Charmed: Harmed Part 7 (M/Ff,inter,demon,ncon,gangrape,racial,best)
by Pred

* I hope I make it back home in enough time, * Piper Halliwell worried as
she parked her car along the curb. * First things first, though. * Piper
couldn't allow herself to get distracted as she exited the car and headed
towards the dark alley.

At the moment, her first priority was Jenny. The girl was in trouble, and
Phoebe's vision had told Piper exactly where the teenager could be found.
* Phoebe's a big girl, * Piper reassured herself, concentrating on the rescue
at hand. * She can take care of herself until we get back. Everything's
going to be all right. We'll beat the bad demons like we always do. *

Piper could hear what sounded to be human moans mixed with canine barking
emanating from the alley. * My God, Phoebe wasn't kidding, * Piper cringed,
steeling herself for the visual horror she knew would greet her when she
entered the dark passage. Nothing she could have imagined, however, would
have prepared her for the unspeakable reality that awaited her.

* OH... MY... GOD...!"

Before even the visual horror of the scene could register in Piper's
brain, there was the SMELL. The noxious fumes smacked into her face like a
baseball bat, stopping her dead in her tracks and practically bowling her
over. With every inhale and exhale, Piper's entire being became infused with
the unrelenting stench of maggot-ridden feces, decomposing garbage and the
overpowering odor of wet dog fur, hot dog-piss and stale dog breath.

Reeling from the olfactory assault, Piper valiantly tried to hold back the
burps of vomit heaving up from her queasy tummy. But her revulsion proved
too strong, and in seconds puke came sizzling through her flared nostrils.
She bent over, clutched her stomach and tried desperately to expectorate the
gall biting into her taste buds. But the acidic sapor was everywhere, filling
her mouth, her nose and lungs.

Through the tears clouding her eyes, she could only vaguely make out the
blurry images that filled the alleyway. DOGS -- every size, shape and breed.
They snarled and barked, swarming in fitful, frenzied circles around two
tangled figures hunched over the broken-bottle carpet like wrestlers
struggling on a mat. In another second, Piper's vision finally snapped into

* Oh, my God... Jenny... * The reality of the scene now assaulted Piper's
senses head on - the sights, the sounds, the smells, the sensations, the
tastes of a thirteen-year-old girl undergoing horrors so unspeakable that
Piper erupted in another fit of vomiting. "Jenny... !" Piper managed to
croak between heaves. "I'm... here..."

If the girl heard Piper, she gave no indication. Jenny Gordon was totally
lost in the moment, oblivious to everything save the unrelenting onslaught
that her thin, thirteen-year-old body now endured. The formerly fresh-faced
teenager had been transformed into a creature more animal than human.

Her once silky, neatly-coifed brown hair now snarled and matted against
her skull in dirty clumps like seaweed soaked in sewage. Her once
flawless alabaster skin was now splotched with the purplish yellow of deep
internal bruising. What pink flesh remained was striped with deep crimson
lacerations - scratches, bite marks and gaping pus-smeared wounds. Her once
playful, mischievous eyes now stared out vacantly from their sockets, no
life or light escaping them, suspended in the void of her gaze like the event
horizons of dual black holes.

"Jenny...?" Piper beseeched again, trying to reach any remnant of the girl's
soul that still remained.

No recognition registered in the girl's eyes. No resistance rippled through
her body. She just squatted there and accepted her ordeal, like a bitch in
heat caught amid a pack of countless wild dogs. Her face betrayed not even
the merest glint of despair or terror, her tongue lolling from her slack jaws
as the hounds tore into her young body.

Prancing about the entire pack, urging them onto even greater bestial
excesses was a huge Bull Mastiff who towered over even the largest of the
hounds like a Clydesdale among a herd of Shetland ponies. In fact, the
Mastiff didn't even seem like a dog at all, and Piper's experienced witch
sense immediately cried "demon."

Given Phoebe's vision, it was apparent that somehow this demon dog was
connected to Jenny via Destiny Enterprises. However, Piper had neither the
time nor the desire to know how Jenny had come to find herself in such a
predicament. At that particular moment in time, Piper Halliwell's first and
last order of business was to rescue Jenny and get them both back safely to
the Manor. There, she imagined, Prue, Leo and Phoebe were already waiting
for her, ready to engage the Power of Three to yet again save the world.

* So let's just freeze this sick puppy and get it over with, * Piper snapped
out of her momentary stupor and stepped forward, hands raised in her standard
"freezing" position.

"You sure you want to do that, witch...?" the huge Mastiff suddenly turned
towards Piper, his glowering eyes peering directly into her troubled soul.

"Oh, I'm sure all right..." Piper replied, her attempt at bravado noticeably

"Really, cunt?" the dog demon mocked her. "What's stopping you then?" he

"Nothing," Piper responded, trying to sound strong and defiant. Still, for
some inexplicable reason, her arms remained locked in the pre-"freezing"

"Look at her," the Mastiff gloated, and Piper couldn't help but follow his
gesturing snout. "Does she look like she wants to be RESCUED by you, cunt?"
He laughed. "Does she?"

* My God, Jenny... no... *

At the moment, a vigorous, wild-eyed Boxer was mounting the helpless teen.
With each thrust of the hound's muscular buttocks, Jenny Gordon bucked her
young hips in unison, driving her skinny ass down the length of the stud's
shaft with a guttural moan. "Yes... deeper..." the girl's voice suddenly
cut through the undercurrent of snarling, barking and panting. "Jesus
fucking Christ... fuck me with that big dog dick... fuck your little teenage
bitch with that hard dog dick..."

Frozen herself now, Piper couldn't believe her eyes and ears. Jenny wasn't
being raped by the demonic dog pack. She WANTED the beasts inside her,
breeding her like a bitch in heat.

With every piston-like stroke of its proud prick, the Boxer sank his fierce
fuck-pole deeper and deeper inside the teenager's polluted pussy. Despite
her revulsion, Piper found a stray memory flash across her consciousness -
Phoebe's "beddy-bye" stories, the night's they lay laughing in each others'
arms playing with each others' tender privates, the naughty giggling tales
of Black Knights and their fearsome stallions raping fairy princesses in

"... she gasps when she sees the beast's monstrous cock..." Phoebe's
voice fluttered out from the darkest corners of Piper's subconscious.
Long-repressed images beat through the darkling forests of her mind like
bats on a wing, beckoning her to step even further into the shadows
lining her soul. "... the big beast cock is like a baseball bat... it
feels like a thick lead pipe wrapped in velvet... the fairy princess cries
"no" as the Black Knight forces her to kiss the stallion's cock..."

* NO! * Piper hissed at herself, tearing her mind away from the siren song
of her reverie. * It's the Dark Force reaching out... just like Leo said...
Resist it! Good pure thoughts... *

"Poor little Piper," the mastiff snarled, obviously able to sense Piper's
inner turmoil. "Trying so hard to be GOOD and PURE, to do the right thing,
when all she really wants is to be free. Isn't that right, cunt? Isn't
that what you really want? To be free? To pursue your deepest darkest

"N...No..." Piper stammered, still unable to wave her hands and freeze the
demon and his pack of horny hounds.

"Look at her, Piper," the Mastiff mocked. "Look at sweet little
thirteen-year-old Jenny. So young, and already she knows what it means to
be TRULY satisfied. Do you know what that means, cunt? To have the deepest,
darkest recesses of your PASSIONS not only probed, but stroked and ravaged?
Look at her, PIPER! LOOK AT HER!"

Piper couldn't help but obey the demon dog's command.

"That could be you, Piper Halliwell," the hellhound continued ranting. "That
could be your ripe, young body riding that magnificent, wild beastly cock.
That could be your lonely, longing soul being fulfilled to the outermost
limits of boundless pleasure."

"S...stop," Piper whimpered. "P...please... please..." She buried her face
in her hands, yet she couldn't resist the temptation to peek out between her
fingers and drink in the unearthly beauty of Jenny's fuck-ravaged body -- a
broken flower caught in a tornado of raw animal fury.

"But noooo," the dog ignored her pitiful pleas, "Piper would rather play the
good little witch, saving the world from the Forces of Evil." He threw back
his head and his mouth foamed. "Tell me, cunt, who NEEDS the saving here?
You or little Jenny? What does your cunt say, witch? Feel it! Listen to
it! Your cunt doesn't lie, witch, so what does it say?"

Piper tried to shrug off the demon dog's words and proceed with the rescue,
but she found herself studying Jenny instead. She raised her face from her
hands and gazed straight into the abyss of her own perverted lusts.
* Yes... * she hissed with baited breath as Jenny's lubed-up labia acquiesced
to the dog's manic assault, accepting the gnarled bulb of his fist-sized knot
with only the slightest resistance. * Oh, fuck... look at her... how fucking
beautiful, * Piper gushed to herself.

"Fuck her, boy," Piper was suddenly whispering aloud, her lips unable to
prevent the words from seeping out. "Fuck that teenage cunt hard. Breed
that thirteen-year-old bitch. Give her your knot, boy! Oh fuck, that is SO
fucking beautiful."

Buried up to his balls now, the Boxer began pounding into Jenny's pubescent
pussy at an even more frenetic pace. His sharp claws scrabbled against the
teen's back and shoulders as he climbed her spine, driving his sperm-spear
even harder, faster and deeper. His merciless onslaught elicited even more
passionate effluence from Jenny's swampy snatch, and as the girl's fuck juice
slopped from her sluice the aroma sent another wave of bestial baying through
the fuck-frenzied pack.

* My God, look at them all... * Piper gasped, watching the carnal canines
swarm around Jenny and the Boxer, each dog now fighting to get a piece of the
teen's fecund fuck-hole. The pheromones pouring from the teen's pussy had
incited a renewed rape-rage through the pack, and they were literally tearing
at her and each other in search of a wet warm slot to park their aching
pricks. Meanwhile, the effervescence of Jenny's arousal was also wafting up
through the rooftops, harkening every dog within miles to plant his spunk in
her wanton womb.

* What am I doing? * Piper shouted to herself, the wave of beasts sweeping
around her like a swarm of barking locusts. She looked into the Mastiff's
leering eyes and wrenched her soul back from the Dark Force's strong embrace.
* I have to stop this... NOW! *

Before she could raise her hands to freeze the bedlam, though, Piper suddenly
found herself overwhelmed by the stampede, caught up in a sea of snarling
canine fury. Unable to move or even scream beneath the crush of hounds,
Piper could only cry out helplessly as more and more dogs stormed into the
alleyway, their distended pink shafts poking against her eyes, nose, mouth
and every other inch of exposed flesh on her petite frame.

"How's that, witch?" the Mastiff howled in delight. Scores of gnashing
teeth bit into Piper's body with ferocious hunger, tearing away hunks of skin
and clothing while she tried to curl up into a ball and protect her most
vulnerable portions. The hounds were too strong, however, too incensed to
even be mildly dissuaded by Piper's feeble efforts. "That's it, boys," the
Mastiff jeered as he joined the fray. "It's party time!"

In an instant, the demon dog's strong sharp jaws clamped around Piper's
tender neck like a vice. As he chuckled under his dog breath, he began to
shake her violently, like an oversized chew toy. Thrashing all the fight
out of her in a few seconds, the Mastiff then threw her casually back to
the ground where she landed in a heap of broken bones and spirit.

"Okay, boys, she's all yours," the demon dog barked, his sharp teeth nipping
at Piper's vulnerable nipples.

Suddenly, Piper Halliwell felt a score of snouts poking at her exposed
privates, their strong necks pushing her bare ass up into the air. More
teeth nipped at her belly and breasts, forcing her to wriggle about until
she found herself in a half-kneeling position, her face pressed down into
a puddle of broken glass, rancid refuse and piss.

* Oh my God, I'm going to get fucked by a dog... * she silently shrieked
through the fog that shrouded her terrorized brain. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!"
she yelped aloud, crumbling beneath the first thrust of the hound's gristly

The dog's dick-head felt like a fist punching through the soft petals of her
pussy. In her crazed terror, she couldn't even identify the breed of canine
mounting her. All she knew for certain was that EVERYTHING about the hound
was massive, from his barrel-sized chest to the lead pipe protruding from
his belly. As he continued bearing down on her, each frantic thrust knocked
the wind out from her gasping lungs. In another rush of seconds, the once
vibrant young witch had been reduced to nothing more than a broken fuck-toy.

As the hound's sharp claws ripped into Piper's butt flanks, she felt
herself yielding utterly - body, mind and soul -- to his animal assault.
Instinctively, she arched her sore back and scooted her small ass even
higher, inviting the panting beast to climb her spine and drive his dick
down at the deepest possible angle of entry. "Oh FUCK!" she heard herself
grunt, thrilling to the sensation of gnarled dog-dick slapping into her
slick snatch. "I'm sooo fucking WET!" she bawled in disgust and shame.
"Oh... God... help me... please... oh please... no... please... no...
please... no..." she wept in rhythm to the hound's berserk battering.

Her flesh afire with shame and lust, Piper Halliwell could only listen to
the call of the wild that now raged inside her weeping cunt. The savage
thrust of dog-dick shredded her soggy snatch. Her hips bumped backward to
meet the assault. Lost in the throes of utter, incomprehensible lust, she
didn't even hesitate to ride the bestial fury that had quickly seized
possession her soul.

While the hound ripped into her wrecked womb, she ground her bare ass back
against his bloated knot with a desperate frenzy. "Give me that knot, boy,"
Piper screeched, slamming her hips back even harder. "Jam it up inside me.
I want to feel that dog dick shoved up my cunt for the rest of my fucking
worthless life."

The hound's knot felt as big as a tennis ball when it finally, tortuously
split her sopping snatch. In seconds, Piper Halliwell was stuffed up to her
cunt lips in thick canine cock. She shuddered in total ecstasy when the
hound's bristly ball-sack slapped against her bruised bottom.

Instinctively, her cunt walls clamped down around the beast's battering ram,
milking his liquid rage while it spurted like a geyser inside her. When his
thick scalding load was at long last spent, the hound tried to tear away
from Piper's gripping gash. Her hungry hole wasn't ready to yield its prize
yet, however.

Piper's labia locked around the dog's knot and contracted, continuing to
strangle every last bit of spunk from his engorged organ. The hound yelped
in pain as he found himself painfully lodged inside Piper's pussy. Trying
to shake her free, his writhing only excited her passions further, causing
her cunt walls to grasp his shaft even harder. "No, boy, no..." Piper
moaned. "I need that big dog dick inside me. Please..."

The hound was determined to gain his freedom, though. In a moment, he was
frantically towing Piper around the alley by her cunt, dragging her face
across the wet cement and broken glass while she bawled tears blood.
"Arrroooooo," the hound squealed, shaking Piper so violently that her teeth
rattled inside her head.

Meanwhile, the other dogs swarmed atop them, spurred on further by the smell
of blood mixed with fresh cunt juice. Their sharp teeth tore into Piper
while their stiff beast pricks poked and prodded every inch of her flesh in
search of a hole.

In seconds, one of the horny hounds found her bawling mouth, driving his
sticky dick deep between her gasping lips. Woozy and overcome with
canine-craving, Piper sucked the beast's organ as he humped into her throat.
Her body still at the mercy of the dog knotted inside her belly, Piper
flopped around and twisted herself into a pretzel-shape while more and more
hounds assailed her. Suddenly her whole universe contained nothing else save
claws, teeth and rampant dog cocks.

"Noooo..." Piper shrieked as the dog inside her continued trying to wrest
himself free from her constricted cunt. Finally, with one savage burst of
brute force, he managed to tear free of her womb. For one instant, a cold
rush of air sucked up into her vacant hole with a whooosh. "NOOO..." she
howled even louder. The utter emptiness raging inside her belly pitched
her entire worthless being into an abyss of despair. "Please, God or Satan,
I don't GIVE A FUCK... I just need dog cock up my cunt..." she blubbered.
"Please, I just need more dog cock. I'll do anything... give anything... I
just need a hard hot dog dick shoved up my cunt..."

A moment later, her pathetic imploration was answered. A massive hound
emerged from the pack and leaped upon her back. With two savage thrusts,
its swollen pink prick suddenly filled the abhorrent vacuum yawning inside
her soul.

Although she now found herself being mounted by a somewhat smaller hound,
her new lover was infinitely more vicious and brutal. She recognized this
breed as a pitbull, and she wailed in ecstatic agony as he tore into her
with a ruthless fury.

Unlike the first dog, which had concentrated his powerful thrusts inside
Piper's womb, this new assailant didn't seem to care which of the pretty
young witch's holes he fucked. His spiny cock would first rip into her cunt
for a series of inhuman thrusts, then plop out, only to reinsert itself
inside her ass-pipe with another succession of frenzied strokes.

"Oh... my... fucking... god..." Piper huffed as the pit-bull continued
humping her ass and cunt, alternating between the two with a bizarre,
ruthless rhythm.

Somewhere, floating just beyond her consciousness, she was aware of a hole
tearing open inside her mind. It began as nothing more than a tiny pin-prick
of blackness, but with each thrust of the pit-bull's dick the void's
circumference grew larger, wider. Now it was the size of a dime, in another
instant the diameter of a quarter, and the maw just continued spreading.

"Come..." a voice beckoned her from the encroaching BLACKNESS. It began as
no more than a whisper, gradually getting louder as the HOLE grew bigger.
"Feel the darkness fill you. Come... Merge with the darkness... Become one
with the darkness... Feel its power, its Glory... Cum..."

"Y...yes..." Piper moaned. She could sense the fringes of her being begin to
blur into the yawning darkness, to dissipate like wisps of vapor.

The HOLE was all about her now. Everywhere she turned, she stared straight
into the inviting pitch. Her soul began to leak from her body like liquid,
soaking into the spongy warmth of the darkness. Strands of memory and
identity fluttered from the stem of her brain, like dandelion fuzz blown by
an unseen wind.

"Welcome, Piper Halliwell..." the voice boomed through ETERNITY now, shaking
the very foundations of reality. "Just let yourself go. Just let yourself

The last tiny bit of strength ebbed from Piper Halliwell's being, melting
from her metaphysical fingers as she just... let go. Then she simply fell...
falling... falling... forever... for a moment... for a mile... for a
millimeter... an eternal journey in the blink of an eye...

When her eyelids fluttered open, the light was blinding, searing, filling her
entire being while simultaneously emptying her consciousness of everything
save the blinding, searing PAIN. The sound of her own endless screaming
intertwined with the infinity of other damned souls who also contributed to
the cacophonous choir of eternal agony, hopelessness and despair.

In an instant, total awareness flooded through her, and she realized for the
first time where she was and where she would remain until the end of time.
Her sight, hearing and other senses now returned to her in one vicious
onslaught, and she found herself lying on a bed of white-hot coals. Every
instant, they scorched her naked pink flesh, and every second her naked
pink flesh healed, only to be re-consumed again and again and again in a
never-ending cycle of indescribable anguish. But this wasn't all.

Piper Halliwell was sharing her fiery pit with a huge, beastly demon -- part
lion, part dragon, part rat, part wolf, part housefly, part EVERYTHING
beastly, horrifying and disgusting. The demon towered above her, its body
the size of a skyscraper. From below its waist, jutted a gnarled, pustulant
cock the size of a Boeing 747. As the gigantic demon leered down at her, she
tried to squirm away, but her flesh was grafted to the white-hot coals like
a gnat stuck on a pest-strip.

"Welcome to HELL, cunt!" the huge beast-demon roared like a million jet
engines. "You know what to do..." he thundered, "Now SUCK!"

He jammed his enormous demonhood into Piper Halliwell's howling mouth, and
to her horror she felt her jaws and her skull stretching to accommodate the
immense hell-cock. The demon pressed forward one excruciating micrometer at
a time. "Nooo..." Piper's screech was muffled beneath the immense cock and
the deafening din of the Damned.

"Come on, witch whore, SUCK IT!" the titanic demon jeered at her. "That's
what you wanted, isn't it...? A big beast cock all to yourself... for all
eternity. Well, it's yours, witch cunt. So SUCK! SUCK it like damned witch
whore cunt you are! SUCK!"

Piper screamed so loud that it should have shaken the rafters of hell. But
no one was listening. No one would ever listen again...

* * *

"Amy Wagner?" Leo tried looking into the woman's vacant eyes as he spoke, but
he couldn't focus on them. Whatever she was, she wasn't human anymore, and
that made Leo Wyatt uncomfortable.

He had found Amy Wagner by scanning the hospital records on an unattended
computer screen at the emergency room station. With all the chaos embroiling
triage, no one had even cared to notice the strange man in the white coat
confidently punching a few keys on the database console. Leo's previous
existence as an Army medic had familiarized him enough with medical protocols
to allow him to blend into the hospital scenery without being questioned, and
he used this ability now to move freely about the large hospital.

Not one doctor, nurse or security guard had said a word to Leo when he
stepped off the ambulance attending Darryl Morris. Hanging around the
periphery of the scene, he'd been able to keep the fallen detective under
his watchful White Lighter eye until he saw Darryl being admitted into one
of the treatment cubicles.

Leo couldn't help but smile to himself when he thought of the team of ER
doctors looking over Morris in utter stupefaction. Officers at the scene
would have reported by now that they'd found Morris dead, lynched and
castrated. Now, however, the detective was lying in the emergency room
completely WHOLE with hardly a scratch on him. * I'd love to read the
official report, * Leo mused to himself before turning his attention back
to the woman on the hospital bed.

Leo had had a hunch that Amy Wagner might be in the same hospital where the
ambulance had taken Inspector Morris, and he had been right. San Francisco
General had both the busiest ER and the biggest Psych Ward in the Bay Area.
None of the nurses on the floor had even challenged him when he marched into
Amy's room armed with a clipboard and a very serious expression.

Now Leo Wyatt was standing above her bed, trying to find out what he could
about Destiny while studiously avoiding her soulless eyes. As a White
Lighter, Leo had been chosen by the Powers to act as a "healer," both
physically and spiritually. Before becoming a White Lighter, Leo had been
an Army medic on some of the most inhuman battlefields of World War II.

In all his various encounters with human suffering, Leo had dealt with his
fair share of "shell-shocked" victims. Amy Wagner wasn't shell-shocked,
however. She was barely even a shell of a woman, and neither her body nor
her mind contained anything that ANYONE - man or White Lighter -- could heal.
This realization, coupled with Amy's chilling presence, disturbed Leo Wyatt
in a way he'd never experienced before.

During his tenure among the Good Powers of the Higher Plane, Leo had heard
tales of soulless creatures, beings permitted to live biologically without
the animation of a living spirit. But until this moment, he had never
encountered one of the walking damned in the flesh. Even a being with a
totally evil soul - demons, warlocks, serial killers -- didn't disturb Leo
as much as this... thing... lying before him. Evil was something Leo could
contend with. Soullessness was just... nothing.

"You can't help me..." the woman's mouth moved and words emerged. "No one
can help me anymore... now that I've met my Man of Destiny."

"I... I know what happened to you," Leo spoke evenly, trying to focus his
energy on the task at hand. * She has to know something useful, something
about the demons, about the Abyss... * "I'm here to stop them..." Leo
continued aloud. ".. to stop the ones who did this to you. But I need
your help."

"I don't care anymore," she replied.

"Then you won't care if you help me either," he pressed. She just stared
back at him, her eyes an unblinking void. "I need you to tell me about
Destiny Enterprises, what they did to you." He paused. "I need to know
where your soul is, what they did to it."

"Lilith ate my soul," she replied. "My soul is in hell now, waiting for me.
When I die, my consciousness will rejoin my soul, and I will be one again -
damned for all eternity in the Lake of Fire. I'm just waiting. That's

"And your Man of Destiny?"

"Lucius walks this plane now," she answered. "I have given him a place Here,
and I have taken his place There. Soon they will all be Here, and There will
become Here."

"This Lilith who ate your soul," a thought suddenly occurred to Leo. "When
she did this, your soul descended into the Abyss?"

"She ate my soul, and it fell into her stomach. That is the Path to the

"Of course it is!" Leo grinned in triumph then disappeared from the woman's
side in a swirl of white light. An instant later, he appeared at the bedside
of Inspector Darryl Morris. The doctors had left the detective momentarily
to confer, which gave Leo a few seconds.

"You?" Darryl looked up at Leo through half-sedated eyes. "What are you...?"

"There's no time for that now," Leo held Darryl's hand to quiet him. "You
have to listen to me and trust me, okay...?" He shook the black detective's
hand and watched him nod. "There is a woman in the psych ward, a Jane Doe.
She was in the police station this morning, she was picked up last night..."

"The woman with no lip," Darryl remembered. "Prue was looking at her..."
Darryl tried to fill in the blanks swimming around in his skull. "The woman
who told me about Destiny. What does she...?"

"Her name is Amy Wagner," Leo interrupted Darryl. "She's on the Fifth Floor,
Room 514, Bed A. She was a client at Destiny, and they hurt her... BAD.
They... abused her and... brainwashed her... " Leo searched for words and
explanations that the earthly detective would comprehend and not question.
"If you talk to her, you'll get a positive ID, believe me. She even appeared
on one of their recent informercials. She'll confirm what I'm telling you.
With her statement, you can get a search warrant for Destiny and a court
order to shut it down."

"I... don't know if..." Darryl started.

"You have to do this TONIGHT," Leo interrupted him. "Do you understand?
They're hurting A LOT of people, and the longer they stay open the more
people they'll hurt."

"Is that what happened to Prue?" Darryl suddenly asked. "Did she decipher
the symbol and go to investigate? Did they... brainwash her, too? Is that
why she did... that... to me?" He almost started crying as he recalled the
last couple of hours, but after a moment he was able to choke back the tears.

* He needs some kind of explanation, * Leo told himself. "Yes," Leo replied.
"Destiny's responsible. They got to Prue, too. Now I have to be going. I
have to go help Prue," he added.

"I'll stop them," Darryl picked himself up off the bed. "Doc!" he called
out, then turned back to Leo. Only the White Lighter was gone. * Must be
the drugs... * Darryl shook his head and rubbed his eyes. "DOC!" he called

* * *

Leo re-materialized at the Manor and glanced around for a moment. The
entire house was dark, which wasn't a good sign... AT ALL! "Phoebe!" he
shouted, his footsteps taking him through the house to the staircase.
* She's probably still up in the attic going through the Book of Shadows, *
he silently reassured himself. "Phoebe!" he shouted aloud again.

"You can't help me," Phoebe's voice suddenly spoke coldly at Leo through the

The White Lighter stopped cold and peered into the shadows enveloping the
stairwell. Phoebe sat on the last step, naked and staring ahead into
nothingness, her eyes as lifeless as twin black holes. At her feet,
whimpering like a whipped puppy, was a small dark-skinned boy no more than
seven or eight years old. He wore a spiked dog collar around his neck and
Leo noticed immediately that he was bleeding from below his waist, a huge
wound gaping out from his small penis and testicles had once hung.

* My God, what has she done to him? * Leo felt himself starting to grow
nauseous. "Phoebe...?" he ventured, hoping against all hope that he wasn't
seeing what he KNEW he was seeing.

"It's all done," Phoebe's mouth moved and words came out. With her hand, she
absently stroked the shivering boy's oily black hair.

"She's right," Piper's voice now emerged from the darkness behind him. Leo
whirled around to where the middle Halliwell sister sat in the living room,
her naked body also draped in shadows.

"Piper!?" Leo burst into the living room, but stopped dead again when he saw
the same void behind her gaze. "Wh..what happened?" he fought back the tears
welling up in his eyes. "WHAT HAPPENED?!" He grabbed Piper angrily and
shook her.

"I fucked a nice doggie," Piper replied stoically, her small, bruised breasts
bobbling against her bloody torso. "Then another nice doggie, then another
nice doggie," she droned. "I fucked so many nice doggies that they sent my
soul to hell."

"Mine, too," another female voice drifted up from the darkness. In one of
the living room chairs, Jenny Gordon sat, naked and staring up at Leo from
the same void that enveloped Phoebe and Piper. "I don't care, though," the
teenager's monotone filled the dark house. "I like fucking doggies with big
hard doggie cocks. My Man of Destiny is a Big Dog with a Big Doggie Cock.
He fucks me so good. I'm his little thirteen-year-old breeding bitch. I'm
going to have a litter of his puppies. They're kicking around in my belly
right now. Do you want to watch me fuck a doggie, mister? You can fuck me,
too, I guess. I don't care, I mean whatever..."

"Me, too," Piper added. "You can do whatever you want to me, too. I don't
care either."

"Me neither," Phoebe droned. "Nothing matters anymore. Do you want to
fuck my little boy fuck-toy?" she shook the crying child's leash while she
prattled. "He got gang-raped by a lot of Scary Men with big hard cocks, but
his butt hole is still kind of tight, and he's getting real good at riding
big man dick, aren't you, Antoni-oni-oni-oh?"

The boy said nothing and just kept whimpering.

Leo's stomach tightened. This time he wasn't able to hold back his
revulsion. In a second, hot vomit scalded up from his stomach and spewed
out his nose and mouth.

"Do you want me to lick that puke up for you?" Jenny asked dispassionately.
"I'll eat your puke and drink your piss. I mean whatever..."

Leo backed away from Piper and Jenny and made his way back to the staircase,
fighting another round of nausea. He had to get up to the attic, to the
Book of Shadows. Somehow, some way he needed to find a spell to help Phoebe
and Piper. He needed them. The Evil Forces from the Abyss could not be
vanquished without the Power of Three.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Phoebe asked as Leo approached her. In a second,
the youngest Halliwell sister had her legs spread. Leo couldn't help but
stare as Phoebe's fingers slit her pussy lips and began sloshing around
inside her wet snatch. "I don't feel anything down here," Phoebe droned
while her thumb strummed her puffy clit. "I want to feel something down
here. Take out your cock and shove it in my fuck hole. I need to be
thrash-fucked like a dumb cunt."

Leo hesitated a moment, feeling the Dark Force tug at his stiffening prick.
His fingers fluttered at his zipper. "NO!" he suddenly regained his
composure, pushing Phoebe roughly aside.

"That's it, you can beat me while you fuck me." Phoebe clutched his leg as
Leo tried to step over her and hurry up the stairs. "Or you can beat little
Antoni-oni-oni-oh. Or you can beat us both..."

"You can beat me, too!" Piper droned as she rose from her seat in the living
room. "I don't care."

"I'm a thirteen-year-old cum dumpster," Jenny joined in, also rising and
advancing on Leo. "You can beat me and fuck me like a worthless piece of
teenage cunt-meat shit. I mean whatever..."

"Let go of me," Leo shouted at Phoebe, kicking at her even harder now as he
tried to break free from her grasp.

"Your dick is hard," Phoebe observed. Her hands stroked Leo's swollen
crotch. "You can shove your hard dick down my throat and choke me with it"
she kept prattling while she worked his buttons open and his zipper down.
"It doesn't matter. Fuck my face like a crack-whore's pussy. Make me puke
all over that hard dick. Use me like you've always wanted to use a worthless
cunt. I don't care."

"You can gag-fuck me, too," Piper added. She fell to the floor next to her
younger sister and began groping at Leo's cock, too.

"You can strangle-fuck my worthless thirteen-year-old cunt-mouth, too," Jenny
blathered as she, too, joined the Halliwell sisters on the floor. "I mean

Leo wanted to push them all away, but their combined strength and the pull of
the Dark Force were proving too strong to resist. He tried to break free,
but felt himself surrendering to their touches and his now insatiable lust.
In another second, the struggle was all over, and he just let go of his will
to resist.

Leo watched in silence now as Phoebe pumped his hard, proud cock in her
busy hands. While it raged in all its four-inch fury, the three females
supplicated their mouths to its phallic glory, worshipping every inch and
contour intently.

For his whole life, Leo had been self-conscious and ashamed of his tiny pink
pecker. Every woman he'd ever been with had always flashed that "look" when
finally unwrapping his package - a mixture of disappointment, amusement, and
pity. Of course, as he'd grown older, he'd told himself repeatedly that
size didn't matter, that the only thing that REALLY counted was how he used
it. Still, deep down he'd always KNOWN the truth. Even his best efforts
hadn't been enough to satisfy the women he loved, especially Piper Halliwell.

Leo Wyatt had spent his entire lifetime playing the "nice guy" with the cute
little boy-cock, and, frankly, he was sick of it. He was sick of the way
his weak, emasculated personality reflected the ineffectuality of his puny
pecker. He was tired of being the "healer" and not the "hunter." The last
few hours had been especially eye-opening, watching Piper GIVE her ass to a
sick pedophile like Dan Gordon, allowing Rue to dominate him and make him
grovel like a worm.

"That's it," he heard a voice beckon from deep inside his soul. Or was it
outside his soul? "Be a man for once in your life, Leo." The Voice seemed
to be everywhere, filling up every corner of the universe with its siren
song. "Take these cunts. Show them what kind of MAN Leo Wyatt really is..."

* No... * Leo gasped with his last ounce of will before he felt something
inside him just SNAP! Instantly, all his pain and doubt and confusion just
vanished. In a moment, all that was negative inside him was swept up into a
torrent of raw emotion and rage. This fury then seethed forth from every
synapse, nerve ending, cell, and pore of his being.

Leo Wyatt was through being the eternal limp-dicked victim. His days as Mr.
Nice Guy White Lighter were ending right here and right now. He had three
willing, beautiful young cunts at his ready disposal, and he was going to use
them the way any REAL MAN would use them. "You want my cock, cunt...?" he
hissed, grabbing Phoebe by the hair and shoving her mouth over his four-inch
shaft. "Well, here it is!"

He wrapped his hands through Phoebe's hair and twined her locks around his
fingers. Grasping the brunette hanks at each ear like handlebars, he began
to slam her sucking skull back and forth, up and down along his pumping pole.
Not satisfied with just choke fucking the pretty young witch, he also began
beating the base of her head against the stairwell wall with each and every

After three such savage thrusts, he heard a wet sickening thud. Instantly,
he felt Phoebe's head grow limp in his hands. "Lick my asshole and suck my
balls, you fucking worthless cunts," he hissed at Piper and Jenny. As they
dutifully obeyed, he continued pounding Phoebe's lifeless skull between his
bouncing balls and the oak walls.

"He's skull fucking her dead," Piper observed impassively, her tongue probing
deep into Leo's shit-hole.

"You can snuff-fuck me, too, mister," Jenny gurgled as she slurped at his
balls. "I mean whatever..."

"You can snuff-fuck us both when you're done fucking Phoebe's dead corpse,"
Piper told Leo. "It doesn't matter."

"You're right it doesn't fucking matter," Leo sneered. "And do you know why?
Because you're just worthless cunts. The only thing that matters is MY cock
and MY cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Leo," Piper droned.

"Whatever," Jenny added.

Leo looked down at the three cunts who were now completely under his control.
* Something... something's wrong... * he couldn't help noticing when he
stared into their eyes again. * They aren't feeling this... * he suddenly
realized. * I could stand here and fuck them all to death, rape their dead
corpses in the ass, and they wouldn't FEEL a thing... a GOD DAMNED thing. *
The revelation cut through the rage that engulfed him. * This means...
nothing, * he admitted to himself in horror. * I'm not really in control.
They aren't REALLY suffering under my cock because they don't FEEL anything.
Oh my God, what have I done?! *

"No!" Leo exploded, throwing Phoebe's comatose skull off his cock and kicking
Jenny and Piper savagely down the steps.

"Are you gonna fuck us now, mister?" Jenny asked.

"Do you want to see me chew off Phoebe's tit?" Piper droned. Her mouth bit
down on her little sister's bruised and bloodied breast.

"I'll bite off her clit if you want," Jenny offered. "I mean whatever..."
She lowered her sharp, teenage teeth to Phoebe's still-wet snatch.

Tearing his eyes away from the ghoulish girls, Leo bolted up the stairs and
into the attic, slamming the door shut behind him as he entered. * This is
insane... fucking insane... * he stormed to himself. Frantically, he looked
to the bookstand and saw that the Book of Shadows was already opened.
Approaching the Book, he watched the pages flip magically to the appropriate

Glancing down into the tome, he scanned the page. It contained the
vanquishing spell and potion for Abyss demons. * Lilith is the one who
possesses all the souls now, * Leo analyzed the present situation as her
read. * She's holding each soul in the Abyss until its physical body dies
and is rejoined with its consciousness. But why? Why isn't she just killing
them right off - body, mind and soul? What possible reason could she have for
keeping them alive? *

He desperately searched his mind for something he'd overlooked, for some kind
of answer. * If she's acting as the Gateway to the Abyss, then she must be
drawing power from somewhere to keep the gate open. The Dark Force? No, *
he shook his head. * Cosmic Law prevents It from interacting directly on
this plane. But it must be something, some kind of force. It would take
the combined energy of thousands of suns to... * Suddenly his brain paused.
* Thousands of suns OR thousands of souls! *

A light now burst forth across Leo's mind. * That's it! She must be drawing
on Soul Energy to keep the Gateway open. She's not surrendering the souls
to the Abyss yet because she's using their energy, the energy released from
their suffering, to fuel her power. She's not killing any of her victims
because once their consciousness rejoined their souls in the Abyss she would
have to surrender that Energy to the Dark Force for all Eternity. * Suddenly
Leo knew what had to be done. * That means if we can vanquish Lilith, send
her back into the Abyss, the Gateway will be closed, and she'll take all the
demons she's released with her. * But where did that leave the victims, the
souls Lilith had sent to the Abyss? Would Phoebe, Piper, Jenny and the rest
still be sentenced to Eternal Damnation?

* Wait a minute, * Leo's brain raced through everything he had learned about
souls and damnation since becoming a White Lighter. * Without a soul's
consciousness, it's incomplete, and the Dark Force can only claim WHOLE souls
for Eternity. The souls Lilith has taken don't belong COMPLETELY to the
Abyss yet, not while she's still using their energy to keep the Gateway open.
That means if we can vanquish Lilith back to the Abyss, each soul she's eaten
will be released back into this plane to rejoin its consciousness! We really
can still save the world... *

Inspired with hope now, Leo returned his attention to the Book of Shadows,
rehearsing the simple rhyme in his mind while he perused the ingredients for
the vanquishing potion. * Essence of Forgiveness... * he read the last
ingredient and cringed. * This is going to be tough, * he mused. * Where
am I going to find a Wronged Innocent who will forgive what Destiny has done
to them? Worse yet, where am I going to find a victim who still has a SOUL
that CAN forgive? *

As Leo racked his brains, he was distracted for a moment. A howling wail
now filled the Manor. "Phoebe! No, not Phoebe..." It was the little
black-haired boy Phoebe had been holding on a leash. His wailing filled
the stairwell and echoed off the attic walls. "You're hurting her. You're
hurting Phoebe. Stop it! Stop hurting Phoebe!"

* My God, that boy... * Leo's heart stopped. * He's crying. That means he
still has a soul! He's still an innocent! I don't know who he is or what
Phoebe did to him, but despite what he's suffered he's still trying to
protect her. He forgives her... essence of forgiveness...* Leo scooped up
a sheet of paper and quickly scribbled down everything from the Book of

In a minute, he burst back down the stairs. The sight greeting caused
another wave of nausea to rifle up from his stomach. There before him, on the
floor of the Manor's living room, Piper and Jenny were busy cannibalizing
Phoebe's lifeless form.

Piper had already devoured one of her sister's succulent tits, and her mouth
was tearing at Phoebe's other firm breast. With a bored, zombie-like gaze,
Piper up looked at Leo when she heard his footsteps on the stair. "Do you
want some?" she asked, plump crimson-tinged tit-tissue oozing from the
corners of her mouth like ripe pomegranate.

"You can have some of her cunt meat, too," thirteen-year-old Jenny offered.
"I mean whatever..." she droned on before her chomping mouth returned to the
gory abscess that had once been Phoebe Halliwell's mouthwatering pussy.

As both ghoulish cunts feasted on Phoebe's fallen form, the small dark-haired
boy threw himself between them, pounding his tiny fists on their naked bodies
and trying desperately to save Phoebe from further defilement.

Leo approached the four gruesomely locked figures and seized the small boy
by the back of his neck. "Why are you trying to protect her?" Leo asked.
"Phoebe hurt you, didn't she? Why do you care what they do to her?"

"I love Phoebe," the boy bawled. "The Scary Men made her hurt me. Phoebe
never would have hurt me if they didn't make her."

"You forgive her then?" Leo asked forcefully, demanding a specific answer to
his question. He needed to know for sure. He needed to hear the words.

"Yes!" the boy blubbered. "I don't care what she did. I just want Phoebe
back. Make them stop it. Make them stop hurting her."

"I'm going to try," Leo smiled grimly. "Now hold still," the White Lighter
steadied the boy as he buried his hand in the wound that stretched from the
child's navel to his blasted asshole. The boy squirmed while Leo twisted his
hand around inside his belly and covered his fingers in the boy's blood.

"You can fist my asshole, too, if you want to, mister," Jenny offered as she
observed Leo's actions. "I mean whatever..."

Leo ignored the zombie-eyed teen, withdrew his arm from Antonio's castration
wound and made off to the Halliwell kitchen. * Now for some mandrake
root... * he told himself, searching through their cupboards and mentally
going over the ingredients in the potion.

* * *

"So? Is this cool or what?" Persephone asked, twirling about in a circle and
waving her arms around.

"It's all right," Rue offered with a non-committal grin.

The red-haired demoness was proudly showing off the underground dungeon
below Destiny Enterprises. She had been so anxious for Rue to see her
"playground," that she'd bypassed the front door of Destiny Enterprises and
entered the building at the secret basement entrance. Three flights of
stairs later, and here they were, standing at the entranceway of what was
possibly the largest single torture-chamber in all of human history.

Although she refrained from showing it, even Rue, at her most jaded and
inhuman, had to be slightly impressed. Whereas the ceiling rafters were only
about ten feet above them, the vault seemed to stretch on for acres and acres
beneath the huge complex. The walls were imposing in and of themselves,
fashioned from impassive lichen-covered granite, while the floors were dank
and earthen.

Destiny's catacombs reeked of utter desolation and unrelenting despair. As
far as the eye could see, women, teenagers and young girls of all races, ages
and sizes were getting violated in the most debilitating and dehumanizing
manner. The abusers were a variety of warlocks, demons and just plain
sick-fucks, and Rue was doubly delighted to see that almost all of these
horrific "sessions" were being preserved for posterity on a variety of video
and film cameras.

"We make quite a lot of money selling these videos," Persephone explained.
"It's called 'demoncore' - human cunts getting torture-fucked by demons and
such. We had some competition out in Hollywood last year, but some faggot
vampire got them busted. So now we're the only game in town. Collectors
will pay like $1,000,000 for one of these tapes. Since these cunts don't
have souls anymore, we can do any fucking thing we want to them, and they'll
just go along with it. I mean look at them," she giggled. "They're fucking
pigs for this shit... all of them."

Persephone's observations were correct. The dungeon was divided into an
endless succession of cubicles, some very large and others quite cramped.
Many of these "studios" were outfitted with inhuman-looking torture devices -
racks, crucifixes, stockades, operating tables, dentist's chairs, viper pits,
etc. Others cubicles were designed like movie sets to mimic everyday,
mundane places -- living rooms, kitchens, retail stores, offices. Still
other areas further back in the dungeon were located under much higher
ceilings where some combination of demonic glamour and Hollywood-style FX
magic created the illusion of open areas -- crowded streets, parks, beaches,

On each of these soundstages, female victims were being horrifically
brutalized. In one scene, a man who could ONLY have been Adolf Hitler stood
over a woman in her late teens who must have been very attractive at one
point. Now, however, he head was shaved and she was emaciated to the point
of being a human skeleton. On her bare, withered left breast a gold star
with word Juden had been nailed through her flesh.

Prostrated at Der Fuhrer's feet, the kike cunt was licking his jack-boots and
begging. "Please let me suck mein fuhrer's hard, Aryan cock," she pleaded.

"Juden Schweinhund cunt!" Der Fuhrer spat into the bald woman's face. "You
are only fit to eat Aryan shit." With that, Der Fuhrer dropped his
lederhosen, squatted down and dumped a load of shit on the floor. While the
cameras captured every second, the debased ham-hating whore greedily scarfed
up the steaming pile of wet, worm-infested feces.

"Okay, cunt, now rub your face in that shit and look up at the camera," one
of the demonic directors barked at the turd-gobbling yenta.

The malnourished Jewess did just as she was instructed, wolfing down the shit
and then turning to the video camera with a big, soulless, shit-eating grin.

"Okay," the director pointed to a seven-foot Aryan storm-trooper stationed on
the periphery of the set as a guard, "time to plug her hole."

The storm trooper nodded then strode up brandishing a fierce 10-inch white

"Now fill your whole mouth with Hitler's shit," the director turned back to
the kike cunt as the video camera rolled. "Now, Fritz," he told the storm
trooper as he looked through his monitor and set up the shot, "when she gets
a big mouth full of 'dolf's dung, you're going to jam that big Aryan fuck
stick down her mouth and choke fuck that shit into her lungs."

The storm trooper nodded and watched as the Jewess stuffed her mouth with
Adolf's steaming shit. When she could fit nothing more in her mouth, the
storm trooper stepped up, pried open her jaws and jammed his glistening
rape-saber into her turd-filled mouth.

Like a ten-inch white drill, the Aryan's proud cock bored deep into the
stinking clod wedged in the young yenta's mouth. While she gagged and choked
on the fecal force-feeding, streams of loose shit began to stream out her
nose. The storm trooper didn't relent, though. He just kept driving his
white dick further into her polluted Jewish mouth while she suffocated on
Hitler's diseased dung.

"Ya! Ya!" Der Fuhrer danced about doing a mad jig. "Choke the Jewess on my
Aryan shit. Vas sprichst du, Juden Schweinhund cunt? Sprechen!" he ordered,
kicking the christ-killing cunt in the stomach with his jack boots.

"Heil Hitler..." the distressed Jewess burped, the shit streaming from her
nose and mouth. "Arbeiten mach frei!"

"That's your cue, boys," the demon director shouted towards the back of the
set. Meanwhile, the film crew began scurrying around setting up another
shot. "Cum and get it. Fresh kike cunt for everyone..."

Suddenly, a whole division of storm troopers marched onto the set... "Die
Fahne hoch die Reihen fest geschlossen..." their voices booming with the
Horst Wessel song. Gagging on shit, her face smeared with wet feces, the
Jewess crawled over to the Hun horde and licked their jack-boots while the
kicked her about like a human soccer ball. Blood spurted and bones cracked,
and with every fresh wound and bruise the Aryan horde let out a hearty cheer.

"This is great!" the director shouted above the mayhem. "Go with it, boys.
Gang-rape the kike cunt. Make the yenta pay!"

Rue couldn't help stroking her own pussy now as the storm troopers lifted the
Jewess's broken, bony body and raised it above their heads like a trophy. In
seconds, they unsheathed their Aryan rape sabers like a precision drill team.
Three rampaging white cocks slammed into the ham-hating whore's gurgling,
shit-filled throat while strong hands split apart her ass cheeks, and a brave
soldier buried his Spear of Destiny inside her brittle buttocks.

They raped her brutally now, to the rhythm of the Horst Vessel song and her
cracking bones. Persephone's arms wrapped around Rue's waist, and her tongue
licked the cloaked witch's ear. "Is this what you wanted?" she whispered.
"You can join in. I'm sure Adolf and the boys won't mind."

"You got anything else?" Rue asked, already bored with the genocidal

"How about this?" Persephone led Rue to another soundstage.

This set looked just like the living room in a women's "crisis center." The
walls were painted in cheerful pastels and decorated with posters that
featured sayings like:

"It's Not Your Fault"

"Women are human beings, rapists are animals"

"Violence Towards Women begins at home, so Move!"

Inside the "living room," a group of five women sat around on big, comfy
couches while a woman who looked exactly like Oprah Winfrey listened to their
pitiful stories of abuse and molestation.

"Is that really...?" Rue started.

"Yeppers," Persephone beamed proudly. "Oprah fucking Winfrey herself. She
was one of the first cunts in the country to sign up for Destiny months back.
It seems old Stedman just wasn't satisfying her in the big O department. Now
she's our little nigger rape-toy. Cool, huh?"

"Yeah, this does look mildly interesting," Rue admitted, turning her
attention back to the scene. As each female victim broke down into tears,
Oprah would give her a big hug and tell her how special she was. Then, after
the woman was all cried out, ALL the ladies would share a big, sisterly hug.

"This is a lot harder than it looks to stage," Persephone explained.
"Remember, none of these cunts have souls anymore. Getting them to cry on cue
and display emotion requires some 'special training' on our part. If you
look closely enough behind their ears, you can see big bumps. Those are
behavior modification implants. You see that guy over there," she pointed to
a demon hunched over what looked like a small mixing board. "He's sending
electric impulses into their brains that force them to cry and show other
emotions. With some good editing, it's really impossible to tell the
difference on the videos."

"So what happens now?" Rue asked, quickly losing interest.

"Oh, you'll see..." Persephone snickered.

Suddenly, the door to the living room burst open and a gang of fat, dirty,
reeking rednecks entered. Brandishing shotguns and brass knuckles, they
quickly subdued the squealing, struggling cunts. The demon at the
emotion-control panel was now a flurry of activity, his spiny hands turning
dials and pushing up levels.

"Okay," the director called out. "We got the shot." He stepped in front of
the main video camera. "Start the scene on my cue. And... Roll!" he clapped
his hands in front the camera.

"Well, lookee what we have here...?" the redneck leader asked menacingly.
"It's a reg-yee-lar cunt convention, this is."

"I don't know who the HELL you are, or how you got in here," Oprah fired
back. "But I'm calling the police right now." She picked up a phone from
one of the end tables and started dialing.

"I don't think that there phone's gonna work, nigra'," the redneck leader
cackled. He mischievously dangled a severed cable in the eyes of the
terrorized cunts.

" won't get away with this." Oprah stammered, the bravado gone from
her voice now. "This shelter is under constant watch by the police. There's
a plainclothes officer stationed outside right now, and he's probably

"You mean him?" the redneck leader pointed and grinned to a man in the pack.
The man stepped to the front of the throng and flashed his badge so everyone
could see. "This was all his li'l ole idea, nigra. He calls me up and says:
'Buford, we done got us a whole house full of quail just waitin' t'be
drilled. When we gets done here, he's gonna call up some of his buddy's at
the precinct, and they gonna come by for the leftovers."

"Th...this can't be happening," Oprah stuttered.

"Oh, it's happenin' all right, nigra'. And now we gonna have us some fun,"
the redneck leader trumpeted. "Who wants to suck my dick first?" he asked,
producing a fat, herpes-covered organ that resembled a pimply, eight-inch
bratwurst. "Hey," suddenly a flash of recognition passed over the redneck
leader's face. "Ain't you that fat water buffalo cunt with the talk show.
What's your fucking name again? Shit, it's right here on the tip of my
tongue... Ho-Prah! That's it, Ho-Prah Winerfrie! I betcha a fat nigra ho'
like you can suck you some white dick REAL GOOD."

"Fuck you!" Oprah spit at him. "These women and I would rather DIE than
allow ourselves to be victimized by you."

"Jesus," Rue chuckled under her breath. "Who the fuck wrote your dialogue?"

"Shh," Persephone giggled. "It gets better. Just watch."

"Okay, have it your way, then," the redneck leader marched up to Oprah and
shoved the barrel of his sawed-off shotgun down her throat. "You can either
suck on this," he wagged the gun around between her stretched-out jaws, "or
this." He gripped his thick, pock-marked cock with his other hand, rubbing
the pus-covered warhead against the black diva's terrorized face. "So what's
it gonna be, Ho-Prah?" he asked, withdrawing the shotgun just enough to let
her speak.

"I'll do it," the African American icon shrieked. "Please... I'll do it."

"Do what?" the redneck leader jeered.

"I'll suck it," Oprah blubbered. "I'll suck your cock."

"You wouldn't just be saying that would ya', Ho-Prah?" he laughed. "You
wouldn't be lyin' to me just so's I won't blow your filthy black-eyed
pea-brains all across this here wall, would ya' now...?"

"No," she sobbed. "I... I want to..."

"Want to what?" he kept at her.

"I want to suck your cock," Oprah wept. "Please..."

"Well, I fer one don't believe you, Ho-Prah," he scoffed at her. "Me and my
boys are gonna need a lot more convincing than that if we're gonna let you
and these other cunts taste our cum instead of lead. I mean we could just as
well kill the whole sorry lot of ya', and save us all a lot of trouble, you
know. I mean it's all the same to us. You're all just cunts anyway. We
waste your worthless hides, and we'll just hunt us up some more pussy. No,"
he shook his head. "This won't work this way. Y'see we done all been
feeling dis-crim-ee-nated against lately, what with all this woman's lib
bullshit, and all this yammering about so-called 'domestic' and 'sex-she-al
abuse.' So we're starting thinkin' maybe all you cunts are just a bunch'a
rug-munching dykes who just don't want no hard dick. And if that's the case,
then we don't got no use for ya'. 'Cause everyone knows that the only use
for a bitch is her cunt..."

"And her mouth and ass," the man who identified himself as a cop added. "I
like to fuck a bitch's mouth and ass, too."

"Well, Cletus," the redneck leader scratched his balls with the barrel of
his gun, "I'm thinking these bitches don't want none of that from us. I'm
thinking they ain't nothing more than a bunch of bush-bumpers. I mean you
heard Ho-Prah here. Just a minute ago, she was saying these bitches'd rather
'die than be vict'mized by us. So I say we just waste 'em right here..."

"But I want fuck this one's ass," Cletus the cop yanked one of the women by
the hair. She was an attractive blonde in her thirties who looked like she
might have been a soccer mom before she became a soulless sex-slave at

"Y'know, Cletus, you can always fuck her AFTER we waste her," the leader
answered. "These bitches'll stay warm for almost an hour after they've been

"But I wanna hear her scream," Cletus insisted. "It ain't no real fun lessen
you can make 'em scream."

"But they don't want nothing to do with none of our cocks, Cletus," the
redneck leader grinned. "So I say we just respect these bitches civil rights
and waste them right now."

"NOOOOO!" Ho-Prah shrieked. "We want your cocks. That's all we want! Hard
cock! The only reason we're all sitting around here whining is because we
don't have any hard dick shoved up our worthless fuck holes to straighten us
out. Isn't that right, ladies?" she howled desperately. "Tell them. Tell
the men how much we want their hard dicks pounding inside our worthless fuck
holes. TELL THEM!"

"Please, mister," one of the women now piped up. "I haven't had a hard dick
shoved in my ass for such a long time. Please fuck my ass and strangle me
with a belt like my old man used to do. That's the only way I can cum, if
I'm beaten like a bitch and used like a disposable cum dump."

"Me, too..." another women whined. Suddenly all the so-called victims were
begging to be tortured and traumatized by the redneck gang.

Rue watched for another few minutes as the brutal gang-rape began. She was
mildly interested as both the men's cocks and their firearms were jammed into
the women's worthless cock slots. But after a few minutes, even the sight of
Oprah getting DP'd while being forced to fellate a sawed-off shotgun grew

"Is this the best you've got?" Rue asked, leaving the Crisis Center scene and
wandering amid the rest of the soundstages.

"We have everything here," Persephone bristled slightly at Rue's total ennui.
"Any depraved, perverted fantasy you could possibly imagine." She pointed to
a whole village of screaming squaws being gang-raped by General Custer and
his 7th Cavalry Division while thousands of castrated Indian warriors swung
from the trees.

Rue looked at the scene with vague interest and moved to the next set.
Here a battalion of Japanese soldiers stood guard over a shivering mass of
American woman and children, their tattered clothes adorned with prominent
yellow identification cards pinned over their hearts. The scene appeared to
be Times Square circa 1945, only the skyline and buildings were in ruins,
obviously bombed to smithereens. Ticker tape and confetti drifted down over
the ominous scene, which seemed to be a grim parody of VJ Day down to the
last detail.

Instead of celebrating servicemen and cheering crowds, anendless string of
American Gis, sailors and pilots lined 42nd Street. They squatted on the
ground, their trousers and shorts pulled down while their naked pink genitals
rested across black chopping blocks. Located in front of each block was a
big wicker basket.

General Douglas MacArthur and President Harry Truman occupied the last two
blocks at the end of the line while War Minister Tojo stood above them
gloating. Seated before the entire assemblage, Emperor Hirohito smiled down
approvingly from his throne.

When the Emperor raised his hand, the first row of Japanese soldiers lining
the street stepped forward. In perfect unison, they positioned themselves
above each squatting American. With another hand gesture, the Emperor
commanded his troops to withdraw an endless procession of samurai swords.

The snicker and flash of the polished steel sent a collective sob through
the American women and children huddled together. In seconds, the burnished
blades hovered above the vulnerable pink genitalia of each bawling American

"What do you think of your much-vaunted American supel'iolity now, Yankee
dog?" War Minister Tojo jeered at Truman.

"Goddam Nip!" Truman cursed under his breath.

Tojo smiled, turned away from the defeated American President and strolled
amiably down the line of prisoners. He stopped at one GI who was not crying,
a handsome soldier in his mid-twenties. The American dog-face glared up at
the Japanese War Minister in total defiance.

Tojo bent down and inspected the GI's dog tag. "Sahllgeant Lobert
Lichardson," he read aloud, the R's rolling across his tongue like L's. He
smiled and turned to the adjutant officer at his side who was busily studying
a sheaf of papers affixed to a clipboard. In a few seconds, the adjutant
looked up and barked orders in Japanese towards the soldiers standing guard
over the American women and children.

Amid cries and sobbing howls, a group of soldiers went into the huddled mass
and began examining the yellow name badges affixed to each woman and child.
After ten long minutes, they finally emerged from the mob dragging their
quarry, a beautiful pregnant blonde in her early twenties who was howling

The Japanese soldiers hauled the weeping woman to Tojo who was now also
studying his adjutant's clipboard. With snorts of laughter, the soldiers
dumped the pretty pregnant woman at the War Minister's feet. "Mrs. Loxanne
Lichardson," Tojo smiled. He reached out with his yellow hand and brushed
the woman's greasy blonde bangs from her eyes.

"Get your fucking hands off her, you fucking monkey-faced nip," Sergeant
Robert Richardson hissed.

"Sairensu!" the soldier standing above Richardson barked, slamming the handle
of his sword down on the GI's skull.

"So, ou'll Amerl'ican GI Joe does not r'ike when I touch his beautiful
b'lide," Tojo cackled. "He has much to r'earn about p'loper humi'rity before
his conque'lors." Tojo turned to the man's wailing wife. "Perhaps it is
best that we teach ou'll Amerl'ican GI Joe the p'loper l'espect for his
supe'liors." He grasped the blonde beauty by her face and forced her mouth
into the khaki crotch of his uniform trousers. "You will suck my penis,
Loxanne Lichardson, and if you do not make me ejacu'rate in one minute, you'l
husband will be emascu'rated. Do you understand, American bitch?"

"Y...yes..." Roxanne Richardson sobed.

"Honey, no..." Sergeant Richardson started.

"Sairensu!" the Japanese soldier cut him off again with another blow.

"You have 60 seconds," Tojo announced to the young American housewife. He
withdrew a pocket watch from his uniform and looked at the hands with a
malicious grin.

Roxanne Richardson's hands flew to the War Minister's fly and ripped it open.
Desperately, she pulled down his sweaty shorts. Tojo's small, four-inch cock
snapped out like the blade of a pocketknife, butting against her blubbering
lips. "55 seconds left, Amel'ican bitch dog..." he spat in the blonde's
teary eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she lowered her bawling lips over the War Minister's
small, hard prick, showering it with the full attention of her tongue as she
suckled. One soldier in the guard regiment called out what must have been a
foul curse, and the rest of the soldiers broke their solemnity and laughed.
In seconds, another guard catcalled, and then the dam broke.

The air filled with gibberish Jap cursing while Roxanne Richardson did her
best to bring off Tojo's prick with her slavering mouth. The whole while,
the War Minister called out every five seconds to announce how many seconds
the American GI had before surrendering his manhood to the Japanese samurai

"Binbinkuru!" one of the Jap soldiers bellowed above his fellow servicemen.
All eyes turned to this soldier as he pointed his rifle at the chopping
block on which Robert Richardson's genitalia rested. Suddenly the crowd of
Japanese soldiers let loose with a loud jeering laughter. In another second,
all of the rank and file were pointing their rifles and side arms at the
chopping block, where a conspicuous hard-on throbbed forth from Sergeant
Robert Richardson.

"So," Tojo sneered at the stone-faced sergeant, "the Amel'ican GI Joe grows
excited watching his beautiful Amel'ican wife feast upon supe'lior Japanese
meat. Do you see that, Loxanne Lichardson? Your husband g'lows excited
watching you deg'laded. Pe'lhaps he would r'ike to see his young wife
p'reasure even more hard Japanese cock."

The War Minister clapped his hands, and a squad of Japanese soldiers stepped
forward, yellow cocks at the ready. Tojo barked some orders in Japanese, and
the men formed a single file line to his right.

"10," he called out, his voice and his knees shivering. In another three
seconds, he began pumping his small hard prick furiously into Roxanne
Richardson's face while she sputtered and tried to spit out the noxious sperm
that spewed into her sobbing mouth. But Tojo held her head in place and made
her take every last drop of his Jap gism, wiping his cock across her pretty
features with a flourish.

When he was finished, the Nipponese warlord nodded to the Japanese soldier
poised above Robert Richardson's genitals. The soldier betrayed a a quick
grin before his blade flashed down. A sickening THUD was heard as
razor-sharp steel severed engorged human flesh and sank into the wood

"Arrrgghhhh!" Sergeant Richardson wailed like a baby as the soldier's blade
casually wiped his bloody cock and balls into the wicker basket.

"You'b b...bastard!" Roxanne squealed through her mouthful of cum. "You'b
p...promised... you promised..."

"This is war, Amel'ican blonde bitch dog," Tojo sneered at his pretty
prisoner. "And in war, the spoils go to the victors." His boot lashed out
and kicked the sperm-smeared blonde across her weeping face.

She fell back in a heap. Tojo stood above her and with his sword he cut her
tattered dress to shreds. In seconds, she was clothed only in her bra and
panties, her bare pregnant belly ballooning up from her torso in heaving
sobs. Tojo inserted his sword blade beneath the elastic waistband of her
panties and drew up the cotton material, shredding it instantaneously.

Now Roxanne Richardson's bare pussy glistened before all the conquering
soldiers. "Bishobisho!" one of the soldiers pointed to Roxanne's thoroughly
damp pussy. He reached down, dipped his fingers between the blonde pubes of
Roxanne's slick snatch and withdrew his hand with a flourish, jabbing his
arm into the sky.

Now everyone - American and Jap alike -- could see the evidence of the white
woman's arousal. The sun glimmered off the thick layer of pussy juice
coating the Jap soldier's hand from the tips of his fingers down to his
thin wrists. "Bishobisho!" he cried again. The Jap battalion shouted
"bishobisho" in thunderous response before the jubilant Jap soldiers broke
into another round of gibbering catcalls.

"It is so nice of you to become so a'loused, Loxanne Lichardson," Tojo
sneered at the bawling bride. "Do you see how your wife wants me, Amel'ican
GI Joe?" Tojo taunted Sergeant Richardson. "She will become a baby factory
for supe'lior Japanese sperm. But first we must remove the infe'lior baby
that po'rrutes her womb. You do not mind, do you, Loxanne Lichardson?" he
asked, returning his attentions to the sergeant's wailing wife.

"Noooo..." Roxanne blubbered as Tojo motioned to a trio of soldiers who
quickly moved in to spread her legs and pin her to the ground. Fighting with
all her strength, she struggled valiantly, kicking and writhing about in the
dirt as Tojo scooted down to the ground and knelt before her spread legs.

"Bonsai!" Tojo yelled as he thrust his hand between the blonde's swollen cunt
lips, jamming his entire arm into her womb. She shrieked in utter agony as
Tojo's fingers scraped the inside of her uterus while he sadistically plumbed
the depths of her womb.

"God, no, please," her husband was blubbering pathetically, tears streaming
down his face as he witnessed Tojo performing the impromptu abortion of his
first child.

For five whole minutes, amid the pitiful American sobs and hearty Japanese
cheers, Tojo's hand wrestled inside the pregnant woman's belly. Then
finally, with one decisive tug, the merciless warlord yanked out the infant
fighting for life inside Roxanne Richardson's womb.

"Waaahhhhh!" the newborn cried with its first pathetic breaths.

The battalion of Jap soldiers let loose with a mocking cry of their own,
mimicking the baby's bawling and the tears of their American prisoners. As
he tore off the placenta, Tojo called to the crowd, "It's a girl!" Another
cheer then arose before Sergeant Robert Richardson was forced to watch
something even more horrific than anything that had just transpired.

Tojo tore the bawling baby from her umbilical cord, and spread apart her tiny
legs. Glaring at Richardson and all the American prisoners, he then stabbed
his still-hard prick between the baby's kicking thighs, burying his samurai
schlong deep into the tiny, smooth groove that comprised the newborn's
vagina. Gripping the infant around the throat, he proceeded to choke her as
he pounded his four-inch yellow terror into her gasping, seizure-wracked
body. "BONSAI!" the Jap warlord cried at the top his lungs.

"Bonsai!" the soldiers chorused behind him, their slanty eyes weeping for

"Nooooooo..." Roxanne Richardson howled as she watched Tojo rape her newborn
baby girl to death.

For almost fifteen straight minutes, the ruthless warlord vented his inhuman
fury on the howling infant while the soldiers whooped it up with continual
chants of "Bonsai." Finally, teeth gritted and mouth drooling, Tojo dumped
his kamikaze cum into the baby's bloated belly. Amazingly, the infant was
still alive, and it now hung from the warlord's still-hard cock like meat on
the end of a shishkebob.

"You will suck all these men now, Loxanne Lichardson," Tojo ordered the
howling housewife.

"Yes, Master Tojo," she spoke softly, her raped baby bobbing before her
zombie eyes, impaled on the end of the War Minister's rape saber.

"If you do well, I will a'rrow you to suck my cock again," he assured her,
petting her blonde hair while she nuzzled against his hand like an obedient
bitch dog.

"Yes, Master Tojo," she licked his fingers before he raised his hand and
pointed to the line of soldiers at his right.

"I would be watching this, Amerl'ican GI Joe," Tojo turned his attention back
to Sergeant Richardson. "If your r'ove'ry wife fails to make any of these
men l'each o'lgasm in under one minute, you will su'llender another one of
your heads."

The Japanese soldiers that understood English laughed at Tojo's pun, and
began jeering at the pretty blonde bride as they picked up her broken body
and deposited it before the next enraged Jap cock. Helpless and totally
broken, the once-beautiful blonde bent over the endless succession of cocks
and sucked.

Only now, she wasn't sobbing anymore. In fact, she didn't seem to be
distressed at all. She inhaled the first yellow prick with a mouth-watering
hunger that could only be described as lust. "Come on," she gasped between
mouthfuls of hard Jap cock, "fuck my blonde American face. Use my sweet
American mouth like a pussy. Make me your American bitch dog suck-slut.
Jesus, your Jap cock tastes so good, so superior. See this, honey?" she
turned towards her blubbering husband, jeering at him as the Jap sawed his
cock between her succulent, American lips. "This is how a real man treats
his bitch. You and all the rest of these Americans weren't man enough to
protect your wives and children, and now we're just going to become cock
slots and cum dumpsters for these superior Japanese warriors."

"Roxie," Sergeant Richardson bawled, "what are you saying...? Please..."

"Fuck you, Robert!" she spat at him then deep throated the Jap's samurai
schlong. "You and all the rest of the dickless GI Joes."

The Jap fucking Roxanne's face started breathing much heavier, and twitching
slightly. "15..." Tojo called out, still timing Roxanne with the stopwatch.
She was going to do it. She was going to suck this Jap off to a cum in under
one minute.

Greedily, the beautiful blonde worked the Jap's yellow prick right to the
bursting point. Then, just as she felt his balls quiver, she withdrew her
mouth from his glans and pinched her fingers hard around the base of the
Jap's throbbing cock. "Fuck you, Robert!" she repeated, her vise grip
preventing the Jap soldier from cumming as Tojo counted down the last few

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."

Roxanne sneered at her howling husband, and the Japs let loose with their
loudest cheer yet. Struggling like a madman, Sergeant Richardson tried to
squirm away from the block. But two strong Sons of Nippon forced his pink
neck across the chopping block and held him there. Then, just as Roxanne
released the Jap's cum into her thirsty mouth, the soldier standing above
Richardson lowered his sword and lopped of the GI's head with one decisive

As the battalion resounded with another cry of "Bonsai," Richardson's severed
head rolled into the wicker basket set before the chopping block. The baby
girl still impaled on his hard dick, Tojo picked up the basket and raised it
above his head like a trophy. Another cheer boomed up as Roxanne Richardson
went back to servicing the Japanese servicemen with a self-satisfied smirk on
her face.

After the cheering subsided, Tojo set the basket back down on the ground and
jabbed his sword inside. In a moment, he speared the bloody pulp that had
once been Sergeant Robert Richardson's proud, American cock. He then
withdrew the remains of the GI's once-mighty manhood and presented it
triumphantly to General Douglas MacArthur.

"Eat this!" Tojo jabbed the severed cock and testicles into the war hero's
face. "Eat it, or my men will l'ape every woman and child here before the
eyes of the Amel'ican people."

MacArthur glared up at the Jap Warlord. "Go to hell, you sick Jap bastard."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Tojo snickered. He raised his hands and
called out in Japanese over the crowd.

In an instant, the huddled mass of women and children were being forced to
their knees and on their backs. Thousands of yellow cocks whipped out and a
massive gang-rape ensued. During the melee, Tojo himself severed MacArthur's
and Truman's genitalia and presented them to the smiling Japanese Emperor
Hirohito. Hirohito called his chef and had the raw flesh served to him like

"That looks like fun, doesn't it?" Persephone asked Rue, taking her by the
arm and tugging her onto the set.

"Old school..." Rue muttered, shrugging off the demoness. "Don't you have
anything REALLY sick?"

* * *

"Remember," Inspector Darryl Morris told the SWAT officers in the back of
the unit's Emergency Response vehicle, "no one leaves the Destiny building.
We're talking total lockdown, do you understand - employees and customers
alike. NO ONE leaves the building. And don't believe anything that anyone
in there tells you. These people are experts at brainwashing and mind
control. When we get in there, everyone is on the floor. EVERYONE!" he
repeated. "Everyone is a potential perp until we get the whole building
searched, secured and locked down. I've seen what these people are capable
of, and we can't afford ANY slip ups. Am I making myself clear?"

The SWAT officers nodded and acknowledged Morris's orders. A minute later,
the two SWAT ERVs and fifteen squad cars pulled into the parking lot at 666
Destiny Plaza. It took only two minutes to unload from the various vehicles
and storm the complex's main lobby.

Megaphones blaring and weapons fully drawn, the San Francisco SWAT team and
scores of backup officers in riot gear made their presence known immediately.
Everyone in the main lobby was summarily forced to the ground with their
hands atop their heads. Many women tried to resist the actions of the
officers and flee, but as soon as they bolted they were quickly subdued.

Amid the terrified squeals of hundreds of women Darryl Morris emerged from
the pandemonium and approached the main reception desk. There, two officers
were holding a tall, beautiful black woman at gunpoint. As Darryl drew
closer, he thought he detected a glint of recognition pass through the black
woman's eyes. This was odd because he'd never seen her before in her life.
Yet something in her expression was vaguely familiar.

* Watch out for the mind games, Darryl, * he told himself. * You've seen
what these people can do. * Images of Prue and Amy Wagner flashed through
Darryl's mind. His interview with the Destiny victim in her hospital room
had been one of the most disturbing interrogations he'd ever experienced.

Destiny had lured Amy Wagner into their clutches, played off her loneliness
and insecurity, and then turned her into some kind of mindless sex slave.
And, according to Amy's statement, Destiny had done the same with thousands
of other poor, desperate and alone souls, women who would have literally sold
their souls to the Devil for male companionship.

Judging by what Amy had described, Destiny's appeal had no boundaries. Women
and girls of every age, race and socioeconomic status had been taken in by
their slick infomercials. Darryl had a feeling that once everything about
Destiny came to light, the victims could number in the tens of thousands.

* These poor women, * Darryl allowed himself a moment of pity as he strode
through the crowd. * They have no idea what we've just saved them from. *

Once Destiny's victims had been completely brainwashed, the women would
find themselves being coerced into making illegal, underground pornographic
videos - kiddie porn, bestiality, torture, rape, probably even snuff films.
Then, when Destiny was finally through using the women, some kind of bizarre
operation was performed on them, and they were somehow lobotomized into the
emotionless, zombie-like state that now seized Amy Wagner.

* Well, their little reign of terror is officially over, * Darryl
congratulated himself as he whipped out the search warrant and court orders
from his breast pocket. "Who's in charge here?" he demanded, his eyes
peering straight into the vicious gaze of the black receptionist.

"You're all going to pay for this," the receptionist hissed back. Her
nametag read Lucretia. "You have no right to come bursting in here like
this. This is the United States of America, not Afghanistan. We have
rights. These women have rights..."

"Save it for the media, sister," Darryl cut her off. "Right now I want to
see the woman who runs this place. Lilith Magdalene!"

"You have no idea who or what you are messing with!" the receptionist hissed.

"Do you see this?" Darryl waved the papers in her face. "This is a federal
search warrant to search every inch of these premises." He showed her the
first paper then the second. "This is a federal court order demanding that
Destiny Enterprises cease and desist ALL business operations immediately
pending a grand jury's review of formal charges. Your sick little sex slave
ring has been shut down. Now you can either get Lilith Magdalene down here,
or I'll go through this building office by office, broom closet by broom
closet until I find her myself. Is that clear?"

"Are you sure you want to do that, Inspector Morris?" the receptionist shot

* How the hell does she know my name? *

"There's no telling what you might find in your little search, is there,
Inspector Morris...?" the receptionist continued. "We all have skeletons in
our closets, don't we, Inspector Morris. Who knows who they all belong to?
Some might even belong to you?"

Suddenly Darryl felt his mind burn. He doubled over in agony and pressed his
hands into his eyes, but he couldn't stop the pain or the images flashing
across his brain. In a split second, the entire elevator scene with the
blonde receptionist, Nicole, seared into his consciousness. Then he saw
something else - Lilith Magdalene presenting a videotape of the incident to
his superiors. More scenes followed this mental footage - Darryl shivering
in a prison cell, crying like a baby as guards hustled him up and walked him
down the corridors to the lethal injection chamber.

"WE ALL PAY FOR OUR SINS, DARRYL MORRIS!" a voice boomed in his brain. "AND

"Stop it!" Darryl cried, tearing his face from his hands and glaring through
his tear-crazed eyes at the receptionist. "That won't work now," he spat at
her. "Do you understand. I know who you and what you did to me and the rest
of them." He whirled around to the SWAT commander. "We're going through
this complex floor by floor and room by room until we find Lilith Magdalene.
I want every square inch of this place secured before we start tearing this
place apart. Now let's do it."

* * *

"We have a situation down here," Lucretia's telepathic message drifted into
Lilith's consciousness. The head Destiny demoness was alone in her office,
lost in deep intense concentration. It took an unbelievable amount of energy
and will power to maintain the integrity of the Gateway yawning open inside
her physical body. Every single moment, the Abyss continued its relentless
effort to suck her and all the rest of the demons back into its dark maw.

Only the energy from the souls she'd eaten had allowed her to keep the
Gateway open this long. But the soul energy from her victims was growing
weaker just as the Abyss's pull was getting stronger. Even the recent
addition of Phoebe Halliwell's soul had only given her a momentary resurgence
of power.

Lilith needed more fuel, more souls, more energy to keep the Gateway open
until all the demons in the Abyss could be paired up with human females and
gain their release. Then, when the demons were strong enough to exist on
this plane under their own power, she could release the human souls she was
holding. Once those souls were finally in the clutches of the Evil One, the
Gateway could be closed for good behind them. At that moment, demonkind
would once more be free to rule the Mortal Plane.

But the successful culmination of this plan was going to take more time,
more energy and more souls. Already, Lilith was feeling the effects of her
struggle with the Abyss. Even for a demoness who'd spent an eternity in the
Lake of Fire, the battle was painful.

"Lilith...?" Lucretia's telepathy stirred Lilith from her meditations.

"Yes, what is it now?" Lilith's mind snapped back.

"The police detective... from earlier today... he just marched in here with
about a hundred cops, a search warrant and a court order shutting us down,"
Lucretia answered. "He's asking for you, too. They're taking over the
building right now. What are you going to do?"

"DAMN!" Lilith sprang up from her leather chair. This was one development
she hadn't anticipated. She had been positive that they'd thoroughly broken
Inspector Darryl Morris earlier that day. She'd even received an update from
Persephone that Morris had been completely eliminated earlier that evening at
a hotel bar. Her demoness operative had reported that Morris was dead -
lynched by a bloodthirsty white mob as a matter of fact.

* So what the HELL is he doing back here? * Something had interfered. No,
make that someone. It had to be those accursed good witches. But that was

Lilith herself had just returned from eating Phoebe Halliwell's soul, and the
Dark Force itself had claimed the middle witch sister, Piper. That left only
the oldest sister, Prue, and the White Lighter.

Somehow, they must have gotten to Inspector Morris and saved him. And now he
was back, armed with the full power of the mortals' legal system to shut her
operation down.

* Insects! * she howled to herself. With one wave of her hand, she could
disintegrate the whole lot of them. With one word, she could release the
very Fury of Hell to devour them. But that would entail opening the Gateway
inside her and venting the full power of the Abyss.

In her weakened conditioned, she didn't have the energy to hold back the
Infernal vortex and control the Gateway's integrity. Yes, she was certainly
capable of annihilating the human pests, but she and the demons she'd worked
so hard to free would be sucked into the Abyss along with them.

* There are still other means of dealing with the situation, * she smiled to
herself. Suddenly, her mind stabbed out into the conscious thoughts of every
human being in the building... searching, probing... until she found the
mind of Inspector Darryl Morris.

"WE ALL PAY FOR OUR SINS, DARRYL MORRIS!" she howled into the detective's

She relished the feeling as his inner being crumbled beneath her mental
assault. Instantly, she flooded his mind's eye with images from his past -
the elevator rape from earlier that day - and his grim future as a death
row inmate once the truth came out. The demoness inundated Darryl's
consciousness with the reality of his situation and what awaited him if he
continued with his investigation. She reminded the detective that she
possessed a videotape of Darryl's little rendezvous with the Destiny
receptionist. All she needed to do was produce Nicole's corpse, and
Inspector Darryl Morris would find himself on the other side of his precious
justice system.

Satisfied that the detective was once more under her control, she released
his mind, giving him a moment to gather his thoughts and reconsider this
futile fight. She knew Darryl Morris was no fool. He would realize
immediately that pursuing his vendetta against Destiny only spelled his doom.
He would call the police officers back. Destiny would be saved.

Only that's not how it happened. Darryl emerged from her mental assault with
an even greater determination to see justice done. He was now fully resigned
to the fact that shutting Destiny down would seal his own fate, but at this
point he didn't care.

The human's own pathetic sense of honor was leading him into
self-destruction. Like a fool, he was trying to redeem himself. Darryl
Morris no longer sought to escape the consequences of his actions. He was
charging ahead to meet them straight on.

"FOOL!" Lilith screeched into his mind. But it was only a vague whisper
against the background noise of his inner-driven rage. He was storming into
her fortress with the single-minded determination of a predator hunting prey.

"Lilith...?" another telepathic voice now cut across the demoness's mind.
"I think we might have kind of a situation here..." The mental voice was

Lilith's mind scanned the complex's interior and found the demoness. She
was located in the dungeon, among the demoncore soundstages. "What is it,
Persephone?" Lilith snapped. "In case you don't know, we kind of have a
situation going on up here as well..."

"There's someone down here who wants to... um... meet you..." Persephone's
thoughts seemed nervous and irritated. "She's the one from the bar where we
lynched the nigger cop..."

"What is she doing here?!" Lilith demanded.

"I... she..." Persephone's thoughts stammered.

"Never mind," Lilith cut her off. "I'll see for myself."

Lilith's demonic consciousness now scanned the dungeon, finding Persephone's
companion immediately. An aura of pure cruelty and inhumanity radiated from
the woman's being with such intensity that it totally masked her conscious
and unconscious thoughts. Through the psychic white noise howling about her
being, Lilith could sense a soul of such unadulterated evil that its depths
seemed virtually bottomless.

* What are you? * Lilith asked herself. Never in the billions of eons of her
existence had Lilith ever encountered a human soul with such a capacity for
EVIL. Her soul was a veritable black hole, drawing everything it touched
into its inexorable, obliterating grasp. Her pitch-black karma equaled a
million Hitlers and Stalins combined. * With her kind of energy feeding me,
I could keep the Gateway opened and under my control for a millenium. *

"Persephone," Lilith telepathically snapped at the demoness. "Keep our
guest, right there. DO NOT LET HER GO, do you understand me...?"

"Yes, Lilith," Persephone responded.

In a flash of hellfire and brimstone, Lilith vanished from her office...

* * *

"Now to find Prue," Leo encouraged himself while he got his bearings
straight. He had just materialized behind the walls of the Destiny compound,
and he no idea where he was. Nor did he have any idea where he could find

The demonic energy inside Destiny coupled with Prue's cloak scrambled his
tracking sense somewhat. He could feel Prue close by, but he couldn't focus
on her exact location. That left one option, to search the complex on foot
while avoiding any demonic security guards that might be lurking about. Not
exactly his first option. White Lighters were healers and guides, not

Fortunately, the ongoing police raid had fashioned the perfect diversion for
his incursion. Leo knew materializing inside Destiny's walls would set off
every demonic security alarm in the building. But he was hoping the presence
of the police would buy him enough time to find Prue, get her the spell and
potion, and vanquish the Abyss demoness. He closed his eyes and tried to
concentrate on Prue's soul signature.

Evil reverberated through the walls like the roar of a million tidal waves.
The sensation sickened the White Lighter to the core of his soul, but he
staggered through his nausea, heading straight towards the epicenter of the
crushing Force. Logic told him that Lilith, the arch-Abyss demon, was the
focal point of all the Evil Energy inside Destiny, and that if he could find
her he'd probably find Prue, too.

So he stumbled ahead through the empty corridors, his body growing physically
weaker with each step.

"And what the fuck do we have here?" a voice suddenly cut through Leo's
dizziness. He looked up to see a trio of guard demons descend upon him. He
was too weak to fight them, so he just collapsed in their arms. Besides, he
had a good idea where they were going to take him, and that was precisely
where he needed to be.

* * *

"What could you possibly want that we DON'T have here?" Persephone asked Rue,
her body twitching nervously now. She'd been telepathically monitoring the
events upstairs, and she knew the police were closing in on the entrance to
the dungeon. Once they got downstairs, she had no idea what could be done.
* Where's Lilith? * she asked herself. * Why isn't she doing SOMETHING? *

"Do you really want to know what I want?" Rue asked, interrupting
Persephone's thoughts.

"Yes, please..." Persephone tugged her arm. "We can make any fantasy come
true here. I swear. My boss... Lilith... she's the most powerful demon of
all. She has a direct line to Satan himself."

"Really?" Rue suddenly looked interested again. "You say she can put me in
touch with Satan?"

"Um... sure, I guess..." Persephone seemed a little nervous now. "I mean,
yeah... she can make anything happen."

"I want to meet her," Rue announced. "I want to talk with her. That's who
I want to deal with."

"Um... I... sure... Tell me what you want, and I'll tell her, and..."

"No," Rue cut her off. "I want to talk to Lilith. Take me to her right now!
She's the one I want to deal with around here. You're just a flunky. She's
the boss, so that's who I'm going to work with. Now take me to her."

"Um... I... it doesn't work like that," Persephone stammered. "I just can't
take a client to meet Lilith. She... doesn't get involved during the initial
consultations, only..."

"Tell me, Persephone," Rue cut her off. "Am I like ANY client you've ever
had before?"

"No," Persephone shook her head.

"Well, then, if you don't want to lose my business, I suggest you take me to
see Lilith... RIGHT NOW, before I march right on out of here and find someone
who CAN satisfy me."

"Did I hear someone say my name?" a chilling voice emerged from behind Rue
and Persephone, the bone rattling sound accompanied by the noxious odor of
brimstone. Both Rue and Persephone whirled around.

"Are you Lilith?" Rue challenged, unfazed at all by the demoness's sudden

"Yes," Lilith half-sneered. "And who, may I ask, are you?"

"Th...this is Rue," Persephone stammered. "She... I..."

"I know who she is," Lilith hissed. "I know everyone who sets foot behind
these walls. What I don't know, though, is why you brought this... person...
here without checking in at the front desk. You know that's a clear
violation of Destiny policy."

"Please, Lilith, let me explain..." Persephone started.

"Silence!" Lilith cut her off. "You know we're under a witch watch here.
Yet you bring this... human here into our inner sanctum with no permission."

"I'm bored," Rue rolled her eyes. "I thought you stupid cunts wanted to
party. I'm out of here."

"You're not going anywhere," Lilith snapped back.

"She's not one of the witches, Lilith, I swear," Persephone pleaded with her
demonic boss. "You should see her. She..."

"I know all about what you and this... human... have been doing." Lilith
waved off Persephone. "You forget, I can monitor ALL your activities on this
plane WHENEVER I choose. And you're right, this... human is certainly no
good witch. The trouble is, I don't know what you are... human," Lilith
turned back to Rue. "I can't get any kind of read on you whatsoever beyond
a resonance of almost infinite Evil. You appear human, yet your capacity
for cruelty and inhumanity rivals my own. You certainly aren't a demon. In
fact, you aren't like anything I've ever encountered in this or any other
universe. So, pray tell, please tell me what the HELL you are!"

"Me?" Rue spat back. "I'm bored. I didn't come here to talk, cunt. I came
here to GET OFF. And so far, all I've seen is a bunch of lame shit out of a
bad S&M novel. Come on, cunt. I thought all you demons were supposed to be
sooo BAD," Rue mocked the demoness. "Pretty fucking disappointing if you ask
me. I mean is this the BEST Satan has to offer?"

"You have no idea what Satan has to offer... human," Lilith fired back, her
eyes glowering with a demonic glint.

"So, why don't you fucking show me, then?" Rue challenged. "Take me to
Satan, and let me see for myself how BAAD he is. I'll fuck his cock off.
I'll hump his sorry ass until he begs me to stop."

"Rue..." Persephone started. " don't know what you're saying.

"I do so KNOW what I'm saying," Rue fired back. "That's why I came here.
Enough of this lame bullshit. I want the BIG ONE. I want to fuck Satan
himself. Now open the Gates of Hell and let's party."

"Rue...?!" Persephone begged.

"Silence," Lilith ordered the demoness. "Rue has stated her desire."

Suddenly a siren shrieked out over the dungeon's din.

"What's that?" Rue asked.

"We've been breached by spiritual forces," Lilith smiled. "No doubt it's
the remaining Halliwell sister and her pathetic White Lighter. Bring the
intruders to me," she commanded both aloud and telepathically.

In a flash of hellfire and brimstone, three demons suddenly appeared. In
their spiny arms they held a struggling man. Their prisoner's body was
glowing with a bright white light. Through the glamour surrounding her,
Prue Halliwell's consciousness recognized him. * Leo! *

"And what the fuck are you supposed to be?" Lilith spat in the White
Lighter's eye.

"He materialized inside the compound," one of the demons answered. "He
smells like a White Lighter."

"I can see that," Lilith hissed, then she smiled. "So, we have one White
Lighter, but no witches." She stroked Leo's handsome face then grabbed his
crotch. Her razor-sharp talons cut through the denim and sliced into his
tender genital flesh. She giggled while Leo squirmed. "Tell me, White
Lighter, where are your little witch cunts? Huh...?" she jeered, licking
the tears from his cheeks with her ice-cold tongue. "What happened to the
Power of Three?"

"Go to Hell," Leo spat.

"No, you GO TO HELL!" Lilith cackled. "And there you can join the other
two Halliwell cunts... what were their names again? Phoebe and Piper...?
They're already waiting for you, White Lighter. Maybe you'd like to see
what Eternity has in store for them." She waved her hand, and suddenly
images appeared across one of the stone walls, which loomed above Leo and
Rue like a giant drive-in movie screen.

"Come on, cunt, SUCK IT!" a Bald Headed demon with a spiked, twelve-inch cock
jeered at a woman kneeling before him. While the woman tried desperately to
move her head away, he drove the spiked cock into her mouth, the razor-sharp
barbs shredding her lips, tongue and cheeks with every thrust.

Yet, with every fresh laceration, the flesh of the woman's mouth healed, only
to be maimed again and again. Still in her cloaked form, Rue's hands sank
below her waist to her wet pussy. "Now this is more like it," she sneered
until she saw the face of the woman being demonically raped.

* Phoebe... NO! * Prue's consciousness surfaced for a fraction of a second
beneath the cloak. * Ignore it, * she snapped at herself. * It's not time
yet. I need to wait until the right moment. *

"Now doesn't that look like fun," Lilith cackled. "I wonder what Piper's up
to." She waved her hand, and the image of Phoebe disappeared, only to be
replaced with by scenes of Piper's Eternal Damnation.

A giant demon was shoving a cock the size of a airliner into Piper one
millimeter at a time. Lilith roared with laughter. "Oh that's sweet, that
is truly sweet." She turned to Rue. "Do you see what Satan is capable of
now, human? Do you see what's in store for you?"

"Well, then, quit your yacking and bring it on, bitch," Rue retorted. "If I
want to watch lame-ass pornos like this, I'll turn on Cinemax Latenight."

Suddenly Leo struggled to get free of his captors. He was too weak, however,
and they easily subdued him.

"What are those things he's holding?" Lilith asked, her interest in Leo
suddenly piqued again. In one hand, the White Lighter clutched a folded
sheet of paper. In the other, he held what appeared to be a water balloon.

"I don't know what they are," one of the demons replied. "We thought you
might want to examine them." He pried open Leo's hands, and one of the other
demons snatched the paper and balloon. While Leo struggled in vain, the
demon presented the items to Lilith.

Lilith unfolded the paper and examined it. "A vanquishing spell," she
giggled. "How quaint. And this must be the potion that accompanies it.
These will make a lovely souvenirs, don't you think, Persephone...?" Lilith

"Oh, yes," Persephone beamed.

"Take these and put them in my office, right next to that vial of Jerry
Falwell's sperm." Lilith began to hand them to Persephone.

"I'd think you'd rather present them to Satan himself," Rue interrupted.
"You know, trophies of His Final Victory...?"

Lilith paused for a moment then nodded. "You know, that is a good idea,
cunt. You can give them to the Dark Lord himself when you see him." Lilith
handed the items to Rue, then opened her mouth wide. "Now it's time I
granted your wish. Goodbye human..."

A large, gaping maw suddenly appeared between Lilith's parted lips. A cloud
of inky, jet-black darkness seeped forth from her jaws and began enveloping

"I don't know WHO or WHAT you are... human..." Lilith howled above the
growing roar of the Abyss. "But you will provide the energy I need to
control the Gateway and ensure demonkind's conquest of this pitiful plane.
Enjoy the rest of Eternity, cunt. Of every Damned Soul in the Abyss, you
shall suffer the worst. Satan hasn't 'gotten any' in billions of eons. If
I was capable of it, I'd pity you..."

"NOW, PRUE!" Leo suddenly shouted.

"Born in darkness..." Prue read the words from the paper, suddenly stepping
forth from behind the glamour and rending the cloaking spell asunder in a
brilliant flash of white light. "...Thence to return / Forsake this Plane /
And Forever burn..." As Prue's voice shouted above the cacophony, the Abyss
continued pooling around her, sucking her into its vortex.

"NOOO!" Lilith shrieked, as Reality itself began to bend around her dark

"Release all souls / You hold in thrall," Prue continued, her voice barely
audible over the tidal wave of noise bellowing forth from Lilith's maw.
"Return to darkness / For Once and All..." Suddenly, Prue stopped resisting
the Abyss's pull and dove headlong into Lilith's gaping mouth.

As she vanished into the all-encompassing Blackness, she used her telekinetic
powers to send the water balloon headlong into the Abyss, bursting its
contents against Lilith's coal-black lips.

Then the universe went BLACK...

* * *


The voice drifted in from the BLACKNESS like a single splinter of white
light. She recognized the voice.


Another voice, different from the first, yet also familiar... familiar and
comforting. She let the light from the two voices wrap around her like a
warm embrace. And she smiled.

"Piper... Phoebe..." she felt her lips move and air move along her tongue.

"You did it," Phoebe's voice stroked and soothed the burning deep inside
Prue's heart. "You vanquished Lilith and freed us. It's all over."

"Wh...where are we?" Prue stammered, opening her eyes. The brilliance of the
light surrounding her made the eldest Halliwell sister squint. As bright as
it was, however, the Light didn't hurt her eyes. Rather it seemed to be
cleansing her from the inside out. Tears streamed down her face, and her
very soul seemed to be pouring out from her tear ducts.

"I think this is... heaven..." Piper's hands brushed back the hair from her
older sister's eyes. "I think we're in heaven."

"Then we're... dead...?" Prue asked.

"No," a fourth voice suddenly sounded all about them. The sound didn't
reverberate in their ears, however, but in their minds.

Before the awed eyes of all three Halliwell sisters a form slowly took shape
in the light. It was a man, a handsome bearded man garbed in a raiment of
the whitest white.

"Y... You're...?!" Prue stammered, but the words wouldn't come out. The
light emanating from the man's body pierced her very being. Prue was
transfixed, unable to do or say anything.

"Yes," the man spoke, his voice washing against her like the soft lap of
waves at low-tide. "I am Jesus, the Christ."

"Cool..." Phoebe exclaimed.

"Phoebe..." Piper snapped at her little sister, embarrassed.

"But it is cool," Phoebe protested. "I mean its Jesus, and he's hot," she

"There IS such a thing as respectful awe..." Piper gritted her teeth.

"Enough, both of you," the eldest Halliwell cut off her sisters' bickering
with one of her famous Prue stares. With Phoebe and Piper silenced, Prue
turned back to the man who had announced himself as the Son of God. His
Presence definitely brought one question to all their minds. "You say
we're... not dead?" Prue asked suddenly.

"No," Jesus shook his head. "You are very much alive, and you'll be going
back to your lives very shortly."

"So you came by to tell us what a great job we did...?" Phoebe inquired.

"Phoebe!" Piper snapped again.

"No," Jesus answered Phoebe's question directly. "I have appeared to you
tell you the Truth."

"The Truth?" Prue wondered aloud. "And what's that?"

"In a moment, you will return to your lives as they were, before this entire
chain of events transpired," Jesus replied. "You will remember nothing of
Lilith and the Destiny demons. In fact, they never will have existed on the
plane of your Reality. Nothing they did will ever be recalled, and no one
they touched will ever remember what transpired."

"So it'll be like nothing ever happened?" Phoebe asked.

Jesus nodded.

"Wow, that's a relief," Phoebe smiled. "All those things I did... they were
pretty horrible. It's nice to know they're all forgiven."

"You misunderstand me," Jesus smiled grimly. "You are not forgiven. None of
you are," he spoke to all the Halliwell sisters.

"Excuse me...?" Prue exclaimed in disbelief.

"You are witches," Jesus explained. "You are servants of Satan. When you
die, you will be Damned for All Eternity."

"Wh...what are you talking about?" Prue demanded. "We just saved the
universe for crying out loud."

"Your actions do not matter," Jesus shook his head. "You can save the
universe a million times over, and it still does not change WHO you are. You
are witches, servants of Satan. You will burn in Hell with the rest of my

"But... but we do GOOD!" Phoebe pressed. "We're good witches... we fight

"What you do in life doesn't matter. Ultimately, the only thing that counts
is that you accept Me as your Lord and Savior. But you are witches and
already tainted with Satan's Power, so that is impossible."

"Okay, then," Piper interrupted. "We'll just stop being witches and become
born-again Christians. Then we can escape Hell, right...?"

"No," Jesus shook his head. "That is not your Destiny. You are destined to
be witches and fight demons and warlocks. Then you are destined to burn in
Hell for all Eternity. That is the Father's will."

"But we're good witches," Phoebe repeated. "We're not evil. We FIGHT Evil."

"In the grand scheme of things, that does not matter. You are still witches,
and all witches are damned for Eternity as servants of Satan. The fact that
you fight evil matters not at all. When you leave here, you will remember
nothing of this and lead your lives as you were doing."

"This doesn't make any sense," Piper argued. "Why don't you return us and
let us remember all this? That way we could stop being witches and become
Christians. That way we wouldn't be damned to Hell."

"That is not your Destiny," Jesus shook his head. "You are destined to burn
in Hell. You are witches."

"This isn't fair!" Phoebe complained. "I mean where do you get off telling
us that we're Damned for all Eternity? We do a lot of Good. We save
innocents. I mean we save the Universe, and we're STILL damned to Hell...?
Tell me, how does that work?"

"It is God's Will," Jesus replied.

"Well, God's Will can kiss my ass," Phoebe shot back. "And so can you."

"Phoebe!?" Piper snapped at her younger sister.

"Well he can..." Phoebe shot back.

"So why tell us any of this?" Prue interrupted her sisters. "If we're
damned, why not just let us go back to our lives none the wiser."

"I thought you should know the Truth," Jesus responded.

"And what is the Truth?" Prue demanded.

"God hates you," Jesus told them. "You're witches. You are abominations in
His eye. You think you fight Satan, but you actually serve him. What you do
doesn't matter, only what you believe. There are rapists and murderers in
Heaven who have accepted Me as the Lord and Savior seconds before they died.
They are now in the Father's bosom. However, you and your sisters can save
all the Innocents you want, but you will still burn in Hell because you will
never surrender your lives to Me."

"Speaking of lives, why don't you get one?" Prue snarled at the Lord and
Savior before she and her two sisters returned in the twinkling of an eye to
the Mortal Plane.


"Welcome, Ladies...!" the woman's voice cuts across the sound of ecstatic
applause. The audience of lonely, eligible, enthusiastic, single ladies is
ready to witness THE MIRACLE. The announcer has to speak even louder. "We
all know why we're here. It's time to quit playing games. It's time to meet
your destiny head on. You deserve happiness. You deserve success! You
deserve it all! But most of all you deserve the AB-ICIZER!"

The audience begins chanting "Ab-icizer... Ab-icizer... Ab-icizer..." in a
hypnotic mantra.

"And now," the woman announcer cuts in again, "here is the woman who can
make all your dreams come true, the Abbess of Abs, Sister Mary Margaret

The audience rises to its feet, clapping and waving their hands about in
ecstasy. Grown women are actually crying, hands reaching out to touch the
hem of a long flowing black habit that sweeps by them and onto the stage.
The black billowing habit twirls about. A tall, slender, strikingly
beautiful nun peers into the souls of every woman who sees her.

"Okay, who out there wants flat abs?" she hisses. The women in the audience
start hollering ecstatically. The nun starts laughing. "I thought so.
Well, I'm here today to tell you that any woman can have flat abs in forty

The women in the audience begin laughing now, too. The cheering slowly
subsides, and the room becomes quiet. Every bottom is now in a seat, and
every silent eye affixed to the stage, to the speaker, to Sister Mary
Margaret Monaghan.

"This is some kind of big put-on, right...?" Piper Halliwell giggled from
her seat on the big comfy lazy-boy that had been her father's. She sipped
her Merlot and scrunched her face in disbelief. "Come on, Phoebe, you can't
be serious about this?!"

"Shh, you..." Piper's younger sister Phoebe waved frantically from her
seat on the sofa. Phoebe Halliwell was transfixed, her eyes glued to the
television. She hugged an overstuffed pillow into her ample bosom and
lightly chewed on the fringed corner. "I hear this REALLY works!"

* * *

The darkness in her studio apartment had seeped into every corner of the
single room. The only light coming in originated from the pulsating mercury
of a street lamp located directly outside her window. She was crouched in
the corner, though, where the diffuse orange fog could not reach her.

Already she could feel the prescription sleeping pills taking effect - all
thirty-four of them. She clutched her knees to her chest and rocked herself
to eternal sleep. With her last few conscious thoughts, she composed the
epitaph that would grace her tombstone:

Amy Wagner
1964 - 2000
She would have sold her soul
To the Devil
To taste true love
Just once



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