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Charmed: Night And Day Part 1 (F/F,inc)
by JT Langdon ([email protected])

And this torment won't be through
Until you let me spend my life making love to you
Day and night, night and day

Night and Day, Cole Porter

Prue stared down at the naked woman sleeping next to her and felt a twinge
of longing deep in her belly. She marveled at her slender, athletic figure,
the feline arch of her back, the curve of her breast, the voluptuous rounds
of her buttocks. Goddess! Such a beautiful creature! And right there in her
bed, too! Naked! Images from the night before flashed through her mind and
Prue sighed, memories of the burning passion the two of them shared making
her lips quiver. How long had the two of them been at it? She had no idea.
When the two of them made love time lost all meaning. There were just two
naked bodies clashing in the darkness, never-ending kisses and impatient
caresses, coaxing gasps and sighs and deep moans of pleasure from one other
until exhaustion claimed them both. It amazed Prue no end that two souls
could be so desperate for each other, could hunger for each other so, and
she couldn't have been more in love with the woman next to her even if she
had another lifetime to fall for her all over again.

So what if the woman next to her was her sister Phoebe?

The social taboo of their relationship was not lost on her, but Prue refused
to believe her feelings for Phoebe were improper. She loved her sister, of
course. But she was also in love with her. There was no doubt of that in her
mind. The intense emotional connection the two of them had forged defied
explanation. How could she be judged for something most people couldn't even
understand? But then Prue didn't need to understand it, either. She just felt
it. There was a rightness to what she and her sisters shared, and Prue would
not pretend otherwise for the sake of convention.

Prue reached down and twirled her fingers in Phoebe's hair. Never in her
wildest dreams could she have imagined taking her sister for a lover, not so
much because of the incestuous nature of the relationship but because the two
of them had spent most of their lives fighting like cats and dogs. Just being
civil with each other had been a chore. Prue was not proud of that. She
always wanted to be more than Phoebe's sister in name; she wanted them to be
friends. But their personalities blended like oil and water. Even a mundane
disagreement could end up in a screaming match. It was never pleasant.

It wasn't until after Grams died that things started to change. That was when
Phoebe stumbled onto The Book of Shadows and discovered their birthright as
the Charmed Ones, the three most powerful witches in the world. Each of them
had their own special gifts, but combined the Charmed Ones had unspeakable
powers . . . powers that were meant to be used for protecting the innocents
of the world from evil.

In the months that followed the revelations of their Wiccan nature, Prue had
learned the true depths of evil. It was frightening at times. She and her
sisters came to need each other more than ever before, had relied on each
other not just for support . . . but for their lives. And just like soldiers
bonding in a time of war, the Halliwell sisters had come together in their
battle against evil. Prue got to know Piper and Phoebe all over again, and
in the process developed a new respect for them both . . . especially for
Phoebe. Her little sister was not the directionless, undependable flake with
her head in the clouds Prue had taken her for. She had placed her life in
Phoebe's hands too often to believe that. Phoebe was a romantic, a dreamer,
someone who embraced their powers as witches and saw being the Charmed Ones
as the calling it was. In the process Prue had come to like and even admire
her little sister.

Though it had taken some time, she and Phoebe had finally become friends.
Making the leap from friend to lover seemed a reasonable step after that.
Just as being a witch felt completely natural, so too did having a romantic
relationship with her sisters. She needed them. Phoebe and Piper made her a
complete person. The strength of the Charmed Ones came from the power of
three, but her strength came from her sisters. Now that a line had been
crossed, Prue couldn't go back to the way things were before. The intense
emotional and spiritual connection the three of them shared needed to be
expressed, and the Halliwell sisters found that expression in their frenzied

Prue smiled as Phoebe twitched in her sleep. Blessed be! The woman was
adorable! Not to mention irresistible. She had a hard time keeping her hands
off of her little sister, though Phoebe didn't seem to mind in the least.
That was a good thing, too. Leaning closer, Prue gently pressed her lips to
the nape of Phoebe's neck and delighted in the little murmur of approval that
she dragged from her still-slumbering sister. She put her arm around Phoebe
and cupped a breast, loving the feel of the supple flesh in her grasp. Even
after a night of passion her desire for Phoebe had not been sated. Prue
lovingly kneaded Phoebe's breast with the butt of her palm while she kissed
her neck, being gentle, not wanting to wake Phoebe just yet. So far, so good!
She seized a nipple between her thumb and forefinger, rolling it to erection.
Phoebe moaned sleepily.

Smiling into the kiss she planted at the base of Phoebe's neck, Prue slid
her hand down Phoebe's flat tummy until she reached the tuft of fur that
covered her mound. She foraged around the soft bush of hair, easily finding
Phoebe's warm, wet slit with the tips of her fingers. Even in sleep her
sister was dripping with honey! Prue ran the tip of her finger up and down
Phoebe's cleft, a feather's touch, teasing another moan from her sleeping
little sister. But she wouldn't be sleeping for long! Prue gently probed
Phoebe's slick netherlips, seeking the small button of flesh that was her
clit. The hard little nub strained from its protective hood, begging for
her touch. And Prue obliged. She traced lazy circles around Phoebe's clit
with her fingertip, taking it slow at first, rousing Phoebe from her sleep
one stroke at a time. Phoebe moaned even louder, fidgeting on the bed,
trapped in that magical place between wake and dream where the line between
real and fantasy was blurred. But Prue could show her sister the truth! She
stroked Phoebe's clit, harder, faster, rubbing the swollen nub at a frantic
pace, dragging Phoebe kicking and screaming into consciousness with her
finger. Phoebe jerked back against her, groaning as she came. Prue eased up
a little but continued stroking Phoebe's pussy until she stopped shaking.

Phoebe rolled over to face her and Prue took Phoebe in her arms, two naked
bodies pressing together as their lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. Hunger
consumed them like wildfire, mouths opening wider and wider, theirs tongues
darting over each other, and when at last the two sisters broke apart both of
them were panting hard.

"Good morning," Prue said, grinning.

"Mmmm," Phoebe purred. "You can wake me like that all the time."

"I just might." Prue cupped the back of Phoebe's head and pulled that lush
mouth to hers, losing herself for the longest time in the softness of those
lips before setting her sights just a little bit lower. She kissed a
zigzagging path across Phoebe's smooth skin and nuzzled her face in her
sister's bosom, flicking her tongue over each hardened nipple before taking
one into her mouth and sucking it. Phoebe moaned and arched off the bed to
push even more of that supple flesh into her mouth. The offer was too good
to refuse. Prue ravished Phoebe's breasts, moving from one to the other,
making sure neither were denied the attention such lovely things deserved.
Each kiss . . . each nibble . . . each flick of her tongue brought another
muted sound of delight from Phoebe. And Prue loved it. She loved giving her
sister pleasure. Nothing else mattered to her. Prue closed her lips around
one of Phoebe's nipples, tugging it and letting it snap back into place.
Phoebe cried out, raking demanding fingers through her hair.

"Prue," Phoebe muttered. "Oh . . . Prue."

The need and desperation in Phoebe's voice made Prue whimper. She moved down
Phoebe's midriff with light, fleeting kisses until she was hovering over her
mound. Phoebe spread for her without urging and Prue sucked in a sharp breath
as she took in the sight of her sister's hot, wet cunt. So beautiful!
Perfection! The sweet fragrance of Phoebe's arousal wafted up to her and Prue
inhaled it, making her mouth water. How she needed a taste! Prue lowered her
head between Phoebe's legs and dove in, hungrily lapping at her sister's
pussy. She ignored the bucking hips and thrashing limbs, the gasps and sighs,
the curses and the cries, her attention never wandering from the warm, wet
depths of that brimming cunt. It was an oasis that Prue did not want to
leave. She burrowed her tongue in deep, seeking those places that made
Phoebe wild and finding them with the ease of a lover who had been to that
wellspring often. Her efforts had Phoebe teetering on the brink of
climax . . . and whining about it.

"Oh! Oh! Prue!" Phoebe cried. "I'm gonna come!"

Prue wanted so much for that to happen! She spread Phoebe's cuntlips with her
fingers, exposing her sister's clitoris. The small little button of flesh
throbbed when she took it between her lips, pulsing with excitement as Prue
sucked her sister off. She could feel Phoebe's cunt clenching in pre-orgasmic
spasms, nearing the finish line, getting closer . . . closer . . . and then
like a bolt of lighting out of a threatening sky Phoebe groaned and heaved
forward, pounding clenched fists on the bed as she came.

As soon as Phoebe began to settle down a little, Prue crawled into her
waiting arms. Phoebe welcomed her with a long, passionate kiss that tied her
insides into knots. Goddess! Both her sisters were sensational kissers but
Phoebe's kisses burned with a hunger that sent her reeling. Prue moaned into
the kiss, rolling onto her back and pulling Phoebe on top of her. She slid
he hands down Phoebe's back and grabbed that adorable rear end of hers,
squeezing hard. Now it was Phoebe that moaned, slamming into her, flesh
meeting flesh in a torrent of pleasure. Prue dug her nails into Phoebe's
rump, pulling her sister tight against her.

"Yes . . . Phoebe . . . yes," Prue whispered. "Take me . . . please!"

Phoebe answered her with a barrage of kisses that ended at her breast, where
Phoebe latched onto a nipple and sucked it. Prue groaned. Her sister had a
voracious appetite when it came to her tits and would spend long stretches of
time kissing and licking them, leaving her nipples aching from the attention.
This time was no exception. Phoebe moved from breast to breast, wildly
flicking her nipples with that serpent-esque tongue of hers. Prue writhed on
the bed in a haze of sheer bliss, running her fingers through Phoebe's hair
as her little sister drove her mad with pleasure. She could feel the dampness
pooling between her legs, a reservoir of pent-up desire for her sister . . .
her lover . . . Phoebe. But Phoebe was still preoccupied with her breasts,
fondling them, sucking them, gorging herself. Prue couldn't take it anymore!

"Phoebe! Damn it! I need you inside me!"

Hearing Phoebe laugh through a mouthful of tit incensed Prue no end! How dare
Phoebe tease her like that! But the touch of soft lips against her belly was
all it took for Prue to forgive her wicked little sister. She drew her knees
up to her chest, inviting Phoebe in, and her sister accepted, eating her
pussy like a fiend. The same diligence Phoebe exercised on her breasts was
now focused entirely on her sopping wet cunt and Prue sobbed in relief,
clutching fistfuls of bedcover as Phoebe went down on her. Blessed be! Her
sister was incredible! That skilled tongue slithered over then between her
pussylips, making her squirm on the bed. Her climax was a sharp pain in the
pit of her gut rising to the surface, but just as it neared release Phoebe
eased up. Damn her!

Prue began to protest but then two fingers replaced Phoebe's agile tongue and
her words were lost in a moan of approval. She slammed her head back against
the pillow, growling like a dog with a bone in its mouth as Phoebe fucked
her, thrusting in deep, pumping three fingers now into her slick hole . . .
then four fingers! Prue groaned. She had no doubt where this was headed and
willed Phoebe to take that final step . . . her pitiful whimpers begging
Phoebe to take that last step . . . and then in one single push, Prue had
Phoebe's entire hand inside her. Intense, blinding pleasure ripped through
her loins as Phoebe's hand disappeared inside her cunt. She came. In a sudden
burst of pleasure she came. But Phoebe wasn't done with her. Taking it slow,
Phoebe fucked her with her entire hand, rocking back and forth, being gentle
at first but gaining momentum with each thrust. Prue wailed like a banshee.
Impaled on her sister's hand, her senses overloaded, she lost control . . .
erupting in climax over and over again until she was just a mass of
sweat-drenched flesh sprawled across the bed, legs spread open, a fist up her
pussy, twitching like a fish out of water while one orgasm after another
shuddered through her. Then Phoebe pulled out of her in one, swift movement
and Prue came again . . . giving what little she had left before sinking into
the bed with a sigh.

Holding Phoebe in her arms afterward, Prue smooched and groped her little
sister. She loved the feel of Phoebe's naked flesh against hers and for now
wanted nothing more from life than to be there in bed holding onto Phoebe.

"First thing in the morning," Prue mused, "and I am ready for a nap."

Phoebe smiled and returned her kisses. "Well, you are older than me. You get
tired easier."

"Bitch," Prue spat.

"But you love me."

"Yeah," Prue said, brushing her fingertips over Phoebe's cheek. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Phoebe said right before their lips met in lingering kiss.

Prue sighed. "I want to spend the whole day making love with you."

"That would be nice," Phoebe said. "But we probably should get up, you know."

"Now? It's still dark out!"

"Prue, honey, it's 8:30 in the morning."

Prue glanced at the clock. It really was 8:30 in the morning. So why was it
still dark outside? She got out of bed and padded over to the window, pulling
back the curtains to have a peek outside. It was dark. But not an overcast
kind of dark, or a dense fog kind of dark. The sky was black as pitch and the
stars were out.

It was nighttime.

"Um, Phoebe? Could you call and check the time?"

"What's wrong?" Phoebe sounded worried.

"I'm not sure," Prue said. She gazed out at the darkness as she listened to
Phoebe on the phone behind her, a tickle of apprehension nipping at the base
of her spine. Something was wrong. She and Phoebe could get carried away,
becoming so wrapped up in each other that they lost track of time. But they
couldn't possibly have slept through the day! Piper would have checked on
them by now!

Prue heard the phone click back in place and turned around. She didn't like
the concerned expression on Phoebe's face. "Well?"

"The clock is right," Phoebe said. "Turn on the TV."

Prue nodded. She switched on the television and watched a serious-looking
woman sitting at a news desk appear on the screen. The woman rattled off a
series of grim reports concerning not just San Francisco but the entire
country, reports of looting and riots. Prue sat on the edge of the bed,
holding Phoebe's in hers while the two of them listened to stories of
widespread chaos. Then the news anchor recapped events so far, leading off
with talk of an unexplained, unexpected solar eclipse. Prue turned it off.

"That is no eclipse," Prue said, pointing to the window.

Phoebe nodded. She got out of bed and slipped into her jeans. "You go wake
Piper. I'll get The Book of Shadows and meet you in the living room."

Once Phoebe was dressed and gone, Prue gathered her own clothes off the
floor. She had a bad feeling about this. Most of the time demons and warlocks
preferred not to draw attention to themselves, operating in secret to keep
the mortal realm clueless. But there was nothing secretive about what was
going on outside her window, and that had her worried. What kind of demon
would do something so blatant? She wiggled into a pair black denim jeans then
picked up the phone. A familiar voice answered after a couple of rings.

"Detective Morris."

"Hi, Darryl. It's Prue."

"I figured you'd be calling me," Darryl said. He had a soft, warm voice but
this morning it was laced with something Prue recognized in a heartbeat:

"What's happening down there?"

Darryl sighed. "It's a nuthouse. People think the world is coming to an end.
Do you know what's going on?"

"We're working on it," Prue said. He was one of the few people who knew their
secret, and she trusted him, but sometimes Prue thought he would be better
off not knowing some things . . . just for his own peace of mind.

"Better work fast," Darryl said. "I have to go."

"Be careful," Prue said.

"Yeah, you too."

The phone clicked silent.

Prue bit her lower lip in concern. Something had to be done about this, fast,
or the country was going to fall apart on them. She finished getting dressed
and headed down the hall to the bedroom Piper and Leo occupied, rapping
lightly on the door.


There was no answer.

Prue pounded on the door this time. "Piper!"

"Just a minute!" Piper yelled from inside.

Prue tapped her foot with nervous impatience, counting off the secondd before
Piper opened the door. Her sister had thrown on a robe though it didn't hide
much of her nakedness. She was breathing hard and her face was flushed a
delicate shade of pink.

"Ooops," Prue said, grinning.

"Yeah, ooops," Piper said.

"Tell Leo I'm sorry," Prue said. "But we have a situation."

Piper sighed. "We always have a situation. Couldn't it have waited another
five minutes? We were that close!" She illustrated the point with her thumb
and finger. It was close.

"You can finish later. This is serious." Prue gave her a brief rundown of
what she and Phoebe heard on the news, as well as her brief conversation with

"I'll be right down," Piper said.

"Are you talking to me or Leo?" Prue asked.

"Go away now, Prudence," Piper said.

Prue smiled at that. She headed down to the living room where Phoebe waited
on the sofa with The Book of Shadows. Even under the dire circumstances she
couldn't stop from noticing how gorgeous her sister was, just as she couldn't
stop wanting her.

"Where's Piper?" Phoebe asked.

"She's, er, coming," Prue said.

"Something wrong?"

"Yeah," Prue said, "Leo-us interruptus."

Phoebe giggled. "Ooops."

"Mmhmm," Prue murmured. She plopped down next to Phoebe, absently resting a
hand on her thigh. The simple gesture of affection was enough to make Phoebe
sigh. And that was how Piper found them when she came down the stairs,
looking incredible in a knit top and Dockers. She had a crooked smile on her

"Where's Leo?" Prue asked.

"He orbed up there," Piper said, jerking a thumb at the ceiling, "to see what
he could find out."

Phoebe said, "He's very understanding."

"He damn well better be," Piper said, licking her lips like a cat who just
swallowed a bird. "He got his."

"Slut," Prue muttered.

"You should talk," Piper said. "We could hear you two down the hall."

"Blame her," Prue said, nodding at Phoebe.

Phoebe blushed then said, "Um, could we please talk about the perpetual night

"Yeah," Piper said. "What does the book have to say?"

"Let's find out," Prue said. She put The Book of Shadows on the coffee table
and opened it. The leather-bound tome was more than just a static book of
spells or a dictionary of evil. Over time Prue learned The Book of Shadows
had a life-force, a mind of its own, and she could tap into that when the
need arose. Like now. She placed her hands over the book and slipped into a
trance of deep concentration, focusing on the problem facing them. Pages of
the book began to flip on their own, stopping on a page with a drawing of a
gruesome-looking demon.

"Well?" Phoebe asked.

Prue quoted the text written under the picture. "Clisthert, an ancient demon
who can turn day into night or night into day."

"I think we have a winner," Piper said.

Phoebe nodded. "Sure sounds like it."

"What the hell kind of power is that?" Piper wondered out loud. "I mean, what
can he gain from turning day into night?"

"Panic," Prue said. "And fear. Something other demons thrive on."

"So he might not be working alone," Phoebe said.

Piper groaned. "Oh, swell. A demon jamboree."

"Let's not jump to conclusions," Prue said.

"What else do we know of that thrives at night?" Piper asked.

"Well," Prue said, "there are werewolves."

"Or vampires," Phoebe added in a whisper.

"Terrific," Piper said. "We can call Buffy for help. Let her deal with them."

"I hope she can get here in the next five seconds," Phoebe said.

Prue frowned. "Why?"

"Because we have company," Phoebe said.

Prue jumped to her feet as something large and mean-looking came crashing
through the window. He was about six feet tall, with dark hair, dressed in a
leather jacket over a T-shirt and jeans. And he had fangs.


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