Notes: This story takes place sometime in the 2nd season when Prue,
obviously, was still alive and Paige Matthews had no idea that within a
couple of years she'd discover she was half witch, half whitelighter.

Charmed: Lost Sisters Meet (MF,MFF,inc,nc-cons)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Downtown San Francisco

"Oh yeah, oh baby, oh yeah."

"Harder, Rico, ride me harder."

"Fuck, I can't ... ugggh ... go any faster or I'll cum."

The hispanic looking guy flicked his head from side to side to get the sweaty
strands of his long hair out of his eyes. His dark tanned skin was coated in
a sheen of sweat and he was exhausted but, much to his amazement, the girl
still hadn't had enough. She's fukkin' insatiable, he thought. All the other
girls he'd known had never lasted this long. He had been pounding at her
tight cunt for the last thirty minutes as he took her in all the positions he
could imagine. Right now he was standing behind her while she was down on her
knees, facing away from him, resting her elbows on his couch - a dirty,
stained and dusty couch - as he fucked her doggy style.

"Rico, fuck my ass!"

He grinned. Very few girls asked him to do that. Even fewer wanted him to do
it for the second time once they'd experienced it. Yet this babe had taken
his thick cock up her poop chute several times already today and she was
begging for more.

"Here it comes, chica!" he grunted as he pulled out of her soaking wet pussy
and pressed his rigid monster into her little pink sphincter. Slowly but
surely it opened to accept him and soon he was inside her again, this time
from her back entrance.

"Ooooohhh this is nice" the feisty little redhead moaned as she propelled her
butt backwards against him so that he'd go in as deep as physically possible.

Damn, but I'm lucky to have this hot bitch, Rico thought. Fuckin' amazin'!
Especially since he lived in this shithole of an apartment and was between
jobs ... and that was putting it nicely. But then again, if it hadn't been
for his situation he wouldn't have met her at all. She was an assistant at
the South Bay social services center and she'd been assigned his case. He
wondered if she took all such assignments as personally as she was taking

As he slammed his aching, overheated penis into her anus his mind flashed
back to when he had first met her. He'd gotten a call from some guy at a
social services center who had told him that City Hall was promoting some
initiative to get unemployed people like him off the streets and help them
find a job and a better status in life.

"Yeah sure" he'd said before slamming the phone down and going back to
watching the football game on tv and drinking his Bud.

The next day, he'd forgotten about the call when the doorbell gave out a
strangled buzz. He'd opened the door expecting some idiot salesman or maybe
one of his few buddies. Instead he'd seen this very pretty babe, shoulder
length reddish/brown hair, dressed in a short green miniskirt and very tight
pink top which did little to hide - indeed it probably enhanced - her already
large tits. Her face was sexy, its most notable feature were her lips,
swollen to perfection, looking so ripe and juicy that he'd have kissed her
right then ... if she hadn't pushed past him into his apartment and began
jotting down notes on a clipboard in a very businesslike fashion.

He'd looked at her in amazement wondering who the hell she was as she went
about her business, largely ignoring him. Finally she finished taking notes
and turned to him.

"Hi, I'm Paige Matthews. I'm an assistant at the South Bay Social Services
and my boss contacted you yesterday. I've been assigned to you. If you want
more details of what this means for you I'm sure we can go over them again,
but my boss pretty much explained everything to you over the phone."

"Hey, lady .. what the fuck are you talking about?"

Paige tapped her high heeled shoes on the floor impatiently. This was an
unexpected question, this guy should have been expecting her.

"You're Mr Ricardo Rodriguez?" she asked looking at her clipboard.

"Yeah, but ..."

"You last worked at Al's Cash & Carry Mart?"

"Yeah, but ..."

"You were fired seven months ago on suspicion you were stealing from the

"Yeah, but I wasn't ..." he managed to get in this time.

"You haven't been able to find another job since then?"

"Yeah, but ..."

She looked up at him. "Ok, so now that your identity is confirmed we can
start ..."

"Look, I don't know nothin' about Social Services. I don't know nothin' about
what you're goin' on about."

This was going to be harder than it had seemed when her boss had given her
this case. He hadn't told her that no one had bothered to explain to this guy
what was going on. She probably should just leave now and ask for another
case ... but he was soooo cute, she really liked the muscular latino types.
She grinned and blushed as she had caught her gaze wandering down to the
bulge in his pants. From what she had seen in that quick glance, he seemed
well hung.

"Ok, let me give you the short version. Some bright sparks at City Hall,
knowing that it's election year, decide to help out the minorities and
unemployed, especially unemployed minorities, so they hired us, South Bay
Social Services, to help several thousand people in your situation try to
find a new job and raise their standard of living." She looked around the
dingy apartment, with mold on the walls, a couple of faded carpets and a
stained couch in front of a dusty tv set. "That shouldn't be so
difficult ..." she paused and looked around again, shuddering when she
saw a cockroach scurry in the corner of the room "... I think."

"Oh" was all Ricardo could say "but what does this mean for me?"

Paige Matthews smiled, "Ah, so you're interested. Well, basically, it means
that you and me will be seeing each other frequently as I take you to apply
for prospective jobs and coach you before each one on what things to say
and what things not to say to have a better chance at getting it. I'll be
following ten cases at the same time so you'll have to keep all appointments
strictly, or else you'll miss your opportunity. I can assure you that there
are lots of people who are eager to take your place, especially considering
the limited budget we have been given."

This did sound interesting. He'd sorta given up chasing down jobs, he'd been
turned down so often. And if this meant that he'd be seeing a lot more of
this hot babe, then it was gonna be a very enjoyable experience.

"Si, me gusta" he said lapsing into his native Spanish, then seeing the blank
look on her face he translated, "yeah, I like."

"Great!" she exclaimed "so if you would be so kind as to sign here Mr
Rodriguez" and she handed him her clipboard and pen.



"Call me Rico. That's what all my friends and chicas call me."

"Oh ok, Rico, that's a nice name. You may call me Paige."

"You're very beautiful, Paige."

She giggled and blushed. It was very obvious on her pale white skin even
through her makeup, which Rico thought was very erotic.

"You're very sexy too, Paige."

"Come on, you're making me blush Rico. I think we should keep this on a
professional level, don't you?"

"If you want a straight answer ... no" Rico said "I think we should fuck each
other. I saw how you were looking at my pants a while ago. You were looking
as if you'd very much like to fuck me."

"Hey!" Paige gasped shocked at Rico's words "Forget about it mister, you can
forget about this whole thing. Who do you think I am? A whore?" She turned
and left slamming the door behind her.

Rico stared at her fine ass go out the door, then he shrugged. Oh well, he
had tried, no harm in that. Barely five minutes passed before the doorbell
buzzed again. Who was it this time he wondered? He opened the door ... and
the sexy Paige Matthews literally leapt at him, her legs encircling his
waist and her arms went around his shoulders. She began to smother his face
with kisses, then his lips found hers and she opened her mouth hungrily as
her tongue probed deeply into his. His hands automatically went beneath her
luscious ass to support her weight, sliding underneath her miniskirt which
had partially ridden up and he groped those soft yet firm cheeks.

Finally they both broke contact gasping for breath.

"Wha-What?" Rico asked her surprised at how just minutes before she had been
insulted by his sexual proposition only for her to almost assault him now.

"Yeah, I want you to fuck me. As soon as I saw you I became all hot and
wet. I want your huge cock in my cunt. I'm a fukkin' nympho!" she finally

Rico didn't really know what a nympho was, but he understood that the woman
wanted him and wanted him bad. He didn't usually have that effect on the
women he knew, but what the hell, if this chica wanted him, he wasn't going
to refuse. He grinned! "Don't worry, lady, you'll get what you ask for" and
with that he carred her over to his dirty couch and tossed her onto it. He
pawed at her tits through her top ... Wow! they were nice and big! ... then
he pulled down the zipper on his pants and dropped them around his ankles.
He wasn't wearing any underwear so his cock sprang free and already he had
a massive erection.

Paige gasped at the size of his manhood, she never had seen any as big as
that! She wondered if what she had done was a mistake ... but then again,
Rico had really turned her on as soon as she had set her eyes upon him. She
smiled and slowly pulled off her pink top. She was wearing a lacey, light
pink bra that barely covered one third of her tits and she reached around
her back to undo the clasp.

Rico didn't bother with such things as clasps. He slipped his fingers down
the top of the thin bra material and jerked downward. The bra snapped in two,
having been already stretched to its limit by Paige's generous breasts. They
sprung free, bouncing slightly as Rico studied them closely, literally
drooling over the bright pink nipples ... then he was grabbing them in his
large hands, squeezing them together and fondling them.

"You have very nice tetas" he said hoarsely, his dick having sprung up a
full ten inches.

"Thanks" Paige managed to gasp as he pinched her hard nipples.

Rico shoved his stiff member against her chest in between her breasts, then
squeezing them together he created a love tunnel through which he began to
ram his dick. The head of his penis bumped repeatedly against Paige's chin,
leaving a trail of transparent pre-cum, until she leaned her head forward
and began to suck on it every time it rose up between her breasts.

"Oh yeah" moaned Rico. The titfuck was awesome, that she was blowing him at
the same time was the icing on the cake. She seemed to be very skilled at
giving head too it seemed, he could tell from the way her tongue snaked out
and encircled his glans then flicked to that most sensitive spot just below
the pisshole. "Oh fuck!" she was just too skillful. Much to his surprise he
came, spurting long streams of cum into her welcoming mouth. He never had
cum so quickly before .. what had she done to him?

"I'm sorry" he mumbled, his usual machismo gone. He usually gave pleasure to
women for hours on end, yet here he was already filling her mouth with his
man juice barely one minute into his performance, like a teenager on his
first sexual experience.

"Mmmmh .. ah ... glubbb!" Paige gurgled unable to speak because of the load
in her mouth. She gulped, swallowing a good portion of it and allowing the
rest to dribble out of the corners of her mouth and run down her chin. She
smiled, finally able to talk again, "Don't worry, that was a good way to
start our business relationship. I'm sure that we'll both have the
opportunity to ... ahem ... deeply explore each other in the near future."

Paige looked at her wristwatch, "Oh dear, I'm really late for my next
appointment, I really, really have to go, though I've certainly enjoyed
myself, Rico. What do you say if I come over same time tomorrow - I think
I have certain job proposals we can discuss that will take much longer
than today" she grinned and batted her eyelids at him.

"Yeah, yeah" he grunted still in a pleasant state of post-coitus exhaustion
"that sounds good."

Paige put her top back on, leaving her torn bra on the couch and left, her
sexy ass swaying to and fro in a very mesmerising fashion all the way out of
Rico's rundown apartment.

He was back in the present again ... a very pleasureable and tight present
too ... since the time that he had prematurely blown his load in her mouth,
he had had lots more meetings with Paige, most of them turning into some
very hot love making sessions ... well, not exactly love ... more like hard
fucking sessions. He had asked her what she had meant by she being a nympho.
Two hours of awesome sex later, he had finally understood.

Right now, he was taking her anally and she was managing most of his ten
inches of meat deep inside her. He could feel Paige's hand reaching
backwards between her legs as she fondled his balls. She squeezed gently
and his eyes opened wide ... "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" he gasped. No matter
how hard he tried to pace himself to give this puta the fuck of her life,
she always found a way to get him off. It was almost like a little game
she liked to play. He didn't even have the time to fully withdraw his cock
from her asshole. Some of his jism squirted inside her poop chute and when
he withdrew, it bubbled out obscenely of the little pink pucker that was
stretched to its limit.

Exhausted, he flopped down on the couch next to her as she turned around and
sat down, ignoring the trickle of cum that was still dripping from her bum,
adding to the stains on the dirty material. Except for a slight flush on her
face and red marks on her hips where he had been grabbing her as he had
pounded her ass, she looked none the worse for wear. She brushed her red hair
back with her hands, then looked at him and began to speak in what he called
her professional voice, even though she was still stark naked.

"So, what did you want?" then she grinned mischievously "besides the usual
fuck of course."

"What do I want?" he repeated his mind still clouded by sex.

"Yeah, you called me at the office. You said you had something to show me and
though you've shown me your tool" she said grabbing his now semi-limp cock
and jerking it up and down several times, managing to milk a tiny droplet of
cum from its wet tip "I think you mentioned something about an aunt."

"Oh, si, si" he tried to ignore her masturbatory actions on his hardening
penis, something that was very difficult to do. "My aunt Carmela, she passed
away a couple of weeks ago in Mexico."

"I'm sorry" Paige said.

"Gracias, but I barely even knew her myself. I was only six years old when
my parents left Mexico and came to California and that was the last time I
saw her. But yesterday, an attorney came by and he had a chest full of old
stuff that he said my aunt Carmela left me as her only relative. I think
it's a bunch of junk, but before I throw the whole lot away I'd thought
you'd like to see it."

"Sure, why not" Paige grinned "maybe it's something valuable and you won't
even need to find a job."

"Maybe" Rico grinned too "but I hope not. If I am rich and don't need to
look for work you won't need to come here anymore and I wouldn't want that."

Paige laughed, "if you're rich I'll still fuck you but for different

Rico had gotten up and dragged a chest out of the next room and opened it up
in front of Paige. There were some nondescript clothes, some carved wooden
statues, several necklaces with large beads made of wood and possibly silver,
some books that looked like diaries of some sort each paged filled with
elegant script in Spanish and finally a carved plaque in some white material,
ivory maybe, thought Paige.

"I don't know" Paige finally said "nothing that looks really precious to
me, but I have no idea about these things. I think you'd better get a
professional opinion before tossing them out."

"Who can I ask?"

"I'll see if my boss knows anyone and I'll let you know." Paige got dressed
then kissed Rico on the lips, slipping him a bit of tongue to tease him as
she usually did and left.

* * *

South Bay Social Services

Paige waltzed into the office of her boss.

"Hi Bob"

Bob Cowan was her boss. She had been employed at South Bay as a secretary,
but after certain oral performances he had seen fit to promote her to the
grade of assistant social worker. So when she walked into his office he
stopped what he was doing and grinned. He never knew when she was going to
ask him something work related or when she'd just pop wordlessly under his
desk for a quick suck on his lizard. This time he was to be disappointed
because Paige sat in one of the chairs before him and crossed her legs. He
did catch a peek of her panties ... at least that was a small consolation.
He shook himself, trying to ignore the hardness developing between his legs
and tried to listen to what she was saying.

"... so there might be something valuable in that chest and I wouldn't want
Rico ... ehm .. Mr Rodriguez to lose such an opportunity."

"Ah ... oh ... yeah ... sure ... ahem ..." what had she been talking about?
Some antiquities that she wanted valued? Ah yes, he knew someone who would
be able to do that. He flipped through his rolodex, "yes, yes, it should be
somewhere here ... oh here it is, yes" he unclipped the card from the rolodex
and handed it to Paige. Phone the Buckland Auction House, I'm sure they offer
such a service. I remember that ... " but Paige had already gotten up and
blew him a kiss.

"Thanks boss" and she left leaving Bob Cowan shaking his head at such a
feisty young spirit ... and at a great ass too.

* * *

Buckland Auction House

Carrie punched the intercom button on her phone set.

"Ms Halliwell, I have a call for you, will you take it? It's about some
antiques that need to be valued."

"Sure, Carrie, put it through" was the reply from the next office.

"Hello, Prue Halliwell speaking" as she heard the beep in the phone.

"Hi, I'm Paige Matthews. I'm calling from the South Bay Social Services
center. I have, or a client of mine actually, has some antique items from
Mexico he would like valued. Would you be able to do that?"

"Sure, just tell me where the items are and I'll be there Thursday at 10 am."

"Great" Paige replied and gave her Rico's address. "See you Thursday!"

"See you, Miss Matthews, bye bye."

* * *

Rico's Apartment

Prue parked her SUV and made sure that it was locked and the alarm switched
on. The neighbourhood didn't seem very safe for her shiny new car. However
any thief that tried to steal it would find a very nasty ... and magical ...
surprise awaiting him.

She walked up the dark stairwell of the apartment block and found the door
she was looking for. A good looking girl with full lips, buxom breasts and
reddish hair answered the buzzer.

"You must be Paige Matthews?"

"Yeah and you must be Prue Halliwell from the Buckland Auction House!"

When Paige said her name a tingling sensation ran up Prue's spine and she
shivered, then shrugged the feeling off. There was something about this
young woman, something that she couldn't quite put a finger on ... however
the feeling passed and Prue shrugged.

"So, what do you have to show me?"

"This" Paige opened Rico's chest with a creaking of rusty hinges.

Prue sat delicately on the edge of the dirty couch trying to keep her black
leather miniskirt away from the worst stains. She grimaced as she glanced
around the apartment. She should have worn coveralls and not one of her sexy
outfits. Oh well, too late for a change of clothes now, then she looked down
in the open chest and began to rummage about in it. All thoughts of the grime
getting on her clean clothes disappeared. This was an amazing treasure trove!
Oh wow, Prue thought, as she examined the statues, these alone were worth at
least a $100,000 ... apiece ... probably more. She looked at Paige who in the
meantime had sat on the couch next to her.

"Do you know what these statues are?" Prue asked her

Paige shrugged "No."

"They're the first ever Olmec wooden statues I've ever seen. I've heard
rumors of their existence but I'd never have imagined I'd hold them in my
hands someday."

"What or who are Olmecs?" Paige said a puzzled frown on her face.

"They were a Pre-Incan and Pre-Aztec south-American culture, famous for
having carved large stone heads. We don't know much about them today, but
some argue that they travelled from Africa to South America thousands of
years ago."

"Oh, that would change lots of things ... like history books and stuff like
that" Paige said grinning. "So are they worth anything?"

Prue told her. Paige's jaw hit the floor. Then she jumped up off the couch
and began dancing around in circles, laughing and clapping her hands together

"I'm so happy for Rico" she said noting Prue's puzzled expression, "I really
like the guy and knowing that these little statues are going to solve his
problems makes me feel so excited!" she explained.

Prue smiled. From the way the girl's cheeks had flushed when she said she
liked the guy, there probably was much more between them than the normal
social worker and social case relationship.

Just then the door opened and Rico came in having been down the block to buy
a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers. Paige screamed and leaped into
his arms, kissing him hungrily on his lips. "Hey, hey, hey chica calm down,
I wasn't gone that long since our last fuck ... oooofff"

That was Paige jabbing him in the ribs with her elbow, and it was then that
Rico noticed that they a visitor ... and a very sexy one at that ... sitting
on his couch.

Prue coughed politely, pretending not to have heard what Rico had said.

"This is Prue Halliwell from the auction house, she came to value your aunt's
items" Paige introduced them, "she has some good news for you" and Prue
repeated what she had just told Paige.

"Hijo de puta!!!" Rico said amazed that he was now rich beyond belief. "I
think this calls for celebration" and he opened three beer cans handing one
each to Prue and Paige and chugged straight from the third one himself. Prue
looked around for a glass but she didn't see any around, so she gingerly put
the beer can to her lips and took a sip. Paige had already drunk half of
hers, having gotten used to Rico's manners ... or lack of them.

"Aaaahhh" he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, "I fuckin' needed
that beer." He sat down on the couch next to Prue. "So tell me, you really
think that these little wooden statues I was gonna toss out are worth all
that much?"

"Yes, and I bet that some collectors of rare artefacts might even pay double
that price for them ... of course, if you choose our auction house, we'll
try to get the best price for you."

Rico nodded. "Yeah, I think I'll do that." His eyes, flicked down to Prue's
white thighs and then to the generous amount of cleavage that her top was
showing off. Then an idea crossed his mind and he grinned, "but first I need
to know if you're the right kind of auction house .. you know, I might get a
better deal at some other one ... so I have to see what ya got to offer..."

"Oh no, Mr Rodriguez, I can assure you that Buckland will get you the best
price possible. We are the best in our business" Prue insisted, not to
mention that her commission alone on these items would pay for an entire
year of Phoebe's (her younger sister) tuition, she added mentally.

"Ok, that's what you're saying ... but how can you prove it?"

Prue was puzzled. How could she prove it? "Maybe you'd like a visit to
Buckland Auction House and sit in on an auction to see how these things go?"

Rico shook his head. That wasn't what he had been thinking. "I mean prove it
to me now, show me I can trust you" and his eyes looked down her cleavage
again this time so pointedly that she noticed.

"Ahhh ... ehmmm" Prue mumbled flustered at his now obvious advances "I think
you've got the wrong idea about me. Maybe you should take your business to
another auction house and ...."

Paige had been watching Prue and Rico talk and had noticed Rico's rather
obvious lustful glances at the woman's legs and breasts. She wasn't jealous
though, in fact she was getting quite turned on by her lover flirting with
another woman while she was present. Seeing that Prue was about to get up,
she sat down next to her ... three people on the couch made it a bit crowded
and it creaked a bit under their combined weight ... and she put a hand on
one of Prue's bare thighs near the hem of her miniskirt.

"Oh no, please don't be offended. I'm sure we can work something out between
all three of us to all our satisfaction" she licked her full, red lips

Again Prue was feeling that strange sensation, now that Paige was touching
her leg. "Ehmm .. yeah .. I think we might ... ahem ... be able to work
something out but not like what you seem to have in mind." She looked at
Paige then at Rico then back at Paige. She shook her head trying to clear
it, but the weird feeling remained. Paige's hand had slid further up Prue's
thigh and her fingers were already beneath the hem of her tight miniskirt.

"Hey!" she exclaimed "Miss Matthews, what are you doing!?"

"Honey, don't worry, this is going to be very nice for both of us ... for
all three of us" she grinned up at Rico who was looking on with great
interest as she touched Prue's leg.

"What!? Oh no .... hey!" she exclaimed as Rico, following Paige's example,
placed one large hand on her other thigh and began to slide it over her
smooth skin.

"Oh si, chica, make Rico happy and your auction house will sell my stuff" he
growled "that's the deal, take it or leave it ...." then he grinned wickedly,
"... either way, you're gonna feel my cock today!"

Prue's eyes opened wide in shock. She tried to get up but Rico was holding
her down, his hand firmly grasping her leg. What was she going to do? Let
this crazy guy rape her or show him and the girl her powers ... for Prue was
a witch and she had the ability to fend off attackers with her telekinetic
powers ... but she couldn't go about using them on normal people at will.
They were mostly reserved for demons and emergencies ... could she call this
an emergency she wondered?

Rico chose that moment to grab one of her tits through her top and squeeze
it in the palm of his hand.

"Dios mio, your tetas are even bigger than Paige's" he gasped in surprise.

"Hmmmmph!" Paige exclaimed "I heard that!"

"Sorry Paige, but it's true, feel them for yourself."

Paige put a hand on Prue's other breast and squeezed it gently, then cupped
it in her palm, almost as if she was measuring its dimensions and weight.
Prue was looking in utter astonishment as the man and woman felt up her
breasts as if they were large melons at a market.

"I think you're right" Paige finally said "It's hard to admit but her tits
are bigger than mine."

Rico laughed, "See I told you so. Now I wonder do they look better than yours
too?" and with that he ripped open Prue's top revealing her big breasts in a
tiny strapless bra.

This was too much for Prue to accept. She was not going to be violated in
this way, even if it meant that these two would discover her magical powers!
She raised her hand and waved it in Paige's direction ... the result should
have been Paige flying off the couch and halfway across the room. It didn't
work! What!? What was going on? Was this some demonic trick? Could these two
actually be demons in disguise? But she usually could tell if that was so
and though she'd had that strange feeling about Paige twice already today,
it wasn't the usual visceral terror she felt when in close proximity to the
Source's minions. So why hadn't her power worked, there must be some other
explanation. She was so surprised that she barely noticed as Rico ripped off
her bra too and laughed as her breasts sprung free and bounced naturally.

He grabbed her raised hand and forced her backwards, leaning over her. His
lips searched for hers and though she tried to twist her head from one side
to the other, he finally kissed her full on her mouth and his tongue pushed
its way forcefully past her lips and into her mouth.

"Stop it!" she gasped for breath as he removed his mouth from hers only to
put it over one of her juicy nipples and began to suck it. Meanwhile, Paige
was sucking her other nipple and had continued to work her hand up under
Prue's miniskirt until she felt Prue's panties under her fingertips. They
seemed to be made of thin silk or lace, probably almost a g-string Paige
thought as she grabbed them and gave a quick jerk. She had guessed right
because the material snapped immediately and Paige pulled them out from under
the miniskirt and held them up triumphantly.

"Look what I got Rico!" she giggled

Rico stopped pulling on Prue's nipple with his front teeth for a moment as
Paige waved the Prue's slip under his nose.

"Oh yeah, they smell nice ... they smell of fresh pussy!" The scent of Prue's
intimacy was the final straw and his cock would have ripped his pants apart
if he hadn't stood up and freed it, waving its full ten inch length before
the cowering Prue.

"No, leave me alone, get that thing away from me" she cried as he stood
before her and lifted her hips up off the couch so that Paige could pull up
Prue's tight miniskirt around her waist.

"Oh my, she's all wet already" Paige said as she looked at Prue's juicy slit.

"I knew the bitch was hot for me even though she says she doesn't want me"
Rico grinned as he pressed his cock against the woman's cunt and shoved it up
her vagina in one smooth motion "Oh yeah chica" he mouthed as he penetrated
her for his full length, her love tunnel fitting him like a tight glove.

"Aaaaaaaaaghhhh" gasped Prue as she was completely violated by the immense
rod "nooooooooo, oh fuck, noooooooo!"

"Si, si, si, si" Rico panted, stroking his member rapidly in and out of
Prue's wetness.

Paige looked on as Rico fucked Prue, her eyes on a level with her cunt and
his pounding cock. She grasped Rico's ball sac and fondled the soft flesh,
tickling the underside of his cock with her long fingernails making Rico
grunt in pleasure.

Prue's lovely green eyes opened wide in shock and she gasped loudly as
Paige worked a finger into her anus adding to the already immense amount of
pleasure that Rico's cock was causing her. It was the first time another girl
had stuck a finger up her ass and it was a sensation that ... much to her
growing shame ... she discovered she liked.

"Ugggggggggghhhhh ..... ohhhhh yeeessssssssssssss!" Prue Halliwell moaned at
this strange double penetration. Paige continued to work her finger in and
out of her little pink sphincter, pausing only for a moment to gather some of
Prue's own pussy juices to use as a lubricant.

After a while of this Prue was in a state of total ecstasy, but Paige was
getting a bit bored. Rico continued to ram his cock in and out of Prue
seemingly effortlessly though his whole body was coated with a sheen of
sweat from his exertion. Paige stopped diddling the other woman's anus as
she needed some satisfaction herself now - she was dripping wet between her
legs. She reached up under her miniskirt and pulled off her soaking panties,
then climbed onto the couch being careful so as not to tip it over.
Maneuvering slowly, she finally straddled Prue's face, pushing her pussy,
lips already spread apart, against Prue's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh ... nnnnoooooooo ..... mmmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhhhh" mumbled
Prue as Paige's wetness dripped onto her lips. She tried to avoid touching
Paige's genitals, but Paige would have none of that.

"Lick me, bitch, suck my cunt!" and she grabbed the back of Prue's head,
gathering a bunch of her raven black hair into her fist and began to mash
Prue's face against her open pussy. Unable to do anything, Prue's only way
out of this situation was to do what Paige wanted, so using her tongue she
began to eat Paige out.

"Oh yessssssss" Paige moaned as finally the sexy black haired woman slipped
her tongue into her cunt and over her stiff clit. "Oh baby, that's so good!"

While Paige was on the receiving end of Prue's tongue, Rico was reaching his
limit. "Estoy viniendo!" he shouted "I'm coming!"

Paige quickly got off Prue's face and sat next to her on the couch as Rico
withdrew his pulsing penis and aimed it at the woman's faces. His gushes
first hit Prue on her left cheek, then he shifted his aim slightly and the
next spurt of cum coated Paige's mouth and jaw. She opened to swallow, but
Rico had once again sent another stream onto Prue's forehead and over her
silky hair. He squeezed his cock in his fist, milking out the last few drops
from his balls and these fell over Prue's chest and stomach.

"Oh yeah, man, that was fucking amazing" he said as he looked down at the
two hot, cum covered girls in admiration.

Paige was licking his cum off Prue's face as the older woman just lay there
still in shock and overcome by orgasm after orgasm. Finally they subsided and
her vaginal muscles stopped trembling. By this time Paige had almost licked
Prue's face clean and was looking quite smug and satisfied like a cat who has
just had a saucer of fresh cream.

Prue Halliwell struggled to her feet and looked around for her panties. She
found them on the floor but they were torn so she just kicked them aside. She
pulled down her miniskirt and put her top back on. There was only one button
left, all the others had burst when Rico had pulled it off, but if would have
to do.

She glared at Paige and Rico and was about to leave without another word when
her eyes came across a couple of the wooden statues she had been examining
before she was taken against her will. Damn! she didn't want to miss this
opportunity ... it wasn't really for the money, though that would have been
enough in itself ... such a find would make her famous in the auction and
antiquity world. She'd be having people come to her from all over the world
with artifacts for her to value and sell at Buckland. So no matter that Rico
and Paige had just about raped her in every orifice, she'd have to act as if
it hadn't happened.

Prue looked at Rico and his flaccid but still enormous cock and at Paige's
sexy body ... hmmmm, maybe it was such a bad thing after all.

"Ok" she told them "do you think you can trust me to get you the best price

"Yeah, I fuckin' trust you, chica ... now that I can trust you with my cock,
I can trust you with that old junk" he grinned "if you make me a millionaire
you'll get some more of this" and he grabbed his dick and shook it at her.

For a moment Prue thought she was going to walk up to him and sit on that
rod again but she controlled her sudden inexplicable urge and left.

* * *

Over a year later

The auction had gone well, the unique Olmec statues had sold for $10.4
million dollars exceeding even Prue's wildest expectations. With the money
Rico had bought a mansion in Beverly Hills and surrounded himself with a
minimum of ten new girls every week. Paige had moved on to other cases,
though none of them as successful (or as well endowed sexually) as Rico.
Paige and Prue never met again, until Paige saw her name in the obituary
page of a newspaper that had strangely appeared on the floor before her.
From then on her life was changed as she discovered who she really was ...
but she never talked about her encounter with Prue to her newly found half
sisters, Piper and Phoebe.


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