(** guest star : Hilary Duff as herself **)

Charmed: Horny In San Francisco Part 2 (Ff,MF,oral,exhib,celeb)
by Bob "ErosTrek" Decker ([email protected])

The Halliwell Manor

Two weeks had passed since the dark mage Hornetius had cast a sexual arousal
spell over the Charmed Ones and though they had defeated him, some of the
effects of the spell still lingered on the three young witches.

This meant that the three women blushed more easily whenever they were in the
company of men they encountered at work in the case of Prue, Phoebe while
attending classes at the University and while shopping in Piper's case. Their
thoughts would immediately go to how the guy or guys would be like in bed and
they would dart furtive glances at any bulges in their pants ... then they'd
rush to the closest lavatory to throw cold water on their faces, though
sometimes their arousal was too much to control and they had to resort to a
quick masturbatory release.

Piper had gone through the Book of Shadows at least twice trying to figure
out how long these effects were going to last or to try to find a
counter-spell but none was to be found. The only thing was for them to avoid
as much as possible members of the opposite sex and when they had no choice,
to try to control their over-active hormones and emotions. It was very
difficult for all three of them, but especially for Phoebe who even without
the help of black magic was sexually hyper-active.

So it was with some trepidation that Phoebe decided that she had missed
enough lectures already and it was about time that she returned to the
University or she was going to get a horrible attendance grade.

Prue came down from upstairs just as Phoebe was about to leave. Her eyes
opened wide and her jaw fell open.

"Prue!" Phoebe gasped in awe at the outrageous outfit her sister was wearing.
Indeed, the normally more conservatively attired Prue had outdone even
Phoebe. She was wearing a bright pink tank top that left her midriff bare and
only served to highlight the size of her breasts. White shorts a couple of
sizes too small hugged her shapely bottom, leaving little to the imagination
and finally a pair of white leather knee length, high heeled boots completed
the outfit.

"Prue" Phoebe said again "you look just like a hooker!"

"I'll take that as a compliment" Prue snorted "didn't I tell you that today I
have the themed reception at the Buckland Auction House?"

"Yeah" Phoebe said remembering "but you said your boss told you to wear a
costume not go as a whore."

Prue shrugged. "Well, this is a costume isn't it?"

"If you say so" Phoebe still looked sceptical but if the normally prudish
Prue wanted to wear that to a party it was her business.

"Shall I drop you off at the University? I don't need to be at Buckland till
11.30am" Prue said changing the subject.

"Sure sis, sitting in your SUV sure beats riding my bike all the way there."

"Ok, if you're ready let's go."

* * *

In front of Lecture Room 7 in a University

"Daniel you pervert, get your dirty paws off me" cried Mary.

Daniel smirked but took a step back from the girl whose butt he had just
grabbed. He winked at her, then turned away down the corridor without saying
a word. A younger boy got in the way of the seventeen year old and Daniel
shoved him roughly out of the way. The boy fell to the ground and dropped his
stack of notes but Daniel didn't stop to help. He just sneered while looking
over his shoulder at the chaos he had caused and continued on his way.

He didn't really care about Mary, or about any of the other girls ... he
had just one girl on his mind. Ever since she had come to this school he had
been mesmerised by a fantastic blonde babe with striking brown eyes unlike
any other he'd ever seen. That she was something of a celebrity turned him
on even more. Today was the day when he'd get to know her a lot more
personally ... and getting her autograph was not what he had in mind. So
after checking out what her timetable was and following her around for a few
days he had discovered the perfect time and place where she would be alone.
When he reached the locker room, he waited in the corner next to a particular
locker until its owner came along. When the pretty girl had opened it he
stepped out of the shadows and put his arms round the cute blonde, dressed in
a t-shirt and tight, washed out jeans and bent over her shoulder and kissed
her sloppily on her right ear.

"Hey" she said loudly and struggled to free herself but the boy was stronger
than her and he held her firmly in his grasp. His hands roved all over her
chest and he grabbed her medium-sized, firm tits through her t-shirt
squeezing them roughly.

"Stop it ... please stop it .... Daniel you're hurting me, let go" she cried
as she recognised her assailant as the school bully.

"Hilary did I ever tell you how nice your titties are?" Daniel whispered in
her ear.

"Get off me you idiot or I'll ... I'll ..."

"You'll what? Report me to the Dean?" Daniel sneered "Have you forgotten who
I am you little bitch?"

"No .. no .. " Hilary whimpered. There was no one else around in the locker
room, unlike the other times that she had seen Daniel follow her around. What
the hell was this guy going to do now ... rape her? He was humping his groin
against her leg and she could feel his hardon through his pants .... ewwwww!
she grimaced.

He must have seen her face because he glared at her, "Just because you're
famous doesn't mean you're not going to get what all the other pretty girls
in this University have gotten one time or another" and he lewdly squeezed
his own groin to make his point, "so just shut the fuck up and spread your
sexy legs."

Oh damn, she thought, so he really is going to rape me! There was one thing
she could do though, so she relaxed a bit letting him continue to fondle her
tits and she spread her legs slightly just enough to let a hand slide up
between them. Daniel grinned, thinking that the girl was now under his

"Starting to like it aren't you?" When he let go of her for a second with
both hands as he tried to pull her t-shirt off, she turned around quickly
and kicked him in his nuts though not as hard as she would have wished
because her leg bounced off his inner thigh. Daniel roared with pain and
anger as the blonde dashed away from his grasp and ran out the door. He
fell to his knees and held his balls in his hands until the pain subsided,
then he got shakily to his feet.

"Mr Daniel Hoskins, please report to the Principal's office" the PA system

"Now what the fuck does he want?" Daniel muttered to himself as thoughts of
revenge and exactly what type of punishment to exact from the little blonde
bitch ran through his mind.

He staggered off to see what was up with the University's Dean, his father.

* * *

On the campus

Prue drove the SUV onto the campus grounds. She followed Phoebe's directions,
taking a left off the central avenue until they reached the main building.
Classes had just started so the grounds were mostly deserted though a few
students who didn't have early lectures milled around or sat on the grassy
areas reading or talking.

Prue and Phoebe got out of the car and heads began to turn in their
direction. Most of them knew Phoebe - she usually dressed in stunning outfits
and she was well known amongst the students for being an easy lay - but today
hardly anyone was looking at Phoebe. Prue was the center of attraction and
she knew it. She was even enjoying herself, imagining all the erections she
was causing among the male students and the jealousy of the female ones.

In other circumstances she would just have gotten back in her SUV and driven
away, but much to Phoebe's dismay and growing embarrassment, Prue walked
around to the back of the car and opened the trunk. Bending over, she
pretended to be looking for something, but all she was doing was giving a
group of about ten guys a perfect view of her full ass cheeks as they emerged
from beneath her tiny white shorts. She could hear their gasps of amazement
even though they were quite a few yards away.

"Prue, just what do you think you're doing?" Phoebe whispered.

"Ehh? What?" Prue's muffled voice emerged from the trunk.

"Don't play little innocent Miss Prue" Phoebe retorted angrily "can't you see
that you're acting weird. Get a hold of yourself, you know that the spell the
dark mage put on us is still having an effect."

This reminder seemed to work, because Prue straightened up and
self-consciously tried to pull down the hem of her shorts and her cheeks were
blushing a bright red, realising what a show she'd been putting on.

Behind them someone cleared his throat. "Ahem!"

The two sisters looked back and saw one of the University's security guards.
He looked Prue up and down, his gaze lingering for several seconds on her
very revealing tank top, then looked at Prue. "Ms Halliwell, the Principal
would like to talk to you in his office along with your ... your friend here,
he said nodding at Prue, not knowing they were sisters.

"What does he want?"

The guard shrugged and looked up towards the central window of the fourth
floor. "I don't know" he said, then he patted his two-way radio in his belt,
"he just told me he wants to talk to both of you now."

With that he took one last glance at Prue's heaving chest and then
reluctantly went back to his office.

Phoebe and Prue looked at each other and shrugged. Prue was feeling like a
naughty little girl, having been caught by the teacher and sent off to be
spanked by the Principal ... then with a start she remembered Phoebe's tale
of what had happened in the Principal's office just two weeks ago when they
were under the influence of Hornetius' spell and she realised that it really
could end up with a spanking!

Phoebe had come to the same conclusion and truth be told she wasn't
scared ... in fact she was looking forward to something like that happening
again, though she wouldn't tell her sister that, nor would it happen, the
Dean just wouldn't dare ... or would he?

They headed towards the building's entrance, heads turning their way, as Prue
mesmerized them with her butt swinging to and fro.

* * *

On the fourth floor, just outside the Principal's office

Hilary had indeed made up her mind to report Daniel to the Dean. Yes, she
knew the Dean was Daniel's father and he had protected him in lots of other
incidents like this one. The other girls talked amongst themselves and Hilary
had known that Daniel was a Grade A lech, thinking he could touch and even
have sex with any girl he wanted, just because he was the Principal's son.
Well, she'd report him anyway for the way he'd touched her in the locker room
and to hell with it. She'd probably get bad grades from now on, or worse be
expelled from the University, but enough was enough. And anyway, it wasn't as
if she was a normal student. No! She was a film star, a teen actress with
millions of fans. Unfortunately, her parents still wanted her to go to school
because they said that though she was famous now, she probably wouldn't be
when she grew up and she had to have an education. Damn them! she thought.
Now look what that's gotten me into. For heaven's sakes why did they have to
send me to 'Frisco!? So she had ran up all the way to the Principal's office
and was now sitting in the waiting room under the watchful eye of the Dean's

At that moment the outer door opened and Daniel walked in stiffly, still
somewhat in pain from the kick to his groin. He noticed hilary sitting
sullenly as she glared silently back at him.

"So the little fuck is gonna tell tales on me" he said angrily "because
you're fucking famous you think your little cunt is more precious than all
the other sluts here?"

"Daniel you stop that right now! Leave the poor girl alone" his father's
secretary said from behind her desk.

"You shut up bitch" he retorted "or I'll tell everyone exactly what you do
for my father."

"I .. I didn't mean .. but..." the secretary stammered and blushed, then
lowered her eyes and pretended to type something into her computer.

Daniel smirked again. "See, bitch?" he was looking back in Hilary's
direction. "No one can touch me because I know things. People will do
anything for those things not to be made public. So you can get up off
your pretty little butt right now. I think it's time we went to have a
little private ... uhhh ... conversation. Or maybe we can have that ...
conversation ... right here. From what I hear, Myriam would enjoy

Myriam was his father's secretary and from the gasp of surprise from her
direction Daniel knew that he had hit the mark. Of course, he knew about such
things because his father had a nasty little habit. A habit which involved an
expensive setup of CCTV cameras hidden all over the campus and multiple VCRs
which he kept running 24 hours a day. They recorded everything that went on
in the University. On the grounds, in the lecture halls, in the science
labs ... and in other places were cameras were not supposed to be, like in
the female changing rooms and showers as well as in every toilet and locker
room. In one word, the Dean was a voyeur and he had an entire library of
tapes in his office full of the student's and staff's wrongdoings ... from
minor arguments to petty thefts ... to other more serious things, like sexual
encounters between students, between students and staff and a few where
teachers and other members of the staff had a go at each other.

A couple of years ago Daniel had been alone in his father's office and had
played about with the VCR inserting a few tapes at random. At first he had
been shocked at what was on those tapes, but being the son of a bitch that he
was, he recognised the possibilities that they represented and from then on
he had viewed most of them if not all and he knew that he could use them to
blackmail just about anyone on campus.

In Myriam's case - he could even recall that her particular tape was #3721 -
she had stayed on late one evening to work on the large mass of new student
applications that had come in. On her way to the toilet down the corridor,
she had run across a couple of male janitors, one of whom was giving a
blowjob to the other in full view of the hidden camera. Myriam hadn't
interrupted them as they went about their disgusting act and much to Daniel's
surprise the tape had shown her pulling up her skirt and begin to touch
herself as she watched the homos suck each other off. Ugggh! Daniel had
thought, Myriam wasn't all that bad looking ... in fact she was quite a MILF,
her father having hired her for that reason more than her expertise at
filing ... but getting turned on by a couple of fuckin' homos ... oh boy was
that sick. Now if they had been a pair of lesbos ... that would have been
different ... but Daniel's mind was wandering.

He came back to the present and saw that Hilary had a terrified look on her
face finally realising that Daniel could do whatever he wanted without any
repercussions, as she had just seen him put down Myriam the way he had done -
she'd probably testify that Daniel hadn't even been in the office, and it
would have been just Hilary's word against Daniel's, his father's and the
secretary's. She had gotten out of her chair and was sidling towards the door
until Daniel blocked her way.

"Not so fast bitch! Where do you think you're going?"

Hilary was desperate now as Daniel grabbed her arm and jerked her to a halt.
She looked in the secretary's direction but Myriam was pretending to be busy
with her computer, punching rapidly away at the keyboard.

Oh my god, Hilary thought, I'm going to be raped right outside the Dean's
office by his son and with his secretary watching.

Daniel was going to do exactly that. It would teach the bitch a lesson she'd
never forget - that he got whatever he asked for. He was the Dean's son after

It took him just two seconds to first grab a handful of her t-shirt then rip
it right off her. She screamed as the thin material fell apart and her chest
was naked except for a small white bra covering her petite tits. There was no
stopping Daniel now. He pushed her towards a couch and she tripped and fell
to the floor. He was over her in a second and began undoing her jeans. They
were tight so he had a difficult time but even though she struggled and tried
to kick him he held her down and slowly but surely pulled the jeans off her
sexy legs.

It was just a matter of time before he had torn off her bra and panties and
was fondling her tits and pinching the small pink nipples. His hand found a
way between her legs tightly clamped together, but not tight enough - his
fingers found her slit and slid between the lips and into the juicy

"I bet you're enjoying this, bitch, you're soaking wet" he gloated, a wide
smile on his face as he diddled her cunt.

Hilary was sobbing quietly and had given up fighting back, so she nodded her

"I want to hear you say it. Out loud" he ordered.

"I .. I .. " she stammered in a tiny voice "I'm ... enjoying it."

"Louder!" he roared

"I like it. I like it when you touch my pussy!" she said sniffling, shocked
at her own words and actions but unable to do otherwise.

Over at the desk, Myriam had given up any pretence of typing and was watching
the two youngsters, eyes wide with a mixture of fear and excitement. She
hated Daniel and she hated his father, but she knew what they had on her and
if she were to lose her job, she wouldn't be able to feed her kids. She
probably wouldn't ever find another job if what she had done became public
knowledge. So she didn't stop him from this .. this rape of the girl, and
much to her embarrassment she was actually getting turned on by what she was
seeing as Daniel took off his own pants and began to rub his hard cock
against the girl's bare thighs.

Daniel was saying, "Touch it, touch my rod. See how long and hard it is. Come
on touch it" and he grabbed her hand and pulled it towards his cock. Hilary
tried to keep her fingers away from the penis, but he was too strong for her
and she couldn't avoid touching the head and feeling the slimy wetness that
was beginning to coat it.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah" Daniel murmured as he moved Hilary's open palm around in
circles over his dick head "that's so nice, see how easy that is, bitch? Now
you're going to feel it inside you" he shouted as he spread her legs wide
apart and knelt between them. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them up over
each of his shoulders.

"Noooooo!" she cried "please noooo!"

He was about to stuff his cock into the teen's pink slit, when something
knocked him aside with such force that he could barely breath and was thrown
halfway across the room. Stunned he staggered to his knees and looked around
wildly to see who had dared do this to him. While he had been all taken up
with his attempted rape of Hilary, the door had opened and two women had come
in hardly believing the scene before them.

* * *

"I wonder what that old lecherous bastard wants with us?" Phoebe wondered.

"Well whatever it is, he'd better not get his hands anywhere near my butt"
Prue told her though the thought of getting spanked by the Principal was
somewhat alluring, but she was not going to tell her sister that.

Phoebe grinned, "Sure sis, I bet you'd hate every moment" she said
sarcastically having seen through her sister. "Ok, this is the door, you go
through first."

Prue knocked once, then when no one responded she pushed the door open and

.... saw a young boy, in his teens, naked from the waist down, kneeling
before a pretty teenage girl with tears streaming down her cheeks, and
attempting to stick his cock into her exposed vagina. Without thinking
she waved a hand in his general direction and her magical telekinetic
power threw him across the room.

"Stop that at once you sick little pervert" Prue shouted.

"Says who?" Daniel said angrily as he glared at the stunning raven haired
beauty in a very revealing outfit that would have done a hooker proud. His
eyes suddenly narrowed into slits as he looked at Phoebe then back at Prue
then to Phoebe again. He pointed at Phoebe, "Yes, you're Phoebe Halliwell"
he said triumphantly as he remembered the last week's tapes he'd seen ...
he'd jacked off for hours and hours on end while watching Phoebe in action
in the library and in his father's office. "Oh I know everything about you
and what you did a couple of weeks ago" he gloated, the look of anger on
his face turning into a wicked smile. "Oh yeah, and that must be your
sister. Quite the looker, she is."

"Phoebe, what's he talking about?"

Phoebe had a puzzled look on her face then she blushed, "I think the Dean
had a hidden camera in his office too and he must have recorded everything
we did there. And his son" she said pointing at Daniel, "must have seen
those tapes."

"Oh fuck" Prue muttered. This was a bad situation. While they had just
caught him about to rape a girl, it was their word against his, while he
had explosive tapes that he could send to tabloids. Though neither Prue
nor Phoebe cared all that much if their sex life was made public, it would
be a problem nonetheless because of all the attention it would draw to
them, with sleazoid paparazzi on their trail constantly ... they wouldn't
be able to use their magic powers or combat demons if that were to happen.

Well, first things first. "Phoebe go take care of that poor girl" she pointed
at Hilary still sitting naked on the floor "while I take care of him."

"Ok Prue, I can handle that"

Prue walked towards the boy who took a couple of steps backward as the
woman's green eyes flashed in barely contained anger. When she reached him
she only grabbed his arm though and pushed him towards the inner door to his
father's office and went through without knocking.

* * *

Phoebe wondered what Prue was up to as she disappeared into the next room
with Daniel. She shrugged and turned to the young girl who, now that Daniel
had gone, had stopped sobbing and was sitting up.

"Hey, are you ok?" Phoebe asked her bending down towards her "here let me
help you up." She offered her hand and the girl grabbed it and got to her
feet. She still felt a bit shaky after her ordeal so she sat down on the
closest chair.

"I'm ok, just a bit frightened, but he didn't actually do anything to me" she
said in a meek voice. "You came by just in time ... thanks."

"Oh, you don't have to thank me, it was Prue who got that bastard off you"
then Phoebe cocked her head sideways "do I know you somewhere? .. you look
strangely familiar ...."

Hilary grinned. Oh no, she thought, here we go again. Why do people always
have to recognise me.

Then Phoebe got it. "You're Lizzie McGuire! You're on that tv show!"

Hilary rolled her eyes. "Hmmmmph!" she pouted, "not exactly. I'm Hilary Duff.
Lizzie is the character I play on the show. Why do people always have to make
that mistake?"

"Oh sorry! I'm Phoebe Halliwell, and I love your show."


Then they both laughed recognising the silliness of the situation they were
in. Here was Phoebe acting like a star struck fan asking for an autograph ...
from the star who was completely naked and had almost been raped by the son
of the Principal in whose office they were.

Shortly Phoebe's giggles stopped and she looked again closely at the
seventeen year old. Very cute, she thought, even better in person than she
looked on screen. And those brown eyes flecked with green were so sexy on a
blonde. Phoebe reached out and brushed away some of Hilary's long hair that
had fallen over her eyes. Then her finger traced along Hilary's cheek wiping
some of the tear smudged makeup.

Hilary's eyes opened wide as they looked into Phoebe's and she felt an
electric tingle over all her young body, something she had only felt once
before when she had met her boyfriend for the first time. But could it
be ... oh god ... she didn't want to even think about this. It was crazy,
Phoebe was a woman ... a very pretty woman ... ohhhh, Hilary stop that,
she ordered herself. You can't be serious thinking such thoughts after what
you've just been through ... but the thoughts didn't want to go away and
much to her shock and embarrassment she felt a wetness begin to spread
between her legs which she clamped shut as tight as possible so that Phoebe
wouldn't notice.

"You know you're so cute" Phoebe finally broke the silence.

"A lot of boys tell me that" Hilary said with an emphasis on the word boys.

"Yeah, I'm sure they do" Phoebe stood up, then bent over to pick up the
girl's clothes which had been strewn all over the floor. "Here, let me help
you get dressed."

"Thanks, Phoebe" and she stood up next to Phoebe and reached out for her
t-shirt just as Phoebe turned back towards her. Accidentally or not, her
hand brushed against Phoebe's chest, and she felt Phoebe's hard nipple
against her fingertips. "I'm ... I'm sorry" she muttered blushing at her
clumsiness but Phoebe just smiled at her.

"If you want you can try that again" Phoebe told the girl, enjoying the
confused look on her pretty face.

"Wha-wha-what?" Hilary stammered "what do you mean?"

"You can touch my nipples again if you want to - and I know you want to"
Phoebe told her looking pointedly down at Hilary Duff's wet crotch.

Hilary was speechless. Yes! she wanted to say, I want to touch your tits and
suck your nipples! but she was too surprised at her own thoughts to put them
into words.

Phoebe saw the girl's beautiful eyes go wide in shock and reached out to
pat her on the shoulder. As she made contact with her skin, Phoebe had a
premonition ... bodies writhing in pleasure, warmth, the familiar smell of
sex ... ecstasy ... and she was back in the present. The bodies she had
seen were her and Hilary embraced together as they made love ... so it was
going to be, she thought, her premonitions never went wrong. Obviously,
this young girl had probably never even thought about doing it with boys
yet, let alone a lesbian encounter, so Phoebe would have to initiate this
herself ... it was obvious from the wetness between her legs that this girl
was aroused by Phoebe's very presence.

Hilary's t-shirt dropped from Phoebe's hand as she stepped forward, all the
while looking deeply into her eyes. Phoebe moved so close that they could
feel each other's heat on their skin. Then she kissed Hilary softly on her
lips. Hilary's eyes opened even wider, but she made no attempt to step back
or stop the kiss. After several long seconds, Phoebe broke off the kiss and
looked at the adorable Hilary as she just stood there rooted to the spot,
her glossy pink lips damp with Phoebe's saliva.

Then the tension broke and this time something had changed in Hilary. She
literally leapt for Phoebe and put her arms around her neck, pulling her
towards her. Phoebe barely had the time to gasp in surprise before Hilary
was kissing her hungrily, sucking at her upper and lower lips with an open
mouth. What surprised Phoebe even more was that she could feel the blonde
teen's tongue pushing at her lips with some urgency. The young witch was
only too happy to let it in and she had barely opened her lips when she
felt Hilary's tongue brush over her teeth and make contact with her own
tongue as if it was an animal in heat looking for a mate.

The hot kissing continued for minutes as Hilary's fear from Daniel's
attempted rape subsided only to be replaced by an insistent lust for this
sexy woman, Phoebe, who had saved her. The two girls finally broke apart as
they both breathlessly gulped lungfuls of air.

"Wow!" Phoebe exclaimed "that was an awesome kiss, I've only known a couple
of guys that kiss so good."

Hilary blushed. "You liked it? I've never kissed another girl before and I've
never kissed a boy that way either" she paused "It was ... interesting" and
her brown eyes twinkled. Then she looked at Phoebe in surprise again.

Phoebe had pulled her top off over her head and since she didn't usually wear
bras her large breasts hung naked in front of Hilary Duff.

"Since you're already naked" Phoebe told the surprised girl "I thought I'd
join you. Do you like them?" and she shook her generous breasts back and

"Ye-yes!" Hilary gulped "They're huge!" She tentatively reached out with her
hand and traced a line down from Phoebe's neck over her right tit until her
fingers reached the stiff nipple surrounded by a dark pink aureola. "Even
your nipples are so big" she said in awe.

"You're not too small either" Phoebe said winking at the girl's own tits
"I bet that when you're as old as I am you'll probably have tits as big as

"Really?" Hilary said surprised "I bet boys like them the bigger they are."

"Yeah" Phoebe nodded "the bigger they are the more the boys will like you.
Though you're so pretty that you could be as flat as pancake and you'll have
boys going wild about you."

"Oh wow!" Hilary gasped suddenly. It wasn't in response to what Phoebe had
just said. It was because Phoebe had just cupped both of Hilary's cute tits
in her hands and was brushing her thumbs over the little nipples that were
slowly but surely swelling into stiff little buds. It was a totally new
experience for Hilary Duff. Another girl was touching her nipples, arousing
them. "Oh wow!" she said again as Phoebe now began to roll the hard nips
between thumb and forefinger.

Hilary was becoming so excited by this that her hands, still draped around
Phoebe's neck, trembled slightly. Then they moved down Phoebe's bare back
and down to the hem of her miniskirt. She found a clasp and without really
thinking about what she was doing she had undone the clasp and Phoebe's
skirt fell down around her ankles. Unlike bras, Phoebe usually wore panties,
even if they were usually g-strings or tangas ... however, because of the
lingering effects of the dark mage's spell she had felt naughty, thinking
how funny it would be to flash boys while crossing her legs in the school's
cafeteria ... so today she hadn't worn any panties under her skirt.

Both young women were stark naked now and behind them Myriam, the secretary,
forgotten by both of them, was staring in awe at the scene unfolding before
her. She stifled a gasp, not wanting the girls to stop what they were doing
because of her. Myriam, still sitting at her desk, raised her skirt and
began to masturbate as Phoebe and Hilary kissed again, with the younger girl
raising one leg around Phoebe's waist, rubbing her genitals hard against her

"Oh Phoebe, oh yes, oh wow" Hilary panted as she literally humped at Phoebe
like a bitch in heat.

Phoebe grinned as she nibbled on the soft lobe of Hilary's left ear. The
virginal girl was beginning to act like a sex vixen. She liked the feel of
the wetness and heat that Hilary was spreading on her thigh from her fiery
cunt. The girl must really have an itch, Phoebe thought, it really is her
first sexual experience. Well, I know how to deal with itches like that.
Phoebe placed a hand under Hilary's firm butt cheeks and lifted the girl
against her. Then she lowered her onto an armchair in such a way that her
legs were spread wide apart on each arm of the chair, exposing her glorious
pink hole. Phoebe knelt between her legs and lowered her face to the teen's
pussy. She inhaled the fresh scent of arousal, her nostrils flaring at the
familiar smell.

Hilary looked down in amazement. Moments before she had been standing
against Phoebe rubbing herself lewdly against the older girl. Now, without
her knowing how it had happened - her mind was cloudy from sex induced
lust - she was sitting and Phoebe .....

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK !!!" she shouted using the four letter word she
had never used before. But what Phoebe was doing to her had never happened
before either. She cried out loud again as Phoebe's long tongue darted back
into her quivering cunt for the second time, this time lingering longer in
that delicious pink slit. A slit which had long since opened up, fleshy
petals spreading wide apart exposing the innermost love tunnel.

Phoebe playfully nibbled at those fleshy lips making Hilary Duff go wild,
then her tongue dived into her hole as deep as it would go, bringing forth
more of her womanly nectar.

"OHYESOHFUCKMEOHSHITOHDAMNOHYESOHFUCK" Hilary's eyes rolled up in her head
showing only the whites as Phoebe's expert tongueing of her vagina induced
sensory overload in the young girl. Her fingers were grasping the pillowed
armrests so hard that the tips of her manicured fingers had gone white, but
she didn't notice the pain. She was in total ecstasy as Phoebe continued to
fill her needy hole with tongue while her fingers roamed across her short,
peachy fuzz, moving lower and lower until they found a stiff, exposed organ
that had never stood so stiffly and proudly before in Hilary's entire
life ... Hilary Duff's clit met Phoebe Halliwell's fingers.

pitched several degrees higher than it normally was. Her back arched off the
armchair and Phoebe had to grab her hips with both hands to stop her from
bucking so hard as to break Phoebe's nose. Finally the extremely intense
orgasm had subsided and Phoebe smiled at the sweat covered girl sitting
before her. Phoebe's mouth and jaw were literally dripping with Hilary's
juices and it was quite a sexy sight to behold. Hilary's eyelids flickered
open, and she saw Phoebe grinning at her and she returned the grin weakly.

"That was ... awesome!" she finally said "was that an ... org ... orgasm?"
She had heard other girls talk about orgasms, but though she had played with
herself sometimes she strangely had never been able to get herself off like
that and she had usually felt ashamed of touching herself like that down

"Yes, sweetie" Phoebe told her "and it was one of the biggest ones I've ever
seen a girl have. You must have really been horny. Oh, and you taste so good"
she said, smacking her lips together as if she'd just eaten a box of honey
coated chocolates.

Hilary blushed a deep shade of pink and she looked even prettier than she
already was.

"Would you like to trade places ...? she asked gently wondering if the girl
would accept her offer.

Hilary looked puzzled for a moment then she her blush became darker. "Oh" she
gasped, then after giving the idea some thought she came to a decision and
shrugged, "Yeah, why not!"

Phoebe smiled and helped her up out of the armchair and sat in her place,
spreading her legs in a similar fashion. Hilary seemed unsure of where to
start so Phoebe put a hand behind her head, letting the soft blonde hair
slide through her fingers and pulled her down towards her large breasts.

Hilary tentatively opened her mouth, then closed it around one of Phoebe's
engorged nipples.

"Oh that's so nice" Phoebe moaned as Hilary slowly began to suck at the
nipple as if she were expecting it to produce milk for her at any moment.
"Yeah, roll your tongue over it ... like so" she urged the teenager. Now
Hilary was getting it and she automatically began to alternate between
sucking it, licking it and pulling it gently between her teeth like it was
the most natural thing to do.

"Now my other nipple" and Hilary reluctantly left the wet bud she had been
playing with for the fresh one on Phoebe's other breast. She spent a couple
of minutes on this one as well, making it grow to its limit, so stiff that
it was almost painful. Hilary could have continued like that for the rest
of the day, but Phoebe slowly pushed her head down until the younger girl
got the hint and began to lick her way down over Phoebe's stomach. She
lingered at Phoebe's navel piercing, tracing the outline of the little gem
with her tongue, then she continued down over Phoebe's neatly trimmed patch
of pubic hair and finally over her slit, though at first she did this with
some reluctance.

Oh wow! Hilary thought, I'm about to stick my tongue into another girl's
vagina! How the hell did this happen? She shook her head in amazement but
her reluctance was soon overcome when the puffy lips of Phoebe's cunt began
to spread apart releasing an aroma that Hilary had never smelt before in
her life. It was like drinking alcohol for the first time, it almost made
her dizzy. It was a forbidden fruit, delicious yet untouchable ... but
Phoebe's vagina was here in front of her nose and all she had to do ....

Hilary looked up, her brown eyes wide open in awe, surprise and a bit of
fear ... "Phoebe ... shall I?"

"Yes babe, do it, you'll love it" Phoebe reassured her.

Hilary slowly stuck her tongue out and gingerly gave a quick lick to one of
Phoebe's labia. At her touch it spread a tiny bit further apart as if to
welcome her in.

"Mmmmmmhhh, that doesn't taste bad at all" she said after having licked
Phoebe's cunt several more times.

"Yeah" Phoebe murmured as she looked down at the sexy blonde between her legs
"and it feels so good too."

The star of the Lizzie McGuire show continued to lick at Phoebe Halliwell's
pussy lips, then finally she found the courage to do what Phoebe had done to
her moments earlier ... her tongue darted into Phoebe's gaping hole, brushing
around the circular opening at the center of her pink flesh.

"Oh god, that's so good" Phoebe moaned again and again. She grabbed Hilary's
long hair into a bunch around her fist and began to force her up and down
upon her cunt, helping the youngster tongue fuck her at a quick pace.

"Mmmmh ... Mmmmmppphh ... Mmmmh!" Hilary mumbled as her tongue busily worked
its way into the juicy inner areas of Phoebe's wet cunt. With a bit of effort
she regularly twisted her head sideways to gulp down some air then she went
back to the source of the nectar she was harvesting.

"You're fucking wild Lizzie" Phoebe told her a wide grin of immense pleasure
on her face.

"Mmmmppphh ... Hil ... mmmmhh .... ary" the blonde youngster corrected.

"Yeah .... aaaaaahhh .. whatever!" Phoebe gasped as Hilary slid her tongue
the length of her slit and over her exposed clit. For her first go at
cunnilingus, Hilary or Lizzie or whatever the hell she was called, was quite
good at it. Much better than at least three fourths of Phoebe's long list of
past and current boyfriends and that was saying a lot.

It was then that Hilary got it into her cute head to suck Phoebe's clit like
she had sucked her nipples just minutes ago, including nipping at it with her
teeth. Of course a nipple was sensitive, but certainly not as sensitive to
this kind of treatment as a clitoris, so Hilary was in for a surprise as was

As Hilary sucked and nibbled at that little bit of hard flesh, that junction
of nerve endings that was built to transmit pleasure straight to the brain,
Phoebe first began to pant loudly, then cry out each time Hilary's tongue
circled it, then finally her cries turned to screams so loud that they
terrified Hilary into thinking she was doing something very wrong. She
stopped, but Phoebe just grabbed her hair again roughly and mashed her face
back into her groin urging her on. Hilary didn't need any further suggestion.
She continued lapping at the clit in a frenzy while with one hand she reached
around behind her ass and stuck a couple of fingers up her own cunt, feeling
the sudden need to have something hard within her.

Phoebe shrieked with wild abandon and she could be heard throughout most of
the school's fourth floor despite the soundproofing provided by the thick
walls and lush carpets.

Her hips bucked at Hilary's face then Phoebe came ... and came very wetly,
female jism gushing forth from her hole like piss, but with a much thicker
consistency ... right into the stunned face of Hilary Duff. The stream slowed
down and stopped, but only after Hilary had swallowed some of it though she
certainly hadn't wanted to. She was coated in it from head to toes, her
smooth blonde hair now made up of sticky clumps of wet strands.

Hilary's mouth was opening and closing like that of a fish out of water as
Phoebe came back to her senses and saw the rivulets formed by her juices
still dripping down the young girl's pretty face and sexy body.

"Wow, now that was an orgasm to end all orgasms" she laughed at the look on
Hilary's face. "Don't be afraid of what just happened. Some women come much
more wetly than others especially if they are stimulated in the same way you
did to me. Now that was some of the best cunni I've had in a while, that's
for sure, babe."

She ruffled the drenched hair on the top of Hilary's head.

"We'd better get you cleaned up and dressed and see what Prue is up to"
Phoebe said just as they heard several loud gasps followed by a long sigh.
Both girls looked around. It was Myriam, whom they'd forgotten about in the
passion of the moment and she had just cum, having gotten herself off while
watching the two students go at each other's cunts.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Dean's office next door

"Ah, Daniel there you are" the University's Dean said as he heard his office
door open and footsteps walk in. He was busy looking through binoculars at a
couple of rather sexy looking female students walking across the campus
towards the biology and chemistry lecture halls. The brunette on the left was
especially delectable, he thought, look at those tits bounce! He jotted down
a note that he needed to find out who they were and keep a careful watch over
them. Girls like that would probably have sex several times throughout their
stay at his University ... he knew their type, the little sluts! And he would
film them during each and every sexual act they performed on other students.
He put down the binos and rubbed his hands together in anticipation of his
voyeurism reaching new peaks, then his thoughts turned to his idiot son

He usually left his son to do whatever he wanted, he really didn't care what
he did if it didn't interfere in the smooth running of his University and
didn't cause too much trouble. He had pulled his sons' chestnuts out of the
fire on more than one occasion, but nothing came quite like what that ...
that ... total fool had been about to land himself in. For crissakes, fuck
all the girls on campus but not that one ... especially not rape her! He'd
have the press poking their noses under every desk in every lecture hall if
even the slightest word got out that the famous Hilary Duff aka Lizzie
McGuire got raped here. And if the press began to ask questions other
inconvenient stories would start coming out.

So when he had spotted that dumb half-breed of a son of his on one of his
CCTV cameras "coincidentally" placed in a strategic position in one of the
girls' changing rooms he had immediately asked Myriam to page him on the PA
system. Fortunately that little Duff bitch had the guts to kick his son in
the nuts ... Ha! He deserved it! ... now he'd have to teach him a little
lesson. He turned expecting to see only his son, but instead he saw a
vision ... a raven haired angel .. a thing of beauty ... a very, very sexy
babe with an outrageously tight, pink tank top barely holding back huge tits
and tiny white shorts a couple of sizes too small. Oh my, he thought, he had
already seen her down on the grounds below and had ordered one of the
security guards to ask her to come to his office, but seeing such a sexy
babe in person was something of a shock!

"Y-y-y-y-you m-must be ..." he stopped, still somewhat breathless from what
he was seeing, and his heart was racing at 200 beats a second, took a deep
breath and continued "... Miss Halliwell, Phoebe's sister...?"

He vaguely recalled her from a couple of years ago when she had come along
with Phoebe to apply for her younger sister's University course. Her parents
were dead, or maybe one of them was - he couldn't remember - and so the older
sister had to sign for her, since at the time Phoebe had been underage. He
couldn't recall the details of that meeting, but this ... Prue .. yes, now he
remembered her name ... hadn't dressed like how she was dressed today. If she
had worn something like this outfit it would have been seared upon his
memory, and he'd be getting an erection just by thinking about it. As it was
he was already getting a rise out of his weak dick which was quite

"Yes, I am. And you and your son .." she jerked on the arm she was still
grabbing ".. are two sick fucks!" Prue told Dean Hoskins angrily.

"B-b-but, Miss Halliwell ... why do you say that?"

"That act is not going to work with me. I know about your setup here. I know
what you did to my sister a couple of weeks ago. And I know that your son was
going to rape a girl just next door!" Prue said hotly.

The Dean had been listening to Prue with an apoplectic look on his face. The
veins on his temples throbbed with anger and sweat beaded on his brow. He
lifted a short, chubby finger at Prue, "How dare you ... you ... jezebel!
How dare you come into my office and accuse me in such a manner" he stood
up behind his desk drawing himself up too his full length ... which wasn't
much ... and continued in the voice that he usually reserved for some unlucky
student he was going to expel for some real or imagined fault, "and it was
your sister who was caught committing lewd acts in the library and she had to
be disciplined for it. She was lucky that I didn't expel her on the spot or
even called in the police" he paused to take a deep breath then continued,
"as to what you accuse my son of doing, I can assure you that no such thing
ever happened. I know for certain that my secretary will confirm that he has
done nothing of what you say" he had an evil smirk on his face when he said

"Oh so that's the way it is" Prue said nodding to herself as a wicked idea
formed in her head. She had thought she'd be able to make the Dean change his
ways just by threatening him, but his words had confirmed the need for more
drastic action.

She waved her right hand and the desk and chairs in front of the Dean flew
off to one side and crashed against the wall as he watched open mouthed.
Another wave of her hand and the Dean was pushed back into his chair even
though Prue hadn't touched him physically. Daniel had been grinning from his
position near the door congratulating his father mentally on the way he had
talked to the Halliwell slut when Prue began throwing the furniture about
without even coming into contact with it. What the hell was going on? He
thought in shock. He didn't even complete that thought, however, because Prue
had turned to look at him, green eyes flashing, and waved her hand. Daniel
felt himself fly through the air for the second time that day and he ended up
in a crumpled heap at his father's legs.

Satisfied, Prue looked around at the ceiling carefully and spotted the video
cameras, at least two of them, recording the scene. It didn't matter. In fact
she wanted them to record what she was going to do now. Prue walked to the
center of the room, making sure she was in full view of both cameras, then
for the benefit of any hidden microphones she said in a sultry voice and with
a big smile on her face ....

"Hi Dean Hoskins, oh and you must be his son Daniel, I'm so happy to meet
both of you. I'm the stripper you sent for."

The Dean's eyes bulged. "What!?" he blurted "what are you saying woman ...
and how the hell did you toss my furniture about? What's going on here?"

But Prue pretended not to have heard him or heard something completely

"Oh Mr Hoskins" she said in a suitably shocked voice "you want me to strip
in front of your son? Oh my, you're such a naughty man!" then she shrugged
theatrically "oh well, if you want him to see my sexy body it doesn't bother
me at all" and she ran her hands down her flanks and wiggled her hips sexily.

Dean Hoskins was on the verge of a heart attack. "What the fuck are you
crazy bitch talking about?" he shouted trying to get up, but unable to do
so because Prue was still using her power to keep him fixed to his seat.

Prue totally ignored him again and this time she began to gyrate slowly and
very sexily, swaying her hips as if to some inaudible music. Her hands lifted
the bottom of her tank top, baring her stomach up to the bottom edge of her
breasts, then she laughed and pulled it back down again teasingly. She then
ran her hands over her large breasts and pushed them together while leaning
forward towards the astonished Dean and his son. Prue turned around, again
leaning over this time shoving her firm ass towards the two men's faces. She
spread her legs apart,her skintight shorts hiding little of her luscious ass
cheeks. In that position they were so tight as to create a perfect camel toe
as the material of the shorts clung to her pussy lips and slid between them.

Daniel was literally drooling as he watched the scene before him. Though he
had, through threats, blackmail and various other strategems, fucked many
girls at the University, he had never seen a stripper do her thing just a
couple of feet away from him. He had never seen a stripper as sexy as Prue
either. He was so taken up by Prue's wild hip gyrations and entranced by her
perfect ass shaking in front of him that he forgot about the unbelievable
situation he and his father were in ... paralysed by some unknown power in
their very office.

Prue continued to wag her ass while again lifting the tank top baring her
back at them. This time she took the tank top off completely then swung
around so that they could see her wonderful bare breasts. She smiled at
them as she shook those firm globes of flesh at the Dean who had fallen
into stunned silence.

She shook her hips and gyrated for several more minutes dancing around an
invisible pole, then she undid the two buttons on the front of her white
shorts and pulled them down. She kicked them off in one smooth motion and
they landed on the Dean's face. His nose twitched as he caught her scent
on them, then he shook them off as he wanted to watch the show as Prue,
now only in a g-string, continued to dance before them.

After teasing them for a few more minutes she ripped off her g-string in
one quick motion and stood legs splayed apart so that they could admire her
shaved slit.

The Dean and his son gasped in unison as Prue stood before them totally in
the nude.

Prue smiled for the benefit of the camera as she looked at it directly again
and said, "So now for our other agreement Mr Hoskins. I'll do it only on one
condition, that you pay me 500 bucks instead of the 300 you promised me."

"What 300 dollars? Are you completely out of your mind, woman?" the Dean
finally managed to utter but Prue interrupted him as if he wasn't even in
the room.

"Oh thank you Mr Hoskins. You're such a great father to want to pay $500 so
your son has a great time."

"Dad? What did you pay her for?" Daniel was getting curious.

"I didn't pay her a single cent. Shut up you idiot! Can't you see this is
some sort of setup."

But Daniel didn't even hear his father. Prue had walked up to him, standing
over him in splendid nudity. His dick was so stiff from the show she had put
on that he felt it was going to burst and seeing her up close only made it
worse. Then he was in heaven! Prue got on her knees before him and put a
hand around his cock, jacking it up and down for several times before finally
bending down and putting his meat into her wet mouth.

"Oh fuck!" he exclaimed as the black haired beauty began giving him the
best blowjob he had ever had in his life. He looked down between his legs
as Prue's head bobbed up and down on his penis and she looked up at him,
gorgeous green eyes sparkling naughtily as she continued to slurp away at
his rod.

"Oh .. oh .. oh .. I'm cumming" he cried after less than a minute and a
second later he spurted his jism straight into Prue's mouth. She easily
took his load and let it dribble out of the corners of her mouth and back
down on his cock. When she was done, she stood up and surveyed the scene.
The Dean was in shock while Daniel was slumped back in ecstasy an idiotic
grin on his face.

Prue grinned as she wiped off the cum on her chin with the back of her hand.
She looked around and spotted a cabinet that was the most likely place where
the Dean had his vcr setup. It was locked. That wasn't a problem. A wave of
both her hands and the wooden doors flew apart as the metal lock broke. She
quickly found the vcr marked "Principal's Office" and ejected the tape. With
that in her hand she went back and stood in front of the Dean.

"Ok now" she said her voice back to normal "with a bit of editing this tape
will show you watching while your son is blown by a stripper whom you paid
to do her thing in your own office. I will release this tape to the major
news networks if you don't control that son of yours and stop him from doing
bad things to any of the girls in this school. You will also have to destroy
your collection of tapes and stop making new ones. Those are my conditions.
I'll be back next week and see if you have complied" she paused and waved
the tape under Hoskins' nose "or you'll be seeing yourself on tv as they talk
about the 'Sex Scandal at 'Frisco University'.

"But .. I .. why .. but .." the Dean was at a loss for words, but he knew
he had no way out of this, damn her! "Ok, ok I'll do as you say, but please
don't release that tape" he finally said in a frightened voice.

Satisfied that he was going to comply, Prue got dressed and turned to leave.
Unnoticed by her, Phoebe and Hilary Duff had come into the office just
around the time that Prue had gone down on Daniel's cock.

"Oh ... Phoebe ... how long have you been here?"

Phoebe broke the embarrassed silence by clapping. "Way to go, Prue, you have
the bastard by the balls!" she looked at the Dean and his son, then winked at

Hilary grinned as she looked down at Daniel whose cock had gone limp as he
finally realised that the good times were over and that no girl in her right
mind would even talk to him ever again, let alone fuck him, without his
usual threats of blackmail. Hilary raised her right hand and gave Daniel the
finger. Then she turned, put her arms around Prue's and Phoebe's waists and
together the three girls walked out of the office, with wide grins on their

Ahhh, payback was so sweet!


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