CHARMED Helpless Part 1
by Wonder Mike

"Get out of the bathroom," screamed Prue Haliwell, Phoebe, had been in there
for half an hour and Prue had a photo shoot. That was the problem with living
with her two sisters.

Prue had been wondering if Phoebe was a demon magnet, after all it had only
been a couple of days since her youngest sister moved back into the family
house that the warlocks and demons started to come, she then thought of
course it was a coincidence, she would talk to middle sister Piper later.

Phoebe finally came out of the bathroom, the only peace she could seem to
find was when she was alone in the tub. She was slowly getting over her fear
of commitment but she still hadn't found Mr. Right. She had taken up the
martial arts, it was a good way to relive tension and it was good protection
since her power was not proactive, she had been working on that also.

Phoebe had tried to create the perfect man, but that turned into a disaster,
she had been working on another summoning spell, but she was going to be
careful this time, she wouldn't mention it to Prue or Piper this time.

All she wanted was someone who loved her for who she was, having a boyfriend
while fighting demons was impossible, Piper was lucky she found someone who

Prue had decided that she didn't have time for a bath this morning, she had
to get to her shoot or be fired, Piper was off somewhere with Leo again, she
yelled her good-byes to Phoebe and left.

Piper walked in as Phoebe was leaving, Phoebe congratulated her on her long
night out, Piper smiled shyly, she still had doubts about her relationship
with a white lighter, but she loved him.

Piper shut the door behind her, a beast and a woman appeared in front of her,
Piper fell back and screamed, she tried to freeze them, it didn't work, the
woman introduced herself as Layla, she was a good witch who was immune to her
powers, she then introduced Kain, the demon that would killing the Charmed

Layla was a short woman with jet black hair, she was wearing a long flowing
silk gown, Piper thought she looked like Ricki Lake, Kain was about seven
feet tall cover in fur. It looked liked he weighed about five hundred pounds.

Layla had imbedded an amulet that mad Kain immune to witchcraft also, Layla
couldn't use magic on a good witch but Kain would tear them apart, Piper
screamed for help.

Kain lunged a Piper, she managed to fall away, she was in serious trouble,
Phoebe came running down the stairs wrapped in a towel, Piper warned her to
stop, but it was too late, Phoebe ran right into Layla.

The two girls fell in a heap Phoebe jumped to her feet first and asked what
was going on, she then saw Kain, she turned and decked Layla with one kick,
Kain managed to grab Piper around the neck though.

Piper told Phoebe that the two of them where immune to their powers, they
where helpless, she also told her that Layla's powers wouldn't work on them
either. Phoebe looked around for Prue, she was gone.

Layla got up and told Phoebe to freeze or Kain would snap her sisters neck,
Phoebe did as she was told, Layla rubbed her stomach where she had been
kicked, she was getting angry now.

Layla needed to get the Charmed ones all together to steel their powers, she
had just missed Prue, she would tie up the other two and wait, she would make
Phoebe pay for hurting her though.

Layla ordered Kain to drop Piper and come to her, as soon as he did, Phoebe
charged him, she thought she could drop him with a kick if she caught him by
surprise, she bounced off of him.

Phoebe's towel had fallen off during the attack, she laid there completely
naked, this gave Layla an idea, she would let Kain have his way with the
sisters, it would keep him calm and give her a measure of revenge before she
killed them.

Kain picked up Phoebe, Layla conjured a rope and tied Phoebe's arms behind
her back while Kain ordered Piper not to move, they threw the helpless Phoebe
to the ground and went after Piper.

Layla told Phoebe that she was going to make Piper fuck Kain, and Phoebe had
to watch she told Piper if she didn't get Kain off, she would order him to
pull off Phoebe's arm, this would teach Phoebe about attacking her.

Piper started to cry, Layla ordered her to strip, Piper slowly began to
remove her clothes, she had been trying to freeze to two, but it still didn't
work, Layla ordered her to strip even slower.

Piper soon stood completely naked in front of duo, she covered her small
breast with one hand, she covered her pussy with her other, Layla ordered her
to lay across the table and spread her legs, Piper did as she was told.

Layla told Phoebe to tell Piper to stick a finger into her pussy, Phoebe had
begun to cry also, she told Piper to stick a finger into her pussy, Kain
stood over Piper.

Layla ordered Phoebe to tell Piper to reach between Kain's legs and pull out
his cock, Phoebe asked Piper to find his cock, Piper reached into the fur,
and found his cock, and gasped.

Piper first thought it was a third leg, it was eighteen inches long and as
thick as her calf, she began to weep hysterically now, Phoebe begged Layla
not to do this, she offered to take her sister's place, Layla told her if she
begged she would get her turn.

Layla ordered Phoebe to tell Piper to suck on the hairy cock, Piper started
to stroke it with both hands, there was no way she could get her mouth around
it, she told Layla it was impossible, Layla told her she better get it wet or
it would rip her apart.

Piper began to lick up and down the cock, she had to get it lubed, Phoebe
yelled over to her to finger herself, Piper had to get herself lubed if this
was going to happen, Piper stuffed two fingers into her cunt.

This excited Layla. She ordered Piper finger herself, Piper began to work her
fingers in and out, she new she had to get herself stretched out, she rammed
two more fingers into her cunt, she groaned, she had never had that much
inside her pussy before.

Phoebe didn't know how tight her sister's cunt was, Piper could barely fit
four fingers into her pussy, Kain was going to rip her in two, she begged
Layla to let her take Piper's place. Layla told he to get on her knees and
crawl over to Kain, she said "If you can get his cock in your mouth she would
let Kain do her instead of Piper.

Piper screamed at Phoebe to leave her alone, she would do it, Phoebe crawled
over to Kain and began to lick up and down his giant cock, she was still tied
up so she couldn't use her hands, she started at the base of his cock and
worked her way up to the tip, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and
wrapped her lips around his cock.

She did it, she managed to get the cock into her mouth and began to suck,
Kain leaned over to Piper and stuffed his six inch tongue into her cunt, she
began to squeal, she began to cum immediately all over his tongue, she had
never felt anything like it before.

Phoebe began to work her mouth up and down on Kain's cock, she had about
five inches of it down her throat, it was disgusting, but she was strangely
excited. She began working her head up and down even faster, she thought if
I can get him off this way I can save us both some pain.

Phoebe began to slam her head up and down on Kain's cock, he grabbed her by
the hair and started to slowly fuck her face, Phoebe opened her mouth even
wider, Kain stuffed more of his cock down her throat, Layla realized what
Phoebe was trying to do.

Piper had wrapped her legs around Kain's head, she couldn't help herself,
Layla was squeezing one of her tits unconsciously, she wanted to see some
real action now, she ordered Kain to fuck Piper, she wanted to see him hurt

Kain pushed Phoebe out of the way, Phoebe screamed at Layla. Layla had lied
to her, Layla grabbed Phoebe by the hair and pulled her away, she put he face
right next to Piper's pussy, Kain picked Piper up, flipped her onto her
stomach and pointed his eighteen inches at her pussy.

Kain used all his demon strength to ram his cock into Pipers pussy, he
screamed as loudly as she could, Phoebe joined her as they both began to cry,
Kain rammed his cock deep into her as hard as she could, the force of his
thrust forced the two of them right through the table.

Phoebe turned away, she couldn't bare to see what was happening to her
sister, Layla grabbed her by the neck and forced her to watch, Kain was like
a jack hammer ramming his massive cock in and out of Piper, she had stopped
screaming, tears flowed down her face, she was feeling nothing now, Kain was
relentless. He tried to lift her to her hands and knees but Piper was too
weak, he then rolled over so Piper was on top of him.

Kain slammed Piper up and down on his cock, she was limp, like a rag doll,
Kain slammed her as hard as he could, the force he was using caused her
ponytail to come undone, her arms flung wildly, she was unconscious, this
didn't stop Kain though, nothing would stop him until he was finished.

Phoebe was on her hands and knees begging them to stop this, after twenty
minutes, Layla finally agreed, she told Phoebe if she swallowed his load
without spilling a drop she would stop him from fucking Piper, Layla pulled
Phoebe off of Kain, Phoebe wrapped her lips around his cock as hard as she
could, his cock was matted with the juices from Piper's cunt.

Phoebe sucked as hard and deep as she could, Kain started to blow his load
into her mouth, Phoebe began to swallow, and swallow, and swallow, Kain kept
cumming, he blew a quart of cum into Phoebe's mouth, she swallowed as much
as she could, but it was too much, it stared to spill out the corners of her

Finally Kain stopped cumming, he was still fully erect though, Layla looked
at his cock and decided that he hadn't had enough, she ordered him to fuck
Piper some more, Phoebe began to beg for her sister's life, she knew Piper
couldn't take anymore, Layla decided to have mercy, she ordered Kain to fuck
Phoebe in the ass.

Phoebe screamed "NO" Layla told her it was that or he would do Piper again,
Phoebe thought about it, then Leo appeared behind Layla, he hit her in the
back of the head and knocked her out, Kain charged him, he vanished, then
reappeared next to Phoebe and Piper, the three of them vanished.

Leo told them to a hotel, they called Prue and told her what happened, they
had no defense for Kain and Layla, the only way to beat them was physically,
Phoebe was sure that she could take out Layla, maybe the four of them could
over come Kain.

Prue and Leo told them no way, he was too strong and there was only three of
them anyway, Piper was in no shape to help, he had another idea though, they
needed muscle, they needed to get the book of shadows.

They couldn't take the book out of the house, so Leo had to transport them
into the attack, Kain and Layla where still downstairs, they weren't leaving
until they got the Charmed ones, it was fine with Phoebe, she wanted a piece
of them both.

They looked for spell to get some muscle, they found it. There was someone
who had the power to help.

In every generation, there is a chosen one, she alone will stand against the
demons and the forces of evil, she is the slayer.

They cast the spell, the young girl appeared on her knees, the Charmed ones
helped her up and asked if she was ok, she stood up and replied "Five by

She introduced herself as Faith, who the hell where they? It didn't matter
who they where, Faith was going to kick ass and ask question's later, the
sister's realized they had made a mistake.



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