Warning: This story contains sexual situations and is to be read by adults
only. If this stuff offends you, then read no further. Here's part 3 of the

Charmed: MCTV Part 3
by Yenoc

Prue Halliwell was the last sister Trent was going to claim. He had the other
sisters already under his control and they were now his loyal minions. Piper
and Phoebe had readily agreed to help him capture Prue and turn her into his
sex toy like they were.

Prue was the oldest Halliwell sister and she acted like a surrogate mother to
her younger siblings. She was uptight and quick to judge. She liked to be
neat and organized. Prue was a bit of a snob and tended to be in a sour mood
most of the time.

The witch had short black hair and a full figure. Her hips were wide and
curved. Prue was volupuous and had good sized breasts that rivalled Phoebe's
fine tits. Her tits were creamy white and unblemished. Prue tended to dress
conservatively and was a professional woman to the core.

Trent waited for Prue to arrive home and while he was waiting, he amused
himself with Phoebe and Piper. When Prue came through the door she got the
surprise of her life. Piper was kneeling between Trent's legs and she was
sucking his large cock that was sticking out of his pants.

Prue could tell by the way Piper's head bobbed in his lap that she was
enjoying her task. The girl was licking his hard cock slowly and deep
throating the organ. Prue was in utter shock. She looked to the side and
saw Phoebe sitting in the armchair. Her hand was down her tight pants and
she was masturbating as she watched Trent and Piper.

Prue's rage bubbled over and she exploded in anger. "What the HELL is going
on here?" she demanded. "Who the fuck are you? And what's wrong with you
two?" she shouted at her sisters and Trent.

"Take a pill Prue," Phoebe said. "We're only doing what the Master instructed
us to." Prue glowered at Trent. He saw the hatred in her eyes. "Release my
sisters!!" she ordered him. Big mistake on her part.

"No! they are now mine and you shall soon join them both of them in servitude
to me." he explained. "Like hell I will!!" she hollered. Prue glared at Trent
in contempt and activated her telekinetic abilities.

Her telekinesis turned on and she started hurling objects at Trent through
the air. Trent had put up a mental force field and the projectiles bounced
off it harmlessly. Trent nodded slightly and Prue suddenly flew backward
through the air. She crashed into the wall and dropped to the floor. She was
stunned and the breath was knocked from her lungs.

Prue slowly rose and shrieked in rage. She now knew that he had mental powers
like she did. Prue got ready to unleash her next psychic attack when Trent
yelled, "NOW PIPER!!" Piper jumped up and wavered her arm at her sister.

Prue froze and stood rigid like a statue. Trent zipped up his trousers and
stood up. Piper had stopped time and betrayed her sister. The affects quickly
wore off but Prue found she still could not move.

All she could do was move her eyes and talk in a low voice. Trent stared into
her eyes and Prue got lost in his cold hard eyes. Prue knew he'd done this to
her. He walked over to Prue and put a black plastic collar around her neck.
She heard him lock it in place.

"Please let us go." she begged. Trent simply replied, "NO!" "The thing around
your neck is a neural collar. It cancels out your telekinetic power. You and
your sisters are no threat to me but I can't have you spoiling the fun. I
have great powers myself and you will not use your witchcraft unless I permit
you to do so." he explained.

Trent continued. "The collar will stay on you for the time being, so get used
to it. After all, I can't have a repeat of the Alex Mack incident." Prue had
no idea of what he was talking about.

* * *

Prue felt a strange tingling in her head she was getting foggy. She was
unable to think clearly and she started to become aroused. She felt her will
and independence slip away. She knew Trent was messing with her mind. She
tried to fight but he was winning the battle.

Phoebe came up behind Prue and brought her arms up under her shoulders. Prue
exhaled as she felt Phoebe cup her enflamed breasts. She squeezed the globes

"You've got nice tits Prue." Phoebe informed her. She slowly massaged and
kneaded Prue's heaving bosom. Prue couldn't believe that she was being
accosted by her sisters. Piper came to her and kissed her on the mouth. Prue
could taste Trent's cock on her lips. To her loathing, she found herself
kissing Piper back.

Phoebe and Piper looked to Trent for guidance. He nodded his permission.
Piper and Phoebe's dark sides emerged and they grinned at each other
wickedly. They were about to extract their revenge on Prue.

"Take her!" Trent commanded and the girls went after Prue. "It's time to pay
the piper!" Phoebe hissed and slapped Prue across the face.

* * *

The two sisters were closing in on Prue. Their eyes seemed to devour her,
raking down her bosom and figure. Prue Halliwell tried to reason with her
siblings but the hungry looks in their eyes told her it was pointless.

Piper and Phoebe were standing close to Prue now, they had backed her into a
corner and she was trapped. The neural collar around her neck prevented her
from using her telekinetic witch powers. She realized her sisters intended
to molest her.

Terror soared within Prue. She tried to run but there was no hope for escape.
Phoebe's arms looped around her middle and she crashed to the floor. Prue
sought to free herself Phoebe's grip but she was too strong. Prue didn't know
that Trent had increased Piper and Phoebe's strength.

Prue shrieked and struggled in vain, she was pushed on to her back. "Rip off
her clothes!" Piper snarled, darting up beside her sister Phoebe. "No! Help
me!" Prue screamed. Phoebe grabbed the front of her dress and tore it.

The fabric tore down the front and Prue shrilled in horror as her dress was
torn to shreds. Her yellow bra was ripped off and her naked breasts sprang
free and bounced on her chest. They flopped about unrestrained.

Her red nipples swayed as she lay there writhing and gasping for breath.
"Yeah! You're one hot slut, aren't you Sister?" Phoebe grinned wickedly.
Phoebe and Prue had never gotten along and Phoebe relished the idea of
beating down her arrogant sibling. Prue was finally going to be put in
her place.

Phoebe mauled her wobbling tits. "You sow! Prue yelled, slapping Phoebe
across the face. "BITCH!!" the girl raged as she felt her stinging cheek.
Phoebe slapped Prue hard across the face and she saw stars. Her head snapped
from side to side as she was struck. Prue flopped back with a sob, stunned
and trembling.

"We are going to fuck your snobby, uptight ass into the ground, Sis!" Phoebe
vowed. She grabbed Prue's tits and crushd them hard. Her breast flesh oozed
between Phoebe's fingers. Phoebe bent down and sucked her right nipple.

Prue sobbed as her sister's suckling lips tugged at her boob. Piper stood
there watching in silence as Phoebe molested and sucked the delicate

Trent stepped into view and observed the scene. He got an intense look on his
face as he concentrated. His eyes started to glow and a blue energy shot from
his eye sockets, covering Piper and Phoebe. This action surprised neither
girl but it scared the hell out of Prue.

She watched in horror as their clothes disappeared and they were suddenly
naked. The mystical energy washed over them and blinded Prue in the process.
There was a flash of light and the energy disapated. Prue opened her eyes and
gasped at what she saw.

Each girl was wearing a pair of black leather panties that encompassed their
mound and asses. The panties were strong rubbed against their cunts.

The girls both sported giant cocks that were securely and firmly fastend to
the crotch of the underwear. The dildos were black and thick. They were made
of plastic but they were quite flexible. The things were at least 10 inches
long and three or so inches wide.

Prue screamed in terror when she saw the psuedo cocks, for she knew that the
clubs would be used on her. Phoebe put her fist around her dildo and started
stroking her new toy. "Hey! This is great! Piper, we have dicks!" she said
with glee.

Piper was avidly stroking her dildo and replied, "COOL!" She turned to Trent
and said, "Thank you Master. These are just what we needed." "Any time
ladies." was his response.

Piper's eyes flashed with heat as she kneeled next to Prue. She took hold of
Prue's raven hair and wrenched it viciously. Prue yelled in pain and Piper
jerked her face toward her crotch.

"You're gonna suck my cock, darling!" Piper snapped at Prue. She slapped
the dildo back and forth across Prue's tear stained face. The dildos were
enchanted and they functioned like real penises.

Prue's lips were smeared with pe-cum. The knob prodded her mouth. "Open up,
cunt!" Piper ordered. "Come on, suck my dick!" Prue was dazed. She couldn't
resist any longer.

Thanks to Trent's mind control, Prue felt her will draining away. Her sisters
were too strong and demented while they were under his evil control. They
intended to rape her and they were not going to be denied.

Prue became a slave to her sisters. She opened her mouth and gagged as Piper
shoved her big prick inside. The dildo was warm and tasted like a real organ.
It throbbed and pulsed in mouth.

"Suck it!" Piper hissed. She humped back and forth with her hips, ramming
the fake cock into Prue's throat. Piper twisted her fingers in her hair and
jerked her head up and down on the fake member.

Prue started to suck as the cock filled her mouth. Her tongue licked along
the ebony shaft and she lapped the underside also. "Yeah! The little slut
knows how to suck cock!" Piper moaned to Phoebe.

* * *

Phoebe gnawed and slurped on Prue's tits. She worked on the fat nipples,
twisting the one she wasn't sucking with her fingers. Phoebe slid her hands
down Prue's squirming body.

Phoebe pushed Prue's panties down to her knees. The blue energy reappeared
and enveloped Prue. Her clothing vanished and she was naked too. Phoebe
slowly tongued her way down Prue's body.

Prue gave a choked sob around Piper's cock as she felt the girl's tongue
dance through her pubic bush. Phoebe crouched between her legs and pushed
them apart. Her cunt lips gleamed with juice and her clit was erect. "Hot
cunt!" Phoebe mewed as she licked her lips.

Phoebe bent down and sniffed Prue's twat. She plunged her face into her
sister's wet slit. Prue felt a wave of pleasure ignite in her loins. Phoebe's
tongue slipped into the folds of her pussy.

Prue felt the tongue slither up inside her hole as Phoebe slurped her cunt.
"What a tasty pussy you have sister dear." Phoebe panted, smacking her lips.
Her lower face was coated with cunt fluid.

Phoebe buried her face in Prue's vagina and ate her out. Phoebe crawled
forward and positioned herself above Prue. She watched as Prue gurgled around
the cock in her mouth. Piper moaned with arousal. She could feel every
sensation as Prue sucked her phallus.

Reaching down, Phoebe fisted her dildo and rubbed the head against Prue's
slit. "I'm going to fuck you good, Sis!" she muttered. Prue's eyes flew wide.
She gave a strangled squawk as she felt her cunt painfully stretched by the
big dildo.

A jolt of pleasure shot through her nervous system. Prue hadn't had a
decent fuck in a long time. She had buried her sexual needs but now all the
repressed emotions came to the surface.

Phoebe's cock pumped in and out of her slick vagina. "AAAWWWW! Take it you
whore! Having a cock is so great!" she shuddered with excitement. Prue felt
every inch of the massive dildo driving in and out of her tunnel. She was
stuffed to the limit. Phoebe growled as she thrust her dick and undulated
her hips.

Phoebe humped up and down with all the strength she could muster. She pounded
into Prue good and hard. Prue's body jerked and bounced as she got fucked by
her sisters. Each time Phoebe stroked into her cunt, Prue exploded into an

Each savage thrust sent her closer to the edge and into Trent's clutches.
Prue moaned and slurped on Piper's cock. Piper shook and groaned as the cock
sucking made her have a climax. Piper yipped and frantically pumped her hips
to and fro, driving the cock deeper into Prue's throat. Piper grasped her
tits and rubbed the swollen mounds.

"Let me have her cunt." Piper said as she pulled the dildo out of Prue's
mouth. She strode around and fell to he knees next to Phoebe. The girl
stirred around inside Prue a few more times and rolled off.

"Go for it." Phoebe told her sister. Piper lunged into the battered cunt and
Prue sobbed in agony. "Feel my cock in you, slut!" Piper whispered in her
ear. Prue arched her back and her tits jiggled wildly.

Prue shrilled as the giant dildo tore up her insides. Piper slid every inch
of the cock into Prue's bruised cunt. "Yeah, Prue! You like this big cock up
there, don't you?" Piper said with lust.

Piper plowed her cunt again and again. She had never been this aggresive with
anyone before. Her taut flat stomach slapped against Prue's belly with each
thrust. Prue found herself giving in and responding to the brutal rape.

She shouted and cried out as another orgasm ripped through her body. Prue
tossed her tousled hair from side to side. She arched her back and strained
upward sharply.

Prue wept with elation as her sisters made her climax. She wrapped her legs
around Piper's waist and locked her ankles on her back. "FUCK MEEE!!! Fuck
meeee! AAAAGGGHHNNGG!!" she screeched loudly.

"Take it, Prue! Take my cock!" Piper growled as she accelerated the tempo of
her thrusts. "I'm going to CUM!" Phoebe warned as she kneeled at Prue's head.
She was jerking off the cock as she watched Prue get fucked.

Phoebe shoved the black dildo into Prue's mouth and stroked the lower half
of it furiously. Prue sucked the cockhead for all she was worth. She was
revelling in the depravity of her rape and incestual double teaming.

Phoebe threw back her head and roared with satisfaction. Big spurts of semen
blasted into Prue's mouth and on her face. Prue gulped down mouthfuls of
sperm and she wanted more.

"Yes! I'm going to cum! Ungh! Yesss!" Piper yelled in ectasy. She impaled
Prue one last time and rode her sister into the ground. Then Piper blew her
load of cum deep into Prue's cunt. Her vagina was drenched with jism and it
leaked out of her pit.

Prue screamed hoarsely around Phoebe's shooting cock as Piper blasted more
cum into her gaping cunt. Prue thrashed about insanely as she came for her
sisters. She didn't want the orgy to end.

* * *

Trent had successfully managed to enslave all three Halliwell sisters. He
now had three witches at his disposal as his servants and sex slaves. The
girls fucked long into the night. They indulged in every form of fucking
they could think of. Their new incestual realationship got them the hottest.

Piper became more dominant and liked bossing around her sisters. The girls
used the dildos on each other and Trent lost track of how many times he
fucked all three of them. Prue became lower on the pecking order. She was
now the submissive servent of her sisters.

They had fucked her asshole until she passed out and they both fucked her
cunt with the dildos at the same time. Prue had transformed into a real
whore. They put a leash on her collar and led her around the house like a
pet. But she was happy to do it to please her sisters.

They all kneeled before Trent naked and worshipped their new Master. Phoebe
smiled to herself as she realized that her vision had come true. She was
Trent's favorite of the sisters and she was glad to be his chosen slut.

The girls fucked all night long, even after Trent had gone to bed to get some
sleep. The next morning there was a knock at the door. Prue woke up and went
to answer the door. The girls were in Piper's room and she and Phoebe were
still asleep.

Prue put on a robe and went downstairs. She opened the door and was greeted
by a young blonde teenage girl. She was very pretty and had a nice smile.
Prue felt her pussy begin to grow wet with arousal.

"Good morning. May I help you with something?" Prue asked in a pleasnt tone.
"I hope so," the girl replied. "Hi. My name is Buffy Summers and I'm looking
for Trent......"

To be continued?


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