Warning: This story contains sexual material and mind control. It is to be
read by adults only. This is my first installment of the t.v. show Charmed.
Let me know what you think.

Charmed: MCTV Part 1
by Yenoc

With a flash of light, Trent appeared on the front porch of the house he
sought. He looked around and quickly tossed out a mental shield to cloak his
presence. He scanned the house and verified it was empty. Trent was not alone
on this excursion. He had Sabrina Spellmen with him. He had ensnared the girl
on a previous jaunt and had enlisted her into his service.

"No one is home. Let's go inside." he said. "I'm right behind you Master."
Sabrina replied as she followed him into the house. He could sense all the
supernatural energy that emitted from the structure. Trent was once again in
San Francisco. He and Sabrina were on the WB show CHARMED. He had seen the
show and wanted the three females.

They were the Halliwell sisters - Prue,Piper,and Phoebe. The three sisters
had recently discovered the Book of Shadows and learned that they were
witches. Since they all had powers, Trent didn't want to chance losing them.
So he'd brought along Sabrina to help him subdue the siblings. Sabrina was
also a witch and she had more powers than the Halliwells.

The sisters had power when they combined their talents to cast spells. But
all three of them had to be present to have any real powers. Separately,
they each had individual power. Prue had telekinetic abilities, that made
her the most dangerous of the trio. Phoebe could see into the future and
Piper could stop time.

Trent had the advantage though. He was a powerful mind controller and he
possessed other supernatural talents. The sisters had only recently gotten
their powers and they were inexperienced at using them. They had not yet
learned how to control their powers.

"They'll be back soon, are you ready Sabrina?" he asked. "Ready,willing,
and able Master," she responded. Sabrina was honored to be assisting Trent in
taking down these other witches.

* * *

Piper Halliwell was the first to return home. She was a chef and worked at
an upscale restaurant in the city. It had been a long day and she was tired.
She was the youngest of the sisters and the cutest. Piper had long brown
hair and a thin face. She had small apple sized breasts and a slender frame.
Shehad all her feminine curves and she was pretty.

Piper wasn't used to being a witch. She didn't even know how her power
worked. It seemed to kick in whenever she was upset or frightened. She was
the worrier of the family. She fretted over everything and was the nervous
type. Piper was naive and too trusting of people.

She unlocked the door and entered the abode. Piper closed the door and turned
to face the visitors. She gasped in surprise as she saw them. There were two
people before her. A tall man with short hair who was clad all in black and a
blonde teenage girl wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Piper didn't know them or how they'd gotten into the house. "Who are you
two?" she asked alarmed. "I'm Trent and this is Sabrina. We're here to
capture you and your sisters. You three are to become my lastest
aquisitions." Trent informed the girl.

Now Piper was on full alert. These two were trouble and the sisters were in
danger once again. Piper was on edge and she was scared. Trent took a step
toward her and she freaked. Piper threw up her arms and pointed her hands at
them. Trent and Sabrina froze in place, she had stopped time.

Piper carefully approached the pair and studied them. She circled them and
looked directly at Trent. He glared at her and yelled, "BOO!!" Piper jumped
backward in shock and terror. He saw the fear on her face.

Both Trent and Sabrina were free and they laughed at Piper. Her power had not
affected them. Why? "I'm glad to see your counter spell worked Sabrina."
Trent said. "I live to serve." was her reply. The girl was a witch too? Piper
was confused.

She slowly made her way for the door, thinking she could escape. Sabrina
recited an incantation and made some gestures with her hand. She cast her own
spell and sealed the door shut. Trent reached into Piper's mind and took
control of the girl.

Piper froze where she stood and couldn't move. She was unable to talk or
move. She was trapped in her body and couldn't resist Trent's influence. He
allowed Sabrina to walk over to Piper and fondle the girl's breasts. Piper
was shocked and aroused at the same time.

Trent had stimulated her pleasure centers and awakened her sexual desires.
Piper could no longer suppress her lustful yens. Trent picked his way through
her brain and altered her personality. Piper would fall under his control as
she was put through her paces.

Sabrina took off her clothes and plopped down on the couch to observe the
show. Piper was shocked to see the girl naked. Trent disrobed and Piper jaw
dropped at she stared at his large cock. She'd never seen a penis that big.
Piper was somewhat inexperienced at sex and she knew what they had planned
for her.

Piper found herself stripping off her clothes and she soon stood before Trent
naked. He took some time to admire her nude body. He liked what he saw. She
was a good specimen and he would enjoy her hidden delights. He came to her
and Piper obeyed his mental instructions. She had no other choice.

* * *

Trent pushed Piper downward to the floor where she got on her hands and
knees. Piper looked back at Trent and shivered with need. She spread her
legs, giving him accsess to her moist furrow. Trent knelt behind the girl
and placed the tip of his cock against her wet slit. Sabrina sat on the
sofa watching the couple with keen interest. She was soon sliding her
fingers in and out of her aroused pussy.

Trent pulled her cunt lips apart and shoved his dick into Piper's vagina. He
penetrated her roughly. "Please don't! It's....wrong....don't." she moaned
feverishly, but even Piper didn't belive her feeble pleas. She squealed in
pain as she was force fed his cock.

Even though it hurt, she wanted to be fucked by Trent. Her hips were lifting
and moving under his assault. Her pussy gripped his cock, sucking it in
greedily. Trent felt Piper loosen under him. "Move that ass girl!" he told
her. "Give me a ride! You're damn hot for a girl who doesn't want it." he
said smuggly.

Piper could feel his big shaft pumping between her legs and her resistance
quickly evaporated. Trent was plowing into her, twisting and turning his hips
so his rod hit every part of her inner walls. The young girl groaned with
lust, her hips rose and fell in circles as she fucked him back.

Her slender body jumped with each powerful stroke. Trent felt her pussy
contract around his prick with the first tremors of orgasm. He plunged into
Piper again and again. The inexperienced witch cried out as she climaxed,
she grinded her body up against his. Piper's body trembled as she gave out
a loud cry and orgasmed intensely.

"Oh Yes! Fuck me! Give it to me please! Fuck my cunt with your big cock!"
Piper cried hysterically. "You're so deep! I'm cumming! AAAAARGHN! UUNGH!
YESS!" Trent knew he wouldn't last much longer. His balls were churning and
the sperm was already travelling up his shaft.

"Get ready cause here it comes!" he warned Piper. He groaned as the sperm
blew from his ramming cock and spurted into her clasping cunt. This made
Piper climax all over again. "OOOHHH! I feel it in my cunt! HOT CUM!! Shoot
it in me! Fill me with your seed! Fuck mee! I can't stop cummmiinnngg!!
AAAAGHHHH! CUM IN MEE!!" she yelled out in bliss.

Piper shuddered as she was wracked by another climax. Trent fell forward on
top of Piper, his twitching cock still buried in her cunt. Piper fell to the
floor and spasmed as the remanents of her orgasm slowly ebbed. As she calmed
down, Trent's power took over her mind and his thoughts were soon engrained
into her soul.

* * *

Sabrina had sat by and quietly witnessed the ravagement of Piper Haliwell.
Sabrina had finger fucked herself to orgasm as she watched the coupling. She
was very aroused and needed some relief. Trent knew that Sabrina wanted
Piper and he consented to her wish. Since he had enslaved her, Sabrina had
developed a dark side and Trent liked it. Piper didn't know it but she was
about to have her first lesbian encounter.

Piper was confused and disoriented. She was still horny and she knew she
wanted to obey Trent, no matter what he made her do. Piper felt a presence
looming above her and she looked up to see Sabrina standing over her with
wicked grin on her face. The teenage witch was more powerful than her and
Piper knew her ordeal wasn't over. She found herself oddly attracted to the
young girl.

Sabrina rolled Piper on to her back and Piper stared up at the naked Sabrina
Spellmen. She moaned as Sabrina's hands curled over her small tits. Piper
shook as the teen's lips closed around her erect nipple. Sabrina sucked the
hard nub and pulled Piper's breast into her mouth.

Piper's body burned as the girl sucked her aching tits. Sabrina worked on
her tits until she was squirming madly. "Oh Yes!" Piper gasped as she arched
her back.Sabrina ran her tongue down Piper's quivering body. Then Sabrina
pushed her legs apart and shoved her lips into Piper's twisting hole. Her
tongue lashed out and licked her enflamed cunt. She located the girl's clit
and sucked the buzzing knob.

Piper's eyes widened in shock. Another girl was licking her pussy and she
liked it! She screamed and arched upward as Sabrina brought her to orgasm.
"Yes! Oh Yes!" she whispered through clenched teeth. "Eat my PUSSY!!"

Sabrina scrambled around and straddled Piper's face with her thighs. "Eat
my cunt!" she ordered. Piper was in shock as she saw the teenager's vagina
against her face. Sabrina squirmed and humped her pelvis on Piper's face.
The girls were embraced in a 69 postion.

Piper was overcome by pure lust and she could only act on instinct at this
point. She began to suck and lick Sabrina's dripping snatch. Piper found that
she liked the taste of the girl's pussy. She had never done this before and
it was exciting for her.

She ran her tongue along Sabrina's cunt and fingered her slit. Sabrina kept
on mouthing her companion's box as well. Piper and Sabrina worked into a
frenzy as they rolled around on the floor. They explored one anothers' bodies
as they mashed their faces between their legs. Pussy juice gushed down their
faces and filled their mouths.

The girls moved around and laid on their sides so they faced each other. They
fondled their tits and kissed deeply. Sabrina slid her hand between Piper's
legs and caressed her hole. Piper moaned as she was fingered fucked. She
bucked her hips frantically as Sabrina pawed her snatch.

Sabrina's thumb brushed her clit and Piper went wild. She grabbed Sabrina's
boobs and sucked on the twin orbs erotically. Piper massaged her breasts and
pinched the hard nipples. Her heated loins thrust against Sabrina's hand.
"Yes!AAAHHH! AAGH!" Piper cried in delight as she came on Sabrina's digits.
"OOHH! I'm cumming! Yes! AAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!" Piper gasped and sobbed as
she came. Her body convulsed and bucked obscenely.

Sabrina suddenly pulled her fingers from Piper's channel. She stood up and
towered over her. Sabrina grabbed Piper's dark brown hair and forced her to
rise to her knees. "Lick my cunt bitch!" she barked. Piper immediately

Piper bent forward and nuzzled Sabrina's cunt. She ran her lips over the
fleshy folds and buried her nose in the girl's bush. She licked Sabrina's
pussy and sucked her clit, driving Sabrina mad with desire. Sabrina threw
back her head and groaned in ectasy. She clutched Piper's head. "Suck me!
Eat my cunt! YYYYAAAGHHH!!" she crooned. Piper stuck two fingers into her
cunt and sawed them in and out of the teen's twat.

Sabrina shouted as she came. Her pussy juice coated Piper's fingers and
flowed into her mouth. Piper eagerly drank the sweet nectar. "Finger it! Lick
my cunt! OooooHHHH!!!! Make me Cum you slut!!" Sabrina shrieked. The girl
howled in pleasure as she climaxed and pumped her groin on Piper's stained

Piper shoved her tongue deep into Sabrina's vagina as the teenager came.
Piper climaxed as well, having gotten off on eating the girl's cunt. The two
girls fell in a heap to the floor.

Trent had watched the entire spectacle and he was pleased. His domination of
Piper Halliwell was complete. "You now belong to me girl. Your body and
powers are mine to command forever." he informed her. "Oh yes!" Piper said
dreamily. She totally accepted Trent as her Master. She wanted only to serve
him. "And I shall help you bring my sisters into the fold Master!"

"Excellent." was his only reply. Trent spent the remainder of the night
fucking Sabrina and Piper in various ways. Piper was under his control and
would never disobey him. She was his devoted slave and fuck doll. One down
and two more to go he thought to himself.

To be continued


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