Notes: This story takes place at the beginning of Charmed's 6th season,
where Phoebe has cut her hair short and develops a new power, empathy.

Charmed: Paige's New Job (MF,F-best,exhib)
by ErosTrek ([email protected])

Professional DogWalkers Inc.

That was the sign displayed across the far wall of the waiting room, along
with framed pictures of smiling men and women as they held onto leashes tied
to dogs of all shapes, colors and sizes.

"Miss Paige Matthews please."

Paige got up, tugging at the hem of her miniskirt and glancing nervously at
her reflection in the floor to ceiling window panes as she walked down the
corridor, following the secretary who had called out her name. This was the
third job interview this week, and the other two hadn't gone as well as she'd
hoped they would. The problem had been, she had realised later, that both
personnel managers had turned out to be women and her looks and sexy clothing
hadn't had the desired effect. Today should be different. She'd enquired and
was told that the manager was a Mr Huffington ... so out came her shortest
miniskirt and an extra tight tank top that besides hugging the outlines of
her generously sized breasts, also showed off quite a bit of her milky white
cleavage. Dressed like that she was sure that she'd be chosen for this job,
though in the waiting room the competition had looked tough, a couple of sexy
blondes and a delectable brunette with a fine ass. Paige shrugged mentally,
hoping that this Huffington guy liked redheads.

The secretary cleared her throat.

Startled out of her daydreams, Paige realised that they had arrived in front
of an opaque glass door and the woman was waving her through. She stepped
into the office and the door closed behind her.

"Ah, good morning, Miss Matthews." A guy in his fifties with short, greying
hair, a medium sized belly and an expensive business suit welcomed her. "Have a
seat" he waved at a chair in front of his desk with an unlit cigar he held
between his thumb and index finger. Paige hoped he wouldn't light that up
because she hated cigars. When he put it in his mouth but made no attempt to
grab a lighter she relaxed slightly and waited for him to speak. Suddenly she
felt a tingling sensation run up her spine to the base of her skull. She
gasped involuntarily as she suddenly knew clearly that she had to land this
job, no matter what. Paige sensed something inside her mind telling her that
it was her duty to do so, though she didn't understand why. Maybe he was an
innocent she had to help? She didn't know but she guessed she'd find out soon

He was looking through a manila folder, her job application, cv and
references she guessed correctly. Finally, he nodded, closed the folder and
looked up at her, smiling.

"The photo you submitted with your application just doesn't do you justice."

"Oh .. err .. thanks" Paige giggled nervously as she saw his eyes drop down
towards her exposed cleavage. It had been Phoebe's idea to dress like this
for a job interview, Paige had thought it best if she dressed casually, maybe
in slacks, and let her professional merits win her the job, but Phoebe had
insisted. Now Paige was feeling rather self-conscious as he stripped her with
his eyes ... but then again she really needed the job if she wanted to help
out her half sisters. After all they couldn't use magic for personal gain,
as she herself had learnt(her tits, big enough as they were already, had
inflated themselves into a pair that would have made Pamela Anderson jealous)
when she had first become a witch and dabbled with a few spells.

"Would you like some coffee?"

Again Paige was startled out of her daydreams. She really had to pay
attention! "What did you say?"

"I asked if you'd like some coffee."

"Oh yes please, thanks."

"Great, come, let's sit near the window, there's a wonderful view and we'll
be more comfortable."

Huffington got up from behind his desk and led her to a couple of armchairs
and a low glass table in the corner of his office. Paige sat down not
noticing the sudden look of bliss on Huffington's face as he caught a glimpse
of her white panties as she crossed her legs. He walked over to the coffee
pot and poured a couple of cups, then put them on the table before her,
bending over slowly and looking sideways. His efforts were rewarded. He could
see a white triangle peeking out from beneath the miniskirt as Paige shifted
her legs slightly. Yes! This redhead was so sexy, he'd had a hardon as soon
as she'd stepped into his office. He'd already decided to give her the job
but he wasn't going to tell her that right away. Of course not! That would be
too easy. She'd have to work hard for it ... she'd definitely have to do more
than just sit there!

"So, do you like dogs?" he said as he straightened up and walked over to her

Paige had noticed that his glances below her skirt and she had shifted
uneasily in her seat and recrossed her legs, but the mini was too short and
there was no way she could stop him from getting an eyeful of her panties.
Oh well, she thought, if I didn't want to show him my undies I shouldn't
have dressed like this, so why should I care what he sees? Then she heard
his question, "Sure, I love dogs, they're so cute!" ... well that wasn't
exactly true, she had never really cared much about dogs, but the ad she'd
replied to had mentioned a good pay and short working hours.

"Very well, very well, Miss Matthews ... can I call you Paige?"

"Of course Mr Huffington."

"Ah, Paige, such a nice name, not very common is it? Oh and you may call me

He was now standing behind Paige and had put a hand on her right shoulder,
squeezing it gently. He continued, "Do you think you can manage several dogs
at once? They are mostly well behaved breeds, which we walk and groom for
their owners" he paused and grinned "very rich owners at that."

Paige was feeling uncomfortable with this guy behind her and touching her
shoulder but she kept a calm voice. "Yeah, I think I could control more than
one dog, if they obey it should be easy."

Greg Huffington changed the subject without any warning. "Such a nice view
from here" he said in a soft voice.

Paige looked out of the window. She could see the glittering blue of the sea
from here. Yes the view was nice and she said so.

Behind her, Greg smirked. He hadn't been looking out the window, but down
over her shoulder and into the deep V aperture of her tank top where he could
partially see her two fleshy globes and much to his delight he noted that she
wasn't wearing a bra. Almost of its own accord his hand slid down her
shoulder and onto her chest, down over her right breast ... so soft, yet so
firm he thought as he groped her ...

"Hey!! Mr Huffington ... Greg ... what are you doing!?" Paige was shocked.
She hadn't expected anything like this. Was this guy crazy? Groping her like
this ... she grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her breast and tried
to get up but he now had both his hands on her shoulders and was keeping her
down in the chair.

"Paige calm down, I'm not going to harm you" he whispered hoarsely "you have
to trust me, I just want to touch your beautiful tits, that's all I ask, and
the job is yours."

Paige couldn't believe she was really hearing this. "Let me get this
straight, mister" she exclaimed "you're offering me a job in return for
letting you feel up my tits?"

"Well .. ehm ... errr ... yeah, you could put it that way ..."

"Ok" Paige said simply, relaxing. The tingling sensation at the base of her
skull had grown stronger until she accepted his advances. That confirmed
it for Paige. She'd do anything to get this job even if it meant getting
groped ... or even if things went further than that.

"Ok what?" Greg Huffington was puzzled, he'd expected lots of cajoling and
possibly a few threats before the girl just walked out of his office or

"Ok, you can touch my tits all you want, you perv, but first you gotta show
me a signed contract."

Now it was Huffington's turn to look at her in disbelief. Could this hot babe
really accede to his daring request so easily? Was she really that eager to
find a job? This opportunity was too good to pass up.

"Now, now, Miss Matthews, I'll sign your contract in due course, but first I
have to make sure you aren't fucking around with me. I'm not going to give
you your papers before I get a good feel. Not that I don't trust you but what
will stop you walking out of her before I'm satisfied, eh?"

"Hrmmmphh" Paige sighed, she'd guessed something like this was coming.
Phoebe had warned her .. well, not exactly warned her .. she'd told her that
if she was lucky she'd find a guy who put his paws on her, but Phoebe was
such a slut, she'd really be enjoying herself right about now. But Paige
really wanted to find a job, the sooner the better, even if the new boss was
a perverted son of a bitch. "Let's get it over with" and with that she pulled
off her tank top in one quick motion.

Huffington gasped in awe "Hot damn!" he had never expected anything like
this. The redhead had just gone topless before him, her lovely large tits
swinging free and bare, nipples stiffening in the cool breeze of the air
conditioning. His hands trembled slightly as they reached towards those
ripe spheres the size of small melons. He grasped each one in a hand and
squeezed the white flesh gently, then pressed them together while rubbing
his thumbs over the erect nipples.

Paige closed her eyes, feelings of disgust mixing with some excitement and a
bit of pleasure as her sensitive nipples were touched. "Oh yessss" she sighed
as Greg rolled her nipples between thumb and forefinger just as he had been
rolling his cigar moments ago. When she felt a wetness on her left nipple
she opened her eyes ... Huffington had bent over and placed his mouth on her
breast and was sucking it like a baby. "Hey stop that, that's not what we
agreed upon ..." she started to say but it was at that moment that he gently
grabbed her nipple between his teeth and pulled the rubbery flesh. "Oh
fuuuuccck yessss" Paige screamed at the painful pleasure. So absorbed was she
by the way he was administering to her breasts that she didn't notice that he
had slid a hand up her thigh, below her miniskirt and beneath her panties
until a finger penetrated her sopping wet cunt.

"Ohhhh" she said surprised as she felt the intruding digit dive deeply
into her most private parts and her eyes opened wide in shock. "No .. not
there .. that's not what you said .. you just wanted to touch my breasts
..." she said meekly but doing little to resist as another finger joined
the first in her wet hole. It felt so good, Paige thought, oh yeah, she
felt so horny now that she needed much more than a finger in there!

Greg Huffington wasn't listening to whatever Paige was muttering. He was
panting wildly as he slid his fingers up the young woman's cunt while
suckling on her tits. This was heaven. He had never dared something like
this before with all the other women who had come through his recruitment
office, he'd feel up their tits if he was lucky, usually through their
clothes, maybe grab a bit of ass .. but holy shit, this was the first time
he was fingerfucking a cunt .. and from the sound of her moans and cries
getting louder, she was enjoying it!

For a guy like Greg in his fifties, his hardons didn't usually last long so
he had to deal with it quickly or it would disappear, which would be a pity
considering the beautiful girl before him seemed to be willing. Hoarsely he
told her to get up and she did. He pulled her over to his desk and cleared
it of items by pushing them all onto the floor. Greg grabbed Paige around the
waist and lifted her onto the desk, then pulled up her miniskirt. He lingered
a moment to take a look at her white panties which looked even sexier with a
damp spot on them, then he pulled them down and off her feet completely.

Paige, still stunned, didn't resist. She just sat there as this guy stripped
her, then watched as he pulled down his pants and pulled out a medium sized,
thick cock which seemed to be at full erection. Maybe it was because she was
so turned on or maybe because the situation had gotten so out of hand so
quickly before she could react ... whatever ... she just spread her legs as
he pressed against her body and forced his dick into her open slit.'

"Yeah, baby, fuck yeah" he moaned as her warm tightness enveloped his hard
flesh. Paige leaned back as she was penetrated, splaying her hands wide
upon the desk behind her back for balance as she pushed her pelvis in Greg's
direction. Her breath came in ragged gasps as his cock rammed into her
repeatedly for a couple of minutes then with a loud cry he pulled out and
came over her stomach and groin.

That didn't last long, Paige thought a bit disappointed, she hadn't even
cum herself. But that was a problem easily taken care of. Huffington had
collapsed into a chair after he had messed up her stomach as he looked at
her through eyes glazed over with sexual exhaustion and pleasure. Paige
didn't mind him watching now. Her fingers quickly found her overly
sensitive clit, and she began to rub it urgently to get herself off.

"Uggh, uggh, uggh, ohhh, ohhh ..... yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" she finally
screamed having rubbed herself to an orgasm. Her hips bucked the air several
times before she flopped down onto the desk exhausted.

"Wow! That was a good one!" Greg told her when she raised her head as she
came back to her senses. He was holding his half limp cock in his hands,
jerking it off slowly in his fist, turned on by her clit rubbing but unable
to get it up for another fuck.

"Do I get the job?" she asked as she wiped off the sticky mess from her
stomach with a couple of papers she'd picked up off the floor. When Greg
remained silent she stopped dressing, her miniskirt halfway up her thighs,
and turned towards him. "Hey, I said do I get the job? I didn't fuck you
for nothing now did I?" she said angrily.

"Eh what? Oh yeah, sure you got the job. What about we do it again?" his cock
was a bit stiffer now than five minutes ago but Paige wasn't going to spread
her legs again for this guy.

She bent over him and pushed her breasts against his face. "Some other time,
sweetie, now how about you signing my contract?"

"Mmmmmphhhh" he said his voice muffled by her tits and she pulled away from
him to see what he had to say "It's already done, baby, there in the top
drawer. I signed it when I first saw you" he grinned as her jaw dropped open
in surprise. "Well, would you have let me fuck you if I had told you you were
hired? I guess not" he answered for her as he saw the angry look on her face
as she stood before him hands on her hips.

"You ... you ... " before she could say anything however he told her to go
down to the kennels and tell Will to give her Oscar for her first trial walk.

"Don't worry, he's an old bulldog, he doesn't pull at his leash and he walks
slowly. You'll have no trouble learning the ropes of your new job with him.
Besides he's one of the favorite dogs amongst our girl walkers." With that
cryptic remark he waved her out of his office, feeling rather pleased at
himself for how things had worked out with this sexy redhead.

* * *

Mr Huffington had been right about Oscar. He was a noisy dog, huffing and
puffing as he walked, his tongue lolling out of the side of his wide mouth
as he drooled spit all over the place, but he obeyed her commands to stop,
sit and walk. All in all, it hadn't been a bad day. She'd got fucked by her
boss, sure, but it hadn't lasted long and she had a new job which involved
taking hour long walks with a dog. For the pay she had been promised it
wasn't bad at all.

"You tired yet Oscar?" she asked the dog, not expecting a reply.

He looked at her and huffed and puffed a bit. She took that as a probable
yes, though it was she who needed a five minute rest. Luckily there was a
small grassy area near here with a few benches where she could take a
breather. In five minutes she was sitting down, her shoes off as she ran
her toes through the grass. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back
making sure she kept a tight grip on the dog's leash as she relaxed.

"What the hell!?" she gasped a moment later and she opened her eyes wide and
looked down at her leg.

There was Oscar his front paws around her foot just below her knee as he
humped her leg ... THE DOG WAS HUMPING HER LEG !!

"Hey stop that, down boy! Get away from me!" she pushed him away with her
foot but he clung on tightly humping away. He was in love with her sexy foot!

"Sit. Stop. Heel." None of the commands she'd been instructed to use with
the dog worked, so she tried to pry him away from her leg with her hands but
he didn't budge.

At first the situation had been slightly comical as the old dog wheezed and
huffed as he humped her leg as if it was a bitch in heat, but now it was
becoming rather embarrassing. People who had been walking by on the grassy
area had begun to look in her direction and some were giggling and pointing
at her. Oh dear.

"Oscar, down boy!" then she remembered Huffington's comment about the dog
being the favorite one amongst the girl dogwalkers. Had that perv known what
this particular dog did? Probably. Great, the boss is a perv, his dog is a
perv, the female dogwalkers are pervs if they enjoy this. I'm working for a
company of pervs. Her earlier thoughts that this hadn't been a bad day had
disappeared from her mind.

"Hey lady, can I join your dog" a guy who walked by told her and he burst
into laughter as Paige told him "Fuck off, idiot!"

Moments later, two teenage girls walked by giggling loudly. They stopped
next to Paige whose face was glowing a bright red by now and not because of
the sun, and they looked on as Oscar continue his incessant humping of her
leg. One of the girls bent over to look at the dog closely. She turned to
her friend and giggled, "Oh my he's really fucking her leg. He has a big,
purple ... thing."

The other girl bent over to look too. "Oooooh, it's really doing it!" Then
she told Paige, "Are you really enjoying that?"

"Do I really look like I'm enjoying it?" Paige almost shouted "I just can't
get him off me and I'm waiting for him to finish whatever he's doing and

The two girls looked at each other and laughed. "Then you're going to wait
for a long time. My boyfriend's dog likes to have sex with my soft toy
bears ... the girls broke down again laughing ... and once he humped my
favorite bear for an hour. Besides, I had to clean up the mess after he was

"Really?" Paige was worried now. She couldn't stay for an hour in this park
with a dog clinging to her leg. "What should I do? Can you help me?"

"I don't know .. maybe we shouldn't ..." one of the girls said, but the other
agreed immediately "sure we can help her out. Don't you remember what Jonny
told us to do if his dog got any funny ideas?"

Her friend nodded. "Yeah that would work ... I think."

"What's it?" Paige asked hoping that they knew how to get the dog off her.

"Well, it's quite easy. What do you when a horny guy doesn't want no for an

"Blow him or jack him off" the other teenager replied quickly, having had
quite a bit of experience in this area.

"What!?" Paige gasped "you want me to blow this dog!?"

"Well, you can't exactly blow him since he's attached to your leg, but you
can certainly get him off with your hand. I'd do it myself, but we have to
meet Jonny in five minutes and his parents are away from home so we're gonna
have sex with him there ... but I don't think that's any of your business.

Paige sighed as she watched the two girls leave on their way to an afternoon
of debauchery with their boyfriend. What if they were right and she'd be
stuck here with a dog trying to make puppies with her leg? What if the only
way out was to make him cum prematurely? Well, what was wrong in trying it
out? She looked around the park. It was deserted at the moment.

"Here Oscar, good boy, good, good boy" she said calmly not wanting to
frighten the dog while she reached down under his belly with her hand. She
felt about until she found his fully unsheathed doggy cock and grimaced at
its slimy, wet feel. She had been feeling a wet trail dripping down her
ankle and now she realised that it was from the dogs precum as his blunt
cock pounded against her leg.

Squeamish about doing such a gross thing as jerking off a dog, Paige bit on
her lower, full lip and grabbed a fistful of doggy cock. Well, it shouldn't
be all that different from jacking off a guy, something she was very good at
having had lots of boyfriends to experiment on. The feel of the cock was
slightly different, a bit clammy she thought, but in the end it was a cock.

Nervous about doing this in public, she began to slowly pump the dog's cock
up and down. Her hand movement certainly had an immediate effect because
Oscar began to hump at her fist faster and faster. The dog's panting was
very loud now, almost as if it was growling under its breath, though not
with anger. Saliva dripped out of the corners of its mouth and onto Paige's
arm and she grimaced in disgust. The damn dog was leaking from everywhere!
But Paige continued to hold on to the dog's cock, squeezing it tighter,
because she really wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. She
looked around and spotted several people in the distance ... oh it would be
so embarrassing if they saw her! She blushed again at the thought of being
discovered giving a dog a handjob in public, her white cheeks becoming rosy

Oscar gave a short bark that sounded more like a loud squeak. Paige looked
down at him as she felt his thick penis rub faster against her palm, then
with another strange bark she felt wetness coat her entire hand.

"Uggggh" she groaned in disgust as the dog came quite messily. Oscar humped
several more times at her soaked fist then let go of her leg and sat down
heavily on the grass. The dog put its head down beneath its belly and after
snuffling at its own dick for a few moments it began to lick itself clean.

"That's really gross Oscar" she told the dog but it just looked up at her
for a moment and then resumed its licking.

Paige wiped her hand clean as best as she could on the grass thanking her
lucky stars that the people she'd seen before had wandered off elsewhere.
She stood up and jerked the dog's leash. The dog huffed and puffed not
having completed its dick washing but it finally got onto all its four
feet and followed Paige back to PD Inc's office building.

* * *

That evening, as Paige took a long and soapy bath, she considered leaving
her new job but in the end decided she'd give it a further try. Considering
she'd screwed her boss to convince him to hire her, it would have been a
waste for just one day's pay.

* * *

The following day, having successfully completed her dogwalking training
with Oscar (which had unexpectedly included a doggy handjob, something which
Paige would never have imagined doing before) she was given a harder task. To
walk several dogs together. When she was handed the single long leash that
split into six separate ones her eyes widened in surprise. Paige was worried
that this could be a problem especially after seeing the dogs that were
attached to those leashes.

A couple of German shepherds, an Alaskan malamute with blue eyes and thick
fur that looked out of place in the California heat, an Irish setter with
hair as red as Paige's own, a wicked looking Doberman with pointy ears and
a .... Paige involuntarily laughed as she saw the last dog hidden away
behind the larger ones ... a tiny chihuahua.

"Is this some sort of joke?" she told the dog handler who'd given her the
dogs she was supposed to walk.

He looked down at his clipboard, then looked back up at Paige. "No. Says
right here that these are the dogs assigned to you. See ... " he showed her
the clipboard "... authorised by Mr Huffington himself."

"Hmmm .. ok" Paige sighed. She wasn't fully convinced but if the boss thought
she'd be ok with these dogs then she'd do it.

* * *

Paige stopped a moment to catch her breath ... and ended up flat on her face.
She swore, something she didn't do often, but this was the third time her
full lips had kissed the concrete sidewalk. The damn dogs were strong and had
already jerked her off her feet several times if she gave them the slightest
chance. Struggled up off the ground she dusted her grey top off - it had been
a white top this morning - and called the dogs to heel. They didn't seem to
listen to her and began to walk tugging her along behind them. She stumbled,
but managed not to fall again, and let the dogs continue walking her!

Thirty minutes later she realised she was in a familiar neighbourhood. She
grinned. Somehow through luck or divine intervention (thanks Leo, she
silently mouthed looking skywards) the dogs had led her home to the Halliwell
Manor in Prescott Street. And it was a real stroke of luck because for the
past fifteen minutes she had a very real and urgent need to go pee and unlike
the dogs she was not going to raise her leg against a hydrant or a tree.

She climbed the steps to the front door and let herself in. Then Paige
realised she had a problem. What was she going to do with the dogs while she
was in the bathroom? She wasn't going to take them in with her, nor could she
see any suitable place where she could tie them to. Thinking about what to
do, Paige picked up the smallest dog in the pack she was supposed to be
leading, the chihuahua, and held it to her chest afraid that if left alone,
the larger dogs might find it a tasty snack. Then an idea hit her. She left
the dogs on the porch outside and left a length of leash inside and shut the
door. Hopefully the door would hold up for the minute or two she'd be away.
The chihuahua she left on the inside, safely away from the big dogs.

"I'll be right back" she told it as it looked up at her with its big eyes.

* * *

Phoebe gave the punching bag one last high kick that made the heavy bag swing
like a pendulum, then with her hands on her slim, bare waist she leaned over
taking deep breaths and relaxing.

Looking at her wristwatch she smiled, "Two hours of hard training should be
enough for today." Phoebe had to keep in perfect physical shape because she
was the only sister who didn't have offensive powers. Piper could freeze or
explode demons, Paige could orb herself and objects (which could mean orbing
a knife or an energy sphere at a demon), while Phoebe had premonitions. So
she kept in top physical condition and had a very good knowledge of martial
arts, enough to defeat most demons without the help of her sister witches.

"I'd better go take a shower" she said to herself. A two hour workout meant
lots of sweat even though she only was wearing very short hotpants, barely
larger than panties and a tiny halter top (more like a strap) that did little
more than cover 50% of her large breasts and keep them from jiggling about
while she was punching and kicking at imaginary demons.

She climbed the basement stairs to the hallway and stopped, surprised. There
was a little dog, just inside the hallway tied to a leash that was jammed in
between the doors.

"And where did you come from little fellow?" she moved closer then bent over
to pick it up "Ooooh what a little cutie" she fawned over the chihuahua,
scratching it behind the ears. It seemed to like it because it yipped happily
and wagged its tiny tail as Phoebe held it close to her generous breasts.

"Are you lost or did Paige bring you?" she vaguely recalled hearing Paige
mention something about working as a dogwalker yesterday. "Paige?" she called
out but her sister didn't hear her. "Now what's this?" as she saw the leash
stuck in the doorway. "Are you trapped, baby? Let's free this little doggy
and give mommy a big kiss" she cooed, puckering her lips at the chihuahua who
certainly looked happier than it had been moments before.

Phoebe bent over and grabbed the doorknob, turning it till the door opened
and the leash slipped free ... but something that Phoebe hadn't anticipated
happened. Instead of just the leash coming through the doorway, it was
followed by a pack of dogs that had gotten bored tied up outside ... a pack
of dogs whose noses were twitching because they had caught the whiff of an
interesting scent ... the scent of Phoebe's body odour after a two hour

"Oh damn" was all Phoebe managed to say before a wave of huge dogs pushed her
over, her butt hitting the wooden floor with a thud. "Oooff" she said as the
breath got knocked out of her. The chihuahua had managed to leap out of her
arms and scurry to one side of the hallway in time to avoid getting trampled.
Phoebe was not so lucky. At least the dogs claws didn't scratch her all that
badly as they walked over her prone body. She struggled to a sitting position
and she managed a feeble "Paige!" before on of the German shepherds began to
lick her face with a large, wet tongue while it wagged its tail quickly.

"Hey! Ok, you like me but stop it now" she spluttered but the dog continued.
Phoebe didn't know whether to be angry or giggle as the other German shepherd
and the Alaskan too began to lick her neck and shoulderblades. She opted for
giggling as the tongues were tickling her, especially when the doberman began
to lap up the sheen of sweat on her thigh. It's long, thin snout moved up her
thigh until it was at her crotch. The dog began to snuffle excitedly as it
caught an even more attractive scent. Its pointy ears pricked up and its
tongue ran over the crotch of Phoebe's hotpants.

"Oi!" Phoebe exclaimed, now seriously annoyed. This wasn't funny anymore. The
dog had just licked her between her legs. She pushed the Doberman away with
her legs, but it returned and gave her another lick in the same spot. "Stop
that ... Paige! Where the hell are you?"

"Ouch!" One of the German shepherds had stopped licking her shoulder blades
and had padded around to her side. It had been attracted to the little thing
popping up from beneath Phoebe's halter top, at the center of one of her
breasts, so it had given several quick licks to Phoebe's covered nipple. The
nipple didn't really care if this was a dog's tongue, it wasn't shocked as
Phoebe was. It did what every other nipple does when touched in such a manner
and sprang up, a hard little bit of flesh, that suddenly became even more
interesting to the dog which nibbled at it with its front teeth in between

"Oh god" Phoebe moaned as suddenly she felt herself hot and flustered all
over as one of the dogs playfully nipped at her nipples. She halfheartedly
put her hand on the dog's snout and pushed it away, but it came back again
and this time its large tongue managed to push Phoebe's strap-like halter
top up and over the top of her breasts exposing her nipples to the air ...
and directly to the dog's raspy tongue. "Ooooooooohhhhh" was only Phoebe
could moan as her stiff and bare nipples came into contact with wet tongue.

Phoebe was in a daze. She'd just had the breath knocked out of her when she
fell to the floor, but that wasn't it. Maybe it was the novel sensation of 5
tongues licking her bare skin and nipples simultaneously. But no, this was
something else and Phoebe couldn't figure it out. She couldn't think clearly
anymore, her mind seemed to be filled with strange images ... more like
sensations, flashes of color, even memories of smells ... that she'd never
seen or experienced before. It was almost like having someone else in her
head .. but not like some demon trying to take over her mind ... no ...
something more subtle, almost as if she were feeling the emotions of ....

.... of the dogs!? Phoebe shook her head trying to clear it. She couldn't
think straight. What was wrong with her? Phoebe was getting very turned on
and by definition that meant she was getting very wet between her legs. This
didn't go unnoticed by the doberman who had been with his cold nose stuck to
her warm groin. The scent of her wetness had a very immediate effect on the
dog ....

.... a hot flash like a lightbulb blowing up exploded in her brain and Phoebe
gasped as waves of raw, animal lust hit her with such intensity that she
almost lost consciousness ....

.... a bright red, thin and very long penis had emerged from its sheath
and was hanging semi-limply beneath its belly. It also began to lick very
urgently between Phoebe's open legs and was getting annoyed by the rubbery
tasting material of her hotpants. The doberman began to scrabble at the
short shorts with its front paws and since it had large nails it soon tore
through the thin elastic material. Luckily for Phoebe it stopped as soon
as it felt her skin or it would have scratched her stomach badly.

This brought Phoebe almost completely back to her senses as she felt her
hotpants split apart and roll up into a bit of torn material around her
waist. Shocked that she was now completely naked and trapped under a pack
of dogs she struggled and tried to get up, but the Alaskan malamute was
standing over her belly, paws on either side of her body as it licked at
her other nipple in the same way as the German shepherd was ministrating
to her other breast. Blocked by the heavy dog that didn't want to budge no
matter how hard she pushed him, Phoebe lay back and attempted to crawl
backwards out from under the dogs but at that moment ...

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yessssssssss" Phoebe cried.

The doberman who had ripped up her hotpants had slid his long tongue into
her exposed and wet slit and much to her own chagrin, Phoebe had gasped with
pleasure at the incredible sensation that the penetration of her genitals by
the writhing doggy tongue had sent through her entire body.

Phoebe continued to struggle to get away from the dogs, but her heart wasn't
in it anymore. She'd been trapped by demons before and had managed to get
away, yet these normal dogs were keeping her pinned? It seemed strange. Maybe
she really wanted to be in the position she was in now. Her mind was being
bombarded by too many weird, yet highly erotic sensations that where
overwhelming her. She was certain of only one thing, she was extremely horny
and getting even more sexually aroused by the second as three of the dogs
licked her nipples and pussy at once. Phoebe's eyes were half closed now as
she lay back having given up any form of resistance as the dogs took
advantage of her, but from beneath her semi-lowered eyelids she could see
that all of the dogs had their penises, ranging in color from shades of red
to shades of purple and heavily veined, completely out of their sheaths and
dangling down between their legs. The Alaskan's penis especially attracted
her attention because it was trailing across her stomach leaving a slimy
trail behind on her skin.

Licking her dry lips she gingerly reached out with a hand and touched the
dog's dick. The Alaskan stopped his nipple work and sniffed at her hand and
his own penis. Satisfied that he wasn't in any danger he turned back to her
breast and Phoebe encircled his doggy cock with her palm. Phoebe didn't know
why she didn't it. It just seemed to be the right thing to do in such a
situation and though she had never touched a dog's penis before, she was so
turned on now that she didn't find it disgusting at all. She began to jack
it up and down just as she'd do to a man and the dog seemed to like it
because it began to hump at her hand.

The red setter who'd been licking her back, had worked its way around her
body and was now standing side by side with the doberman between Phoebe's
thighs now widely spread apart. It too had caught the exciting scent of
Phoebe's cunt and wanted its share of the nectar pouring from it. It pushed
its snout towards her labia but the Doberman growled. The setter backed
away slightly, then lowered its head further and approached from a different
angle that wouldn't bother the other dog. Its tongue slipped out and ...
Phoebe moaned loudly again ... as the dog's tongue slid over and then dipped
into the little pink sphincter that was Phoebe's slowly opening anus.

Phoebe squirmed in ecstasy as both her holes were being penetrating by doggy
tongues as well as both her nipples. She opened her mouth to cry out loud as
the doberman finally found her sensitive clit, now fully exposed, and licked
furiously at the hard bit of flesh. Her cry was cut short because the other
German shepherd had decided it wanted to participate more actively in this
doggy gangbang and the only hole that was unoccupied by other dogs at this
moment was her mouth. It stepped over her head and lowered its haunches until
it felt its penis slide into that warm, wet entrance. Phoebe gagged as she
tasted the dog's slimy penis and tried to push it out of her mouth with her
tongue. This only over-excited the dog which began to hump her mouth rapidly,
pushing his cock deep down into Phoebe's throat. She'd have choked if she
wasn't already an experienced deep throater and knew how to breath from her
nose while taking a cock ... though normally it was just a human one.

The dog spent at least five minutes having sex with Phoebe's mouth before it
came, squirting its hot doggy seed down her throat. Phoebe had to swallow it
all because she didn't have any warning and even if she had she'd have been
unable to avoid it anyway. Gulping the cum down she finally was able to
breathe properly and speak since the dog stepped away and lay down on its
side, lifting one leg so that it would clean its dick off.

"You naughty doggy" Phoebe told it "you came in my mouth. Bad dog!" but she
was grinning as she playfully admonished the contented dog. Much to her
surprise she had actually begun to enjoy the blowjob and though the taste
and texture of its cum was unusual, it hadn't been as bad as she'd imagined.

While this had been going on, she'd continued to jerk off the Alaskan
malamute standing over her and she felt part of his cock swell as he
continued to hump her hand and seconds later he squirted over her tight
stomach and over her tits. The creamy dog cum dripped down her sides and
pooled on the wooden floor as she smiled at the dog. His bright blue
eyes seemed to return her smile.

Two dogs down, three to go thought Phoebe. "Your turn now baby!" she told the
German shepherd that had made one of her nipples almost raw from his constant
licking and nibbling. She grabbed him by his cock and pulled him gently away
from her breasts until he was level with her face. She turned over onto her
side, her movements disturbing the doberman and setter tongue fucking her
pussy and ass, but she raised one leg high into the air like a dancer and the
dogs settled back down to their licking of her dripping wet holes. Phoebe was
quite content with that for now.

Facing sideways like this, she pulled the German shepherd's cock towards her
mouth and began to lick the pointy head. The dog lifted one leg as if to pee
on her, though it had no intention of doing that. Its eyes glazed over as
Phoebe sucked it into her mouth for its entire length and rolled her tongue
around the shaft. She was making slurping noises as she held the dog's balls
and blew its cock. Saliva mixed with the dog's precum dribbled out of the
corners of her mouth. No man or beast could last long with Phoebe's skill and
this dog was no exception. In a couple of minutes Phoebe had another load of
doggy cum sliding down into her stomach and another contented dog went and
sat down some feet away, tongue lolling out of the side of its mouth, a
blissful look on its canine face.

Phoebe turned her attention to the dogs between her legs that had become
rather expert at vaginal and anal cunnilingus. "Hey guys, would you like to
hump your little bitch Phoebe?" she asked them. The doberman's ears pricked
up and its head cocked to one side almost as if it understood. Maybe it had
and maybe it hadn't. What Phoebe did next was rather self-explanatory. She
turned over on her stomach, then got up on her knees, her thighs spread
slightly apart.

"Come on, boys. Who's first?" she patted her rump "Get up, come here, doggy,
come here."

The doberman needed little encouragement. Pushing aside the setter, it
stepped up to Phoebe's luscious ass and jumped up, putting its front paws
slightly awkwardly around Phoebe's waist. The dog began humping immediately,
obviously recognising this classic position as that being the perfectly
natural way for dogs to have sex. Its lean body, tan and black, almost became
a blur as it attempted to release its pent up sexual energy. At first it was
having difficulty finding a way to penetrate Phoebe as human and dog genital
organs were not really designed as perfect matches. However Phoebe recognised
the dog's difficulty and lowered her upper body more so that her ass pushed
further up in the air while reaching around behind her with her hand,
grabbing the doberman's cock and guiding it into her wide open cunt. Once
inside the dog went wild finally satisfying its great urge to mate with what
he considered his bitch.

"Oh fuck yes, yes, oh wow" Phoebe cried as the dog stuffed her hole. Though
not as big as a human cock, it was still enough to satisfy the young woman as
it entered her rapidly.

The red setter felt a bit left out of the fun so it decided to change that.
It went down on its belly and crawled up under Phoebe's raised stomach just
enough that with its snout it could reach the source of the scent which had
so excited all the dogs. Its tongue snaked out and Phoebe yelped with
surprise as she felt almost an electric shock of ecstasy as the dog licked
her ultra sensitive clit while the doberman was still reaming her cunt.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah ... oh fuuucckkkk YEAHHHHHHHHH !!!" she screamed as the
combined licking and fucking action of the dogs brought about her first
orgasm. This didn't stop the dogs, it only made them go at her harder,
especially the setter who was now lapping up the juices she had just
released as if it was milk.

Suddenly Phoebe's eyes opened wide in shock. What was happening? She could
feel something stretching her cunt apart as the dog that was humping her
pushed something into her that hadn't been present before. Though Phoebe
didn't know, this was the dog's knot, part of a dog's penis that had been
designed by nature to literally lock the male dog to his bitch just as he
came, so that his semen would be unable to flow out and instead remain
inside to ensure that the bitch became pregnant. In this case no pregnancy
would result, but Phoebe and the dog were indeed locked together as he
suddenly filled the inside of her vagina with his hot cum.

Knowing that the hot fluid she felt deep inside her came from a dog was
such a turn on for Phoebe that she had another orgasm right then. It was so
intense that Phoebe almost fainted and when she came to after the orgasm
subsided the dog's dick was still tightly within her as the setter continued
to stimulate her clit with its tongue.

"Here boy, come here" she encouraged the dog. It reluctantly left her juicy
slit knowing that something good was going to come of this. Indeed it was.
Phoebe had realised that she'd be unable to move for at least several minutes
before the doberman's knot deflated so she'd fill that time period with
something interesting and satisfy the last dog of the pack that still needed
satisfaction. She grinned as the red haired dog stood in front of her face
wagging its tail eagerly and licking her a few times on her nose and lips.
Phoebe could smell her own pussy juices on the dog's tongue - not surprising
since he'd been licking her cunt for the past fifteen minutes.

"Ok, little doggy, come close to Phoebe ... here boy, that's a good doggy"
the dog obeyed and much to its satisfaction, Phoebe, now self-qualified as an
expert in dog blowjobs, this being the third one in a row, took its stiff,
bright red cock into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth. After a
minute of suckling at this juicy treat, for the third time that day another
load of salty dog semen sprayed into her mouth though this time she managed
to keep most of it on her tongue instead of swallowing it, rolling it around,
savoring its now very enjoyable taste before letting it slowly dribble out
from the corners of her mouth.

Finally enough time had elapsed and the doberman's knot had shrunk enough to
allow its penis to pop out limply of her pussy, This was followed immediately
by a wet mess of dog cum and Phoebe's juices which had pooled in her blocked
love tunnel until that moment. Totally exhausted, Phoebe flopped down on her
side, curling into a fetal position one hand between her legs as she
unconsciously stroked her raw cunt.


Phoebe looked up at this exclamation and grinned weakly at Paige who had
just come in with a cup of herbal tea in her hands. The cup slipped through
her fingers and hit the floor shattering into many pieces and spraying hot
tea everywhere. After having gone to the bathroom and did her business there,
Paige had decided that walking the dogs could wait a few minutes more till
she had soothed her thirst and rested a bit. So she had put a kettle to boil
and watched the tv in the kitchen with the sound turned up till her brew was

Then she'd gone back to the hallway to see if the dogs were ok. The sight
that met her was too much for her and she wasted a good cup and its contents.
Her half-sister, Phoebe, was naked on the floor covered in sweat and what
could only be cum ... she was actually lying in a puddle of it! Surrounding
her were the dogs that Paige had been walking and from the looks of them,
Paige could see that they were the source of that cum.

"Phoebe! What have you been doing to these dogs? Do you want me to get

"Hi Paige" Phoebe said weakly as she got unsteadily to her feet. "I sorta
guessed the dogs were part of your job." She lowered her head. "I'm sorry,
but they just attacked me when I opened the door and things ... well, things
got out of hand." Then a smile returned to her face, "but they certainly
made me enjoy myself, I have to admit. I'd never have imagined how much fun
bestiality can be. You should try it sometime."

Paige couldn't believe her ears. Her sister had just been fucked by five
large dogs and here she was telling her to try it out too!? She was about
to tell Phoebe were she could get off, but then she remembered yesterday's
incident with Oscar and she suddenly realised that though she had been
disgusted, deep down something within her had felt excited at what she had
been doing. Who knows, maybe she'd take up on Phoebe's suggestion ... but
not today ... she really had to get those dogs back to Mr Huffington or
their rich owners would be calling the police soon, saying that their pets
had been dognapped. It would be difficult to explain that their pets had
been fucking her sexy sister every which way.

may be continued ...


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