Standard Warnings: If you're under aged or this type of story is illegal
where you live, don't read it. This story involves sexual encounters
between the stars of the TV show, Charmed. It is written as an episode
of the show, and in no way is meant to reflect the sexual preferences of
Shannon Doherty, Alyssa Milano, or Holly Marie Combs. Enjoy the story.

Charmed: Halliwell Manor (FFF,inc,catfight)
by Anonymous

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Prue Halliwell yelled at her
younger sister, Phoebe.

This was something of a constance in Halliwell Manor. Prue and Phoebe had
never really gotten along. Prue was always telling her younger sister what
she should or shouldn't be doing, and Phoebe always thought Prue was trying
to control her life.

"What the fuck are you talking about?!" Phoebe yelled back.

Both sisters were in the attic, about 15 feet away from each other. If they
happened to be standing next to each other, Prue probably would have lunged
at Phoebe.

"I'm talking about you casting a love spell on Tony, you knew we were

"You know Tony wants me more than you, he just didn't have the guts to dump
you for me!" Phoebe shot back.

"How could you do this to me?" Prue was beginning to get teary-eyed,
something that gave Phoebe a slight smile. Prue noticed the little smirk on
Phoebe's face. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" Prue could barely
get the words out through her tears.

Phoebe decided to rub it in a little more. "Hey Prue, Tony and I had sex last

This sent Prue over the edge. She charged at her younger sister and speared
her to the ground. Prue was now on her knees, pinning Phoebe's shoulders down
to the wooden floor.

"Funny, this is the exact position Tony and I were in last night!"

If the last comment didn't send Prue right over the edge, this one did. She
slapped Phoebe as hard as she could, which shocked Phoebe big time. Phoebe
shot her head back and looked up at Prue, only to be slapped again. Prue then
began to choke Phoebe. Phoebe was about to pass out from oxygen deprivation
when Piper walked in. She saw what was going on, and knocked Prue off of

"What the hell is going on here?!" Piper was used to playing peacemaker,
for she had been seperating Phoebe and Prue all her life. "This has been
happening too much lately. It seems every time I walk in this house, I see
you two fighting."

Phoebe and Prue just glared at each other. Phoebe was holding her throat,
which was quite sore by now. Piper told both her sisters to just cool off.
Both Phoebe and Piper went up to their rooms, where they would stay for the
rest of the night.

Meanwhile, Piper was busy looking through the Book Of Shadows. After looking
for about 15 minutes, she finally found what she was looking for. It was a
friendliness spell. She started to recite the spell. "(Insert spell here)".
A slight wind went throught the attic, then vanished.

The next morning, Prue and Phoebe exchanged greetings, with no sarcasm or
glares or anything like that. Piper saw this, and a little smirk crept onto
her face. The next thing she saw wiped the smirk right off her face. She
looked out from behind her newspaper again, and saw Phoebe and Prue kissing

"Wrong spell" Piper whispered to herself.

Still, watching her two sisters embrace each other was a big turn on for
Piper. She had always had lesbian fantasies, especially about her two
gorgeous sisters. She was so transfixed by this spectacle that she didn't
notice her hand fall into her lap. By this time, Prue had one hand resting
on Phoebe's breast, and the other gently massaging her cunt through her
jeans and soaking panties.

Phoebe had moved away from Prue's lips and was kissing the nape of her neck,
while both of her hands were groping her tight ass. Piper had her hand under
her pants and was furiously masturbating. Her other hand was up her shirt,
squeezing her ample breast through her bra. Prue then slipped Phoebe's shirt
over her head, and was now feeling her huge chest through her bra. Prue then
slipped Phoebe's pants off, followed by her panties. She got down on her
knees and started eating her younger sister out.

Piper, unable to hold back any longer, got up and walked over to her sisters.
She got behind Phoebe and unhooked her bra, freeing her massive chest. Piper
had set the spell so that all three of them would get along, so Phoebe and
Prue wouldn't channel their anger towards her, and she was quite happy about
that now. Phoebe placed her hand on Piper's head, urging her to kiss her
neck. Piper happily abliged. Just then, Phoebe began arching her back. She
tilted her head back and closed her eyes, as Prue got her closer and closer
to orgasm.

"Ohh, ohh, God, OH GOD!" Phoebe was screaming as her whole body was racked
with an immense orgasm. Her body began to shake as she slumped down to the
floor. She was almost passing out from the pleasure. Then, she just got up
and walked away.

Now, Piper and Prue began to go at each other. They both clawed each other's
clothes off, until they were both naked. They then got into a 69 position.
Prue was licking Piper's soaking cunt furiously, while her hands were pulling
her ass towards her face. Piper was doing the same thing. Prue's moans and
groans were muffled by Piper's cunt. Prue tilted her head back, which sent
Piper over the edge. Both sisters came at the same time, flooding each
other's mouths with their cum.

Prue then got up and walked away as well, in the same direction as Phoebe.
Before she got out of sight, she signalled for Piper to follow her. Prue led
Piper into the bathroom, where Phoebe was waiting.

All three sisters then stepped into the shower. Phoebe got the soap and began
lathering up Piper, paying special attention to her breasts.

Meanwhile, Prue was whispering right in Piper's ear. "Piper, we appreciate
you trying to get Phoebe and I to get along, but we don't need that. The
spell you used didn't work, Phoebe and I put it there for you to find. This
was all a trick, because we thought it would be the only way to seduce you.
We acted the whole thing out. The yelling, the fighting, everything. We've
been sleeping together for three years. Are you happy we did this?"

Piper was too involved with Phoebe lathering up her breasts, but she managed
a slight nod.

"Good," Prue said. She then knelt down and inserted her tongue between
Piper's legs.

Piper was almost screaming when Prue finally got her to orgasm. Prue then
turned the water off, dried Piper off quite seductivly, then got dressed and
left for work. Piper had to go too, so she left Phoebe with a quick kiss and
a hand on her breast. Phoebe then went to her room, got her favourite
vibrator out, and masturbated twice. After her second orgasm, she fell
asleep, looking forward to tomorrow when Piper and Prue would be back from
work. She couldn't wait...



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