This story is based on the characters from the TV
show, CHARMED. This is not meant as an
infringement on their copyright of the series, but
fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.

(This story contains scenes of sex, NC, bestiality, fff)

If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on.
If on the other hand, you enjoy such situations, enjoy.

Charmed - Monkey Business
by David Oberman ([email protected])

Chapter One

Only a few months prior to this story, Piper had
almost died because of a deadly disease. Her doctor
during this emergency, a Dr. Williamson, did not offer
much hope to her two sisters as to her prospectus.
The disease seemed to be a deadly mutation of a less
fatal strain and the doctors were helpless in saving

Luckily for her, Leo had betrayed his trust of the
White-Lighters and saved her life as she was rising to
the legendary white light that every near-death
experimenter had claimed to have witnessed. This
cost him his wings as punishment.

Piper's miraculous recovery raised great hopes in Dr.
Williamson. He specialized in cures for as yet
incurable diseases. He hoped to find a miracle cure-
all in Piper's blood.

To that end he had insisted in blood samples from all
three sisters. At the time they saw nothing
controversial about his request.

For months he spent studying their blood. Giving
them every test he could conceive of during their stay.
He was desperate to discover what could have saved
Piper Halliwell's life that day. He went so far as to
inject three experimental chimpanzees with a sample
of each of the three sisters blood.

To facilitate his keeping track of who's blood he had
injected into which ape, he named them accordingly;
Phoebe, Piper and Prue.

Its been weeks since that fateful day and Dr.
Williamson had been working feverishly to find out
how Piper had survived that deadly disease. But
pressure was being placed on him from his supervisors
to drop the matter since he hadn't been able to isolate
anything promising in the girls blood samples.

Looking for more answers, he had repeatedly mailed
request upon request to Piper to return to the hospital
for further testing. But Piper wanted nothing to do
with the doctor's research, so she would simply
discard all the letters that he had mailed her regarding

It was a rather warm day in San Francisco on this day.
All three Halliwell sisters were dressed in braless
loose tops and skirts. And being attractive women,
their appearance couldn't help but be noticed.

Today Prue had a photo assignment with an actor at
his show's studio. When she got there she got ready
to take a set of pictures of him for her boss when a
chimpanzee appeared behind him. At first she taught
that the chimp was there for the show.

That is until he disappeared. That's when she realized
that the ape had just astral-projected into her view.
She hurriedly packed up her gear and rushed back
home to tell her two witch sisters.

"I... I just saw a chimpanzee astral-project," she told
them. "I was getting ready to take my pictures... and
then... suddenly, there he was. He kinda pointed at
me... and then disappeared."

"Can animals astral-project? Leo," Piper asked their
White Lighter and lover.

At first Phoebe and Piper didn't believe what she was
telling them, until Prue mentioned a hospital bracelet
on the chimp. The description of the hospital logo
caught Piper's attention, so she went to the waste
paper basket and pulled out one of Dr. Williamson's
letters. The hospital logo where he worked at was on
it, and Prue recognized it immediately.

"Not normally," he told them. "Unless..."

"Unless... unless what?" Phoebe rushed him.

"Well an animal could have your powers if someone
injected it into them," he went on.

"Inject," Prue said. "You mean our powers are in our
blood. That anybody could get them?"

"No," Leo explained. "If someone were to receive
your powers that way, they would lose their minds
and cause great evil. They weren't born to it. You

"Then, what we have to do is go to the hospital and
destroy everything that Dr. Williamson might have on
us," Piper suggested. "That don't sound so bad."

So, the Halliwell sisters packed into Piper's SMV and
headed for Dr. Williamson's hospital. They snuck
into the hospital and made their way to the research

Around each corner Piper would flash her hands out
and freeze everybody that might be in range. In this
way they made it to the laboratories unnoticed.

As soon as they found Dr. Williamson's laboratory
they stopped and gasped. There, against the far wall
was three cages. Each cage contained a diaper clad
chimpanzee with a nametag for each: Piper, Prue and

"You mean to tell me that he named them after us,"
Piper objected.

Phoebe meanwhile was snooping around his specimen
refrigerator where she found blood samples from each
of them that the doctor had acquired during their stay.
Prue was looking over his lab notes and found
extensive files on each of them.

"Are you sure that you saw him astral-project," Piper
asked her older sister, pointing to the ape with Prue's

"Uh, uh guys," Phoebe stuttered as that same chimp
was levitating a banana over to its cage.

"Oh! My! God!" Piper exclaimed in shocked

Recuperating the fastest, Prue reads aloud some of
Dr. Williamson's notes.

"According to these notes," she says. "Dr.
Williamson injected each monkey with our blood."

"You mean to say that they all have our powers,"
Piper exclaimed.

"We can't be sure of that," Phoebe says, just as the
Piper-chimp freezes the floating banana.

"I guess that answers that," Phoebe responds.

"Okay," Prue says, taking charge. "What we have to
do then is we have to grab all of Dr. Williamson's
notes. Phoebe, don't forget our blood samples."

"What about them?" Piper asks nodding her head
towards the three primates.

"We'll have to take them back to the mansion with
us," Prue tells her sister. "At least until we find a way
to remove our powers from them."

Once they've gathered all the documents together,
each of the girls took control of their namesake
chimpanzee. The apes were playful and didn't present
them with any problems on the way home.

On the way back to their house, they heard of what
Dr. Williamson had been doing. Apparently the
doctor had also gained their powers. But he was
using his magical powers to remove criminals of their
organs for transplantation. The three witches knew
that they had to somehow stop him. But first, they'd
have to find a potion that would allow them to
remove their powers from a mortal.

Luckily for them they had the three chimpanzees with
which to test any concoction that Phoebe could come
up with.

Chapter Two

Once they returned to the mansion, Piper was
volunteered to handle the three playful apes while
Phoebe tried to work up a potion to counteract their
transferred powers. Meanwhile, Prue called their
police contact, Inspector Darryl Morris, to find out
more about the organ stealing doctor's spree.

"Now Prue," Piper was calling the chimp named after
her older sister. "You come back here and behave."

The chimp waved its arm playfully which raised her
skirt in the air, exposing the slim thong panty that she
was wearing. Piper embarrassingly pushed the
floating skirt back down to cover herself.

"Hey you!" She scalded the mischievous ape.

The playful monkey just squealed out sharply, finding
the game very amusing. Phoebe-chimp also wanted
to join in on the game, so it jumped up onto Piper's
shoulder and hugged her head with its legs.

"Mmmmph!" Piper found her voice muffled by the
playful animal.

Once again the Prue-chimp waved its arm, this time
its powers were directed to Piper's tits.

"Mmmmmh!" Piper moaned in protest.

It felt like a hand was squeezing her tits
simultaneously. Piper-chimp saw what was
happening, and not wanting to be left out, jumped into
the struggling girl's lap. It then began to struggle
with Piper's skirt hem, pulling it up manually.

With Phoebe-chimp covering her face, Piper was
unable to call out for help from her sister Phoebe.
Phoebe was working in the kitchen, trying to come up
with a potion that would allow them to remove these
magical powers from the apes. And hopefully from
the now homicidal Dr. Williamson.

Within moments, Piper found herself exposed once
again. She was being assaulted by three monkeys that
she couldn't control.

'Lucky for me they're girl monkeys,' she thought to
herself as she kept up the struggle to regain control.

Now that Piper-chimp finally got the girl's skirt out of
the way, it began exploring the strange loin cloth that
was still covering her pussy.

Piper could feel the probing finger of the ape as it
poked repeatedly at her pussy mound. All the while
the Prue-chimp kept squeezing her tits using her own
sister's power.

'Okay,' she was thinking to herself. 'These monkeys
are getting a bit too personal here.'

Her struggle to gain control over the three primates
became more urgent. She decided to get the one over
her face off first, then she could call to Phoebe for
help. She grabbed hold of its diaper and pulled on it
in the hopes that he would come loose.

Unfortunately, she didn't take into account that the
chimpanzee was much stronger than its size let on.

She gave the diaper a mighty tug and it came off of
the beast's loin. Piper felt something wet against her
cheek, but she couldn't figure out what in the world it
might be. She quickly realized that she was holding
an empty diaper in her hand.

What the Halliwell sisters hadn't taken into account
was that Dr. Williamson had named the chimps by
their names so that he could more easily keep track of
which ape was receiving the injections from which
sample. Not because of their gender. The truth of the
matter is, all three of the chimpanzees that they were
with were all males.

"Mmmmh!" She mumbled as she resumed pulling on
the chimp on her face.

She was only mildly successful when she managed to
pull it away from her head only a few inches. But
those few inches was enough for the Phoebe-chimp to
get into a better position. Piper tried to talk again just
at that moment.

That was a big mistake on her part. As she opened
her mouth, Phoebe-chimp hugged his loin at her face
again. Piper felt something slip past her lips, but she
couldn't figure out what that might be. Phoebe-chimp
began humping Piper's face energetically.

It was at this time that Piper realized what had
entered her mouth. These weren't girl-monkeys, has
they presumed. They were male, and Phoebe-chimps
cock was now fucking her in the mouth.

In desperation Piper tried using her powers on the
three apes, but with their blood and magic powers in
them, they were immune to her own power.

'Then why can they use their powers on me?' Piper

What they hadn't taken into account was that the
bestial nature that they were, actually increased their
power. In effect, while the chimps were immune to
them, they were not immune to the apes use of their
own power.

Just then Piper-chimp had discovered that Piper's
thong was just another piece of cloth and had shoved
it aside. He was now shoving his oversized finger
into her hole and pulling it back out for a taste. Its
longer than human size allowed him to reach deeply
into her cunt.

Piper could do nothing but squirm helplessly with an
ape cock in her mouth, while its companion was
finger-fucking her.

Meanwhile, Prue-chimp had never relented on her tits.
Piper hadn't noticed it herself yet, being more
preoccupied by his companions, but her nipples had
stiffened noticeably under the apes telekinetic mauling
of her tits.

She was finding it hard to keep her balance with this
three prong attack of her body. Prue-chimp used its
telekinetic power once more and ripped away Piper's
shirt from her chest, exposing her tits to them all. At
the sight of those big mammaries, Prue-chimp jumped
on Piper's chest, knocking her back into the couch.
This new, and more vulnerable position was making it
easier for the three chimpanzees to continue their
sexual assault of the young woman.

Piper-chimp was enjoying the taste of Piper's pussy so
much that he decided to drink straight from the well
of her cunt. The impudent ape lowered its head and
began sticking its long, agile tongue deep down her
sex crevasse.

Piper moaned around the mouth fucking monkey cock
in her mouth at her namesake's invading tongue. She
couldn't get over how long and thick the invading
tongue was. How its rough texture was sensitizing
her inner vagina.

She was no longer squirming in protest to their
assault, but in arousal. She couldn't believe that she
was getting turned on by these misbehaving, and
horny monkeys.

Somehow the three apes could feel the change in
Piper's attitude. They could feel her body consenting
to their endeavor.

Phoebe-chimp increased its tempo in Piper's now
sucking mouth. Prue-chimp began suckling on her tits
while pinching the other. And her namesake was
stuffing its thick tongue so deep, that Piper thought
that it must be a cock. That is until the tongue
wiggled at the bottom of her cunt.

Piper was no longer resisting the sexual assault of the
apes. In fact she was encouraging it. Her hands were
no longer trying to shove away Phoebe-chimp.
Instead, she was hugging him deeper in her mouth.
She wanted to deepthroat the horny beast. She
wanted to have him shoot his bestial jism in her mouth
and down her throat.

She also found her hips were humping up to meet
Piper-chimp's probing tongue.

All three chimpanzees were thoroughly enjoying this
human playmate of theirs. Prue-chimp had switched
tits at least twice already. But it never relented on its
sucking of her hard nipples, in the hopes of getting
some milky fluid out of her.

Piper-chimp felt its own cock stiffening under the
confining diaper he was wearing. The chimp began
undoing that cumbersome piece of cloth so as to free
its penis. Piper-chimp had already decided that
Piper's pussy would be as good as any chimp cunt he
had fucked before.

Prue-chimp watched its companion at Piper's groin,
tugging on the white diaper. At first he couldn't
understand what Piper-chimp was trying to
accomplish with that. Then, when the diaper finally
came off, Prue-chimp saw his friends raging hardon
and clarity hit his eyes. He too began tugging on his
own diaper, wanting to get his cock free also.

Just then Phoebe-chimp began shooting streams of
jism into Piper's gulping mouth. She couldn't believe
that she was actually doing something so perverse as
sucking a monkey's cock, much less swallowing its
jism. But suck she did, not wanting to lose a drop of
its cum.

As soon as Phoebe-chimp was done shooting his load
of jism in the willing female, he jumped down to the
floor and vacated her face for his friends to take a
shot at.

Prue-chimp had observed what the young woman had
done with her mouth to his companion and as soon as
he saw his friend jump down, he leapt up and took his

Piper was surprised to see a second monkey climb up
to her face, but this time she wasted no time with
protesting. She liked the salty flavor of the other
ape's cum so much, she couldn't wait for another
load. She used her hand to jerk him to a harder state
and then wrapped her lips around his stiff cock.

She was pleasantly surprised to discover that this
chimpanzees cock was much larger than his
companion's. The first chimp's cock was a measly
five inches long, but this one matched most of the
guys she had fucked in the past. He had a proud
seven inches and he seemed to know how to use it

Prue-chimp immediately began humping his ass into
Piper's willing face, burying his cock deep past her
tonsils. It had been a long time since Piper last had a
cock fucking down her throat, but she was willing to
do her best to deepthroat him.

Just then, Piper-chimp was tired of playing with
Piper's pussy. He too had pulled his diaper off and
was trying to stick his huge cock into her well
lubricated cunt.

When Piper felt a cock slithering past her pussylips,
she almost bit down on Prue-chimp's mouth fucking
cock, but she somehow managed to restrain from
doing that. Looking down from the corner of her eye,
she could see the third chimp had decided that she
needed a fuck.

Piper-chimp began humping and shoving his nine inch
cock deeper into Piper's pussy. As for Piper, all she
could do was squirm uncomfortably at the thought
that she was being fucked by an animal. Never mind
that she was sucking one at the same time.

'God!' Her mind reeled. 'What am I doing here?
How can I let this happen?'

But then her thoughts connected to the fact how big
the cock was that was invading her wet pussy.
Without any conscious thought her hips began
humping in rhythm with the primate.

Piper-chimp recognized her compliance and increased
his own tempo. Meanwhile, Prue-chimp, not wanting
to be out-staged by his buddy, also increased his pace
in Piper's mouth.

Off to the side Phoebe-chimp was watching the three
participants and getting aroused again. He began
jerking on his shrunken cock to get it hard once more.
He hadn't figured out where he could go to perform,
but he wanted another shot at this wanton female.

For ten long minutes the two apes continued fucking
into the prone Piper. As willing as she was to receive
their seed, she wasn't expecting what was to happen

Piper-chimp suddenly reached its peak and began
shooting his warm jism into Piper's cunt. In his
excitement he waved his arms in the air and froze her
in place. Because of his bestial nature, his power
could in fact affect the three witches, while they
couldn't use their own power on them.

Both apes emptied their balls in her frozen body.
Their cum not being swallowed or kept inside her
pussy, as Piper's relaxed body couldn't swallow or
clasp her pussylips to contain it.

That's when Phoebe-chimp heard the noise from the
kitchen area.

So that's how the three chimpanzees left Piper
Haliwell. Frozen, half naked on the couch, and with
their cum leaking out of her mouth and pussy.

Chapter Three

Phoebe was oblivious to what was happening to her
sister in the livingroom, as she was too busy
concentrating on finding a potion to reverse that
damage that Dr. Williamson had inadvertently caused.

"Eeeeee! Eeeeeeek!" Phoebe-chimp cried out,
startling Phoebe in the process.

"Oh! Oh!" She stammered in her surprise. "What
are you doing here?"

That's when she noticed that the other apes were also
joining their friend.

"Piper!" She called out. "You kinda lost your
charges here."

But there would be no answer to her calls.

She was about to go see if anything was wrong when
she noticed that the monkeys diapers were nowhere to
be seen. That's when she also discovered the true
gender of their guests.

"Oooooh! What have we got here?" She said
smiling. "Guess the good doctor wasn't' paying
much attention when he named you guys, uh!"

"EEEEEEK! EEEEEEEEK!" They all shrieked in

Prue-chimp gave a wave of its arms, lifting Phoebe's
light skirt in the air in response.

"Hey you!" Phoebe scolded him.

Unlike her sibling sisters, Phoebe rarely wore any
underwear, and today was no exception. At the sight
of her pussy, Phoebe jumped up and wrapped its long
arms around her slim waist while his legs wrapped
themselves tightly on her legs.

"What do you think you're doing?" She yelled down
at him. "Now you get off right this minute."

But Phoebe-chimp had no intention of disentangling
himself until he too had his stick dipped in pussy.

"Piper! I need some help here," she called out again.

The remaining two apes rushed over to help their
horny friend. They wrapped their own furry arms
around Phoebe's ankles and tripped her down to the
floor heavily, knocking her breath away.

"Ugnffff!" She groaned.

Phoebe-chimp took this opportunity to reposition
himself to properly do what he desperately wanted to
do. He adjusted his aim and shoved all five inches
into her dry cunt.

"Oh shit," she complained. "Couldn't you have
worked me up a bit first."

But Phoebe-chimp didn't care anything about her
comfort at this point. All that he knew was his own
need and wants. He just kept on humping his cock
past her clenching pussylips. His furry belly rubbing
against her clit.

"Shit that tickles," she groaned as she could do
nothing else.

As the seconds ticked by, she could feel herself
getting more and more aroused by what was
happening to her. She had always been adventurous
about sex, even let a dog lick her once for an old
boyfriend. But she had never even considered the
idea of letting an animal do what this ape was doing
to her now.

Piper-chimp had released her legs and worked his way
up to her chest. He began pulling and tugging on her
thin shirt.

Phoebe couldn't believe what they were doing. Were
they actually working together to gang rape her. Was
that even possible with animals?

Almost in answer to her unspoken question, Prue-
chimp joined the other and also began tugging on the

Phoebe couldn't believe her eyes. She was being
sexually attacked by three apes, and she didn't know
what to do about it. She tried getting up once, only
to be jumped on by the two at her shirt. Their
combined weight hurt her ribs, so she didn't try it

"What do you guys want anyway?" She asked, not
expecting an answer. "What am I saying. I know
exactly what you want."

Just then she heard the rip of Prue's expensive silk
shirt that she had borrowed.

"Oh Prue is gonna kill me," she said.

Two more powerful tugs from the two primates and
the silk shirt was in tatters around her now exposed

Both apes mashed their lips over one of her tits, biting
sharply on her nipples.

"Ouch!" She cried out in pain. "Hey you two, stop

But they paid no attention to her protesting cries.
They simply concentrated on suckling on her huge

Meanwhile, Phoebe-chimp was still busily fucking
away at her moistening pussy. Without realizing it,
Phoebe began to slowly move her hips rhythmically
along with her namesake.

Suddenly, she felt the wet tip of a cock being shoved
against her closed lips. Opening her eyes she read the
name of Prue on the hospital wrist band. The chimp
wanted a blowjob out of her, but Phoebe had no
desires to perform that act on this beast.

Just then Piper-chimp bit down on her stiff nipple
causing Phoebe to gasp out in pain. That momentary
lapse of her clenched lips was all that Prue-chimp
needed to bury his shaft past her lips. He began
humping his groin into her face almost immediately.

Phoebe was powerless to stop either of the two
fucking apes. Even if she did have an active power to
use against them, they were immune to the three

Phoebe-chimp continued his humping of the human
female's pussy, burying his shaft all the way in

Phoebe could feel herself mounting towards an

'How can I be enjoying this?' She asked herself.
'Thi... this is so... wrong.'

Without any conscious thought Phoebe began sucking
earnestly on Prue-chimp's mouth fucking cock. All
the while, Piper-chimp remained busy suckling on her
huge tits, and Phoebe-chimp was still relishing the
tight confines of her clenching pussylips.

As her sexual arousal mounted, Phoebe intensified her
sucking on Prue-chimp's cock. At that very moment,
Prue-chimp astral-projected itself next to the still
fucking Phoebe-chimp.

Phoebe hadn't realized the ape's action as she was
still too busy on sucking on his cock.

The astral-projected Prue-chimp quickly moved next
to his fucking friend and sniffed at Phoebe's wet
pussy. He immediately recognized the scent of sex
emanating from her. This excited him immensely.
And since his cock was already hard from her sucking
just moments before on his real body, he was ready to
try another hole.

But with Phoebe's mouth still occupied sucking his
other self, and Phoebe-chimp still occupying her
pussy, he moved around and found an inviting new
hole to try.

He moved behind Phoebe's ass and began sniffing her
tentatively. Next, he shot out his long stiff tongue
and lapped Phoebe across her asscrack.

"Mmmmmmh!" Phoebe gurgled in surprise.

Was someone there with her and the apes. She
counted in her head the location of the three horny
beast and knew that they were otherwise preoccupied.
So the only other explanation for another tongue was
that someone had caught her in the act of copulating
with them.

Prue-chimp intensified his tongue probing of her
asscrack, discovering her anus moments later. Phoebe
squirmed uncomfortably at the idea that some pervert
was taking advantage of her in this way.

But she was still held helplessly by the raping
primates. Her view blocked by Prue-chimps body as
she continued sucking on his cock.

Piper-chimp was moving back and forth on Phoebe's
tits, trying to milk them for milk. But nothing was
coming from them. In disappointment, he looked up
and saw a fourth chimp had joined the mle. By this
time his own cock had found a new surge of energy
and was ready to perform again.

Seeing that the girl was able to handle two males at
her bottom, Piper-chimp then assumed that she should
also be able to do the same at her head.

So, he quickly moved alongside the tranced Prue-
chimp and presented its own stiff cock next to his

Without giving it any thought whatsoever, Phoebe
opened her mouth wider and accepted the second
cock eagerly. After all, she had done this sort of thing
on numerous occasions in the years that she wandered
around the country, before she and her sisters
discovered their powers.

The astral-Prue-chimp then grabbed hold of his cock
and aimed it to the new opening that he had
discovered. With a powerful bestial surge he buried
his seven inch cock into her virgin ass.

"Grrrl!" Phoebe groaned painfully at the invading

She couldn't believe what was happening to her. She
was sucking two monkey cocks, while another was
fucking her pussy. And to add to this disgusting
scenery, some stranger had joined in her debasement
and was busy fucking her ass.

For years she had turned down her various boyfriends
who wanted to assfuck her. She loved sex, but even
she had some limits that should never be crossed. But
these three horny primates didn't know anything
about her don'ts.

Phoebe-chimp reached up with its long primate arms
and pinched her nipples sharply.

"Ungh! Mmmmmmh!" Phoebe moaned deeply with
the two cocks still stuffed in her mouth.

For the next ten minutes Phoebe endured the
continuing humping of three apes, while she kept on
sucking on the entranced Prue-chimp, not yet
realizing that an astral-Prue-chimp was the fourth
cock invading her ass.

Then finally, Phoebe-chimp began shooting its hot
spunk deep inside her pussy. The heated contact of
that sperm triggered Phoebe's own orgasm as she
lurched her hips forward to bury the chimp's cock
deeper inside her.

A few seconds later she felt Piper-chimp empty its
balls in her mouth. She began swallowing urgently,
finding the tasty fluid the best that she had ever had.

'God!' Phoebe thought. 'That Prue-chimp sure has
lasting power.'

It still hadn't dawned on her that while in its trance
state, its cock was being kept aroused by her own
sucking mouth.

Moments later she felt the hot seed of the mysterious
intruder that had entered her virgin ass. This too
triggered a new orgasm in her.

'Damn!' She mumbled to herself. 'If I'd known ass-
fucking was... so good. I'd never have held out to
those guys.'

As soon as the astral-Prue-chimp emptied its balls into
Phoebe's ass it suddenly disappeared, leaving a
sudden emptiness in Phoebe's ass.

As strange as it may seem, that sudden vacancy
triggered yet another orgasm on the part of Phoebe.
In retaliation, she sucked in the real Prue-chimp's
cock until she felt its balls hitting her chin.

'Oh fucking shit!' Realization suddenly hit her. 'That
other cock was... was him.'

She finally figured out that she had four chimpanzee
cocks doing her simultaneously, and that Prue-
chimp's cock that was in her mouth was all her doing.
She was shocked to discover that she was acting of
her own volition in sucking the ape's cock.

But now that Prue-chimp's consciousness had
returned to its physical body, it had resumed fucking
her throat in earnest.

"Eeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeek!" Prue-chimp
shrieked as he felt his balls tighten.

"GRBLE!" Phoebe gurgled as she tried drinking
down the warm cum shooting to the back of her

Meanwhile, Phoebe-chimp had wandered into the
livingroom where Piper was still frozen near the
couch. The ape began touching things all over the
room. When it came up to a scarf that belonged to
Prue, a sudden premonition struck him.

"Eeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeek!" Phoebe-
chimp shrieked in surprise at being exposed to the
sudden vision.

What he had witnessed in his vision was Prue
returning home and finding her two sisters frozen and
covered with their drying sperm. Then he saw her
reach into a drawer and pulling out a gun. The next
thing that occurred was Prue angrily shooting himself
and his two comrades dead.

The sudden shrieking of Phoebe-chimp caught Piper-
chimp unaware, and he waved his arms in shocked
surprise. This froze Phoebe with Prue-chimp's cock
still spurting his cum in her slackened mouth. So that
as soon as he pulled out of her throat, his cum began
leaking out of her mouth which had remained in its
'O' frozen shape.

The three apes congregated together in the livingroom
where the Phoebe-chimp informed his two cohorts, in
chimp language, of what was to happen to them.

After long moments of conferencing together, the
three apes decided on a course of action.

Chapter Four

As soon as Phoebe-chimp had foreseen what Prue
would have done to them when she discovers her
raped siblings frozen and covered with their cum, it
had found the handgun just where his precognitive
vision had shown him was.

They had tossed it in the garbage can where Prue
wouldn't even think of looking for it. Then they just
lay in wait for her to return home

Prue had spent the better part of the afternoon getting
details of Dr. Williamson's activities from Inspector
Morris. What she found out shocked her.

At first, the doctor had been removing organs from
criminals for the purpose of saving lives, while at the
same time insuring that those criminals would survive
his 'surgery'. But now, he wasn't even bothering in
letting those criminal donors lives. He was
intentionally leaving them to die after removing
whatever organ he had cut out of them.

She rushed back to the mansion to let her sisters
know how badly things have gotten. She only hoped
that Phoebe had found a way to remove his powers
before more Innocents, to use the term loosely in this
case, are lost.

"Piper! Phoebe!" Prue called out as she walked into
the house.

But nobody answered. As soon as she turned the
corner into their livingroom she stopped dead in her
tracks in shock.

There, lying half-naked and frozen, lay her sister
Piper. She couldn't believe what she was seeing
before her very eyes. She could see the cum splatters
all over her face and groin.

'Did Dr. Williamson come here and raped her?' Prue

But there was no indication of forced entry to the

"Phoebe!" She called out in alarm, not seeing her in
the room.

She rushed from room to room trying to find her baby
sister. She skidded to a halt as she came into the
kitchen. There on the floor lay Phoebe. She too was
half-dressed and covered with congealing sperm.

"Who did this to you guys?" Prue asked, but they
weren't in any condition to give her an answer.

Then she remembered the chimpanzees that they had
brought back from the hospital.

"Where are the monkeys?" She called out in concern.
"Where are you girls? C'mon out, girls. I've got
bananas for ya."

That was when Prue-chimp astral-projected in front of
her, minus its diaper. The first thing that caught
Prue's attention was its raging hardon.

"Oh! My! God!" She gulped. "You girls are...

Then the realization hit her.

screamed in anger.

She rushed out to the drawer where they kept a gun
for protection. When she pulled open the drawer it
was empty.

"I'l... I'll fucking kill you damn apes!" She yelled
while rushing after them.

Prue-chimp waved its arms in the air, pulling loose the
single strap that held her top in place. Before Prue
could react her breast popped free. She instinctively
reached up to cover herself, but then reconsidered as
these were only animals seeing her exposed like this.

She turned towards the kitchen, planning on levitating
knives to attack the three horny primates running
around her. But Prue-chimp waved its arms once
more, causing her skirt to slip down, tripping her and
causing her to fall heavily to the ground. Her head
banging against the center table, knocking her

"Eeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeeek!" The three
chimps shrieked excitedly.

They all pounced on the unconscious woman and
began pawing her body everywhere. Phoebe-chimp
was enjoying the feel of her large tits, occasionally
nibbling or biting on her nipples.

Piper-chimp had found the human mouth to be very
enjoyable, so he jumped on her face. He was
exploring her limp mouth with his fingers, trying to
see how deep her cavity was and if it would be able to
handle his cock like the others had.

Prue-chimp was exploring Prue's vagina and ass,
having enjoyed both experiences equally with Piper
and Phoebe earlier.

The three apes began tearing away what remained of
Prue's clothing. Piece by ripped piece she was being
undressed by the excited primates. Her unconscious
body quivering with each tug.

As they continued to strip her, they could feel their
cocks stiffening once more. With each girl they seem
to get aroused easier and faster. In fact, their cocks
were increasing in size after each rape of the witches.

Phoebe-chimp's penis was now measuring a more
respectable eight inches. While Prue-chimp now had
a cock measuring ten inches. Piper-chimp had grown
the most impressively, his cock now measured a
monstrous fifteen inches and almost three inches in

Piper-chimp decided to take the initiative and began
to stuff his cockhead past Prue's limp lips. He was
disappointed in her lack of participation, but his girth
still made her nice and tight enough for him. So he
proceeded to start humping past her lips anyway.

Phoebe-chimp continued suckling on Prue's large tits
and nipples, trying to milk her in the process like a
cow's teat.

Prue-chimp didn't waste time in joining his pals. He
aimed his, now ten inch cock, to Prue's pussy and
shoved forward hard. He managed to bury half his
cock on that first thrust. After that, he did what came
natural to any animal, he began thrusting into her at a
rapid pace.

This three edged assault on Prue's unconscious form
was shaking her body back and forth, depending
which ape was thrusting at that specific moment. Her
tits jiggling at their onslaught.

Prue's pussy began lubricating itself almost instantly
as Prue-chimp's cock sliced in and out of her.

At the same time, her nipples were hardening to the
pleasure of Phoebe-chimp.

"Uuuunnn!" Prue moaned as she was slowly
regaining consciousness.

Piper-chimp grabbed her by the hair and continued
humping his cock down her throat. Its warm flesh
touching her throat was arousing Prue even more,
despite her stupor.

Then Prue-chimp rammed all ten inches into Prue's
pussy, which shocked her back to awareness. When
she opened her eyes she couldn't see anything, but
knew that someone was raping her mouth and vagina.
As well as sucking on her tits.

At first she thought that she had been blindfolded, but
then she remembered the three apes in the house.
About how she had found her two sisters, covered
with their cum. That's when it dawned on her that it
was these same three animals that were now raping

She waved her hands desperately in a vain attempt to
throw them off with her powers. She was shocked to
discover that they were immune to her influence.

'Oh god, no,' she thought in horror to her situation.
'Don't let this happen to me.'

She began squirming in an attempt to push them off,
but their great strength was too much for her.
Despite their smallish size, chimpanzees are much
more stronger than any normal person.

Then, without consciously willing it, she astro-
projected next to her primary self. She looked down
in terror as she saw the two apes ravaging her mouth
and pussy. She could see how big their cocks had
gotten. But she was too stunned to react in helping
her real self.

"How can these little guys have dicks that size?" She
asked aloud.

Phoebe-chimp was surprised to hear her voice from
above. When he looked up, he saw another human
female in the room. Not realizing that it was the
astral-Prue, he leapt up and grabbed at her naked

Astral-Prue immediately tried to fight him off as well,
but he had already wrapped his strong, long arms
around her waist and was humping his rigid cock
against her leg.

Realizing that he was too low, he began climbing up
astral-Prue's body to get in proper position. He then
humped once more and his cockhead found its way
into astral-Prue's wet pussy.

She hadn't realized that the arousal that had
moistened her real body, had also been transferred
into her astral body as well.

So Phoebe-chimp buried his eight inch cock into her
and began humping furiously as only a wild animal
could. Astral-Prue came within seconds of his
invading prick finding its mark.

"Oh fucking shit!" She exclaimed in surprise at her
own reaction.

He closed her eyes to a crack as Phoebe-chimp kept
on humping into her. This allowed to watch the other
two primates fuck into her entranced body. She
watched helplessly as their ten-plus inch cocks slid in
and out of her own mouth and pussy.

As her excitement continued to mount, she was
beginning to wish that she could feel their cocks as
they plunged into her.

"Mmmmmmmh!" She moaned. "Ho... how can I be
thinking of somet... something like that."

Astral-Prue began finding her hips humping along
with Phoebe-chimp. For some perverse reason, her
act of voyeurism on her own rape was arousing to
her. She could feel her self-control slipping away
from her with each passing second.

"I... I've got to... got to get control," she told herself

With a burst of conscious effort she canceled out her
astral self and remerged with her true body. As soon
as that occurred she opened her eyes wide in shock at
discovering how deeply imbedded the Piper-chimp
had driven his fifteen inch cock down her throat. At
least ten of those inches was sliding in and out past
her lips and she was helpless to stop him.

"Mmmmmmmmmh!" Was the only sound of protest
that she could utter.

At that same instant, the Phoebe-chimp that had been
fucking the astral-Prue had fallen to the ground and
was very upset. He was finally getting his jollies
when his 'mate' disappeared on him. And now that
he was furiously aroused he was in search for a new
one for him to sink his hard shaft in.

He tried muscling into his comrades act, but they
effortlessly shoved him away. He kept jumping
around the three bodies on the ground until he noticed
Prue's puckered asshole. He approached her rear
cautiously and began sniffing her ass.

'Oh god, no,' Prue's eyes widened at the ape's wet
snout on her ass. 'Please! Please, don't let him do

But the chimpanzee wouldn't be put off. He had
found a new hole to explore. The first thing that he
did was stick his long primate finger past her sphincter
and shoved it in as deep as he could.

Prue's ass tightened at the invading digit, squeezing
her ass-muscles as tight as she could to try and keep
him out. But the finger still managed to slither deeper
into her.

Then he pulled it out and smelled her shit on his
finger. The beast didn't find it all that unpleasant and
resumed the task, shoving his finger again in Prue's
ass. In and out he would finger-fuck her ass

Slowly, inexorably, Prue felt her resistance weaken.
With each invading thrust of Phoebe-chimp's finger,
she could feel her body unwilling submit to it.
Though she had never in her life been fucked there,
she thought it to be an abhorrent sexual behavior, she
was now nearing conceding that it might be
something worth trying with the right guy someday.

Phoebe-chimp could feel her loosening up to his
finger-fucking. She he felt that the time was now
right for his real needs to take to the forefront. He
deftly flipped himself around so that his cock was
primed at her ass entrance.

Prue had felt the ape's finger pull out of her, and at
first she was disappointed. Then her thoughts
brought her back to what was happening to her at the
hands of these animals and she was relieved.

But then she felt something else pushing against her
sphincter. Something hard and wet. That's when she
realized that her virgin ass was about to be
deflowered by a chimpanzee. Again she struggled
against the three primates, trying desperately to get
them away from her.

But they were as relentless as ever. They wouldn't
relinquish their hold on her naked body. As far as
they were concerned, she was just another willing
mate wanting to be impregnated by them.

'Ohgodohgodohgod!' Her mind reeled at the third
cock approaching her ass.

Phoebe-chimp then shoved forward, burying half of
his eight inch cock into Prue's ass. In immediate
reaction Prue squeezed her asscheeks together,
trapping him there.

Prue-chimp felt his friend's cock, through the thin
membrane separating them, and got all excited by the
sudden counter-pressure. In his excitement he created
a second astral-cock to his own. He now had two
cocks attached to his loins and both of them were
stuffed inside of Prue's vagina.

Suddenly, Prue felt the girth in her pussy widen to
twice what it was just a second before. Tears of pain
began flowing down her cheeks as her mouth kept on
sucking on Piper-chimp's cock.

"Eeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeek!" Both
Prue-chimp and Phoebe-chimp cried out in surprise.

The added pressure of that third cock against their
own was squeezing their cocks almost painfully.
They both tried fucking their cocks in and out of her
tight holes, but they were held there motionless
despite their excitement.

'Oh GOD! It hurts!' Prue's mind exploded in pain.

Unconsciously, her clit exploded in orgasm at the
added pressure. Her cum squirted furiously over the
balls of the now double-pricked Prue-chimp,
lubricating both shafts. The horny ape was finally able
to move his cocks once more. Only an inch of so at
first, but soon he was managing to slide five, then six
inches into Prue's cum slickened pussy.

As Prue's juices flowed around the double-cocked
monkey in her pussy, some of it would seep to her as
and lubricate the still ass-fucking Phoebe-chimp.
Soon after he was moving in unison with his
companion and screwing her ass as Prue-chimp filled
her cunt.

With each passing second, Prue's pain was slowly
being replaced by a source of pleasure. She couldn't
comprehend how she could be getting excited over
such a vile and unnatural act, besides the fact that it
was animals doing it to her. But she had to concede
that her body was telling her that this was a good

With Prue distracted by the three cocks at her back,
Piper-chimp shoved forward had and finally managed
to shove all fifteen inches of his hard cock down her
throat. In shocked surprise, Prue gulped noisily
around the invading shaft as she felt its bloated balls
hitting against her chin.

Prue's eyes crossed in complete disbelief as she came
to the realization that the ape's whole cock had found
its way down her throat. She could still visualize its
size when she was watching herself get raped while in
her astral-personae a few minutes before. She
remembered her shocked disbelief that this small
animal could have had a cock that huge.

Not wanting to release his treasure hole that was
Prue's mouth, Piper-chimp wrapped its arms and legs
tightly around her head. With his savage strength he
was easily able to keep his cock buried deep down her

Prue was finding it hard to catch her breath while that
deepthroated cock remained buried to the hilt like
this. She could see spots appearing before her eyes as
she was feeling herself fall into unconsciousness from
lack of oxygen.

Chapter Five

While Prue was being ape-raped, both Piper and
Phoebe were finally released from Piper-chimp's time

Thought they found themselves in different rooms,
they both smacked their mouths noisily as they sucked
in the cum still clinging to her lips and their tongues.
Then they both noticed that they were half-naked,
with their clothes ripped savagely to shreds.

That's when they both recalled what had happened to
them. How the three monkeys that they had brought
back from the hospital were not female as they had
presumed because of the names that Dr. Williamson
had given them. But rather the three primates were in
fact three males. Very horny males it turned out.

They were getting to their feet in the place the apes
had abandoned them. And on shaky legs they
examined themselves for signs of injury and bite
marks, with animals you never know.

Piper, being in the livingroom already, was the first to
notice what was going on.

"OH! MY! GOD!" She yelled out, alarming Phoebe
in the kitchen. "Prue! What are you doing!"

Phoebe rushed into the room to see what was wrong.
What greeted her was Prue on the ground with the
three apes ravaging her naked body. A smile crept
over her lips at the sight of her older sister finally
getting the fucking that she needed.

"Way to go sis," Phoebe cheered.

"Phoebe!" Piper objected. "How can you say that.
They... they're monkeys for godsakes."

Prue's eyes just stared in disbelief as her two sibling
sisters were arguing between each other while she
was still at the sexual mercy of the three primates
attacking her body with their cocks.

"You seem to have enjoyed them," Phoebe countered
checking out the dried cum on Piper's face.

"I... I didn't do it," Piper countered. "They... they
raped me."

"I didn't hear you call for help," Phoebe cornered her.
"Or object for that matter."

"I... I couldn't," the middle sister said in her defense.
"I had a cock in..." she stopped herself, not daring to
say that an ape cock was stuffed in her mouth.

"Eeeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeek! Eeeeeeeek!

Their arguing was interrupted as the Phoebe-chimp
shrieked out as he was cumming. His hot cum
shooting into Prue's ass.

The two sisters watched in fascination as Prue
continued getting fucked by the Prue-chimp, as yet
unaware that it was now equipped with a twin cock.
They were also shocked to see the size that Piper-
chimp's cock had now attained.

They couldn't believe that Prue was managing to suck
anything that big down her throat and remain
conscious. That's when they first took notice of the
blue tinge that Prue's face was taking in.

"Uh-oh!" Phoebe voiced her concern. "We better do
something before Prue passes out."

Piper moved forward and grabbed hold of the still
spurting Phoebe-chimp and began pulling him out of
Prue's tight ass. It was a struggle for the little
primate didn't want to leave the tightness of her hole.
But finally, Piper managed to pull him free, his cum
spurting in the air, one shot hitting Phoebe in the face.

"Hey!" Phoebe objected, licking her tongue across
her lips to taste its cum.

"Sorry," Piper laughed.

They locked the still squirting chimp in the closet and
rushed back to their distressed older sister. With
Phoebe-chimp removed they began struggling with
Piper-chimp. Phoebe pulled its limbs away from
Prue's head while Piper began pulling his raging hard
cock out of Prue's mouth. Inch by inch they watched
in amazement as the fifteen inch tool crept out of their
sister's mouth.

"Good God Prue," Piper exclaimed. "How did you
ever manage to swallow that?"

"Yeah sis," Phoebe chimed in. "You gotta teach me
how to do that someday."

"Phoebe!" Piper reprimanded her.

Finally, the monstrous cock popped out of Prue's

"(Gasp!)" Prue finally gulped a deep breath of fresh

Prue was gasping for air rapidly, trying to re-
oxygenate her blood. Her two sisters finally sighed a
breath of relief as they saw her color come back to her
cheeks. They then dragged the protesting ape into
another closet and locked him in as well.

Everybody seemed to have forgotten about the Prue-
chimp still fucking her pussy furiously. That is until
they returned to the livingroom only to find Prue
hugging the ape, trying to make him cum inside of

"What are you doing Prue!" Piper yelled out.
"You... you can't be doing this!"

"C'mon Piper," Phoebe held her back. "Loosen up.
Can't you see Prue needs this."

"C'mon you fucker!" Prue cried out as the double-
cocked ape kept on humping. "Fill my pussy with
your seed. I... I'm almost there. Almost... almost
cumming! Oh God! I'm cumming! I'M

"Go girl!" Phoebe cheered as she watched her older
sister writhe in the throes of orgasm.

"Phoebe! Stop that!" Piper scolded her. "Thi... this
just isn't right."

"Tell that to Prue sis," Phoebe replied, a big grin on
her face.

Piper could only stare in shocked disbelief as Prue
urged the beast to fuck her some more. She recalled
as the three savage animals had done the same to her
only too recently. She couldn't admit to herself how
much she had enjoyed their cocks.

Phoebe, on the other hand, was not at her first
experience with bestiality. Though her experience
was really only limited to letting a dog lick her. She
had never considered the possibility of apes as a sex
partner. She just watched on gleefully as the chimp
was making her sister cum with such enthusiasm.

Piper was trying to decide what to do next. Phoebe
could see how restless she was getting. She didn't
want this to stop just yet. So Phoebe then decided to
take a hand in controlling Piper for a while.

Grabbing Piper by her shoulder, Phoebe turned her
around and kissed her sister deeply. At first Piper
tried to pull away, but her strength had been sapped
by the apes earlier and she soon began to relax.

Phoebe noticed this and began to frenchkiss her,
letting their tongues intermingle together in Piper's

"Mmmmm!" Piper moaned, not fighting any longer.

Phoebe could taste a tangy, salty flavor on Piper's
mouth. Then she realized that she was tasting
monkey jism, and that Piper must be tasting the same.
Phoebe's mouth curled into a grin at that realization.

'If Piper only knew,' she thought to herself.

To continue with her assault of her older sister,
Phoebe's hands made their way to her waist, then
lower still to her sister's cum stained vagina. She then
dug her fingers past Piper's pussylips and began
finger-fucking her with earnest.

Piper's eyes bulged wide in surprise at her sister's
abhorrent behavior. She would never have imagined
her baby sister to be a lesbian. But then again, she
would never have thought that she might enjoy a
woman's touch herself either.

By now both younger sisters had completely forgotten
Prue's antics with the double-cocked Prue-chimp.
They were concentrating so much on discovering each
others bodies that they didn't care anymore. Just as
Phoebe had planned.

Though Piper was the middle child, she had the
smallest tits of the Charmed Ones, and she's always
been jealous of that fact. Phoebe rather preferred
sucking smaller tits as she could get them into her
mouth completely whenever the opportunity
presented itself.

Phoebe then rolled Piper on her back and roughly
straddled her in a nice 69 position. Before she even
knew what was happening she found her face masked
by Phoebe's thighs, and her nose into the crevasse of
her cunt. With each breath she got a whiff of her
baby sister's sex, and of the monkey's cum.

Piper could do nothing other than breathe in Phoebe's
sex drenched scent with every breath she took. Then
the unexpected happened, she felt her younger sister's
tongue licking at her exposed vagina.

Despite being a witch, Piper was very prudish when it
came to sex. Sure she loved getting fucked by men
and all, but that was it as far as she was concerned.
But today she had been exposed to a whole new
universe of sexual perversion. First, there was the
three chimpanzees that had raped her. Next, was
playing the voyeur as she watched her sister receive
the same treatment. And finally, the ultimate
degradation in her mind, her sister was dragging her
down the road of homosexuality.

Phoebe could feel her sister's struggle to escape her
tongue-lashing, but she had no intention of letting her
out of her grasp. At least not until she satisfied her
own hunger for pussy, and maybe teach old sister a
few new tricks.

Prue was oblivious to her sisters activities as she was
still trying to contend with the Prue-chimp's double
cock in her pussy. She had never been filled so much
in all of her life, and to receive this pleasure from a
beast had blown her away.

"Oh fuckkk!" She moaned. "You fuck good, your
shit! I... I've never been so full of cock... EVER!"

She then took hold of his head and guided him up to
her voluptuous tits and plastered him against her stiff

"Suck my titties boy," she said aloud. "Suck them

Her two sisters twisted their heads in Prue's direction
at hearing her encouraging the ape to suck her tits.
Phoebe smiled wickedly while Piper had a shocked
expression across her face. Then Phoebe returned her
attention to Piper's moistening pussy. That's when
they finally realized that the horny chimpanzee was
equipped with two very hard cocks, and they were
both stuffed in the eldest Halliwell's pussy.

"Holy shit Phoeb!" Piper exclaimed. "He... he...
he's got two... two..."

"Two yummy cocks," Phoebe finally finished for her
grinning wildly.

"Wha... what are you two talking about?" Prue

Prue-chimp just kept on humping his double phallus
into Prue's cunt as the three beauties talked about

"Well, sister dear," Piper said scornfully. "You...
your lover here as two... two..."

"Cocks!" Phoebe had to finish for her again.

"You're kidding, right?" Prue couldn't believe what
they were saying.

But then it would explain why her pussy felt so filled
by such a small animal. At the same time Prue-chimp
dropped his head back to her ample tits and sucked on
her aroused nipples.

"I think we need to call for some help here," Piper
says. "Le..."

Her call to their White Lighter stopped in midstream
by the hand of her younger sibling clamping over her

"Uh Piper. Sweetie," Phoebe interrupted her sister's
thoughts. "Do you really want Leo, your boyfriend,
orbing in on us right now."

Piper looked around the livingroom over the
perverted scene going on around her. Prue getting
fucked by a magically endowed chimpanzee, herself
and Phoebe intertwined in a lesbian embrace only a
few feet away from that bestial coupling, and two
more horny apes locked away in closets. And we
mustn't forget about all the dried cum over each of
their bodies.

"Well, what should we do then?" Piper asked.

"Not a fucking thing!" Prue broke in. "At least
nothing till this hunky monkey fills me with his seed."

"Prue! How can you say something so vile," the
innocent Piper said, shocked at her sister's depravity.

"Lighten up Piper," Phoebe told her. "I bet you loved
it when they did you."

"I did not!" She objected. "They... they froze me.
They... they raped me, that's what they did to me.
They raped me, you hear."

"Well I kind liked it myself," Phoebe told her. "Now
stop complaining and clean up their cum off of me."

Piper was flabbergasted by her sisters reaction to the
raping animals. But then she felt Phoebe's tongue
slithering in her pussy, cleaning out the apes cum out
of her.

"Ooooooh!" She moaned helplessly.

Then without thinking about what she was doing she
too dipped her tongue in her sister's cunt and began
licking up the cum that was still trapped there.

Prue and Phoebe both smiled at their clean-cut sister
as she was licking pussy like an expert and without
protest now. Prue continued enjoying the pressure of
the twin cocks in her cunt as she watched her sisters
moaning on the floor nearby.

For the next ten minutes this went on until the Prue-
chimp finally shot its double load into Prue's
clenching cunt.

"Oh fucking shit!" Prue groaned aloud. "He's
cumming in me! He's shooting his seed deep into me!
He... I'm cumming too! CUMMMMMING!"

Her two sisters turned their attention to their
climaxing sister and her simian lover. They watched
intently as the eldest witch twitched and humped
herself on the floor, her pussy still impaled on the
thick double ape dick.

Then Phoebe nudged Piper on her side and tilted her
head towards Prue. She then crawled over to her
oldest sister and began munching on her swollen
nipple. Piper watched for a moment more and finally
decided on her own to join Phoebe in her treat. They
had to hold down Prue's arms as they began sucking
on her sensitive nipples and the chimpanzee finished
with his own climax.

Chapter Six

For the next ten minutes they continued like this. The
Prue-chimp slowly emptying his balls with his simian
cum while the two younger sisters satisfied their lust
on Prue's tits.

Not wanting to remain out of the action Prue moved
her hands to each of her sisters cunts and inserted two
fingers in each of their pussies. It didn't take long
before they both began humping their asses on her
fingers, both wanting to feel something fucking them,
even if it were only Prue's fingers.

"Oh yesss Piper," Prue moaned. "Suck my tits sis."

"MMMMMMH!" Both siblings moaned as they
continued sucking her nipples like babes on their
mother's teats.

Prue then shoved another finger in each of her siblings
pussies as they went on suckling on her excited
nipples. Then she would shove in a fourth and both
girls moaned gratefully at her gesture.

Piper and Phoebe began humping themselves on
Prue's finger-fucking hands as they mashed her tits
with their hands.

"Oh fuck!" Prue finally groaned out. "I'm... I'm
cumming, I'm cumming, I'm CUMMMMING!"

"Eeeek! Eeeek! Eeeeek! Eeeeek!" Prue-chimp
shrieked out as he felt her warm cum soaking his
groin area.

The magically endowed ape then pulled out its twin
cocks from the exhausted witch he had had the
pleasure of mating with all this time.

Piper and Phoebe watched, mesmerized, a the double-
dong slowly pulled out of their sister's sucking cunt.
They couldn't believe that she had managed to take
the monstrous looking cock completely inside of her,
much less enjoyed to multiple orgasms.

"Lets do a daisy chain," Phoebe called out.

Before any of her sisters could object she pushed
Piper's face into Prue's cum drenched pussy and held
her there until she was certain that she was licking her
out. Next she placed herself in position to receive
Prue's tongue in her own. And finally, she buried her
face into Piper's cunt and began nibbling on her
aroused clit.

This incestuous lesbian loving continued until Prue
and Phoebe were satisfied that Piper had eaten all the
chimpanzee's cum from Prue's pussy. Only then did
they allow themselves to untangle and collapse,
exhausted on the floor.

"W-o-w!" Phoebe finally said. "That was s-o coool!"

Prue turned her head to her baby sister and just smiled
in agreement. As for Piper, when she looked in the
direction of her sisters she just stuck out her tongue at
both of them and they could see monkey jism still
clinging to it.

"You didn't finish your desert Piper," Phoebe teased
her. "Here let me help."

With that she rolled on top of her sister and gave her
a deep frenchkiss, gathering the last drops of simian
cum from her mouth.


After having been raped by the three magically
endowed apes, the three sister witches finally
concocted a potion that removed their powers from
their simian namesakes.

Next, they had to do the same to Dr. Williamson.
They were unsuccessful in this with the potion and
they eventually wound up having to kill the cursed
man. This was painful to each of them as their task
here on Earth was not to harm the innocent, and as far
as they were concerned Dr. Williamson was an
innocent who had gained their powers because of a
lab accident with their blood samples.


A few days later thing had finally settled down. All
that remained now was the disposition of the three
chimpanzees that were still at the mansion.

"Now what are we going to do we these guys?"
Piper asked, pointing to the now docile apes.

"Yeah!" Prue added. "I'm really going to miss these
cute fellas."

"I hope you don't mean... their you-know-what,"
Piper said scoldingly, referring to their sexual

"No, of course not," Prue told her. "Now that they
are mortal again, they're just so cute."

"Oh! I got in touch with a children zoo," Phoebe
informed them. "I'll take them over there tomorrow."

"Why not today?" Prue asked.

"W-e-l-l, I was hoping to have them around one last
time," Phoebe said, blushing.

"PHOEBE!' Both her sisters shouted, realizing what
their younger sibling really wanted.

The End

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