Charmed: Horny In San Francisco (MF,M+F-mast,spank,voy,magic,mc)
by Bob Decker ([email protected])

Prue's Office

Prue Halliwell sat at her desk in the Buckland Auction House typing a
detailed description of an ancient vase into her notebook computer. It was
one of the many items strewn before her which were going to be auctioned off
later that day and she knew that she had to get the descriptions done quickly
but her mind was elsewhere.

- 0 -

A cave in the netherworld

Deep in the bowels of the earth, in dark tunnels illuminated by flickering
torches a dark mage stood before a steaming cauldron, his chants and
incantations reverberating off the walls. He had been casting this spell
for hours and now it had almost been completed. All he needed was one final
ingredient which his assistant handed over to him. It was a single hair, long
and black ... it had cost the lives of seven of his minion demons to acquire
but in the end it was going to be worth it. He tossed the hair into the
cauldron as he finished his incantantion and smoke billowed from the large
pot then disappeared and the liquid surface became crystal clear and an image
began to form. It was the eldest of the Charmed ones, Prue Halliwell, for the
hair had belonged to her.

The dark mage smiled at the image of the attractive, young woman sitting
at a desk that appeared in his cauldron. It was an evil smile. "Yes," he
whispered, "you may have killed my demons but you will not succeed this
time. With this spell that I cast upon you, a sex crazed fiend you shall
become. You shall be devoured by lust until you cannot control yourself
any longer and you will find release wherever you are ... and unable to
fight against my demons any longer ... muahahahahahaha..." The mage's
maniacal laugh continued to echo down the dark tunnels long after he had
stopped laughing .....

- 0 -

Prue's Office

Prue's hands hovered above her keyboard as a wave of heat seemed to pass
through her entire body originating in her groin. She tossed her head back
and cried out. Then the strange sensation passed and she shook her head
wondering what had happened just then. She shrugged and continued to type
away at her next report totally oblivious that she had been the target of
a spell cast by the dark mage.

It was a hot morning in San Francisco and the cooling system at Buckland must
have been malfunctioning because Prue was feeling hot. She undid the top
three buttons of her white silk blouse and fanned herself with a piece of
paper. Not much of a relief. She got up and opened the window, leaning out
to catch the breeze. 'Ah, that's better,' she thought and looked down at the
busy street below. A bicycle on the sidewalk caught her attention. It was
being ridden by a young man who stopped and took off his helmet and hung it
on a handlebar. He propped up his bike against the wall and looked up at the
Buckland building. Prue didn't know why but she smiled at him when his gaze
passed over her and he smiled back. Then he turned back towards his bike and
took a package out of a bag and walked up the steps of the auction house and
out of Prue's sight.

"Cute boy," she muttered, though she was a bit surprised by the way she had
been eyeing his broad, muscular chest and legs. She shook her head and
returned to her chair, absentmindedly picking up a pen. She had forgotten
what she had been doing just moments before and she just daydreamed, eyes
staring blankly at a painting adorning one of the walls of her office. Prue
was wearing a short, black mini-skirt and without realising it herself she
spread her legs and the mini-skirt rose up baring her thighs. Her hand moved
down between her legs, seemingly of its own volition, and she placed the pen
she was holding against her thighs enjoying the cool feel of the metal and
plastic on her hot skin. As the pen moved towards her groin, tingles ran up
her spine until the pen touched the crotch of her white panties. Then a
flashbulb seemed to go off in her head and she gasped. Heat flushed her face
which was covered by a sheen of sweat. Her hand trembled as she fought for
control but the moment passed and any resistance Prue had been trying to put
up disappeared. Her fingers pulled aside her panties and her other hand
pushed the pen slowly but surely into her exposed cunt. The pen wasn't very
thick and wasn't giving her much satisfaction but it was better than nothing
as she eagerly used it as a dildo.

- 0 -

Inside Buckland Auction House

It was Al's first day on the job .. a part time delivery boy with a local
area courier service. He was just seventeen years old and was trying to earn
some money to buy his first car. It was hard work carrying packages all over
downtown San Francisco on a bike but from the tips he had received already
this morning it seemed like it was going to be worth it. Another plus side
was all the sexy women he was seeing. Every office he had been to had
secretaries with long blonde hair, pouty lips and short skirts. All of them
had smiled at him as they pointed out where he had to deliver letters or
packages and after a couple of deliveries he had found out a great way to
get an eyeful of prime secretarial ass. Just act stupid and pretend not to
understand the instructions they'd give him ... and they'd finally give up
and get up from behind their desks to lead him to his destination. He'd walk
a few feet behind and watch as the babe's butts swayed to and fro along
corridors. Whenever they got into an elevator he'd pray that the damn thing
got stuck and he and the secretary would be trapped inside for hours ... but
his prayers weren't answered.

This time wasn't any different. It had started quite well actually. As he had
pulled up to the Buckland Auction house a raven haired beauty with a generous
chest had smiled at him from a third floor window. Then he had played his
stupid act and a long legged, short skirted babe had fallen for it. It took
only a couple of minutes to get from the door to the office he had a package
for but it was well spent as he mentally stripped the bright red, tight
fitting minidress off the blond cutie. But all good things come to an end as
the elevator door opened, "Ms Halliwell's office is the second door to the
right. You can't miss it" she said and pressed the ground floor button as he
stepped out. "Thanks" he said looking her over one last time as the doors
slid closed. Her smile was more like a smirk as she muttered under her
breath, "Good riddance, you little lech," glad to be rid of the young man who
had been obviously ogling her.

- 0 -

Prue's Office

Someone knocked on the door to Prue's office bringing her back to her senses.
She looked around in surprise. "God" she uttered "what am I doing?" as she
realised she had been using a pen to masturbate herself in her office!
Embarrassed, she tossed the pen coated in her juices onto her desk and pulled
down her skirt and arranged herself as best as she could before calling out,
"Come in!"

A young man pushed the door open and came in with a package. "Delivery for
you, ma'am" he said. Much to his surprise she was the woman he had seen in
the window. She was very beautiful, her long black hair framing her face,
her cheeks dimpling as she smiled at him, her green eyes glowing. There was
something else about her that he couldn't quite put a finger on ... the hair
around her neck seemed to be clinging to her skin as if it was wet. Her face
seemed flushed though that he couldn't tell if it was really so or if it was
her makeup. Her chest, an abundant chest at that, was heaving as if she had
been panting only moments before .... but he couldn't stare at her sexy body
all day. 'Oh well, all good things come to and end,' he thought, as he put
the package down and put the receipt on the desk for her to sign.

Prue had forgotten to redo the top three buttons of her blouse so when she
leaned over the desk to sign the boy's receipt, he could see right down at
her bare chest. Prue hardly ever wore a bra - her firm breasts didn't really
need support even though they were quite large and besides, when she fought
demons her bra was usually the first to get ripped so why wear one? - so the
boy got a good look at Prue's assets. It was his first ever view of a woman's
breasts that weren't his mothers or on an internet porno site. His cheeks
blushed a bright red, barely believing his luck, but embarrassed anyway. He
continued to peek down her blouse as she signed the receipt. As her hand
moved he caught a glimpse of an erect pink nipple on her right breast and it
took all of his self control not to cream his jeans right there. He couldn't
stifle his gasp though.

Prue heard him and looked up noticing his eyes looking at her chest. Normally
Prue would have slapped him silly or at the very least closed the buttons on
her blouse. She did neither for Prue was now fully under the spell of the
dark mage. She smiled up at him, "Do you like what you see?"

"Ma'am?" he gasped realizing she had caught him staring "I wasn't .. errr ..
really .. ehm .. looking at your ...." he stammered. Damn, he thought, first
day on the job and he'd already lost it. All she had to do was pick up the
phone and call his boss and tell him that he, Alan Fertzig, was a pervert
looking at his customer's tits. "I'm really sorry .. I didn't mean to .. it
was just that ..."

"What's your name?" Prue asked him.

"Al, ma'am" he answered lowering his head. Prue reached for the phone. That's
it, he thought, I'm fired. Much to his surprise, Prue didn't phone his boss.
She pressed the intercom key and told her secretary, "I'm going to be very
busy, don't send in any more people until I tell you."

Al was confused. Busy with what? He watched as Prue got up. Standing she was
shorter than him but she was one hot babe! Prue walked around her desk to
where he had placed her package on the floor moments ago.

"Let's see what you've brought me, Al."

She faced away from him towards the package and bent over at the waist. After
having been caught once already today, Al tried to avert his eyes from the
scene that was unfolding before him but he just couldn't resist a peek. And
what a peek! As Prue bent over her short miniskirt naturally rose up exposing
the lower portions of her ass cheeks and the white strip of material between
them that were her panties. If Al didn't already have a hardon, he had a
stiff, aching one right then. Prue remained bent over, her half uncovered
butt swaying slightly from side to side as she inspected the package.

Al was literally drooling as he watched her miniskirt rise even higher
exposing more of her white flesh. This was the opportunity of a lifetime. Oh
God, he could actually see her pubic mound between her legs ... the thing he
had dreamed about ever since his early teens was within arm's reach. All he
had to do was reach out and he'd be touching that perfectly shaped butt. It
was so inviting .. so lovely .. so full .. so bare .. his hand twitched
and ..

.. Prue got up and turned around.

Damn! The moment had passed, never to come again. Al was terribly
disappointed and he bowed his head again waiting for Prue to dismiss him

"The package is just fine. I've been expecting it for quite some time." Prue
said matter of factly. "Here, let me get you a tip." She rummaged in a bag
next to the door for her purse but she didn't find it. "Oh, I must have left
it at home," she said, "but I have to give you something," she said a wide
grin on her face, her cheeks flushing a bright red. Prue stepped up to him
and placed her hand on the front of his jeans and began to rub the bulge

Al gulped and stepped back, "Ma'am? What are you doing?" he cried.

"You may call me Prue, Al," she said running her tongue over her bright red
lips, "and I think it's only fair that since you've had a good look at my
tits I should enjoy myself a bit too. Besides, consider this as your tip for
delivering the package."

"Oh .." Al said his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water in
stunned astonishment as this incredibly sexy babe continued to squeeze his
groin and rub herself against him like a cat in heat. Being taller than her
he could see down her blouse again. He quickly looked away at the ceiling
but Prue grabbed his chin with her hand and pulled it down.

"You may look all you want Al," and then she did something that left Al with
his mouth hanging wide open. She undid all the other buttons on her blouse
and pulled it apart exposing her fleshy breasts to his view. "Touch them,"
she told the stunned delivery boy. When he didn't she grabbed his wrists and
lifted his limp arms to her chest.

Finally realizing that this was an opportunity that would not repeat itself
in a hundred years, Al did what any young man in his position would do. He
splayed his fingers wide and grabbed a breast with each hand .. feeling them,
molding the flesh, grasping them .. brushing his palms over each hard nipple.
When Prue closed her eyes and moaned, Al stopped. "I'm sorry .. did I .. did
I hurt you," he stammered thinking he had done something wrong.

"No .. no Al .. continue .. touch my nipples," Prue said in a sultry voice.

Al still thought he was in a dream that would end at any moment. He was
sure he'd wake up on his bed, his groin a sticky mess .. but right now this
beautiful woman was asking him to touch her breasts and her hard, pink
nipples certainly felt real when he first caressed them with his fingers
then pulled on them gently between thumb and forefinger.

Prue opened her eyes and looked up at Al. "Now it's my turn," and she pressed
her chest against his. He could feel her erect nipples through his t-shirt.
She slid down his body until she was on her knees and before Al could protest
she had undone his jeans and pulled them down around his ankles. His
underpants were off even quicker and his five inch erection sprang up close
to Prue's face. She licked her lips again, then planted a wet kiss right on
the tip of Al's cock. The contact was like an electric shock for Al. In his
entire life only he had touched his own cock, now a beautiful woman had
actually touched it with her lips ... Wow! But it didn't end there .. Prue
opened her mouth wide and swallowed the first few inches of the young boy's
rod, swirling her tongue around the head. Al was in paradise! He stood
stiffly as Prue sucked his cock. Soon he worked up enough courage to place
a hand on her hair at the back of her head and soon it was he who was setting
the rythm at which she pumped his cock with her mouth.

He didn't last long. He had been in a state of constant arousal almost all
day from eyeing secretaries rear ends and his encounter with Prue was just
too much. He blew his load in her mouth, his jism gushing down her throat.
Prue swallowed as much as she could but his young balls were so full that he
kept coming and coming. She finally gave up and pulled the cock out of her
mouth. Al continued to spray his cum onto her heart shaped face, thick white
strands covering her high cheeks, mouth, across her nose and a final spurt
hit her on her left eyelid forcing her eye closed. The stream from his hose
slowed to a dribble which Prue licked up eagerly.

Al looked down at her a very wide grin on his face. "Wow!" was all he could

Prue wiped some of the cum on her eyelid away and batted them till she could
see again.

"Your first time?" she asked and Al nodded in reply "I'm really glad you got
your first blowjob from me but now I want to pop your cherry in the proper

"What do you mean?" Al asked wondering what she was talking about.

She didn't reply immediately. Instead she hitched up her miniskirt and pulled
down her panties all the while smiling at the shocked look on the teenager's
face. She sat on the edge of her desk and spread her legs wide exposing her
pink, wet slit. Al gasped and he was rock hard again even though he had just
cum seconds ago. "Fuck me now!" Prue ordered.

As if in a trance, Al stepped up to Prue and she grabbed his cock and placed
it against her opening. Al was a virgin .. but it came naturally to him. He
rocked his hips forward, pressing his cock into that fleshy tunnel and it
slid in with surprisingly little resistance since Prue was extremely wet.

"Ooooooohhh," he exclaimed happily as Prue grabbed his butt and began to
push him in and out of her until he had gotten the hang of how to do it on
his own. Al now knew what it meant to be fucking a hot woman ... forget
masturbating with a girly magazine .. this was the real thing and nothing
was better than it. Having cum just moments before he lasted a while longer
this time giving Prue quite a ride for his inexperience. Al came again this
time inside Prue's vagina and as she felt his jism squirt into her she
rubbed her clit wildly for several seconds before she too came with an
intensity she had never experienced previously. Their wild, passionate moans
could be heard down the entire corridor of that floor and the other employees
grinned as they wondered who Ms Halliwell was fucking today, most of them
wishing it was them.

Prue kept her legs locked around Al for minutes after their orgasm, keeping
his cock inside her until it became limp and shrunk, popping out on its own.
Then she got up and showed him to her bathroom where she helped him clean up.

"I don't know how to thank you enough Prue, I'm a man now" Al said as he
looked down at his first fuck.

"It's ok, Al, feel free to pop up here whenever you have a package to
deliver. I'll make sure you'll get a good tip each time." Prue didn't know
why she said that. Prue didn't even know why she had blown and fucked a
complete stranger just minutes ago. After Al had left and she had shut the
door behind him she felt weak and flopped onto a chair holding her head in
her hands, sticky cum still dripping down her face. What was wrong with her?
What had gotten into her? Could this be some type of magic being worked on

- 0 -

A cave in the netherworld

The dark mage's emaciated lips were twisted into a rictus of smile. He had
watched the whole scene in his magical cauldron. His spell was indeed potent.
It had turned the eldest and strongest witch of the Charmed Ones into a sex
fiend who had given herself completely to a stranger. Now for the next step
of his plan. He beckoned to his assistant who handed him another hair,
lighter in color than Prue's had been. He tossed it into the cauldron again
mouthing incantations in an ancient tongue. More smoke and the scene changed.

- 0 -

In a University Library

Phoebe Halliwell was in the library doing some research for an assignment she
had. Like Prue before her, she too experienced a sudden flash of heat in her
entire body and she too cried out loud making some of the other occupants in
the library look up from their books. Unlike Prue, Phoebe was more impulsive
and she also was the youngest of the three sisters. "Fuck this!" she
exclaimed slamming a book shut and stood up and looked around her. There were
four other students in the large hall since at this time most classes were on
and the library was deserted. She got up and walked to a large table in the
center of the room. She cleared it of the books, magazines and papers spread
over it by sweeping everything onto the floor. The occupants of the room all
looked up from their books or computers and were all staring at Phoebe
wondering what the girl was up to.

As was her style, Phoebe was wearing a figure hugging spandex pants and
halter top leaving her midriff bare and her large breasts straining at the
elastic material, her nipples hard and clearly visible. She had a lithe,
athletic figure as she worked out often and was an expert at hand to hand
combat with otherworldly creatures. Normally she caused heads to turn and
eyes to follow her wherever she went. Now, with her actions, she certainly
was the center of attention in the library. She jumped onto the table she
had just cleared and looked around, smiling.

"It's so boringly quiet in here. I think I'll make it more interesting for
you guys."

The four students all blinked at her from behind their spectacles as they
stared at this sexy girl who had climbed onto the table, disturbing them from
their studies.

Phoebe began to sway and gyrate her body as if dancing to some tune that only
she could hear. She danced around the center of the table as if there was an
invisible pole there. Her hands roved over her body, across her thighs and
taut stomach, over her breasts, fingers lingering over her hard nipples. When
Phoebe bent over at the waist, legs spaced a couple of feet apart and placed
her hands on her buttocks four jaws dropped open audibly. She shook her ass
at the guys and pulled the waist of her pants up until the stretchy material
clearly showed the outline of her pussy lips, making a classic camel toe. One
of the students closest to the table were Phoebe was performing this act
pulled down his zipper and began to jack off. One by one the others followed
his example as Phoebe's dance became even more erotic.

Satisfied that she had captured their complete attention, Phoebe pulled down
one strap of her halter top, then the other. The top remained in place until
she pulled it up and over her head. Her full breasts popped free of their
constraints and the four youngsters studied them in amazement, looking at the
huge mammaries in awe. Just seeing Phoebe dancing sexily on the table had
given them hardons .. now that she was actually stripping just feet away from
them was too much for one of them who came in his hands spraying a stream of
cum all over his books, a look of ecstasy on his face. Phoebe grinned when
she saw this and she began to play with her already stiff nipples, pulling at
them and rolling them between her fingers. She turned around again and began
to peel down her spandex pants from over her butt playfully reaching halfway
down her ass cheeks then pulling it up again several times, which really
drove the guys wild. They had been quiet students, nerds really, now they
were cheering her on wildly ... "Show us your ass, baby" ... "Shake your
booty" ... "Oh god, your tits are hot" ... "Come down here and suck this" ...
Other lewd comments and catcalls echoed across the empty library as Phoebe
finally pulled down her pants below the curves of her ass cheeks. She turned
her front towards the students and awed silence descended on the hall again.
She wasn't wearing any panties and they could make out a neatly trimmed patch
of light colored pubic hair above her glistening slit.

Phoebe sat down on the table and raised her legs in the air to pull the
pants all the way off. She tossed them to one of the guys who grabbed it
like a trophy and buried his face in it sniffing at the aroma her pantyless
crotch had left on it. That brought another smile to Phoebe's face. Now
completely in the nude she stood up again and began to rub her groin area,
then as the lips of her cunt began to spread, she began to dip her fingers
in between those lips into her pink hole. Her hand movements became more
frantic as she spread her legs apart, her fingers dipping even deeper as
her juices began to flow freely. Her moans joined the grunts of the four
boys who were masturbating as rapidly as she was rubbing her clit, all five
of them seemingly locked into the same sexual rythm. Four pairs of eyes
were fixated on Phoebe's pussy when she finally came with a loud scream of
pleasure, her thighs glistening as semi-transparent liquid flowed down them
from her crotch and dripped onto the wooden surface. She lay down on the
table, panting in exhaustion but she had enough strength left to motion to
the boys with her hands urging them to walk towards her.

They were still jacking off but they got up and moved to the center of the
library, their hands a blur on their stiff members. "Come on me now!" she
ordered, "Cover me with your cream!" She spread her legs wide to give them
a good view of her wide open, wet cunt and that was what brought them over
the edge. Four dicks erupted onto the girl lying on the table, spurts of
white stuff landing all over her legs, thighs, stomach, tits and face and
just about everywhere else! When they were done they collapsed in a heap
onto the closest chair or on the floor having just had the greatest erotic
experience of their young lives.

"Oh my God!" a shocked voice cried from across the room. "What is going on
here?" It was the librarian. "Ms Halliwell" she gasped, getting closer and
recognising the cum covered, naked girl on her library table, "Put your
clothes on immediately. And you .. you .. you perverts ..." she stammered
shaking her fist at the four boys "pull up your pants and report to the
principal immediately. As for you Ms Halliwell, get cleaned up, collect your
belongings and leave this place immediately. I don't want to see you again,

"Oh, shut up you old hag!" Phoebe told her still flushed from the striptease
and masturbation session. "I bet you're jealous because nobody's ever fucked
you in your entire life." That outburst was quite uncharacteristic of Phoebe
and she regretted her words a moment later but she was still under the effect
of the dark mage's spell so she didn't say she was sorry, even when she
brushed past the librarian and got a premonition of her being savagely raped
by a gang of horny bikers who didn't care she was over 60 years old.

- 0 -

A cave in the netherworld

"Now for the last witch," the dark mage said as his assistant offered him
the final hair in her possession. More smoke rose from the cauldron and it
bubbled over before settling again into a crystal clear surface. The image
was of a kitchen and of a young woman mixing some strange ingredients in a

- 0 -

The Halliwell House

Piper Halliwell was preparing some miscellaneous spells to keep handy for
whenever a demon might attack them. These days you never knew what would
appear before you in a ball of flame and try to kill you, so that meant
spending hours in the kitchen preparing lots of generic potions. Piper
brushed away a strand of hair that kept falling in front of her face ..
she had tied up her shoulder length hair into a ponytail but some strands
were always rebelling.

A shadow on the wall in front of her made her look around quickly and she
caught a glimpse of someone in the backyard move out of sight from where he
had been peeking into the kitchen window.

An intruder, she thought, hoping it wasn't a demon because both her sisters
weren't here ... Prue was at work and Phoebe was at the university. Well
she'd find out soon enough what it was. She pretended not to have noticed
that someone was spying on her and continued mixing her recipe but she kept
an eye on the wall waiting for the shadow to reappear, which in fact it did
moments later. As soon as she saw it she flicked both her wrists and the
shadow froze. She turned around and saw that a man was looking into the
window .. he obviously wasn't seeing her now for she had frozen him in time
with her magical ability.

She went out into the backyard and looked went up to the guy slowly, making
sure that he wasn't a demon with the ability to unfreeze himself. Satisfied
that he was still under her spell, she rummaged in his pockets until she
found a wallet. "Let's see," she said to herself, "$300, various credit
cards, a photo of a woman naked on a bed," she turned the photo over - Love
you Bob, Jessica - was written on the back. "So you must be Bob ... aha!"
she had found a business card. Robert Filkins - We Spy for You Detective
Agency. Piper rolled her eyes, "Oh no, not an other private investigator.
Why are all the San Francisco area PIs picking on us?" Of course Bob couldn't
answer her. At that moment the dark mage's magic worked its will on her and
as her sisters had felt before her, she too felt heat coursing through her
body and her mind clouded over for a moment. She cried out loud and fell to
her knees.

When she came to she was still kneeling on the grass and the frozen private
dick was still standing in the same position. "Private dick!" she giggled,
realising that her face was now level with the PI's groin, and there
certainly was something there filling out those jeans rather nicely. Piper
blushed, not really knowing why she was having these thoughts but she
couldn't stop herself when she pulled down his zipper and put her hand down
his jeans until she found his dormant penis. Against all good sense she
waved her hands and unfroze him.

"Wha .. what the hell?" he croaked in astonishment. One second he had been
looking through the kitchen window at one of the Halliwell sisters he had
been contracted to watch and report on, the next second the kitchen was
empty and the girl had appeared before him, kneeling on the ground and
holding his dick! What the fuck was going on here?

"Hi Bob" she grinned at the astonished look on the man's face as he realised
she knew his name too "stand still while I wake up little Bobby here." Piper
shook the floppy penis out of his pants and closed her lips around it. She
felt it begin to slowly grow in her mouth and she helped it along by running
her tongue around its head and along its base. In moments it was hard as a
rock and had grown to twice its length .. which made it quite massive, even
for Piper's wide mouth.

"What do you want from me?"

"For a private dick you're a bit stupid" she said between taking long pulls
on his cock "it's your dick I want" and she scraped her upper teeth along his
glans making him shiver in anticipation. "Oh and I want to know why you're
spying on us."

He was even more taken aback. How could she know he was a PI? Then he saw his
wallet on the ground.

"Oh damn, now I won't even get paid. I'm sorry, it's professional secrecy. I
can't tell you who hired me.

Piper stopped her blowjob and looked up at his cock ruefully. "A pity, but
I'm afraid I'll have to stop now."

"Don't stop .. don't stop .. I'll tell you who I'm working for .. but, oh
god, please continue" up to now this girl's blowjob had been fantastic, even
better than the ones his girlfriend gave him.

Piper smiled at him and licked the tip of his penis with her tongue then
stopped again.

Bob closed his eyes waiting for her to continue but she didn't.

"Come on, I can wait forever, I don't know about you."

"Ok, ok, I'll tell you now. There's this woman down the road from here. She
has this crazy story that she's a witch and that you and your sisters are
witches also. She hired me to find out all I can about you three ... but I
can tell you she's a total nutcase. I mean, witches only exist in fairytales,

Piper didn't answer his question. "If you say she's a nutcase why did you
accept the job?"

"Oh because I couldn't pass on the price she was paying."

"How much was that?" Another playful lick on the tip of his penis to urge
him on.

"Aaaah .. my usual fee is 500 bucks but she only had 300 .. but, ehm, you
see, she offered me something else which I couldn't refuse ..." he grinned,
embarrassed, "she's a very cute, blonde nutcase."

This time it was Piper's turn to be stunned. "You mean this .. this bitch
paid you with sex to spy on us!?"


"If that's the way it is, consider this a new clause in your contract," and
she began to furiously suck on his cock, bobbing her head up and down on the
erect member.

"What .. what type of ... hot damn, aaaagh .. new ... yessss ... clause?"

Piper paused, precum and saliva dribbling down from the corners of her mouth
and coating her glistening lips.

"That your report says you found nothing of interest here and that we're
just three normal girls."

"But you're not a normal girl," he told Piper recalling how she had just
appeared before him and knew so much about him but when he saw the look on
her face he continued, "you give fantastic head, better than any other girl
I know."

"So what will you be telling your employer?"

"Oh I don't know," he said realising that he might be able to exploit the
situation he was in. "I'm not sure if the price is right. The blowjob is
fantastic, but she did pay me 300 bucks and a good fuck."

Piper rolled her eyes, then narrowed them.

"So that's it, isn't it. You men are all the same. See a girl and you have
to fuck her! That's what Leo did, fuck me and then he left town.

Bob waited for the diatribe to end. This girl seemed to have issues. He
didn't know who this Leo was but he must be an idiot for she was real cute.
She was on the shortish side, around 5'2 but she had a sexy figure and face.
Her breasts were medium to small sized, he couldn't really tell from the
t-shirt she was wearing but her nipples were big and hard and pressing
against the material showing she was aroused while blowing him. Finally she
stopped talking and was looking at him.

His mind had wandered and he hadn't heard what she asked him. "What did you
just say?" he said grinning sheepishly.

"I said, ok, I'll do it!"

"Do what?"

Now Piper was beginning to get angry. She flicked her wrists and froze him
again. Muttering profanities, a thing which she didn't usually do ... she
didn't give blowjobs to peeping toms either ... she got up and pulled down
off her jeans and panties, then sat back down again her naked ass on the
grass. Another flick of her wrist and Bob unfroze again surprised at how
she had gone from a fully dressed, kneeling position, to sitting half naked.
He was beginning to think that the sexy nutcase had been right about the
girls in this house.

"Do what?" was still the question on his lips but he realised what she
wanted him to do now. Of course, she was going to pay him the same price as
the other girl. He looked down at her shaved patch and pink lips, possibly
an even better price he thought especially after the bj she just gave me.

"I think my report is going to say that you are a perfectly normal girl and
that nothing strange happens in this house" he said kneeling between her
spread legs and gently touching her flower, spreading her fleshy petals as
he maneuvered his cock into position. Then with one stroke he was deep inside
her making her gasp involuntarily.

"Yes .. ugggh .. that will be ... aaaaagh, harder .. perfect report" she
panted, spreading her legs wider as his thick manhood rammed into her

Bob pumped in and out of her as fast as he could though her tunnel was tight,
fitting around his cock perfectly like a glove. She hadn't taken off her
t-shirt and he really wanted to grab her tits while he fucked her so he
pulled it up and over her head. As he had guessed, she had petite breasts but
the nipples were something else. Some would describe them as puffy nipples,
as if the aureola and nipple were one and the same thing. He couldn't resist
them ... bending over her, he lowered his mouth on those large protuberances
and suckled noisily at them. Piper's nipples were extremely sensitive so when
he did this she bucked her hips against him so hard that his cock penetrated
her even more deeply and came into contact with her g-spot. She came
immediately, digging her nails into his back, while screaming so loudly that
Bob was worried that the neighbours would hear and call 911. She finally
stopped humping him and relaxed. He wasn't finished yet and continued to ram
her for a couple more minutes before he finally pulled out of her. She put
her fist around his dripping cock and pumped it three or four times before
his balls exploded, their content of hot, sticky cum arcing onto her chest
and neck area.

He collapsed on the grass beside her, exhausted. Piper too was satisfied
though she still couldn't explain to herself why she had had sex with this
guy ... it had been great, and she had done it to protect her secret ...
but ... but ... something was very wrong here ...

The phone rang.

She didn't bother pulling on her clothes and took one last look at Bob's
still stiff cock ... she did have the time to ride that beautiful pole one
more time ... the phone rang again.

"Get out of here the way you got in and don't forget, I'm just a normal

"Yeah, very, very normal," his eyes looked over her nude body hungrily and
they lingered on her round little ass. "If you ever need a PI, just give me
a call. My fee is quite agreeable to both of us," he said grinning.

Piper smiled at him and ran back into the kitchen to answer the phone.

"We're under magical attack," Prue and Piper said both at once at each end
of the line. Then they laughed.

"It happened to you too?" Prue asked. "Tell me all about it."

Piper did and Prue listened attentively enjoying how her younger sister
described certain anatomical parts of the PI.

"And you?"

"I did a delivery boy," Prue told her sheepishly. "He was very cute and I
just couldn't resist," as she recalled her encounter earlier that morning
then a thought struck her and Piper simultaneously.

"Phoebe!" they both exclaimed.

"I'll call her," Prue said.

"Yeah, you'd better. If this spell has effected us in this way, it must
have double the effect on Phoebe." Piper said knowing how impulsive Phoebe
normally was and how she couldn't really control her excessive female
hormones when she was around men.

- 0 -

The Principal's Office at the University

Phoebe's mobile phone began to ring from her small handbag. She didn't notice
it immediately being occupied with other things. Neither did the principal.
Dean Hoskins too was occupied with other things which just happened to be the
same as Phoebe's.

- 0 -

The Principal's Office at the University, several minutes earlier

After her little strip show in the library, the librarian had placed a
phone call to the Dean who had sent for the four boys and Phoebe. The boys
had gone reluctantly but Phoebe had told them not to worry, that she'd sort
everything out.

Dean Hoskins was an elderly man in his mid-sixties, hair greying and wearing
thick horn-rimmed spectacles. He was a strict disciplinarian and nothing in
the university bothered him more than the sexual conduct of his students. It
bothered him because most of the students had sex all over the university
grounds and not were he could spy on them properly. For the Dean was
something of a voyeur. He had his own security cam system set up to film as
many as possible of the couples and sometimes threesomes of students going at
it on the university campus, in the corridors, in the lecture rooms, in the
bathrooms ... and in the library. Even with this system, he was sure he was
missing many of the sexual encounters of the horny, young men and women who
studied here. So when the flustered librarian had called him and explained
what she had seen he had told her how shocked he was and that he would deal
with this disgusting situation personally while all the while he was touching
his groin, wildly excited by what he was sure his cameras had recorded.

Moments after he had put down the phone, he opened a cabinet that had an
inbuilt audio visual system where all his cameras transmitted what they
filmed and punched the library button. He rewound the tape by thirty minutes
and saw Phoebe sitting in the corner of the screen. Trembling with excitement
and actually feeling his shrivelled penis twitch - a really rare thing for
him - he saw her get up, clear the center table of books and get up and begin
to strip. In all his years as Dean where he had used all types of voyeuristic
methods to spy on his students he hadn't seen such a brazen display of
sexuality as what was occurring on his monitor and in his library. Most
trysts between students occurred in darkened areas and only lasted a few
seconds and they mostly remained fully clothed, hitching up skirts for a
quick one-two and it was over forcing him to squint at his screen and replay
the scene hundreds of times before it provoked an erection for him. This was
incredibly different and his pulse was racing when the climax occurred on
screen and there was a knock on the door at the same instant.

"Come," he ordered and Phoebe entered. He recognised her immediately for he
himself had conducted her entrance interview accepting her into the
university for he had some seen some good material in her ... especially her
sexy body! And he had been proven right. Now she stood before him waiting for
him to expel her. He studied her closely noting how her spandex halter top
and pants were stained with fluids were she hadn't had time to clean herself
properly from the boys' cum. The ache in his groin was too much for him now.

"You have done a very bad thing, Ms Halliwell" he told her in as stern a
voice he could muster trying to hide his excitement. "What shall we do about
this flagrant violation of the sanctity of our library?"

"I don't know Dean Hoskins" Phoebe said. If she were her usual self she'd
have bowed her head meekly and begged him not to expell her because her
sister Prue would kill her. Instead she just stood there in front of him
defiantly in her tight fitting clothes that made the Dean even more angry
at her and at the same time even more excited.

He'd try something that he'd never done before. He was a voyeur not a
participant. He got his rocks off by watching others have sex, but this girl
was different. Her haughty demeanour, her highly erotic striptease he had
just watched on tape and her sexy body all combined made him want to fuck her
right there though if he could manage with his old cock he didn't know.

"Ms Halliwell, you do know we have a security system installed in the
library. You do know that I have recorded your ... ehm .. show."

"Really? Ooooh. Did watching me strip and get those boys off excite you
Dean?" Phoebe said her large eyes glowing.

"Oh .. what .. yes, yes .. it did .. but that was not what I meant ..." this
was not going the way the Dean wanted. Phoebe should have been cowering
before him, begging him to forgive her and to erase the tape. "Young lady, I
should have you expelled for what you've done and expell those four boys who
participated in such nasty actions with you ..." he again was interrupted by
Phoebe ...

"They really enjoyed themselves jacking off while they watched me strip and
rub my cunt. I imagine you saw how much cum their young balls sprayed over
me. Look here Dean Hoskins ..." and she walked over to him pushing her large
chest towards his face "... look at this stain, that's some of their cum."

The dean's mouth was opening and closing like a fish out of water as he
watched the heave of Phoebe's breasts just inches away from his face. From
this close he could clearly smell the arousing scent of her sweat mixed with
the smell of her sex and the boys' cum that coated her.

"I .. I .. I think I will .. ehm .. change your expulsion and the expulsion
of the other students to a more .. err .. reasonable punishment."

"Really!" Phoebe squealed excitedly and jumped up and down in front of the
principal, her breasts bouncing like two overripe melons in the Dean's face.
"Oh, you're so kind Dean Hoskins" and she planted a kiss on his cheek.

The Dean actually blushed. "Er well, oh yes, I am quite a reasonable man, you
know .. now if you would stop jumping in front of me .. your .. ehm .. these
things here ..." he waved in the general direction of her heaving chest "..
are making me lose my concentration."

Phoebe grinned and stopped jumping but she remained standing just a pace away
from the Dean.

"Now, as I was saying, your punishment will be .." the Dean wet his dry lips,
would he really go through with what was forming in his mind. If the Board
ever discovered what he'd done he'd be kicked out of the University in total
disgrace, possible even arrested and charged, especially if they discovered
his library of voyeuristic tapes. ".. your punishment will be," he repeated,
"a hard spanking." He had actually said it, now what was the young woman's
reaction going to be?

Phoebe actually laughed. She had been expecting something much worse than
that .. now the Dean was going to spank her like a little kid!? Oh well,
this should be fun, Phoebe thought. She pouted her lips and spoke in a
little girl's voice. "Oh no, pwease don't spank little Phoebe. Phoebe's
been a vewy bad girl."

"Come here Phoebe and take your punishment" the Dean said pleased at how this
was going. "Lie down across my knees." He pushed back the chair away from his
desk so that there was enough space for Phoebe to squeeze in and lie down
lengthwise across his thighs. She obeyed and he took a few moments to compose
himself after he felt her warm body cover his groin area. Oh god, this young
lady was so sexy ... it was the first time he had ever touched one since his
youth years and years before. And then they never dressed like this girl was
dressed, in these skin tight suits that showed everything they had to offer
perfectly. His hands trembled as he touched her bare back and slowly curled
his fingers under the waist of her pants and began to pull them down slowly
over the curve of her lovely ass.

"What is Dean doing to little Phoebe?" she piped up in her scared little girl

"I'm uncovering your bottom and then I'm going to spank you Phoebe because
you have been very naughty."

The pants were down off her ass now and his hands trembled even more as he
slid them back over the smooth skin of her full buns, lingering over the

Then he raised one hand above his head and brought it down in one smooth
motion. Smack! Phoebe flinched as the Dean's hand left a red welt on one of
her buttocks. Again he raised his hand ... smack! Again and again he spanked
her until he lost count and one side of her butt was bright red and burned.

"Ouch .. ouch .. ooooh .. ouch" Phoebe said each time until finally the Dean

Phoebe got over the pain in her butt quickly and she was quite excited by
this crazy old coot smacking her. She felt something poke into her bare
midriff and it got more uncomfortable as time went by as whatever it was
it seemed to be growing. After a while she realised that her stomach was
directly over the Dean's groin and that thing poking into her was actually
the Dean's hardon. She giggled.

The Dean had just stopped his spanking and when he heard her giggle he told
her, "If you find it funny it means that the punishment wasn't enough and
I'll have to smack the other side as well."

"Oh no, pwease .. little Phoebe has had enough smacks on her little bottom ..
maybe now little Phoebe can help the Dean with his little stick"

"What .. what little stick are you talking about?"

Phoebe slid her hand under her stomach and grabbed the Dean's erect penis
through his trousers.

"Oh .. Oh .. now you stop that immediately young lady or .. or I'll ...."

"Or you'll what? You'll spank me?"

Phoebe got up from the Dean's thighs and pulled off her pants completely. She
bent over and undid the Dean's trouser buttons and pulled it down around his
ankles. She grimaced internally at the sight of the Dean's large belly and
his shrivelled skin cock which was barely 4 inches long at full erection but
the dark mage's magic had too powerful an effect on her and even the sight of
that cock made her horny.

Dean Hoskins couldn't believe what this girl .. this slut more like it ..
was doing to him. He couldn't believe his good luck either. At his age he'd
usually have to pay and pay good for a couple of minutes with a whore he
usually preferred to wank in front of his voyeur videos. Now a sexy young
woman with a perfect body had stripped in front of him and was pulling at
his cock. He almost ejaculated prematurely at the thought. Now what was
Phoebe doing?

She had put her arms around his back and sat on his thighs facing him. She
sidled forward until his cock was against her groin and he could feel her
internal warmth. Her tits, still in the halter top, pressed against his face
and he reached up to pull it off. Now his face was squeezed between her bare
breasts and he stuck his tongue out licking her skin and trying to get a
mouthful of succulent nipple.

Meanwhile Phoebe helped his short cock into her slit and rode him slowly and
rythmically afraid that if she sped it up he'd come too soon. It wasn't long
anyway. He had been excited for over an hour now having watched the video of
Phoebe's antics and then during his interrogation and spanking of the girl.
In less than a minute of slow fucking the Dean came surprising Phoebe by
cumming inside her. His cock shrivelled immediately and fell out of her, but
Dean Hoskins was completely satisfied as he hugged Phoebe to him still
burying his face between her breasts.

Phoebe's phone was still ringing as Prue tried to get through to her. Still
on the principal, she leaned back towards the desk and grabbed the phone from
her handbag. She flipped the cover open and said "Hi!"

"Phoebe," Prue literally shouted at the other end, "where have you been all
this time. Haven't you heard me calling you .. we have an emergency .. the
usual sort of emergency." That was their code for saying they were being
attacked by demons when there possibly was people around to overhear them.

"Calm down, Prue, I've been quite busy," she said grinning down at the Dean
who had finally found one of her nipples and was sucking on it contentedly
like a baby.

"Busy with what?" Prue asked her suspiciously.

"Oh, with Dean Hoskins and a few other students here"

"What!? Oh never mind, it's not your fault ... it's been happening to us

Now it was Phoebe's turn to be curious about what Prue had said but Prue had
already hung up after telling her to come home immediately.

"Dean. Dean Hoskins? Dean!" The Dean let go of her nipple and looked up. "I
have to go right now, is my punishment over?"

"Punishment? Oh yes, your punishment .. yes, yes, it is over. Now behave
yourself young lady or you will have to come back to this office more
frequently. You may go now."

Phoebe dressed quickly and left leaving the Dean daydreaming with his pants
down around his ankles as he replayed in his mind the sex he'd had with her
and remembering that he'd also had a camera installed in this very same
office that had filmed everything that had just occurred. He came again as
the very thought of viewing his encounter with Phoebe went through his mind.

- 0 -

The Halliwell House

Prue and Phoebe arrived back home together and they raced through the door
where Piper had already searched through the Book of Shadows and possibly
found the identity of the demon who was attacking them in such a strange

"It's a dark mage called Hornetius who specialises in sexual magic. His spell
makes those he aims it at lose their inhibitions and have sex with whoever
they encounter. Its exact effect depends on how sexually active they already
are," Piper finished, looking Phoebe up and down and wrinkling her nose in
disgust at the stains all over her clothes and bare skin.

"Hey sis, it's not my fault" Phoebe whined.

Prue intervened before the arguments about who was right began. "Is there a
way we can overcome this spell?"

"Yes," Piper said looking at the book of shadows. "We have to stand in a
circle," and they stood, "then we have to .. errr .." she stopped embarrassed
then continued, "we have to touch each other's groins .. directly."

"Sounds like more fun," Phoebe said grinning.

"Just do it Phoebe," Prue said sticking her hand down the front of Phoebe's
pants and grimacing as she touched the slimy mess of cum and pussy juice
dripping from her sister's cunt. Phoebe put her hand down Piper's jeans and
found her slit .. she couldn't resist from rubbing her sister's clit a

"Phoebe!" Piper admonished. Now it was Piper's turn and she lifted Prue's
miniskirt and cupped her groin with the palm of her hand, blushing all the

"Now repeat after me," Piper said, "By the Power of Three, your Horniness
will return to thee, by The Power of Three, your Horniness will return to

"That's it?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeah, that's it," Piper said.

"I don't feel any different," Prue said, "Oh well, next time we meet someone
we'll see if it worked or not.

- 0 -

A cave in the netherworld

"No, no, no!" the dark mage cried as he watched the three sisters ruin his
nefarious plan. Suddenly the smoke in his cauldron erupted and filled his
cave completely so that he was completely blinded. As the smoke cleared he
saw that his assistant had stripped naked her beautiful body glowing in the
flickering torch light. She walked towards him and pulled up his robe and
began to suck on his warped dick. "At least this isn't going to turn out as
bad as I thought," he said contentedly as she swallowed his cock. Suddenly
from the shadows two large "Guards of the Source" emerged. They had been in
the area to watch over how this latest attack on the Charmed Ones worked out
and they too had been effected by the reverse spell the three sisters had
cast. They approached the Dark Mage and pulled down their leather pants,
exposing huge pronged cocks two feet in length. Grabbing the Dark Mage, the
threw him to the floor and sodomised him repeatedly. His screams could be
heard echoing down the dark tunnels for hours afterwards.


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