Charmed: Friday Night At The P3 (M+F+, orgy, inter, bukakke)
by Bob Decker ([email protected])

Business at the P3 had been slow for the past month and Piper was trying to
figure how she was going to pay the utility bills and wages. She shook her
head in despair as she looked at the pile of papers before her and she knew
that if she didn't find the cash somewhere she'd have to shut P3 down, this
time for good.

A commotion out front disturbed her thoughts and she got up to look out of
the window of her office. A crowd had gathered outside the club. Strange, she
thought, opening time was still thirty minutes away and she already had a
full house! She ran out of the office and into the club. Prue and Phoebe were
already there both looking out of a window.

"Do you know what's going on?" she asked her sisters.

Prue shrugged. "Guess all the guys in San Francisco have decided to come to
party here."

"All the guys?" Piper asked peeking out of the window and realizing that Prue
was right. Not a single woman was in sight, only men. "Andrea," she called to
the bartender, "did you take a reservation for a bachelor party?"

Andrea shook her head, "No Piper, no-one called all week."

Suddenly the crowd outside began chanting, "Let us in ... Let us in ... Let
us in."

"What the hell's going on," Prue said beginning to suspect that this was some
sort of demonic trick.

Phoebe had a sheepish look on her face as she moved away from the window and
towards the back of the club. Both Piper and Prue noticed that strange look
and they called out in unison, "Phoebe!"

"Errrr .. uhm," Phoebe stammered, "I'm feeling a bit tired ... I'd better go
home now."

Prue walked towards her sister menacingly, "What have you done now?" she
asked her in a stern voice.

Phoebe looked at Prue then at Piper, who had crossed her arms and was tapping
her foot against the floor which meant she was getting angry, then back at
Prue who now stood before her.

"I was only trying to help Piper," she said plaintively lowering her eyes so
as not to meet her elder sister's fiery gaze.

"And what did you do to help Piper?" Prue asked.

Phoebe didn't reply. Instead she reached into the back pocket of her lowrider
jeans and took out a page of a newspaper which she handed over to Prue.

Prue looked it over for a few seconds before she noticed the small ad in the
lower corner of the page.

There was a photo of herself and her two sisters and the text :

"Have fun at the P3 - have fun with the Halliwell sisters Orgies every Friday
night - cum at the P3!"

Prue was speechless for a moment as Piper looked over her shoulder at the ad.
Finally she sputtered, "Wha ... what the ... what the hell got into you? What
the fuck have you done?"

Phoebe was blushing a deep shade of scarlet. "I just meant to help get
business going again .. I meant it to be funny .. there was even some
disclaimer text at the bottom of the ad."

"I can't see any disclaimer here," Prue shouted waving the paper under
Phoebe's nose.

"They must have forgotten to put it in," Phoebe said in a very meek voice.

Outside the noise from the crowd had risen and they were chanting, "Orgies ..
Orgies .. we want orgies!" and some of them were pushing at the door of the

"Now what do we tell those people out there you hare-brained idiot?" Prue

"Maybe I should freeze them ...?" Piper asked "...and ..."

"... and what?" Prue said, "you'll make them disappear after you freeze them?
How will you explain to a hundred horny guys how they just happened to appear
in another place without them knowing it? Do you just want to blow our cover
because Phoebe seems to have gone totally stark raving mad!?"

The crowd pushing at the door was getting more insistent, the chants louder.
Suddenly the locks gave and the crowd surged into the club. As soon as they
saw the three sisters standing in the middle of the dance floor they broke
out in catcalls and wolf whistles, cheers and lewd comments. Piper raised her
hands and froze the whole lot. Silence descended on the P3 as the everyone
except the Halliwells froze.

"Now what?" Phoebe asked.

Prue looked around at the guys that had been temporarily turned into statues
by Piper's power. Most were good looking, in their twenties and thirties.
Prue's green eyes glowed in the subdued lighting of the P3.

"There's only one way to get out of this without exposing our powers," Prue

Piper and Phoebe looked at Prue then at each other as they realized what she

"No way," Phoebe gasped and Piper echoed her.

"It was your idea Phoebe, now you have to stick with it." Phoebe was already
back pedalling towards the rear exit but Prue used her telekinetic power to
throw several chairs and tables against it, effectively blocking Phoebe's
escape route. "Don't even think about leaving Phoebe," Prue ordered, "I am
willing to sacrifice myself to keep our powers secret and you and Piper are
going to have to do the same."

"It's so easy for you to say," Piper said, "because you're not seeing anyone.
I'm in love with Leo and Phoebe has Cole. How can you ask us to do this?"

"Unless you have a better idea on how to get out of this situation we'd
better just get it over with," Prue told her.

Piper thought for a few seconds but didn't come up with anything that would
solve their problem so she relented especially after she looked at some of
the guys and thought they looked real cute.

"Ok, whenever you're ready unfreeze them," Prue told Piper.

Piper flicked her hands again and the statues came to life and the noise in
the club rose by several decibels. Andrea the bartender too had been
frozen ... now she called out in a panicked voice, "Piper shall I call 911?"

"No Andrea, there's no need. You may leave if you want to. We'll deal with
this ourselves."

Prue raised her voice so that the crowd would hear her and shouted, "Ok guys,
let's do this properly so that everyone gets to enjoy himself." The men
quieted down and listened to her instructions. "All you guys on this side get
my sister Phoebe," she turned around and grabbed Phoebe's arm and dragged her

Phoebe shuffled forward and smiled awkwardly, "Hi guys."

"Hi Phoebe!" they shouted back in unison, (there were some who shouted "Hi
bitch!" and "Hi slut!") and she blushed an even deeper shade of scarlet as
around thirty pairs of eyes looked up and down her sexy body.

Prue continued, "You guys on the right get my other sister Piper." Piper
gulped, but she stepped forward without any prompting from Prue.

"Hi Piper!" they said.

"The rest of you can have me - I'm Prue!" This announcement was met with
the loudest sounds of approval as they took in her beautiful face, high
cheekbones and green eyes. However most of them weren't looking at her
face ... their eyes were drawn to her chest. She was wearing a simple
white t-shirt that did nothing to hide her large breasts and the fact that
she rarely wore a bra meant her hard nipples were quite visible pushing
against the t-shirt's thin material. As they moved closer to her, most of
the men had already pulled out their stiff cocks from their pants. Prue
suddenly realized that she might have made a mistake and that she and her
sisters were about to be gang raped but it was too late to back off.
Nothing would stop these guys now except if she were to use her powers and
she just couldn't do that against human beings. So she resigned herself to
her fate and let herself be swept into the arms of the men who surrounded her
and began kissing her, grabbing her breasts and butt and caressing every part
of her body.

The same thoughts passed through Phoebe's and Piper's heads and they too
came to the same conclusion and in a matter of seconds they found themselves
lying on the dance floor totally naked, their clothes ripped off by the
sex-crazed men.

A few guys who couldn't push through the crowd around each of the three
sisters spotted Andrea the bartender who had stayed behind the counter a
shocked look on her face. Seeing that they couldn't get the Halliwell's as
advertised they might just as well get any pussy that was available so they
surrounded her, pulled her out from behind the counter - she screamed loudly
but this seemed to excite them further - and laid her down on the bartop as
they stripped her and began to probe her every orifice. One of them climbed
up next to her, turned her over onto her knees and proceeded to fuck her
doggy style. Her protests died down when her mouth was stuffed full of cock
and she resigned herself to the reaming she was getting. Being employed by
the Halliwell's meant she got to see some strange stuff ... today was one
of those days!

Back on the dance floor, Prue too had been stripped stark naked - her t-shirt
having offered very little resistance and her tight jeans had literally been
split down the middle as the eager men didn't bother to pull it off her but
instead ten pairs of hands had pulled in all directions until the seams had
given. Her panties too had been ripped off and her cunt was being explored
roughly by several hands as she spread her legs wide to try to accommodate
everyone. Her large, spherical tits seemed to be a major attraction as scores
of hands squeezed and grabbed at them. Her bright pink, erect nipples were
pinched, pulled and sucked by the lucky few that managed to lower their
mouths through the mass of hands covering her chest. After a while the amount
of hands caressing her body decreased as the guys moved back to undress
themselves and they also seemed to have reached some unspoken agreement that
it would be better for them if they were to take her a few at a time rather
than interfere with each other. So most of the group stood back to watch, all
the while rubbing their stiff cocks.

Three men knelt by Prue's head their cocks dangling above her face and she
began to lick and suck at the thick members. Two guys knelt facing each other
on each side of Prue where she could reach their cocks with her hands and she
began to jack them off as they each grabbed one of her breasts. Another man
knelt between her legs and pushed his penis into her wide open, wet cunt.
Prue gasped out loud as she was penetrated deeply but the sound was muffled
by the cock that filled her mouth. A seventh guy stroked her trimmed,
triangular patch of pubic hair and rubbed her erect clit as he waited his
turn to fuck her. After a minute or so the guy penetrating her was pushed
aside and replaced by the next guy in line as were all the others whom she
had been blowing and jacking off. So Prue got into the rythm of pleasing
seven guys at a time - cocks of all shapes, sizes and colors came and went
some in her mouth, some in her hands some in her pussy. Time passed in a blur
as wave after wave of ecstasy rushed up from her groin with each thrust. The
only sounds she heard were the grunts of the men surrounding her as they
fucked all her holes and the slapping sound of flesh against wet flesh as
their balls slammed against her asshole. Some part of her mind wondered how
her sisters were doing ...

Phoebe had put up some resistance when the men surrounded her and began to
grab at her body. She was trained in martial arts and could drop a demon with
a single kick but even she could do nothing against thirty young men all at
once. She managed to give a couple of them a black eye and a kick between
another's legs meant that that was one cock less to worry about but they soon
overpowered her and threw her onto the floor. She was wearing a pink,
strapless halter top and like her sister Prue she didn't care much for bras,
her large tits needing no support to stand proudly out from her chest. Her
midriff was bare except for a small diamond gracing her navel and her
lowrider jeans rode so low that the top few strands of pubic hair were
visible. In one way, she was luckier than Prue because the lowriders came off
her much more easily and remained in one piece! Her halter top wasn't spared
in this manner - the spandex material was literally shredded - revealing her
soft yet firm breasts which were as large as Prue's but had much larger rosy
aureoles surrounding her pink, fleshy nipples. Eager fingers grabbed at them,
kneading, pulling and squeezing as if they were dough. Phoebe continued to
struggle but a couple of guys pinned her arms down while several others pried
open her legs which she had tried to keep tightly squeezed together.

It was all in vain ... in a matter of seconds multiple hands had spread her
thighs exposing her pussy which was probed just as Prue's had been several
moments ago. Phoebe shut her eyes as four and even five fingers violated her
cunt simultaneously but the pain lasted only for a little while as she
relaxed and her pussy expanded. She actually began to enjoy the attention she
was receiving but she stifled her moans of pleasure not wanting to encourage
the men around her ... not that they seemed to need any encouragement. They
were poking and prodding her every orifice with wild abandon and not a square
inch of skin on her body was left untouched.

"Lift her up," a tall black guy ordered and Phoebe gasped as strong arms
grabbing her arms and legs pulled her up off the floor. The guy lay down and
Phoebe was lowered onto him.

"No, please, no!" Phoebe whimpered as she realized what he was about to do.

"Shut up, bitch!" he cried grabbing his large cock and guiding it against her
little pink pucker of an asshole. He rammed his hips upwards several times
before his cock managed to penetrate the widening hole, then it was inside
Phoebe up to half its length. This time Phoebe cried out half in pain and
half in pleasure ... both sensations doubled only moments later as another
cock was stuffed into her, this time into her pussy. Phoebe had never
experienced a double penetration before and she was stunned by the incredible
feeling of having both holes full of pulsating cocks. She gasped and screamed
as the guy beneath her began to ram into her rythmically as he grabbed her
waist with both hands.

Some of the guys were wary of putting their cocks into this wild vixen's
mouth fearing that she might clamp down with her teeth, but seeing her
distracted in this way a blonde guy put the head of his penis on her lips.
When Phoebe let out a gasp as one of the guys fucking her penetrated her
deeply and found her g-spot, the cock slid into her open mouth and she
began to suckle on it like it was the most natural thing for her to do.
All thought of putting up any resistance had left her mind - she didn't
want any of this to stop, she wanted to be fucked and fucked hard. The
guys didn't really care what she wanted - they'd have continued even if
she'd begged them to stop. They continued to fuck her wildly stopping only
to swap places and occasionally lifting her up so that the guy below her
could trade places with someone else who wanted to fuck her butt.

Meanwhile, Piper too had been surrounded ... by a slightly smaller number of
guys than either Prue or Phoebe ... but surrounded all the same. Before they
reached her she had the frame of mind to voluntarily pull off her blouse and
bra. Unlike her sisters, her breasts where on the smallish side, slightly
cone shaped but her aureoles were thick and puffy and seemed to be an
extension of her nipples which really turned some of the guys on! Just as
the first few guys began to stroke her breasts she pulled up her skirt until
it was bunched up around her waist. Having stripped herself the guys were
much more gentle than the others had been with her sisters and they helped
her down to the floor. One of them pulled off her panties then wet his
fingers and parted her pussy lips, running his index finger up and down her
slit until the fleshy petals opened up revealing the pink innermost flesh.
The same guy bent over and stuck his tongue into her juicy pussy and she
moaned enjoying every single moment of it. However it was over soon because
another guy wanted his turn at it. This one didn't bother with preliminaries,
he just rammed his cock into her. She looked to her left and she saw a guy
who seemed to be debating with himself whether to come closer to her. She
smiled at him, realising he was shy and she wanted to put him at ease ...
after all she was the owner of the P3 and she had to make sure all her
customers enjoyed themselves ... though today's method of enjoyment was
rather out of the ordinary! He smiled back at her, relaxing, and moved closer
kneeling down next to her. He had pulled down his zipper already but he
hadn't pulled his cock out yet. She helped him do so and jacked it up and
down several times till it had hardened. Then she leaned over to one side and
put it into her mouth rolling her tongue around the head.

While she was blowing the shy guy, a man in his late thirties straddled her
stomach and placed his thick cock between her breasts. He squeezed them
together with his hands until his cock was sandwiched by her tits and he
proceeded to fuck her chest! Piper didn't notice the time fly by she was so
entranced by the succession of cocks that entered her mouth, her pussy and
sometimes even her asshole ... the guy titfucking her always seemed to be
the same one, he seemed to be enjoying that position ... and in fact he was
the first in the room to cum!

Thick globs of semen shot out splattering her neck and chin and dribbling
down between her tits. The sudden wetness on her chest surprised Piper for
a moment and she stopped the blowjob she had been giving as she looked down
at the fresh cum ... she got a further surprise when the guy she had been
blowing came too, coating her cheek with his sperm. These two guys cumming
seemed to have a domino effect on all the others and soon every single man
in the room was blowing his load over the three Halliwell sisters and Andrea
the bartender.

Prue had two cocks in her mouth simultaneously and she almost choked when
they squirted what seemed like a gallon of cum straight down her throat. She
swallowed as much as she could and the rest dribbled out of the sides of her
mouth and down her neck. The guy fucking her cunt pulled out just in time
and sprayed her slit with his juice ... those on each side of her aimed their
cocks down at her tits and stomach and coated them with their thick cream.
Those who had been standing back watching, have taken their turn fucking her
already moved forward as a group and stood around her jacking off rapidly
until they all came - some twenty cocks spraying cum onto Prue like fire
hoses dousing a fire!

This was happening to Phoebe too - the guy below her didn't even bother to
pull his cock out of her asshole - he just came inside her! All the other
guys seemed to aim at her huge tits or at her face until she was totally
coated in white stuff, bukkake style. She tried to wipe it off her eyes and
nostrils with her hands but she just smeared the sticky cum. She breathed
through her mouth only to swallow another quart of cum supplied by a couple
of the guys who chose the moment she opened her mouth to pump it full of
their man juice! What seemed like ages passed, constant streams of cum
falling onto the three Halliwell sisters as they did their best to swallow
what they could while continuing to breath. Finally it ended! The men shook
their cocks one last time, getting rid of the last few drops then gathered
their clothes from the piles of garments on the floor and left, some of them
leaving a hundred dollar bill on one of the tables near the door.

After a while all the men had left, leaving four dazed and naked women lying
in puddles of cum pooling around their bodies, not a single square inch of
their skin free of the stuff.

Prue sat up and looked at Phoebe, "The next time you get another bright idea
to do such an ad let me know."

Phoebe spat out some of the cum in her mouth before replying, "So that you'll
stop me before I get carried away like I did?" she said grinning.

"No .. so that we can organize these orgies better .. speaking for myself,
I've enjoyed every second of this," Prue said smiling widely as globs of cum
dripped off her high cheekbones and chin.

"Me too," it was Piper, "now we'd better clean this mess up before Leo
comes," she said just as a sparkling blue light began to shimmer in a corner
of the club. "Oooops! Too late" Now how was she going to explain this to her
lover, the whitelighter Leo who was just materializing?

the end


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