of its former self as Lauren inched closer to the very different kind of
heat between her legs... the wet heat that became the focal point of all
that was Prudence Halliwell. She spread her thighs wide and Lauren settled
between them, covering her slit with loving kisses.

"Lauren... Lauren..." Prue muttered the name over and over, that single
word drooling from her lips as Lauren's tongue gently slipped between her
silken folds, probing the depths of her hot, wet cunt. Her new lover teased
the walls of her clenching pussy, stroking her to the brink of climax then
yanking her back from the precipice before she could tumble into the bliss
that beckoned her. Each time she neared orgasm was more intense than the
one before and Prue thought for sure her body would explode under the
pressure. Her clit felt as if it had swelled to three times its size,
pulsing to a manic beat as Lauren's tongue wiggled inside her without so
much as teasing the hardened nub. Prue reached down, desperate to relieve
the throbbing ache, but Lauren batted her hand aside before she could touch
her clit.

"Mine," Lauren growled.

Prue whimpered piteously, begging her lover to acknowledge the center of
her passion. But Lauren continued to play with her, taking her up and down
with maddeningly slow strokes of that wicked tongue. She felt like a yo-yo
wrapped around Lauren's finger... spinning... forever spinning, not going
anywhere, just dangling helplessly in midair. Her gut wrenching moans filled
the room, deep and resonant, and just when Prue didn't think she could
tolerate another moment of agony Lauren's mouth descended on her aching
clitoris and sucked it with ravenous hunger. The orgasm rushed through her
in a massive, violent, almost painful surge. Prue howled in ecstasy, her
entire body arching off the bed as Lauren sucked her clit with all the vigor
of a child trying to drink a milkshake through a plastic straw. Her toes
curled in protest as Lauren sucked her to one racking climax after another,
leaving her gasping for breath long after the last ripple of pleasure
fizzled away.

"Oh... God," Prue sighed.

Lauren laughed, nibbling playfully at her belly. The kisses became more
incessant, moving across her midriff then up to nip her breast. Prue looked
down to find Lauren staring up at her, smiling wickedly through a mouthful
of nipple. She grabbed the other woman's shoulders and pulled Lauren on top
of her, soundly kissing that lush mouth as their legs intertwined. Her hands
moved effortlessly up and down Lauren's back in long strokes, massaging the
sinewy muscles. Lauren arched back, offering her a breast. Prue wasted no
time taking the nipple into her mouth, sucking it ardently as Lauren rubbed
against her.

"Yes, Prue... take me now," Lauren whispered. Her lover crawled forward to
straddle her face, planting muscular thighs on either side of her head.
Prue looked up and trembled excitedly as she took in the heavenly sight
that was Lauren's hairless pussy. The soft, pink folds glistened with honey
and her lover's clit was extended, just begging to be sucked. She clutched
the other woman's ass and pulled that hot, juicy cunt onto her mouth,
burrowing her tongue deep in Lauren's desire. Her lover bucked against her,
humping her face, thrusting that wet heat onto her mouth. The woman was
delicious and Prue lost herself in the spicy-sweet taste of Lauren's cunt.
Her appetite for the woman's pussy could never be sated. The heat of
Lauren's sex completely enveloped her face and Prue thought she would
suffocate, the prospect of dying with her face in Lauren's cunt not entirely
unpleasant. She swirled her tongue between the puffy red netherlips, hands
clawing at Lauren's ass, holding the other woman tight against her. Her
tongue grazed a particularly sensitive spot and Lauren cried out, bouncing
excitedly on her face, riding her. Prue worked the delicate area with long,
hard strokes of her tongue, licking faster and faster to keep up with her
lover's frantic pace.

"Yes! Yes! That's it, baby. Lick me... do it... make me come all over that
pretty little face."

Prue circled Lauren's clit with her tongue then took the protruding shaft
into her mouth and sucked it. Her lover shrieked, a high-pitched caterwaul
loud enough to wake the dead, and Prue found herself drowning in the other
woman's pleasure... the sticky syrup dribbling down her chin as Lauren came.
The other woman's pussy clenched excitedly around her face, muscles
contracting in the throes of a heaving orgasm. It was all Prue could do to
keep up with the flow of sweet juices that poured over her, licking and
sucking up every drop until Lauren flopped down beside her with an exhausted
sigh. She held the other woman's trembling body in her arms, lazily stroking
the round of Lauren's bottom.

"You feel nice," Prue murmured.

Lauren kissed her breast. "So do you. The moment I laid eyes on you I knew
you'd be a wonderful lover. There's just something about you that I find...
exhilarating." The woman looked up at her, eyes alight with mischief. Prue's
breath caught in her throat. Lauren was so beautiful... so sensual... so
damned sexy. It made her insides flutter. The other woman's lips touched
hers in a gentle kiss that quickly blossomed into something much deeper...
more passionate, their tongues waging a furious battle. Prue felt her arms
being lifted above her head and before she knew it Lauren was tying her
wrist to the headboard with a blood red handkerchief.

"What are you doing?" Prue gasped.

"Shhh... just relax."


"You'll love it," Lauren said, in a tone that brooked no argument. The
uneasy feeling that came over Prue vanished in a haze of passion as
Lauren's naked body slid over hers to secure her other wrist to the
headboard. Her lover pulled back, a wicked smile tugging at the corners of
that lush mouth. Prue tested the bonds that restrained her and found them
secure. Even with her powers there was no way she could get free of them
on her own. The sudden feeling of helplessness frightened her... and
excited her. Her lover ran the tip of a wayward finger down her chest,
making lazy circles around her nipple. Prue sighed.

"Does that feel good, hmmm?" Lauren purred.

"Yes... " Prue sighed. "Yes... " Lauren's finger moved lower still, tracing
the shape of her outer lips. She fought the restraints around her wrists,
arching off the bed as the other woman's finger teased her cunt. Her new
lover drew figure-eights against her slit, stroking her lightly without
going inside. It was driving her crazy! Lauren's finger moved up and down
the length of her cleft, massaging her cuntlips.

"Do you want me inside you?"

"Please... please yes..." Prue breathed in short, ragged gasps, chest
rising and falling to an increasing rhythm as her lover rubbed harder...
faster... the pads of two fingers pressing into her slit... teasing her
cruelly... and then Lauren was inside her, pumping in and our of her cunt
at a rapid pace. Prue bucked against the fingers thrusting into her,
pulling on the handkerchiefs that immobilized her hands, twisting...
struggling. It was no use. The sudden pressure in her belly threatened to
burst like an over-inflated balloon and she thrashed about wildly as
Lauren pushed her closer and closer to orgasm, not easing up this time,
not letting it build up slowly but instead bringing her to a fast and
furious climax that ripped through her pulsing cunt like an erupting
geyser. Prue screamed her release, heaving forward as far as the restraints
would allow before sagging back against the mattress with an incredulous
gasp, her body now entirely drained of energy. Lauren snuggled against her,
one arm draped over her belly, head resting tiredly on her chest.

"I wish I could be with you like this forever," Lauren muttered sleepily.

"Mmm... I don't think my arms could take it," Prue laughed. "You'd better
untie me before they fall off." Lauren made no move to do so, nuzzling her
breast lovingly. The moments dragged on and Prue's initial amusement turned
sour. "Lauren... I'm serious. I can't stay tied up all night. Let me go."

"I can't," Lauren whispered.

"Lauren!" Prue yelled. "This isn't funny. Untie me, damn it!"

"I'm sorry."

Prue swallowed the lump of anxiety that formed in the back of her throat
and tried to focus. Her screams would fall on deaf ears, dismissed as cries
of passion after all that had gone on so far. There had to be a way to use
her powers to get out of this! She closed her, deep in concentration,
trying to harness the spiritual energy within and finding only emptiness
where her powers once existed.

The room suddenly grew cold and a shadow fell over her. Prue found her
gaze drifting upwards and she gasped at what she saw above her. In the
middle of the ceiling a dark, ominous shadow was contorting into various
shapes before spreading out to form the silhouette of a woman.

"What the hell is that?"

"My employer," Lauren said.

To be continued...


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