Warning! This contains graphis sexual content. Charmed and related characters
belong to the WB.

Charmed: Flesh and Blood Part 3 (f/f,inc)
by JT ([email protected])

Phoebe woke up in a pool of cold sweat, gasping desperately for breath, and
for a terrifying moment didn't know where she was... didn't recognize the
room that surrounded her. The darkness seemed to be closing in, squeezing
the life out of her. She wanted to scream, break the silence, but the
blackness that enveloped her held her so tightly in its grasp that it kept
the sound from escaping. Her body trembled with inexplicable fear and she
felt the life draining from her body... slipping away into the nothingness.

The familiar walls of her bedroom slowly came into focus. Phoebe could at
last make out the shapes of the furniture in the darkness and sighed her
relief, the tension quietly subsiding. She felt the touch of warm flesh in
her bed and panic again reared its ugly head, then she remembered...
remembered taking Piper into her arms... remembered kissing that soft
mouth... remembered making love to her sister until they fell asleep in
each other's arms.

It seemed like those events had happened a lifetime ago... to someone else,
in a dream... but a glance at the clock told her she had only been asleep
for a couple of hours and the warm body snuggled up behind her confirmed
that it had all been real and had indeed happened to her and not some
faceless wraith. Hands slid over her waist and Piper spooned even tighter
against her, kissing the nape of her neck.

"Phoebe, honey, are you all right?" Piper yawned.

"I'm not sure," Phoebe said.

Piper hugged her. "Awww... did you have a bad dream, sweetie? Poor little
sister. Go back to sleep."

"I think Prue is in trouble."

"Did you have a vision?"

"No... not exactly," Phoebe said. "I just have this overwhelming sense that
something is wrong... very, very wrong." She sighed with the frustration
that she couldn't articulate the feeling of dread that worried her, arching
back against Piper's body to enjoy the feel of the other woman's breasts
pressed against her back... enjoying the feel of her sister's arms holding
her. It was more than adequate compensation for the concern that plagued her
mind. "I don't know. Maybe I just have an old-fashioned case of the creeps."

"Mmmm... let me take your mind off it, then," Piper whispered seductively.

Phoebe moaned softly as her sister's hand moved up her naked body to cup a
breast, kneading the supple flesh as lips planted tender kiss across her
shoulder. It was still hard to believe that she had taken her sister as a
lover... and yet it felt so good to have Piper's hands touching her bare
flesh. Part of her had feared that after the initial flare of passion reason
would prevail and the heat they had shared would become taboo, never to be
spoken of again, but she found no regrets in her sisters caresses... only
sweet pleasure.

"Piper," Phoebe muttered. "Ohh... that is so good."

"You feel wonderful in my hands," Piper muttered. "I can't keep them off

Phoebe whimpered softly. How she wanted this woman! Her sister's fingers
captured a nipple and rolled it to stiff erection, playfully tugging the
little nubbin of rubbery skin. There was a sureness in her sister's touch
that made her tremble excitedly.

The kisses moved up her shoulder to her neck again, and the feel of those
soft, wet lips against her skin made Phoebe quiver. Her body was so alive...
her mind so open. Her skin was sensitive to even the most delicate sensation
and her sister seemed to know that, swirling that capable tongue against her
flesh. She felt the wetness of Piper's cunt teasing her buttocks and she
ground her ass against it. Her sister moaned softly.

"Naughty little witch," Piper muttered.

"Mmmm," Phoebe purred. "What are you going to do about?"

"I'm going to eat you, my pretty," Piper said, "and your little dog, too."

"Is that what you call it? I always called it my pussy."

"Work with me, Phoebes," Piper teased.

Phoebe laughed softly, wiggling in her sister's embrace as Piper began
kissing down her back. Each touch of the other woman's lips against her
flesh made her entire body tingle and her cunt that much wetter. She longed
to feel he sister's tongue inside her pussy, and from the way Piper moved
down her back Phoebe knew she wouldn't have to wait long before that wish
became a reality. The touch of hands on her ass made Phoebe jump softly but
then Piper was kissing the small of her back, reassuring her that it would
be all right and she relaxed again, giving herself over to the pleasure as
the other woman's tongue teased the puckered opening of her anus. No one
had ever taken her there and the very thought that her sister was about to
deflower her virgin asshole made her shiver in delight. Phoebe moaned under
the ripples of her pleasure her sister elicited as that glorious tongue
flicked wildly insider her, circling the rim of her anus before poking
deeper inside.

"Piper... oh, God Piper that is the best... " Phoebe bit down on her lower
lip, face crinkled in ecstasy as her sister tongue-fucked her asshole. Her
pussy was dripping with honey and her clit throbbed to a manic beat but for
now Piper was only interested in the tight opening between her cheeks. She
waved her ass in Piper's face, begging for more, and her sister obliged...
slipping a finger into her ass and working it in and out slowly. The
pleasure was exquisite. Phoebe bucked against her sister's finger, wanting
it deeper... harder... faster... but Piper kept the rhythm slow and steady,
letting the pressure against her mons build to an intolerable level. Then
Piper slowly licked from her ass to her cunt, slipping that busy tongue
between the puffy red folds of her pussy. Her sister never stopped wiggling
the finger up her ass. Phoebe moaned deeply. She was being attacked on two
fronts and her defenses were crumbling. The orgasm swelled in her belly
until she could no longer contain it and she cried out, flopping helplessly
on the bed as Piper summoned the climax from her like exorcising a demon.
It was fast and furious and left her gasping for breath. She collapsed
face-first into the pillow, turning to the side to gulp in mouthfuls of air.
Piper crawled up beside her, looking at her fondly as hands brushed errant
tendrils of hair away from her face.

"You are so pretty," Piper whispered.

Phoebe leaned forward and snared her sister's mouth in a passionate kiss.
She could taste herself on the other woman's lips and the combination of her
own juices and Piper's sweet flesh made her dizzy with need. "Is it breaking
some rule for me to love you?"

"Sisters have been known to love each other," Piper said, grinning. "Well,
so I've heard."

"You know what I mean."

"Yes... I know what you mean." Piper seemed to consider the issue for a
moment then nodded, the decision made. "I think the connection between us
runs deep... emotionally... spiritually... now sexually. We can try to make
sense out of it or we can do what we feel in our hearts."

Phoebe reached up and stroked Piper's cheek with the back of her hand,
relishing the feel of the soft skin. "My heart tells me I want you." Her
sister captured her hand and kissed it, lovingly, then took a finger into
her mouth and sucked it. The other woman's lips were soft and warm and wet
as Piper swallowed her finger and ran a tongue over the tip. Phoebe grunted
hungrily... wanting Piper more than ever.

She pushed her sister back and straddled Piper on all fours, staring down
into those mischievous eyes for a long moment before bending down and kissing
that hungry mouth. Her sister returned the kiss with equal fervor, sending
wanton hands racing furiously down her back... the passion overwhelming them
both... again.

Phoebe kissed her way to a breast and took the nipple that topped it into
her mouth, sucking the plump little nub until she felt it stiffen. Then she
moved to the other one, repeating her actions, alternating back and forth
until both of her sister's lovely breasts glistened with her spittle.
Piper's little squeaks of pleasure drove her wild with desire and she all
but roared when the other woman's fingernails dug into the flesh of her rump
and pulled her close.

"Phoebe... Phoebe... yes... take me..."

Phoebe nipped at the other woman's breasts, leaving tiny love-bites across
the smooth flesh as a reminder of their passion. Her sister moaned with
ever-deepening need, thrashing wildly underneath her as she seized a nipple
between her teeth and nibbled it like a goldfish gobbling up flakes of food
in its tank. The hands on her ass became urgent... insistent... letting her
know the time for playful teasing had long since passed. Her sister wanted
it... now... and she was more than willing to humor her lover.

Phoebe moved down Piper's midriff with a series of nibbling kisses that made
her sister groan longingly the close she got the heat of Piper's sex. She
reached down and parted the other woman's legs, settling comfortably in the
space she created. The musky scent of her sister's cunt was thick in the air
and her mouth watered at the prospect of tasting that sweetness on her lips
again. Memories of their last round of lovemaking flooded her mind and she
whimpered just thinking of the pleasure they had shared.

She spread the juicy netherlips with her fingers and flicked her tongue
against Piper's clit, making her sister gasp. There was pure wanting in that
gasp and Phoebe shivered knowing she could make her sister feel like that.
She dropped her face between the other woman's legs and feasted on that hot,
wet, pussy, licking... sucking... probing with her tongue. She left no stone
unturned, flicking her tongue wildly inside the velvet walls that lined her
sister's cunt.

Piper arched and writhed on the bed, squealing like a trapped pig as Phoebe
lapped hungrily at those succulent folds. The sweet syrup flowed in rivulets
and she sucked them up and Piper right along with them, taking what wanted...
giving all she had. Her sister bucked against her, thrusting that pussy hard
again her mouth. She slid her hands under Piper's ass and lifted her sister's
cunt to her lips, devouring the tender flesh in gluttonous mouthfuls.

"Phoebe... mmmm... ohh... Phoebe... yes! yes!" The muscles in her sisters
cunt began to contract violently and Phoebe latched on to Piper's clit,
sucking her lover to a rollicking climax that left her drenched in the other
woman's pleasure. She continued licking the pulsing flesh, slowing... easing
her sister back from the precipice until Piper was almost breathing normally
again. It was only then that she stopped and returned to the warmth of
Piper's embrace.

Her sister welcomed her eagerly, wrapping her in sweaty arms. She snuggled
close and sighed contentedly, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"You know something?" Phoebe mused. "We never did have dinner."

Piper laughed. "No... we didn't! Are you hungry? I could fix us a snack."

"That sounds good, " Phoebe said. She gave her sister a pinch. "Race you to
the kitchen!"

Piper shrieked with laughter, chasing after her as she ran downstairs to the
kitchen, naked. She opened the fridge and scanned the contents, feeling her
sister coming up behind her, loving arms circling her body. Phoebe leaned
back into the embrace.

"How's it look?"

Piper rubbed up against her. "Looks great from back here."

"Mmmm... feels good, too, " Phoebe said. "But I was referring to the food
situation, Madame Chef. I need to replenish my energy reserves!"

Piper giggled. "Then you can go all night, huh?"

"You bet," Phoebe said.

"How about a three cheese omelet?"

"We have three cheeses?"


Phoebe laughed. "Sounds delicious... and mushrooms, too?"

"You got it," Piper said.

Phoebe sighed as her sister's hand moved down between her legs to squeeze
her mound. She found herself moving to a lazy rhythm, like dancing without
music as Piper stroked her cunt. "I thought we were going to have a snack."

"I am," Piper whispered.

"Then don't let me stop you," Phoebe whispered. Her sister slipped a finger
into her cunt and wiggled it, turning her body into one massive conduit for
pleasure. She felt her legs give out and leaned forward against the frame of
the refrigerator for support as Piper fingered her from behind, bringing her
to a swift and satisfying climax with only a few well-directed strokes.
Phoebe sighed.

"Worked up an appetite?" Piper chided.

"Yes! Now feed me!"

Piper swatted her playfully on the ass. "All right, all right. Shoo! It's
your own damn fault for being so irresistible."

Phoebe yanked Piper into her arms and kissed her sister fiercely on the
mouth. Her sister pulled back, panting, a look of pleasant surprise on that
beautiful face. "I wasn't complaining."

Piper shuddered visibly. "Let's hurry up and eat so we can go back to bed."

"Oh, yeah," Phoebe said. The phone rang.

"Now who the hell is that?"

"I'll get it," Phoebe said. "You cook."

"Yes, ma'am!"

Phoebe laughed, padding across the room to answer the phone. It was after
midnight and she hope the person calling had a damn good reason for
interrupting her plans to throw Piper on the kitchen table and fuck her
sister blind. "Hello?"

The silence that followed sent a shiver up her back and she knew then
something was wrong.

"If you want to see your sister again, you'll do exactly as I tell you," a
woman's voice said.

Phoebe swallowed hard. "I'm listening."

To be continued...


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