Charmed: Harmed Part 4 (M/F,f/f,M+/f,rough,ncon,fist,celeb,ws,best)
by Pred

"Hi...?!" Piper Halliwell flashed a surprised smile as Dan Gordon opened the
front door. She hadn't even knocked yet, so her small fist was still hanging
in the air, caught in mid-rap. "You were obviously expecting me," she joked.

"We do live next door to each other," Dan replied. "I saw you coming out my
side window."

"You're supposed to give a girl a chance to knock," Piper quipped. "You
don't want to appear too anxious, you know."

"Sorry..." Dan seemed genuinely confused. The look on his face told Piper he
didn't know whether to take her seriously or not.

"Don't worry," she laughed, kissing him on the cheek as she slid past him
into his living room. "I like eager... just not TOO eager." She flashed her
eyes and grinned.

Dan smiled back, shook his head and followed her into the living room. "I'm
sorry to bother you with this..." he started.

"With what?" she asked. "Your phone message was just slightly cryptic. Is
everything all right?"

"Yeah," he turned back to face her. "Everything is fine. I mean I think
everything's fine. It's just that..." he shook his head. "I... I don't even
know how to start... how to ask you this..."

"Ask me what?" Piper didn't know whether to be concerned or amused by Dan's
obvious embarrassment. He was just SOO cute when he stammered.

"It's..." he stopped. "Jenny," he blurted out. "It's about Jenny. I know
this really isn't your department, but I don't know who else to ask about
this. And seeing as you're a... you know..."

"A woman," Piper finished the thought for him. He was SOO adorable. Guys
always were so precious when they hemmed and hawed around 'female problems.'
"Let me guess," she offered. "Period?" she asked. Dan shook his head.
"Sex?" she queried, hoping that wasn't the case. Jenny was only 13. THAT
Piper wasn't ready to handle.

Dan looked at her, and half nodded, half shook his head. Piper was
definitely warm. * Let's see, what's LIKE sex, but not quite sex? * she
asked herself. * Well, there's always... * "Ohhh," Piper spoke aloud,
nodding her head slowly as an image flashed into her mind -- the image of
what 13-year-old girls DO when they are by themselves and thinking like
13-year-old girls. "Are we talking... masturbation?" she whispered with
a hushed, exaggerated gravity.

Dan nodded his head quickly and winced.

* Good for you, girlfriend, * Piper laughed to herself, congratulating Jenny
on her discovery. * Nothing like getting an early jump on things. I was...
what... 14...? * In a split second, Piper Halliwell found herself
reminiscing back to the night she first discovered the secret of pleasuring

Actually, she wasn't the one who had discovered it. That had been the sole
province of the youngest Halliwell sister, Phoebe. Two years younger than
Piper and barely into puberty herself, Phoebe had somehow made the DISCOVERY
one night. Piper had heard her gasping and moaning in her bed, asked what
was wrong, and received a stroke by stroke description of Phoebe's

It had only been a matter of few minutes before Phoebe had talked Piper into
her 'exploring' her own 'secret place'. From that point onward, the two
sisters proceeded to discover masturbation while Phoebe regaled them both
with a VERY hot bedtime story about Harry Hamlin, Piper's number one crush at
the time, along with Prince, Madonna and Tiffany, who Phoebe then idolized.
Then, just as they were about to REALLY get off, sixteen-year-old Prue had
entered the room. As always, the oldest Halliwell sister quickly killed the
fun, scolding her two younger siblings for being 'sick.'

After that, Piper and Phoebe would play their 'game' whenever Prue wasn't
around to be a wet blanket. In a few months, however, the kick wore off, and
both girls retreated to the privacy of their own bodies and fantasies. Since
then, masturbation had become a familiar if not regular part of Piper's life.
Why were men always so FREAKED when they learned that women did it, too? She
couldn't help but giggle at the thought of Dan catching Jenny diddling

"What's so funny?" Dan suddenly interrupted Piper's thoughts.

"Nothing," Piper tried to shake off the sillies.

"I don't think it's funny," Dan protested. "I mean, shouldn't I be worried
or something? Couldn't she hurt herself?"

"She's not going to hurt herself, Dan," Piper burst out laughing. "Did you
ever hurt yourself?" She arched an eyebrow at the thought.

"You know what I mean."

"Lighten up, honey," Piper hugged him. "She's a healthy thirteen-year-old
girl. She's going to test the plumbing once in awhile."

"Don't... say it like... that." His face was totally red now. "She's a kid
for Pete's sake."

"You DIDN'T say anything to her, did you...?" Piper quickly became serious.
"Please tell me you didn't say anything. I mean that could really..."

"God, no," Dan cut her off. "Should I have? I mean... "

"Definitely not," Piper interrupted, shaking her head. "Believe me, you
don't want to go there. You NEVER want to go there."

"I'm just afraid she might... you know...?"

"What?" Piper asked.

"Get too... you know... excited and start... doing it all the time," Dan
stammered. "That isn't good, is it...? I mean if she got... like...
addicted to it or something..."

"MEN are so clueless," Piper grinned. "Listen, Dan. Nothing's going to
happen to her. Just leave her alone. As long as she's just by herself, you
have nothing to worry about. Now if you caught her in bed with Prince,
Madonna and Tiffany you might have a problem."

"What the heck are you talking about?" Dan was dumbfounded.

"It's a long story," Piper laughed. "So this is what has you all upset?
Jenny masturbating? How did you find out anyway?"

"It's a long story." Dan tried to force a smile.

"Does she know that you... um... caught her?"

"No," Dan shook his head almost violently. "No way!"

"Okay, relax..." Piper went from being amused to a little concerned. As
silly as this might have seemed to her, Dan really was troubled. She needed
to be compassionate, not mocking. Still, he was taking this WAY too
seriously. And who knows what he saw anyway. * Maybe he just thought he saw
her...? * Piper considered the notion, and a smile peeked out across her
lips. * Maybe her little pussy itched, * Piper giggled to herself. * And
Dan just caught her scratching herself... Oh, yeah, that's what happened... *
Piper couldn't help snorting aloud. Dan flashed her a puzzled look, and she
tried to contain her excitement. * I'm sorry, but this is just SOOO dirty,
* she apologized to her conscience.

"Listen," Piper broke off her internal musings and spoke aloud, "are you
sure that you... ah... saw her... you know... " Suddenly Piper found herself
as uncomfortable with the topic as Dan; not for the same reasons obviously,
but uncomfortable nonetheless. "I mean are you sure she was... g..getting
herself off?" Piper stammered slightly, and licked a bead of sweat off her
upper lip. * Come on, Piper, control yourself, * she berated herself.
* Someone has to be the adult here. * "I mean did you really see her?" Piper
heard herself asking. "Or just hear her?"

Piper held her breath while she waited for his answer. Despite the fact that
she knew she shouldn't be pursuing any more details, she just couldn't help
herself. The thought of Dan catching little Jenny playing with herself had
triggered something in Piper, something that went beyond plain naughtiness or
curiosity. Piper felt herself squirm as her pussy began squishing between
her legs. She gazed hard at Dan, trying to loosen his tongue with her intent
stare. "So...?" she cajoled him.

"I..." Dan paused. "The first one," he said quickly, pointing to his eyes.

"You saw her?" Piper laughed nervously, still squirming. "And she didn't
see you?" * God, this is sooo unbelievably wicked, * she couldn't resist
another private giggle. * Like something out of one of those trashy
Victorian novels Phoebe is always reading. The handsome uncle guardian
catches his young, innocent niece in the throes of private passion... *
Suddenly an even more depraved thought flashed across Piper's mind. "What
were you doing?" Piper couldn't stop herself from speaking her thoughts
aloud. "Spying on her?"

"No!" Dan shook his head frantically. "Absolutely NOT!" He suddenly seemed
very freaked out. "It wasn't like that at all. I swear!" He really did
seem disturbed by the whole thing.

* Wow, the poor boy must have really caught an eyeful, * Piper mused to
herself. * I wonder HOW it all came about. Jenny needs to be more careful.
I used to wait until I was SURE everyone was asleep... except Phoebe that is
(giggle). I wonder what Jenny was thinking about anyway. God, I remember
how horny I used to get at her age. Whew, old Dan's sure going to have his
hands full until her mom and dad get back. When I was her age, I couldn't
keep my hands off myself, especially with Phoebe around (giggle). * Piper
bit her lip, shuddering at the cascade of memories popping off across her
mind like the flicker of a million tiny flashbulbs. *What was that one
fantasy she had? With the army of evil knights, the fairy princess... and
their HORSES...? *

Piper started laughing aloud.

"What?" Dan asked, his eyes as wide as saucers. "What's so funny?" He
wasn't taking this whole thing well at all.

"You know what?" Piper poked him in the ribs. "All this talk about
masturbation has got me thinking..."

"About what?"

"Pinochle..." she hit him. "What do you think? Sex, stupid! So you want to
know what I think about when I masturbate, baby?" she wrapped her arms around
him and started licking his ears.

"What?" He slowly took her in his arms and began to relax. "Tell me. What
do you think about when you play with yourself?" The conversation had
obviously worked him up, too.

Piper thought about that for a moment, and wondered if it was really RIGHT
that all this talk about Jenny masturbating should be SO stimulating her and
Dan. Every rational bone in her body told her that the whole scenario should
be disgusting her instead. What normal woman her age would be turned on
thinking about her boyfriend spying on a thirteen-year-old girl masturbating?
And, to make matters even worse, they were talking about Jenny, Dan's
thirteen-year-old niece. * What are we doing? Are we sick or something? *

She couldn't deny it. Their arousal in this situation seemed more than a
little peculiar. What startled Piper more than anything, however, was that
she wasn't even the least bit disturbed by using the scenario to ignite a
spark in Dan. She had been looking for a way to 'spice up' her sex life for
the last several weeks. Sure, Dan was a gorgeous guy with nice equipment,
and he truly seemed intent on pleasing her when they were in bed. Still,
their previous encounters had lacked a certain... * What was the term Phoebe
had used...? 'STRANGE', yeah, that's it... *

Although Piper and Dan had developed a more than satisfactory love life
over the last few months, they still were lacking that certain element of
'strange' that turned routine lovemaking into hot, sweaty, spine-tingling,
toe-curling, howling at the moon FUCKING. * And besides, * Piper counseled
herself, * who else had to know about this anyway? Why does it matter WHAT
turns us on, as long as it stays between us, and we just use it to get our
engines started? I mean it's not like we'd ever DO anything with Jenny, *
she assured herself.

"So you didn't answer the question..." Dan pressed her. "What do you think
about when you play with yourself?" He breathed heavily into her ears and
started rubbing her ass. That always drove Piper crazy.

"Be a good boy, and mommy will tell you," she whispered between the hot
kisses they now shared. Dan loved when she took charge, called herself
'mommy' and treated him like her 'bad little boy.' At first, Piper had been
a little self-conscious playing the game, but they'd settled into the roles
quite easily. She found that it even heightened her arousal. Now they were
about to kick it up a notch, though. It was time to let some real STRANGE
into their lives.

"And how can I be a 'good boy?'" Dan asked eagerly.

"I think you know," she took his hand and led him into his bedroom. "Good
boys always EAT everything on their plate and don't finish until mommy tells
them they're done."

"And what if they're not hungry?" Dan teased, rubbing his hard-on through his
tight jeans.

"Oh, you're hungry all right." Piper slid off her top and bra all in one
motion. Her perky B-cups jetted up invitingly. She scooped the fleshy
mounds in her hands and squeezed them together so that her pink nipples
reddened with her desire.

"Mmm, yummy," Dan's mouth was sucking her small, firm boobs immediately. She
threw her arms around his neck, squealing as helifted her in the air and she
wrapped her legs about his waist. As she ground her sopping snatch into his
crotch, she could feel his rigid bulge press into the groove between her
thighs. Denim ground against denim as they acrobatically dry humped each
other like two lovesick chimpanzees until Dan lost his footing.

A second later, they were crashing down onto his bed amid a gale of grunts,
groans and giggles. As Piper licked her lips and watched, Dan raised himself
up and began ripping off his shirt. When his torso was naked, she tackled
him back down, and they pressed their bare chests into each other while
sharing another wet, passionate kiss.

As their tongues danced, Dan's hands were busy with Piper's jeans. She was
squirming about, trying to help Dan work the denim down her hips while he
smothered her mouth, neck, breasts and tummy with more hot, sucking kisses.
"Oh, yeah... FUCK, yeah..." Piper moaned when Dan got her jeans down far
enough to work his fingers inside her soaked panties.

He found her sweet spot almost immediately, and he rubbed around the bump
with his thumb while he worked her panties down further and slid two
fingers into her slick slot. As he strummed her clit with his thumb and
finger-fucked her, his other hand scooted her jeans past her knees. His
lips and tongue worshipped her flat, creamy-white tummy as she pinched and
pulled her swollen nipples.

"Uncle Dan?!" Piper suddenly squealed in delight, a moment of inspiration
seizing her. "What are you doing, Uncle Dan?" she repeated the name. "Oh,
that feels so good, Uncle Dan. Please don't stop...! I know it's wrong...
I know we shouldn't be doing this. But I want you, Uncle Dan. I want you
soooo bad."

Piper looked down into Dan's wild eyes as he devoured her pussy. She ran
her hands through his sweat-soaked hair, grabbing a handful and jamming his
face even harder even into her blistering clit. He grunted like a ferocious
wolf and shoved her back along the mattress until her shoulders were bent
and pinned against the headboard of his bed. Piper was now bent up in a very
uncomfortable position, like a human paperclip, her hips bucking outward, her
ass grinding up into Dan's mouth and her feet flailing out helplessly like
she was a turtle caught on its back.

"Oh, Uncle Dan," she continued prattling on in her best imitation of Jenny.
"My tight little thirteen-year-old pussy gets all wet and itchy whenever I
see you," Piper moaned. "I dream of your big strong, naked body holding
me... and your hot, hard, huge cock FUCKING me... FUCKING THE SHIT OUT OF
ME!" she howled when Dan began synchronizing his tongue slashes and finger
thrusts, smashing and mashing her puffy clit hard into her pubic bone.

Dan growled again, reached under Piper with one hand and began mauling her
soft firm ass cheeks. SMACK! The blow resounded throughout the bedroom,
and Piper squealed like a little girl getting spanked. SMACK!! Squeal!
SMACK!!! Squeal. The rhythm picked up until Piper was sure the sound of
her ass-beating could be heard next door. Not that she cared at the moment.
Dan was so... inspired, so... masterful. She had never experienced this
side of her hunky neighbor before, and she all she wanted was MORE... much

"Oh, let me touch it, Uncle Dan," she pouted in her best thirteen-year-old
brat voice. "Let me feel your big hard cock, Uncle Dan," she pleaded. "Oh,
I bet it is soooo big and hard, isn't it. I bet you've fucked a lot of
ladies with it before, haven't you, Uncle Dan. I bet you've fucked a lot of
bad little thirteen-year-old virgin sluts like me, too, haven't you. I bet
you busted all their fresh ripe cherries sooooo good, fucked all those little
thirteen-year-old sluts so good they begged for more. Oh, I want your big,
hard, cherry busting cock so bad, Uncle Dan," Piper was practically foaming
at the mouth now. "I want to stroke it, and kiss it, and suck it, and feel
it thrust up inside my tight, thirteen-year-old virgin pussy. Give me your
cock, Uncle Dan, pleeeeaaaasssee!" Piper wailed. I NEED your big hard cock
soooooooooo bad."

"Is that right, you little cock-teasing slut?" Dan raised his mouth from
Piper's pussy long enough to snarl at her. "I don't believe you. I need to
hear you beg more. No cock until you beg... REALLY beg..." he snapped before
he bit down on her clit and slammed her back against the headboard.

"I want you to be my first, Uncle Dan," Piper howled. "Please pop my cherry
with that big hard cock of yours. It's all I want... more than anything in
the WHOLE universe. I want your big hard dick. Come on, Uncle Dan.
Please... please... your little niece needs you TAKE her. She needs you to
FUCK her tight, thirteen-year-old pussy. Make me a woman, Uncle Dan. Oh, I
want to be a woman sooooo bad! I want your cock soooooo much! I'll be your
little thirteen-year-old cocksucking slut slave, Uncle Dan. I'll do ANYTHING
for your cock, Uncle Dan. You can do ANYTHING to me you want. Wouldn't you
like that, Uncle Dan? Wouldn't you like your own little personal
thirteen-year-old cocksucking slut slave?"

While Piper ranted on, Dan buried his face in her snatch and began lavishing
her clit with his sharp, snaking tongue. Meanwhile, both his hands worked
inside her sopping slit. One set of fingers spread apart her pouting pussy
lips, exposing more of her irritated flesh love button to his lapping tongue.
Simultaneously, the other five digits thrust in and out of her womb,
gradually and forcefully curling into a merciless fist.

"OH, MY FUCKING GOD, UNCLE DAN!" Piper howled as her boyfriend began punching
his fist up inside her. The feeling was excruciating, every jab shattering
the boundary between pleasure and pain until it was reduced to smithereens.
Helpless and reacting purely on carnal instinct now, Piper did her utmost to
stay in character as Dan continued pulverizing her entrails into a volcanic

"How do you like that, you little cock-teasing teenage cunt," Dan spit in
Piper's face while he pummeled his fist inside her stuffed, stretched womb.
"Little whore! How does that fist feel, rammed up your tight teenage cunt?
Is that what you wanted, cunt? Huh? Is that what you lie there in bed
dreaming about when you're sticking your slutty little hand up that tight
little thirteen-year-old cunt? Is it, whore? Come on, you can tell your
Uncle Dan? Tell me, or you won't get any cock. I'll leave you here on this
bed like the little piece of cock-teasing teenage trash you are..."

Dan had become a man possessed, his face contorted into an almost demonic
glower. Piper had unwittingly unleashed a monster, and she was now both
paying the price and reaping the benefits. She had never felt so sexually
charged in her entire life, so totally overwhelmed, so thoroughly ripped
open and probed to the darkest depths of her soul. Although she had never
given birth before, Piper instantaneously knew what the agonizing ecstasy
of birth must feel like -- a huge living object bursting from her belly,
stretching the impossibly thin channel of her tender birth canal while her
guts roiled in pain.

Childbirth, however, was a long, drawn-out, excruciating process, and it was
marked by a definite beginning and end. Dan's fisting, on the other hand,
was a relentless assault - punching in, stuffing up, ripping out - almost as
if she was being forced to give birth over and over again. Only each of
these mini-births was in effect stillborn, promising everything and
delivering nothing while her ever-elusive orgasm still bloated inside her,
clinging to her womb, stubbornly refusing to emerge.

"Come on, you little slut," Dan spit in Piper's face as she pushed inside her
cunt and tried to grunt out the soul-shattering cum hovering inches away from
reality. "I thought you wanted it. I thought you were a big girl now. I
thought you wanted your Uncle Dan's cock. You must not want it that bad,
whore. Fucking brainless teenage twat, don't know what you want, do you?
Fucking stupid cock-teasing cunt!" He twisted his fist inside Piper's pussy,
and she screeched.

Her whole "Jenny" scenario seemed to be having a REAL effect on Dan. He was
manhandling Piper's pussy like she was nothing more than an object, a blow-up
sex doll, a totally helpless, compliant fuck toy. His hand was stuffed
inside her up to his wrist, and he was manipulating her like a big puppet,
pulling her up then pounding her back into the headboard until she began to
see stars.

Piper had NEVER seen Dan Gordon like this before. He'd always been so gentle
and considerate when they made love. She'd always suspected he was holding
something back. Now she knew what. There was something buried deep inside
Dan Gordon, something dark and submerged, something he had never even hinted
at before, something Piper Halliwell had called forth with a vengeance.

* FUCK, he's going crazy, * Piper's mind screamed as Dan's relentless,
furious fist battered into her intestines, sending her into seizure atop
mattress. "FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!," she shrieked through drool pouring forth
from her mouth.

She smashed her crotch into Dan's assault. While he bit his lip and rammed
his fist inside her, she matched his every haymaker with the violent bucking
of her own spastic hips.

"Oh, Uncle Dan, you're making me CUM!" she whined at the top of her voice.
"Your making your little virgin, thirteen-year-old niece cum! Oh, Uncle Dan,
I love you," she prattled on, spittle foaming down her lips like she was a
rabid she-wolf. "I've never cum before, you know," she ranted, trying to put
herself in the place of thirteen-year-old Jenny and saying whatever came
into her mind. "You're the first man who's ever made me cum, Uncle Dan.
You're my first, and you'll always be my best. Oh, God, I want your cock.
I want to show you how grateful I am. I want to show you what your little
thirteen-year-old, virgin, cocksucking slut of a niece can do. Let me show
you how good I can make you feel, Uncle Dan. Let me show you how good a
little thirteen-year-old virgin cocksucking slut can make you feel."

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid little cunt!" Dan snapped at her. He pulled
his fist out of her gripping cunt and tore open his jeans. He only pulled
them down to the tops of his thighs as he wrestled his hard cock from his
shorts. A big stain of pre-cum already stained the front of his jockey
briefs, and when his bloated red cockhead burst out into the open air it
practically snarled at Piper. "Shut your fucking mouth and open wide!"

Before Piper could prepare herself, Dan's golfball-sized warhead slammed
between her gasping lips, tearing into her mouth, barreling into her windpipe
and fracturing her gag reflex. "Uuggllpppp!" Piper choked, trying with all
her might to free herself from the ruthless rape tusk goring her tonsils, but
Dan was too strong.

He was standing above her now, the balls of his feet dug firmly into the top
of the mattress. He had her back and head pinned against the wall and her
legs bent up into her chest. Each of his knees pressed one her respective
arms into the headboard, and he was resting his entire 200-plus pounds on
Piper's tiny frame.

She could do nothing, then, but helplessly take the vicious power-fucking Dan
was unleashing upon her tender, bawling throat. Every thrust felt like it
would either puncture the back of her neck or strangle her like a mewling
kitten. Her eyes bugged out and glazed over with desperate tears. Every
time he pulled out, she thought he would finally let her breathe again, but
he was relentless. His hips would smash forward, his hard eight-inch cock
would skewer her esophagus, and his hairy balls would slap up underneath her

Dan Gordon was killing her with his cock. She felt her head grow lighter and
woozier as she inhaled more hard cock than oxygen. Whenever Dan backstroked,
she would heave up a healthy spew of spittle and vomit, and it would burp
between her lips, coating Dan's flexed fuck muscle and dribbling down her
chin. "That's it, you little cock-sucking, cum-slurping teenage cunt," Dan
jeered at her. "Puke on it! Puke all over my cock. You wanted it, you
little cock-teasing whore. Well, now you've got it. You're a big girl now,
so TAKE it, cunt. Puke all over it, you piece of teenage trash. That's what
being a teenage fuck toy is all about, cunt. Sometimes it hurts, whore.
Sometimes it hurts so fucking bad!"

Suddenly Dan's oral abuse grew even more severe. He went from power-fucking
Piper's half-conscious head to thrash-fucking her against the wall like a rag
doll. He would pull her forward, impaling her throat with every inch of his
enraged cock, then slam her head back into the wall with full weight of his
fury, driving his engorged cockhead even further back into the recesses of
her windpipe.

"Ullllllllgggpppp," Piper gurgled as her battered head drifted in and out of

Oblivious to her pending suffocation, Dan just continued thrash fucking her
head, increasing to an even more inhuman pace as he neared his own
mind-blowing orgasm. "Fucking teenage cock-teasing whore..." he kept
babbling under his breath. "That'll teach you to flash that pussy in front
of me. That'll teach you to play with yourself in your fucking bedroom at
night when you KNOW I'm watching. You fucking wanted it last night, you
little slut. Well, you're getting it now. Uncle Dan's giving you what he
should have given you a long time ago... what all you little
thirteen-year-old cock-teasing bitches need - a nice hard choke fucking."

He then began slam-fucking her head into the wall even harder, if that was
even possible. His prick-helmet was now lodged in her windpipe like a
hound's knot stuck in a bitch's cunt. She could feel him struggling to pull
it free as it pulsed with the preliminary tremors of his hard-fought cum.
* My God, it's stuck! * Piper shrieked to herself. * His dick is stuck in
my throat! *

"All you little cunts just need to shut your giggling little mouths and puke
on some hard cock," Dan grunted, the sweat pouring from his brow and dripping
on Piper's forehead. "You all just need a hard dick crammed down your
whining little teenage throats," he huffed, still trying to wrench his
warhead from her constricting throat. "It's time you learned the facts of
life, cunt."

* Shit, HE'S STUCK! * Piper continued howling to herself. * I can't breathe.
I could die choking on his cock. * In her panic, she summoned the strength
to break her arms free from beneath Dan's knees and wave them about wildly.

Instantly, every movement in the room screeched to a halt. Without thinking,
she'd used her witch power to 'freeze' Dan. Now he was REALLY stuck inside
her throat. His turgid cock felt like a slab of granite buried in her
esophagus. * Oh, now I've done it! * she yelled at herself. * Shit! * She
waved her hands again to 'unfreeze' Dan, but he remained frozen. This had
happened before when she was extremely frightened. Her power would just go
on the fritz until she calmed herself down to the point where she could bring
her power back under control.

"Fgggllpp," she cursed aloud. Desperately, she tried to wrench herself free
from the cock impaling her windpipe, but Dan's full weight was resting on
her, and she had no leverage. It was like being pinned under a huge rock.
She tried rocking back and forth, but to no avail. * Calm down, Piper, * she
whispered to herself. * First just unfreeze him. * She tried to clear her
mind, then waved her hands again.

"That's what you are, a FUCKING cunt!" Dan's voice and the entire room
suddenly roared into life again.

* Thank GOD! * Piper exclaimed to herself as Dan resumed attempting to
extricate himself from her throat.

"And that's all you'll ever be," he kept on ranting, "just a fucking cunt.
Your mouth is a cunt. Your nose is a cunt. Your eye sockets are cunts.
Your asshole is a cunt. Every hole on your body is a cunt because that's
what you are... just a CUNT!" He spit in her tear-glazed eyes for emphasis.
"A cock-teasing, teenage cunt fuck toy!" he bellowed. "You got that, Jenny?
DO YOU?!" he screamed, finally managing to tear free his smoking prick from
Piper's slack jaws before spewing a ferocious blast of hot rape-juice all
over her virtually catatonic face. "What are you, cunt?" he jeered at her
while he pumped his prick and wiped the spurting cum all through her silky
black hair. "TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE!"

"A... cunt..." Piper heard herself gasp from somewhere just beyond her
conscious mind. To her amazement, a part of her brain was still functioning
on some kind of autonomic reflex. Her lips began forming words before she
even had a chance to consider what she was saying. "I'm... a... cunt... fuck
toy..." she babbled. "A cocksucking teenage cunt fuck toy."

"WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" Dan hissed, grabbing Piper's cum-drenched hair and
shaking her limp head around like she was a marionette.

"J...Jenny..." Piper wept, instinctively knowing the answer he wanted to
hear, which was also the answer she NEEDED to say.

"Jenny what?" he pressed, his fingers smearing his hot spunk all over her
face and hair.

"Jenny... the cunt," Piper bawled as if by rote. "Jenny, the cock-teasing,
teenage slut... cunt... whore..."

"Get on all fours, Jenny Cunt!" Dan snapped. "NOW!"

SMACK!!!! His open handed blow upon her cheek jolted Piper back into
reality. SMACK!!!!! The second slap rattled her jaw, and sent her scurrying
on all fours. "That's it, Jenny Cunt," Dan cajoled her, his strong hands
petting, stroking and then roughly kneading her creamy white ass cheeks. "On
all fours like the cunt bitch you are. You want my cock, whore? You want me
to FUCK your ass, slut? Do you, Jenny Cunt?"

"My ass?" Piper's mind suddenly cleared when she heard the words 'fuck your
ass.' This was starting to get out of hand - WAY out of hand. She'd put up
with Dan's treatment so far because she'd been the one to instigate it, and
despite the pain he'd been inflicting she'd been REALLY getting off on the
rough treatment, not to mention the whole Jenny Cunt/thirteen-year-old slut
scenario. She'd even found Dan's brutal choke fucking to be thrilling and
liberating now that she'd survived the ordeal.

To be totally dominated and used like a fuck toy had always been Piper
Halliwell's deepest, darkest, most intensely secret fantasy, and Dan Gordon
had performed just the way she'd always dreamed her fantasy rapist would act.
He had called her every filthy name in the book, treating her like a subhuman
slave worthy of neither his compassion nor consideration. He had fucked her
mouth like a whore's cunt, showing her absolutely no tenderness nor mercy.
Then when he was done TAKING what he wanted, he'd bathed her face in his hot
cum, wiping it across her tear-stained cheeks and smearing it into her
freshly-washed hair like she was nothing more than a disposable fuck rag.

Piper had willingly been a party to everything that had transpired up to
this point, but now Dan was crossing the line - a line he KNEW couldn't be
crossed. The first night they'd slept together, Piper had felt Dan's fingers
start probing her poop chute while he gave it to her doggie-style. At first
she'd thought he was just trying to stimulate her slightly. But then she
caught him licking his fingers and trying to work her sphincter open. With
one stern "NO!" she had quickly informed him there were some places where NO
MAN had ever boldly gone before, and she was intent on keeping it that way.

Since then, Dan had never strayed past the 'continental divide', as Piper
had once heard Phoebe refer to anal sex. She let him lick down there
occasionally, but whenever she sensed he was getting greedy she would just
snap "Dan, no!" like he was dog, and he would bashfully back off.

Piper didn't exactly know why she didn't even want to experiment with anal
stimulation. The way Phoebe raved about it, ass fucking was the greatest
thing since the invention of the Hot Triple Fudge Sundae. Piper didn't know
if Prue indulged as well, but once when she was rummaging around her older
sister's dresser for a tampon Piper had come across a vial of something
called Anal Lube.

So, she suspected Prue had at least taken a brief day-trip along the Hershey
Highway, (which was another of Phoebe's favorite euphemisms), but even that
kind of endorsement didn't get beyond the "EWWWW" Factor of having some guy
stick his cock in same hole from which her 'poop' emerged. Not to mention
the fact that it must HURT LIKE HELL to have something - anything -- shoved
up your ass.

A fist up her pussy was one thing. A woman's cunt was designed for both
childbirth and fucking, so it was meant to be stretched and accommodating.
Assholes were meant for only one thing, though - pooping. And despite what
everybody else might be doing with their assholes, Piper Halliwell intended
to keep hers devoted strictly to the task nature had intended for it, no
matter what Dan Gordon might have had in mind.

"Come on, cunt, spread those ass cheeks!" Dan snarled impatiently. SMACK!!!
His ruthless hand stung Piper's soft, creamy white ass, and she couldn't help
but yip.

"Cut it out, Dan," she snapped back angrily. "This isn't funny anymore."
She began turning around so she could face him while they discussed the

"Did I say you could turn around, cunt!?" Dan's strong hands were suddenly
grasped around her arms, and his knee cut into the small of her back. He
was bending her spine painfully, and cranking back so hard she thought her
vertebrae might start cracking.

"Dan, cut it out, you're hurting me," Piper gasped. "Really, you're HURTING
me!" she raised her voice as he continued digging his knee into her back and
cracking her spine.

"Sometimes it hurts being a cunt, CUNT!" he hissed. "It's too bad, but
that's the way it is sometimes. Sometimes to make a MAN feel good you need
to hurt a little. That's what it means to be a cunt, Jenny. Do you
understand me, Jenny?"

"Dan?!" Piper whined. "It's me, Piper..."

"Do you understand?!" Dan hissed, ignoring her and wrenching her back again.

"ARRRGGHH!" This time Piper screamed in pain. It was real pain now. Not
erotic or consensual. Just plain PAIN. "DAAAAN!" she howled as he
intensified the pressure on her back.

"That's Uncle Dan to you, cunt!" he cranked her spine against his knee again,
and this time she definitely heard a snap. "Say it! What's my name?! Say

"Uncle Dan," Piper squealed in agony as Dan throttled her like a rag doll.

"And who are you?" he hissed.

"Dan... please..."

"WHO ARE YOU?!" he grunted, bending her back so far that she thought her back
would break at any moment.

"Cunt!" she howled through her terror and pain.


"J..Jenny Cunt," she wailed. "I'm Jenny Cunt! Jenny Cunt. And you're Uncle
Dan. Now please don't hurt me. Please! Just stop, please! You're hurting

"You heard what I said, cunt." Dan's mocking laughter was more malevolent
than anything Piper had ever heard emanate from a warlock or demon.
"Sometimes it hurts to be a cunt. This is going to be one of those times.
I feel like sinking my cock into that tight teenage pooper of yours and
popping your ass cherry."

"Dan, no... not my ass!" Piper screamed. "Stop this now. Fun time's over.
I'm serious, Dan, NO!"

"Yes," Dan nodded with an evil grin. "I'm going to rip your virgin ass,
Jenny. Now arch your back, stick that butt up in the air and spread your ass
cheeks with your fingers."

"Dan...?" Piper protested. "Stop! Stop now! This isn't fun anymore.
Please, Dan..."

"WHAT THE FUCK IS MY NAME?" Dan placed his hands around Piper's soft,
alabaster neck and began squeezing her gasping throat. "What the fuck is my
name?" he repeated.

"U..uncle D..Dan," Piper could barely choke. "Uncle Dan."

"And who are you?"

"J..Jenny C..cunt," she bawled helplessly. * This is sick! What is
happening? What's happened to Dan? I've got to freeze him. * But Piper
couldn't bring her hands up to trigger her power. Dan had them pinned to her
back with his knees, and she could hear him maneuvering himself around above
her. * How did I ever get myself into this! * she castigated herself.
* Stupid me! Stupid fucking me! I have to scream. Maybe Prue or Phoebe is
home. Someone has to hear me! * "Help... " she tried to shriek, but it only
came out a croak.

One of Dan's hands was still wrapped around her pale, gasping throat. She
could hear his other hand working at his belt. She listened to the leather
slide menacingly through the denim loops encircling the waist of his jeans.
Then the sound of snapping leather cracked the afternoon air. Before she
could even prepare herself, a harsh stinging sensation slashed across her
bare, shoulder blades. Her milky, white skin sizzled in sheer torture as Dan
began raining lash after lash upon the tender, exposed flesh of her back and

"Dan... oh, Dan, please... please stop," Piper sobbed.

"I'm sorry, Jenny, but you left me no choice," Dan lowered his grim voice
into a softer, yet more dispassionate cadence. Although barely above a
whisper, his tone was still stern and unapologetic, like the voice of a
father as he disciplined a recalcitrant child for her own good. "This is
what happens to little cock-teasing, thirteen-year-old cunt whores who talk
back to their Uncles. It's for your own good, Jenny. You just have to
learn... you have to learn your place... you have to learn what it means to
be a teenage cunt slut. I don't want to do this, but you're making me.
Every time you disobey, I have to hurt you. It's the only way a cunt can
learn. Do you understand, Jenny?" he cajoled her, the belt biting into the
raw, reddened cheeks of her once smooth, white, pristine bottom.

"Yes, Uncle Dan," Piper heard herself whining. Once again that instinctual,
autonomic portion of her brain seized control of her vocal cords. In spite
of the fear, agony and rage gripping her ravaged mind, she found a part of
her - her soul, her lust - emerging from the pain and terror and taking
command of her body's instincts and reflexes.

For the first time in minutes, she noticed the sopping wetness of her aching
cunt. The juices of her subconscious arousal had flooded out her labia,
seeping up to her belly and down to her upper thighs. Dan was strangling
her, breaking her back, whipping her like a dog and threatening to sodomize
her virgin ass, and all the while Piper Halliwell's body was responding with
more arousal than she'd ever experienced in her life.

Her nipples were jetting out like hard pink bullets. Her pussy was greased
and gaping like she'd just been lubed with a can of Quaker State. * Oh, my
God, I'm enjoying this! * The revelation shocked Piper Halliwell to the
core of her being. * I'm being abused, and I'm getting off on it. I'm sick,
* she wept to herself. * I'm REALLY sick! *

Suddenly overcome with the realization that she was helpless in the wake of
her newfound passion, Piper Halliwell did what she NEVER thought she'd EVER
do in a million years. Silently, shame burning the tears on her face, she
scooted up on the mattress, arched her back and then thrust her ass
invitingly into the air.

"Spread your ass cheeks, CUNT!" Dan ordered, whipping the belt across her
bare bottom so that she cringed.

Her last bit of resistance melted at that point. She reached around her back
and grasped each of her firm ass cheeks with one hand. Digging her fingers
into the soft distressed flesh, she pulled apart the narrow hole of her
sphincter as far as she could manage. * How is he ever going to get that
huge dick up there? * she wondered silently to herself.

"Wider, whore!" Dan slashed the belt across her exposed cunt and upper

"Ow," she winced, losing her grip on her ass cheeks as she tried to shield
her tender clit and labes from the sting of the belt.

accentuated his command with a closed fist blow to the base of Piper's skull.

Through the sudden rush of stars that flickered around her eyelids, Piper
felt another succession of lashes across her cunt. Every time she tried to
shield her pussy with her hands, Dan punched the back of her head with the
heel of his hand. Piper could feel her brain rattle around inside her skull,
and after three such blows, she gave up trying to protect herself.

Dan then took her limp, lifeless hands and placed them back on her ass
cheeks. "Spread them!" he snapped. "Arch your back and stick up your ass!"
he added, flipping the belt over and whipping the buckle across her ravaged
pussy now. "WIDER!" he barked. The belt quit slicing into her cunt, and for
a moment Piper breathed a sigh of relief before she felt the cold metal of
the buckle graze her heaving neck.

"What are y..?" she couldn't even finish the question. Suddenly all the air
was cut off from her lungs as Dan's belt snapped like a tourniquet around her
alabaster neck.

"I said WIDER!" Dan hissed, then bit her earlobe just above her earring. He
tugged with his teeth, and in a second he'd ripped out her earring and the
tiny flap of skin it had pierced. "WIDER, cunt!" he stressed the ultimatum
with another snap of the belt choker. "I want that ass spread so wide I can
shove a baseball bat up there!" He jerked the belt choker again. "Come on,
cunt. Don't make me REALLY hurt you. WIDER!!!"

Piper grunted, dug her fingernails into her ass cheeks and literally tried
to rip them apart. She felt like her entire insides were exposed, and then
she tore her ass open even wider... and wider . tears of abject pain, utter
humiliation and pure, unadulterated subjugation streaming down her wild-eyed,
terrorized face.

"Beg me, Jenny," Dan prodded her. He snapped her neck back with the belt
choker until she felt her eyes might pop out of their sockets. "You know
what you want. Tell me. Tell your Uncle Dan what you want, you cock-teasing
piece of teenage cunt garbage."

"Fuck my tight, teenage asshole," Piper croaked between coughs as Dan
released the pressure on her throat. "I've stretched it all out for you. I
promise I'll be good. I promise I won't fight anymore. Just fuck my tight
virgin thirteen-year-old asshole, please... please... please..." Piper
begged, the words just pouring out in a mindless, instinctual blather.

She had never wanted anything more in her entire life. By thoroughly
surrendering her every aspect of humanity and dignity to Dan, she suddenly
felt an exhilaration, a liberation, a satiation she had never even conceived
of before. "Please," she begged from the very depths of her tortured soul.
"Use me like the cunt slut whore I am. Fuck my ass. HARD! Show me no
mercy. Make me cry harder than I've ever cried before. Make me wish I had
never been born. Rape my cherry teenage ass dead, Uncle Dan!"

before he stabbed his eight-inch ass-shredder hard and deep into Piper's
tender bowels.

"Rape me, Uncle Dan," Piper egged him on through excruciating agony exploding
like a hydrogen bomb in her once pristine poop chute. "Rape my cherry
teenage ass DEAD!"

"You're dead, Jenny!" Dan screamed as he pounded into Piper's ass like a
hurricane. Blood and loose shit bubbled and farted out of Piper's ravaged
rump with every backstroke of Dan's cock. With every downstroke, he plowed
the filthy mess back into her intestinal track, and she would howl in agony.
"How does that feel, Jenny Cunt? How do you like your Uncle Dan now? You
never should have flashed me that cunt, you little cock-teasing slut cunt
trash whore. I'm going to fuck you dead for that, Jenny. I'm going to fuck
your cock-teasing little cherry teenage asshole dead! Then I'm going to go
find some of your little thirteen-year-old schoolgirl friends and fuck their
tight, teenage, cherry assholes dead, too. I'm going to choke fuck their
giggling little mouths with my hard cock until they puke out my cum, and then
I'm going to turn them over on their little tummies and blast-fuck their
scrawny, tight little asses until they're fucking dead. And then I'm going
to take you and them -- all your fucking little teenage cunt corpses -- I'm
going to fuck them, too. How does that sound, Jenny? How would you like
good old Uncle Dan to fuck your stupid teenage cunt whore trash corpse?"

"Yes, Uncle Dan," Piper listened to her soul gasp while what was left of her
rational mind reeled in revulsion. Deep down she knew what Dan was saying.
Deep down she knew how sick he was, how she should have been doing everything
in her power to break free, 'freeze' him and call the cops.

Dan Gordon needed to be locked up somewhere, for GOOD! She knew that now,
but it wasn't helping her to 'do the right thing.' Not while Dan was FUCKING
her... TAKING like this. What Dan was forcing her to feel against her will
was indescribable. Her whole being was charged with a lust so extreme that
it was inhuman.

* Oh no, * Piper suddenly realized. * He's touched the dark side... the
dark side of the power inside me. * Leo, the Halliwell sisters' White Light
Spirit Guide and Piper's former lover, had warned her... had warned all of
them that the Powers inside them contained negative elements running
alongside the positive aspects dominating their natures. Leo had cautioned
them against flirting with these dark forces. They were chaotic and
uncontrollable, even among the most pure-hearted of witches. Once a witch
had tasted these Dark Desires and tread upon this 'Left-Hand Path,' it was
virtually impossible for her to find her way home.

Piper Halliwell needed to break free of the lust consuming IMMEDIATELY,
before the malignancy of her soul sickness grew even more acute and it
consumed her entirely. She just couldn't find the strength of will to ACT.
Dan had released the dark force of utter submission inside her, and all she
could think of now was TAKING the full brunt of his pain and ACCEPTING it
as pleasure. She had never felt more alive, more free in her whole life.

No more rules existed. She was no longer beholden to anyone, anything or
any ideals. All that mattered was the hard cock delivering brutal, sadistic
ecstasy to her malleable, masochistic flesh. She was nothing more than a
groveling, subhuman cock-socket, a slavering, brainless cum-dumpster. No
more decisions to make, no more warlocks and demons to fight, no more
innocents to protect. She was free - free to be raped and used like the
piece of subhuman cunt trash garbage she was - that all women were.

She thought of her two sisters and all the other women out there, struggling
to BE something, to DO something with their lives when EVERYTHING was already
right there before them. All any cunt needed to do was to find a REAL man
who would rape her and use her like the disposable fuck-rag she and every
other cunt was destined to be. Why were all the cunts fighting it? Why was
Prue trying to be successful in business? Why was Phoebe trying to FIND
herself? Why was any woman doing anything besides getting on all fours,
spreading open her ass-cheeks and letting every man in the universe rape her
soul like the useless piece of cock-teasing trash all women were?

Piper Halliwell gritted her teeth through the pain, the pain of being a cunt,
and thanked Dan Gordon for showing her the True Purpose in her worthless
life. At that moment, Piper wished she really was Jenny. She wished she
really was a cock-teasing thirteen-year-old cunt slut whore. She wished she
would have learned what being a cunt was all about when she was thirteen.
* I've wasted 10 years, * Piper pouted to herself. * Ten years trying to be
a 'woman' when I was really just a cunt. All those guys I didn't let FUCK
me when it was their perfect right to. I was such a cock-teasing piece of
trash. I'm so sorry. All those men who could have been FUCKING me, and
TAKING me, and RAPING me like the cunt slut whore I am. I'm so sorry... *

But it didn't have to be that way with Jenny. When the real Jenny Cunt got
home, Piper would take her under her wing and show her what it meant to be
a good cunt. She would have Uncle Dan fuck his little niece just like he
should have been doing all along, and Piper would watch the rape with pride.

It was so BITCHY of little Jenny to be playing with her pussy and jacking off
in front of Uncle Dan and not letting him have any of her thirteen-year-old
virgin cunt. Little cunts like Jenny had to learn, and Uncle Dan would teach
her. And Piper Cunt would help him. And maybe if Piper Cunt was REALLY good
Uncle Dan might let her play with Jenny Cunt, too. And then they could all
be one big happy family - Uncle Dan and his two little cock-teasing cunt slut
whore trash fuck toys. Piper Halliwell didn't need her sister's anymore.
She had the one thing she'd always truly wanted, the one thing that all women
wanted and needed - a hot, hard cock rammed up their gaping, worthless

* * *

"Piper!" Prue called out into the house again. "Piiii-per?!" she tried a
third time, walking into the kitchen and listening to her voice echo along
the walls of the empty Manor. * Hmm, * Prue Halliwell smiled to herself as
she spotted Piper's car still parked in the driveway and then shifted her
gaze over to Dan's back door. * No mystery where she is. BITCH! *

Prue couldn't help but being a little jealous. Piper not only had one, but
two... count 'em TWO... gorgeous guys playing 'footsie' with her. Prue
fondly remembered the good old days, when she and Phoebe were the reigning
Halliwell sister heartbreakers. Piper had always been much too... practical
to engage in such shenanigans as boy-hopping. Playing both ends against the
middle just wasn't the middle Halliwell sister's style, or at least it hadn't
been until recently.

Now, however, Piper was being very un-Piperlike and juggling two men - Dan
and Leo - like an experienced player. "Maybe she really was paying attention
to Phoebe and me all those years," Prue mused aloud, secure in the fact no
one could hear her in the empty house.

"Paying attention to what?" a male voice spoke from behind her.

"Uh... " Prue whirled around, her hands raised on the defensive. She was
ready to crank up her telekinetic powers and slam whoever had startled her
through the nearest wall.

"Woa!" Leo backed away and put up his hands, as if that could have stopped
Prue from tossing him across the room with the strength of her mind. "Watch
it, okay...?"

"Leo?!" Prue tried to not look too startled. "Have you ever considered

"No time for that, Prue," he answered. "This is an emergency. Where's

"Piper and Phoebe are out," Prue answered, a little perturbed at Leo's
incessant nosiness concerning her sister. He was the one who had cooled it
off with Piper. Now that she was seeing Dan, he had no right to get so

"Her car is in the drive," Leo observed.

"I don't know, Leo," Prue tried to control the irritation in her voice.
"Maybe they're out together, in Phoebe's car."

"Call her on her cell, then," Leo almost barked.

"She doesn't have the cell, Phoebe does," Prue shot back.

"Then call Phoebe!" Leo was getting irritated, too, now.

"I can't just call Phoebe, Leo. She's at an appointment."

"With Piper?"

"I don't know, Leo."

"Well, where is she, Prue? Where's Phoebe?"

* * *

"Hi, Phoebe!" the little voice startled Phoebe. She turned around from the
car door and smiled.

"Hi, Antonio!" Phoebe beamed down at the little seven-year-old neighbor boy.
He smiled right back at her, his white teeth practically glowing from his
dark olive complexion. Antonio Mariano was probably the most beautiful
little boy Phoebe Halliwell had ever seen. A regular little angel.

"Antonio, don't bother Phoebe," the boy's mother called from her porch.
"She's busy."

"It's no bother, Mrs. Mariano," Phoebe shouted back. "I always have time for
my little Antonio." She kneeled down, scooped Antonio up and tickled his
stomach. "Don't I, Antoni-oni-oni-oh," she cooed while the boy squealed in

"Phoebe, you're going to spoil him," Mrs. Mariano smiled, shook her head and
went back inside her house.

"Is that right, Antoni-oni-oni-oh," she teased the boy, her fingers traveling
down his tummy. "Am I going to spoil you? Am I?" she gushed, her hand
suddenly feeling the boy's tiny penis as it twitched beneath his shorts.

"WOA!" Phoebe yanked her hand away. * What the HELL was that? * She shook
her hand frantically, trying to get the feeling out of her fingers, confusion
and nausea sending her tummy in cartwheels. "Antonio, I'm so sorry!" she set
the boy down.

"That's all right, Phoebe," he beamed back innocently. "I don't mind it when
YOU tickle me." Judging by the expression of total love and trust on his
face, Antonio hadn't even noticed that Phoebe's hands had given him one of
those "bad touches" the school counselors were always warning him about. "I
love you."

"I... love you, too, Antonio," Phoebe trembled as she spoke, still unable to
shake off what had just happened. * I'm sick. What did I just do? * "I
have to go now, okay...?"

"Okay, Phoebe." He reached up to be hugged. Phoebe had no choice. She
reached down and embraced him, but her hold was light, her arms exerting
almost no pressure at all.

"Go back to your house," she said, pushing him gently away from her. "I'll
see you later."

He smiled at her then bolted back to his porch. Phoebe turned to the Manor.
* It just slipped, Phoebe, * she reassured herself. * Your hand just
slipped. It was nothing. It just slipped. Get a grip. Stuff happens. It
was an accident. * She continued talking to herself as she headed up the
walk. Through the windows, she could see that Prue was talking someone.
* It's Leo, * Phoebe recognize the White Lighter's profile. * I wonder what
he wants. * Suddenly all thoughts of Antonio and what just happened vanished
from her mind.

* * *

"We don't have time to wait for them to get back," Leo insisted.

Prue was extremely annoyed now. She hated when Leo came storming into their
lives, expecting them to heed his every beck and call. Yes, he was their
White Lighter, but THEY were the Charmed Ones. "You know, Leo," she started,
"maybe if you just TOLD me what this big emergency is, I could..."

"There's an emergency?" Phoebe's voice suddenly chimed in. Prue and Leo
turned to where Phoebe was entering the kitchen from the back door.

"Yes, there's an emergency," Leo snapped. "Now where's Piper?"

"I'm not my sister's keeper, Leo," Phoebe shrugged her shoulders and went
to the refrigerator. She opened the door and pulled out a liter of orange
juice. She popped the top back and drank straight from the carton.

* Ewwww, I hate when she does that, * Prue couldn't help but fume, glaring
at her little sister.

"If neither of you know where she is, I'll just find her myself," Leo shook
his head.

"Um, Leo, maybe that's not such a good idea... " Prue began, trying to calm
him down. But Leo just ignored her and stormed into the living room with
Phoebe following close behind. Throwing up her hands, Prue took up pursuit.
When she entered the living room, she saw Leo standing before their
television, bathing the screen in some kind ethereal white light.

"Leo, what are you doing to our TV," Prue asked nervously.

"I can use this to tune in on Piper's presence and find out where she is..."
Leo explained. "It's a White Lighter thing," he added. The screen suddenly
began to flicker with images.

"Cool, can you get us HBO, too, while you're at it?" Phoebe asked.

* SHIT! * Prue glanced about wildly, looking for some way to distract Leo.
If Piper was where Prue thought she was, this could get VERY ugly VERY
quickly. Prue shot another glance back at her youngest sister and nodded
slightly towards the direction of Dan's house next door. Phoebe flashed her
eldest sister a puzzled look, then caught on and nodded back.

"Ah, Leo..." she tapped the White Lighter on the shoulder. "Can you explain
to me how that works? Can you teach me how to do that?"

Leo lost the picture before it came into focus and turned to Phoebe. "Do
you mind?" he scolded her. "This takes concentration."

"I'm sorry, Leo, I was just interested, that's all..." Phoebe tried to
engage him in conversation while Prue headed for the back door. * What I
wouldn't do for Piper's freezing power now, * Prue mused to herself. * Not
that it would work on Leo, but... *

"Where are you going, Prue?" Leo suddenly barked. "This is an emergency.
We all need to stay together."

"I was... uh... going to get some more orange juice," Prue attempted.

"She's close by," Leo turned back to the TV and waved his hand. Seconds
later, a picture began to come into focus across the screen. Two figures
came into view. In an instant, there was no doubt who they were - Piper
and Dan - or WHAT they were doing.

* * *

Piper was on all fours on Dan's bed while the strapping, ex-baseball player
had her mounted from behind, taking batting practice against her bruised ass
cheeks with his eight-inch lumber. The look on Piper's face was half agony
and half ecstasy. She was weeping tears -- REAL tears -- tears of pain,
humiliation and terror.

But, beneath her sobbing eyes, Piper's lips quivered with what could only be
described as a tremulous joy. She was mouthing something silently, the same
words over and over again, like a mantra. Prue couldn't read lips very well,
but she got the gist of it. Her younger sister was about to get brutally
banged in her butt. Her ass was about to be used like one the twenty-dollar
curb crawlers who turned tricks for crack in Oakland. Little Miss
Goody-Two-Shoes Piper Halliwell was about to get a hardcore ass raping, and
the "innocent" little slut was loving EVERY torturous second of it.

"Beg me, Jenny," Dan's voice cut through Piper's anguished, ecstatic moaning.
He had a belt or something wrapped around her neck like a choker leash, and
he was snapping her head back, strangling her while her eyes bulged out of
their sockets. "You know what you want," Dan kept at her viciously. "Tell
me. Tell your Uncle Dan what you want, you cock-teasing piece of teenage
cunt garbage."

"Fuck my tight, teenage asshole," Piper croaked as Dan loosened the belt
slightly, allowing her to breathe. "I've stretched it all out for you. I
promise I'll be good. I promise I won't fight anymore. Just fuck my tight
virgin thirteen-year-old asshole, please... please... please..." Piper

"Woa!" Prue threw up her hands and tried to back out of the living room. But
she couldn't remove either her feet or her eyes from where they were fixed.
Her entire body was riveted to the scene unfolding before her. "Stop it,
Leo," she squeaked. "Now!"

But Leo wasn't listening to her. His face was darkened with a ghastly white
pallor that seemed to fill the entire room.

Phoebe licked her lips when she saw Dan's cock begin to split the crease of
her older sister's yummy asshole. Judging by the deep red color of the welts
striping her back, ass and upper thighs, Dan had been using that belt as more
than leash. Phoebe could see the juices dripping from Piper's cunt, and she
licked her lips again.

Phoebe remembered how wet and zesty Piper's little cunt could get. Her mind
drifted back to when they were younger, back to when they used to play their
'midnight game.' Phoebe would sit on her bed and watch her older sister play
frantically with her pussy while Phoebe vividly described all sorts of
fantasies - movie stars, prince charmings in shining armor, fairy princesses
getting savaged by gangs of evil knights, trolls and rampant stallions.

Now Piper's charms were splayed before her little sister once again, almost
ten years later, in a twisted scenario that surpassed even Phoebe's most
depraved, secret fantasies. * Who would have thunk it? * Phoebe laughed to
herself. * Piper Halliwell, FUCK PIG! *

Even Phoebe winced as they all watched Dan's thick ass-blaster hover outside
the perimeter of Piper's virgin sphincter. "Been there, done that..." Phoebe
gasped aloud, then tried to feign nonchalance as she felt herself becoming
flushed with excitement.

Despite the fact she was in her own living room with Prue and Leo mere inches
away, Phoebe felt her hands sink instinctively below her waist. Something
was happening to her again, just like it had earlier in the suite at Destiny
Enterprises, just like it had minutes ago in her front yard with little

Unable to control herself, Phoebe slid her palms up under the folds of her
dress, pulling back the sopping crotch of her panties and zeroing in on the
irritation burning inside her. In a second, her fingers were strumming her
clit while she spread her legs even further apart, allowing her digits more
access to the tender folds of flesh that cried beneath her fevered touch.
Neither Leo nor her oldest sister even noticed, though, as their eyes were
affixed to the television screen.

"Please," Piper begged from the very depths of her tortured soul, oblivious
to the fact that her two sisters and her former lover were watching her
degradation. "Use me like the cunt slut whore I am," Piper whined. "Fuck
my ass. HARD! Show me no mercy. Make me cry harder than I've ever cried
before. Make me wish I had never been born. Rape my cherry teenage ass
dead, Uncle Dan!"

Then he rammed his eight-inch dick all the way up Piper's shit chute with
one decisive, merciless stroke.

"Rape me, Uncle Dan," Piper prattled. "Rape my cherry teenage ass DEAD!"

"You're dead, Jenny!" Dan screamed.

"Jenny...?" Prue, Phoebe and Leo all spoke aloud at the same time. Then they
all winced and grimaced as Piper's blasted ass began farting up blood and
loose shit.

"How does that feel, Jenny Cunt?" Dan kept at her while Leo and the sisters
watched in mortified, stony silence. "How do you like your Uncle Dan now?
You never should have flashed me that cunt, you little cock-teasing slut cunt
trash whore," their neighbor kept on ranting. "I'm going to fuck you dead
for that, Jenny. I'm going to fuck your cock-teasing little cherry teenage
asshole dead! Then I'm going to go find some of your little
thirteen-year-old schoolgirl friends and fuck their tight, teenage, cherry
assholes dead, too..."

"Oh... my... GOD!" Phoebe burst out, her fear for Piper suddenly
overshadowing her insatiable lust. "STOP! STOP!" she waved her arms about
frantically. "STOP them!"

"I'm going to choke fuck their giggling little mouths with my hard cock until
they puke out my cum," Dan continued, "and then I'm going to turn them over
on their little tummies and blast-fuck their scrawny, tight little asses
until they're fucking dead. And then I'm going to take you and them -- all
your fucking little teenage cunt corpses -- I'm going to fuck them, too.
How does that sound, Jenny? How would you like good old Uncle Dan to fuck
your stupid teenage cunt whore trash corpse?"

"We have to get over there and stop this right now!" Prue ordered Leo.
"RIGHT NOW!" Leo didn't move. "LEO!" Prue shook him out of his mesmerized

He turned and glared at her. "Why should we?" he shot back. "She made her
choice. The best man won," he sneered sarcastically. "Now she's getting
exactly what she wants... what she deserves."

"Stop this right now, Leo," Phoebe grabbed his shoulders and shook him
violently. She had never seen this side of Leo before, it was like he had
suddenly become possessed by an inner demon. An inner demon... that was it!
"There has to be a warlock or a demon or something possessing Dan and making
him attack her," Phoebe started rambling. "You have to stop it, Leo.

"Look at her, Phoebe," Leo challenged the youngest Halliwell. "Does she
look like she's being attacked? Does she sound like she wants anyone to
SAVE her? There's no demon over there in that bedroom, no warlock or
anything else supernatural. That's a man plumbing the darkest recesses of
his soul. That's what's inside your neighbor, good old Dan Gordon. That's
what's inside the 'man' Piper chose over me."

"Stop this, NOW!" Prue slapped the White Lighter across the face. "He's
hurting her..."

"Is he?" Leo shot back.

"You said there was an emergency, Leo," Prue tried to get his mind back on
the reason for his visit. "We need Piper back here now!"

Leo glared back at Prue, thought about what she said, then nodded his head
slowly, an icy grin spreading across his face. He waved his hands, and in an
instant he was gone in a glimmering swirl of light. The TV still flickered
with the images from Dan's bedroom, and the sisters watched Leo materialize
from thin air behind Dan. He touched the back of Dan's head, and the big
hunk suddenly slumped over on Piper's back. Leo lifted Dan's naked muscular
body off Piper, grasping the man's hard cock and yanking it roughly out of
Piper's asshole.

"Ewww..." the eldest and youngest of the Halliwell sisters squicked in

"Remind me to repress all this, okay...?" Phoebe half-heartedly joked. Prue
replied with a sickened grimace and nodded before the sisters turned their
attentions back to the TV screen.

In the ensuing seconds after Dan's collapse, Piper had become aware of Leo's
presence, and she now looked up in horror... in shock... in shame. Before
she could speak, Leo lifted her off her naked form off the bed, wrapped his
arms about her and disappeared in another shimmering swirl of light.

A split second later, he was standing back in the Halliwell living room with
Piper hyperventilating in his arms. When she saw the look in her sisters'
eyes and the picture of Dan's bedroom on the TV screen, she turned deathly
pale. "I... I'm so... You don't understand, I... " she couldn't even finish
what she was saying before her eyes rolled back into her forehead and her
body went totally limp.

* * *

"... 1D... 3D... 5D..." Jenny read along with the signs on the doors that
lined the purple corridor. She stood and gazed at the 5D sign on the door
for several long seconds before she hesitantly rapped on the rich oak.

Seconds later, the door opened and a slim, striking blonde with pouting lips
and a cheery, mischievous smile appeared. "Jenny?!" the blonde half-asked.

"Mm hmm," Jenny nodded. "A..are you Jezzy?" Jenny stammered.

"Yes," Jezzy giggled, then seemed to grow very serious. "Enter," the blonde
stepped away from the open door with a mocking, exaggerated flourish that
made Jenny laugh despite the butterflies in her stomach. Jezzy was maybe a
few years older than Jenny, but definitely not over 17.

Jenny guessed she was 16, maybe even a little younger. She looked like
one of the girls in Seventeen or YM. Her whole body seemed to glisten -
everything from her perfect skin to her puffy blue sweater to her tight
jeans. Jezzy exuded a warmth and exuberance that any teenager - boy or
girl - would immediately want to be close to.

When Jenny entered the room and Jezzy embraced her in a big hug, Jenny felt
her muscles turn to mush. Before she knew what she was doing, she was
hugging back with all her might, thrilling to the feel of Jezzy's gorgeous,
young body wrapped in her arms. The hug was part sisterly, part friendly,
and part something else that Jenny could only vaguely consider.

Jenny had felt similar waves of emotions while looking at pictures of teenage
heartthrobs like Freddy Prinze Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio or Melissa Joan Hart.
Now she was crushing BIG TIME on Jezzy. She just wanted to be close to her,
to bask in the older girl's radiance. Jezzy didn't hold back either. She
hugged Jenny with a sincerity the thirteen-year-old just KNEW couldn't be

"You are SO hot!" Jezzy cooed when she let go of Jenny and stepped back.

For a moment, Jenny felt TOTALLY self-conscious about how she was dressed.
Jezzy looked like she'd just stepped off the pages of Seventeen Magazine,
while Jenny was TOTALLY middle-school with her pony-tail , plain white
blouse, denim skirt and the small, Mickey Mouse backpack she wore over her
shoulders. * I am SUCH a geek! * she shouted at herself.

"All the boys must be sooo crazy about you," Jezzy squeezed Jenny
affectionately on the arm, and suddenly all the girl's insecurities seemed
to slowly melt away.

"I... uh...," Jenny turned beat red with embarrassment. "I don't know..."

"Sure they are," Jezzy clasped Jenny's hand and walked her into the suite.
Big comfy couches were everywhere, and their was a giant TV on the far wall
with footage from an N-Sync concert playing that looked so REAL Jenny felt
she could reach out and touch the singing boys. Before she knew what had
hit her, her little thirteen-year-old pussy suddenly grew all moist and

* STOP it, oh please... * Jenny pouted to her uncooperative nether regions.
* She's going to think I'm some kind of pervo slut or something. Please,
just stop..." she begged her frothing teenage twat. Unfortunately, her
anxiety elicited another swell of pussy juice, and she couldn't help but
squirm slightly as her inner moisture condensed along the folds of her soaked
panties. * SHIT! * she cursed to herself. She was getting SO wet that she
now began fearing her panties might soak through to the front of her denim

Sensing Jenny's nervousness, Jezzy took the thirteen-year-old girl's hand,
squeezed gently and led her to one of the big comfy couches. "Relax," Jezzy
giggled, pulling Jenny down until they both plopped into the soft cool
cushions. "Put your feet up," Jezzy invited, resting her own feet on the
coffee table. "It's all right," she coaxed, grinning ear to ear when Jenny
finally, apprehensively raised her smooth bare legs and set her shoes on the
wooden surface.

"You're nervous, aren't you...?" Jezzy asked, kicking Jenny's feet playfully.

"Yeah, kind of..." Jenny admitted slowly. She didn't want to appear immature
in front of Jezzy, but she didn't want to lie either.

"I know what'll relax you," Jezzy suddenly scooted onto the floor until she
was kneeling below Jenny. Jenny started to follow suit, but Jezzy held her
back. "No," she gently commanded, "just lie back and relax." Jenny followed
the older girl's orders, and felt her spine begin tingling when Jezzy slipped
off Jenny's shoes and then slowly pulled down her anklets. "You need a foot
rub," Jezzy explained. "That always relaxes me when I'm all stressed," she
cooed, beginning to gently yet vigorously massage Jenny's toes, arches and

"Ohhhh," Jenny heard herself moan in utter ecstasy. All the tension in her
body seemed to seep out the ends of her feet, coaxed into nothingness by
Jezzy's skillful manipulation.

"There there, my little hottie," Jezzy soothed Jenny into a totally relaxed
state of being. "There's no reason to be all stressed. It's going to be all
right now. Jezzy's here now, and I'm going to help you. You'll see. In no
time at all, you'll have everything you ever dreamed of... everything a hot
gorgeous girl like you could EVER want. How does that sound, my little Jenny
bear? Huh? Does that sound good?

"Yeah... " Jenny gasped. "Fuck yeah," the words slipped from her mouth
before she could stop them. Suddenly she was terrified that her swearing
might offend her new friend. She never swore in front of anyone - not Uncle
Dan, or the Halliwell sisters, or even her friends at school. She only swore
in her mind, in her fantasies, in the dirty thoughts that occupied her brain
when all those "bad" feelings came over her.

Like now. She was feeling those bad feelings right now, and she was
terrified. She was scared her new friend Jezzy would think she was some kind
of sick lesbo or a total slut. But when she looked into Jezzy's eyes, all
Jenny saw was the same warmth and unconditional coziness that had greeted her
at the door.

"It's fucking excellent, isn't it...?" Jezzy whispered, stressing the word
'fuck,' which immediately put Jenny at ease again. "Getting a foot rub...?
Fucking awesome...?"

"Fuck yeah," Jenny repeated with a carefree giggle.

"You have such hot little toes," Jezzy joined in the giggling. "Such hot
little fucking toes. I just want to eat them up," she cackled, playfully
nipping at Jenny's toes until both girls were convulsing in fits of laughter.

Jezzy kissed Jenny's feet all over and went back to rubbing them. Jenny was
in TOTAL heaven. NOTHING in her entire life had EVER felt SOOO good before.
Without thinking, she reached out and began running her fingers through
Jezzy's bobbed blonde hair as the older teen massaged and then began kissing
and sucking Jenny's toes.

When the thirteen-year-old experienced these new sensations, she gasped,
shivered, and then began instinctively petting the older blonde's scalp,
urging the beautiful teen's mouth to further explorations. Feeling the
gorgeous blonde shudder beneath her touch, Jenny leaned over and awkwardly
hugged her new friend, a torrent of unfamiliar urges and emotions coursing
through her bloodstream. In seconds, before she could even reconsider, the
thirteen-year-old virgin found herself curling against Jezzy's lithe body.
Instantly, their noses bumped together as Jezzy looked up into Jenny's
anxious, fluttering eyes.

"Mmmm," Jezzy purred, rubbing her nose against Jenny's nose, her dark pupils
engulfing Jenny in a pool of playful passion. Giggling like she hadn't done
since she'd turned thirteen, Jenny couldn't resist pressing her lips into
the older girl's luscious, glossy mouth. Unable to control her impulses,
she slipped her tongue between Jezzy's straight white teeth, her brain
exploding in fireworks as she felt the older teen TOTALLY reciprocate.

Jenny had French-kissed a boy once last year, but this was TOTALLY different.
Jezzy's tongue wasn't rough and unskilled like the boy's had been. Rather
it danced nimbly around the younger teen's inexperienced ministrations,
patiently teaching the nervous novice the delightful thrust and parry of a
true lover's kiss.

"Is this really happening?" Jenny gasped for air after what seemed like an
hour-long exchange of saliva and tongue. Her head floated on a cloud of pure
bliss, her lips continuing to peck and smooch Jezzy's delicious smile. At
some point, Jezzy's right hand had snaked up Jenny's bare white legs and slid
beneath her denim skirt until it rested squarely across the damp crotch of
Jenny's plain cotton panties.

"Oh, yeah..." Jezzy stoked Jenny's cheek with her other hand and brushed back
a stray bang from the younger girl's forehead. "You are SO fucking hot! I
just want to eat you all up," she exclaimed again, her teeth nipping at
Jenny's neck while her fingers stretched the thirteen-year-old's panties,
tugging at the elastic waistband.

"Am I a lesbian?" Jenny suddenly bolted up slightly between their passionate
smooches. "Not that that's wrong or anything if I am, it's just that..."

"You're not a lesbian, silly," Jezzy giggled, pulling the younger girl back
towards her and pecking at her confused face. "You think about guys and
their hard cocks, don't you...?"

"All the time," Jenny confessed with an embarrassed laugh as she sunk back
into Jezzy's embrace. "But it's just that what we're doing, it's... it's..."

"It's PERFECTLY normal, is what it is," Jezzy interrupted her. "Why
shouldn't two HOT girls want to share themselves with each other. I mean why
should BOYS get all this." To emphasize her point, she dug her fingers into
Jenny's sopping snatch with one hand while running the other over the fit
contours of her own trim, teenage body. "You do think I'm hot, don't
you...?" she pouted slightly.

"Oh, yeah..." Jenny imitated her new best friend, pecking her on the cheek to
further reassure her. "WAY hot."

"And what about them" Jezzy asked, suddenly pointing to the big-screen TV where the 'N Sync concert still played. "Do you think
they're hot?"

"Oh, yeah...!" Jenny emphasized as she stared at the five teenage boys work
through one of their patented dance routines.

"How'd you like to meet them all... and fuck them," Jezzy added.

"Yeah, right..." Jenny smirked. "Like that's really going to happen."

"It CAN happen if you really want it to," Jezzy suddenly grew serious. "I'm
like TOTALLY serious. Just give me the word, and I can make it happen."

"You KNOW them?" Jenny was dumbfounded. "You know 'N Sync?"

"I KNOW a lot of people," Jezzy smiled. "Those boys owe me a BIG favor,
too. If it wasn't for a friend of mine, they'd still be singing in Justin's
garage." The way she said "friend of mine" let Jenny know that Jezzy had
some connections with some very, VERY important people. For a second Jenny
wondered who that could possibly be. "So," Jezzy distracted Jenny from her
train of thought. "Do you want to meet them and... you know... get laid by
'N Sync."

"You're kidding me, right...?" Jenny laughed nervously. Fantasizing about
such stuff was one thing. But Jezzy was actually starting to sound like she
meant business, that she could just snap her fingers and 'N Sync, undoubtedly
the HOTTEST boy-band in the world, would just appear out of thin air throw
themselves at the girls' feet.

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Jezzy arched her eyebrow and grinned
mischievously. "I'm telling you, just say the word, and I can make it
happen... BIG TIME!"

"Okay, then," Jenny decided to call the girl's bluff. Her mind told her that
this was just some kind of joke Jezzy was playing, but another part of her
started taking the girl seriously. A big smile beamed across Jezzy's face,
and she stood up from the comfy couch and walked over to the TV screen.

"Come on," Jezzy looked back at Jenny. "Get up. You do want to meet
'N Sync, don't you...?"

"Sure," Jenny laughed as she rose and walked over towards Jezzy. "What are
we going to do, walk through the TV screen and end up on stage with them?"
Jenny quipped.

"Something like that," Jezzy winked then took Jenny's hand. Suddenly Jenny
felt very dizzy, and a whirlwind of light started rushing around her eyes.
In another second, the sensation passed, and she was standing in a crowded
hallway with about a thousand screaming girls. Jezzy was still holding her
hand, and Jenny numbly followed the older girl as they pushed their way to
the front of the crowd of girls.

They stopped when they reached a large barricade. Three large security
guards barred their path and glared down at them. * How did I get here? *
Jenny's mind tried to fight the fog. * What happened? Where am I? *

"We're here to see Justin and the guys," Jezzy's voice cut through the fog
clouding Jenny's mind. "Tell him it's Jezzy and a friend." The security
guard looked down at both girls and smirked, but didn't move. "I'd call
Justin if I were you," Jezzy insisted. "If you don't, he'll fire your sorry
ass." She reached into one of her pockets and produced a card with the
'N Sync logo on it.

When the guard saw the card, his expression changed. The smirk turned into
curiosity as he took the card from her and examined it closely. A second
later, he gestured to one of the other guards, and in another instant they
were moving aside the barricade and waving Jezzy and Jenny through. "I'm
sorry, Miss," the guard apologized as Jezzy pulled Jenny into the hallway

"Fuck you," Jezzy snapped, and Jenny found herself giggling. Her mind was
gradually returning to normal, but she still felt dizzy and disoriented as
Jezzy led her down the dark hallway. Somehow, Jenny had been transported to
what appeared to be backstage at a concert. She had no idea how they'd
gotten there. She must have fainted or something. Everything was just so

The only thing she knew for sure was that she was with her new best friend,
Jezzy, and they appeared to be going to 'N Sync's dressing room after a huge
concert. It made no sense AT ALL. Yet she wasn't in any state of mind to
question her surroundings, only go with the flow. She stopped walking when
Jezzy stopped in front of a door marked PRIVATE.

Silently, she watched as Jezzy rapped on the door and called out. "Hey,
Justin. Lance...?! It's Jezzy. Open up," she paused and smiled and Jenny.
"I brought along a friend who REALLY wants to meet you."

The door opened a second later and... Justin Timberlake stood before them.
In his arms, he held a small dog that Jenny recognized as a Cairn terrier,
which was the exact same breed of dog that her friend Kelly owned. The small
dog was wriggling around in Justin's grasp, and Jenny noticed it was wearing
a choke-chain leash. "Hi, boy," she couldn't help herself, reaching out to
pet the terrier as it yipped playfully.

"Hey, Jez," Justin smiled at the older teen, then let his eyes drift across
Jenny's shivering form. "This is Ozzie," he told Jenny. "Don't worry,
you'll get plenty of time to play with him later, won't she, boy?" he
baby-talked in the terrier's upturned ears while the rest of the boys in the
band sniggered.

Suddenly, Jenny was acutely aware that every eye in the room was inspecting
every inch of her awkward adolescent body. She immediately stopped playing
with the small dog while another wave of self-consciousness swept over her.
Once again, she found herself overwhelmed with myriad adolescent
insecurities, just like she'd experienced when she first met Jezzy...

* OH SHIT I LOOK LIKE A MESS! * Jenny screamed to herself. Her clothes were
still in disarray from her little make-out session with Jezzy, and somewhere
along the way she'd lost the scrunchy that had been keeping her hair in a
ponytail. Now her brown locks sat atop her head like a tangled rat's nest.
In addition, her panties were still SOAKING wet beneath her rumpled denim
skirt, the cotton crotch stretched so out of shape that part of her bare
pussy licked the cool air. * I must look like a TOTAL loser, geek. *

If that was Justin Timberlake's impression of her, though, he didn't show it.
In fact, his attitude seemed just the opposite, like he was TOTALLY crunching
on her. As he nuzzled his dreamy face against the cute terrier, he locked
eyes with her, and the thirteen-year-old girl felt her heart stop beating.
Justin Timberlake was just SO.. Justin... Jenny's knees wobbled as her
thirteen-year-old pussy grew even more saturated.

"Who's your little friend?" Justin asked, finally breaking the spell of
silence engulfing the room. When Jenny's gaze caught the glint in his sky
blue eyes, her heart stopped again.

"This is Jenny," Jezzy explained as they entered the dressing room.

"Cool!" Lance Bash looked up from the Gameboy he was playing and set it
down on an end table. "Fresh meat!" He exchanged a high-five with Chris
Kirkpatrick who was sprawled next to him on an overstuffed couch. In a
second, both boys sprang to their feet, and Lance flicked the back of JC
Chasez's head.

JC turned away from the TV set he was watching and looked over towards the
girls. He was seated in a reclining chair, but was on his feet a moment
later. His eyes, like Justin's, Lance's and Chris's, flashed with an almost
predatory glare.

"Did I hear someone say we had a delivery?" Joey Fatone, the fifth member
of the world's hottest boy-band, emerged from a doorway at the back of the
dressing room. A cloud of steam billowed out into the room behind him, and
he was dressed only in a large, fluffy towel.

* OH... MY... GOD... * Jenny felt her heart palpitating to an even more
irregular rhythm. Her face burned like she was staring directly into the
noonday sun without sunscreen. "It's really... you're..." she stammered,
barely able to gasp her breathing was so shallow, ".. 'N Sync..."

"In the flesh, baby," Joey barked back, flexing his muscles and letting the
towel drop to the floor. His cock, only semi-hard at the moment, quivered
into life as Jenny's eyes popped out of her head and her gaze locked below
his waist. "That's right, baby," he grinned proudly at Jenny, stroking the
organ to its full rigid girth in a split second. "100% Joey Fatone over
here. They don't call me the Italian Stallion for nothing," he cracked,
pumping his cock so that all 9 1/2 bloated inches pulsed with an intimidating

"I was beginning to think we'd have to order out for pussy tonight." Justin
dropped the terrier to the ground and came up behind the girls. "That's a
good dog," he commented as the terrier leaped up onto the couch Lance and
Chris had vacated. "Heel!" he barked, and a second later his flat hand
delivered a firm smack to Jenny's skinny, thirteen-year-old ass. "Good dog,"
he chuckled before turning back to face the girls.

Jenny gasped again. Justin Timberlake now stood before her in all his teen
heartthrob glory. His hard 7" cock dangled from the wide-open fly of his
baggy 501s, and the elastic waistband of his white, Tommy Hilfiger boxer
shorts slung like a hammock beneath his shaved balls.

"Yeah, you're late," JC snapped at Jezzy. He was busy working his own 5"
prick free from his white Tommy sports shorts. "I was just about to send one
of the roadies out on a pussy run."

"I like this one," Chris smiled at Jenny. As she stood there unable to move
a muscle, he reached out and squeezed her small, egg-sized tits through her
bra and blouse. With his other hand, he released his thin, 6-inch needle
dick from a pair of Calvin Klein boxers. "She looks so cherry. How old is
she? 12 or something?" he spoke as his palm coaxed his organ to maximum

"Thirteen," Jezzy answered, stroking Jenny's tangled hair as she talked.
"And she is SO cherry, aren't you, sweets...?" she licked Jenny's earlobe and
began fondling the teen's nubile body as well.

"Umm... please... hhhuhh..." Jenny found she couldn't talk or DO anything.
Both her body and her vocal chords seemed frozen. The only part of her she
could now feel was her tender teenage pussy, and that THROBBED inside her
soaked panties like a jet engine.

"Let's just hope she's better than the last piece of cherry you delivered,"
Lance sneered. He was bent over Ozzie, and in a second he managed to slip
off the terrier's choke-chain leash. "What was her name again?" he asked

"I don't know..." Chris replied. "Cunt!" The quintet laughed in unison.
"Do these little teenage cunts even have names?" he asked rhetorically.

"If they do, no one gives a shit what they are," Lance answered as he
rejoined the group. By now, his hands had skillfully readjusted the
choke-collar to a wider circumference. His cock was exposed now, too,
sticking out from the open fly of his Tommy jeans like a stout fireplug.
While he definitely had the smallest package in the band, it was DEFINITELY
the fattest. Hanging at a mere 4-inches, the sturdy little groupie-gorger
ballooned to the circumference of a thick bratwurst, the inflamed cockhead
as big as a doorknob. "That last little cunt you delivered just lay there
and cried," Lance upbraided Jezzy. "Can you believe that, cunt?" he turned
to Jenny with a snicker. "Little ten-year-old cunt come sin here, dying to
meet us, and we give her the monster gangbang of her pathetic little life,
and she fucking starts CRYING on us. Cunt should be thanking God we spent
the time and energy to drill her stupid holes, and she's fucking CRYING
'cause it hurts," he started mimicking bay talk, and the guys broke out in
another round of laughter.

"I like it when they cry, dude," Chris chimed in, his left palm now furiously
working his thin, 6-inch tool to a sharp erection. With his right hand, he
reached out and pinched Jenny's tit through her blouse.

When she flinched, the teen idol snickered and twisted her nipple. Jenny
desperately tried to scream, but the only sound emerging from her lips was a
pitiful whimper.

"You gonna cry for Crazy Chris, ain't ya, cunt?" the teen idol baited the
terrified teen, his mouth now joining Jezzy's lips as she licked Jenny's
earlobe. In a second, both Chris and Jezzy were slobbering inside Jenny's
sensitive inner ear while her trim, teenage body shuddered in ecstasy.
"Crazy Chris likes it when little thirteen-year-old cunts cry," he blew in
her wet ear. "You got that, whore...?"

Suddenly, without warning, Chris Kirkpatrick bit down on Jenny's earlobe...
HARD! Through the sharp stinging sensation, Jenny thought she heard Jezzy
giggle. In a fit of pain and panic, the young teen tried to jerk away. But
the older boy's teeth were clamped down on her tender flesh like a pit-bull.

"You do want to make Chris happy, don't ya, cunt..?" the boy continued to
bait her as his hands mauled every inch of her flesh.

"J..Jezzy..." Jenny stammered. "I... please..."

"It's gonna be all right, cunt," Justin whispered in her ear and put his arm
around her. "Just relax and enjoy it. You're about to live every girl's

"Yeah, cunt, be cool," JC assured her. He took her hand in his own and
lowered her fingers until they grazed the stiff, gristle of his cock. "It's
gonna hurt a little at first, but after that first fuck you're gonna be on
cloud nine."

Her young mind FRIED with terror, Jenny's muscles were unable to do anything
but quiver like Jell-O beneath their molestation. Whimpering like an abused
puppy, the victimized girl could offer no resistance as she felt Chris's hand
slither down her flat tummy and roughly tear open her denim skirt.

"Looks like someone started without us," Lance giggled as the boys grinned
down at Jenny's damp, disheveled panties.

"Jezzy, we've told you like a hundred times already," JC scolded the gorgeous
teen. "No playing with our dinner."

"I couldn't help it," Jezzy cackled in glee. "I mean come on, look at her.
It was only a little snack. I just... you know... tenderized her a little
for you."

"And that better be all you did," JC shook his finger at Jezzy. "You know
our arrangement. You bring us fresh meat ONLY."

"Oh, she's fresh all right," Jezzy wrapped her arms around Jenny and locked
her lips over the girl's mewling mouth. Overwhelmed and totally helpless,
Jenny could do nothing but respond instinctively to the coaxing of Jezzy's
succulent lips and tricky tongue. In a split second, the pain stabbing
through her teenage nipples bloomed into passion.

While Chris continued twisting her tiny tits, her pussy unleashed another
deluge of labia-lube. Like a starving she-wolf, her tongue and lips devoured
Jezzy's hot, sweet mouth while she felt the boy's rough, eager hands maul the
clothes from her shivering body.

In seconds, her denim skirt lay in a heap around her bare feet. She heard a
rip and felt the remains of her drenched panties tatter and tear into cotton
shreds. Her blouse was next. She felt a strong tug at her back, then heard
another ripping noise. A moment later, the cool air tickled the fine hairs
along her naked back, and with several more yanks her white blouse was torn
in pieces from her torso.

All that remained now was her lacy white bra and the Mickey Mouse backpack
still slung over her shoulders. She tried to shrug the pack off, but a pair
of strong hands stopped her. "Leave the backpack on," Joey's voice ordered
her. "I like fucking you little thirteen-year-old girls with your little
backpacks on. It's like you're all ready for school, and I'm the teacher
gonna teach you a lesson."

The other boys and Jezzy laughed. Chris's hands popped Jenny's tiny,
egg-sized boobs out of her small bra while another set of hands forced her
head down. As the hands pushed her down into a bowing position, something
that felt like leather suddenly wrapped in a tight circle around her neck.
* The leash... * her memory cut through the haze clouding her mind.
* Ozzie's leash...* The image of the small terrier and the choke-chain
dangling from its small neck seared across Jenny's crazed brain. An instant
later, she felt a sharp, snapping tug jerk her neck-first to the ground.

* I... I can't... breathe...* she realized an moment later when she tried to
gasp for air. The choke-chain eased up slightly, allowing her to sneak a
quick breath before it snapped across her throat again.

"It's time our little bitch went to obedience school," Lance cracked as he
yanked up Jenny's face and smashed his stumpy, thick dick into her
tear-stained face. "Here's your bone, bitch. Now beg! Come on, girl, beg!"
he encouraged her while the other boys and Jezzy howled with glee.

"Make her stick out her tongue and pant for it, man," Chris egged Lance on.
"I like to see the little bitches pant for that bone."

"You heard the man, bitch," Lance barked in Jenny's ear. "Stick your tongue
out and pant for that bone, bitch. Beg for it, just like a little bitch
dog." Jenny was so confused, she didn't know what to do. So just knelt
there at Lance Bass's feet and bawled her eyes out. "BAD DOG!" Lance started
beating Jenny across the nose with his thick dick, using his raging cock like
a rolled-up newspaper.

"Hey, Lancer, I think I see your problem over there," Joey quipped. His
strong arms lifted Jenny off the ground by her Mickey Mouse backpack, and his
beefy hands spread apart her slender, alabaster ass cheeks. Seconds later,
every pink fold of her tight teenage pussy lay fully exposed to the cool air.
"Your bitch can't concentrate 'cause she's in heat!"

"Look how fucking wet she is," JC piped up. "Man, this is one bitch who
NEEDS a fucking bone buried in her hole, aren't you, girl?"

"Who gets firsties this time?" Justin asked his fellow band-members.

"Let's look at the chart," Chris answered. Jenny followed his voice over to
where a calendar hung on the wall. Scrawled in each date was a band member's
name. Through the haze in her brain and the suffocating agony of the
choke-chain, her bleary eyes found today's date.

"JOEY..." Chris read off and shook his head.

"I could've told you that," Joey laughed. "Why did you think I stepped up
to the plate already. Time for Superman to get a few punches in. Now you
losers wanna get your asses over here and grab hold a' her?"

Chris and JC shrugged sheepishly. Seconds later, they took hold of the
Mickey Mouse backpack from Joey, dangling her above the ground like a
marionette. "Ahhhggg..." she bawled, her shoulders now aching as the straps
cut under her arms.

As she continued to struggle in vain, the teen idols swung Jenny back and
forth like she was a doll. Just when she thought things couldn't get any
worse, she felt another pair of hands begin mauling her. From the corner
of her tear-drenched eyes, she spied Justin digging his hands into her soft,
white ass cheeks. She yelped like a puppy as the boy's grip tightened and
he ripped open her tight, tender pussy.

"You takin' her ass first or her cunt?" Justin asked Joey matter-of-factly,
like he was inquiring what type of topping he wanted on his pizza.

"She's cherry, ain't she...?" Joey asked Jezzy.

"Oh, yeah," Jezzy laughed. "BIG TIME!"

"Then it's sweet cherry pie," Joey Fatone chortled, pressing his beefy
cock-head against the splayed petals of Jenny's puffy labia.

"This sucks, man," JC complained. "You always get to rip the cherries. And
by the time your through with that horse dick a'yours, her thirteen-year-old
cunt is gonna feel like a twenty dollar whore's."

"Well, fuck you," Joey shot back, "and FUCK YOU, CUNT!" he hissed, his cock
suddenly plunging into Jenny's tight, virgin crease with no warning
whatsoever. The boys now held her perfectly still, permitting Joey to bury
the entire length of his thick battering-ram with one decisive, obliterating

If her throat weren't being constricted by Lance's choke-chain, Jenny's
screams probably would have been heard for miles. Instead, the only sound
anyone heard was a wheezing, weeping gag as Joey thoroughly pulverized the
slick, snug folds of the thirteen-year-old's pristine pussy.

"Let up the chain, man," Joey gasped to Lance as he began pounding away with
a relentless pace. "I want to hear the little cunt cry while I BUST HER
thirteen-year-old cherry."

"You are one sick fucking dude," Lance quipped as he eased up the pressure
on the choke-chain. Jenny now had her chance to scream. Only before she
could utter a sound, Lance shoved his trouser sausage between her bawling
lips. Her plaintive wails now sounded like the muffled bleating of a
clubbed seal, and she could do nothing but sob as Joey smashed into her
thirteen-year-old pussy and Lance stuffed her mouth with his thick, stumpy

"DO IT, guys," Justin cheered them on as he stepped back from the raging
foursome. "This is SO FUCKING AWESOME! I NEVER get tired of this shit,

"Did I do good?" Jezzy asked, draping her arms around Justin and stroking his
proud hard cock.

"Definitely," he smiled. "I LOVE being a rock star. Look at that
thirteen-year-old pussy, boys. That's FREE thirteen-year-old pussy to us,
'cause we're 'N Sync, the hottest fucking band in the country. You're the
luckiest little girl in the world right now, cunt." He bent down now,
peering directly into Jenny's teary eyes, sneering at her as she struggled
to choke down Lance's short, thick bratwurst. "Do you know that, cunt?
Huh? Do you?"

Lance withdrew his prick from Jenny's throat, allowing her to speak.
"Hhhh... hhhuh..." she gasped, every muscle in her body shrieking in agony
as Joey Fatone hammered his huge cock deep into her nauseous guts.
"P..please..." she whined. "Pl..please stop..."

"STOP?!" Justin roared. "We ain't even started yet, cunt."

"D..don't call me th..that," Jenny blubbered. "My is J..Jenny..."
The words sounded pathetic, even to her. But for some reason, she felt
compelled to say them.

Jenny wanted to hear 'N Sync call her by her name. She had resigned herself
to the fact that the boys were going to use her body like a fuck-toy. That
much was now PAINFULLY clear. Still, in her mind, she thought they owed her
at least some kind of respect. She deserved to be called by her name while
they ravaged her. She deserved to hear her name on their lips while they
used her. Deep down, she now knew, that's what every little teenage groupie
cunt REALLY wants to hear -- her name on the lips of a rock star as he fucks
her brains out.

"J..Jenny..." she repeated, this time even more defiantly. "Jenny!"

"Your fucking name is CUNT, bitch!" Joey hissed as he slammed into her cunt
even harder. "C..U..N..T!"

"Jenny," she wailed in reply.

"Do you know how many Jennies we've FUCKED, cunt?" Justin spit in her eyes,
his mucous dripping down her tear-stained cheeks. "Do you know how many
Jennies we've fucked THIS WEEK?" he laughed in her face. "We don't even
know, there've been SO MANY, cunt. You aren't Jenny. You are just a
cock-slot with three inputs -- mouth, pussy and asshole. That's all you
are to us, cunt, and that's all you'll EVER BE from now on, cunt. Do you
understand? Huh?" He slapped her hard across the face so that her teeth
rattled against her jaw bone. "I don't think she understands, boys. I
think the cunt needs a lesson on who the fuck she REALLY is."

In a second, JC and Chris let go of the Mickey Mouse backpack, and Joey
pulled his smoking member out from of her blasted womb. As she hit the
ground, Joey grabbed the choke-leash from Lance and yanked, twisting Jenny's
head around so hard she thought her neck would snap.

"This choad's for you, cunt!" Joey poised his piss-hole right at her eyeball
and discharged a hot, stinging volley of cum directly into her teary pupils.
Then, before she could even flinch, he stabbed his prick into one of her
flaring nostrils, letting loose with another round of spunk. The thick,
viscous fluid flooded her nasal passages. Helplessly inhaling the spurts of
spunk, she began gagging and sputtering, literally drowning in cum as Joey
fired blast after blast into her sinuses.

While she fought for air, she felt the choke-leash change hands, then snap
her neck around with another violent twist. This time what greeted her face
was a cascade of hot, steaming piss from Justin Timberlake's 7-inch cock.
The teen idol's semi-hard cock was spraying pissing on her. His urine
scalded her already burning eyes for a few seconds, before he inserted the
head inside her heaving lips. Like a fire hose, he unleashed a whizzing jet
of pee into her drowning lungs. "That's what you are, cunt," his voice cut
above the sounds her desperate gagging. "Your name is TOILET now, you got
that? Say it! What's your fucking name?"

He snapped the leash so tight around her neck that Jenny thought for sure she
was about to die. Her bleary eyes pleaded with Justin Timberlake to release
his hold, to let her breathe, to let her live. She had learned her lesson.
She would be a good cunt now. She would do anything... say anything. She
just wanted to live.

"What's your fucking name?" Justin eased up on the chain just enough so she
could cough out a whisper.

"T..toilet," she gagged before he snapped the leash back again.

"Here, dude, our turn now," JC gestured with his outstretched hand, and
Justin handed him the leash. With a fierce tug, JC yanked Jenny's face into
his cock, which was now semi-hard as well. An instant later, it, too, began
spurting a hot geyser of piss into her face. Then, like his band mate, JC
also shoved his spewing dick-head deep into Jenny's gurgling mouth. While
she drank what seemed to be a gallon of JC's pee, Chris stepped up and began
unloading his own scalding urine over her entire body - her face, her tits,
her tummy, her pussy, her ass.

When they were all done with round one, the thoroughly defiled
thirteen-year-old just lay in a piss-smeared heap on the floor, her lungs
sobbing and her guts dry-heaving. Joey lifted her off the ground by her
Mickey Mouse backpack and snapped her bra snaps painfully against her
shoulders. Suspended in mid-air, her tits hanging out from her bra cups
like tiny peaches, Jenny could offer no resistance whatsoever as Lance
started kicking her in the belly.

"You haven't made her cum yet!" Jezzy suddenly erupted in a fit of rage.
"You KNOW the deal. I bring these little cunts to you, and you MAKE THEM

"Chill, Jezzy," Justin sneered, lighting a joint and passing it to Joey. "We
were just getting some jollies."

"Maybe my BOSS and I should start working with the Backstreet Boys again,"
Jezzy shot back. "They could at least make these little cunts cum. This is
the second cunt in a row you've failed on."

"We'll make her cum!" Justin snapped back. "Fuck, Jezzy, would you just
chill? Look at the little cunt. She's practically ready to cum right now."

"Somehow I don't think PISSING on her and kicking the SHIT out of her will
make her cum, JUSTIN!" Jezzy shot back. "Man, do you BOYS need to learn a
lot about women. Maybe I will take her over to Nick and AJ... or maybe those
new British Boys... what are their names again... the Five...?"

"Okay, you made your point," Justin clenched his jaws and spoke in short,
deliberate tones. "We'll make the cunt cum, okay...? Just give us a sec to
recuperate, will ya'...?"

"Nick and AJ don't need a sec to recuperate," Jezzy imitated Justin's voice
flawlessly. "Those studs can bang these little teenage bitches all night.
You BOYS can't even hold your beer," she hissed, dabbing one of her fingers
into the piss coating Jenny and licking it. "And shit, you're all fucking
limp again, too," she pointed to the boy's now wilting pricks. "That's it,"
she threw up her hands. "We're fucking out of here. You guys are finished,
do you hear me? Finished."

"Just chill the FUCK out, Jezzy," Justin grabbed the pretty teen demon by
her arm. The cock-surety had vanished from his eyes, and they now flared
with a look of wild desperation. "We'll do it, okay. We'll make the little
cunt, cum. Just chill the fuck out."

"You just remember our deal, JUSTIN," Jezzy was right up in the teen idol's
face now. "You get ALL THIS," she waved her hands around to indicate
everything the band enjoyed with their fame, "and you STAY on top, as long
as you do WHAT I say and give me WHAT I want. Every other 'boy band,'" she
said the words with disgust, "has the SAME deal you do. You ALL sold your
souls to the BOSS in exchange for the money, and the fame, and the young
teenage pussy. Th only reason you're on top right now is because - for some
reason that NO ONE can fathom - the little girls like you best. And since
they like you best, you make them cum the hardest. And that's all that
matters, do you understand...?"

The boys all nodded but avoided her eyes.

"You stop delivering those little-girl cums, and you're through," she
continued her harangue. "The BOSS snaps his fingers and... poof... it's time
to pay up on your end of the bargain. You do remember what that is, don't
you, JUSTIN...?"

Justin Timberlake nodded, a cold chill shooting up his spine. He remembered
all too well what he and the rest of the band had traded in exchange for a
few years on top. He had nightmares about paying that debt.

"So don't you EVER forget who you REALLY are, JUSTIN Timberlake," Jezzy
mocked. "You and your 'buds' are just cocks, do you understand...? COCKS!
And the BOSS owns you. After your three or four years on top... BAM! It's
all over, and you're spending the rest of eternity as a charcoal briquette
at the BOSS'S barbecue. That was the deal you made, JUSTIN. How long it
takes before the BOSS decides to collect is TOTALLY up to how well you
perform. Is that clear?"

Justin nodded grimly, and the rest of the boys followed suit.

"Now start fucking that little cunt and making her cum," Jezzy commanded.
"I don't have all fucking day, you know. Just because I can travel back and
forth through time, doesn't mean I don't have appointments to keep." Jezzy
looked at her watch. "You have fifteen minutes and counting, BOYS," she
mocked. "Otherwise, I'm taking this cunt across the Pond so she can get
fucked by FIVE real studs. You know, I hear the girls over HERE are really
starting to warm up to those little limey bastards, too. Ha! In no time at
all, you'll be featured on VH1's 'Where Are They Now?' with Menudo, New Kids
on the Block and Hanson. "

"Get on all fours, bitch?" Justin had heard just about enough. He kicked
under Jenny's stomach and lifted her up by her Mickey Mouse backpack. In
another second, JC and Chris joined in, tugging at her bra and dragging her
by the hair until she was settled squarely in the doggy position.

Exhausted from her abuse and barely able to hold herself up, Jenny slumped
over again, only to have Justin seize her hair and pull her back into an
upright position. "Don't quit on us now, cunt," he grunted while furiously
trying to massage his cock into a full erection. "You still have to get
gangbanged, 'N Sync-style."

"Oh, this ought to be good," Jezzy sneered in contempt, her eyes mocking
the collective flaccidity of the band's cocks. "Fourteen minutes, thirty
seconds," she ticked off as she glanced at her watch.

"Don't you worry, baby," Lance shot back with false bravado, pumping his own
uncooperative cock. "When the chips are down, 'N Sync ALWAYS delivers."

His words were greeted with derisive laughter from Jezzy who flopped down on
the couch and looked down at her watch again. Feigning absolute boredom, she
turned away from the boys and began playing with Lance's Gameboy. "Fourteen
minutes and twenty seconds." she cackled under her breath.

The boys exchanged nervous glances, their eyes falling on each others' limp
organs. Only Justin and Lance had achieved anything close to an erection,
and their dicks were barely even half-hard. Chris's and JC's soft schlongs
still dribbled the last vestiges of piss, and Joey's once rampaging dick now
hung from his loins like a wet sock.

"Looks like it's up to you and me, Lancer," Justin nodded towards the teen's
semi-hard schwanz.

"You wanna try and tag-team the cunt?" Lance replied. Sweat now rolled down
his brow, his right hand trying furiously to maintain what little arousal
he'd been able to muster.

"Yeah," Justin answered. "Crawl under the cunt and do her pussy. I'm gonna
take her ass."

"With what?" Jezzy interjected, looking up from the Gameboy and pointing at
Justin's less than erect dick. "That?"

Justin and Lance ignored the chortling demoness as they went about
positioning themselves for their double assault. Lance crawled beneath
Jenny, who was still on all fours awaiting her next assault. He flipped on
his back and jabbed his short semi-erect cock between her blasted pussy lips.
When the soft skin of his prick pressed against the wet warmth of her teenage
pussy, Lance's war-lance stiffened slightly. He smiled up at Justin and
flashed a thumb's up sign.

"That's it, guys, tag-team the cunt," Joey shouted encouragement as he tried
to stroke his spent prick to another erection.

It was obvious now to everyone in the room that all the booze, drugs and fast
living had finally begun to take its toll on the young members of 'N Sync.
In the old days, back when they were starting out and still hungry, the boys
could gangbang a thirteen-year-old groupie for hours, each of them going
four, sometimes five rounds a night.

But that was then, and this was now, and these days it took the boys longer
and longer to attain and maintain arousal after their initial erections. As
for going twice, even Joey -- aka Superman, bka the Italian Stallion -- had
a hard time getting up for an encore.

And now, to make matters even more worse, Jezzy's words had put the fear of
the Devil into the happy-go-lucky quintet. Justin especially had a grim look
etched across his handsome features. He knew Jezzy was right. Their time on
top was short, and it would be even more abbreviated if they didn't perform
the task at hand.

They'd been too cocky with the little teeny-bopper when she'd arrived, too
self-absorbed with their own self-indulgent bullshit. Jezzy was right. They
just weren't cutting it anymore like they once did.

Lately, in addition to their own erectile disfunctions, it had been taking
the boys longer and longer to make the little teeny-bopper cunts cum even
when their equipment was functioning properly. They'd been too drunk on
their own egos to acknowledge this, however. Instead of straightening
themselves out and setting their priorities in order, they had chosen
instead to blame their last several lackluster performances on their teenage
victims - their immaturity, their frigidity, their stupidity. Tonight,
though, Justin and the rest of the band could deny the truth no longer.

They were slipping. They just didn't seem to have the "magic" anymore. A
year earlier they could have pissed on some thirteen-year-old cunt and made
her cum on that alone - * Oh, boy, I'm getting golden showers from 'N Sync! *
Justin silently mimicked the squeals of all the pathetic teenage girls who
adored them. * They must really LOVE me to let me drink all their piss.* If
the little cunts weren't so pitiful, it'd be fucking hilarious.

But they didn't have time for laughter now. This was serious business. If
they didn't make this little cunt cum in thirteen-some minutes, they could
wake up the next morning in HELL... literally. What they needed was a
patented 'N Sync gangbang, the kind of wild, mindless thrash-fucking they
used to mete out backstage in the old days, when they were all still hungry
for little-girl pussy.

* Funny, * Justin mused to himself, * but even underage cunt gets old when
you get it every night. * He couldn't allow himself such introspection,
however. He had a job to do. He had to fuck a thirteen-year-old cunt and
make her cum. His soul depended on it.

* Come on, little Justin. * He coaxed his semi-erect prick to further
stiffness as he watched Lance grind his half-hard cock into Jenny's numb
pussy. From previous experience, Justin knew that Joey had pretty much
fucked all sensitivity out of the girl's cunt during her first foray. This
meant the path to her orgasm didn't lie in her pussy but along a different
road... a highway... the Hershey Highway.

Justin allowed himself to grin at his little joke before bending over,
spreading the cunt's slender, snow-white ass-cheeks and pressing his
semi-bloated cock-head against the narrow aperture of her tight sphincter.
He wasn't fully erect yet, but they were running out of time. By his
estimation, they had under twelve minutes left to make the cunt cum, and
he didn't have any more time to waste. It was now or never.

Normally, with a full erection, Justin would have just torn into the teeny
bopper's crack and ripped her ass wide open, letting the intense pain
transform into brutal pleasure. But he didn't have that option this time.

His half-hard prick could hardly wreck her rectum in such a fashion. In
fact, he had doubts as to whether the rubbery state of his cock could even
affect entry into the girl's tight anus. But he needed to get his dick in
her ass, and to do that he needed to get it HARD. Maybe if he had some

"I'm right with you, dude," Chris handed him a tube of KY, almost as if he
had read Justin's mind. Then again, he and Chris had busted a lot of
thirteen-year-old cherry asses in the last few years, so maybe they had
established some kind of psychic link. Stranger shit had happened.

Justin put those musings out of his mind, however, and squirted a glob of
the gel onto his cock then another dollop into the crack of the cunt's skinny
white ass. The slimy sensation of the KY seemed to stimulate something in
his recalcitrant ramrod, and after a few pumps from his palm his cock now
sported a respectable erection. He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of
relief. * You can do this, Justin, * he assured himself. * You've raped
plenty of teeny-bopper asses before. This one's no different. Just let her
rip. Let her feel all seven steely inches of Justin Timberlake pounding down
that tight ass-pipe. *

Not wanting to waste another moment, he eased his now fully-armed warhead
against the tight ringed muscle of Jenny's anus. "Ohhhh..." He listened to
her yelp as she felt the sharp tip of his ass-spear. Instinctively, she
scooted her ass forwards, trying to flee his impending assault.

"Heel, bitch!" he snapped and slapped her skinny, snow-white ass HARD, some
of his old cockiness now returning. She squirmed forward, and he issued
another SMACK! After his third blow, he felt her give in and collapse back
into his poised fuck-tusk. "That's it, cunt, back down on it. Sit on that
dick," he cajoled her in his firmest, sexiest voice.

"Ugghhh..." she grunted, her whole body quaking as his forward thrust buried
his bloated prick-helmet into her tender asshole. "Oh . ahhh... oh..." her
groans matched the cadence of his strokes as he battered back and forth
against the opening of her ass-pipe. With every ball-slapping impact, he
crushed even more resistance out of her distressed sphincter.

Grabbing the shoulder straps of her Mickey Mouse backpack, Justin bore down
on her butt even more ruthlessly. At each vigorous thrust, he could feel
Lance's cock through the flap of skin separating the girl's ass from her
pussy. Their double assault grated the girl's insides, each cock sawing in
and out, alternating, then joining in tandem. They were fucking the stuffing
out of this little teenage cunt, their twin tools working like a well-oiled

Finally, after almost two minutes of relentlessly breaking her in, Justin
felt his engorged ass-spear sink deep into the depths of Jenny's teenage
bowels. The tender flesh inside her thirteen-year-old ass tore apart like
tissue paper. Inspired by the increasing agony in her groans, Justin hunched
up on the balls of his feet and drove his cock down at a sharper, deeper

That did it. Her body went totally rigid, then began to undulate in a series
of spastic seizures. "Arrrgghhh..." the cunt moaned as the boys tore her
body apart in two separate directions. They were doing it! Now if they
could only stay hard and ride her to the end. They would make her cum and
save their souls to rape another day.

Justin exchanged glances with Lance and tried to encourage him to keep up
their inhuman pace. The boys had built up to a merciless rhythm inside the
cunt, their double effort slowly bending and finally breaking her body like
a wishbone between them. She had gone from merely accepting their tandem
attack to riding their double-duty dicking like a porno starlet going for
the money shot. In the last endless minutes, the cunt had transformed from
catatonia to epilepsy -- bucking and thrusting, grinding and swiveling.

When she opened her eyes now, her face was awash with the blissed-out look
of a teenage cunt possessed. This was the pathetic expression the boys had
seen thousands of times in the eyes of the underage cunts they fucked -

"I..I'm fucking Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass," Jenny started sobbing
aloud to herself, her mind slowly allowing herself to believe what had only
seemed like a dream before.

She was really there, REALLY fucking THEM, just like she had fantasized a
million times before. It didn't matter what they had done to her before -
the name-calling, the dog leash, the pissing. In fact, she could barely
even remember those things now as Lance and Justin thrashed inside her.
Jenny Gordon was living every thirteen-year-old girl's dream. For one
eternal instant, she was Queen of the World.

"I'm fucking 'N Sync," she groaned at the brink of her orgasm. "Oh,
Christ... oh Jesus fucking Christ FUCK ME! Fuck me, 'N Sync. Fuck me!"

SHIT! Lance Bass's mind exploded in unison with his testicles. The teen
idol dumped his load in the girl's belly and felt his cock immediately shrink
and slither from the girl's pussy.

"Oh, don't... please..." she begged the boy, reaching down and trying to
stuff his limp prick back inside her. "Please..."

FUCK! Justin Timberlake lost control of his bodily fluids as well, his balls
pumping out a thin jet of teen spirit into Jenny's shit-chute before his
cock, too, wilted into disuse.

"FUCK!" Jenny howled. "Fuck you both," she sobbed hysterically. She was so
close to her first man-made cum that she'd been reduced to a preternatural
state. "SOMEONE STICK THEIR DICK INSIDE ME!" she screeched. "One of you
fag-boys FUCK ME! NOW!"

The members of 'N Sync did nothing but stand there, though, each boy holding
his ineffectual dick in his hand while trying not to look the girl in the
eye. Neither Chris nor JC had even managed a semi-erection during the last
fourteen minutes, and Joey was a lost cause as well. Justin and Lance looked
at each other in shame. They'd both been cursed with quick trigger fingers
lately, and it was only getting worse.

"Would someone PLEASE FUCK ME?!" Jenny wailed at the top of her lungs while
Jezzy doubled over in laughter, pointing at her watch.

"Thirty seconds, boys," the demoness mocked the boys.

Justin looked around desperately. All was lost.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Ozzie, Justin's Cairn terrier sprang onto
Jenny's, landing on her Mickey Mouse backpack and sliding off. Determined
to mount the thirteen-year-old, the terrier leaped upon the girl again, his
tiny cock sticking out like an extended middle finger. In a split second,
before Jenny could cover herself up, the dog's organ wedged between her butt
cheeks and slid inside her ravaged asshole. Hunched up on her skinny ass,
his claws scrabbling and scratching her back and thighs, the tiny terrier
vigorously and savagely fucked the thirteen-year-old girl's ass.

"F.. OH FUCK! FUCK!" Jenny screeched when she felt the terrier's knot lodge
ranted, not even trying to fight off the dog's assault anymore.

The boys watched in fascination as the girl's whole body began to shimmy and
shake. Her tongue dragged outside her mouth. Her eyeballs rolled back into
her forehead. Her spine snapped back, then her body collapsed in what could
only be described as a grand mal seizure.

The whole while, Ozzie just kept fucking away like the Energizer bunny on
steroids. Like a dog possessed, he drove his knot deeper into the
thirteen-year-old's ass with an inhuman rhythm. His thrusts sent her
writhing about hysterically, piss and pussy juice flowing from her cunt.
Only the moisture did not seep to the floor, but rather it began to sizzle
and steam, wafting up from her privates in an ethereal white cloud.

Jezzy suddenly jerked her head up and watched with fascination as the
ectoplasmic cloud thickened and then slowly condensed into the hunched form
of a huge dog... a Bull Mastiff. * She came, * Jezzy observed with
surprise. * The dog made her cum. *

Jezzy shook her head in disbelief. This was certainly one for the books.
The little cunt's orgasm had released a demon from the pits of the
netherworld, her Man of Destiny, only this wasn't a man or even boy. Like
every female who sold her soul to Destiny Enterprises, the nature of Jenny's
orgasm had determined her Man of Destiny.

Jezzy grinned. Jenny Gordon's Man of Destiny was a dog, a huge hound with a
foot-long prick. The demonic canine looked up at Jezzy, rage in his eyes.

"What the fuck is this?" the dog barked. "I'm a fucking DOG!"

"Damien, meet Jenny," Jezzy kept laughing as she pointed to the
freshly-fucked thirteen-year-old lying in a heap on the floor. The young
teen looked ridiculous, her small tits bobbing out from her bra, her Mickey
Mouse backpack still slung across her shoulders, the Cairn terrier still
knotted and humping away inside her skinny ass. "Jenny, meet your Man of

"H..he's beautiful," Jenny gushed, pulling herself to her knees and crawling
over to where the huge hound stood glowering. Still knotted up inside the
girl's ass, Ozzie was now trying frantically to pull free. When the Cairn
terrier sensed a rival's presence, however, his instincts took over and he
snarled at Damien.

With one quick motion, the Bull Mastiff snapped his jaws over the smaller
dog's neck and bit down. The terrier's throat cracked like kindling. In
another second, the demon dog had torn Ozzie's corpse free from Jenny's ass.

In gratitude, the girl leaned over to hug her Dog of Destiny. Damien had
other ideas, however. He locked his jaws around the scruff of Jenny's neck
and dragged her to the door. "I'm gonna find me a dark, dirty alley and fuck
my new bitch," he barked to Jezzy, letting go of Jenny and letting her slump
to the floor.

"Good," Jezzy patted him on the head. "For the soul exchange to stick, you
two need to bond properly. Sorry about the whole 'dog thing,'" she grinned.

"I can think of worse things to materialize as," Damien barked back. "I mean
would you take a look at this cock," he exclaimed proudly. "I'm gonna do
some real damage with this thing."

"We'll be in touch," Jezzy opened the door for the dog and his human bitch.
"Now go have some fun. How long has it been anyway since you had some

"I lost count at a million years," Damien replied as he dragged Jenny out the
door and down the hallway.

"Poor doggie," Jenny cooed as the crowd of teenage girls behind the barricade
fell into a shocked silence, quietly parting to let the couple through. It's
not every day that you see a dog with foot-long dick dragging a naked
thirteen-year-old girl by the scruff of her neck. "Jenny will take good care
of you..." her voice carried down the hallway, then drifted off into


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