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Charmed: Night And Day Part 2 (F/F,inc)
by JT Langdon ([email protected])

"I thought vampires could only come in if you invited them!" Piper cried.

Prue grunted. "Oh, like demons ever follow rules. Look out!"

The vampire came charging at them. Prue summoned her power with a wave of her
hand and the vampire went sailing through the air, landing against the wall
with a thud. But the undead recovered much faster than the living and in a
flash he was upright again, pissed off and coming toward them.

"Piper!" Prue cried.

Piper tossed her hands in the air and the vampire exploded in cloud of dust.
The three sisters stood there in the middle of the living room, breathing

"You go girl," Prue said.

"Piper the vampire slayer," Phoebe said.

"Um, let's not celebrate too soon," Piper said. "Vampires have been known to
travel in packs."

No sooner had Piper reminded them of that little fact when four more vampires
came barging through the window. Oh shit! Prue took the lead vampire head-on,
punching her in the jaw then following up with a roundhouse kick. That sent
the vampire stumbling back a few steps but she got her bearings and tried
again. Prue readied herself for the oncoming attack, assuming a fighting
stance. The vampire lunged at her but she stepped aside at the last second,
letting the vampire's momentum defeat her. Taking advantage of the moment,
Prue kicked the vampire in the back . . . sending the vampire to her knees.
Once again the vampire tried coming at her again. This time Prue used her
power to move objects and sent the vampire crashing through the window.

Prue turned. Both her sisters were fending off vampires. She jumped into the
melee, taking one of the vampires down to the floor with a grunt. The vampire
snarled and tried to sink its fangs into her neck. She stiff-armed him,
holding him back, but he was stronger and Prue could feel her arms buckling
under the strain. Then the vampire howled in what sounded like pain, tossing
his head back with a cry before disappearing in a cloud of dust. And standing
there, a makeshift wooden stake in hand, was Phoebe.

"Thanks," Prue said.

Phoebe smiled. "No problem."

Prue took the hand offered her and let Phoebe pull her to her feet, turning
and looking for the next fight. Instead she saw the remaining two vampires
dragging Piper out of the house.

"No!" Prue cried. She charged after them but stopped when she reached the
door. Surrounding the front of the house were at least a dozen more vampires,
all of them with their fangs bared. But none of them made a move for her. She
knew they would, though, if she took one more step.

The vampires dragged Piper into the night but all Prue could do was stand
there and watch her sister being taken from her. There was nothing else she
could do for now. Prue fought back tears. How could she have been so stupid?
It had been a diversion! The other vampires kept her and Phoebe occupied
while their companions snatched Piper right out from under them. And she just
let it happen!


The sound of Phoebe's loving voice shook Prue from her reverie.

"Piper's gone," Prue said.

"I saw," Phoebe said. "Now let's figure out how to get her back."

Prue nodded. She followed Phoebe back into the living room and sat down on
the sofa, anger creeping into her voice. "Clisthert has to be behind all

"Does the book say how to vanquish him?" Phoebe asked. She reached for The
Book of Shadows but when her hands touched the paper she gasped and her
expression changed to one of horror. It was the telltale sign of a
premonition and passed quickly, leaving Phoebe panting for breath and shaking
with fear.

Prue wanted to hold her sister and never let go whenever she saw Phoebe
experience one of her visions. It looked painful. She put her hand on
Phoebe's knee and asked, "What did you see?"

"Oh Prue," Phoebe whispered.

"It's okay, honey," Prue said. "Take your time."

Phoebe swallowed hard. "I saw . . . Piper. She was strapped to some kind of
altar, and this . . . thing was standing over her. It was him."


Phoebe nodded. "He . . . he had an athame in his hand, and he was plunging it
into her chest . . . oh god. Prue! He's going to kill her!"

"Shhh, it's okay," Prue said. She pulled Phoebe into her arms and kissed her.
"We're not going to let that happen."

* * *

The air at the waterfront was thick with the salty-sweet marine smell Prue
associated with San Francisco. She was standing with Phoebe behind a dumpster
in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse overlooking the Bay and freezing
her ass off. It was a little after noon according to her watch but the skies
above were dark and stars twinkled in the heavens like shards of ice. Time
was running out.

On the ride over, she and Phoebe listened to reports on the radio. The level
of panic in San Francisco had reached a fevered pitch. Things were out of
control. Prue tried calling Darryl again but couldn't reach him. She was sure
he had his hands full, too.

"Are you sure this is the place you saw in your vision?" Prue asked.

"Positive," Phoebe said.

Prue nodded. "This is a trap, you know. With Piper as bait."

"I know," Phoebe said. "So . . . do you have plan to get in there and find

"Yep," Prue said, nodding. "I thought we would let ourselves get captured."

Phoebe stared at her. "Tell me you're kidding."

"Got a better idea?"

"Better than that just walking in there and getting killed? Hmm. Let me
think. Yes!"

Prue smiled. "Let's be logical here, okay? If Clisthert just wanted us dead,
he would have told his gang of vampires to kill Piper if they had the chance.
It would have weakened the power of three and made it that much easier to get
rid of us, right? But he wanted her alive."

"To lure us here," Phoebe said.

"For whatever ritual he has planned, yes," Prue said. "He needs all of us
alive to perform that ritual. So, the most important thing is for us to find
Piper. Without her . . . without the power of three . . . we don't stand a
chance against Clisthert. Once the three of us are together we can deal with

"And his merry band of vampires?"

"One crisis at a time," Prue said. "Are you with me on this?"

"Yeah. Sure. But if we die in there I am going to nag you until the end of

"Fair enough," Prue laughed. "Let's go."

Holding Phoebe's hand, Prue walked them to the door of the warehouse. She
was sure this would work, though when four vampires swooped down on them
from nowhere she did have a moment of doubt. Phoebe squeezed her hand. Prue
squeezed back, giving Phoebe the reassurance both of them needed.

"Nice night, huh?" Phoebe asked cheerily.

One of the vampires bared her fangs with a hiss.

"Or not," Prue said.

Breaking into pairs, the four vampires ushered them into the warehouse. Prue
crinkled her nose in disdain. The place smelled awful, rancid, like garbage
left out in the sun to ripen. Ick! She risked a glance at Phoebe and noticed
her sister looked just as sickened by the stench as she was . . . but like
her, Phoebe was hanging in there for now. But she wondered how much more
either of them could take of that putrid smell. Yuck! And their poor sister
had been stuck there all this time!

But Prue and Phoebe had more important concerns than the stench.

The vast warehouse was filled with vampires standing shoulder to shoulder
like sardines in a can. Prue shuddered. Maybe this wasn't such a good plan
after all! But it was a little too late now. She and Phoebe were committed
to this course of action!

Their vampire chaperones led them through the crowd of undead to a dais in
the center of the room where the foul-looking demon she had seen in The Book
of Shadows stood waiting for them. Clisthert. He must have been seven feet
tall, with scaly reddish-brown skin and a pockmarked face. Prue and Phoebe
exchanged glanced.

"Can we say ewww?" Phoebe whispered.

Prue nodded.

The four vampires forced them to their knees in front of Clisthert. He looked
down and gave them a toothy grin.

"So these are the Charmed Ones," Clisthert said. His voice was a deep, rich
baritone that seemed to fill the entire warehouse. "I expected more of a

"Where is our sister?" Phoebe demanded.

Clisthert laughed. "So impudent. It will be a pleasure watching you die." He
turned to his vampire minions. "Put them with the other then prepare the
altar for the sacrifice. Soon the Charmed Ones will be no more!"

The vampires assembled in the warehouse cheered as Prue and Phoebe were led
out of the room. Prue remained calm while the four vampire guards led them
to what must have been an office at one time, though it was a shadow of its
former self. There were a couple of black filing cabinets turned on their
sided in one corner, and what was left of a desk was pushed up against one
wall. The same wall where Piper was hanging.

Prue sucked in a sharp breath of foul air and released it. Their sister had
thick rope around her wrists and ankles. Her arms were up over her head, the
rope around her wrists hooked around a spike in the wall. She seemed none the
worse for wear, though her face looked bruised and sweat poured from her in

Hearing them come in, Piper looked up and managed a weak smile.

"It's about time," Piper said.

Prue smiled. "The calvary is here."

"Silence," one of the vampires growled.

The vampire guards secured Prue and Phoebe like had been done with Piper,
binding their wrists and ankles with rope then hanging them from spikes on
the wall. Once the guards left them alone, Prue released the breath she'd
been holding.

"Are you okay, Piper?"

"Oh, sure," Piper said. "I feel like a side of beef, but otherwise I'm just
fine. You?"

"Super," Prue said. "Thanks for asking."

Phoebe made an impatient noise. "They didn't bite you, did they, Piper?"

"No," Piper said. "Um, any idea how we're getting out of this one? I tried
calling for Leo but he didn't answer. Just like man. You give him a blowjob
then you never hear from him again."

"Don't worry," Phoebe said. "Prue has a plan. Doncha, big sister?"

Prue ignored both her sisters and concentrated on her power to astral
project. In the beginning she used her power for creating diversions, but
after what happened on Piper's wedding day the scope of her latest power
became much more clear. She took a deep breath and released it slowly,
focusing her mind . . . imagining that she was standing on the other side
of the room, free from the ropes that bound them . . . she could see it so
clearly in her head . . . and then her body went limp and she really was
standing on the other side of the room, or at least a mental projection of
her was, looking at herself, Phoebe, and Piper hanging on the wall. Phoebe
saw her and smiled.

"That's a neat trick," Phoebe said.

"I like it," Prue said. She took the dagger hidden in her real self's boot
and used it to cut Phoebe and Piper down. Once her sisters were free from
their restraints Prue returned to her body while Phoebe cut the rope from
her wrist and ankles. As soon as she could Prue gave both her sisters a big

"Is everyone all right?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeah," Prue said.

Piper nodded. "Same here."

"Good," Prue said. "Now, let's open up a can of demon whup-ass and get the
fuck out of here."

That was easier said than done. The Charmed Ones would have to get through
the four vampire guards that suddenly burst into the room. Prue batted her
arm in their direction and the four vampires went flying back into the hall.
But one of them was quicker to his feet than the others, coming at them again
with fangs bared and murder in his eyes.

"Freeze him, Piper!" Phoebe yelled.

And Piper did just that. With a wave of her hands, the vampire and his three
cronies were frozen in place like fanged statues.

"Let's go," Prue said.

Taking the lead, Prue took her sisters back into the main room where
Clisthert and his vampire followers were assembled. The crowd turned to look
at them, surprised to see the Charmed Ones appearing ahead of schedule. In
the center of the room, half a dozen vampires were busy preparing a stone
altar while Clisthert looked on. But the moment the Charmed Ones showed up,
they became the center of attention.

"Uh, Prue?" Phoebe prompted.

"I know," Prue said. "We're a little outnumbered."

"A little?"

"Yeah, well," Prue said, shrugging.

"Let me even up the odds," Piper said, throwing her hands in the air and
freezing the vampires and Clisthert in place.

"Nice work, sis," Phoebe said.

Piper smiled. "Thanks."

"Come on," Prue said. She led her sisters through the sea of frozen vampires,
climbing up onto the dais where Clisthert stood immobile. "Do you have the
vanquishing potion, Phebes?"

"Mmhmm," Phoebe murmured. She pulled a small vial out of her pocket. "But he
needs to be unstuck for this to work."

Piper nodded. "Got it."


"Yeah," Phoebe said.

"Do it," Prue told them. "Now!"

Piper waved her hands in the air and Clisthert sprang to life. He saw them
standing there on the dais and howled in rage, but that was all he could
do . . . all he had time to do. Phoebe hurled the vial at him and Clisthert
screamed, writhing in pain as the vanquishing potion consumed his flesh like
acid would mortal flesh. He cursed at them through clenched teeth while he
still had them then disappeared in a flash of bright orange light.

Prue sighed in relief. "Good riddance. Let's go home."

"Uh, Prue?" Piper intoned, tugging on her sleeve. "Sweetie? We still have a

Prue looked up. She and her sisters were still in the middle of a room full
of vampires, something that should have worried her. But it didn't. The
vampires were starting to close in around them. That didn't concern her,

"Oh, forget about them," Prue said. "They're toast."

"And just how is that gonna happen?" asked Phoebe.

"Simple," Prue said, glancing at her watch. "Now that Clisthert is gone
things should have returned to normal outside. And you know what that means?

Prue waved her hand and all the doors in the warehouse blew open, letting in
ribbons of golden sunshine. Vampires left and right screeched in pain before
turning to dust. Some tried running for their unlives, but there was just
nowhere to go without running into sunlight, and when all was said and done
nothing remained of the vampires but scorch marks on the floor and the stench
of undeath.

"Gross," Piper said.

Phoebe nodded. "And I thought it smelled bad in here before."

"Yeah," Prue said. "Let's go home."

"And do what?" Phoebe asked mischieviously.

"Me," Piper said.

The three sisters laughed and walked arm in arm out of the warehouse, into
the light of a new -though belated- day in San Francisco.


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