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Charmed: Not So Bad After All Part 1 (FF,MFF,MM,conc,oral,creampie,inc,voy)
by TSSA's Newest Perv ([email protected])

Chris orbed into the Halliwell manor living room and moved towards the TV and
video cabinet off to one side of the room. This in itself was not unusual for
the whitelighter, it was the circumstances surrounding his presence that made
this appearance a little curious. For one thing, it was a bit past 2 o'clock
in the morning, kind of late for a social call, even with the weird hours the
sisters sometimes kept, and if he had been there on business he would have
orbed into the attic. For another, he was carrying a small bottle of
Johnson's Baby Oil in one hand and a box of Kleenex in the other and he was
headed to the cabinet where the sisters kept their DVD's and videotapes.
Toward the bottom shelf of the cabinet, under the romance movies favored by
Piper and the vintage noir movies that Paige loved to watch and behind the
collection of z-grade horror movies Phoebe preferred. Toward the not-so-small
stash of homemade DVD's that Phoebe had hidden there, assuming no one would
ever find them, because no one would even know to look for them. The DVD's of
the Charmed sisters fucking each other's brains out. Those DVD's.

He had discovered them quite by accident one night while rummaging through
the cabinet looking for something to watch to pass the time during one of his
frequent bouts of insomnia. He had seen most of the movies the sisters had on
the top two shelves and was looking at some of the more obscure titles the
middle witch kept on the bottom when something toward the back of the cabinet
had fallen over, attracting his attention. Being naturally curious, and
wanting to put whatever had fallen back where it belonged, Chris had reached
into the cabinet and come out with a DVD in a plain black case with a
handmade label that read simply "Phoebe - The First Day".

Intrigued, and thinking it might be some sort of magical training video,
Chris had popped the DVD into the player and settled on the couch to watch.
Well, he was sorta right, the video was magical alright, but if it was a
training video it was unlike anything he had ever seen before, unless you
counted the porn he had downloaded from the internet using P3's broadband
connection. Come to think of it, maybe it was a training video, at least,
it should be. After repeated viewings, including three times the night he
had first discovered it, Chris was of the opinion that this video should be
part of the sexual education of every young person in America. Pay attention
now kids, this is how young, healthy, adults should have sex. Uninhibited,
energetic, totally hot, and most important of all, fun.

Chris had watched the video, the marathon sex session between Piper, or Paul
as she was known on the DVD, Paige and Phoebe, all the way through many times
since that night, and he had always found the viewing to be extremely...
satisfying. Satisfying enough to cure his attack of insomnia, allowing him to
get at least a little bit of sleep so he could be ready to join the sisters
as they took on whatever challenges the next day would bring.

Over the course of many weeks he had watched some of the other homemade DVD's
tucked away in the cabinet, working his way through the collection, avoiding
some for the obvious reasons, replaying others over and over again, also for
the obvious reasons. And tonight he was going to watch one of the older
videos chronologically, but new to him, with the deceptively mild title
"Phoebe - In the Garden".

The young whitelighter turned on the TV, making sure the volume was waaaay
down - wouldn't do to wake one of the sisters, not with the program he was
about to tune in to - and placed the DVD in the player's tray. He then
gathered up his lube and tissues and moved to the couch, removing his pants
and boxers before taking up his favorite position, slumped down, lower back
supported by a throw pillow, right hand lubed up and lightly stroking his
dick, as the video started to play.

As had the very first video, this one started with the camera focused on
Phoebe. Unlike the first video however, this one was shot outside, in the
manor's garden, in broad daylight, and neither Phoebe, nor the person
holding the camera, seemed the least bit concerned about being observed
by any of the next door neighbors. Oh yeah, and the subject of today's
video was already completely nude. Chris took a moment to be impressed
with the sisters growing powers. That they could cast a privacy spell
that was so powerful that they could spend an afternoon indulging their
desires - and outside no less! - without having to worry about unwanted
visitors and nosy neighbors, well that just spoke volumes of things to
come. In time they'd even be able to protect the manor full time, and
never have to worry about demons invading at all hours of the day. And
the really ironic thing about it was that it was the bond between the
sisters, that same bond that was manifesting itself in their growing
sexual appetite for one another, that gave them their power. So in a
very real way, the more the sisters loved each other, and the more they
displayed that love in a physical way, the closer together they grew,
and the stronger their bond became, and that in turn led to an increase
in their powers. And this was the true reason that the elders, and
other powers-that-be, turned a blind eye toward what would in any other
situation be considered abnormal in the extreme and dealt with severely.
The sisters incestuous relations were a natural, and necessary, result
of their bond and the powers knew this, indeed, they counted on it in
the fight against evil.

Chris knew all this as well, it was knowledge given to any whitelighter whose
job involved protecting and guiding the Charmed ones. What he didn't know was
whether his own yearnings for Phoebe and Paige, but luckily not Piper, were
part of it. Or maybe he was just a deviant freak.


What Chris did know is that watching Paige and Phoebe, and yes to some
extent even Piper, screw like bunnies was friggin' hot. And the release he
got jerking off to their videos helped him sleep. So long as he never tried
to act on his desires for his aunts Chris figured there was nothing wrong
with what he was doing. No harm, no foul. Turning his attention outward, he
focused once again on the scene displayed on the TV.

Phoebe was on one of the padded lounges that decorated the Halliwell patio,
sitting there and looking off to her right, camera left, watching something,
or someone, outside of the camera's view. She wasn't saying anything, she
was just sitting there quietly, comfortable in her nudity, waiting. A few
seconds later Paige, of the red-headed variety, also quite nude, entered
from the left of the screen and moved over to join Phoebe by the lounge.
Taking her sister by the hand she led the older girl over to a sturdy table
and had the dark haired girl take a seat on it with her feet perched on the
edge and her hands behind her, helping to keep her upright, while Paige took
up a position on Phoebe's right.

The two sisters began to kiss then, Phoebe bringing her right hand up to
lightly touch Paige's cheek while the redhead started to caress the middle
sister's leg with her own right hand. The kissing intensified as Paige's
hand moved up Phoebe's leg, coming closer and closer to the buxom beauty's
bald snatch until the youngest sibling's fingers brushed up against the
brown-eyed girl's rapidly moistening twat. Phoebe broke the kiss with a
groan and turned her head to look down at her groin as Paige's fingers
danced over her vulva. Using only her middle and index fingers, Paige
stroked her sister's labia, the flesh under her hand growing wet and red
with arousal. She kept this up for a few minutes until she determined that
Phoebe was wet enough for her to slide the two fingers into the raven haired
girl's vagina.

Piper kept the camera focused on the two women as they kissed and Paige
caressed her sister's pussy, moving in for a closeup just a few seconds
before the redhead slipped her fingers into Phoebe's cunt. She stayed in
tight as Paige sawed her fingers in and out of the dark haired girl's muff,
starting off slowly and building in pace quickly. Piper widened the focus
once more when she heard Phoebe begin to groan softly, her mouth open and
looking like the sound she kept repeating, coughing out "Oh! Oh!" as her
head switched back and forth from Paige's fingers to the taller girl's face.
When the youngest witch added the index and middle fingers from her left
hand, bringing the digits down to rub Phoebe's clit, the shorter girl threw
her head back and screamed in pleasure.

With both hands moving in perfect harmony, Paige worked her sister's muff
for some minutes more and Piper tightened the focus of the camcorder, zeroing
in on her sister's wet snatch and staying with it as Phoebe began to take
advantage of her braced hands and feet to lift her ass off the table in an
effort to keep the redhead's fingers imbedded in her cunt. The younger girl
went with the flow, effortlessly keeping her digits moving in her sister's
sopping beaver, the dual stimulation of two fingers fucking her while another
two rubbed her clitoris, speeding Phoebe along to an early climax.

And so it was only a few minutes later when Phoebe screamed out "Paige!
NNNGGGUUUHHH!!" the rest of her cries cut off as her throat closed, the
muscles constricting along with every other muscle in her body as her
orgasm struck, her body shuddering as the pleasure washed over her.

Paige's right hand was stilled by her sister's climax, her fingers trapped as
Phoebe's cunt seized them, the rhythmic clenching and unclenching bringing a
soft smile to the youngest witch's face, as she continued to rub her sister's
clit with her left hand, her index and middle fingers sliding up and down to
either side of the nerve center as the taller girl did her best to prolong
her older sibling's pleasure. When Phoebe's climax at last crested and her
ass returned to the table, Paige began to move the fingers of her right hand
inside her sister once more even as she brought her left hand to a stop.

Phoebe sat there for a few seconds in silence enjoying the afterglow of an
extremely satisfying climax before letting out a short laugh and saying
"Whew! Now that was a great way to start!"

That brought a smile to everyone's face and Phoebe reached up for Paige,
bringing her baby sister in for a passionate kiss. When the kiss ended Phoebe
took her right hand and lifted Paige's left breast to her lips, bringing the
nipple to her mouth and sucking at the semi-erect nub. Paige let out a moan
of pleasure of her own as her sister's tongue circled her nipple, her fingers
still leisurely plowing in and out of Phoebe's twat. This continued for a
minute or so before Paige stopped and started to disengage from the older
girl, who moaned in complaint.

"Unnhhh! Where are you going?"

Taking a moment to suck Phoebe's juices from her fingers, Paige replied
"Sorry sweetie, but if we're going to do this I've got to go get ready. I'll
be back in a few minutes I promise!"

Phoebe knew that Paige was right, if they were going to proceed as planned it
was time for the taller girl to go, but that didn't mean she had to like it,
and a pout settled on her face as she removed her hand from her sister's tit.
Piper had followed the brief discussion and was already repositioning the
camera's tripod for the next event.

Setting it up so that it was a bit to Phoebe's left and also a smidge below
the surface level of the table, she moved into frame for the first time,
addressing her younger sisters as she joined them, "That's okay Paige, you
go get ready, I'll take care of Phoebe for a while."

At that Phoebe's pout disappeared, instantly replaced by a big smile, but
Paige lingered, uncertain as to whether she should leave while her sister,
the naked one, not the other one, was still so obviously aroused, "Go on.
Shoo! I'll keep her wet for you."

That was what Paige needed to hear and she gave Phoebe a quick kiss, saying
as she left "I'll be right back. Don't let Piper use you all up. Remember,
this is my fantasy also!"

Piper gave her youngest sister a mock annoyed look, swiping at her with the
back of her hand as she said "Would you get out of here! Use her up." Raising
her voice a little so Paige could hear her she called out to the retreating
back "Yeah, right. Since when have either of us been able to `use up' Phoebe.
She's got the libido of a bunny! The Energizer kind!"


Piper turned to Phoebe, a mildly embarrassed look on her face, "Sorry
sweetie, that was supposed to be a shot at Paige but it came out backwards.

"Yeah, well."

Phoebe was still in pretty much the same position she had been since Paige
had fingered her to climax, hands behind her supporting her upper body and
feet up and braced on the edge of the table. Piper was standing in between
her sister's knees, her hands running up and down the short haired girl's
thighs almost absentmindedly, and even though she knew that Phoebe was not
really annoyed - her barb had not been that hurtful nor had it actually
been wrong, Phoebe did have the most active libido of the three sisters,
and that was really saying something - she played along with the younger
girl, pretending that she had done something for which she had to atone.

"Oh, sweetie. How can I make it up to you? Will this do it?" She lifted a
hand to cup Phoebe's breast, squeezing the flesh then running her palm over
the young witch's highly sensitive nipple. When Phoebe did not react Piper
went on, "No? Then how about this?" The eldest girl then leaned over and
sucked the same nipple into her mouth, milking the tit with her lips and
bringing a gasp to Phoebe's. She ignored her sister's sudden inhalation,
acting as if she still had not done enough to make amends, "Nothing huh?
Wait, I know what will make it up to you!"

With that Piper dropped to her knees and inserted her tongue in Phoebe's
still sodden snatch, getting far more than a gasp from the dark haired girl
this time, "Good grief Phoebe! Man are you wet! Paige really got to you,

Stroking her sister's hair with her right hand, Piper had not bothered to
remove her head from between Phoebe's legs when she spoke, the middle witch
replied "Yeah, but you helped some."

Piper chuckled a bit at that but offered no further response, preferring
instead to concentrate on moving her tongue in between Phoebe's lower lips,
licking up the cream that had already formed then going back in to cause the
formation of even more. The two girl's had been doing this for so long now
that Piper knew exactly where, exactly how, and exactly when to touch her
sister, be it with her fingers or her tongue, in order to deliver the most
pleasure, and to gather the most cream. But for some reason this day it was
different. This day Piper was not being her usual patient, deliberate self.
This day she was attacking Phoebe's pussy like a teenager sliding into third
for the very first time. Not that Phoebe was complaining.

"Oh Piper! Unh! Yeah! Fuck, your tongue feels... Unh!... good!"

Chris watched the action on the screen as his hand worked over his oiled up
shaft. Before joining her sisters Piper had positioned the camera almost
perfectly to capture the action in progress, leaving Chris to believe that
she had had at least some idea of what she was going to do before she got
over there. This belief was further reinforced every time Piper lifted a
hand to push Phoebe's left thigh away as the young woman succumbed to her
natural inclination to close her thighs around her sister's head as her
pleasure mounted. Piper didn't want her sister blocking the camera's view.

Watching Piper go down on Phoebe was not as difficult for Chris to do as he
might have imagined. Yeah, there was the whole mother/son thing, but meeting
her in his past, her present, when he was 22 and she was approaching 30 had
made a difference in how he viewed her. He didn't see her the same way he now
saw Phoebe and Paige, things hadn't changed that much, but he could now see
her as one adult to another, see her as a sexual being, with her own desires
and longings, and watching her take and receive pleasure from her sisters was
not the trauma one might expect. Except when she was with one of the other
two when they were sporting male genitalia. That he could not, and never
would be able to, handle.

But watching Piper's tongue as it slid into Phoebe's delectable pussy, that,
well that was easy to do. And damn hot too.

"Oh damn Piper! Ah Fuck that's good! Nunhhhh! OhShitOhShitOhSHIT!! Ah Fuck
Piper! Unhhhhh!"

Of course Chris wasn't the only one who found the events taking place on the
TV screen amazingly hot. The two young women living them thought they were
pretty damn spectacular as well, and it was even money as to which of the
two were enjoying themselves more. Phoebe was the more obvious of the pair
as she moaned and groaned and squirmed under Piper's assault, but the eldest
Halliwell was taking as much, if not more, pleasure from thrusting her tongue
into her little sister's folds, feeling the ridges, delving in to all the
nooks and crannies she encountered, in short doing everything she could to
drive her sister wild all the while swallowing load after load of Phoebe's
flavorful pussy juice.

When Piper wasn't shoving her tongue deeply into her sister's snatch,
or sucking on Phoebe's labia, or moving her head in a clockwise motion,
dragging her tongue over the entire surface of her sister's twat, she was
flicking her tongue gently around the raven haired girl's clit, sometimes
using just the tip of the tongue, other times using the broad flat part
as she took long slow licks up from the bottom of the slit to the top.
Whatever Piper did, licking, nibbling, sucking, or slurping, Phoebe loved
it all, her head falling back between her shoulders just to be lifted
again to watch her older sister work, only to fall back once more as a
long moan escaped her lips.

As time passed Piper tightened her focus in her sister's vagina, her tongue
taking shorter and shorter swipes through Phoebe's creamy folds and spending
more time slashing and circling around the raven haired girl's clit.
Eventually the older sister stopped even the most brief excursions away from
Phoebe's nub, switching over instead to lightly sucking the nerve bundle into
her mouth. The middle sister greeted this new development at full volume.


For the second time Phoebe's body shuddered in orgasm, her pussy spasming
beneath Piper's tongue as the brunette raced to lap up all of the brown-eyed
girl's fresh cum, her hips surging upwards and pressing the older girl's
face harder against her twat as she flooded her sister's mouth with her
juices. Having as much experience diving into Phoebe's muff as she did, Piper
was prepared for this eventuality and as with Paige before her she adapted
easily, moving with her middle sibling and keeping her tongue firmly
entrenched in the younger girl's snatch as she swallowed every drop of the
dark haired girl's dew.

In time, and despite her best efforts, even Phoebe's climaxes had to end, and
her ass slowly returned to the table's surface, Piper's tongue still flicking
about in her cunt as the older girl attempted to collect every last liquid
trace of Phoebe's orgasm. Satisfied at last that she had gathered up all of
Phoebe's cum, Piper pulled away from the younger girl, her face glistening
with wetness from her sister's pussy. Phoebe saw this, and in spite of the
fact that she was still struggling to bring her pounding heart under control,
she giggled at the glossy coating around Piper's mouth.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Nicely done sis."

Piper turned to her right at this new voice only to see Paige, of the male
variety this time, standing behind the camera and watching her through the
viewfinder. She took a few moments to study her sister, appreciating the
form the youngest girl was now wearing as a result of the glamour potion
they had recently developed. After the reversal spell on that very first
day had failed to work the girls had sworn that they would be better
prepared in the future, and had set about creating potions to replace the
glamour casting and reversal spells. Not that Piper, or Phoebe, had any
real complaints about how the day had ended, they just didn't like the
idea of not being able to switch back to their real forms any time they
wanted, or needed, to.

Paige was standing up straight now, presenting herself for her sisters'
inspection. The form she had chosen was pretty similar to the one Piper had
worn during her turn under the glamour, with one, not so small, exception.
The youngest witch had opted to return to her natural hair coloring while in
her male persona. The orange-red hair may have worked for her as a woman, but
as a man it just made her look like an even sillier version of Conan O'Brien.
So it was back to being a brunette while male. Aside from that she looked
very much like Piper's Paul doppelganger. A couple inches taller, maybe about
6'2", same broad shoulders and chest, same toned body with well defined abs,
same muscular, but not overly so, arms and legs, and same. wait a minute.
Something vital was being blocked by the video camera.

When Piper's eyebrow went up Paige looked at her questioningly, "What?"

"Nothing. It's just that the camera is blocking some of the view is all."

Paige looked down to see what Piper meant and with a sheepish grin she said
"Oh that." before stepping out from behind the piece of equipment.

"Holy shit!"

"Oh My God!"

Make that two not so small exceptions.

Piper stared at her sister in mild disbelief, the look of lust in her eyes
unmistakable just the same, and she said with a laugh, "Damn Paige, what did
you use for that, a table leg? How big is that thing?"

"Ten inches." came from both Paige and Phoebe simultaneously, one saying
it matter-of-factly while the other said it slowly and with something
approaching reverence in her voice.

To that Piper could only shake her head. It was no surprise that Paige knew
the size of the cock she so proudly displayed, she had after all chosen it,
but for Phoebe to be able to judge the size so accurately just by looking at
it, and the way in which she had voiced her answer, well that just made Piper
shake her head in amazement. Phoebe always was such a wanton little slut.
And Piper loved her dearly for it. She turned around and gave her sister a
knowing look. Phoebe just gave her older sibling a huge smile back before
turning her gaze once again towards Paige's erect penis.

Piper also turned back to Paige, intending to ask the youngest girl if she
was ready to start, when a thought occurred to her, "Wait. What are we going
to call you? It should start with a `P' don't you think?"

Paige paused to consider the question, not having given the matter any
thought earlier. P, P, something that starts with a P. The choices for male
names were somewhat limited in that regard.


"No, you don't look like a Phillip. You look more like a Parker."

"Parker! That's a pretty dorky name. Are you saying I look like a dork?"

"No sweetie, not at all! I just thought."

"I know what you thought. You thought I look like some dork. Maybe I should
go get some black frame glasses with tape."

Sensing a full blown snit in the making Phoebe hurried to cut it off before
she had to live with the mental image of a 6'2" Paige in a tizzy, "Why don't
we just keep calling her. I mean him, Page. It can be a man's name too. If
you drop the `I' that is."

Her sisters stopped fighting when they heard Phoebe's submission, each
concluding almost immediately that it was an excellent idea. The simplicity
of it appealed to Piper. She agreed that they should use masculine names when
under the glamour, it helped them to act the part, at least that was the
idea, but being able to use her sister's real name was just so much easier,
and if she had to pretend that it was being spelled without the `I' then so
be it. And for Paige it was an even easier decision to make, it was her name
after all. Not that she really cared what they called her, she just wanted
to fuck. Anything but Parker. That was a dork's name.

"Great idea!"

"Fine. Can we fuck now?"

It was Piper who answered that one, "Yeah, we should probably get started.
It's been what? Five minutes since Phoebe's last orgasm. She must be dying of
horniness by now."

"Bite me!"

Piper ignored the dark haired girl's retort instead looking up to catch
Paige's eye and saying softly "Sorry sweetie. I didn't mean to make you mad."

Taking that as her invitation to join them Paige walked over and joined
Piper in between Phoebe's legs, kneeling down and by way of accepting the
apology giving her eldest sister a kiss before she licked her other sister's
remaining juices from the brunette's face, "Eww, Page!"

The newly made male ignored her sister's protests, and hands, taking a couple
of final licks before backing away again and saying "I'll take it from here."

Nodding in acceptance, and drying her face with the back of her hand, Piper
stood up and turned to go back to the camera, hesitating momentarily as she
tried to decide what she wanted to do next. With Paige back and the glamour
fully in place she really wasn't needed in front of the video camera anymore,
but between the rug munching she had just done on Phoebe and the ten inch
dong Paige had waved in her face the eldest Halliwell was feeling a tad
randy. And going back behind the camera was not going to do anything to help
her alleviate that feeling. Fortunately there was nothing in the rules that
said she had to go play cameraman. That left only one other decision to be
made - how did she go about participating? A wicked smile came to Piper's
face as she quickly started undressing. She knew the perfect way to satisfy
her sexual hunger.

Meanwhile Paige was reacquainting herself with Phoebe's pussy. After an
initial kiss to her sister's still wet lips Paige had been using her
fingertips, her larger, more callused fingertips, to lightly stroke
Phoebe's labia, the rougher surface of the digits sending little quakes
of pleasure through the dark haired girl's now supine body. When Paige
grew bored with that she replaced her fingers with her tongue, even
though Piper had just finished a thoroughly satisfying job licking
Phoebe out. What Paige was doing was more for her own pleasure than for

It was while Paige was slowly dragging her tongue through the older girl's
folds, tasting the remnants of her most recent climax, that she observed
Piper, now as nude as the rest of them, nimbly climbing up on the table and
squatting over an unsuspecting Phoebe. In fact, by the time Phoebe realized
that there was a delicious, and completely aroused, pussy heading her way
Piper was already mere inches away from the black haired girl's mouth. It
was just by luck that Phoebe opened her eyes seconds before Piper's snatch
covered her and her tongue was engulfed by the juicy delicacy.


Chris watched the DVD play on for the next several minutes with growing
pleasure as the sisters competed with each other to see who could voice the
most pleasure without ever really forming a coherent sentence, relying
instead on fragments and non-verbal noises. Piper was at a distinct advantage
here as hers was the only mouth not otherwise occupied, both Phoebe and Paige
having their tongues buried in someone else's twat. Nevertheless this did not
stop the two younger women from doing their best to try to top Piper, however
muffled their cries of delight might be.

"Oh Phoebe that...." "Mmmm Pheebs... taste...." "Nnnguuhhh" "Ah... Ah...
Omyguuu..." "Unh... Unh... Unh..." "Phoebe... Oh...." "GGGGNNNHHHH!" "
fucking..." "Oh!... Oh!..." "I'm..." "Phoebe!" "Mmmpppfffff" "PHOEBE!!"

The camera had remained where Piper had placed it just before she had started
feasting on Phoebe's snatch so Chris had a much better view of Paige's carpet
licking than he had of the middle sister eating out the eldest. But he could
see enough to know that Phoebe was doing her usual outstanding job, using her
lips and tongue and teeth with devastating effect on her big sister's cunt in
spite of the distraction going on between her own legs. He could also hear
Piper's cries of ecstasy as Phoebe led the brown haired girl relentlessly to
her orgasm.

When Piper's head snapped back, her long hair whipping up only to settle once
again around her shoulders and she started to call out Phoebe's name, Chris
knew it was only a matter of moments before the brunette would be decorating
the younger girl's countenance with her cream. Sure enough, less than a
minute later, with one last shriek of her sister's name, Piper came all over
Phoebe's face, returning the favor she had been granted earlier and grinding
her pussy into her sister's mouth.

As Piper rode out her climax everything started to slow down on the screen.
Paige's tongue became still in her sister's muff while Phoebe started to
reduce her own movements in Piper's snatch even as the brown haired girl
ceased grinding against her face. Another minute more and even those
movements had come to a stop as all three sisters, particularly Piper, took
a break to recover from their extremely gratifying efforts. In time they
started to move again as Piper swung a leg over her sister's head and got
off the table, standing on legs still somewhat shaky from her climax.

As soon as Piper cleared her head Phoebe sat up and got off the table
herself, grabbing Paige by the most convenient appendage and leading the
bewildered girl over to the padded lounge where she had originally been
sitting. Piper watched the two girls, one walking determinedly, the other
hurrying to keep up lest an important piece of anatomy be yanked off,
before moving to gather up the camcorder and resume filming the action
taking place in the garden.

By the time Piper got over to the others Phoebe had taken a seat straddling
the lounge, her legs spread wide because of the width of the lawn furniture.
Paige was standing at the bottom, her cock bobbing gently as Phoebe's hands
caressed her thighs, traveling up her flesh and eventually coming to a rest
with one hand cupping her balls while the other wrapped around her shaft.
Piper started with a closeup of her sister's open twat then panned up between
Paige's legs to capture the handjob that Phoebe was giving. After spending a
little time recording the action from that point of view Piper moved over to
stand on Paige's right and continued filming.

With the camera pointed directly at her, Phoebe turned to face it, smiling
enticingly, then turning that same smile up towards the sister standing over
her. When Paige returned the smile, although hers was something more of a
leer, Phoebe dropped her gaze down to the erection in her hands, then leaned
forward and sliding her tongue out she began to lick the head of Paige's

"Oh man, that feels good!"

Phoebe ignored Paige's exclamation, already absorbed by the blowjob she was
just beginning, but Piper smiled broadly. She remembered all too well how
great it felt to have the highly experienced Phoebe sucking on her dick. The
little slut. She also remembered how good it had looked on camera, since she
was the one who had ended up taping it after Paige had been overwhelmed by
desire. In other words Paige saw Phoebe masturbating and couldn't keep her
tongue out of the older girl's snatch and had unceremoniously dumped the
camcorder into Piper's hands.

It was with these memories fresh in her mind that Piper recorded her younger
sisters. Watching as Phoebe's tongue snaked around the crown of Paige's
borrowed penis, the fact that the artificial phallus was based on a piece of
plastic not diminishing by one bit the pleasure that the once and future
female felt as her sister's mouth closed around her shaft. Not wasting any
time Phoebe immediately started to bob her head up and down on Paige's prick,
getting more and more of the member into her mouth with each stroke. As she
progressed down the shaft she used her left hand to fondle the redhead gone
brown haired girl's balls while her right hand stroked Paige's rod, her hand
closely following her head's up and down motion. She also put some english
on her movements, tilting her head to the left or the right as she traveled
along the pole and doing the same with her hand. Sometimes she moved them
together, her head tilting left while she rotated her hand counterclockwise
on Paige's dick, other times she moved them in opposite directions, doing
whatever she thought would maximize the younger girl's enjoyment.

Maximum enjoyment was an apt description for what Chris was feeling as well
as he watched the two witches on the TV screen. Since he had started watching
the sisters' collection of homemade porn Chris had on many occasions found
himself wishing he was one of the participants giving or receiving such
intense pleasure, but rarely had the feeling been so strong as it was right
at that moment. Damn, did he wish that it was he on the screen right then.
His hand was flying over his oiled up shaft as he watched Phoebe fellate

After a few more minutes working her sister over Phoebe allowed the well
lubed, extra-large prick to fall out of her mouth and she started to lick up
and down the underside of the shaft, repeating the trip several times before
dropping her head to suck the conjured, and equally oversized, balls. Paige
gave out her loudest groan yet as she felt her nuts being sucked one at a
time into Phoebe's mouth.

Returning to her sister's pole Phoebe began licking up one side and down the
other, fluttering her tongue against Paige's hyper sensitive skin and getting
another loud groan for her troubles. This continued for several passes until
the next time, when Phoebe reached the top of Paige's cock, she took the
member back in her mouth, her head once again bobbing up and down, this time
in conjunction with both hands.

Piper taped all this from a variety of positions, sometimes straight on from
the side of the two women, and sometimes from behind and over Phoebe's left
shoulder, looking down on the action. But mostly she taped it from below
Paige's waist, the camera pointing slightly upwards and capturing every inch
of the youngest sibling's dick as it slid between Phoebe's lips, the angle
allowing her to focus not only on the actual blowjob, but on the faces of the
participants as they reacted to what they were doing. It should come as a
shock to no one that both Paige and Phoebe looked like they were enjoying
themselves immensely.

Actually, Paige was enjoying her very first blowjob, at least as a recipient,
a little too much. Phoebe really was that good, something to which Piper
could readily testify. In fact, Phoebe was doing such a good job working over
Paige's enchanted cock that the younger woman was already faced with a
decision, let the dark haired girl continue and blow a load in her mouth, or
stop her now and save the load for better things to come. As much as the idea
of cumming in Phoebe's mouth appealed to her - really, really appealed to
her - Paige truly wanted her first orgasm as a male to be while inside the
older girl. The next one could be in Phoebe's mouth. And the one after that,
and the one after that.

"Pheebs, stop. Stop sweetie. Lay down."

If Phoebe had been inclined to protest the interruption of the blowjob she
was giving Paige the next words from her younger sister would have been
enough to end her complaints immediately, "I've got to be inside you."

With a leer of her own the middle witch lay back on the padded lounge, her
hands reaching up to grasp the raised back of the chair on either side and
her legs lifted, knees pulled back toward her chest, allowing Paige to slide
into place beneath them. When Phoebe was positioned properly Paige straddled
the chair and took hold of her cock, squatting down until she was seated only
inches from the older girl's exposed twat. She spent a minute or so simply
rubbing the head of her dick along Phoebe's slit, feeling the slick skin of
the short haired girl's vulva slide against her sensitive flesh and bringing
a groan of pleasure to both their lips. Mindful of the size of her
after-market penis, Paige then slowly began to press the head into Phoebe's
opening, feeling the inner labia part to admit her, then close back to mold
themselves around her shaft. She found the sensations indescribable.

It took some time, and more than a little coaching from the sidelines, for
the ersatz male to finally work her unit all the way into her sister, pausing
as she went, both from concern that she might be too large for the smaller
girl and from the intensity of the pleasure she felt as she sank her cock
into Phoebe's pussy. And it very easily could have taken longer if not for
Phoebe's reassurances that Paige was not hurting her.

"Go on honey, I can take it."

Paige looked back at the brown eyed girl doubtfully, Phoebe's words said one
thing but the grimaces on her face as she adjusted to the size of the member
sliding into her said something different.

Piper however, had no such qualms, and with a mildly exasperated "Oh fer
cryin' out loud!", swatted Paige on her rock hard buttocks, surprising the
youngest sister and causing her to lurch forward and sink the rest of her
prick, well most of it anyway, in Phoebe's cunt. The grimace on the black
haired girl's face was replaced by one of extreme delight while Paige, once
she had gotten over the shock of the swat to her ass, was grinning like a
boy who had just gotten his first blowjob. Which in a way was literally

Again Paige paused for a couple of seconds, taking the time to get used to
the sensation of being surrounded by such exquisitely tight, hot and wet
flesh. To say that she had never felt anything like it would be belaboring
the obvious, in spite of her current appearance Paige was definitely all
woman, so of course she had never felt anything similar to having her penis
inside a fully aroused vagina. But it was more than just the physical
perceptions that Paige had to adjust to, there were mental accommodations
to be made as well. For one thing Paige was accustomed to the idea of being
penetrated, to the thought that she was the one doing the surrounding and
enveloping, not the one doing the encroaching. And while the idea took some
getting used to it also filled Paige with a sense of power, the feeling of
being in control, of being in command of the situation. Of course Paige was
no stranger to being in control, especially during sex, the self-confidence
she had developed as a child in a loving, nurturing, home had only been
reinforced and strengthened in the years since she had become a Charmed one.
Facing and surviving deadly situations with unrelenting frequency tended to
have that kind of impact on a gal. But that didn't mean Paige was immune to
the feelings of power that ten inches of plastic turned flesh dangling
between her legs gave her. It may not have been rational, but that made it
no less real.

Taking a few practice strokes the smile on Paige's face grew even wider,
helped in part by the look of bliss on Phoebe's face as her eyes closed and
her she caught her lower lip in between her teeth as the magical cock moved
within her. Emboldened by the visual display of the pleasure she was bringing
to Phoebe, or perhaps because she was feeling a large quantity of it herself,
Paige began to move steadily in and out of her older sister's muff. At first
she was forced to keep her strokes short, her position sitting on the lounge
with her legs straddling it did not lend itself to longer strokes, but if she
leaned back a little, resting her weight on her hands on the lower half of
the chair, and raised her butt off of it, she had far more freedom and could
increase the length and/or the speed of her movements. Phoebe also benefited
from this new position as she brought her legs down and rested her lower
calves on Paige's thighs, the placement of which permitted her to use her
leg muscles to pivot her hips up and down as the young witch plunged into
her. Not to mention the fact that Paige's new angle of entry was bringing her
very erect penis into direct contact with Phoebe's g-spot on every thrust.

Starting off slowly, the two lovers rocked together as every forward thrust
of the pseudo male's hips hit the back of Phoebe's thighs and the motion
was transferred up her body, causing the short haired girl's tits to jiggle
invitingly. Piper shifted down toward Paige a bit when she noticed the
shaking of Phoebe's impressive chest, filming from just off to the youngest
sibling's left and capturing all of the action in the camera's frame. Chris
gave his mother a silent `Thank you' for the new perspective, as captivated
by Phoebe's large tits as either of her sisters.

A few minutes later Chris was once again complimenting Piper as he saw the
look on Phoebe's face begin to change, her smile fading slowly, only to be
replaced by the intent look of a woman feeling the first stirrings of an
orgasm within her. Whether Piper also saw the look on Phoebe's countenance
change was unclear, but she did choose that time to alter her position once
again, returning to her place between the two lovers and focusing tightly
on their coupled groins.

When Paige began to alter her pace, mixing in flurries of short fast strokes
with more deliberate, longer ones, Piper slowly widened the focus once more,
bringing as much of the two participants bodies into frame as she could. It
was now easy to see just how much movement was going on with both Paige and
Phoebe that was not necessarily directly related to the sexual activity they
were engaged in, although it was certainly being caused by it. It was already
clear that the look on Phoebe's face was constantly changing as her eyes or
her mouth opened and closed in response to the sensations coursing through
her, but now Chris could see how her head was in constant motion as well,
tilting first to the right then to the left and then back again, occasionally
she would press it back into the padding of the lounge, her mouth open in a
scream of delight, whenever Paige would hit a particularly sensitive spot or
combine a series of strokes that enhanced the brown eyed girl's pleasure.
Phoebe would also do her best to intensify her enjoyment, taking advantage
of her position with her calves draped on Paige's man-sized thighs to bounce
her hips up and down as her sister's cock moved in and out of her. Or
sometimes she would bring a hand down from its position grasping the back of
the recliner to squeeze a breast, or to try to control the pace of the sex,
meeting with mixed success, depending on Paige's willingness to comply.

Either way Phoebe was always vocal about her satisfaction with the way
things were proceeding, "Oh yes Page! Right there, that's it!... Faster!
Faster! Oh you little witch!... Ah Fuck! Page!... God yes!

And Phoebe wasn't the only one showing how much she was enjoying the screwing
through non-verbal means, Paige was moving almost as much as she was. Like
Phoebe, Paige's face was morphing through a variety of expressions depending
on the level of pleasure she was currently feeling and like her sister the
taller girl's head was dropping down or whipping back up according to the
same. Also like the older girl, Paige would often bring a hand forward,
seemingly for no other reason than to touch Phoebe's satiny smooth skin,
stroking her thigh or sometimes grasping her foot, pushing it out just a bit
and spreading the girl's legs even wider.

It was during one of the times when Paige held Phoebe's left foot in her hand
that the youngest sister appeared to really hit the black haired girl's sweet
spot, the rate and length of her strokes getting an immediate reaction, "OH
MY GOD! Page!... That's the spot!... Oh... Oh... Mmmm... Mmmm... Oh! Oh! OH!

Paige did her best to keep her movements unvarying, maintaining her pace as
much as she was able, and as much as the forceful bouncing of Phoebe's hips
up and down on her cock would let her. After a minute or so of manic bouncing
Phoebe let out one more soft "Oh." and her hips settled back to the couch
again. Paige took the opportunity to shift forward, pivoting so that her
hands were now in front of her on the arms of the lounge. This caused Piper
to move as well, to search for a new angle to tape from since the bulk of
Paige's body had cut off her previous one.

The witch turned cameraperson considered her options then realized that while
one angle had been closed to her, a new, and even more explicit one, had been
opened. Unseen by either of her sisters, or by anyone viewing the DVD, Piper
grinned widely as she shifted position, taking her place at the bottom of the
lounge and capturing the two lovers from behind.

"Omigod! Phoebe! You are so wet! Page, you should see how wet she is!"

Piper of course didn't really intend for Paige to stop what she was doing to
take a look at just how sopping wet she had made her older sister, not that
Phoebe would have been disposed to let her, but she forced out an answer in
between her thrusting anyway, "Yeah. I know. Believe me. I can feel it!"

Chris had no problem believing his aunt. No problem at all. The evidence was
plain to see on the TV screen. Phoebe's thighs and butt cheeks were gleaming
with wetness, and more was seeping out with every stroke of Paige's prick,
the squishing sounds of displaced fluids momentarily drowning out the middle
sibling's continuing moans of pleasure. The glossy coating of Phoebe's
lubrication was made even more apparent by the modified position she was now
in. When Paige had rotated forward with Phoebe's calves still draped over her
thighs it had lifted her ass off the lounge and pushed the older girl's knees
back towards her chest a bit, her pussy now facing the sky and her juices
dripping down between her buttocks.

"Did she cum again? Did you cum again Pheebs?" Piper didn't even wait for her
sister to answer her question before she continued "Oh man! Don't you have an
off switch?"

Phoebe heard Piper of course but she was much too busy enjoying the
afterglow of her latest orgasm, caused by Paige's constant stimulation of
her g-spot with that delightfully large cock the younger girl had chosen
for the glamour. It had been perfect for the job, and when combined with
Paige's initial angle of entry, which had forced the fake phallus to put
more pressure on the front wall of Phoebe's vagina, had resulted in a
relatively quiet, but spectacular in its intensity, and very wet, climax
for the young witch. And it wasn't over yet, as Paige's vigorous thrusting
kept sending little tremors of pleasure through Phoebe every time the
younger girl's dick brushed against her g-spot.

And Phoebe wasn't the only one taking pleasure in her most recent
culmination. Paige was benefiting from the added lubrication as well, her
cock sliding with even more ease through her sister's hot snatch, all the
while being massaged by the small tremblings that the passage of her rod
continued to cause in her elder sibling. But it didn't stop there.
Separated by time and a small distance Chris was also taking great pleasure
from watching Phoebe's climax play out on the screen. As soon as Piper had
pointed out that Phoebe had had yet another orgasm Chris had scanned
backwards through the DVD trying to see if he could tell when it had
occurred, having missed it the first time through. Sure enough he found it
when Phoebe was humping herself up and down on Paige's prick, the toes of
her left foot curling around her sister's hand as she enjoyed her third
orgasm in little more than an hour. By the powers, this woman was one hot

Not bothering to fast forward, Chris re-watched the video, paying more
attention this time to Phoebe's sodden muff as Paige swiveled her hips and
began to plunge once again in and out of her sister's cunt. Piper had taken
position only a foot or so behind the paramours so their coupled groins now
filled most of the screen, except when Paige was backing out Phoebe's face
could be seen briefly in between the two bodies near the top of the display,
her countenance contorting in delight, lower lip caught between her teeth
only to be released as she let out another moan or cry of pleasure. Never
having been part of a threesome, or having been a voyeur while two people
screwed in front of him, this was the closest view Chris had ever had of a
pair engaged in the act of sex. Having seen more than his fair share of porn
since coming back from the future he was used to feeling excited while he
watched someone fucking on screen. What he was not expecting was to find that
it could be beautiful as well. This may have had something to do with the
love and affection he felt for the people on the screen but Chris really
didn't think that was it, he thought it probably had more to do with how
incredibly beautiful Phoebe was even when she was fucking. Christ, she even
had a gorgeous pussy.

Both Piper and Paige, if asked, would have agreed with Chris's assessment
of the beauty of their sister's twat. Just like Phoebe would have agreed
if asked about either of her sisters' nether regions. In fact the three
Halliwell women had quite the mutual admiration society going on, Piper
relishing the more than ample endowments nature had given Phoebe and Paige
up top, while Phoebe was appreciative of the shapely posteriors possessed
by both her siblings. And don't even get Paige started on Piper's hair.
The younger woman could go on almost indefinitely praising the eldest girl's
lustrous brown locks. Her appreciation for her middle sister was a bit
more... earthy. Paige liked the way Phoebe tasted. Not that any of it really
mattered to them, all they really cared about was that they were each
desirable in the eyes of both the other women. And that they had lots of hot,
naked, sweaty, sex to prove it. So far so good.

Of course, at that particular point in time Paige wasn't really concerned
with the aesthetics of her sister's vagina. She was far more concerned with
the fact that Phoebe was hot, and wet, and oh so deliciously tight, and that
her newly minted ten inch dick was sliding repeatedly in and out of said
vagina, bringing pleasure greater than she had ever imagined a man could
feel. She liked the new position she had moved into almost as much as Piper
and Chris did, but it was a pretty sure bet she was getting more out of it
than either the known or the unknown voyeurs.

Paige started off with long slow strokes, pausing when she was fully inserted
in the dark haired girl, the muscles in her lower back and thighs tensed,
prolonging the delectation as much as possible until she began once again to
withdraw from Phoebe's cunt. The climax the middle sister had enjoyed only
minutes earlier permitted Paige to concentrate on her own enjoyment for the
moment and she was determined to make the most of it while she could. After
only a few minutes at that reduced pace though Phoebe started to lift her
hips from the couch to meet Paige on the down stroke and the youngest witch
switched back to a mixed variety, bouts of medium rapid strokes interspersed
with longer, slower, ones. Sometimes she slowed down so she could take a
breather, other times it was just for the pure pleasure of it, the smile on
her sister's face all the encouragement she needed to keep things going just
the way they were.

After about ten minutes or so of plunging in and out of Phoebe's muff Paige
began to feel the first stirring in her balls that she could only assume was
the sign that an orgasm was imminent. She began to pick up the pace of her
strokes, still keeping them relatively long for the time being, enjoying the
surge of pleasure she felt along the entire length of her shaft as the
friction and heat increased.

Watching the action on the screen, seeing every inch of Paige's prick sinking
into Phoebe's pussy only to reappear a second later coated with the raven
haired girl's cream, started Chris on his own long slide of delight. He
tightened his grip on his cock, his hand making long, determined, passes up
and down his pole, the muscles in his lower back and thighs joining Paige's
as they started to tense up as the pleasure built with each rub of his dick.
He was glued to the screen, watching with lust filled eyes as ten inches of
rigid flesh thrust time and again into one of the most beautiful and inviting
places he could ever imagine. Once again he found himself wishing that he was
one of the participants on the screen, part of him wishing that it was his
penis being enveloped in Phoebe's flesh, his penis penetrating those warm,
wet folds. The other part, the part he thought he had kept carefully hidden
from his mother and her sisters, that part wasn't paying much attention to
Phoebe at all, thinking instead, and not for the first time, how gorgeous
Paige's cock really was. It would be safe to say that were Chris ever to
voice such an opinion in front of the sisters, their reaction would come as
a complete surprise to him, knowing grins and acceptance being all he would
get from them in response. Being bisexual seemed to run in the Halliwell

While Chris was fixated on the events on the screen, his orgasm building
unrelentingly, Paige was right there with him, figuratively speaking of
course. She, too, had been on the path to orgasm since Phoebe's climax,
climbing slowly at first, then picking up speed as time went on, the
delight she was feeling close to overwhelming her at any moment.

"Oh shit Phoebe! This is so fucking AWESOME! OH FU... PHOEBE I LOVE... AH
FUCK!!... YOU!!"

With those words Paige came, her face contorting as almost all men's faces
do, even the chords in her neck standing out as the body she wore focused all
its energy on her ejaculation. Her first two shots came while she was still
inside her sister, the older girl's hips coming up to meet hers on the last
decisive thrust, but when Phoebe dropped back to the padded lounge her cock
fell out of the dark haired girl's snatch, still twitching as cum jetted out,
landing on Phoebe's lower abdomen until Paige took hold of her dick, stroking
it and pointing it back down towards her sister's pussy.

While Paige basked in her orgasm Piper waited behind her not so patiently.
In fact, Chris was thinking to himself that the eldest Halliwell was showing
remarkable restraint considering the circumstances. So he was not surprised
when, with a hasty "Take this...", Piper shoved the camera into her youngest
sister's hands and proceeded to dive under Paige's splayed legs to drill her
tongue into Phoebe's gooey twat, gathering up and swallowing the combination
of creams she found there and then going in for more.

That was it for Chris. When Piper's tongue first touched Phoebe's cum-covered
lips his orgasm arrived with a loud, but hastily stifled groan, his hand
flying over his shaft in short, jerky, motions and his back arching as the
cum shot out of his prick, beating his meager attempt to capture it in the
Kleenex he held in his left hand, and landing on his stomach and thighs,
the last few squirts oozing out and covering his right hand only to be
distributed along the length of his rod as he slowly, slowly wound down,
the DVD playing on unnoticed in the background.

"Fuck me?"

Paige heard the words coming from Phoebe's mouth but they didn't really
register, she was still enjoying the immense satisfaction her climax had
brought her and what little concentration she had to spare was being spent
on taping Piper while the eldest sister vacuumed her cum from the other
girl's beaver, "Huh?"

"Fuck me? I give you the best orgasm you've ever had and that's what you say
to me?"

The twinkle in Phoebe's eyes made it clear to Paige that her sister was only
teasing her and she decided to play along, "That's not what I said. I said
`I love you', though now I can't imagine why, the rest was just. the heat of
the moment."

"Like I said, I gave you the best orgasm you've ever had."

Paige gave her sister a sour look, "Oh please. Like I haven't had better.
Heck, Piper made me cum harder just last week. Twice in fact."

"Is that right? Twice you say?..." Paige opened her mouth to reply "
a guy? That's funny because I was with you last week and I... unh... don't
recall you having a penis."

"No Miss Smarty Pants. Not as a guy. You know this is my first time under the

"So I was right. That was the best orgasm you've ever had as a guy!"

"Ya know, now that I think about it you may have been right the first time.
Maybe I was saying. AH FUCK!" Piper had abandoned Phoebe's muff in favor of
Paige's glistening ten inch erection.

Phoebe giggled at Paige's outburst, "The heat of the moment huh?"

Paige extricated her penis from Piper's mouth and started to move back in
between Phoebe's still raised legs, "What I really said was I love fucking
you." as her cock slipped back into her sister's slit.

"Then Fuck Me."

The girls fell momentarily silent as Paige began to move inside of Phoebe
once more.


No response.

"Hey! When is it the camera girl's turn?



At that moment a light came on in the second floor hallway of the manor.
Chris's eyes snapped open for the first time since his climax had ended. Had
the noise from the TV awakened one of the sisters? He quickly turned the set
off and gathered up his clothing and the baby oil and prepared to orb out if
he heard somebody begin to descend the stairs. He listened as someone padded
across the hall - Paige, he decided. Piper had her own bathroom and Phoebe
tended to shuffle when she was sleepy - and into the bathroom, waiting in
the darkened living room for his younger aunt to finish up and return to bed.
While he waited Chris idly began to stroke his still semi-erect penis again.
His thoughts turned to the witch in the upstairs bathroom, wondering if she
would be coming downstairs when she was done, perhaps for a snack, or
something to drink, then wondering what she was wearing. He knew it wouldn't
be anything overtly sexy, like lingerie, but Paige was fond of wearing
oversized t-shirts, though not too oversized, to bed and the thought of her
braless breasts pressing against the thin cotton of the shirt, combined with
a mental image of the flawless, porcelain-like skin of her long legs, going
up and up until they disappeared beneath the tee. Chris swiftly found himself
at full staff again. By the time Paige exited the bathroom he had built a
whole fantasy around her little late-night excursion. One where the brown
eyed beauty came downstairs dressed exactly as he had imagined, with the
notable exception that she was pantieless as well as braless, and as Chris
waited for her at the bottom of the stairs he could see up underneath the
t-shirt to Paige's bald and already swollen vulva, a sight which only
improved as the newly turned black haired girl lifted the top over her head,
her perfect breasts exposed to the night air, her pink nipples stiff from the
slight chill. As Paige descended the last step she moved into his arms and
they kissed softly while Chris moved them over toward the table in the center
of the front hallway. Reaching the table Chris broke the kiss, turning Paige
around and bending her over the polished wood as he prepared to enter her
from behind, rubbing the head if his cock along her puffy lips before.

The snick of the door to Paige's bedroom closing interrupted Chris's reverie
and he stood in the living room, engorged cock held in one hand. Damn. And
whew. Another minute or so and Paige might have been exiting the bathroom
just as Chris was about to let fly, accompanied by another smothered groan
no doubt and that would definitely have attracted her attention, bringing
her down the stairs to investigate. So being interrupted may have been
frustrating, but it had saved him from a potentially disastrous confrontation
with the young witch. With a heavy sigh Chris returned to the couch and
waited several more minutes until he was sure that Paige had gone back to
bed. He hadn't intended to watch another video that night but his fantasizing
had gotten him pretty worked up and he was in need of another release before
he would be able to fall asleep. He could have continued watching the DVD
with Phoebe in the garden - there was sure to be much more action on it, once
started the girls' sessions almost always turned into sexual marathons - but,
not surprisingly, he now found himself wanting to watch something in which
Paige featured a little more prominently. In female form. And he knew just
the one that would do the trick. He moved back over to the video cabinet and
began to search for the DVD in question.

Waiting silently at the top of the stairs, Paige listened to the soft sounds
coming from the living room. She knew she had heard something downstairs, but
it didn't sound like a demon, they were rarely this stealthy, and if it was a
common burglar, boy were they in for the shock of their lives. There it was
again! It sounded like. was that a sigh? Who would be down in the living room
at this hour sighing? It wasn't Piper, of that Paige was sure. Piper was nine
months pregnant, due to pop any day now, and while she was still mobile, she
was not up to sneaking past her sisters' bedrooms quietly so she could go
downstairs to sit in the living room in the dark and sigh. Truth was, Piper
wasn't up to sneaking anywhere. She could lumber, or maybe plod, perhaps she
could even galumph. But sneak? Nope, no way, sorry. It also wasn't Phoebe.
She had just checked and the older girl was exactly where she had left her,
sound asleep, one arm cast out to the side of the bed Paige had so recently
vacated. And it couldn't be Leo, he was sleeping, poorly perhaps, on the sofa
in the master bedroom. The closer Chris's birth came the harder it had become
to get him to leave Piper and Wyatt's side. Finding out who was trying to
harm Wyatt and heading off to deal with it, yeah that would do it, but Paige
doubted that a little bout of ennui would do the trick. That left Chris. What
would Chris be doing down in the living room at this hour?

Just as Paige had decided to go downstairs to answer that question she heard
another sound from the darkened room. It sounded like someone was shuffling
through the. video cabinet? The opening of the tray on the DVD player several
seconds later confirmed it. So that's what Chris was doing. He was having
another night of sleeplessness. Paige debated joining him for a moment before
deciding against it. Phoebe had come to her bed that night so that neither of
them would have to sleep alone. It wouldn't be fair to Phoebe if she bailed
on the short haired girl now just so she could watch some stupid movie with
her nephew. Turning to head back to her room Paige paused once again as she
heard the movie begin to play. A few more seconds wouldn't hurt, and she was
curious to see what kind of movies Chris chose when he was alone. She made a
bet with herself that it would be one of Piper's sappy dying weepy woman

"Can you spread your legs wider?"

"Oh for crimineys sake! What am I a door hinge? I'm not double jointed you

Paige's eyes went round as saucers as she recognized her own voice coming
from the downstairs TV. Oh. My. God! That was the video of her and Phoebe and
Piper. where her sisters. and she. and Chris was watching it. Watching them.
Watching them as they. omigod omigod omigod!


Wait. That wasn't her voice. And it wasn't Piper or Phoebe either. Not even
when in male form. That was Chris.

"Unh... Unh..."

And it sounded like he was. enjoying himself. A lot.

Well now.

That was unexpected. Paige stood there silently, pondering her options, part
of her mind focusing on what to do next, part of it still listening to the
sounds Chris made while he masturbated to one of their homemade videos. As
time passed Paige found that she was spending less time thinking and more
time listening. And somewhat to her surprise, she found that she was not
bothered by that. After all, what could she really do about the situation?
Chris had obviously found the sisters' stash, had watched at least a couple
of the DVD's, probably more, and was at that very second pleasuring himself
to the sight of Paige being eaten out by Phoebe. So what was she going to do?
Go down there and challenge her nephew? Scold him for invading their privacy?
This after she stood in the upstairs hallway for several minutes listening to
him play with himself. Try again. Join him? The thought hit Paige right in
the groin. Join him. She took a step toward the stairs then stopped. What the
hell was she doing? She couldn't go down there to join Chris. What would she
do when she got down there? Sit down next to him while he jerked off to a
video of her getting fucked? Take off her panties and masturbate with him? Or
maybe when she got down there she could just drop to her knees in front of
him and take his cock in her mouth and suck him until he came. Paige felt her
pussy start to moisten. Another low moan of pleasure floated up from the
living room.

While Paige contemplated her next step Chris was down below still wrapped up
in the video, oblivious to the silent spectator at the top of the stairs. If
he had been aware he could have spent a few seconds being grateful that it
was Paige that had discovered his nighttime activities and not either of her
sisters. If it had been Piper who had found out that Chris not only knew of
the DVD's, but was using them to get off, she would be mortified,
embarrassment for herself at being seen having sex warring with embarrassment
for her son at having been caught during an intensely private moment, and she
would probably never be able to look him straight in the face again. And if
it had been Phoebe, well Phoebe, like Paige, was beyond feeling embarrassed
for having a healthy libido, and since she saw nothing wrong with what went
on between her and her sisters she wouldn't have really cared that Chris had
been watching their private videos. No for Phoebe the problem revolved around
the fact that she found Chris to be quite attractive and had come very close
to hitting on him more than once, and then when he had revealed himself to be
her nephew, well she was still dealing with her feelings of guilt over that,
irrational though they might be. On top of which she still found him
incredibly attractive, so finding him pleasuring himself to one of their
DVD's would have only confused things further.

So Chris would have counted himself lucky if he knew that he had been outed
by Paige. While the youngest witch's initial reaction had been borderline
panic when she realized that their private sessions had been uncovered it was
apprehension of Chris's reaction and her sisters' response to that reaction
that had motivated her, not concern that someone had seen her fucking and
sucking on the DVD. Paige was very much of the take me or leave me variety.
This was part of who she was and if she was content with it she didn't see
what business it was of anyone else's.

Meanwhile Chris continued to pull on his cock, unaware of the soundless
debate taking place at the top of the landing. When Paige, the one on the TV,
not the one upstairs, mounted Phoebe in the reverse cowgirl position Chris
moaned and his eyes closed as the pleasure momentarily got the better of him.
What he wouldn't give to be the one fucking Paige at that moment.

Debate wasn't the only thing Paige was doing in the upstairs hallway. Since
the first tingles of desire between her legs had made themselves known the
horny witch had shoved her hand into her panties and was now quietly rubbing
her clit with the tips of her fingers. After an especially pleasant
combination a soft "Unh" escaped her lips and she stilled her wandering hand
while she waited to see if Chris had heard her. His own soft moans, growing
in strength and frequency, made it seem quite unlikely she had been revealed.
This became even more apparent moments later when Chris came, his subdued
cries cut off as he clamped his mouth shut, determined that this time at
least there would be no chance his moans would awaken any of the manor's
residents. When he got up from the couch a couple of minutes later to remove
the DVD from the player Paige took the opportunity to return to her bedroom.
The events of the past minutes had left her feeling wound up, and very horny.
Maybe Phoebe would be awake when she slipped back into bed and the beautiful
girl could help Paige scratch this nagging itch. Preferably with her tongue.

Downstairs Chris continued to clean up after yet another successful
conclusion to a night of self gratification. He was feeling very relaxed from
the double session, and quite pleased as well. Masturbating might not be as
much fun as sex with a partner, but when you had a good imagination, and such
incredible visual aids, it would do as a close second. He was going to sleep
well for the rest of the night. He finished cleaning up and put the DVD's
back into the cabinet before orbing back to the room he used at P3. The next
day promised to be an eventful one. Just how eventful he never could have

* * *

The subsequent morning arrived much the same as the previous morning.
Piper's back was hurting her and Leo had refused to let her go downstairs
for breakfast, insisting instead on bringing some things up to the bedroom
where she could eat in some comfort and he could take care of Wyatt. That
left Paige and Phoebe to their own devices and they filled a couple of
bowls with cereal and took them out into the garden to enjoy the beginning
of another beautiful spring day in San Francisco.

Phoebe took a seat on one of the lounges, the same one that had played such
a large part in the prior night's video, and leaned into the upraised back.
Paige joined her sister on the lounge, forcing the smaller girl to slide
over to one side so she could fit, but Phoebe didn't complain. The lawn chair
was wide enough for two people, okay, not really, but it was wide enough if
the two didn't mind being squeezed together, and after having spent the night
wrapped up in each other's arms the last thing the sisters would grumble
about would be sharing a seat while they enjoyed their breakfast.

They ate in relative silence, both finishing about the same time and placing
their bowls on the ground to the side of the lounge, before leaning against
the raised back of the chair. Phoebe turned onto her left side and pillowed
her head on her hands while Paige spooned behind her. When the younger girl
draped an arm over her sister's waist Phoebe reached down and clasped Paige's
hand, pulling it up and holding it against her chest, a contented smile
settling on her pretty face. Paige was wearing the smile's twin on her own
face. Seeing both her sisters so happy made her happy too. Yes, things were
chaotic at the moment. Between Piper's pregnancy and Chris's predictions of
the future gone haywire and some unknown big bad's attempts to turn Wyatt
evil and Phoebe's loss of active powers and yadda, yadda, yadda. Ho hum.
Things were always chaotic around the Halliwell manor. Probably always would
be. What else was new. That was why moments like this were so precious and
were to be treasured. Because they were so rare. That's also why Paige was
hesitant to say anything about the prior night's revelations and in the
saying probably ruin one of these precious moments. For a few seconds she
contemplated not saying anything to her sister, after all Chris would be
returning to the future very shortly, why not just let horny nephews lie, so
to speak? Was there anything to be gained by telling Phoebe about Chris's
after hours exploits? No, not really, but she was going to tell her anyway.
All the sisters had learned the hard way that it was the secrets they kept
from one another that were the most damaging when they came out. And it would
come out. They always did. Question was, how did she bring the subject up?
Hey Pheebs, guess who was masturbating to the video of you, Piper and me last
night? You know the one where the two of you DP'd me in my bedroom. I'll give
you three guesses. Hmmm, maybe not. How about. yeah, that'll work.

"You know, I have very fond memories of this lounge."

Phoebe's smile grew larger as she called up her own recollections of that day
in the garden, "Yeah, me too sweetie. Though I must say, I'm kinda surprised
that you can remember which chair we were using."

"Well I have a good memory for those kind of things. Besides, if I forget
some details I can always go to the videotape."

"Oh so you're the one who's been watching the DVD's. I was wondering who kept
rearranging them. And where do you find the time? Some days I can barely fit
in a shower, let alone some private time."

"Well, see, that's the thing. I haven't been watching them."

Phoebe turned onto her right side, bringing her face to face with her sister,
"You haven't been watching them. Then who has? Piper?" She continued on, not
waiting for Paige and answering her own question, "No, it can't be Piper,
she's pregnant and that's the last thing on her mind these days. So if it
isn't you, and it isn't Piper, then who is it?"

Paige waited, letting her sister work through the very short list of
possibilities at her own speed, silently hoping that she had been right about
the short haired witch's reaction to this potentially startling news. When
she saw the color drain from Phoebe's face and her eyes widen, Paige feared
that she had gotten it wrong, her sister was going to freak. Then, just as
suddenly as it started, Phoebe lost steam mid-freak. The color came back into
her face and her eyes narrowed as she peered at Paige.

"Chris? And he was." she left the rest unsaid.

Still not sure that Phoebe's freak-out had been fully aborted Paige timidly
squeaked out "Yes", her face scrunching up in anticipation of her sister's

"Which ones?"

One eye opened tentatively, "Huh?"

"Which ones has he. watched?"

"Does it matter?" Paige relaxed a little, relatively certain that if Phoebe
was going to lose it she would have done so by now.

"Not really, I'm just curious."

"You're not mad? I was afraid you'd be mad. Why aren't you mad?"

"I'm not mad. Actually I'm kind of relieved. He's been here so long and
we've never seen him with a girl, it's good to know he's found some kind of
release. Although this does complicate things a bit."

"You mean explaining to him how we can be with each other and not have it be


"Well, judging by his. response, I'd say he doesn't have a problem with it."

"He was."

"Enthusiastic. Yes. He's going to make some young lady very happy."

The two witches both smiled at Paige's comment, then Phoebe repeated her
question, "So which one's has he watched?"

"Well, I can't say really. The only one I'm sure of is the one of the three
of us in my bedroom that day I started my mini-vacation. But I'm pretty sure
he's watched some of the others."

"But you don't know. That may have been the only one he's seen."

"Yeah, I guess. I mean I only found out about this last night, but I kinda
doubt that's the first time, the odds are sort of against it. And you did say
that you noticed that some had been rearranged. Those are probably the ones
he's been watching."

"You're probably right. Come to think of it, didn't he tell us he'd found a
cure for his insomnia, and that was what? Four months ago?"

"More I think. More like six."

"Six months." Phoebe paused for a few moments, "Man that's a lot of jerking

"Well considering how hot I am in those, who can blame him."

They both burst into giggles at that. Paige wound down first but Phoebe
started right back up again, a slight blush coloring her face.


"Nothing. It's just. well, when you think about it, it's kinda kinky."

Ah, the kink factor. Paige had neglected to include it in her equations when
considering how her sister would respond. Silly really in light of the fact
that they were both so similar when it came to sex. Both women liked a large
dose of kink with their intercourse.

"Yeah, it kinda is."

Their hands started to wander over each other's body, nothing too scandalous,
but enough to raise a few eyebrows should any of the neighbors peek out of an
upstairs window. Paige took hold of Phoebe's hand and started to get up from
the couch so they could move things to a more private venue when Phoebe
stopped her. She gave her sister a questioning look. Didn't the older girl
want to continue this inside?

"Paige?" Phoebe wasn't looking directly at her sister and she had a
speculative look on her face.


"You said you saw Chris watching the video of you, me and Piper up in your
bedroom, right?"

"Well I didn't actually see him, it's not like I was going to go down to the
living room and watch!." Phoebe's eyebrows went up a fraction and her mouth
turned down as she considered Paige's words. She could think of worse ways to
spend some time than watching their handsome nephew stroke what she imagined
had to be a very gorgeous cock. "... But I did hear the DVD playing, and I
heard him, ya know, moving around down there. Why?"

"Well I was just wondering, that's the one where both Piper and I start off
under the glamour spell, right?"

"Yeah. So?"

Now she looked up at her younger sister as she said "So how do you know he
was, you know, doing it to you? How do you know he wasn't doing it to me? To
the male me?"

She watched Paige's eyes as they went unfocused while the younger girl
thought over what she had said. When they focused back on hers again a smile
came to Paige's lips, instantly mirrored on her own as they said together

With another giggle Paige got up from the lounge, pulling Phoebe behind her
as they headed into the manor.

* * *

Things being what they were the girls never had the chance to finish what
they started in the garden. The day, which had started so peacefully, swiftly
transitioned to hectic and then jumped right on up to chaotic. After months
of searching they had finally uncovered who was behind the plot to turn Wyatt
evil. Unfortunately they were too late to prevent Gideon from sending Chris
through a portal to an alternate universe, one where good and evil were
reversed and those Charmed Ones fought for the other side. And just to make
things more interesting, Piper picked that day to go into labor. In both
universes. And to top it all off, Paige and Phoebe had to cross over to the
other universe in order to retrieve Chris, and subsequently had encountered
their bitchier selves. Needless to say the meeting had not gone well.

To be concluded in part 2

* * *

And so there you have it, story number 10. Unlike some of the other
multi-part stories I'm working on the conclusion to this should be along in
short order, hopefully in time for the December update. It was never my
intention to split this into two parts but this has been the most difficult
story for me to finish thus far, it took me almost 4 weeks to write 7 pages,
and it's not like I didn't know where I wanted to go with the story, I've
been kicking this idea around since the season six finale last spring. It's
just that work and real life stuff kept getting in the way.

So it goes.

Up next, I don't know. I'm working on part 2 of this, part 3 of Love in an
Elevator, part 3 of my GG series and an Ashley Scott and mystery guest story
all at the same time. The GG story is long overdue so I should make that my
priority, but the Ashley Scott story is speaking to me the loudest at the
moment so. If you are waiting for the next part of the GG story, or the
conclusion to Love in an Elevator, please bear with me, I promise I will get
to them and finish them eventually.

That's it for now. Until next time.



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