Warning: This is a mind control story and it contains sexual material.
It is to be read by adults only. Enjoy. Here's part 2 of my CHARMED
story. Enjoy.

Charmed: MCTV Part 2
by Yenoc

Phoebe Halliwell awoke with a start and sat up in her bed. She had just had
a nightmare, or had it been a vision of the future? In the vision, she and
her sisters were all naked and kneeling before a figure shrouded in the

If this was an omen of the future, the three siblings were in severe peril.
Phoebe shook it off as a dream. She had the ability to see into the possible
futre and sometimes what she saw scared the shit out of her. Her dream had
been ridiculous.

She had been the one who found the ancient Book of Shadows and learned that
she and her sisters were witches. Phoebe had cast the spell that had granted
the girls their powers. She had wanted to use her talent to make money but
the girls were not allowed to use their powers for any sort of personal gain
and that sucked.

Phoebe was the middle child who always sought attention. She was the
freespirit of the group. She was disorganized and did things on the spur of
the moment. She was flighty and impulsive and that usually got her into

She had short brown hair and a killer body. Her face was round and she had a
pretty smile. She had wide curvy hips and a volupuous figure. She was compact
but well proportioned. Phoebe had a set of large, firm, bouncy breasts. Her
tits were her best asset and she knew it. She was the most beautiful of the
sisters and she liked to show off her body by wearing revealing clothing.

The girl yawned and stretched, this made her tits jut outward. Trent watched
her get out of bed and go into the bathroom. He had enacted a shield so she
wouldn't know he was in the room with her. He had delved into her mind while
she slept and made the necessary adjustments to her brain. Phoebe was unaware
that he had reprogrammed her and made changes to her personality.

Phoebe exited the bathroom wearing a white blouse and short blue skirt. She
then went downstairs to eat breakfast. Trent waited for her in the living
room. Prue had left for work and he had put Piper into a deep trance, where
she would remain until her summoned her.

Phoebe entered the livingroom and was startled to see him there. "Who are
you?" she asked him. "I'm Trent. I'm a friend of Piper." he told her. Phoebe
figured it out, "Oh, you must be Piper's new boyfriend." she said. "Yes." he

"It's nice to meet you." she said as they shook hands. Phoebe liked what she
saw. She was immediately attracted to Trent. Piper had picked a winner this
time. "I don't know where she is but you can wait here for her." she invited.

"Thank you Phoebe. But I'm actually here to see you." he stated to her. "Oh?"
she was curious. "Yes, you see, I have already had Piper and you're next on
my list." he said. "What list?" she inquired. "My list of girls to fuck.
Piper is my newest slave and you are about to join her." he declared. Now all
the warning bells sounded.

"I don't know what kind of sicko you are but I'm going to call the cops if
you don't leave this instant." she threatened. Trent stood and glared at the
girl. Phoebe was scared shitless and she knew he was up to no good. "Stay
away from me." she stammered as she backed away from him.

Phoebe looked into eyes and gasped in terror. She couldn't look away from his
intense gaze. His eyes glowed red and pierced to her soul. Phoebe felt him
messing with her head and she knew that he was siezing her mind.

She wanted to run but she couldn't move or talk. Phoebe was glued to the
spot. "Come to me." he said and Phoebe felt compelled to obey him. Trent
stood and she walked to him. Then he sat back down and studied her. "Please
let me go." she pleaded but she already knew his answer.

"Let's see what you've got," he said. "Take off your clothes and give me a
show." "I would be glad to." Phoebe was shocked at what she had said. She had
no control over her body. She gave Trent a sexy smile and sat down in his
lap. She then proceeded to squrim around in a sultry manner.

Phoebe expertly moved her body lewdly, grinding her ass against his crotch.
She could feel his erect member on her backside. He must be huge she mused.
Phoebe rose and turned on the radio, her body moving in time to the music.
She should've been repulsed but she found that she was oddly excited by
dancing for Trent.

Phoebe unbottoned her blouse and slid it off, the lacy bra followed. She
cupped her ample breasts and slowly kneaded them. Her erect nipples peeped
out between her fingers. "OOOO! My nipples are hard." she said as she licked
her tender lips.

She circled in front of Trent and bent forward. Phoebe dangled her boobs in
his face and quickly moved away. She giggled and slid the zipper of her skirt
down, letting the garment drop to the floor.

The witch continued to dance and exhibit her lucious body to Trent. She was
growing more aroused by the second. She wished that this man would throw her
on the floor and fuck her brains out. What the hell was happening to her? But
the thought rapidly disappeared from her mind as she got into the dance

Phoebe slipped a finger into the waistband of her panties and slid them
downward. Her brown fleece peeked out from the underwear, which she quickly
discarded. "I'm all wet. I can't wait for you to fuck me." Did she say that!?

Phoebe gyrated her hips suggestively and her hand probed her wet slit. She
was acting like a whore and she couldn't stop. Phoebe turned away and showed
Trent her firm round ass. She swayed her backside to and fro for him.

She faced him again and spread her legs to expose her naked pussy to him.
"Look at how wet I am for you." she said in disbelief. Phoebe parted her
plump vaginal lips and showed him her pink interior.

* * *

Trent had seen enough, he had a raging erection and he needed to be
satisfied. An eery blue energy enveloped him and his clothes suddenly
vanished. Phoebe's eyes bugged out when she saw his large penis. She knew the
monster organ would soon be inside her trembling body. He grabbed her arm and
yanked her up to her bedroom. Trent sat on the bed and Phoebe dropped to her
knees before him.

"Here suck on this." he snapped as he opened her jaws and roughly inserted
his cock into her mouth. Phoebe gagged as the thick manhood invaded her oral
cavity. His big prick stretched her mouth to its limit. "Suck it good." he
told her.

Trent shoved brutally into her mouth and Phoebe choked on the meat. She could
not move as he slid his rod in and out of her sucking mouth. Phoebe sucked
him reluctantly, her cheeks caving in with the effort. She groaned and
applied herself to the task.

Her tongue whipped over the spongy head and her lips slid up and down the
shaft. Trent smiled as he watched her head bob up and down in his lap. He
steadily plunged into her mouth as his heavy balls smacked her chin. He
grunted and suddenly came in her mouth.

Phoebe was caught by surprise and her tears flowed as she was forced to suck
his cock. His penis jumped in her throat and a flood of semen poured down her
gullet and filled her belly.

Phoebe was beyond caring what happened. She found that she liked the taste
of his sperm. She ate his seed without fail, her own body was twitching and
shivering in the throes of orgasm. She had cum by giving Trent a blow job!
She realized.

Trent withdrew from her mouth and his jism dripped on her face. Phoebe once
more fastened herself to his pole and began sucking him again.

* * *

Trent put Phoebe on the bed on her stomach and her generous tits smashed into
the mattress. She wriggled about helplessly as she felt him open her smooth
ass cheeks. She wanted to flee but he had forbid her to escape.

Phoebe knew Trent intended to sodomize her. She had been fucked in the ass
only one previous time and she had not liked it one bit. Trent pushed in
strongly, thrusting his cock into Phoebe's rectum. The girl was being abused
every which way.

She screeched in pain as her asshole was raped. Trent was violently slamming
his cock in and out of her tight anus. Phoebe sobbed loudly in desparation
and begged him to stop.

Trent ignored her pleas and rammed into her behind over and over. Phoebe
trembled as she was pounded without mercy. Out of nowhere, an orgasm ripped
through her body and knocked her for a loop. The girl exploded in climax, a
harsh scream tore from her throat and she shook all over. Phoebe convulsed
as she came from the ass reaming.

Phoebe shivered under him, her ass bucked up and down as she came. She
reached beneath her and cupped her soft firm tits. Phoebe mashed the orbs
together and pinched her long erect nipples.

"Get ready bitch, here it is." Trent snorted as his cock erupted in her
asshole. "Hot cum up your ass!" he laughed. Phoebe felt his sperm shoot deep
into her bowels. She humped back against him in wild abandon. She tried to
get every last ounce of his seed. She was actually cumming from being

"Don't stop! Do it! Fuck my ass! I love it!" Phoebe wailed hoarsely to him.
"AAAARRRGGGHHHH! Harder! Deeper! Cum in my asshole! Yesss!!! YYAAAGGGHHNNN!!
OOOHHHHH! Fuck my whore ass!!" Trent shot a hot, thick creamy load of cum
into her anal passage.

* * *

Trent was hard again in seconds. He flipped Phoebe on to her back. She
brought her legs up and placed her feet on the bed. She spread her legs and
exposed her sopping cunt. His cum seeped out of her battered asshole.

Phoebe cupped her tits and offered them to Trent. "Please fuck my pussy!"
she begged. "I need your cock inside of me!" Trent felt her tits and rolled
her pink nipples between his fingers. He squeezed her boobs and pressed the
mounds together as he mauled her chest.

Phoebe wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her. She lifted her
hips and presented her wet snatch to him. Trent's cock slid into her depths
and Phoebe tossed her head moaning. Trent slammed into her cunt and buried
himself to the hilt within her. "Oh! It's so big! Fuck me! Give me your
cock! I can take it! Fuck me hard! Ram it into me, please!" she cried as she
twisted her hips excitedly.

Trent plunged in and out of her seething pit. He knew Phoebe would be cumming
for him soon. "Just a little more and I'm going to cum!" the girl yelled. Her
hips churned wildly and her cunt clutched his cock. He pistoned forward one
last time and slammed into her burning tunnel.

Trent groaned and came for the third time. "I'm shooting into your cunt you
slut." he told her. Phoebe spasmed as she felt the wads of cum flood her
vagina. She came like never before. Her legs clamped around his back and her
body arched upward off the bed.

The tide of orgasm swept through her. "Fuck me! I'm cumming! I can feel your
sperm in me! It's so good! UUUNNGHH! Fuck me!" she yelled as she gave herself
over to Trent. She didn't want the bliss to end.

He looked down at her twitching form and pulled his dick from her slit. He
shot the rest of his cum all over her tits and Phoebe rubbed the goo into her
wobbling breasts.

Phoebe slumped to the bed spent. She'd never known such fullfillment. She was
now Trent's willing slave like her sister was. She couldn't think of life
without him.

* * *

Phoebe went into the bathroom to get cleaned up and when she returned she saw
her sister, Piper, standing beside Trent and she was naked! "What's going on
here?" Phoebe asked in a leery tone. "Piper wants to join the fun." Trent
told her.

Piper walked over to Phoebe and ogled her nude sister. Phoebe was not sure
how to react. Piper caressed her cheek with the back of her hand and she ran
her finger's through Phoebe's short hair.

"Piper, what's wrong with you?" she asked concerned. Piper replied in a husky
voice, "I want you Phoebe. I've always wanted you. I love you and I want to
be with you." "But, that's incest!" Phoebe stated in shock. "I know. That's
what makes it so good. I need you sister dear." Piper said wantonly.

She moved close to Phoebe and embraced her. Phoebe was rigid with fear.
Piper's arms were wrapped around her body and she could feel the girl's
supple breasts pressed against her own bosom. Phoebe was conflicted. She
knew this was wrong but the idea of an incestuous fling with her sister
appealled to her. The heat started in her loins and made her excited.

Piper slowly rubbed her tits against Phoebe's abundant orbs and their hard
nipples scraped together. Piper saw the confused look on Phoebe's face and
she felt her sister squirm awkwardly against her. Trent had made Piper crave
sex with her sisters and she wanted Phoebe badly. He made Phoebe want Piper
as well.

Piper started grinding her pelvis against Phoebe's groin and she knew Phoebe
was unconsciously undulating her hips back at her. Phoebe was breathing
heavily as she stammered, "Piper, we shouldn't do this....MMPHH!" Her
protests were cut short when Piper leaned in and kissed her with hot passion.

Phoebe's eyes widened in response. Their lips met and Piper's tongue
explored her mouth. Phoebe started to suck Piper's tongue. Phoebe then
enthusiastically kissed her sister back. She wanted to fuck Piper now.
Their bodies moved as one as they rubbed together. The girls twisted
about erotically.

Piper lowered her head and took Phoebe's tit into her mouth. Phoebe closed
her eyes and purred contently. Piper cupped each breast and hungrily lapped
her nipples. Phoebe moaned and drew Piper's head to her breasts. Piper
fondled her tits, her tongue swirled around each hard nipple.

"Oh god, Piper! I want you!" Phoebe finally admitted. She mouthed and sucked
Piper's smaller tits lovingly. She knew Piper was obsessed with her big
chest. Then Piper led Phoebe to the bed and they laid down next to each

Piper went to the other end of the bed and squatted over Phoebe's head. She
slid her twat down over her face. "Stick your tongue in my cunt and eat me!"
Piper croaked. Phoebe moaned and inhaled the musky scent of Piper's cunt. She
had never eaten pussy before and here she was with her sister's vagina in her

Piper settled her cunt over her mouth and shuddered as Phoebe's tongue snaked
into her hole. Piper started massaging Phoebe's tits. "OOOO! You're doing it!
Eat me! Eat my pussy!" Piper crooned. She started to bounce up and down on
Phoebe's slick face.

Phoebe swallowed the cuntal fluid that rained into her mouth. She gulped the
juice eagerly. "Oh! I'm cumming! Eat my pussy!" Piper called out as she
twisted her hips depravingly. She pressed into Phoebe's mouth as she quaked
in her climax.

Phoebe sucked her cunt and ingested her fluids. Her tongue jabbed upward
into her vagina as they cemented their incestuous relationship. Both girls
flounced on the bed as they ate pussy. The two sisters came countless times
and they knew it was only the beginning.

Piper got one finger inside Phoebe, then two and three, and she finally
worked all four fingers into Phoebe's pussy. Piper lunged her hand in and
out of her cunt and made the girl orgasm. "Oh god, Piper! Stick your hand
up my cunt! That's it! Don't stop, make me cum!" Phoebe urged.

Phoebe worked her pelvis back and forth as she worked into a frenzy. She
played with her tits and tweaked her nipples sharply. She wanted Piper's fist
up her cunt.

Piper thrust her hand inward hard as Phoebe swayed her loins side to side.
Piper's entire fist slid into her pussy up to the wrist. Phoebe gasped as she
realized she had her sister's hand buried in her snatch. There was no pain
and Phoebe was stunned.

Piper grinned as she slid her fist in and out of the gaping maw. "Piper,
honey, your whole fist is in my cunt," Phoebe muttered lustily. "Fuck me with
it! I want you to fist-fuck me! Lick my clit too please!" Piper lapped at the
button and Phoebe couldn't get enough.

She came over and over as the fist drilled her channel. The orgasms were
intense and Phoebe thrashed about on the bed. "Your hand's like a giant
cock! It's almost as good as the Master! I'm a WHORE! Fist my slut pussy!
UUUUUNGGHHHHHHH!!" Phoebe cackled insanely. She came in wave after wave of
pleasure as Piper plowed her cunt. When they were finished, Piper slid her
fist from Phoebe's hole and licked Trent's cum from her slimy hand.

* * *

Trent and the sisters showered afterward and engaged in a menage a trois.
Phoebe was under his control and she pledged herself to him like Piper had
done previously. They would obey him without question and they vowed to help
him when Trent targeted Prue next.

To be continued


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